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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 20, 2013 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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weighing in that pizza is not fast food. may be junk food, depending how it's made. >> we are still fighting this out. it will continue for the rest of the day, pizza, fast food or not? >> some don't agree, but most of you do. very nice. for "new day" -- yeah, i'm going to get a big punch in the ribs as soon as this show is over. that's it for "new day," "cnn newsroom" with carol costello begins right now. hey, carol. >> pizza is the food of the gods. fast food? you're welcome. >> carol costello said it. >> have a great day, guys. >> have a great day, guys. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- happening now in the "newsroom," spies, secrets, now revenge. glen greenwald vowing to tell secrets. how much the u.s. knew and when it knew it. >> we do have a close law
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enforcement and intelligence relationship with the uk. also, exit strategy. >> the mediator has asked us not to comment. >> closed-door negotiations. it is day 30 of filner watch. will the city get what it's been asking for? >> bob, it's time for you to resign. >> he needs to listen to the citizens of this city. >> you need to resign so the city can get back on track. plus, cash to cairo. the u.s. now cutting part of the cord, but some american companies still beelining it to the bank. >> the contractors have a vested interest in keeping the process going forward. and bo, meet sunny. from the dog house to the white house, america has a new best friend. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." >> this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning, thanks so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. we begin with breaking news and a menacing and ominous warning.
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glen greenwald, the reporter that revealed washington's secret surveillance program says harass and detain my loved one? get ready for an avalanche of secrets to be released. we learned from a legal action from greenwald's partner, who was taken into british custody over the weekend after greenwald's controversial reporting on the nsa leak story. miranda's lawyer say they twisted an anti-terror law and transformed all over his rights. it's a punch hours after greenwald issued this threat. >> translator: i'll be far more aggressive in my reporting for now. i'm going to publish many more documents. i'm going to publish things on england, too. i have many documents on england's spy system. >> and a looming question is, what role did the united states play in miranda's attention at heathrow's airport and the confiscation of his private belongings? cnn's jessica yellin pressed the white house for answers. >> was the white house consulted
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or given a heads-up in advance? >> there was a heads-up provided by the british government, so, again, this is something we had an indication was likely to occur, but it's not something that we've requested. >> cnn senior international correspondent matthew chance is in london with more. good morning, matthew. >> absolutely astonishing news, the fact david miranda, the partner of glenn greenwald has launched his own campaign against the british state. what he wants is for his electronic devices that were seized from him at heathrow airport to be returned to him, he wants any information that was on the sort of cards that go into computers to not be copied. and if any of them have been passed on to a third country, his lawyers have said, he wants those names to be given to the
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authorities, as well, and to his lawyers and they can notify him, as well, for that legal challenge, as well. so the partner of glenn greenwald coming out fighting, saying he's not going to tolerate this, essentially, and he is launching this legal challenge to retrieve his computer, laptop computer, mobile phones, and various other electronic devices seized from him during the nine-hour detention at heathrow airport here in london. carol? >> so greenwald is threatening to release information, release secret documents that affect the british government. what are the british people saying about that and do they believe the united states has a role in this? >> i think there may be a suspicion of that. of course, the british security services were implicated, as well, in the revelations from edward snowden, of course, about the nsa program of monitoring u.s. citizens. there's also an aspect of that, which involved the british monitoring their citizens, as well, and exchanging information with the united states. yes, it's a possibility the
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united states may have been involved. that's not been confirmed, of course, by the british authorities. and there is a great deal of anger, i think, certainly amongst human rights groups and glenn greenwald himself who have called the detention of david miranda intimidation, saying he had nothing to do with the actual journalistic aspect of this scandal. and basically there's a lot of concern of the british, a lot of criticism that the british are using whatever tools they have available to intimidate journalists. >> matthew chance reporting live from london. we're going to talk much more about this in the bottom of the hour in the "newsroom." the obama administration is going to the supreme court in an effort to search your cell phone without a warrant. the obama administration is asking the nation's highest court to put aside a federal appeals court ruling that says police need a warrant before accessing your cell phone. police have been given wide discretion in the past when it comes to looking at notebooks and pagers and other items
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carried by a person under arrest. the government believes a cell phone is no different. let's talk about a potential resignation, but for now san diego mayor bob filner is expected to return to work this morning. filner was last spotted on the job back on july 26th. since then he left therapy and took personal time to deal with his growi inin ining sexual har scandal. just how long will he remain in office? a mediation session began monday between filner, the city, and some of his accusers. in that session, according to cnn affiliate kgtv was a review of a potential resignation. keyyung lah is live with us now. what are you hearing? >> reporter: our city hall sources have been telling us they anticipated mayor filner would be back on the job today, carol, but they say all of this is a big question, because he has been so unpredictable.
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this video that you are looking at, this is very significant, because this is the very first video that we have seen from mayor filner walking into a building in the streets of san diego in weeks. it's been three weeks since we've actually seen him publicly. he was walking into a mediation session involving the san diego city attorney, two councilmen, attorney gloria allred, who is representing a former mayoral aide who sued filner and the city of san diego were sexual harassment and a number of other things. none of the parties could talk about the details of what happened inside that mediation session, carol, but this is very important. this is very significant, because just like that video of the mayor that we haven't seen in weeks, carol, this is the very first time we've seen all these parties come together in one room trying to reach some sort of settlement. >> so the mediation session went on yesterday. will it go on today again or will the mayor come back to work, do you think?
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>> reporter: we don't know as far as the mayor returning to work, but what i can tell you is that the mediation is not going to be happening today. they are not meeting today. we are being told that. but the mediation is ongoing. so this isn't going to happen very quickly. the person who's presiding over this mediation is a former federal judge, highly sought in san diego. he is a no-nonsense sort of fellow and we know that he is going to take his time to make sure that there's a fair resolution for all the parties involved. >> kyung lah reporting live this morning. bob filner fights his uphill battle, he won't be doing it alone. on monday dozens of supporters came forth. most are calling for due process and filner to be treated fairly in the court of public opinion. we'll talk to a filner supporter who's not backing down from his controversial stance. doctors are trying to figure out what's wrong with vice president joe biden's oldest son. delaware attorney general bo
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biden underwent testing with his dad by his side. the vice president's office says bo became disoriented and weak last week and did suffer a mild stroke three years ago. we'll keep you posted. after days of being pressured to do so, cnn has learned the obama administration is stopping some military aid to egypt. this comes amid escalating violence between supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi and the interim government. pentagon correspondent chris lawrence joins us now. good morning, chris. >> good morning, carol. the obama administration is temporarily delaying military aid to egypt while it considers and determines if it wants to let future aid go through. whichever way the president decides, you can bet there are big american companies and a lot of american workers who have a stake in that decision. the obama administration could say enough's enough and cut aid
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to egypt, but some american companies want to keep that money flowing, because they are the ones cashing in. >> you're buying u.s. equipment from u.s. contractors. >> reporter: the u.s. doesn't cut a check to egypt, it deposits the aid in a count at the federal reserve bank. that money pays american defense contractors to build the weapons and parts for egypt. that includes $400 million to general dynamics for tank kits and $2.5 billion to lockheed for f-16s. big companies sent legions of lobbyists to capitol hill and reminded the government if they can't build weapons to egypt, all the small town suppliers, from ohio, to oxford, michigan, will get buried. >> joe with company "x" has made this piece of the tank for 20
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years and he's good at it. >> reporter: former congressman bill coby heard that pitch year after year and it worked. >> the contractors have a vested interest in keeping the process going forward. >> reporter: colby said the u.s. put itself in a bind. cutting aid won't get the government out of paying off the defense contracts it already signed. >> it's going to end up costing the taxpayers a lot of money and getting nothing in return. >> reporter: so even though the u.s. has only transferred about half of this year's $1.2 billion to the egypt account, withholding that other $600 million doesn't really save that money. we also reached out to both boeing and -- i should say we reached out to lockheed and general dynamics. they basically say they are honoring the contracts they signed with the government and don't want to comment on what the obama administration may or may not do.
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carol? >> chris lawrence reporting live from the pentagon this morning. across idaho right now there are more than 1,000 firefighters hoping that it will rain. so far, a jaw dropping 400,000 acres have burned in the resort area of sun valley. some 5,000 homes now in danger and that includes the pricey spreads of the rich and famous. actors tom hanks, bruce willis both reportedly have homes here. >> many think this is an affluent area, and it is, but many people are affected that are from different socioeconomic backgrounds, and that's who's staying with us. >> i think just not knowing. i think the outcome if we're going to be able to go home or have a home, i think that's the most nerve racking. >> and it's that uncertainty that's causing many residents to ignore mandatory evacuation orders, yet the red cross continues to pour supplies into a shelter where some evacuees are now staying and they are prepared to take in hundreds
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more if the flames close in on neighborhoods. here's the good news for alex rodriguez. since returning to the new york yankees from hip surgery, two weeks ago he's hitting .319 and the yankees are still in the hunt for the playoffs. now the bad news, tensions keep rising between a-rod and yankees' management, with a general manager who doesn't want to talk to alex rodriguez and a president who allegedly said he never wanted a-rod to play again. >> what randy levine said to dr. kelly was that, i would rather alex never step on the field again. >> a-rod's attorney claims the yankees did not share last year's hip injury diagnosis with the third baseman. we have reached out to the yankees for comment and have not heard back. attorney joe tacopina says a-rod had a consulting relationship with the clinic, but there is no evidence a-rod did anything to violate baseball's joint drug agreement.
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still to come in the "newsroom." >> let the mayor be the mayor! >> supporting bob filner. >> he's always handled himself very well. >> tell that to the 16 women who claim he sexually harassed them. will embattled mayor bob filner finally step down today? we'll talk to one of his supporters after the break. also, going gold. apple bling it out for the new iphone. rumors are flying and we're on the case. "newsroom" is back right after this. clients are always learning more
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checking our top stories at 17 minutes past the hour, fractured skull, a torn ear, and bullet wounds through the mouth and face. the surviving boston bombing suspect had those injuries in april. details are in newly released court document. not clear if he inflicted them on himself or suffered them in his showdown with police. pakistani president charged in the 2007 assassination of opposition leader buto. this marks the first time charges have been filed against an ex-military leader in pakistan. he's been under house arrest since april and denied having
9:18 am
anything to do with buto's killing. don't think the rain in the south matters to you? think again. some of your favorite fruits and vejeyggies are drowning, more os likely to pay more in the checkout line in the coming months. bernard weinstein told nbc to expect the average price of fruitins and vegetables to rise 10% this fall. if bob filner is looking for support, he's not going to find much of it in san diego. a poll released sunday, 81% say based on what they know, filner should resign. only 14% say the mayor should stay in office. and as support dwindled, mayor filner's backers, well, they are not giving up. they are finally going public. dozens gathered monday to publicly support filner's due
9:19 am
process. >> how would you feel if your father, your son, your brother, your husband were accused, allegations, no evidence, no facts? >> are you saying that no sexual harassment ever happened, that these women are liars? >> i have no idea. they are accusers. that's where due process comes in. >> joining me now with enrique, one of filner's supporters, good morning. >> good morning. >> okay, a lot of people -- a lot of our viewers are probably wondering why would you be supporting mayor filner when all of these embarrassing allegations have come to the forefront? >> there's a lot of people that support mayor filner, and they are embarrassing allegations, but having embarrassing allegations is not against the law. in this country, you're innocent until proven guilty and this whole circus-like atmosphere is something the majority of san diegoans do not like. it's an embarrassing situation
9:20 am
for san diego, as well. i'm a native san diegoan, i have known mayor filner a long, long time. i traveled internationally with him, we were in mexico a couple months ago. i've never seen anything even closely related to what these women are accusing him of. if mayor filner deserves due process and the accusers also deserve due process and that's why we had our second press conference yesterday if support of that. >> but sir, the mayor has admitted he has a problem dealing with women and went into intensive therapy to cure himself of something. >> right. you and everybody else that's watching this has issues that they could improve upon, and the fact that we are all sinners, we've all committed mistakes is human nature and the fact he's admitted it and seeked help is something admirable. >> but he had to undergo intensive therapy and be out of
9:21 am
office for two weeks to deal with his problems. that sounds serious to me, although a lot of people say two weeks is not enough, you know, in light of the allegations against him. >> right. it does sound serious, and a lot of people have had these types of issues when they've had to leave for treatment. this has happened a long time in a lot of different issues. san diego has a long history of mayors thrown out of office. we've had a lot of scandals here, pete wilson, his affair with his male chief of staff, et cetera. there's a difference between allegations and due process. >> in light of that, sir, why should mayor filner stay in office, because he knew the history of san diego and the mayors of san diego. >> he was elected. >> i understand that, but now, and you saw the survey, right, most san diegoans want him to resign. >> right. and that survey wouldn't have been too different about six weeks ago. 40% of the people in san diego supported the mayor after his election, of course, the majority voted for him.
9:22 am
now that that's down into the mid 20s, 15% difference, very low percentage. we've seen lower percentages in congress right now, as a matter of fact, much lower. but he needs to move forward, the city needs to move forward. i know it's going to be very challenging, but what we're asking for is due process for the mayor, due process for the accusers, not have this kangaroo court of public execution. that's not what this country's about, that's not what democracy's about. let's see what the next steps are. we want to let the mayor know we haven't forgotten his 40 years of working side-by-side with oppressed communities from freedom writer to immigration issues, bob filner has been great for this country, very good for this city. let's see what happens next and if he did break the law, he should be processed to the high essex tent of the law. we're not saying give him a pass, we're saying handle it in court and through the legal channels, which looks like some of that is taking place now. >> we'll see. enriq enrique, thank you so much for
9:23 am
joining me this morning. >> sure, my pleasure. still to come in the "newsroom," forget about a shiny cover for your iphone, while some suggest those covers should be out of style. let's get your bling on. you can do that right after a break. hey love. [off screen] there you are. [speaking german] hi, grandpa! [off screen] give me a kiss! [speaking mandarin] what do you think? do you like it? [off screen] happy birthday! can you see that? [speaking polish] [off screen] did he apologize?
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want a little bling with your ring? i couldn't wait to deliver that line. a rumor has it that iphone lovers are in a frenzy because in about three weeks apple will release its latest product announcement and some are betting that a gold iphone first shown on the westbound could be the company's latest offering. swanky. cnn business anchor christine romans is in new york to tell us more. good morning. >> good morning. that intro was bold, carol. couldn't wait to deliver that line. look, this is what the tech blogs are speculating about, could it be white, black, and perhaps a gold iphone when the new iphone debuts later next
9:27 am
month, september 10th is the date. all things digital, other tech blogs saying it could be a gold tone iphone. think less 14 karat yellow gold and more like a champagne color and, boy, that could be a good selling point for customers in china. gold is a lucky color in china and apple, the iphone is only, like, the number eighth or ninth smartphone favorite in china. so it has a lot of work to do on that -- in that market. also maybe a cheaper iphone would help sell units in china. there's a lot of speculation when on september 10th apple unveils the new iphone, its new it ration of the iphone, there will be a 5c, which will be a cheaper version of the iphone that will sell for less and could help penetrate other markets. so apple shares, carol, while the rest of the market's been doing so poorly, apple shares are recovering. look at the right side of that stock, one-year stock. there's some optimism again about apple shares heading into
9:28 am
the fall. traditionally, it's product development time, product debut time. >> can't wait. christine romans, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," a journalist empowered with public trust now vows personal revenge. the latest ripple in the nsa surveillance program raises the question, is it the reporter who's now abusing power? hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain. it's hard to describe, because you have a numbness, but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something. once i started taking the lyrica
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hello, i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. happening now in the "newsroom" at 31 minutes past, revenge. glenn greenwald this morning threatening to spill secrets. how dangerous could this be to the united states? plus -- >> there's not going to be any good come out of this, because
9:32 am
it was just so senseless. >> an australian student killed by american teenagers. now there's outrage across two continents. and an amazing stunt from a helicopter and into the hudson river. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning, thanks so much for being with me, i'm carol costello. checking out top stories at 3 # minutes past, more than 1,000 firefighters battling a wildfire near the resort town of sun valley. it's already scorched more than 1,000 acres and threatened thousands of homes. only 9% contained today. firefighters hoping rain will fall and give them the upper hand. filner watch day 30. for a month now the embattled san diego mayor bob filner has escaped the public spotlight, but that could all change today, because the mayor's expected to return to work in a matter of hours. efforts to oust him from office
9:33 am
are intensifying, though, as more women have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment. there it is, the opening bell ringing on wall street. investors are hoping for a big change. the dow has dropped four consecutive days. the longest losing streak of the year. one reason, rising interest rates, but things have been pretty good for apple. its stock climbing on the heels of new iphone rumors. truth, public trust, and the weapon of revenge. glenn greenwald says england will pay. the journalist who first reported on edward snowden and washington's secret surveillance program says british authorities were trying to silence him by taking his partner, david miranda, into custody over the weekend. miranda's lawyers are threatening to take legal action tomorrow morning, and reporter greenwald is vowing revenge. >> translator: i'll be far more aggressive in my reporting for now. i'm going to publish many more documents. i'm going to publish things on
9:34 am
england, too. i have many documents on england's spy system. >> but is it really a journalist's place to vow revenge? here to discuss that, andrew bozian of the pointer institute, a watch dog of sorts for journalistic ethics and standards. welcome, andrew. >> thanks for having me. >> let's back up a bit and talk about how authorities at london's heathrow airport took greenwald's partner into custody and held him for nine hours. have you ever heard of such a thing happening? >> no, not to a journalist. and the fascinating thing about that detention was that they were allowed to hold him for nine hours. they held him for, as i understand it, eight hours and 55 minutes. >> and they confiscated his personal belongings. he was actually picking up documents for glenn greenwald from the woman who's working with greenwald, right, so he had something in his possession pertaining to edward snowden and
9:35 am
these nsa documents. and supposedly, the authorities at heathrow airport confiscated those items. >> yeah, it's a little unclear what exactly he was carrying or what he was doing. the home office in britain this morning says he was carrying highly sensitive stolen information. miranda says he doesn't know what he was carrying and glenn greenwald says whatever he has is heavily encrypted. >> is this an effort by the government of england and perhaps the government of the united states to intimidate reporters? >> well, i think probably from the government's point of view, i'm not terribly surprised that the british government was interested in what mr. miranda was carrying, you know, he -- glenn greenwald and here in the united states bart gilman of "the washington post" have published documents of the same source that have embarrassed the u.s. and to a lesser extent,
9:36 am
british intelligence agencies about the extent of their information gathering. so, you know, it is quite unprecedented, but it's not totally surprising. >> okay, so let's get into the revenge factor now, because glenn greenwald essentially came out and said, hey, you mess with my loved ones, i'm going to be more aggressive in my reporting and government officials, you're going to regret it. what do you make of that? ? i think that's an entirely human response and something i'm sure i would feel myself. you know, it's always up to a newspaper or news organization's editors to decide whether your own quest for justice merits the attention you should be giving it. >> but we're talking about possible state secrets that may endanger the citizens of the united states and britain. we're not talking just about documents. >> right, right. well, you know, there are -- you know, the question that i keep coming back to on this is, which
9:37 am
of these debates would you rather not be having, which document that he revealed gave you information you wish we didn't have. and so far what they've talked about is how governments collect information on us. >> so is glenn greenwald right or wrong to be making these statements in a public forum and, essentially, vowing revenge when he maybe should just be doing his job as a responsible journalist, as he has been? >> well, i think in these cases it's always the job of the editors to sort of tamp down your enthusiasm a little bit and say, you know, go do the best story you can and we'll publish it if it's the right thing. if it becomes a crusade, that's problematic, but depends what information comes out. he has a pretty good batting average so far. >> he does. andrew, thanks for having the discussion with me this morning, i appreciate it. >> thanks so much for having me. >> sure. still to come in "newsroom,"
9:38 am
he was in the united states to attend college, but now he's dead in what police are calling a thrill killing. we'll hear from the young man's family.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
three teenagers accused of killing a college student from australia are due in a oklahoma courtroom later today for a hearing. the teenagers killed christopher lane because they had nothing else better to do. lane was shot in the back while jogging last week. cnn's zoraida sambalin is following the story for us. good morning, zoraida. >> very disturbing, a random and senseless act of violence has left a promising 22-year-old baseball player dead, a family devastated, and two countries across the world rattled. christopher lane was gunned down allegedly by three teenagers
9:42 am
while he was out jogging. new details reveal the suspect's chilling motive. they say they just wanted to kill someone. shock and grief spread across two continents over the death of christopher lane. the 22 year old from melbourne, australia, was in the u.s. attending oklahoma's east central university on a baseball scholarship. in the typically quiet town of duncan, oklahoma, three teenagers allegedly shot lane in the back for fun and sped away in their car. >> there was people that saw him stagger across the road, go to a kneeling position, and collapse on the side of the road. >> nearly 10,000 miles away where the shooting is making front-page news, lane's family is struggling to cope with what happened. >> there's not going to be any good come out of this, because it was just so senseless. it's happened, it's wrong, and
9:43 am
we just try and deal with it the best we can. >> three teenagers just 15, 16, and 17 years old, arrested and expected to be charged with first-degree murder. in an interview with an australian radio station, the police chief revealed the teens' shocking motive. >> they decided all three of them were going to kill somebody. >> somebody, anybody. >> wow. >> lane's girlfriend, sara harper, posted an emotional tribute on facebook today, saying in part, you will always be mine and in a very special and protected place in my heart. >> and carol, police sources say the three suspects had plans to carry out a second killing on that very same night, but they were caught and they were stopped by police just hours later. and that, thanks to security cameras from local businesses that were able to capture their car as they were attempting to speed down the street. also, you know, because of their age we don't know yet whether
9:44 am
they will be tried as juveniles or whether they'll be tried as adults. just a really, really difficult story. >> got that right. zoraida, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," a push toward part time? the latest jobs report and some big businesses say, yes. is obama care to blame? we'll talk about that after a break. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. ( bell rings ) they remwish i saw mine of my granmore often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family.
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it's a real fear thanks to obama care, or at least that's what many republicans say. they point to companies like forever 21, a company that's demoting full-timers to part-timers, or many of them, anyway. obama care critics say that's to avoid paying health care benefits required under obama care. papa john's has also threatened to cut hours. conservatives are urging to defend obama care now. >> senator graham, conservatives don't need a chicken when it comes to obama care. you said it yourself. well, now it's become a big mess for the democratic party and the country as a whole. avoid the mess, be a leader who will fight to defund it now. call lindsey graham and tell him, if you fund it, you own it. >> just to make clear on what we're talking about, beginning in 2015, companies with 50 or more full-time employees will face penalties if they don't
9:48 am
offer health care. full time means 30 hours a week or more. so, is it true? is obama care pushing the united states into a nation of part timers? cnn business anchor christine romans and steven moore both here to talk about it. christine, in the latest jobs report, 65% of new jobs added were part time. is that because of obama care fear, or not? >> well, the fact that we're moving toward a part-time nation has been happening since before these recent deadlines for obama care. to be clear, obama care has been pushed out a whole year to 2015, but what we've seen is restaurants, bars, local governments, movie theaters, right down the line, a lot of different kinds of companies are saying they are moving to part-time work and some of them are saying it is because of obama care. one thing to say about forever 21, forever 21 says 196 employees will be converted to part time, they say it's not
9:49 am
because of obama care but because of the way the business is going and the demand they are seeing. half the jobs created over the last year are low-wage jobs, half of them. 2.8 million people working part time but want to be working full time can't find full-time work. whatever the cause, this is a very serious trend. >> could it be because of good old fashioned capitalism and not about obama care at all? >> christine is right, this is a trend that's been going on the last two or three years. my view is, carol, that obama care, the incentives in that law have actually encouraged this trend to accelerate. i talked to owners of franchise owners of burger kings, mcdonald's, wendy's, white castle straunrestaurants and th telling me in anticipation of this bill, look, christine is right it's not going to be until
9:50 am
2015, but remember it was only announced a month or two ago they were delaying this for a year, so a lot of companies had put this in motion already. i'll give you one example, carol. i with a guy who owns burger kings and they have a relationship where the workers work 20 hours a week in the morning at the wendy's and go across the street and work 20 hours a week at the burger king in part to get around this wall. i think it is having an impact. >> let's make this clear. we're talking about companies who are not losing money. they make a lot of money. >> they do make a lot of money. sometimes when you look on the franchise level, they say we are small business owners actually. our margins are very thin. and there are others who point out that the kind of work that's being done -- these aren't careers in many cases. these are stepping stones to other kind of work but you have people because there aren't other jobs are making a career out of two part-time jobs and they just don't pay well. that's why you're going to
9:51 am
see -- you see fast food workers take to the streets quite frankly organizing even more protests about the kind of quality of these wages. you made a couple points about how conservatives or republicans complaining about this but there are union chiefs who have written a letter to the white house saying we're really concerned about the fact that the unintended consequences of health care reform could accelerate this trend. it could really push people to have a lot of part-time workers at the very time you don't have full-time employment that you can move into. the quality of the jobs and the quantity of the jobs is something we're really going to have to contend with. health care reform or not. that's a real serious problem in this recovery. >> could i just make one point. >> quickly. >> the average franchise of a burger king, wendy's, those firms, those companies, make about 50,000 $50,000 to $100,00 year. we're talking little restaurants and not major corporations that one those firms. you add those extra costs and it
9:52 am
really cuts into their profit margin. it will mean either higher prices for the food or as they're doing now moving toward more part-time work to cut costs. >> stephen moore of "wall street journal" and christine romans, thanks as always for the great discussion. >> thank you, carol. >> we'll be right back. happening now, a big day for bob filner. he may show up for work and his supporters are speaking out. >> let the judge be the judge and let the mayor be the mayor. also, dick van dyke's narrow escape. his jaguar up in flames. the actor pulled out of the car just in time. and, a second dog for the first family. you're live in the "cnn newsroom."
9:53 am
as your life changes, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way, refocus as careers change and kids head off to college, and revisit your investments as retirement gets closer. wherever you are today, fidelity's guidance can help you fine-tune your personal economy. start today with a free one-on-one review of your retirement plan.
9:54 am
9:55 am
after quite the uproar, the ncaa has reversed its decision about rhodes saying he can play football after all. good morning. >> good morning. middle tennessee hits the state for the first game in nine days, former marine steven rhodes will
9:56 am
be in uniform thanks to the ncaa realizing how ridiculous the initial ruling was. they said he would only have two years of eligibility because he played in a recreational league during his time in the u.s. marines. rhodes was obviously thrilled to hear the news. >> i was ecstatic. i found out in the middle of practice. it was a blessing. god works in mysterious ways. he worked things out. >> if you happen to be gazing at the statue of liberty yesterday, you might have caught this cliff dining sensation jumping 75 feet from a helicopter into the hudson river. it was a publicity thing. he's going to be diving in the world series of diving in the boston harbor this weekend. went to the big apple. >> he could be radioactive now.
9:57 am
>> you never know what's in that water, right, carol? we'll see. hopefully he's available this weekend in boston. and today you can read about the richest female athlete in the world. she's reportedly wanting to legally change her name to sugarpova for the duration of the u.s. open to get hub for her new line of candy called sugarpova. sharapova plans to have her name revert back to normal after the tournament. >> i'm going to change my costellopops. >> are those coming out soon? >> those are coming out soon. what could you be? >> andy's candy. a lot of good recommendations. >> loving it. thanks, andy. next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break. every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here.
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10:00 am
happening now. exit strategy. >> mediation is ongoing and we're not going to comment on it. >> the mediator asked us not to comment. >> closed lips and closed door negotiations. it is day 30 of filner watch. will the people of san diego get what they've been asking for? record rains hurting farmers. you'll feel it at the grocery store. plus -- >> the nfl would have women resort to carrying their
10:01 am
personal items in plastic bags. >> that's disgusting. i don't want strangers to see what's in my purse. >> women fight back against the nfl's new purse policy. the second hour of "newsroom" starts now. good morning. thanks so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. unfamiliar face could walk into san diego city hall today. that would be the mayor. bob filner has not been in office since late last month. he's been quiet since his sexual harassment scandal starting gaining strength but this morning is he expected to be back at work. even as he sits down with mediation with his own city, which reportedly includes talk over his potential resignation. we're joined live now with more. good morning. >> good morning. the expectation is that he may enter city hall. a place that he hasn't been in in three weeks as you point out. but they just don't know. the same people who told us they
10:02 am
expected he might return today, they also say they can't predict what he's going to do. this video that you're looking at, this is very significant because this is a very first video that we have seen of the mayor in three weeks and where was he going? he was entering a mediation session. a very important mediation session involving the san diego city attorney, two councilmen, attorney gloria allred. the first time we've seen all of these players in one room. what they're going for? allred made no bones about it. she wants the mayor to resign as part of any settlement deal. >> it's possible that mayor filner will show up at work and mediation talks will go on. >> the understanding is this mediation session is ongoing. there has been no resolution. it is going to take -- it's
10:03 am
going to take a while. anyone who has been through mediation, you know it doesn't happen quickly. the guy who is running this, he's as former federal judge. a no nonsense sort of fellow. he is going to take his time. our understanding is that all sides, certainly they're far apart. we know how filner has behaved and what the city wants. it will take time to reach some sort of agreement. >> thanks so much. bob filner has not received much support from the public until now. to counter all of the protests against the san diego mayor during the past month, a group of filner supporters gatherered on monday. >> how would you feel if your brother, your son, your husband, were accused. allegations. no evidence. no facts. >> are you saying that no sexual harassment ever happened and these women are liars? >> i have no idea. they are accusers. that's where due process comes
10:04 am
in. >> still ahead this hour, i'll talk to another supporter of bob filner. she's known the mayor for 20 years. find out why she says he's a decent guy. interview at 10:30 eastern. there's a new development on the menacing and ominous warning from the reporter on the left who exposed washington secret surveillance program. he's now lashing out at the british government for detaining his partner, david miranda and interrogating miranda on the nsa leaks and miranda's lawyers are threatening legal action unless the british government admits it has abused miles an hour andy's rights. >> translator: i'll be far more aggressive. i'll publish many more documents. i'll publish things on england. i have many documents on england's spy system. >> when questioned what role did
10:05 am
the united states play in miranda's detention. jessica yellin pressed the white house for answer. >> was the white house consulted or given a heads-up in advance? >> there was a heads-up that was provided by the british government. so this is something that we had an indication was likely to occur but it's not something that we've requested. >> cnn senior international correspondent matthew chance is in london this morning to tell us more. good morning, matthew. >> reporter: david miranda, the partner of the journalist that broke the story of the nsa leaks from edward snowden. he has launched a legal challenge as you mentioned against the british authorities for what he considers to be an illegitimate detention of him at heathrow airport detained for nine hours. he issued statements and made
10:06 am
remarks when he reached brazil after he was released by the british authorities. said first of all this. they treated me like i was a criminal. or someone about to attack the united kingdom. it was exhausting and frustrating but i knew i wasn't doing anything wrong. he was held at heathrow airport for nine hours. a lot of items, electronic items were confiscated by the british authorities including his laptop, his cell phone, video game console according to david miranda. usb sticks, dvds and watches. he went onto say when he was in brazil that he was in a different country with different laws in a room with seven agents coming and going who kept asking me questions. i thought anything could happen. so as i mentioned, lawyers representing david miranda have now announced they'll launch a legal challenge. that will start tomorrow unless the police acknowledge that their detention of david miranda was illegal. no sign of them doing that. they already issued a statement within the last few hours saying
10:07 am
that they believe the detention was legally and procedurally done correctly. >> we'll see what happens tomorrow. matthew chance reporting live in london this morning. doctors are trying to figure out what's wrong with vice president joe biden's olden son. bo biden was hospitalized in houston after feeling disorientated on a recent family vacation. cnn political director mark preston is in washington. any clue on what's wrong? >> you know, carol, they are being very guarded about what they think might be happening to bo biden. we have learned that in fact he is being evaluated at m.d. anderson. that's a hospital world renowned for treating cancer patients. they are being guarded about his condition. we do know that in addition to vice president biden, bo biden's family, several family members surrounded him and dr. jill biden is down there as well. he's 44 years old. he has had some health issues in
10:08 am
the past. in 2010, he had a minor stroke. bo biden is someone who is part of this really large nuclear family in many ways. they are well known for being very close knit. back in 1972, bo biden's mother died and sister died in a car crash. he was in that car and his brother and it is his father who has raised them through the years. we don't know what is going on. clearly something serious is going on and we're just waiting to hear from the vice president's office and from the attorney general's office. >> so young. 44 years old. >> two kids as well, carol. we can look at it through all of the prism of politics we talk about but he does have a very young family. >> mark preston, thanks so much. international panel of scientists say it's at least 95% certain humans are to blame for the earth's warming in recent years. "the new york times" reports
10:09 am
that language included in a leaked draft of a report by the intergovernmental panel on climate change. the group warning sea levels could rise by more than three feet if greenhouse emissions are not reduced putting cities like new york and new orleans in danger. a final report expected in september. we'll talk much more about this report with cnn's chad myers coming your way in the next half hour of "newsroom." heavy rains washed across much of the southern united states and that may wring extra money out of your wallet. the crops of fruits and veggies have been wiped out in some areas and decimated in others meaning you and i will pay more at the grocery store. let's turn to christine romans on what to expect. >> in some cases the produce stand, you won't find what you want or you'll find watermelon that tastes different and even peaches because all of this water sort of changes the way the sugar dilution inside so it
10:10 am
will taste different and in other cases you won't be able to find it or you'll pay more for it. we're talking about the rain where there are a lot of fruits and vegetables that come to market right now. we're talking about watermelon and peaches and we're talking about in some cases corn. earlier this summer it was to wet in iowa you couldn't get corn. now in the southeast people are having to switch suppliers. i don't want to ring the alarm bell too soon but even up here in new york it's been so wet this summer that perhaps pumpkins are delayed in their maturation right now too. i don't know. green pumpkins by halloween. unclear. you'll have to pay more. earlier this week -- or last week i told you about shrimp at an all-time high. here's a good piece of news. because of the big corn crop
10:11 am
production in the midwest, you've seen corn prices coming down meaning lower meat prices down the road. pay up for fruits and vegetables but pay less for your meat. bad news for vegetarians. good news for everyone else. >> spoken like a true iowan. thank you so much, christine. move over, bo. there's a new dog in town. the obamas have brought sonny home. he's the all black doggy there. looks like he likes bo and bo likes him. both are portuguese water dogs. she is full of energy and affectionate and happy. the first family is making a donation to the washington humane society in honor of the new pooch. still to come, a highway horror. a jaguar burnt to a crisp. the driver, 87-year-old dick van dyke. the comedian taking to twitter after the crash. plus, he's al qaeda's
10:12 am
propaganda machine. >> today could be your last day. >> california born and bred. son of goat farmers. now he's speaking out in a new video. that's straight ahead in the "newsroom." if you're serious about taking your trading to a higher level, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 then schwab is the place to trade. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 call 1-888-577-5750 or visit to tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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saving time by booking an appointment online, even smarter.
10:15 am
online scheduling. available now at checking our top stories. fractured skull, a torn ear and bullet wounds through the mouth and face. surviving boston bombing suspect had those injuries before his capture in april. details are in a newly released court document. it's not clear whether the 20 year old inflicted any of those injuries on himself or suffered them in his showdown with police. after days of being pressured to do so, cnn learned the obama administration is stopping some military aid to egypt among escalating violence between supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi and the interim government. the u.s. official says the administration is trying to determine how to best deal with the situation and adds that no decision has been made to permanently stop that aid.
10:16 am
musharraf has been charged in assassination of bhutto. it marks the first time charges have been filed. he denies having anything to do with bhutto's killing. today the sentencing phase begins for army staff sergeant robert bails. he's the soldier who admitted to gunning down 16 unarmed afghan civilians in a house to house rampage last year. bails faces life in prison. but in a shocking twist to an already bizarre story, the associated press is reporting that there are tapes of bales and his wife laughing about the charges against bales. our pentagon correspondent chris lawrence is here to tell us more. wow. >> yeah. this is potentially disturbing turn to what is already a very extremely horrific crime. reuters is reporting from the courtroom that prosecutors have indicated they will play some of
10:17 am
this tape recording between staff sergeant bales who is incarcerated at the time on the phone with his wife and in that call apparently prosecutors are indicating that they were laughing about some of the charges that were filed against him and even discussing a potential book deal for his wife. now, the defense argues you can't just play snippets of that. it has to be taken in context. the judge is saying they will be allowed to play it but it has to be all of it. all two hours of it to really understand the context. the defense is arguing that staff sergeant bales basically snapped. that he was on his fourth combat deployment suffering from ptsd. he was on drugs. he was drinking that night and that he had suffered a traumatic brain injury. the prosecutors have flown in about nine afghans. these are survivors of that massacre and their testimony -- if it's anything like what was heard on video about a year ago, it promises to be extremely
10:18 am
graphic. before we heard children screaming begging sergeant bales not to shoot them. he has admitted to the killings. he pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty. what this is all going to be about is whether he gets life with no possibility of parole or life with parole, which could set him free in about 20 years if possible. carol? >> disturbing story. sure you'll be following it throughout the day. chris lawrence reporting live from the pentagon. all right. let's lighten the mood, shall we? dick van dyke's narrow escape. his jaguar goes up in flames but the 87-year-old actor pulled out of the car just in time. his sense of humor intact. max and penny kept our bookstore exciting and would always come to my rescue. but as time passed, i started to notice max just wasn't himself. and i knew he'd feel better if he lost a little weight.
10:19 am
so i switched to purina cat chow healthy weight formula. i just fed the recommended amount... and they both loved the taste. after a few months max's "special powers" returned... and i got my hero back. purina cat chow healthy weight.
10:20 am
10:21 am
legendary actor dick van dyke and his wife managed to get out of his car unharmed after
10:22 am
his car burst into flames. he was rescued by a good samaritan and afterwards -- he's one funny man. his sense of humor was intact. nischelle turner is live in new york with more. he's so charming. >> and when you see the video, you see what he escaped from, you know it's okay to laugh. i would probably be laughing too and shouting hallelujah after this. a scary moment. dick van dyke is 87 years old driving his jaguar on the ventura freeway in california when it caught fire. burned to a crisp. you can see it there. this little vintage car is a newer jaguar in good condition it looked like before it went up in smoke on the side of the road. him and his wife have been posting reassuring messages on twitter saying that he's okay and that they are very appreciative of the help he got from good samaritans. embarrassed about everything. it seemed like a lot of people really did stop to help. a few tried to use fire
10:23 am
extinguishers to douse the flames. a few broke out their cell phones and shot video of the situation and you saw the dramatic pictures. >> afterwards he said anybody in the market for a porsche? >> that's what you said, yeah. still getting zingers at 87. he did keep his sense of humor about the whole thing. he also tweeted, used jag for sale real cheap with a picture of the burned out car attached to that. he had a little fun because he got out unscathed. >> we're glad to hear it. thanks so much. defending bob filner. the san diego mayor who is accused of sexual harassment has a big pr problem but his supporters are finally going public. hear why they say you shouldn't judge mayor filner so quickly. first, let's get a quick check of the markets, shall we. looking good so far. markets up 27 points so far. we'll be right back. this day calls you.
10:24 am
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10:27 am
happening now in the "newsroom," bob filner is back in the spotlight. his sexual harassment scandal won't go away and there's talk of a possible resignation but there are a group of supporters that don't want him to step aside. plus this, born in america and celebrating the death of chris stevens last year in libya. we'll tell you who he is and why he's calling for more attacks around the world. and the nfl's new policy is ticking off some female fans. you're live in the "cnn
10:28 am
newsroo newsroom". good morning. thanks so much for being with me. i'm carol costello checking our top stories at just about 30 minutes past the hour. across idaho right now, there are more than 1,000 firefighters hoping that rain will come. so far a jaw dropping 400,000 acres have burned in the resort area of sun valley. thousands of homes are in danger and that includes pricey spreads of the rich and famous. actors tom hanks and bruce willis both have homes there. here's a happier image of home and family. the newest portrait from the newly expanded royal family. prince william and duchess of cambridge are all smiles as they show off the future king of england, prince george. much of the british public applauding a less stuffy royal image and ted cruz cleared one hurdle in a possible 2016 run for the white house. he has renounced his canadian
10:29 am
citizenship. the senator was born in canada to an american mother and a cuban father leading to newspaper to speculate on whether he's a dual citizen. he said he's america by birth and never took steps to become canadian. hard to believe there's anyone more unpopular in san diego right now than mayor bob filner. the man at the center of a growing sexual harassment scandal gets ready to return to work this morning. his return could be short lived as filner and the city he represents meet for mediation and that mediation reportedly includes talk of a potential resignation. our filner watch reaches day 30. our affiliate kusi joins us live. tell us more. >> reporter: good morning. i should tell you first of all we set up a cot here at city hall. i am here every single morning. there's no reason to go home whatsoever. we are certainly following the mayor of san diego with a great deal of interest because there
10:30 am
is so much going on on all fronts. now, whether the mayor physically shows up here at city hall today remains to be seen. yesterday, monday, was scheduled to be his first day back at work after his intensive two-week behavioral therapy. he did not appear to be here at city hall. we didn't follow him for 24 hours but the only place he appeared to be yesterday and was was downtown law office where he was involved in mediation with noted attorney gloria allred and her client, and so there is mediation going on. we knew there would be a great deal of activity behind the scenes here. the mayor has hired a well known labor attorney and he's known for not being public but working behind the scenes. so there have been rumors here
10:31 am
at city hall that the mayor is involved in some kind of mediation trying to get out from under with both local, state, and federal investigators. he might be able to settle with allred and mccormick but i don't recall the fbi. for all of the jokes on the national talk shows and the late-night shows, et cetera, there haven't been nearly as much made of the mayor's issues with federal investigators. there are two developments involving the mayor and contributions a quid pro quo so to speak and allegedly in some corners and the fbi is investigating both of these and so whatever settlement is going on in terms of the sexual harassment allegations, the attention hasn't been nearly as much and likely should be on this federal investigation. if the mayor is going to try to solve some things and get out from under and maybe part of that is tied to his resignation. i can't imagine the federal
10:32 am
people being involved in that. >> i was just wondering do you really have a cot there? on a more serious note, there's a recall effort under way right now. how's that going? >> reporter: well, the recall -- we've made a great deal of emphasis on how short the window is for the recall signature gathering but the process itself is very lengthy. the recall people only have 39 days in which to gather 101,597 valid signatures. they think they are going to have to get 120 to 130 to meet that threshold of 101,597. they hit the ground running. there was concern early on about their organization and their money. they are doing well. they even enlisted some businesses here to be petition stations if you will. we covered that yesterday. they have to gather more than 2,000 signatures a day. even if they meet the window, et
10:33 am
cetera, et cetera, et cetera, a recall elections could be as late as next march. we've been talking about that all morning long here. in terms of the process. >> right. ed lenderman, thanks for filling us in. interesting information. we appreciate it. thank you. bob filner does have his supporters and they are very vocal. they met monday in front of the camera to publicly pledge their support for the embattled mayor. one of those supporting filner is maxine. maxine joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> you have known the mayor for 20 years. you are standing by him. in light of all of the national embarrassment he's caused, why are you standing by him still? >> mr. filner is a dedicated public servant. he has served san diego for more than 30 years. he has served on the school board for better schools. he has served on the city council to better the san diego community. and he served as a congressman
10:34 am
and the recent accusations should not define the great contributions he has made to the san diego community. >> what about all of these women coming forward. there's more than just one or two. there's more than a dozen now. >> yes. these are legal issues that i would choose not to discuss but i have read about some of the accusations. some of them are very old and i guess some are recent. but i believe that he should have due process. he should have his day in court. and he should be accountable for those who put him in office. the voters of san diego. >> but most of city council want him out. how can he possibly work with them now? you have to work as a mayor to get things done in your city with the city council. how is it possible for him to do that now? >> the city council did not put
10:35 am
him in office. the voters of san diego put him in office. and they're the ones who should decide if he should go. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. maxine sherard. before we move on, an invitation for mayor filner. we reached out to you on phone and by e-mail and now on air. the invite is there the ball is now in your court, mayor filner. we'll be right back. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ trains! they haul everything, safely and on time. ♪ tracks! they connect the factories built along the lines. and that means jobs, lots of people, making lots and lots of things. let's get your business rolling now, everybody sing. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪
10:36 am
congestion, for it's smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the busses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution to the earth. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment.
10:37 am
10:38 am
born in america and calling for the death of more u.s. diplomats. an al qaeda spokesman, adam gadahn urging terrorists around the world to kill american
10:39 am
ambassadors and earn lavish rewards for doing so. cnn's brian todd has more for you. >> reporter: he's california born and raised. the son of goat farmers. had at least one pair of jewish grandparents. now as one of al qaeda's top propagan propagandaists, he lavishes prays on those that killed the ambassador to libya. >> translator: he was killed to enrage the criminals. >> reporter: the latest video from adam gadahn was posted by a global intelligence company. he calls for more attacks on u.s. ambassadors in the middle east urging wealthy muslims to offer rewards for killing him. gadahn has a $1 million bounty on his head. the video indicates it was produced in march of this year. did it have any bearing on the recent decision to close american embassies in the middle
10:40 am
east, an administration official says the video wasn't specifically a factor but gadahn has made a journey from what family members call a teenager obsessed with heavy metal music to a role as al qaeda's most visible figure. raised and homeschooled on this goat farm, he converted at this nearby mosque but fell in with hardline islamist group there and had a run-in with the mosque leader. >> he came charging into my office one day screaming and yelling and angry. really angry. and he caught me off guard. he slapped me right across the face. >> reporter: shortly after he was placed on the most wanted list, gadahn's father said this. >> i was surprised. i really couldn't imagine that he would do anything that would get him in this position. >> reporter: i asked an analyst
10:41 am
if he is as dangerous to america as another american who joined al qaeda? >> so far there's no evidence that he has an operational role in al qaeda. that's what the u.s. government felt initially that he was a cleric and didn't really have an operational role and one of the reasons that the president signed off the drone strike was people suddenly decided this guy does have an operational role so things can change. >> reporter: so where is adam gadahn now? very likely in pakistan. the video production arm of al qaeda is based in pakistan. i reached out to gadahn's family to ask what they think of this latest video. his mother sounding upset after i described the video to her over the phone told me she didn't want to speak to us. carol? >> am i right to assume the united states is actively looking for this man? >> reporter: they are actively looking for him. there's a bounty on his head of $1 million for his capture.
10:42 am
senator lindsey graham, republican on the armed services committee, says that he should be taken out in a drone strike or some kind of lethal action because graham says he's an enemy combatant. however, gadahn has only been indicted in the u.s. for treason not for any kind of operational role in al qaeda so whether the u.s. would have any legal basis to take him out in a drone strike is not clear right now. >> brian todd reporting live for us this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," a neighbor sends a letter to the family of an autistic boy. wait until you hear what it said. we'll be right back. ry and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love.
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read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal.
10:45 am
a southern highway closed this morning after rocks and mud cascaded on the highway. it could take a few days to completely clear the roadway. you don't often here anyone called a hero, life saver and miracle in the same breath. a fireman was giving cpr to a heart attack victim last week when he suffered his own heart attack. >> a sudden explosion type feeling in my chest that never went away. it was there. >> wow. doctors say he had a blockage in what's called the widow maker artery which is extremely rare.
10:46 am
hardman and the patient he was saving both recovering. they're going to be just fine. that's amazing. a new television network is launching today on american tv. al jazeera america will be based in new york city and available in more than 40 million homes. that's roughly half the country's pay tv households. the new network is funded by the government of qatar. a family struggling with a son's autism receives a shocking letter from a neighbor. this was just mean. >> you know what? i have the letter here. you have to actually hear it to believe that someone could put pen to paper about a child. 14-year-old child playing in the backyard. this is what a neighbor unanimously sends to that child's family. this is just part i can read on tv. you selfishly put your kid outside every day and let him be nothing but a nuisance and a
10:47 am
problem to everyone else with that noise polluting whaling he constantly makes. he's where it gets nasty. do the right thing and move or euthanize him. either way, we're all better off. i'm not making it up. there's so much in between those two lines that's so cruel. it just defies logic. it may be illegal. police are looking into this. we'll talk about what your rights are if you're a neighbor and if you have this kind of harassment and this kind of treatment from neighbors. albeit unanimous once. here's a tip, carol. you're not always as unanimous as you think you are. surprise. >> i think neighborhoods are pretty -- some are tight knit. they know what's going on. always one person in the neighborhood that knows what's going on. >> and guess what, forensics. good old fashioned csi gets to the bottom of this. it can be tracked. >> awesome.
10:48 am
thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," some doubt it but many scientists say they are more certain than ever in what's to blame for the earth's warming. and guess what? it's you. but first, with crossfire returning september 16th, here's a crossfire classic. >> one of the earliest was also one of the most controversial. the guest was the grand wizard of the ku klux klan and the host was outraged. >> you are against the thing that makes this country a unity and great. i think you're a disgrace. >> you know nothing about what i believe. >> i just heard what you believe. >> we've had more racial problems -- >> you're a disgrace to the country. yes, you are. >> i have a strong belief -- >> you people were beaten, beaten, beaten. i don't know what we're doing in 1982 talking to you.
10:49 am
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10:51 am
a draft report by the intergovernmental panel on climate change says it's now at least 95% certain humans are to blame for the earth's warming. "the new york times" is reporting the leaked document also warns sea levels could rise by more than three feet in greenhouse emissions are not
10:52 am
reduced. cnn's chad myers joins me now with more. so this is a very well respected agency. give us the bottom line. >> here's the deal. this comes out every six years. they're going to put the final report out in september, the end of september. people got an early draft of what this could and probably will say. it could be massaged just a bit. there is so much cc02 in the ai that there's no other explanation. 5% other explanation that it's not human induced that we're warming the planet. i know you weren't born yet but in 1978 right there, that's the last date, 1977 and '78 are the last dates that if you were born you experienced a below normal temperature year. for the rest of the century and all of the way into the 21st
10:53 am
century, we've seen above normal temperatures climate over the globe. back here in the '70s we had below normal. since that point, that was almost a breaking point in the climate, it has gone straight up from there. hockey stick if you will. this is now going to be put out in september massaged a little bit. it's not new data. this government agency takes every other piece of research puts it together in a clearing house and makes its own assessment. if you found this, bring it in. they're not just making assessments on one person's judgment. they take all of the research from all of the people across the globe and put it together trying to come up and jumbling it together and coming up with an assessment for what they believe that all of this data, all of this research says. >> tell us the people behind the study and who they are. there are many people in this country who don't believe that humans are causing the bulk of
10:54 am
climate change. >> and that's because climate has changed in the past. climate changed 20,000 years ago. climate changed 100,000 years ago and humans clearly weren't involved. just because they were rubbing to sticks together to make a fire didn't change the earth or the atmosphere. what we're seeing now, this increased right through here since man has been really burning fossil fuels at an alarming rate and putting so much co2 in the atmosphere they say that humans must have created this. >> we'll see what happens from here. i'm guessing not much. right? >> you know what? you're getting better cars that put less pollution but twice as many of them on the road. we're not really gaining anything. >> all right. chad, hopefully you'll talk much more about this because it's an important issue. there's really no doubt now. it's kind of scary. chad myers, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom,"
10:55 am
the nfl adds another layer of security at stadiums. no big bags allowed. no purses, ladies. many women fans aren't into that. it's an epic battle. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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corticosteroids, or medicines to decrease blood clotting. in a clinical study, over 80% of treated men had their t levels restored to normal. talk to your doctor about all your symptoms. get the blood tests. change your number. turn it up. androgel 1.62%. call it handbag gate. if you go to an nfl game and you're lady, you can no longer bring a giant purse to the
10:58 am
stadium. your purse has to be the size of your hand and if you bring a big bag, it has to be see through. this is in response to the boston bombings that the nfl is instituting this new policy. it's created quite the handbag backlash. listen. >> the nfl has restricted women to carrying their personal items and purses the size of their hands. we take these rules as a personal attack on women and our freedom of choice. we're tired of men telling us what to do with our bags. >> my purse, my choice. >> it's a really funny video. nischelle turner, we turn to you because you used to cover sports and frankly, what is the big deal? what do you carry in that purse that you need to bring to an nfl game? >> my thoughts exactly, carol. i'm glad you feel the same way i do. i thought i would be alone on an island here. my view is if you're going see a game, put a couple bucks, i.d.
10:59 am
and a credit card in your pocket and go watch the game. why do you need a big bag? it's causing a bit of conversation. the video is cute. the backlash is happening because fans are trying to get into the stadium and have a choice of dumping possessions or not get into the stadium. we want to hear more from these two comedians on my purse, my choice. listen up. >> the nfl would have women resort to carrying their personal items in plastic bags. which is disgusting i don't want strangers to see what's in my purse. tweet us with the hash tag and let the nfl know these regulations hurt women. >> come and take it. >> ow. >> this new policy went into effect this season and actually they are saying that you can bring a couple things in. you talked about the purse the size of


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