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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 28, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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i say that because of the child i was. you know, my mother and father got divorced when i was 5 years old. i don't think that he knew that the ten things that i'll remember that will get me by will be things you said to me, dad. if there's anything i regret about my childhood, it's that i wish i had more dad in here. you know? i wish i had more conversations. you ever have that dream that he came back for one more conversation? i have that dream all the time because i longed for it. so many questions i wish i could ask my father. that's why i realize, it's more important than he realized. he has made me but he had no idea, he has made me the dad i am today. i'm not a perfect dad or a great dad, but i'm there.
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>> who do you think you are? >> my mother used to say that a lot. who do you think you are? my answer then is the same as it is now. fred hall's son from cleveland, ohio and a child of god. >> that's it? >> that's it. i -- you make it very hard, man. >> we are not done yet. that's arsenio hall. he's back with his late night talk show after almost 20 years. more of my conversation with him tomorrow in the 5:00 p.m. herein hour on cnn. okay, we are watching washington.
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we are watching the clock. every second, really, we are getting closer and closer to a government shutdown here. this could happen at midnight monday. before i continue to read this, we are expecting a vote to happen in washington at the house at any moment on this spending plan and we are going to bring that to you live as soon as we get it. make sure you stay tuned. this could happen midnight monday unless congress cuts a budget deal. right now, the ball is in the house. it's to vote this evening on a republican spending plan that would undermine obama care. it includes a one year delay on implementing the president's plan and appeal on new tax of medical devices that would help fund it. any house gop plan faces almost certain death in the senate. president obama said, he is going to veto it. complete coverage, every angle of this story for you. in washington, gloria is here at
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the capital, chief congressional correspondent dana bash and at the white house, jim. let's -- dana, let's talk about this. the white house and the senate would reject a gop plan that changes obama care. does this mean the government shutdown is likely going to happen? is it imminent? >> reporter: it's much more likely. it's two days away. much, much more likely, don. house republicans are dug in. they are determined to go ahead and make the point you and i talked last hour to congressman jeb who is representative of many in the republican caucus saying they believe that spending, they are talking government spending is very much linked to obama care because the government is spending money on that like many other issues. that is why they say they are continuing to keep up the fight even though they are up against raw math. that raw math is democrats run
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the senate down there behind me. there's a democrat in the white house and they say, at least in the senate, that they feel confident, sources there tell me they feel confident they will be able to defeat everything the house brings over there, specifically we are talking about delaying obama care for a year and repealing a tax on medical devices that republicans thought was a gotcha for democrats. many of them voted for the repeal in the past because of interest in their states. they say they are going to hold firm. the long way of saying, yes, it brings us much more possible to a shutdown. >> okay. all right, dana. gloria, are you there? i have a question for you, gloria. it just came across my desk. house republicans added contraceptive coming up. the conscious clause would allow employers and insurers to opt out of care for women that are
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object it -- >> reporter: it is politics here. it's an opportunity for republicans to unite on things they all agree on and take back to constituents and say even if we fail, we tried. they tried to repeal obama care but never passed it to a must pass piece of legislation such as keeping the government running. so, if you are doing the medical advice, if you are doing the affordable care act, many republicans feel very strongly on the contraception issue, why not attach it to this. it's going to the not and not going anywhere. you can say look, we did this, we took a stand. we were almost unanimous on it, whatever the bill turns out to
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be and hand it over to the senate. >> jim is standing by at the white house. the president's reaction, reaction from the white house. the president issued a statement or a statement came from the white house. >> reporter: that's right, a couple things came out of the white house. not that it matters, as they mentioned, it's not going to get out of the senate. if it were, if something were to magically happen and get the house bill out of the senate, the president issued a veto threat. the veto threat coming from the white house within hours. we have a portion to put on the screen. the senate acted in a responsible manner to maintain government functions and avoid a damaging government shutdown rather than taking up the legislation, the house proposes amendments that threaten the nation's economy by including measures that have no place in the funding bill and the president and senate made clear house republicans are pushing
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the government toward a shutdown. that echoes what white house press secretary jay carney said shortly before the veto threat. that says quote, the president has shown he's willing to improve the health care law and meet republicans more than half way to deal with the fiscal challenges. he will not do so under a government shutdown. any member of the republican party, listen to this, who votes for the bill is voting for a shutdown. it's time to listen and act as the senate has in a reasonable way to pass a bill that keeps the government running and move on. both of those equal one thing. that is the president said it once, we'll say it again. this president will not sign anything into law that delays or defunds obama care and they are not going to tinker with obama care under the threat of a government shutdown. they have said they are happy to listen to a discussion where they talk about changing the health care law.
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there might be ways to change it that might appeal to republicans, but they are not going to do it in this context. the white house message is to congress, knock it off. obviously a lot of republicans are saying why doesn't the president negotiate with us. you heard jeb say that last hour. he will negotiate with iran and other countries, but he won't negotiate with house speaker, john boehner. the white house said they are will be to negotiate on some things, but not this. imagine a chris christie and there's a debt ceiling he wants past. they can come back and say we are not going to give you that unless you raise corporate taxes. the president made that analogy yesterday. they are concerned about setting a precedent for future presidencies. that's another reason president obama says this is not going to
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happen. don? >> i'm going to play this back for you if there is indeed a chris christie in the white house. i know you were saying imagine. i get that. dana, i had a question and maybe too in the weeds. we talked about the medical device thing the republicans put in there. most democrats voted, they were in agreement with it, they should get rid of it. they want to keep them honest to your word. it's not going to happen. you are there. practical question, what is going on there? what is the mood? are they working? what is happening? >> reporter: not a lot. we are waiting. we are in wait mode. the way the house works is that before legislation goes to the floor, it goes to what is called the rules committee. they have to finalize legislation and figure out how it's going to look on the house floor. earlier today, the hope was maybe there would be votes in
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this hour, even or the next hour. it looks like it's going to be much later than that. we are in hurry up and wait mode. it's what's happening now. house republicans are going to meet once again for a prevote rally and a chance to get fed then we'll see where it goes from there. >> okay. gloria, let's look at some of the numbers. we talked about this, "the new york times"/cbs poll shows 87% of americans would be frustrated if the government shuts down. 87% would be frustrated. 10% would be satisfied. 87% of republicans would be frustrated. do politicians understand the outrage they may be facing here? >> reporter: well, i think they do. i think that's why you see this sort of blame shifting going on between the democrats and the republicans and why you would honestly, don, see such open
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warfare within the republican party on this. there are an awful lot of republicans and house speaker john boehner was one of them, i might add, who initially said we should not be making this fight on shutting down the government. many of them recall what happened in the mid-'90s when newt gingrich did it. did not turn out well. they are looking at the polls. they understand how the public feels, but they are saying, okay, the president's health care plan is not exactly popular out there. this is an opportunity for us to make a very loud stand on it because, honestly, don, what republicans are afraid of is not democrats. republicans are afraid of more conservative republicans who could give them difficult primaries as they run for re-election in the house. they are being, you know, a very cautious on this question of obama care. >> okay.
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it's 7:11, just thought i would mention that. it's supposedly a lucky or spiritual number. maybe we'll have luck coming up in the halls of congress. i don't know, i wouldn't bet on it. thank you guys. dana, you are going to have an interesting interview coming up. you don't want to miss that. >> reporter: it's always interesting. >> we'll get him micd up. stand by jim and gloria as well. it hasn't happened in a generation, the leaders of the u.s. and iran spoke together. the iranian president tweeted about it. he tweeted about it. imagine that. how do ordinary iranians feel about america? we asked. >> hello america. >> hi, america. >> we love americans. >> american people are good people. >> we want the same thing as americans want. >> america is a great country and we want to have good
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relations with america. >> we iranian people don't have a problem with america. >> translator: our problem is with american politicians, those who are after war and bloodshed. >> you are not fair. be fair to the world. >> translator: your behavior is not very good. your politics is about war and it's terrifying. ... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin dedicated to your eyes, from bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite is uniquely formulated to help protect your eye health. now that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. help protect your eye health. and now there's ocuvite eye + multi. an eye vitamin and multivitamin in one. [poof!]
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the iranian people certainly are very much interested in relations between the two countries as i think many americans are. but, as always, any type of negotiation requires a discussion and dialogue between two honest brokers. the united states gave up an awful lot to retrieve the 52 americans, including my 51 colleagues and i from iran more than 30 years ago. iranians really never paid any type of price. >> that was a voice of an american who was held hostage in iran from 1979 to 1981. it was 444 days. what he has to say is important today. that was a time when relations between iran and the united states froze solid and have not thawed much in the years sense. fast forward, the president of iran dialed president obama's
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number. they spoke for 15 minutes. president obama in his office, the president of iran in his car. it's a phone call. it's the first time the presidents of those countries have spoke since the carter administration. we have who used to be the director of middle east studies at john hopkins and wrote books about the arab world. let's talk about the phone call. are we making too much out of it? >> we have to excuse ourselves for making too much out of this. we can't say it's just a phone call. the first phone call and communication between the heads of state, it was bound to be given hype. >> remember the iranian hostage situation? my gosh, the television carried it for days. they were there for 444 days. a minute ago, i played the voice
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of an american held hostage for 444 days. i shaped america's policy on iran. now, three americans are in jail or missing from iran. how much does their fate play into the future or future relations? how important is that? >> i like the clip you played. one thing that was on it, which basically said iran never paid a price. the holding of the hostages, the last 34 years, they never paid a price. they never paid a price for what they did to hostages. the war against us in lebanon through hezbollah. they never paid a price. iran has always been fighting the united states in a approximaty war in the region. a price was never paid. the question is, is is this man
7:19 pm
the of iran? does he have the license to make it? will we regret this and look back with disappointment? >> the president of iran made a big splash and blew a lot of people's minds. the holocaust, his friendship to the american people, that call, are they all the first days of a new relationship with iran? >> to be honest, we don't know. in fact, we have to wait. we have to go through this whole exercise and even when we say we are now engaged in negotiations with iran over the nuclear weapons, we have been engaged in negotiations over the nuclear weapons. we have negotiated with them in turkey. we have negotiated in geneva and pakistan and on and on. we have negotiated with them in baghdad and never gotten anywhere with them because the iranians are hell bent on
7:20 pm
requiring nuclear weapons. guess who was the man in charge of the nuclear negotiations and the nuclear file from 2003 to 2005. none other than rouhani. >> are you as surprised as it has rest of us? i took the remote and i was like wait a minute, what did i just hear? are you as surprised as most people? >> i'm ready to watch the whole show. >> always a pleasure, sir. appreciate it. just ahead here on cnn, this may shock you, cnn went door-to-door to ask people what they thought of obama care. many people never heard of it. the story is next. you work. and you want to get an mba. but going back to school is hard... because you work. now, capella university offers a revolutionary new way to get your degree. it's called flexpath and it's the most direct path,
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so, when obama care takes effect on tuesday, 48 million americans who don't have insurance will get the chance to buy it through health care exchanges. the problem is, a lot of people are in the dark about how this works. zane has the story for us. >> go up the hill and around. >> reporter: obama care experts are going door-to-door. >> good morning, is christopher home? we are not selling anything. do you have insurance? >> reporter: trying to explain obama care to americans who don't have health insurance. >> it has to do with caring about people, you know, obama care. basically, it's all i know. >> reporter: according to the kaiser family foundation, a lot of americans don't know about it. >> who created the affordable health care plan. >> it was approved by congress, the affordable care. >> i'm wondering as a citizen of
7:25 pm
america, how come i did not hear about this. >> reporter: it's a contention in congress, many people we spoke to were hearing details for the first time this week. >> i'm definitely going to read into it. >> is obama forcing americans to get insurance? it sounds that way. >> reporter: a group funded by insurance companies, health care groups is working to spread the word. dispatching field workers in ten states. >> we can follow up with you. >> reporter: 48 million uninsured americans will be able to get insurance through federal and state exchanges. they must enroll before march 31st. >> they can shop like you shop for an airline ticket or a flat screen tv and see what's the best price for you. >> this is all new to me. i never knew about this. >> whether you know about it or
7:26 pm
not, it's still the law of the land. if you don't sign up in six months, you may pay a fee of $95 or 1% of your household income. zine asher, cnn, new york. >> obama care remains a mystery to many. it could transform the industry. here to help us understand is peter lee, the director of california. over saw the state's development of insurance exchanges. he knows a lot about this. he joins us via skype from sacramento. is there an easier way to explain it? >> it's a marketplace where consumers can go. there's going to be one in every state in the nation and find out online quickly and easily, first, if it's right for them. if americans have medicare, they don't need to shop. if they want coverage and don't have it, they will be able to
7:27 pm
find out, if they get premium assistance and pick a private plan that's right for them. they will be able to use it starting october 1. >> a poll this month showed three out of four uninsured people don't know when obama care starts. how did the government fail to get the word out? did the government fail at getting the word out? >> i don't think there's failure at all. three years of misinformation. october 1 is concrete, real information about the health plans available, what they cost. that's
7:28 pm
coverage is in california. very competitive rates. again, in california, 4 million californians are going to get a big financial lift to help make health care affordable. 2.6 million of them with federal support they can apply every month to lower their premium. here in california, 1.4 million are going to get access to medicaid. >> so then, if you say that, many in the health care industry say that. when you take the politicians out of this, then what's the issue then of shutting down the government? why don't republicans like this? why do the polls show many americans don't like it either? >> i think -- i'm not going to talk about washington. the good news is, what's happening october 1 has nothing to do with washington. it has nothing to do with sacramento. we have millions of americans
7:29 pm
that want the piece of mind they can only get by helping. they want to know what we can provide. what are the benefits, what's it going to cost. we are moving out of theory and into the reality of implementing the law of the land. >> are you worried about problems, glitches on tuesday since you oversaw california? >> actually, we have been working on this for over two years. we are going to be ready, lights on october 1. we are going to have an enrollment system that is easy to use. let's compare it to what it means today. today, if you want health insurance, you don't fill out a long, hard application. you have to fill out have you had cancer or diabetes? they are questions of the past. no one can be denied. the application is going to be clean, simple and we are going to have people help you with applications. there are going to be glitches and bumps in the road.
7:30 pm
compare it to jumping through the hoops of insurers that would rather not have sick people. it's a new world. come january 1, health insurance is about providing better care to all americans. >> peter, you are a great guest, at least when it comes to informing the public about the benefits and, you know, the drawbacks as well. thank you. we'll have you back. >> my pleasure. i would be happy to have you back. it's important to know the reality out there. >> thank you, sir. just ahead, the house is expected to vote tonight on a spending bill. republican darrel isa will join us live to talk about the proceedings. you don't want to miss that. man: [ laughs ] those look like baby steps now. but they were some pretty good moves. and the best move of all? having the right partner at my side.
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liberated. released. decongested. open for business. [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] powerful sinus relief from the #1 pharmacist recommended brand. sudafed. open up. welcome back. i want to get you up to speed from washington. a busy saturday on capitol hill. the house is expected to vote on a new spending bill that delays the rollout of obama care by a year. in addition to the delay, it repeals a new tax on medical devices that is a funding vehicle. the problem for republicans is the democrats control the senate and they say there's no way they would pass this bill. the white house issued a statement saying the president would veto the bill, even if it did pass congress. that's where we stand right now. california republican
7:34 pm
congressman darrell issa is outspoken about the law. he said no one should assume the latest house bill is doomed to failure. >> when it fails will you go -- >> how dare you presume a failure. how dare you? how dare you? how dare you presume a failure. the fact is -- the fact is this country is based on people saying they won't do things. at the end of the day, coming together for compromise. >> okay. everyone, sit down for a moment and watch this interview because congressman issa is standing by at the capitol with dana bash. take it away. >> reporter: thank you. thank you for joining us. are you going to yell at me? >> only if you presume that somehow a senate that says they won't compromise means anything we offer -- we haven't offered anything yet, is dead on arrival. it's not the american way. >> reporter: since you made that statement earlier today, the president of the united states
7:35 pm
who does have a say in this issued a veto. >> the president will talk to and compromise a dictator with iran, but won't talk to john boehner and reach a compromise on a bill, he himself, delayed more than eight times. the president delayed all kind of things in this bill that isn't ready. the president knows that so-called medical tax will lose money, not make money. it jacks up the cost of everything we use from stints to replacement hip and so on, not that you have one. you look at this and realize there are things that should be negotiated. the president said give me everything, then we'll talk about it. this is the time to say there are things we know are not right in obama care and delay in this case so americans are not forced to buy health care before they know what's it in. it's a good idea. >> reporter: this line is not a bad line saying the president
7:36 pm
will negotiate with the president of iran, but not you all. let's cut through, i know it's hard -- >> i can use putin. >> reporter: it makes it hard to be candid. i know you are a candid guy. the reality is the speaker isn't somebody he can negotiate with now. he's negotiating with you all, not necessarily you, but your republican brethren to figure out what kind of combination or formula he can get votes on, never mind negotiating with the president. there's no point in negotiating with something you can't pass. >> the fact is, trying to protect the american people, trying to bring certainty for the next year is something we believe very strongly. the speaker has 218 votes for that. he won't have a single democrat, perhaps. this is a compromise we are trying to do and when we keep hearing from the senate and the
7:37 pm
president they won't compromise, it's their way or no way, the interesting thing is president obama said elections have consequences. it turns out they only have consequences when he wins. the majority of american people are represented by republicans here in the house, somehow there's no consequences. >> reporter: he's not the only person that said that. john mccain knows about running against the president. he said, himself, elections have consequences. we lost not once, but twice the white house. they didn't win back control of the senate. you are very successful businessman, you know simple math. you have the votes here to do what you want. the senate is run by democrats and never mind the white house, which is the president is a democrat. >> the president will shut down the government. the senate will shut down the government if they won't
7:38 pm
negotiate a compromise. now speaker boehner has to compromise with us. he would love to compromise between republicans and democrats. speaker pelosi didn't compromise and she's not in the mood for compromising now. i tweeted out today that we started off wanting to do with health care was take care of problems, pre-existing conditions and portability. we said in a sense, this has been said by hillary clinton, it's been said by john kerry, one after another famous politicians, senator kennedy, late senator kennedy said the american people should have the same health care the president, the vice president, members of congress and the senators and every federal employee has. instead of giving them what we have, we are telling them they have to take a pig and the pope. right now, those exchanges are unknown. when people in the house, myself included feel strongly they should know what they are getting before they are forced
7:39 pm
to get it, it's not unreasonable. in two days or three days obama care takes effect. no one knows what the plans are going to be. they are not established. the president is behind it. all we are asking him to do is wait until he's ready before implementation. the president is not willing to negotiate. he's willing to go ahead with a risky plan because he wants to do it. >> reporter: fast forward to a day or two, perhaps the government shutdown. at the end of the day, will you be willing to vote for a spending bill that is clean, no strings attached? >> for one day, two days, five days, sure. this is the time to resolve some of the problems. people are missing the point on the medical device tax. simple math. you said i was a businessman? i did well in business. if you tell me i'll have a 4%
7:40 pm
increase in the cost, i'm going to pass it on with a premium. the idea you are going to fund the bill with a tax that causes the very products we buy to be more expensive means that medicare, medicaid, all these things are going to be paying more. that means this is a tax that actually will reduce the availability of health care. the president knows it. at a minimum, the senate should be saying, okay, we'll go with the medical device tax. a delay, a slight delay on the american people being forced to buy something before it's ready. but we are not getting negotiation and i think that what speaker boehner is doing in the house is looking for negotiation between moderates and conservatives, they should do it in the senate. >> thank you. appreciate it. don, back to you. >> all right. dana bash, thank you. we have to run. we have more questions for the congressman, but we won't get it in. a court made it legal for gays to marry in new jersey. this battle may not be over yet.
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in prescott, arizona, fire officials released what they have learned after studying the fire that killed 19 firefighters. nobody was reckless or negligent or violated protocol on june 30th. it's when 19 members of the hot spots were hit by a wall of flames and did not make it out. a sudden wind storm pushed the wildfire into the men and they could not have survived. officials say some radio equipment failed. that kept the team from staying in touch with other crews. it was one of the deadliest wildfires in history. a battle for same-sex marriage. judge mary jacobson ruled civil unions are insufficient because they hinder federal benefits.
7:45 pm
the battle may not be over yet. margaret connolly has the details. >> same-sex couple -- they will tie the knot october 21st. it was a rally to celebrate the decision by a county superior court judge making new jersey the 14th state to allow same-sex marriage. before civil unions did not allow same-sex couples federal benefits like tax breaks and health care the same breaks hetero couples get. we spoke about this with cnn legal analyst paul. >> she used the supreme court decisions handed down earlier in the summer, very technical decisions that opened the door a crack to gay marriage. she's used the rational of those decisions to say the new jersey
7:46 pm
constitution requires gay marriage. equal protection of the law requires all new jersey citizens be treated the same. >> this comes a year after governor chrischristie vetoed same-sex marriage. he plans to veto the ruling. christie maintained held abide by the will of the voters. we will let the supreme court make this constitutional determination. governor christie wants this issue on the ballot this election day. now this will be looked at closely. new jersey is seen as a bellwether state and this law could set a precedent for the rest of america. don? >> thank you very much for that. a study confirms most scientists suspected for a long time, humans are the cause for climate change. >> i'm chad myers in florida. people here understand the
7:47 pm
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imagine how they taste. "stubborn love" by the lumineers did you i did. email? so what did you think of the house? did you see the school ratings? oh, you're right. hey babe, i got to go. bye daddy! have a good day at school, ok? ...but what about when my parents visit? ok. i just love this one... and it's next to a park. i love it. i love it too. here's our new house... daddy! you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen. we told you we would carry it for you live. the house is debating on the spending proposal. the house wants to delay the bill rather than have it start october 1st, they want to do it after a year. they want to extend funding the government from past november
7:50 pm
15th. they want to do it until december 15th. they are starting debate now. they will vote soon. we will have it here on cnn. stay tuned. a new report shows humans are 90% i drove through miami beach, water in the streets. i assume assumed it was a water main break. no, high tide. the water keeps going up. we could be in trouble. the ocean is rising quicker than in decades past and predictions made by some research scientists make the situation sound pretty dire. >> by the mid part of the century, 2015, 2016, most of the barrier islands in the world are going to have to be evacuated. >> that includes miami. it's hard to imagine iconic miami beach deserds, but it's
7:51 pm
obvious that rising water is already a common problem here. on a sunny day, high tide is enough to flood the streets. >> we live on limestone so we can't use levis so hold back the water. the water just sits there during high tide. letd's put one more foot of water. so, you're saying every street that is blue is going to have water on it if we get a one foot rise in sea level? >> and the tides will be higher than this, but this is essentially shutting into places that are going to be affected first. >> important thing is to avoid what's happening. then come back to the policymakers and say here's the
7:52 pm
actions you have to take. >> the southeast florida climate change compact has been made to mitigate the harsh consequences. >> they know this is a real problem. >> and that's not the only area that's in trouble. anywhere from texas to maine, every coastal city needs to watch for this sea level rise. don? >> thank you. we'll with right back. ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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> . film and media, the founder of the event loosely defines a man who uses his power to create great and significant change. david also at the dinner, he joins me from los angeles. he may recognize him from that
7:56 pm
little movie called the butler. what did it mean to have the chance to attend that dinner? >> it was incredible for me because i've been looking for something like this to come along for quite a while now. i think as black men in media whether it's in acting, fashion or in what you do, often, you find yourself being the one, the only one where ever you are. there are several films i've done where i'm the only person who looks like me around me. when you're a minority, it can sometimes engender a minority mentality, which you know, insecurity, fear, lack of confidence, so, you know, bringing people like you together to encourage each other to support each other, i think builds confidence and enables you to go out there and do a better job. >> when i walked into the room and saw richard and all of you guys, what am i doing here? you deserve to be here as much
7:57 pm
i. >> are you kidding? you're a trail blazer. america gets to see you every night and you present something incredibly positive. not just for black america, but for america generally. that's the thing i love about icon man. i love being able to bring all these brothers together, to celebrate we are all trail blazers and unified, we can do something increde bable. we suffer in this country from there can only be one mentality. you know, we have an incredible year, this year, where we have the butler, we have 12 years of slave, we have mandela. three black directors directing huge movies that you know, audiences are connecting with. we have four films that have black protagonists, black men in the lead, forest whittaker, michael b. jordan, this
7:58 pm
illustrates that you know, there can be more than one. and that you know, what i love is that that is a trueism and we've just got to celebrate it. >> thank you and listen, because of what's happening in washington, i'm sorry, i have to cut this short, but we will have you back. we'll do more on icon man. it made me cry, the evening, it was so amazing and just to be in the room with you guys was indeed an honor. >> it was great to be there with you, don. >> thank you, david. best of luck. i'm don lemon in new york. we are not going anywhere. we're going to keep you posted throughout the evening on the vote that will happen tonight in the house of representatives. it's a republican spending bill that would undermine obama care and could lead to a government shutdown at midnight on mound monday. right now, where they are debating their debating ahead of this vote that will get underway shortly. live updates throughout the evening. a full report when the vote is complete. meantime, crimes of the century begins three minutes here on cnn.
7:59 pm
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