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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  October 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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only done by kicking the can into next year. so now there's another four months to try to reach a long lasting agreement. all involved will remember an important economic fact. there comes a time when there's no longer any road to kick the can down. richard quest, cnn, new york. hello, everyone. don lemon here. it is the top of the hour. thank you for joining us. speaking of kicking the can, i appreciate the comments on twitter saying you are going to go as a can for halloween.
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it will be a popular costume. new repercussions from the recent government shutdown from the man who led the charge that forced the stand off. i'm talking texas republican, senator ted cruz. he led for the push and framed it as a way to force changes. we know how that turned out. today, he's back in texas. our congressional correspondent, dana bash is there. i understand you had a chance to talk to ted cruz a short time ago. does he have second thoughts about his strategy? about anything he did? about what happened? >> reporter: it's hard to hear you. i think you asked me if he had regrets, the answer is no. a resounding no. if anything, he was given -- he got applause and unbelievable aklations from the republicans who he met with that we saw today. he was in san antonio, where i
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am now and went to a convention of texas republican women. huge following. standing ovation and continued standing ovation. he wants to stand-up for the principles that people in washington won't do. it definitely gave him more power and more energy to keep going. what was fascinating about the conversation, it's really wide ranging and very, very, very interesting the things he was saying, don. what was most interesting was the way he ripped his fellow republicans in the senate. he blames them, not the democrats, but them for the fact his strategy failed. >> one of your colleagues told me it was like an intervention. so many colleagues saying, why are you doing this and really
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angry at you. i'm just wondering, even on a human level, they told me you didn't flinch. on a human level, it's got to be bothering you to sit in an institution and have not democrats, but fellow republicans mad at you. >> the people i work for are the men and women you just saw. i work for the texans. i don't work for the party bosses in washington. i work for the people of texas and fight for them. the reason people are frustrated across the country is far too many people get elected and think they are there to be part of a club. what was interesting about the closed door discussions, what i said in the discussions, i would have said the exact same thing if cnns camera was sitting in the room. >> reporter: now, he also talked a lot about the fact he was disappointed that republicans and the senate didn't follow
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suit, didn't go ahead and support his strategy and, in fact, he felt undermined it. now, he did not rule out the concept of having to fight again january 15th. that's when the current funding bill, which was just passed this week to reopen the government runs out. he certainly didn't rule out going ahead and trying this again. he didn't say he was going to. he was careful not to go there. the fact he didn't rule it out will give a lot of people in washington a lot of heart burn. got a lot of atta boys in texas. people in washington, people who don't listen to the kind of grass roots that he does, they don't understand. >> yeah. dana, can you hear me now? is it better than before? >> reporter: i hear you much better, yes. >> continue on the vain you were talking about. he's getting a lot of atta boys
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in texas but criticism from members of his own party. you know the polling. the republicans took a huge hit when it came to the government shutdown as far as who is to blame. the atta boys, might they be the loudest voices, but not necessarily the majority of the people in the party and the country. >> reporter: he knows that. frankly, he doesn't care. you know, you heard me try to ask about the human level and how he's responding. some of what i heard his colleagues say to him in private is tough stuff. you heard in a meeting at cnn, you know, you would think would have an effect. he insists and he seems to be sincere in saying this, but he doesn't care because that's not why he's fighting. it's actually imboldins him. this is exactly the kind of thing he says he came to washington to stop.
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the establishment republicans just going on and not fighting for what they believe in. this n this case, it's what he was elected on. doing whatever it takes to get rid of obama care. he doesn't buy the idea he stepped all over the message. the message of obama care not doing well. he doesn't buy any of it. he's not only getting atta boys, he's not directly benefiting, but indirectly benefiting from the outcry groups even and especially the senate majority leader or minority leader, rather, mitch mcconnell. they are raising a lot of money and getting help not directly by his efforts. the war within the republican party is going to continue. he makes no bones about it and doesn't have any apologies. >> i have to say this, many
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people don't respect what he did, how he handled that situation. but, i mean, you have to -- you have to respect someone who -- at least i do, who is not a conformist, who is not worried about the loudest voices, if you know what i mean. sometimes the people who criticize you the most. they will go their own way and really, because of their own principles. i like that. again, i don't respect what he did and shutting the government down. you have to respect him for being the way he is and doing that, having the guts to do that. >> reporter: he is nothing, if not consistent. that is true. >> okay. dana, great conversation. i want to tell our viewers, thank you very much. you can see more of her exclusive interview with senator ted cruz, along with an interview with john mccain tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern on "state of the union."
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a bizarre twist in a hunt for two florida killers free. we know charles walker and joseph jenkins spent time with their families in orlando. they went to church and visited their grandparents. they were not hiding at all for days or a couple weeks. now a manhunt is under way to put them back behind bars. walker's mother stood before news cams pleading with her son to turn himself in. >> charles, is there anything too hard for god? god knows who you are. i know who you are. your family knows who you are. we want you to return home safely. >> both men were serving life sentences for murder. forged paperwork duped prison officials into thinking their sentences were reduced.
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i want to bring in nick valencia tracking the story near the prison in florida. what about the family of the other killer, joseph jenkins, how are they holding upright now? >> reporter: i'm glad you brought that up. we have heard about the mistakes in the bureaucratic bundle in the state of florida. today has been about the families, not just of the victims of convicted killers, but the escaped inmates as well. at a press conference in orlando, we heard from the father figure of joseph jenkins. he's one of the escaped inmates let out behind me on september 27th. he talked about how he didn't suspect anything was wrong. he took him back to his grandma's house and his mom's house. a birthday party set up for him. he didn't show up. take a listen to his plea to joseph jenkins that he said earlier this afternoon asking him to turn himself back in.
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>> on behalf of the family, i am asking that you, joseph jenkins turn yourself in to the nearest appropriate authorities so we can have this episode of our lives. >> earlier today, we heard from the son of jenkin's victim. he was very emotional in talking about how he feels that his father's killer is back on the loose. take a listen to this. >> it's not a game. no one is taking it for granted. no one is taking it lightly. we are taking it as if the last time we saw this guy is when he killed our dad. it was 15 or 16 years ago. now he's out. we don't know what he's capable of. that was the last time we saw him. >> reporter: a lot of people have questions about how the escaped inmated duped the system and rightfully so. there's a lot of finger pointing going on by the agencies. nobody wants to take responsibility for what
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happened. don? >> thank you very much for that. make sure you join us at 8:00 eastern when we look at the big stories of the week from the florida inmates released to the missouri teen whose family was run out of town. the utah doctor accused of murdering his wife in a bathtub. making the case, tonight at 8:00 eastern here on cnn. it's going to be a fascinating program. the government shutdown, what about something robert redford told cnn this week? that racism was a factor in the shutdown? we are going to talk parenting, including a new law in the state that turns in one state that turns the idea of traditional parenting on its head.
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this is new today. the senate confirmed jpmorgan chase reach add $13 billion deal with the justice department to resolve investigations of the mortgage business. the deal provides jpmorgan chase would pay $9 billion in fines and penalties, plus $4 billion in consumer relief that includes loan modifications. the backed securities helped trigger the housing market collapse that caused a huge financial crisis.
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jpmorgan executives could still face charges in the future. the officials tell cnn the deal does not include an agreement that the company had sought. cnns justice reporter, evan perez joins us by phone. what does this mean to you and me and the people watching? >> don, i think for jpmorgan, it's going to provide them with some measure of reassurance they can drop this. they set aside $23 billion to settle various investigations that are still ongoing. for homeowners, there might be some of this money that will end up benefiting people whose mortgages are under water, for instance. there's $4 billion in this tentative deal that is supposed to go toward consumer relief. some of that is still being worked out this weekend. it's going to be a few days. recently, a lot of investors
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were surprised to hear how much money jpmorgan was setting aside. some of the markets have taken into account what is expected here. >> okay. what does this mean? we have been hearing about jaime diamond. what does this deal mean for jaime diamond? will he personally get involved. he was the ceo. will he personally get involved in recent days? >> he did. late last month, in september, jaime diamond was seen going into the justice department for a very rare face-to-face negotiation with eric holder, the attorney general. we are told by sources that the two men have been on the phone a couple times in the last couple weeks. jaime diamond is insisting that the company get some kind of assurance that the criminal investigation that is still ongoing will be resolved in the end, in a phone call yesterday
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with the attorney general, he finally gave in on those demands. that's why you see the investigation into that part of the investigation is still continuing. now, he, you said, there's a lot of people that are angry at him and think the lawsuits, these fines have come on his watch and perhaps he should go. he's still got a lot of support among investors. the recent quarter is the first time the bank lost money under his watch. he still seems to have a lot of support on wall street. >> that explains how we got to this point. thank you very much, appreciate it evan perez. what about this claim that racism was a factor in the shutdown? [ male announcer ] if you think all batteries are the same,
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this. i have been saying it's shutdown so long, now the government is back at full strength, a lot of people are saying the democrats won the latest showdown. did anybody really win? others say it's not so simple. i want to talk about this with julian and cnn political contributor maria cardona and amy holmes from you posted a column saying republicans got what they wanted. as the dust settles republicans might find themselves content with the outcome of the battle. they kept the president on the defensive and kept their main issue front and center. explain what you mean by that. >> the republicans certainly suffered political blows in terms of their approval rate and the internal warfare opening up in the party. they have made deficit reduction and made the deficit. the main issue, really, since
6:23 pm
2010 made it extremely difficult for president obama even after his re-election in 2012. the deal including immigration reform. the second thing that happened is tools that were once seen as somewhat radical shutting down the government and really threatening to default rather than taking the stand are becoming normalized in american politics. when we say democrats won, it's too simplistic and republicans were able to advance their agenda through the debate. >> i'm not sure that's good that it's normal to shut down. >> we fought the good fight, but didn't win. the professor says he did win. does boehner not know who won? >> i loathe to disagree with particularly a professor. >> but you will.
6:24 pm
>> i will. i think the gop lost badly. they are divided, defeated. they didn't get any concessions from the president either out of the shutdown or raising the debt limit. i agree with the professor, a bloomberg poll found that 6 in 10 americans wanted to see budget cuts coupled with raising the debt limit. that didn't happen. this is going to need to be relitigated because they are kicking the can down the road, my favorite phrase. obama was the winner. we didn't put the laser focus on obama care. >> okay. initially, that was the laser focus. but that wasn't working. that strategy wasn't working, so the republicans stepped back. listen, maria, you mentioned the president. the president's poll numbers took a hit in the controversy. not as much as the republican numbers. can democrats really claim victory? the president took a hit.
6:25 pm
>> i agree. democrats took a hit, too. there's no question that politically, the biggest hit did come for the republicans. we have seen that in all the poll numbers. at the end of the day, i don't think anyone really talked about this, don, who are the big winners here? the winners are the folks getting the benefits from obama care, all the mothers with kids with pre-existing conditions who said their kids would not be alive today if not for obama care. they are the winners. the parents who can keep their kids on their plan until 26 are the winners. the 30 million that can sign up for obama care at rates that are decent will be the winners. no one really talked about that. when you look at it from that standpoint, i think the first reason why this president and democrats fought so hard for obama care, they are the folk that is are winning here. >> okay. i want to get to this. i think this is very important. this is an interview that ran on cnn earlier this week.
6:26 pm
i don't think it really got enough attention and i want to delve into it. actor robert redford had comments about it. take a close listen. sit-down. >> it is so decreped. it is so paralyzed. the worst is it's paralyzed by intention. there's a body of congressional people that want to paralyze the system. i think what sits under it, unfortunately, is there's racism involved, which is awful. never mind there's supposed to be an office representing the interest of the public. they are representing their own self-interest, which is very narrow and in some cases baited. >> narrow, bigoted. >> i have thought about it a lot. i haven't seen a robert redford movie since "the way we were"
6:27 pm
was on cable. >> he is an american and has an opinion. >> he has a right to one. i think it's unfortunate he would slur so many americans who made him very rich and very famous. i don't take his analysis remotely seriously, but should have respect for fellow citizens. >> professor? >> it's been a debate about tea party republicans since the start. there's always elements of racism in the electorate. we have seen evidence that it plays out as part of tea party politics. i think that down plays what conservativism is. it flattens a lot of opposition not just to the health care act, but also to president obama's broader, domestic agenda. there are many who are not racist or antigovernment or against his programs who have very different motivations. i think, in some ways, just saying it's racism really understates the threat and
6:28 pm
challenges the obama administration faced. again, it is part of the electorate. >> okay. let me say this, it is part of it. there's no doubt. anyone that denies it, i think you are living on mars. roll the video. the protests outside the white house last sunday. some of them were with the tea party. the video showed a guy with a con federal flag. that's one person. he is there. when you see them, get the hell out of there, you are destroying our message. many times, amy, the tea party will not denounce those people and we see those people at those sorts of rallies and you hear the comments. you see the comments online. people who are calling the president. you have heard the guy saying oh, the president needs to put down the koran. come on, we can't deny racism isn't involved. >> we have heard speaker john
6:29 pm
boehner denounce remarks like this and john mccain denounced remarks like this. i would warn mr. redford, i don't think they are doing the president favors. they alienate people that could be persuaded. >> maria, quickly, quickly. >> robert redford was talking about the members of congress. i think that is a dangerous road to go down. i think the supporters of the tea party, no question, a muslim born in kenya. i don't think there's a difference between the strong dislike that conservatives have for the president to the strong dislike they have for nancy pelosi or harry reid. i think it's based on ideology. >> it's interesting. you are right. he's talking members of congress. that's a different ball of wax. >> right. >> we are going to continue with this conversation. stick around. 2016 presidential contenders were front and center.
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back now with our panel. let's put the professor back up, maria and also on the left and amy holmes. maria, you brought us back on track. we veered off track talking about the tea party and the race for the white house. you said it's members of congress he is talking about. is he saying that people like ted cruz or mitch mcconnell are racist? >> i think that's exactly what he was saying. i agree with amy, when he says that, he's not doing the progressive movement or the president any, any favors there. again, it's a dangerous road to go down. you shouldn't accuse people of
6:34 pm
that unless you know for sure. he doesn't know what's in their heart of hearts. it's based on ideology. they stood up because they don't like obama care. as misguided as i think it is, they don't like it. it's what ted cruz's big crew said has been about and will continue to be about. >> professor, many people are home saying listen, members of the tea party and who some people see a racist element to the tea party and the republican tent, sometimes. they will say, listen, if he represents those people in effect, what he's saying is racism. >> well, again, it's part of the electorate. it is too simplistic to say that's really what's driving most legislatures the republicans are standing for something bigger. they are attempting to put a fiscal straight jacket on the government.
6:35 pm
in some ways, i think they succeeded. it's an element of tea party conservatism. it doesn't capture what it's about. you can go to the mid-1990s and hear similar things against bill clinton, which was equally fierce and hostile with his domestic programs. i think we need to look more broadly to understand what the right is about. >> i want to move on amy, but you are nodding your head. people forget how much bill clinton was hated. oh my gosh, the right hated him. >> let's take a little short stroll down memory lane. >> as much, if it more than president barack obama. they may have hated hillary clinton more and she wasn't in office. >> let's talk about biden, paul ryan. how will the shutdown affect candidates in 2016? let's talk about ted cruz and
6:36 pm
his strategy. amy? >> he is a tea party darling. his popularity has only increased over the shutdown showdown. in terms of gop popularity, it's benefited ted cruz. i'm not sure it benefits him generally in seeking the presidency. >> what about paul ryan? >> he stayed low key on this until the end. i think paul ryan is a policy walk. he knows the budget details. i think we'll see paul ryan's star rise as we move to the debt ceiling negotiation and the budget deal. >> how does this affect their 2016, the people we mentioned here? >> republican governors are smiling because cruz and ryan, they are giving them a gift every time they do this. someone like chris christie looks more moderate and more to the center, even if he's not and looks better for a run in 2016. >> maria, democrats talked about hillary clinton, joe biden, i
6:37 pm
mean he was seen as frozen out of the talks with harry reid. any impact on his white house hopes? >> i don't think so because you are right, he wasn't front and center in this deal. i think, in general, you are going to have a lot of people who support joe biden, but will always say, he's going to wait and see what hillary clinton does. we don't know if that's true or not. then, of course, you have everyone who supports hillary clinton. i don't think she was affected by this one way or the other. she's been talking about how she is, you know, like the american people, she wants to come together to find solutions. today, she was at a rally for terry mcauliffe and said all the right things. i don't think it affected her one way or the other, except if she runs for president and she's running against the ted cruzes and rand pauls and marco rubios, there's going to be a big difference people will see in her favor. >> if i could, i would like to
6:38 pm
jump in and add hillary clinton took the opportunity to make a dig at joe biden saying he did not support the raid on osama bin laden. clearly, she's looking at the vice president as her 2016 rival. >> all right. >> it's never ending. >> she's in virginia right now. virginia's governor race. ken cuccinelli and terry mcauliffe. does it affect, you can raise your hand. raise your hand if there are wow cards i'm forgetting about. first virginia. >> yes. this benefited terry mcauliffe because of the federal workers in virginia furloughed. terry mcauliffe was benefited. >> professor, any wild cards? >> the wild card, i want to go to clinton for a second. the one way to hurt her in all this, generate some kind of disgust with the washington establishment, how washington is working, then it gives room to
6:39 pm
an outsider, a democratic governor to make a little play in 2016. she's a strong candidate, but she still represents washington. >> i can almost guarantee you that no democratic governor will jump in, if they think hillary clinton is going to. >> can we do the political po t point? >> can i just say, can we all agree -- can we all agree the biggest winner in this fiasco was the pandas and the panda cam and they can now kill us with their cuteness again? >> oh, gosh. thank you guys. this is an interesting discussion. thank you. want to have you all back, loved it. >> thanks, don. we have to talk about a serious story now. a 2-year-old son of one of the nfls biggest stars dies. it was a son he didn't know existed until a few months ago. was his reaction appropriate?
6:40 pm
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[ male announcer ] over time, you've come to realize... [ starter ] ready! [ starting gun goes off ] [ male announcer ] it's less of a race... yeah! [ male announcer ] and more of a journey. keep going strong. and as you look for a medicare supplement insurance plan... expect the same kind of commitment you demand of yourself. aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. everyone, i want you to sit down and listen to the next conversation. itis a serious one and one we need to have as a country. we have a couple parenting topics to tackle that made headlines and captured attention. the death of an nfl football players 2-year-old son. and second, turn the idea of
6:43 pm
traditional parenting upside down. the death of adrian peterson's son. he's a runningback for the minnesota vikings. here is what peterson had to say earlier this week. >> i'm standing strong. i am. you know, you know, my main focus has been on, you know, just my son and, you know, his mother. their family down there in sioux falls and just trying to wrap my head around things. trying to stay focused and play ball as well. you know, so, you know, things have been tough but i can handle a lot, you know? like i said, i'm built for anything that comes my way. so, this, right here, will pass. >> i want to bring in human
6:44 pm
behavior expert wendy walsh to talk about this and bring back amy holmes with this is a topic amy and i had as we were at an event earlier this week. wendy, what do you make of the reaction to his son's death? >> it's interesting, of course he's going through trauma. he just discovered he had a son. this death, you know, is not unknown in the history of our species, don. you know, we gather for hundreds of thousands of years. men were needed for protection of their offspring. males, the first thing they do is try to kill the infants and toddlers to have access to the females. this is in our vains, but so many guys are not around to do the protection piece. >> aaron peterson is the known person. excuse me, adrian peterson is
6:45 pm
the person known here. we talk about it. this happens all the time. we don't talk about it. it happens with parents who don't have headliner names. >> right. >> what do you make of his reaction? again, we are not beating up on single parents or adrian peterson. there was a level of responsibility not here. >> i don't want to beat up on fathers not in the home. what was troubling to me is the more we learn about it, we learn this football player has multiple children by multiple women and he doesn't spend time with them. he's not aware of what's going on in the household. i'm sure dr. wendy can speak to this. there are piles of data, children in single parents households are more vol vulnerable to abuse. this football player, through
6:46 pm
his irresponsibility behavior is bringing kids into the world that as the doctor said, he's not protecting. >> here's the thing -- >> a check is not enough, by the way. >> no. >> exactly, a check is not enough. >> a check is not enough. this, for some reason morphed into because i spoke about it on the radio show. this became, i don't know how, a racial issue. this is not about black and white. adrian peterson just happened to be a man of color. there are men of all colors who had the same sort of behavior. it's not a black nor whitish shoe. >> it's about children being brought into this world and they need parents looking after them. as i say, a check is not enough. >> wendy, here is the interesting thing. i am the product of a single parent, a mother. i was also abused as a kid. i have insight on this. my mother says to me, to this day,itis not her fought, i don't
6:47 pm
blame my moth ere. she says i wish i could have been around more. i was out working. perhaps it would not have happened to you or if your father was there. my father died when i was a young boy. if your father would have been there, you know what mom, i don't blame you, but i agree, had my parents been there, i probably would not have been molested as a child. >> it's important to remember that this idea of a traditional nuclear family with two adults both bilogically related to the offspring in the household is a new development. it came when we adopted farming and had to sit still. women and men parented in large groups of what ant poll gists called aloe parents. many people who had a biological interest in the child. part of the modern capitalism is
6:48 pm
tearing away these important infrastructures that protected children for generations. although you have a lovely adoptive father, i think there are amaze zing stepfathers out there, i want to say the statistics bear out, if a child, one of the most dangerous places for a child to live in america is in a home with a nonbilogically related male. eight times higher whether it's sexual, emotional or physical abuse. we have to move on. before we go to break, i want to get to this. why did this, wendy, all of a sudden become about race? i don't understand that. >> well, in the african-american community, you see it's more of a matriarchal culture. women tend to be head of households. that, historically is because the traditional black nuclear family was always under attack
6:49 pm
by the system. babies were first torn out of mother's arms and sold to slave traders. later on, social welfare only went to single mothers, not intact families. i can see pulling race, but this is a social class problem where parenting and marriage are two distinct concepts. now we are seeing in america, don, 44% of american babies are born out of wedlock. the middle classes are now reflecting the lower classes. >> instead of combined, marriage and parenting are two separate things. amy, thank you so much for sticking around, i appreciate that. wendy, don't go away. i want to talk to you about another topic coming up. there's a new law that turns parents upside down. as your life changes, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way,
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we have been talk about raising kids, wendy walsh is with us. the new parenting law in california, what is this about? three parents? >> it's a really exciting law, don. it was passed last week. it basically says instead of a
6:54 pm
child perhaps a child in a stepparent family having to choose between their biological parent and the new adoptive father or mother, they can add on a parent. the law also benefits same-sex couple who may have a biological interest. people who donated an egg or sperm who want to care about their well being. they can become a legal parent. if you want to become parent to by daughters, you can sign on. >> i already feel like an uncle. stages here. what are some of the challenges you see with this, wendy? >> you know, i don't, except that those who believe, who have a traditional idea that, again, is recent in our evolution, that a family should only be one man, one woman, they should be heterosexual and the baby linked to them. that doesn't represent many
6:55 pm
people in america anymore with all the blended families and divorces and various sexualities. we are seeing a big range of families. it's actually more normal to our species. let's make it legal. have people sign on saying i care about the welfare children. >> thank you. i appreciate that. see you next time. >> thank you. senator ted cruz speaking out for the first time since the shutdown ended. you are not going to believe what he told cnn exclusively. from did you know more coffee drinkers prefer the taste of gevalia house blend over the taste of starbucks house blend? not that we like tooting our own horn but... ♪ toot toot. [ male announcer ] find gevalia in the coffee aisle or at [ male anmake my marknd gevalia i wawith pride.ork.e
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. hello, i'm don lemon. the breaking news. remember the two former inmate that is got out from a technicality from a florida prison, we are learning they have been caught. they have been caught without incident. their names are charles walker and joseph jenkins. they had been spending time in the last few weeks with their
6:59 pm
families. they have even been going to church in orlando. they have been visiting their grandparents and now we are hearing that the men who may not have been in hiding for that long, just the last couple days have been caught without incident. this is just into cnn from panama city, florida. the florida department of law enforcement arrested escaped inmates. charles walker and joseph jenkins, both 34. we are told the fugitives were found at the coconut grove motor inn in panama city, florida, around 6:40 p.m. and apprehe apprehended. nick valencia has been covering the story for us. he joins us with new information. what can you tell us? >> don, i just got off the phone with the florida department of law enforcement and she tells me both of the escaped convicts that have been on the loose, one since september 27th
9:10 pm
should i wave?


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