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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 11, 2013 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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did you have fun? you? >> every day. you? >> how about you? >> what could be better than this for me. that's all we have here at "new day" but the good stuff is coming now, "cnn newsroom" with the one and only john berman distractingly handsome. >> i'll try to keep it tame here, chris cuomo, michaela pereira, indra petersons. "newsroom begins right now. -- captions by vitac -- good morning, i'm john berman sitting in for carol costello today. americans awake to new hope washington is inching toward a deal to resolve the debt crisis and avoid economic disaster could be just days away. both president obama and house gop leaders are said to be upbeat about their white house meeting, they called it useful, and the early makings of a republican plan to raise the debt limit. this is really the first glimmer
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of progress in weeks. markets surged on the positive tone. the dow soared to its biggest one-day gains of the year. take a look, here is the potential turning point in that meeting last night. multiple sources say the whole dynamic changed when obama and republican congressman paul ryan began engaging. ry ryan implored the president to find a way to work with republicans. another gop house leader reminded everyone behind the closed doors if they do not emerge with some good news, the u.s. stock markets would plummet. they did come out and said the meetings were useful. the question for cnn's brianna keilar at the white house is this -- is "very useful" the same thing as eminent? >> i wouldn't exactly go that far. that's possible but they're very
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cautious. deal has not been struck the timing of a bill that would go before the house is very much in question that the point but there has been progress when it comes to the debt ceiling which of course is the most concerning part of all of this piece, though. but whether the government will reopen, when it will reopen i should say is still rather murky. an encouraging sign after house republicans met with president obama at the white house. >> i would characterize this as probably the most constructive. >> reporter: and pledged to keep the talks going. >> we'll have more discussion. we'll come back to have more discussion. >> reporter: on the table, a compromise that would increase the debt ceiling for six weeks. the white house said the president looks forward to making continued progress with members on both sides of the aisle, but the government shutdown is still up in the air. president obama and congressional democrats insist the government reopen as part of a deal. republicans want concessions from the president to make that
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happen. >> republicans are pretty clear earlier today they want to negotiate for you. >> not going to happen. >> reporter: even as they were meeting more signs the republican strategy is hurting them in the public's eye. in a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll 53% of americans now blame republicans for the shutdown. 31% blaming the president, only 24% have a favorable opinion of republicans, 21% have a favorable view of the tea party. both numbers at an all-time low. and governors in states where national park closures are hurting tourism are starting to get fed you. up. >> come down southern utah, the parks are open. >> reporter: utah broke a deal with the park of the interior to fully fund park personnel and reopen its parks. colorado, arizona and south dakota may follow suit. on wall street -- [ bell ringing ] the dow soared to its biggest one-day gain of the year. hungry for good news, just one week before the u.s. is set to
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hit the debt ceiling. six-week debt ceiling deal would take us to november 22nd, just as holiday shopping season gets under way. >> the president said the other he will meet with house republicans and senate democrats and house democrats, this is the final piece of the puzzle. they're not as a hard of a sell as house republicans but we'll be waiting to see any indications of agreement coming out of that meeting as well here in a couple hours. >> brianna we get word some senate republicans are working on a plan of their own, a little bit closer to what the white house is after here but that aside we saw in your piece that poll showing that a majority of americans blame the republicans for this partial government shutdown compared to 31% for president obama. that's a 22-point spread which by the way is bigger than the shutdown in the 1990s.
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so the question is, did republican lawmakers look at those numbers and say hey, we have to do something here? >> they're not publicly saying that, john, but i think all along, even from the get go before the shutdown even began establishment republicans knew they were going to take a hit, they looked at history, knew that was going to be the case and certainly the numbers come out especially the one about tea party republicans losing so much traction as well and they're not saying it but certainly it is something that could embolden them as they started to kind of shift away from the tea party tactics which quite frankly here in washington a lot of establishment republicans have been lamenting all along but have certainly felt because concerns about getting primary to the right that they had to go along with this and we are seeing this shift, we're hearing from some houts republicans for instance that obama care which was the key tea party demand is now entirely off the table here. >> the nbc/"wall street journal" poll they did take a very big hit. brianna keilar at the white
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house, great to see you this morning. thanks so much. so hope over a potential debt deal had futures pointing higher on wall street, going into the market opening, pointing that the markets could maybe today be headed for a third straight day of gains but it begs the question, what is an investor to do with all this volatility? there is one person who knows the answer to that question and so many more, the host of "your money" christine romans. what are the markets doing so far? >> futures just moved lower. any kind of gains from here on out will be suspicious and why, this was the kick the can rally, a big rally. now they have to kick said can and we know that that isn't really happening quite yet. john, it's so nerve-racking because investors have had such a good year. the gains for the dow, s&p and nasdaq and look at that privately behind the scenes house gop members saying we could have a big market sell-off if we don't get some sort of progress, it's been a very, very good year, people are happy with their 401(k)s. listen to something ned rielly
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said what the average person should be doing with their money. >> just try to take a vacation from the market for about two to three weeks, don't do anything rash or silly by selling when it appears that the news is bad. >> there's this old saying on wall street, i learned when i started covering markets, sometimes on wall street the adage is don't just do something, stand there. it's been a very good -- not congress. we want to you do something but for investors if you sold stocks last week you missed yesterday's big rally so just be careful. >> this is one of the moments you see the investors on the floor with one eyes on their trades and the other on the monitors, wondering what congress is doing and want to see more than just talk now. >> what's so interesting is about the alliances changing between washington and wall street. you've heard all these business leader, all of these wall street heads, the banks, the bankers, the trade associations have been like pushing back against the house republicans who have been moving toward this debt ceiling
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crisis. greg valliere studying washington and wall street and the question is, is the gop still the party of business? listen. >> there's a really surprising, new dynamic in this city. it had been assumed that business and republicans were in bed together. now all of a sudden you see the new breed of republicans mostly from the tea party who were not all that friendly with wall street or banks or big business. >> really interesting how that's going to play out maybe going forward and who the trade associations and the business groups will be supporting in primaries in the next -- >> they've never gone to a lot of the wall street people for money so it may not affect efforts going forward. christine romans have a great weekend. "your money" airs this weekend as always. thanks, christine. despite no resolution to the partial government shutdown or the debt ceiling, some of the biggest names in the republican party will be away from capitol hill today. that is the values voter summit
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getting under way in washington right now, that's led by the family research council, a group of social conservatives headed by tony perkins, you're looking at him there, this is a group often strongly opposed to gay rights and abortion, live pictures here right now. now many of the biggest names in the republican party will be there, it's a line-up that looks like a list of possible 2016 presidential contenders, the big secret today, speaker today include senators ted cruz, rand paul, congresswoman michele bachmann and a man at the center of this budget discussion, representative paul ryan from wisconsin. we have cnn political director mark preston at the summit. mark, what kind of a role do you expect the shutdown to play there? >> reporter: certainly a major topic, john. if you were to look at a political dynamic, today is the day to look at it. on the other side of town right now we have republicans trying to work out a deal with president obama and where i stand right now you have grassroots conservatives, folks who very much would not like to
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see a deal cut, they want to stand by their principles, they certainly do not like president obama's health care law and we would expect to hear that today. within the next hour we will hear from five senators, they include marco rubio, ted cruz, rand paul, mike lee and tim scott. once they speak here, though, they will head straight to the white house for talks with president obama. if there ever was a political dynamic john there is an amazing one seen out today. >> who kay rns the most juice, senator ted cruz or john boehner as the leader of the republican party? >> is it says something john boehner is not speaking at the summit and ted cruz is, again he'll be speaking in probably about another 30 or 40 minutes but expecting to get a hero's welcome. is he one many folks about 2,000 from across the country have come here to hear the likes from ted cruz to talk about fighting against washington. i spoke to one of ted cruz's
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advisers last night, they said expect him to talk about the grassroots and how washington shouldn't have all the answers and does not have all the power to do things and that there will be a message sent out today if the grassroots and if conservatives want to take back their government they need to have their voices heard, expect to hear that today. >> they're not taking a stand the family research counsel and value voter summit, no ate stand against this possible deal that's being discussed right now the temporary raising of the debt ceiling, is there? >> reporter: certainly not yet but that could happen again. this conference just started off last night. we know there was somewhat decent discussions between the white house and congressional republicans so a lot of people are still trying to find out what this deal is going to be. i would expect to hear within the howl way hallways people a going to be supportive of it. they don't like president obama's health care law. many think the government spending is way out of control and the debt ceiling is the
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place to make the stand to limit government. >> mark preston at the value voter summit we'll hear some key speeches coming up over the next several hours. still to come on "newsroom" new questions on the death of ariel castro. could the hanging death of this convicted rapist and kidnaper have been an accident? [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers.
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checking our top stories right now the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has won this year's nobel peace prize. the award was announced this morning. the nobel committee cited the opcw's extensive efforts since 1997 to eliminate chemical weapons worldwide. the group now has inspectors inside syria. there had been broad speculation it would go to malala yousafzai, the pakistani teenager shot by the taliban and worked so hard for education rights. a california jury cleared toyota in a wrongful death lawsuit, the family claimed her toyota camry suddenly accelerated even though she was pressing her brake pedal. she was killed when her car
9:16 am
crashed into a telephone pole. the verdict supported its findings that its vehicles are safe. a group of rabbis in new york city is accused of orchestrating the kidnapping and assault of jewish men to get them to divorce their wives. the rabbis charged the wives tens of thousands of dollars. some of the husbands were attacked with electric cattle products. ten rabbis have pleaded not guilty to federal charges. a little more than a month into his life sentence, aerial castro was found hanging from a sheet in his jail cell. now a new report brought by ohio corrections official suggests it wasn't a suicide. pamela brown is here with more on that. >> this is surprising here, john. officials determined ariel castro's death was suicide but a new report raises the possibility his death may have been an accident due to risky
9:17 am
sexual behavior, a suggestion the coroner's office who performed castro's autopsy denies. new questions have emerged in the hanging death of ariel castro, the coroner says the cause of death is suicide but a brand new report from the ohio department of corrections considers a possibility of a drastically different cause, auto erotic asphyxiation. when he was found his pants and underwear were pulled down to his ankles. >> auto erotic asphyxiation is a behavior where individuals engage in self-simulation trying to intensify the experience they're getting by putting something around their neck to cut off the blood supply to their brain, causing more of a euphoria. >> but the coroner released a strongly worded statement saying i don't think anyone else should have an opinion on what the cause of death was, as a death investigator it is my job to determine cause and manner of death. looking at this report has not changed my mind. the cause is hanging, the manner
9:18 am
is suicide. during his month in state prison officials say castro was given more than one mental health evaluation and indicated no surnt suicidal thoughts or past attempts to hurt himself. as a result he was not placed on suicide watch. at his sentencing he admitted to sexual addiction, saying it was partly why he kidnapped amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight and held them captive for a decade. >> i just don't realize that what i'm doing is wrong. >> and the probe also found two prison guards allegedly failed to routinely check on castro at staggered 30-minute intervals like they were supposed to and created false logs to make it look like they did including five false entries the day castro died. in the meantime in a statement ohio state highway patrol the agency currently investigating
9:19 am
castro's death says we are aware of the information regarding the clothing and the way inmate castro was found. we continue to investigate this case as we have from the beginning as a suicide. key word there the spokesperson emphasized "suicide." >> still odd to say the least the story ongoing and we really hope for the women who were his captives for so long they've moved on. they don't need to be hearing that stuff. >> absolutely. >> pamela brown appreciate you being here. still to come a "crossfire" smackdown over the success of obama care. >> that's interesting you apparently found the family in rhode island that went on the exchanges and got insurance. >> 1,300. >> it was publicly reported 508 in rhode island, iowa it was reported five in the entire state. >> we'll have more from this incredible debate including senator cruz's response when van jones asks if he should apologize for the whole budget stalemate.
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talk of a potential debt deal may have calmed wall street but on capitol hill there is plenty of anger, and much of it is directed at freshman senator
9:23 am
ted cruz of texas who pushed the plan at the beginning to defundby ma care. last night on "crossfire," host van jones asked the senator if he felt responsible for this stalema stalemate. >> do you feel like you owe your party an apology? listen, you had people who believed in you, they believe that you were going to somehow defund obama care, they believed the strategy of shutdown might have a chance. they followed you into a ditch, and now there's obviously no chance that obama care is going to be defunded and we're on the brink of a horrific default. do you think that in the reflection of your own heart you might say i'm a new kid here i think i owe you guys an apology? >> van, i know you desperately want to change the topic from obama care and it is striking that -- >> from a default? from the default? the destruction of the world economy? >> van, let me answer your question. listen, democrats in this town do not want to discuss obama care. why, because it isn't working.
9:24 am
we saw president obama's approval ratings are at 37%, the lowest it has ever been. "the wall street journal" poll just came out and democrats have the lowest support among the middle class they've had in 40 years of polling. why is it? why is it? it's for two reasons, number one, because house republicans are working to fund vital government priorities, they passed 14 bills to do it and president obama and the democrats refused to negotiate and number two, it is because house republicans are listening to the millions of americans who are losing their jobs, who are being pushed into part-time work who are facing skyrocketing -- >> this is all great stuff. is this your analysis senator whitehouse? >> the notion that obama care is a failure i think is a product of right wing histrionics. i went into our insurance exchange in rhode island when i was home over the weekend. there was a family at the front desk, they had been in earlier to get waited on and to get
9:25 am
served and they were so happy with the way they were treated that they were now coming back, they brought in two big tubs of dunkin' donuts coffee and stacks of doughnuts for everybody. the report from christi ferguson who is running it is that people are hugging their employees when they find out what the options are. the idea that cms, that's a pretty anecdotal story, cms has adjusted the long-term 2010 to 2020 costs for medicare and medicaid down by $1.2 trillion from 2010 estimates to 2013. you got to believe that obama care has something to do with those huge savings. the republican party decided that obama care was going to be a failure early on before obama care was decided. it was a political choice to pull all support for anything this president wanted to do. now they have to live it w it and main that story line. >> let me respond to that with two things. number one it's interesting that you apparently found a family in rhode island that went on the
9:26 am
exchanges and got insurance. >> 1,300. >> it was publicly reported there were 580 in rhode island. in iowa it was reported there were five in the entire state. so let me make a second point which is you said criticism of obama care is "right wing histrionics." >> yes. >> and i'm curious, if you think it was right wing histrionics, when james hoffa, president of the teamsters said obama care is destroying the health care of millions of hard working men and women in this country. >> i have heard that mr. hoffa has said you're using that quote is inappropriate and out of context. >> out of context. >> a fiery discussion to say the least. now you can watch "crossfire" tonight at 6:30 p.m. eastern right here on cnn, guest is former montana governor brian schweitzer facing off arizona david schweikert on the right. schweikert says the debt debacle
9:27 am
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america's number one provider of online credit reports and scores. don't take chances. go to good morning everyone. i'm john berman. carol costello has earned the day off today. happening now some of the biggest stars at the republican party are at a summit in washington, this is called the value voter summit. senator ted cruz and rand paul will be speaking later the focus is on socially conservative issues like the fights against same-sex marriage and abortion rights. the senator speaking right now is mike lee from utah. i want you to look at this poll from brigham young university. it shows that the favorable opinion of senator lee among utah voters is sinking, dropping ten points since june. could this be a possible result of his role in the shutdown?
9:31 am
joining us from washington is david brody, the chief political correspondent for the christian broadcasting network, and david, we see a lot of potential 2016 republican presidential contenders here, the focus of this summit annually is usually social issues, but will the budget shutdown force its way into prominence there over the next several days? >> there's no doubt about it. that will be tier "a" right at the top. i got to tell you, all of these social issues that we have seen in the '80s and '90s and 2000 and beyond when george bush was president, they were pref deval and a big deal. now you see more of the economic the budget matters taking over rather than the social issues. will there be a nod to traditional marriage, yes, abortion, yes. i got to tell you those are one line and they'll be huge, but it's not going to dominate the speeches here.
9:32 am
>> you are having interviews with several senators later today, potential 2016 presidential contenders. how do they navigate right now the issues between the tea party faction of the party, the republican party and leadership led by speaker john boehner now and how will they navigate that prove crucial to their 2016 hopes? >> it's a great question, john. it is crucial for all of them. look, rand paul and ted cruz have both pretty much embraced that moniker. marco rubio it's been interesting to watch not just because of the stumbles on immigration but he has, he needs to figure out exactly where he's going with this as he looks and has an eye towards 2016, there has been ties to the gop establishment and at the same time he tries to play up his tea party cred. he's not sure what world he wants to be in.
9:33 am
that bears watching. we'll talk to rand paul back stage here in just a few minutes along with ted cruz later today and i got to tell you, one of the key questions is going to be now what? obama care looks to be a side issue and budget deal, where do you go from here? it's different being a u.s. senator than president of the united states and a question that will need to be asked. >> senator cruz hasn't answered that question yet now. he does speak at the conference in a little bit. you heard van jones from "crossfire" asking if he would apologize to the republican party for his role in the shutdown. i apoll think he'll abpoll jiz be apologizing to the crowd here today. >> reporter: as a matter of fact he'll probably ramp up the rhetoric for sure. look it's going to be a very populi populist/tea party message, one that will rile up the base because ted cruz knows this message plays very well in iowa
9:34 am
and south carolina and i got to tell you i've been traveling around the country, john, and been out to iowa and south carolina, what they are telling me on the ground is that ted cruz is not only the real deal, but ted cruz is the one guy they call him robo candidate. he's the guy that if they could, they being social conservatives and tea party conservatives, if they to manufacture a candidate in a lab somewhere, ted cruz is the guy and i got to tell you, this is what is going to drive liberals nuts here, john, he's a guy that is a world class debate champion. he's got all of the ivy league street cred as well, not one of the tea party folks you can dismiss. he has intellect behind his ideas and that's where there are problems to how you're going to fight ted cruz if you're a liberal. >> final point on the last question, the polls showing this morning show a majority of republicans are blaming republicans for this shutdown. i do not suspect it is the same sentiment in that room where you
9:35 am
are standing right now, probably vastly different and that is the audience these candidates will be speaking to. >> reporter: yes, there's no doubt. they think that -- they're not looking at in terms of the republican party. they're really looking at it in terms of a conservative, a constitutional conservative fight here. i think a lot of folks are missing the end game. lot of people think the end game is the gallonp polls or what th republican party will gain in 2018. the tea party hopes a trance formation into a constitutional conservative republican party. is that going to take years in the making, absolutely. will it take decades possibly for sure. here is the thing, john, and this is really important to remember, this is kind of like an intervention. you know when you have an alcoholic and family members need to get involved, there has to be an intervention, that's what the tea party is trying to do with the republican party saying whoa, stop the spending, stop being gop establishment and this crowd here is on board with that and that's why you're seeing all of the machinations
9:36 am
between everyone here. >> david brody and the value voter summit great speaking to you. look forward to the interviews you have later today with some key senators. appreciate you being here. >> thanks. still to come the passions percolate as starbucks top guy calls out washington. >> open the government immediately. it's just insanity. this is not the country that we recognize. it's not the country that our parents and our grandparents promised we would have. >> the company's ceo wants you to chime in. we will tell you about this really unusual petition drive now under way. stay with us. (knochello? hey, i notice your car is not in the driveway. yeah. it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. that's hilarious. sorry. you shoulda taken it to midas. get some of that midas touch. they tell you what stuff needs fixing, and what stuff can wait.
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if you headed to starbucks today like millions of you will no doubt do you find it's not just your lafay in a frotte in . you'll be invited to sign a petition demanding lawmakers strike a deal to reopen the government and pass a debt deal. poppy harlow has been following all of that for us, here with a closer look. >> you know, howard schultz ceo of starbucks has been inserting himself in these controversial publicish u issues like the gun debate and now the government and politics. he's asking for three things you may see today, reopen the
9:40 am
government, pay our debt, come to a long-term agreement on the debt ceil bing by the end of th year. things the government should be doing. he says we're on a collision course with time. you can tell how fed up he is listening to him. listen. what do you think the consequences are if we do not reach a long-term debt ceiling deal? what does that mean? >> the consequences are dire. our standing in the world, the fracturing of consumer confidence, the psyche of the american people, small and large businesses across the country will be significantly affected, no one will be immune, and what's so perverse is this is not something that has been invented. this is something that is self-induced. this is something that is just political. we have to bury the hatchet in terms of our political differences, have civil discourse and let people get in a room and commit to themselves, they're not going to leave the room until they solve the problem for the american people.
9:41 am
>> if a short term debt ceiling deal is reached and the president signs it, does that do anything to move the needle on clarity for business, to make big moves, big investments and frankly confidence for the american public? do they accomplish anything? >> all of the noise about a short term deal i think for me it's really fool's gold. it will not accomplish anything over the long-term and any confidence that is provided into the american economy and the american consumer and our standing in the world will just come right back and be fractured again. >> you said i don't pretend that both parties are equally to blame. what did you mean in writing that? >> i think that the way i view it, i think that clearly the issues on the republican side have created a level of
9:42 am
dissatisfaction where the president was unwilling to meet them part way. i'm not parsing words who is to blame and who is not. both parties need to come together today and solve this problem. >> howard schultz afeels we're heard a lot from this man. he's outspoken on this issue, getting close to sounding like he's developing some kind of a platform here. do you think he might be running for office? >> it's the question i ask every single time and the answer is always the same. i asked him will you run if you're so fed up, why not run? why not throw your hat in the ring and he said i have "i don't have any intention of running for office." >> don't have any intention, that sounds like hillary clinton. >> he's told me before he thinks he can get more done in business and frankly with this platform
9:43 am
than he can in washington and maybe right now that seems like the case because there is such a stalemate. we know he's left leaning. he supported the president in the last election. he hasn't given any money to any politicians. he called on all of us to stop political donations until they get things together. he's already learned how to speak politics. half way there. poppy harlow thank you. coming up next we're monitoring the value voter summit in washington. ted cruz is taking the stage. we will carry his speech for you, actually we'll stay with it right now because ted cruz the republican senator from texas who has been instrumental in republican efforts over the last several weeks in the shutdown he is about to speak to the people in this audience, a socially conservative audience, talking
9:44 am
about fighting against same-sex marriage and abortion. listen to senator cruz. >> with us for you, who can you against you?! >> thank you. i received that blessing. >> amen! >> and let me say to each and every one of you, i am inspired by you. >> we're inspired by you! >> i am invigorated by your passion for this great country! now as inspired as i am, i will do my very best to speak for less than 21 hours. >> we're glad you did! >> but you will know i'm near wrapping up when i begin to read "the cat in the hat." i am here with a word of encouragement and excitation.
9:45 am
these are extraordinary time. the challenges facing this country are unlike any we've ever seep. you look at our constitution, you look at our bill of rights, this is an administration that seems bound and determined to violate every single one of our bill of rights. i don't know that they've yet violated the third amendment but i expect them to start quartering soldiers in people's homes soon. but if you look at the bill of rights, if you look at the first amendment, this is an administration that has told servicemen and women that they cannot share their faith or risk discipline. this is an administration that has reprimanded an air force chapel in alaska for writing in a blog post "there are no atheists in fox holes."
9:46 am
>> that's right! >> now mind you, he was quoting president dwight d. eisenhower, who i might note has some passing familiarity with the military. this is an administration that is telling christian companies like havi lavi, is telling the little sisters of the poor that they must provide abortions or pay millions of dollars in government fines. the little sisters of the poor is an order of nuns that provides health care to the elderly poor. the federal government is coming after them saying they have to provide abort efficients as well. we've got the second amendment which no administration in this history of this country has ever come after guns like this administration. >> that's right. >> now vice president joe bid biden --
9:47 am
[ laughter ] you know the nice thing? you don't need a punch line. you just say his name, people laugh. but vice president joe biden had some advice. he said, if anyone's attacking your home, just go outside with a double barrelled shot gun and fire both barrels in the air. which is very, very good advice if it so happens you're being attacked by a flock of geese. we've seen the fourth and fifth amendment in an administration whose drone policy and wiretap and your e-mails and phone calls their view is the privacy of the american people does not matter to them. and then there is the tenth amendment, an amendment i'm pretty sure they've gone and cut out of every copy of the constitution in the library of
9:48 am
congress. we've seen an explosion of federal government power, none more important or significant or dangerous than obama care. we look at the state of our economy in the last four years, our economy has grown on average 0.9% a year. there's only one other period since world war ii of four consecutive years of less than 1% average growth, that was 1979 to 1982, coming out of the jimmy carter administration, it was the same failed economic policies, out of control spending and taxes and regulation and it produced the exact same results. and we've seen a hapless, feckless foreign policy, leading from behind, said by a president who doesn't appreciate the concept of an oxymoron.
9:49 am
[ laughter ] [ applause ] these are extraordinary times. every one of you is here because you love this country. because you love freedom and you know that we can't keep going down this road much longer. we're nearing the edge of a cliff. and our window to turn things around, my friends, i don't think it is long. i don't think it's ten years. we have a couple of years to turn this country around or we go off the cliff to oblivion. throughout the history of the world, we have seen great nations rise and fall and everyone here today is here today because we are not content to allow the united states of america to do anything but continue to rise and remain the greatest country on the face of this earth.
9:50 am
[ applause ] >> senator cruz, why won't you support a pathway -- [ inaudible ]. >> thank you, sir, for being here. i appreciate. look it is a great thing that people can express their first amendment rights. and i only wish the obama administration respected first amendment rights that much. [ applause ] but how do we turn things around? the second point i want to say is only the american people. >> you're listening to senator ted cruz speaking at the values voter summit in washington right now. he's been at the center of this budget impasse now in its 11th
9:51 am
day who senator cruz pushed house republicans to tie defunding obama care. that of course, the shutdown is in its 11th day. senator cruz did not bring up the shutdown, at least not yet in this speech. he really only brought up obama care once briefly. he said the explosion of federal power, he was talking about what he calls the explosion of federal power, and he said, there's no more dangerous example, in his words, than obama care. i'm joined now by will cain and ron brownstein the editorial director of the national journal. we've been talking a lot about the "the wall street journal" which shows republicans are getting a lot more for the blame of the government shutdown, the bugtd impasse, the debt creel debate that is looming over our heads right now.
9:52 am
but this crowd watching ted cruz speak, the tea party faithful, values voters as they say, i'm not sure they blame the republicans more and what do they think of ted cruz right now? >> i'm sure they don't think poorly of ted cruz. this has become a cliche. i have spent self-appearances on cnn and other places talking about the legit masy as a tool to exert minority power. however, the legit masy of this tool is a separate argument from the strategy of this tool. and what we're seeing today is the reper suggestions of what looked to be a bad strategy. it decided conservatives. and the entire thing was predicated upon turning the american public. making them see, making them recognize obama care is a bad
9:53 am
proposition and putting pressure on their senators. it doesn't seem to have worked. >> will brings up a great point. the numbers were seeing in the "the wall street journal" poll are glaring right now. by a 2 point margin voters say they blame the republican party more so than president obama. that's a bigger spread than the shoup in the 1990s. what does that tell you? >> that the public overwhelmingly rejects the use of these tools. our own polling, this week, 2/3 of americans rejected both tying obama care to the debt or to the re-opening of the government. whatever their feelings about the underlying health care law, they reject the idea of using these tools to try to exact -- he really embodies the shift.
9:54 am
immediately after the election in 2012, when mitt romney one a larger share of the white vote and still lost pretty solidly, the dominant view in the party is we had to reach out and broaden our base and bring in voters who have been moving away from us. and now you see much more, the current that is driving the shutdown, that we can thrive by mobilizing our base. immigration reform is now off the table. they're trying to cut food stamps. if you're looking at a hispanic outreach, at a time when a third of hispanics are uninsured, republicans are saying we will shut down the government arena provide a program for that community. >> the head of the valds summit has called senator ted cruz a de facto leader of the republican party.
9:55 am
for now, thanks so much for being with us. we'll be right back.
9:56 am
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9:58 am
welcome back to "newsroom." i want to go back to the values voter summit will ted is speaking. it's been a caustic scene there. the hecklers we don't know what they're saying. he's accused them of being paid political operative. s. but i want to play a little tape of what's been going on. >> it seems that president obama's paid political operatives are out in force today. [ applause ]
9:59 am
and you know why? and you know why, because the men and women in this room scared -- [ inaudible ] [ applause ] >> all right. you just saw senator cruz there with a back and forth with a protest right there. again, was we said, it was kind of a tense scene for a little bit. he received a he row's welcome from that crowd. >> they definitely don't want the truth to be heard. >> you can hear him going on and on about the protesters right now. let's listen in. >> the american people making the case what we said from the beginning. i said, you know what? i can't stop obama care. mike lee can't stop obama care. well, we have -- we have two more, three more gentlemen, ladies, thank you for your
10:00 am
passion. but you should respect the rights of the men and women who are here. it is unfortunate -- it is unfortunate that the administration -- [ crowd chanting ] >> usa. usa. >> you know, the nice thing, the nice thing is the left will always, always, always tell you who they fear. [ applause ] >> and they fear you.
10:01 am
they fear the american people. the fundamental problem in washington is washington is not listening to america. what happened? this fight on obama care, we went and made the case to the american people, launched a national website, don't fund in a matter of just a few weeks, over 2 million americans signed that petition on don't fund [ applause ] it is because of you that the house of representatives has been standing strong. because the house has been listening to the people. [ applause ] it is because of you that for the past two months the country has engaged in a national debate about the
10:02 am
enormous harms obama care is causing. all of the millions of americans who are being pushed into part-time work and losing their jobs and health insurance. it is because of you that the american people are energized. and we see the obama administration defending positions that are utterly and completely unreasonable. repeatedly the house of representatives has acted to compromise to fund vital priorities. and repeatedly president obama and the democrats have refused to negotiate. i will note, this afternoon, look, the democrats are feeling the heat. [ applause ] so this afternoon president obama has invited the senate republicans to the white house. so after leaving here, i'm going to be going to the white house. [ applause ]
10:03 am
i will make a request. if i'm never seen again, please send a search and rescue team. i very much hope by tomorrow morning i don't wake up amidst the syrian rentals. [ laughter ] >> but listen, that's true. they'll talk to us unlike this administration. you're exactly right. [ applause ] listen. none of us know what's going to happen on this obama care fight right now. in my view, the house of representatives needs to keep doing what it's been doing, which is standing strong. [ applause ]
10:04 am
and that is the model for every other fight. we need no more washington solutions. we need to go back to the american people. the media tells us we cannot win. in fact, i think i read in the "the new york times" today that hillary has already started her second term. the media wants america to give up and allow this country to keep sliding off the edge of the cliff. but let me tell you, there are two things i have unabiding faith in. one is a be never atlanta god who loves each and every one of us. [ applause ] and number two is the american people who love liberty and opportunity unlike any nation, any people in the history of this world.
10:05 am
[ applause ] many of y'all know my father. i am hoping in time i can encourage him not to be such a wall flower. when he fled cuba 55 years ago after being imprisoned and beaten, when he came here seeking freedom, he did it because no nation on earth has allowed so many millions of people come with nothing and achieve anything and achieve the american dream. [ applause ] what does it take to win this fight? it takes the men and women in this room. each of you is called to be
10:06 am
here. much like esther, you were called for a time such as this. [ applause ] for 400 years, every generation of americans has given to their kids and grandkids greater opportunity, greater prosperity, a greater future. if we keep going down this road, we will become the first generation not to do that. and every man and woman in this room believes in your heart and in your gut and soul, that is utterly and completely unacceptable. [ applause ] as ronald reagan famously observed, freedom is not passed down in the bloodstream from one
10:07 am
generation to the next. every generation has to rise up and defend it. or one day we will find ourselves answering questions from our children and our children's children, what was it like when america was free? none of us will ever have to answer that question. because together the american people, we are going to restore that shining city on a hill that is the united states of america. thank you and god bless you. >> you have been listening to senator ted cruz, republican from texas, addressing the values voter summit in washington, d.c. he received a ovation from the crowd there. largely social conservatives. he also was heckled for quite a long time by several people. we believe they were members of the fair immigration group.
10:08 am
heckled. he had quite an exchange with them at one point. he accused them of being paid operatives from the obama administration. he called on the house to continue their stand against a possible budget deal. and he also talked to the crowd there about restoring faith in america. i'm joined by will cain. will, what did you make of that speech today? >> he can give an amazing speech. he takes the highs, lows, passion, humor. but he took time to talk about the strategy. it's worth analyzing the strategy over and over again. i am one of these crazy conservatives who thinks the government shutdown actually isn't that big of a deal when compared against the potential damage of expanding the government's influence in the health care market. but i also recognize reality. one nbc poll, is it the argument
10:09 am
ender? i don't know. but apparently the american public doesn't agree with me. that this offset is not one they're willing to make as well. and if that's the case, the strategy isn't working. >> he made quite a joke. he mentioned that he is one of many republicans senators going to the white house this afternoon to meet with the president. he said, if if i don't emerge, if you don't see me, you know send a search and rescue party. it's somewhat ironic, though, because you could make the case, the last person in the world the white house wants to disappear right now is ted cruz. one could argue he's doing the white house a lot of good right now. >> if that nbc poll is real definitive and you suggest that his positions are responsible for that, yeah, those hecklers should get and out let him kuhn continue his influence. i agree with cruz. i want him to accomplish his goals. but it all hinged on one thing.
10:10 am
this is what separated ted cruz from paul ryan. not their conservatism. but rather could he swing five senators? could you force president obama to decrease his own bill? and the only way to do that was to get the american public so on your five that they had to respond. it doesn't seem to be going well. >> you brought up paul ryan. but i want to go to the floor there first. our mark preston has been there. he watched the heckling that was going on. mark, i'm wondering if you can tell us exactly what happened. >> reporter: sure. what we saw on the floor was no fewer than seven times did we see people stand up and shout at ted cruz and ask him his stand on illegal immigration and why is he standing in the way of trying to create a pathway for citizenship for those that are
10:11 am
here illegally. now, they were roundly shouted down. and i've got to tell you, ted cruz is really a masterful technician when he's on the stage. he handled it very developing. and he was able to turn that into a joke and say that, in fact, they were operatives for president obama which in turn got the audience very much involved and on his side. at least seven times he was stopped in the middle of his remarks. but he's the type of politician that really does well in these types of environments. and in fact, he used it as fuel to try to build more momentum behind his speech. >> he talked a little about the shutdown debate going on right now and the debt ceiling debate. and he called on the house to stand if i were. and that got quite a bit of applause there in that room, mark. >> reporter: yeah. and again, what you and i talked about last hour is exactly what we expected to play out. ted cruz is in his element right now. while we're across town and republican establishment types are trying to figure out a deal with president obama, you have
10:12 am
ted cruz here in front of 2,000 conservative activities who don't want to see a deal done. and you've got to give him in some ways a little bit of credit to have the humorous to say, i'm going to the white house right now after i'm done speaking, and if i don't come out alive, send a certainly and rescue team. that's quite a thing to say whether you like him or not. but another line that played very well in front of this audience. >> mark, we joked about a search and rescue team maybe disappearing at the white house. but it could be that they want him around right now. i do want to ask you about paul ryan. he appears to have been instrumental in whatever movement there has been over the last 24 hours towards a possible debt ceiling deal. when you're talking about the wing of the party that's been
10:13 am
cheering ted cruz at the values voter senate, will that hand that paul rand has been reaching out to the white house, will that work for him or work against him? is he playing with fire here when it comes to perhaps tea party voters? >> yeah, he might be. i've seen him call a rhino. >> republican in name only. >> paul rand is as conservative as it gets unless you're requiring 100% agreement on every issue. and i can't -- i can't imagine that we're ma lining paul ryan and ron johnson. can i tell you this, you have me on here telling you the flaws in the strategy in the ted cruz strategy. here is the best rebuttal. if it you had anything further to my right, what's your strategy? ted cruz's strategy might be bad. but what's the alternative
10:14 am
strategy? there might not be one that involves obama care. his focuses on entitlement reform and tax reform. very important issues. he says obama care is not off the table, he wants to include it. >> but just to reiterate, you are hearing already some complaints from the right about what he is doing? >> i have heard those complaints. >> thank you so much. we've got a lot left to talk about. we'll be right back. people don't have to think about
10:15 am
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10:18 am
leaders last night. house majority leader eric can tore calling the meeting very useful. it seems at least some republicans are dropping their fight to tie defunding obama care to the debt ceiling, maybe even the funding bill. joining us now is congressman duffy. i guess we're about 16 hours or so after the meeting at the white house. republican leaders say they're going to go back and go to the drawing board. and work on the contours of a possible deal. i'm wondering if you can give us an update. >> what we're hearing is we have a conversation going on. for the last two weeks during the course of the shutdown, there's been no conversation with the white house because the president had refused to negotiate. and last night that conversation actually started. i think we're off to a really good start with both sides sitting at the table and having a conversation. as you mentioned, there's a conversation about the debt
10:19 am
limit. but when you start to talk, we're also going to be including how we get the government open again and running. maybe to correct one thing you said on the way in, right now, house republicans haven't asked to defund obama care. all we've asked for before the government shut down is that the president go into obama care, he join congress and the rest of america and obama care, and we wanted the same treatment for the american families and individuals just like the way they're -- >> there was a vote that you sent to the senate and one that defunded it, and one that delayed it, and the third one delayed the individual mandate. but the house absolutely did at one point call for defunding obama care as part of that process. >> juror referencing one of the prior votes. but the most repeat one was to make sure the president was in obama care and the administration was in the obama care and the individual mandate was delayed. >> let's talk about -- if you talked about funding government though. and one of the things that
10:20 am
reportedly happened last night was that the congressmen in that room were supposed to go back to their offices and come up with what they would need to get from the president in order to re-open the government, to end the shutdown. what do you think those items are? >> well, first of all, i just laid out what our issues were in regard to opening the government back up. i think what we're going to do in our house conference is sit and have a family conversation. we need to hear from everybody about what is the next place we can go in regard to an offer to the president. but we have to get an idea from the president that he's willing to say you guys have offered a total de fund, a delay for a year, and now you've offered the fact that i should go into obama care. i think he also have to make a proposal to us about where he'll come taking steps in our direction on how he'll make some kind of an agreement. >> you do think something involved with obama care, whether it being a delay or
10:21 am
parts of individual mandate, something in your mind has to be included in order to re-open the government? >> well, i think -- i think minimally i want to see the president and the administration in obama care with the rest of america. look at the rollout with the exchanges. they haven't been going very well. and those who are responsible to make sure it's working and working well for the american people, should also have the incentive that they're in that plan. that they don't have a operate health care plan themselves. if it's good for the american people, it's also good for the administration. that's a real important tenant for us that everybody be treated equal. and we can have a discussion with the president "on the radar" to the individual mandate. if he thinks that's going to have a huge impact on the success of obama care, i would be willing to hear him out on that. i don't think it will. to say we're going to tax or
10:22 am
penalize people because they don't get health or insurance, when they can't even sign up on the website, it seems to be a little unfair. so to ask for a year delay seems pretty reasonable on our part. >> and the white house has made it pretty clear from the beginning here that they do not desire obama care, would not accept any aspect of obama care being involved in the discussion here. so it doesn't seem likely that the white house would agree to any part of that discussion. last question to you, congressman. based on what's happened right now, we're 11 days into the shutdown, the debt ceiling looming days away, based on the contours of what the republican party seems to at least be willing to agree to on the debt ceiling, do you think that this has all been worth it? do you think the stand on obama care, do you think that was worth it to shut down the government to get the deal that you may be close to getting? >> first of all, i think the government shutdown is never the right answer.
10:23 am
i think in current polls people are mad and they're mad at washington as a whole. they want to see their government work. they want to see people with different ideas actually sit down and work together to resolve their differences just like we do in families and businesses. so i'm not happy with where we're at. i'm like the american people, i'm just as angry at congress. but i do think as we look at the debt limit and raising it, american understands that we have a $17 trillion debt and we're borrowing about $1 trillion every year. and if we're going to extend the credit card of the american government, we should also talk about how we spend. i think the president, whether we're going towards tax reform or entitlement reform, there's a lot of areas that we can find agreement. and i'm hopeful that that's going to happen. >> i think a lot of people are hopeful are discussions are happening. but the latest nbc "the wall street journal" poll says they're mad at you, or at least
10:24 am
republicans, more by a margin of 22%. they blame republicans in congress more than the president for the shutdown. is this something that you think will have a lingering effect on the republican party? >> i think they're had at everybody. everybody has been hit by this shutdown on government. and i talk to my colleagues in congress, whether republicans or democrats, they join the american people. they, too, are angry at how ineffective the negotiations and process has been here. i think we all have to take a deep breath, work together, and get the government open. find a solution to reforming the way we spend and borrow, and increase the debt limit. >> i know you're a sports fan. can you give me odds on when a deal might be struck on the debt ceiling and government shutdown? do you think that could happen by the end of the week on either? >> yeah, listen, the most recent news i had the negotiations are continuing. my hope is we might have more
10:25 am
news later on today or early tomorrow on some form of a structured deal on how we get this done. >> that's news. can you give me a little more specific on that. the latest that you're hearing is that it is moving along? there could be a vote later on this afternoon you think? >> not a vote. actually the formation of a deal. so the conversations are continuing. my hope is potentially later today we could have some sort of a structured deal or tomorrow on how we deal with the debt limit. >> thank you for that information. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] when you have sinus pressure and pain, you feel...squeezed. congested. beat down. crushed. as if the weight of the world is resting on your face. but sudafed gives you maximum strength sinus pressure and pain relief. so you feel free. liberated. released. decongested. open for business. [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] powerful sinus relief from the #1 pharmacist recommended brand.
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they are the greatest generation, but now america's seniors are dealing from the fallout of what's going on in washington. and they are very concerned for the future of programs like medicare and social security. we're live in planation,
10:29 am
florida. what are you hearing there? >> reporter: this is a community called lauderdale west. there's about 2500 people who live out here. live in single-family homes, e duplex duplexes. quads. they don't want congress messing around with social security or medicare. and while some of them say, up, they would like to see both sides compromise, there's others who tell their parties, stick to their guns. >> i think that the democrats have to stick to their resolve. they should not cave in to any of the demands of the republicans unless they're a moderate demand, something that makes sense. >> they are making their salaries. but how about the people who don't have money to provide for their families who rely on the government to help them? you know, and some of them are very hard working.
10:30 am
they make minimum wage and then they have nothing in addition. >> it's embarrassing. there's a lot of intelligent men and women there. they're really bright people. but their eyes are clouded, brains are clouded. they've got brain clouds. because -- yes, this is my position. i understand that. but politics is the art of negotiation and settlement. and you're not being politicians. you're being idealogs. and that's our problem. >> reporter: everyone i talked to express the sachl thing. they were he will embarrassed by what's going on in washington and that really gives the rest of the world a pretty bad image of the united states. and one woman told me this morning, she said, part of the problem with the entitlement programs is that all of these people, elderly are just living too long these days.
10:31 am
so they do have a sense of humor. >> they've been around a while and seen a lot. but they've never seen anything like this. >> no. that's exactly what they say. >> great to see you this morning and great to hear the insight. so it cost at least $90 million to set up the obama care website and still users across the country are having trouble logging on and staying on health we pressed the point on why they were not fixed before the big rollout. >> reporter: since virtually the moment it came online, the website has been be set with glitches. people not be able to log on and getting booted off. so we pressed the administration's point man on all this. >> folks are working 24/7 to address and isolate and fix problems. people are going through and others aren't, and it's not
10:32 am
acceptable. which is why they are working across the clock, both with hardware and software. >> but many argue you had several months to get it booted up and perfected. why so many problems? >> we went through a testing period and to create a punch list. the president said from the beginning, with a site like this, of course there are going to be glitches. but let's understand why there was the initial problem. we had 250,000 concurrent users at one time. just for perspective, in a given month has 5 million unique visitors. this had 8 million unique visitors which speak to the demand. >> how much did it cost to. >> i'll refer you back to -- >> was it over to $100 million? >> just refer you to those. >> but according to a government accountability report issued over the summer, they paid
10:33 am
nearly $90 million through march of this year. they've obviously paid more since that. house intelligent committee mike rogers said with all of the personal information, like your associate security number, tax information and other data you have to put into this database -- >> it's a magnet for hackers. what the cybersecurity? >> built with the highest security standards. >> he says to all of those frustrated by the website and about to give up, keep on going back, call the help center and understand there's a six-month period to sign up. >> our thanks to brian todd for that. still to come, some of the biggest names in the republican party speaking at a conservative summit. right now senator marco rubio at the microphone. we'll listen in next. 7 [ male announcer ] this is pam.
10:34 am
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anna, your hotels have wondrous waffle bars. ryan, your hotels' robes are fabulous. i have twelve of them. twelve? shhhh, i'm worth it& what i'm trying to say is, it's so hard to pick just one of you, so i'm choosing all of you with a loyalty program that requires no loyalty. plus members can win a free night every day only at so the biggest names in the republican party and possible 2016 presidential contenders, they are all speaking at a conservative summit in washingtonment right now you're looking at senator marco rubio of florida. let's listen to what he has to
10:37 am
say. >> as our leaders have to stop ignoring the impact that culture is having on our nation. let me tell you the reaction i get to that from some. some say this is nothing more than an effort to impose mine, your, or anybody's religious values on others. this is not about imposing values because they don't work unless you really believe them. and i've been lectured as many as of have, about how we need to stop talking about social issues if we want to win elections. if year serious about saving the american dream, we can't stop talking about the issues and the importance of our values and our culture. [ applause ] we can't stop talking about them. because the moral well-being of our people is directly --
10:38 am
>> that's marco rubio speaking to the values voter in washington right now. let's talk a little bit about him being there along with some of the other big names in republican politics. john, that's senator marco rubio talking. be heard senator ted cruz. senator rand paul talking religion. that's quite a roster of people who may or may not be interested in running for president in 2016. what are they doing there today? >> it's sort of a one-stop shop for applications in washington to go speak directly to fifth based activists. and you get people here talking more than the shutdown politics are almost a sideline. they're focusing on issues of
10:39 am
faith and social conservatism. rubio is a -- and folks like rand paul and ted cruz, in particular, have really run his right flank and got the activists a lot more excited. so this speech in particular is interesting for his prospect. >> and then there is paul ryan who is right at the epi center. paul ryan may be reaching across to president obama to work a way through this. what does paul ryan risk with this crowd, the value voters crowd? >> i mean, look, you know, this is the catch 22 where the republican party find themselves at the moment. with their popularity at a who storic low for any political party since apology has been invented, the base is riled up and more influence at than ever before. you can say tea party versus the
10:40 am
establishment. but when folks reach across the ooim to govern as paul ryan did, they come under immediate fire from these professional conservative activists who have disproportionate power in their party. here is the real challenge, going to a venue like this and actually speaking about social issues, about the values they share. but without getting booed by this crowd. because the activists are angry and they will turn on any candidate they feel is a ryan yoe who is reaching across the aisle to work with president obama. >> now senator ted cruz, we heard a big part of his speech. he was heckled a little bit. i think we have video of that. but john, our reporter has been there and he's been talking to tony perkins.
10:41 am
tony perkins called ted cruz a de facto leader of the republican party. that a fair estimate? is he a leader in the republican party and is this going to continue now beyond this shutdown debate? >> it is. i think ted cruz is a de facto leader of one wing of the republican party. we sometimes overuse the term gop civil war. but there's a deep distinction in the party today. you look at the folks who might run in 2016, you see ted cruz, marco rubio, rand paul. possibly chris christie on the other side of the ledger. there is a deep divide in folks sbsds in governing and people who are much more interested in grandstanding about purity and planting the flag and playing to their base. that divide is deep. there's a lot of bad blood.
10:42 am
and in these fissures, beneath the republican party right now, there's no question that ted cruz in less than one year has emerged as a leader of that wing of the republican party. >> you're one of the smarter people i know. i want you to put odds on a deal happening, the debt ceiling, a deal happening in the next few days. is the optimism we heard overnight, is that enough to carry this through, do you think? >> i -- you know, looking at washington today, whenever you hope for a deal, and i am an optimist, but it's hope over experience. they have found a way to screw things up in washington at the last minute no matter what powerful winds are blowing in the direction of change. people realize, even the tea party activists yesterday acknowledged that a debt ceiling would be disastrous to them politically as well as to the country economically. serious concessions need to be made. i think we're looking at at least a couple of days.
10:43 am
but let's keep hope alive. >> they can still screw this up. thank you for the hopeful message. still to come, the u.s. is about to be the world's top oil producer. but what does that mean for gas prices? we'll find out if they could go lower. fingers crossed. before they sat down, one more time, just for themselves. before the last grandchild. before the first grandchild.
10:44 am
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checking some of the top
10:46 am
stories this hour. the federal government will continue to fund death benefits for military families. this after president obama signed a bill on a issue that had become a flash point in the shutdown debate. before the measure passed, the white house had finalized a plan for a private charity to cover the costs during the shutdown. edward snowden reportedly raised red flags at the sigh cia as far back as 2009. according to the "the new york times," they expected snowden was trying to break into classified computer files while he was working in geneva. those concerns never made it to the nsa. the family of a teenager found dead at a gym wants video ree leased that could show what happened. they think he was murdered.
10:47 am
another biker is due in a new york courtroom today next with the assault on suv driver. 37-year-old reginald chance is charged with first degree assault and change assault. in the meantime, they've indicted biker roger sims. but he's accused of stomping on the suv driver. five others face charges in that melee. a scary moment for a man. the suspect approached brad edmonds and demanded the keys to his 2011 m 1 mer za deez. >> i was thinking about getting ahold of my gun somehow, but i might not be here telling the story had i done that. >> he did go snd to get his kiez. and when he did, a camera got a clear shot of the suspect. police are now investigating. when you think of top oil producing companies, you think of iran, saudia arabia.
10:48 am
but a new study shows that the u.s. is about to be number one. alison kosik is live at the new york stock exchange. what does that mean for the americans and american drivers? >> that is the question. i hate to be the one to throw cold water on this. more production, it's not necessarily going to mean lower gas priced. we know that when we see that price of gas, when we pull our car up to the station, a lot of that price is based on what the price of oil is. and oil is traded on the open market. so when it comes to production, we are just one little drop in a big sea of oil. you look at russia, saudia arabia, canada, mexico, many countries out there produce oil. what goes on in other countries, that factors into the price as well. this should help compensate with any disruptions elsewhere or if opec decides to cutback on oil. >> how soon are we talking about
10:49 am
this happening? >> the u.s. could become the world's biggest oil producer as soon as next year. but it would be the biggest producer of nonopec countries. so saudia arabia would still be number one. we're neck in neck with russia. both of us produce about 10 million barrels of oil a day. but russia's production has been staying at one level. look at the u.s. u.s. oil production is actually booming. and a big reason for that is because we've got better technology, improving technology, which makes getting oil -- which makes producing oil a lot easier. we're getting it out of shale rock, which is known as fracking. and the big question with that is will it last? and it depends on oil prices being high enough to make fracking worth it. public support with fracking that factors in as well. there's a study showing that 49% of people are opposed to
10:50 am
fracking. that's up from 38% in march. you've got public sort of -- a lot of people are against fracking. that's also putting pressure on fracking as well. it depends on a lot of factors. it may not last and wind up impacting it negatively for the u.s. >> what is the market doing right now? >> holding its own. it is flat. you're seeing a wall street rally yesterday. more than 300 points. now it's sort of a watch and wait and waiting for washington, not just to talk the talk but to walk the walk. all of this talk is happening. wall street is waiting for action. that's why you're seeing a lot of caution play out today after the huge rally yesterday. >> great to see you. thanks so much. come up for us next, the state fair of texas offers rides, food, and oh, yeah, a border war. the rivalry express bus is in
10:51 am
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10:54 am
they've been doing it this way since 1929. 92,000 fans pack the cotton bowl every year. and it's more than just the border war that goes on. it has a unique backdrop and a new and improved big tex will be there to greet the longhorns and the sooners. the old big tex burned down last year and they got a brand new one this year. and you can't have the fair without food. you've got to try the fried lemonade and fried ribs and fried pete nut butter and jelly sandwiches. you know how peyton manning is having an amazing season so far? his brother is having the exact opposite. he was picked off in the giants' first two drives last night in chicago. the second one was taken back 48 yards the other way for a touchdown. ely finished with three
10:55 am
interceptions. and they say big time players show up in the big games. and that's what we saw with justin verlander. verlander had a no-hitter through six innings. he would end up striking out ten in eight scoreless innings. the tigers win 3-0. and they advance and take on the red sox in the a.l.c.s. and tonight you've got to see the dodgers taking on the cardinals in the nlcs. you've got playoff baseball, great football games, everything all going on at one time. rivalry express needs to have more big spins i think. >> lay it on the line for us. first of all, who do you like in the red river rivalry and who do you like tonight game one of the nlcs? >> i'm going to have to go with the dodgers in gauge one. i like their momentum.
10:56 am
and as far as the red river rivalry goes, i'm going to have to pick -- you didn't hear that? was my audio cut off? i'm not going to pick a winner. i'm here and i don't want to get persecuted by texas and oklahoma fans. i'm not going to pick oklahoma to win, they're favored by 14. okay, i'm going to oklahoma. there you go. >> i was going to say you are a wise journalist, but now i think you're brave and fool hardy. thank you for being with us. thanks everyone for watching us today. "newsroom" is done. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield, up next. ♪ [ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums.
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