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tv   Early Start  CNN  September 23, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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sympathy or regret or anything for any of his victims. they were all soldiers of the technological society as far as he was concerned. he had a higher purpose, and they were immaterial to him. dozens killed and 200 injured. entering its third day, hostages are still held inside. >> will she or won't she? the new changing and developing response. hillary clinton giving her most revealing answer yet on whether she plans to run for president.
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television's best honored last night at the emmy awards. we will bring you that. >> a lot of things going on television. >> while we were sleeping. >> good morning. no dancing here as far as you know. >> not yet, any way. i'm zoraida sambolin. it's monday, september 23rd, 5:00 a.m. in the east. in kenya, situation developing by the second. security forces are still engaged with islamic terrorists after weekend attacks in a upscale shopping mall in nairobi. al shabaab has claimed responsibility and three of the attackers are set to be americans. kenya's military says there are about ten hostages still being held. most of the mall has been secured, but the standoff is not
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over. cnn's arwa damon will join us live from nairobi in a minute. first. al shabaab is on the attack. nic robertson has a closer look. >> reporter: inside somalia, al shabaab fighters attack kenyan troops, the al qaeda jihadists wants control of somalia. a wounded kenyan soldier is captured. he is one of 4,000 deployed to somalia in 2011. cnn cannot independently verifyive this video but one in recent years.
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at their peak a few years ago, they controlled parts of the capital on condition, but not any more. today a multinational african force of 15,000 soldiers controls the capital of the al shabaab when they were forced out. now they control swaths of southern somalia to the kenya border and vow attacks inside kenya. al shabaab's kenyan ally, the muslim youth have, known as myc echo shabaab's threats. >> translator: raise your swared against the enemy. >> reporter: it's not an idle threat. myc recruits young kenyans to fight for al shabaab. this mother's son radicalized in a kenyan moss.
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>> translator: somalia. why should he leave here and go fight in something he doesn't even understand? >> reporter: perhaps shabaab well recognized recruit is this man from alabama. known by his [ speaking in foreign language ] >> the only reason we are staying here, away from our families and away from the cities and away from ice, candy bars and all of these kind of things. >> reporter: he was kill recentlily in infighting but as al shabaab boasts, it has plenty of other american recruits. >> if this first to the path of paradise, we will look at the lives of some of the young muslim men traded for their comforts of the lives in the united states for the battle. >> reporter: like the american suicide bomber who blew himself up in an attack in magdishcuu.
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they say only a matter of time before we see terrorism in our streets inspired along those fighting alongside al shabaab, the attack on the nairobi mall have heightened those concerns. nic robertson, cnn, london. >> our thanks to nic. the standoff at the shopping mall in its third day, arwa damon is standing by there live. what is the latest? >> reporter: the corner there are security forces spanned out all over really trying to navigate this really delicate situation and that is getting the remaining hostages out alive. just to set the scene a bit for our viewers, this is an upscale shopping mall, it's where people
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go to meet and where a lot of kids this vtheir birthday parties. the day that this hostage taking took place, a cooking show, a radio cooking show was being hosted specifically for children, so the entire rooftop of the shopping mall itself was packed with kids with their families. we are hearing stories of utter heroism with people disregarding their own security to protect the children and many of them being killed in that effort. and those who survived were coming out telling so many of those in total shock over what has taken place because even though this threat existed for quite some time now, people were not expecting this type of a hostage taking, a situation they were expecting anything like that. the nation has brought it together in an unprecedented way. >> arwa, we will come back in a
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little bit. she is in nairobi where the standoff in its third day and appear to be other hostages still held. it could be a historic week in u.s. foreign policy. in hours, the united nations assembly will take place in new york. raised eyebrows around the world with conciliatory tweets and signals that his country is ready to negotiate over its nuclear program. the very real question will the two leaders meet face-to-face? >> reporter: perhaps the biggest question for the united nations general assembly will obama meet with rouhani? no meeting has been scheduled but jay carney, the white house spokesman said, obama has held
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out diplomacy. it's about trying to stop iran's nuclear program and saying they want to build a nuclear bomb. rouhani has sent friendly messages by twitter which suggest a softening in iran's hard tone in the past few years. the no recently message on sunday he said it was possible with the west and the ones preconditioned. the stage is set but it's a high stakes for president obama who a year ago rouhani's predecessor ahmadinejad was against israel and we will see if obama gets something concrete out of this or simply say iran's friendlier tone is about dating time and that time is what they need to continue on behalf of making a
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nuclear weapon. in a russian tv interview, lavrov says the americans are interested in improving their superiority. a senior state department official says the u.s. wants the strongest possible enforcement mechl mechanism. the assad regime took the first step over the weekend delivering an inventory. the senate after house republicans passed a bill to fund the government, but eliminate funding for the health care reform law known by everyone now as obamacare. the measure, as it stands, really has no chance of passing in the senate. congress must reach a budget deal before october 1st to avoid a shutdown. new questions raised about the independent panel chosen by
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president obama to investigate the nsa surveillance panel. the group is scheduled to issue its report to the white house in just a few weeks from now. president obama honoring the 12 victims of last week's massacre at the washington navy yard. the president spoke at a memorial service on sunday. he noted this was the fifth mass shooting since he was president and he expressed concern about the gun violence being seen as a new normal. >> we can't accept this. as americans bound in grief and love, we must insist here today there is nothing normal about innocent men and women being gunned down where they work. >> the president called for tougher gun laws, saying the change the country needs will come from washington, he says it will come from the american
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people. it didn't turn out to be that bad weather wise over the weekend but it rained overnight on saturday. >> i didn't think it was bad at all. thank you. >> many thanks to indra petersons. bring us more good stuff here. >> you wake up and what a big difference yesterday than what we saw saturday. then there is today. our first full day of fall. we are seeing that huge change. we are talking about frost and freeze warnings, especially in the northeast as we are waking up this morning. why? because it's chilly out there. we are talking about temperatures in the 40s in many places and jascranton 49 and it will be cool throughout the afternoon. high pressure bringing in the cold air from canada. look at these temperatures. new york from 69 to 68. boston higher up you are, you are talking about cool temperatures. down to 64 today even though you thought it was nice yesterday at 73. don't worry, it feels cool and not stay that way. we are going to be rebounding and seeing the temperatures go up to 70s and even a few 80s out
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there a couple of days. so hang on tight. >> we are hanging on. thanks. so it is 11 minutes past the hour. on emmy night, breaking bad. guess what? it finally broke through. the acclaimed tv series winning the award for outstanding drama series after being nominated three previous times. breaking bad has its series finale next week. the show took home another top award with anna gunn winning first emmy for her role as schuyler white. here are the other awards that were issued. jeff daniels won for lead actor in a drama series for "newsroom." on the comedy side, "modern family" named best series for the fourth straight year. jim parsons won for outstanding actor and julia louie dreyfus also won. the first ever emmy for the
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netflix series "house of cards "owe won for best directing award for a drama series and an episode directed by david fincher. one other notable win, colbert report beating "the daily show" which dominated the best variety series competition for the past decade. >> making note of all of these shows they are talking about and i will watch many of them once my kids grow up. once i can watch tv again, i fully intend to watch some of these shows. >> have you ever watched "modern family"? >> i live modern family! i don't need to watch it. new signs emerging that hillary clinton is, in fact, eyeing a run for the white house. what did she say? we will let you know. you could soon be allowed to use just some of your electronic devices on planes. which ones are expected to make the big safety cut? find out coming up next. >> my atari?
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all right. welcome back to "early start." here it is. big news on the hillary clinton watch. in a constant question of will she or won't she run for president? now, for the first time, former secretary of state says she is absolutely positively unequivocally thinking about it. this is a serious shift. this is a big deal. i'm telling you. tongues everywhere are wagging over what she said. let's get more now. >> reporter: denials no more. hillary clinton admits it, she's thinking about running for president in 2016. >> she's come out for the first time here and said, you know, i'm thinking about it. so she's weighing it. >> reporter: she said as much to joe hagan in a wide ranging interview featured in next week's "new york" magazine. here she is in her own words about whether she wrestles with
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the idea of jumping into the ring again. i do, but i'm both pragmatic and realistic. i will just continue to weigh what the factors are influencing me to make a decision one way or another. it's a far cry from what she said every time she's been asked the last three years. including in january by cnn. >> well, i have absolutely no plans to run. >> reporter: her inner circle is making different plans. >> the most fascinating part of the experience for knee was talking to many of her former staffers from the state department and some of her closer friends and they are much more open about here's why she's qualified and here is what happened in the state department that gives her the experience and here is how she learned from the mistakes in 2008. >> reporter: because of that role, she is more popular than ever. >> it was the first time the country had ever gotten to see her as somebody who just what you see is what you get, she shows up for work every day and gets stuff done and is very strong about it. >> reporter: and she is getting
5:19 am
some encouragement to run from another glass ceiling cracker, the first female speaker of the house. >> i know if she does, she will win. >> reporter: if you're champing at the bit for campaign season to begin, hold your horses. her warning, i'm not in any hurry. i think it's a series decision, not to be made lightly but it's also not one that has to be made soon. eric mcpike, cnn, washington. >> so all this time, she has been? >> all along, i think everyone who has been watching has known she is thinking about it but she said, oh, no i'm not running right now. everything she has done since she left the state department has allowed her at least to be in the running should she want to. this is very carefully orchestrated. >> the fact she said maybe, right? >> no. i think it's a giant deal. i think this is a giant deal now.
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welcome back to "early start." it's "money time." alison kosik is here with the money news. a big sell-off on wall street on friday about jitters on in washington. the dow industrials finished higher with a win. the dow was up 75 points and choked up a third straight week of gains. nasdaq and s&p 500 finished last week in the win column also. beginning this morning for the first time in two years investors will have a new lineup of dow stocks to handicap.
5:25 am
they begin trading in the dow industrials and relace alcoa and hewlett-packard and bank of america. linkedin is harvesting contacts without their permission. four users filed a class action suit saying linked in asking people to join their service. link linkedin says the following. we never deceive you by pretending to be you in order to access your e-mail account. the lawsuit is seeking damages on behalf of all linkedin users. maybe the third time really is a charm for billionaire investor. over the weekend george soros got married over the weekend and married tamiko bolton.
5:26 am
this is the reception. 500 people attended this reception including house democratic leader nancy pelosi and former u.n. secretary kofi annan attended that reception. soros is best known for the british pound in 1992. the one trade netted him $1 billion. he has been divorced twice. maybe he's in love? >> our best luck to that couple. i think they are going to make it. >> i want to see more video. >> i want to see the prenup. >> always interesting with a billionaire. >> third marriage, right? >> third, yeah. >> good luck. >> third time is a charm. coming up. >> the next thing we know, we heard some shots and people
5:27 am
rushing. ak-47. >> terrorists storm a kenyan mall. dozens murders and nearly 200 injured. the standoff with terrorists continuing this morning with hostages still being held inside. arwa damin' on is live with us the latest after the break. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! it's lots of things.
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i'm okay. i'm very grateful. >> a shopping mall under siege. dozens killed. nearly 200 injured. the latest from the scene this morning at this ongoing
5:31 am
standoff. something bad should happen here, we don't want our responses to start with and law enforcement will be here and they will protect you. >> he kenya mall massacre raising concerns in the united states. what some malls are doing to keep shoppers safe. >> i like to go around and tell people anything is possible and i don't ever want to hear the words, "i can't." >> he has proven anything is possible. a boy born without arms. welcome back to "early start." breaking news out of kenya mall terror attack. sources telling cnn three of the islamic militants who attacked an upscale mall in nairobi killing 69 people were american. nearly 200 people were injured. the weekend long standoff between kenyan security forces and the terrorists is not over. there were reports of heavy
5:32 am
gunfire mall overnight and kenya military say it controls most of the shopping mall and most of the hostages have been freed. the al qaeda linked group al shabaab is claiming responsibility for the attacks. cnn's arwa damon is live on the phone for us this morning. arwa, we understand that officials in kenya are saying on twitter at least they have managed to secure more hostages at this hour. what can you tell us about the situation? >> reporter: they have. but there is that very delicate stage where there are at least ten remaining hostages we believe, according to the kenyan authorities, is being held in one of the levels of the west gate mall. they managed to clear the other levels but now there are volunteers waiting to go in and beginning removing the bodies. still a lot of people don't know what happened to their loved ones. here at a community center where
5:33 am
we are very close to the mall, a woman who is looking for her husband utterly distraught as you can an imagine who was an employee in the mall itself and, of course, there is the ongoing trauma that this entire nation is having to deal with at this stage trying to cope with the magnitude of what took place. a lot of people were saying that, yes, they were, in fact, anticipating on the behalf making good on it but no one was really anticipating this. what happened that day at the mall there was a children's cooking show under way. this was like a kenyan version of its junior master chef and the kids were cooking and, all of a sudden, in that moment, they stormed inside, the attackers stormed inside and a lot of stores of great heroics and many of the adults to people
5:34 am
who were there using their own bodies to try to shield and protect the children. >> arwa, can you tell us anything about three americans who were involved in the attack? >> reporter: well, at this point, we don't know a lot about them. we don't even have that 100% confirmed. initially that came out on a twitter account that is claiming to be linked to al shabaab itself. it was since the posting of the names actually taken down, taken off line and they are investigating this. it certainly will not be the first time that al shabaab has recruited and used americans in any number of attacks that it does, in fact, carry out. according to though, to the twitter account, it wasn't just americans. there were a number of other foreign nationals involved as well. analysts will look at this as an example of just how far reaching al shabaab's tentacles are at
5:35 am
this stage. >> arwa damon, thank you very much. the taecket at that mall in nairobi so-called soft target is raising concerns about a potential similar attack at locations in the u.s. it's long been one of terrorism experts greatest fears. we have more on that. >> reporter: it may be more than 7,000 miles from nairobi, kenya, to the united states, but the mall massacre halfway around the world couldn't bring a tragedy any closer to home. washington, d.c. resident sarah head was inside the mall when shots were fired. she kept hideing in a stairwell with dozens others as the chaos unfolded. >> we waited in the stairwell an hour and a half. two individuals were with me who are superficial gunshot wounds or individuals in the stairwell with me. they were not with me. but there was about probably, i don't know, 60 of us. a few floors worth of people. >> reporter: the attack on these
5:36 am
so-called soft targets raises a question about mall security on u.s. soil. could what happened overseas happen over here? >> soft targets, they are not defended and effective way of causing a lot of panic and a lot of damage quickly and achieving the objective of terrorizing people. >> reporter: one mall is minnesota's mall of america and one of the largest enclosed shopping centers in the country and visited by 42 million people a year. >> i think if you look for 100% safety, wrap yourself in bubble wrap and never leave home. >> reporter: it has something many government facilities do not. this is a drill. mall of america is now going into lockdown. >> reporter: twice a month, without fail, its tenants and its customer participate in a lockdown drill practicing how to shelter back rooms of stores to try to prevent casualties in an attack. >> if something bad should happen here, we don't want our response to start with, and law
5:37 am
enforcement will be here and they will protect you. we want to know what can be done until law enforcement gets here. >> reporter: even with heightened security, an awareness of your surrounding may be your best defense. >> for the average american citizen, you go to the grocery store, you go to the gas station and you go to the shopping mall, you go to the a movie theater. you take walks in your neighborhood. any one of those situations could make you vulnerable if other people or another person is out there determined to conduct an attack. >> reporter: he went on to say you could just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. we spoke with another security expert and he said the best thing the public can do is strengthen our resolve. margaret conley, cnn, new york. 37 minutes past the hour. the son of cleveland kidnapper ariel castro is speaking about against his father. he says he is not his father and he cannot explain his actions.
5:38 am
the younger castro writes, quote, if my father's life and death can lead to changes and how we deal with sexual predators, domestic violence, mental illness, and, yes, prison safety, then we should have those discussions. surviving suspect in the boston marathon bonks is back in court today. tsarnaev faces 30 federal charges including a weapons of mass destruction. he has pleaded not guilty and could face the death penalty if convicted. federal attorneys are preparing a sentencing recommendation for attorney general eric holder who has the final say on whether to seek a capital punishment. landing at an airport, apparently not an option here. chicago's lake shore drive, look at this. the pilot of a small plane, john peterson, set the aircraft down along the famed windy city drive after he discovered mechanical trouble. he tried to time it when cars were stopped at a red light. he managed to set the two-seater
5:39 am
down safely. he was not injured but two cars that hit the plane and then sped off which i thought was unusual. this is the deal. this is what is very lucky for this pilot, that there are actual lights on lake shore drive. i thought that was interesting because had it been the dan ryan or kennedy, any other expressway that doesn't have traffic signals, god only knows what would happen. and it happened at 6:00 in the morning. i thought how did it happen without any injuries? it was at 6:00 in the morning and he was looking at the lights to see when they turned red. smart guy! smart guy! three people dead and man in jail after shots rang out in an elk's lodge in michigan. police found two men dead outside the social dead. a woman shot and run over by a driver who was trying to get away from police. she died from her injuries. police say this is the second shooting at the lodge this year. >> wow. after five months, we are near the end of the michael
5:40 am
jackson wrongful death trial. closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow. the jury should get the case by thursday. katherine jackson claims the promoter in charge of her son's comeback tour is liable for his death. she blames aeg live for hiring dr. conrad murray who is serving time for involuntary manslaught manslaughter. aeg live claims that michael jackson hired and controlled the doctor. it is fall officially now. >> i almost wore boots this morning and a turtleneck. i'm claiming it's a hint of it but i'm still hopeful. >> indra, bring us the weather. >> i don't have any good news. definitely cool today. you felt the wind in your face this morning. especially out here in new york and temperatures below normal. it is fall. cold arctic air is in place and we are actually cooler than yesterday. boston up to 73. down to 64 today. but you go farther back, notice towards pittsburgh, they are going to warm up so that is the
5:41 am
good news. it is not here to stay as we go through the next several days. temperatures will rebound and that is what we want. the other story we are watching is the same cold front that brought the cool air in but stalled out over the northeast. in the northeast we got rid of the rain but in the southeast it is lingering again. this is the story months after months now. heavy rain throughout the region. take a look at what they saw over the weekend. 2 1/2 inches from last to florida and more expected today. because we have another front in the area and another one making its way moving in. you know what? suddenly, 65, a little bit of wind doesn't look bad. >> ruffle what do you wear over? >> stuff to wear? >> i have a question for you. you call it cool, i would call it cold. what temperature do you switch from cool to cold? >> actually, i can call it freezing but i have to do this for tv because they make fun of me as it is. >> i want an answer to on that.
5:42 am
the cool to the cold. >> 68, cold for me. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> 68. wow. take a look at this marriage proposal and you'll understand why it's gone viral. ♪ oh, my goodness. a young idaho man decided to. the question while he and his girlfriend were wake surfing. somehow he managed to get down on one knee during all of this and you can see her jaw drop. that what happened way early. she said yes. ah! they decided to do this on the boat where he actually put ring on her finger. how beautiful. the groom to be was smart enough to wake until they got back in that boat. if not, that ring would be where? >> wake surfing and that music. i think a great combination. >> very sweet. i think that intest one we have seen so far. >> congratulations to them. coming up, we are talking about the weather. a powerful typhoon blowing into
5:43 am
china and dozens killed and hong kong is on alert this morning. we will tell you all about the damage when we come back. a. 200. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. always go the extra mile. to treat my low testosterone, i did my research. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied
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with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars. welcome back to "early start." typhoon usagi downgrade to do a tropical storm but not before cutting a deadly path through southern china. chinese state media report 25 people died in that storm and tens of thousands of people evacuated along the coast as forecasters warned of heavy rains and storm surge and more flooding. 4 of 6 reactors at a nuclear power station reduced operating capacity ahead of the storm's arrival. we could use a little inspiration, yes? >> we could. a wonderful story here. george denhee is a gifted guitar player despite being born with no arms. he was given up for adoption but he said when he found a family, things started to change for him
5:47 am
at the age of 8. >> my mom signed me up for music lessons and i started playing the cello. when i got to be in middle school and high school, i started picking up the guitar. i like to go around and tell people that anything is possible and i don't ever want to hear the word, "i can't," or, "this is too hard." >> he is traveling around the world and sharing his talent. >> that is a beautiful story. let's take a look what is coming up on "new day." chris and kate join us. good monday morning. >> i hope you had a good weekend, guys. >> too short. >> it's the way it is sometimes, right? >> never can't wait to get here. especially this morning. a lot of news to talk to you about. the situation in kenya is not over yet. hostages still inside and a very big area and very little known. we are going to be following the latest from there. also this new twist back here. the fbi is investigating whether
5:48 am
or not americans could have been involved from of all places minnesota. we will take you through that. we are also trying to have a little bit of fun this morning. she just won an emmy for best actress in a comedy series. julia louis dreyfus will join us. it is good conversation and you don't want to miss it, especially on the heels of her big win last night. one of the few shows i watch on tv and it is hilarious. coming up, major league baseball divisions clenched and tell you who has clenched. andy shoals breaks it down for us, including the best nonred sox moment in "the bleacher report." that is coming up next. ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup.
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after 19 of the most dominant years you will ever sear, mariano rivera is calling it a career. at the yankees stadium yesterday, yankees gave him a sendoff. andy scholes joins us with the "the bleacher report." >> joe torre and many of the yankees former teammates of rivera were on hand yesterday to celebrate his hall of fame career and also a few special guests. ♪ >> metallica made a surprise appearance to play rivera's ninth inning entrance song. mr. sandman. he was showered with farewell gifts including a rocking share made out of bats. his number 42 was retired. major league baseball baseball it last year to honor jackie robinson. he pitched a scoreless ninth inning but the giants spoiled the day beating the yankees 2-1.
5:53 am
two more teams punch their tickets to the postseason yesterday. braves beat the cubs 5-2 and clench the n.l. east and join the dodgers. in the a.l., oakland a's are postseason bound beating the twins yesterday and coupled with the rangers lost gave them the a.l. west title. the playoffs start a week from tomorrow. to the nfl. colts quarterback andrew luck played for jim harbaugh at stanford before both men made the leap to the national football league and it was the student schooling the teacher in this one! luck did it in the air and on the ground to leled the colad t a shocking win over the 49ers. colts 2-1 after winning 27-7 opinion. new york football fans are happy or sad this morning depending on whether they are jets or giants fans. the giants were man-handled by the panthers and they are 0-3 and worst start since bill
5:54 am
clinton was president! the jets, on the other hand, they, once again, found a way to get a "w." sure, they had a team record 20 penalties, but, hey, a win is a win, guys. they are now 2-1 right on the heels of your patriots, 3-0. the giants and redskins are both 0-3 for the first time in nfl history! >> wow. >> you know what i did this weekend? i got the nfl red zone thing which lets you see all of the scoring drives. i got it about 12 hours ago and i'm still married. it's like, hey, it's a shocking development unexpected! andy scholes, great to see you. >> we will be right back. my customers can shop around--
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♪ take a close look here. rihanna causing a stir in thailand. on a break during her world tour she visited an island and befriended that guy there. she is posing with a furry, cute, but endaengered prime mate nast to southeast asia. that does not sit well with the authorities in thailand. it is illegal for tourists to take photos with the endangered species. two men arrested and they could face up to four years in prison for that, what people think is a cute moment. >> be aware of the instagram. time for "new day." >> thanks so much, guys. see you later. happy monday, everybody. it is time for "new day" to begin.
5:59 am
>> we heard machine guns. we started to run. >> breaking news the kenyan mall attack isn't over. hostages are still inside. the fbi now involved checking to see if americans were behind the attack. we are live with the latest. the gun debate reignited. the president's plea as he eulogizes the victims of the shooting. while the head of nra says good guns for the good guy is the answer. >> all in the family, "modern family" wince again. we have your back stage pass for television's new night. your "new day" starts right now. ♪ >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate baldwin and michaela perez. >> good morning, it is 6:00 in the east a. very good qio


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