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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  November 5, 2012 10:00am-10:30am PST

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is a sunset over a mountaintop. and then two hookers show up, and they start dry-humpin' the mountaintop and suckin' it, and-- thank you very much, that's all for me. captioning made possible by comedy central. captioned by mccaptioning services >> from comedy central world news headquarters in new york this is the daily show with jon stewart. (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: welcome to the daily show, my name is jon stewart. oh, our guest tonight, a good one, tv journalist, co-founder the bob woodruff foundation, bob woodruff, he'll be joining us. now obviously new york still
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reeling from the affects of the superstorm this whole region. things are getting back to normal in small measures. this morning, in fact, crazy person was outside my window yelling we're all going to die! and it was mayor bloomberg was-- it was him. (laughter) and he wasn't talking about the storm. he was talking about transfats. (laughter) but so everything seems to be coming around. (laughter) i'm actually so proud of this area. still very thankful to be in soggy portion we areless new york. because, and this is true, you have to keep perspective n someplaces in this country, it's even worse. >> the candidates are spending so much time here it's as if they are running for president of ohio. >> residents are facing a daily onslaught of campaign ads, news stories, robo calls and mailers. >> you can imagine the hellish post apocalyptic reality where all you see are political ads? (laughter) >> jon: imagine it?
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i wrote a screenplay about it. clevelandfield. (laughter) jk an rams. sandy has devastated our region but at least we don't live in swing state hell ! (cheers and applause) that's sad that is what we did in this building here with the electricity that we have. (laughter) people downtown are drinking their own urine and we're up here. for whatever reason both campaigns have crunched the numbers, studied this election's metrics and
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decided that the only electoral votes of consequence in 2012 are the 18 that reside in the great state of ohio. while the rest of us are free to pursue work, family, recreation, ohioans must reconcile their role as this year's --. >> there's more money being spent on political ads in ohio than in any other state. 181 million dollars so far, in columbus, more than 6600 ads just this month. that's 333 a day. for sue and jack mckittrick of dublin, ohio, the barrage begins before day break. she's undecided. he support as romney. >> the ads are continuously from 5:00 in the morning until we go to bed at night. >> jon: and that's when the dream ads start. (laughter) are you happy o bama and romney! you're killing the mckittricks! you know they just got
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married three months ago. (laughter) and now look at them! they're in their mid 20s. you're killing them! (cheers and applause) these ohio political ads zap your youth, they drain your vigor. out of the same hole they used to zap your youth. the cloaca i think it's called. >> obama took gm and chrysler into bankruptcy and sold chrysler to italians who are going to build jeeps in china. (laughter) >> jon: sold chrysler to italians what, we're afraid of italians now? >> if obama wins, it will be the pope deciding what you drive. (laughter) one day they're ruining our car companies, the next day they'll be kissing our daughters with their
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garlicky lips. (laughter) by the way, apparently the classic italians are going to move american jeeps making jobs to china. why you say these things, mitt romney. kuz now i gotta makea the nice people of ohio say another ad saying that's [bleep]. >> after romney's false claim of jeep outsourcing to china chrysler itself has refuted romney's lie. >> jon: how out there is mitt romney, i a car company, the people who convince you you need the undercoating are coming after him for his dishonesty. (laughter) you might say well hey, why don't they just turn off the tv and leave the house and live their life. >> because you can't hide, because the candidates are [bleep] everywhere. >> it's goods nobody toldo, ohio. >> thank you so much, lebanon. >> youngstown. >> bowling green. >> cleveland. >> hamilton. >> portsmouth. >> zainesville.
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>> hello cincinnati! (laughter) >> jon: hello normalton, middlesberg, averageville, each undecided independent votersburry. vagisil, compton, i don't-- sitting through the policy speeches, that's one thing. but it's the relating to you. the never ending incessant relating to you. >> our part of wisconsin is just like this part of ohio. >> this looks just like where i come from. toledo and janesville have a lot in kmon. >> janesville is not that different from zainesville. >> where i come from. >> it's so similar to right here in new philadelphia. >> one of my best friends is from ago ron. >> oh, really? -- . >> jon: one of my best friends is from akron. i would let my daughter go out with someone from akron. well, if that was true with you would know that they prefer to be called akro-americans. (laughter) but don't let me interrupt your forced fun.
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>> o-h. >> i-o. >> o-h. >> io. >> oh reason io reason god i love that that's so fun. >> jon: yeah, it's not that fun. you yell two letters at them, and then they yell two back. and one of them is the same letter. (laughter) our city has got a way better call and response thing. new york! [bleep] yourself. >> for more we go out to wyatt cenac reporting from a secure underground bunker in youngstown, ohio. wyatt, talk about how people in ohio are surviving? is there any way for ohioans to avoid these ads? >> jon, the advertising onslaught here has been devastating. obviously we have taken shelter in this underground bunker but from what i have been hearing on the outside, tragically almost 99% of the population here in ohio still has electricity.
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it's horrible. >> jon: have authorities said when they might cut power and get some relief to these folks? >> well, they've been promised relief by wednesday, but who knows. i mean electoral college ties, win the popular vote. >> jon: a nightmare scenario, it is a tragic, tragic situation. >> it's not all bad, jon. there is a real sense of community out here amongst the suffering. i mean neighbors are helping neighbors stack sand bags to hold back the campaign ad onslaught. >> jon: all right. >> huddling together around wi-fi dead spots. (laughter) >> jon: some just to avoid getting phone calls have even taken the extreme measures of switching to at&t. >> jon: oh dear lord! oh my-- oh my god! oh my god -- >> but jon. >> jon: it's like they are not even living in a society! >> no, no but know what, even when the tv ads subside t will take a long time to
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clean up the debris covering the state. >> jon: is there any way to just avoid the ads? >> no, they're everywhere. last night i was fast forwarding through commercials and it still didn't help. (laughter) obama's making jeeps in china, jerry! >> jon: wyatt, i think an evackiation order has to be issued. these people need to evacuate. >> where do they vackiation, jon, pennsylvania, michigan? >> jon: maybe. >> no-- . >> jon: i understand. >> sorry, it's tough to breathe in that bunker. >> jon: the oxygen in that budget certificate terrible. >> totally. >> jon: wyatt, are you in a bunker, the oxygen gets bad. >> would you think somebody would febreze this place. >> jon: i know. why can't they-- why can't they-- oh, you know what, i saw they had water down there. (laughter)
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>> holy crap there's water in here. >> jon: i bet there is water in the budgeter. >> there's water in here oh, come down with that water. (laughter) i threw it on a shelf, i think there was a shelf there. >> jon: it just fell off the-- (laughter) so-- so getting back to this --. >> i mean they can't go to mitch pitch if that is what you were suggested. >> jon: oh, right, michigan, amish country is nearby. >> oh, yeah, like those guys don't take super pac money. >> jon: wyatt cenac, everybody.
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>> jon: welcome back. thank you. in the midst of an ugly election season one might forget there remains a place where democracy remains clean and cool. middle school. john olver and jason jones decided it had to be stopped. tonight we bring you part two. >> previously on the strategist john and jason each took 1/8 grade presidential can dt and provided them way modern
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political campaign. as the frantic first few days of the campaign drew to a close there was some minor administrative issues to resolve. >> they are coming in closed, pollsters, my salary, it does come to $5,105.67. >> what is the warchest? >> sorry? >> warchest, money. what funds have we got? >> i don't have any. >> you have no money? >> no. >> dow mind just putting your hands over your ears for a second. >> sure. >> just really tight. >> [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]. >> there was no money and a 25 year campaign veteran mark o'hara knows that is a problem. >> if you are's very, very good at raising money, you don't really have to be very good at anything else. >> and if you can't raise money. >> you're [bleep]. >> so jason and lauryn immediately hit the phones to cold call loved ones and
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bleed them dry. >> hello. >> mom, it's lauryn. >> hi, hon, what's up. >> we're trying to fund raise for the campaign. >> okay. how i can help? >> so we were wondering if we could have $1,000. >> $1,000? what are you going to use $1,000 for? >> to win. >> no, you had it wrong. you can't buy a campaign. you have to win on your own. >> quit being so naive. >> naive? i'm telling-- who is telling to you buy a campaign. >> we got to g all right, bye. >> meanwhile across town kyle was about to entertain his top donors at a private fund-raiser. >> okay, we've got 15 of your key donors out there. this is important. 5.99 a plate, sold. what we learned one. >> start off with a joke. >> good. two. >> give them red meat. >> exactly and three don't
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say [bleep], go get them. >> thank you, all for being here. if i go to any more of these fund-raisers i'm going to get fat. >> the fund-raiser was a huge success. but there's always a dang never your candidate becoming too comfortable. >> so look, 47% of the school is to the going to vote for me. they're lame and dwee b's and addicted to being dwee b's and i'm to the going to worry about it. >> have seen this thing? 400 hits already. it's blowing up. >> we're not using that. >> probably didn't mean anything of it. i mean -- >> okay, okay. stay positive. girls, have you seen this? look at kyle, he's calling you all dwee b's. >> oh my god. >> negative campaigning works. and anybody in my industry who tells you different doesn't know what the [bleep] they're talking about. >> and that's the negativity began. >> oh [bleep], oh [bleep].
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>> the hostility was threatening to spill over and sadly it did. during an appearance the strategists made on the school's top rated news program. >> hi, i'm with wcms news here with john olver and jason jones, campaign strategists. hi, jason, how is the campaign going. >> well, nina, first of all, thank you so much for having me here. >> nina can i jump in for a second because the toxic tone of this campaign has been a disgrace. >> what mr. oliver, my good friend is -- >> is demonstrating here. >> that is not reflective 6 the-- . >> is the liberal definition. >> that you have been -- >> of ironic. >> and this is the kind of -- >> democracy deserves better. >> every -- >> a unifying -- >> what is happening. >> let me tell you. >> absolutely disgusting. >> i'm sorry lauryn -- >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> the tone of this campaign so far. >> that's all we have time for today. thanks for watching. and thank you for coming.
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>> next time on the strategist, the attacks get personal. >> lauryn? guess what i have. boom. >> how do you allow yourself to get photographed maked it in a bathtub? >> jas
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>> welcome back, my guest tonight abc news
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correspondent is the co-founder the bob woodruff foundation, the benefit stand up for heroes november 8th in new york city, please welcome back to the program bob woodruff. (cheers and applause) ho are you? >> thank you for clapping. >> thank you for being here. >> that's pretty rare. let me ask you first and foremost. how are doing with the power outages, with the hurricane, are you survivoring, do you have power. >> no, we don't have po we were. they think it might be about two more weeks is what i heard. they said between a couple days or two weeks. >> we have, look how many flights i have up here. we are-- i'm sitting in the studio, look behind me, look at that. >> are you spoil. >> jon: lock at that screen is like from the museum of natural history. >> they misspelled that one. >> we're at a drive-in. >> jon: well, hopefully things work out. but thank you once again.
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what a great charity organization this is, how many years now, what is this five? >> this is the sixth year. you have been involved i think most of them. >> jon: it's an excellent-- well you know, obviously the pay is terrific. that's why-- no, it is great. it always strikes me, this idea that we need charities to help soldiers once they're home from war. you never need charities to send-- you know there is never any let's raise money to bomb iran. like somehow we always have money for that but it's difficult to get money for this. >> well, and then our big fear that we've got now with the wars now winding down, are we still going to have people aware enough about what these guys are doing and what they are facing when they come back in the civilian world. that is the hope. and i think they are right now. but we are looking, iraq is now overish. >> jon: right. >> and afghanistan is going to be over sometime the end of 2014. so we are already told the taliban when this thing going to be over.
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now hopefully americans will realize that this is going to be going on for the rest of our lives. >> jon: for hows-- thousands and thousands of men and women coming back with you are particularly work on brain injury, ptsd. the silent and inadviceable wounds as it were. >> yeah, those are hard to see. the visible ones you can. and then those that come back without really real issue in terms of mental health. but those coming back may find some work as well. we got probably hundreds of thousands are going to end their career within the military. and they need to find a long-term career when they get back. but these guys come back. they need us. >> jon: and the ptsd, what are the percentages of people that you find, and these are just the people that will come to get help. what have you heard from the type of numbers that you are talking about. >> you're talking well in the 600,000 plus, about that. >> jon: right. >> up 20, 25% is the number that we generally heard about. you know, it's hard to
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identify some of those as well. >> right. >> that's what they think. these are multiple deployments. these guys go over. they're not here for one deployment. i know guys over there on their 13th deployment. these guys are special opposite, shorter term deployments. but they just, they come home and they don't know exactly if they are going back again. and that's creating problems and they can't adjust. >> jon: the ptsd, too, you know, are they in a sort of a catch-22 in that if they seek help for ptsd does that then label them and make it almost more difficult for them once they get the help that they need, that they deserve, does that then put a stigma on them and how do you he raise that and work with that with employers and other people who my think these guys are ptsd when it is just a natural process. >> the stigma is still there. that was really bad in the beginning when the start, they almost assumed no one even knew what a ptsd was, or that they thought it was wimpy to be coming back and claiming that you have ptsd. but now it certainly as much more t is easier to deal
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with. but in terms of employers, they have some concerns about ptsz because they aren't really able to predict what they will be like once they get hired. but every time i know somebody with experience that do that kind of help, these guys, they are really blown away by how disciplined the guys when they come back. >> jon: the businesses that we work with that have hired veterans that have had say exemplary, like their work ethic, it's difficult to translate their army experience, their war experience to almost write a resume for civilian life even though they have all the skills and have done all the things and can do them very well. >> that's the thing. if we get somebody who is in the business that they are to give them sol mentorship. and that is what we are doing now. >> jon: a mentoring program. >> right to try to get people just to teach them about what they need in terms of skill. how to do the resume, intervows, et cetera. but also to connect them with their connection. because all of us know a million people and every industry, and if someone comes back and says we want to go into x, y, we can find someone.
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>> stephen: . >> jon: you know a million people, are you on facebook, that's exciting. tell me about the show t say big line-up this year. bruins springsteen fellow which i hear good things about. >> some great come tear, ricky gervais will be there. >> we have got you. >> jon: nonmayer, little robin williams. >> you will watch this thing live as it is going on. >> jon: if you have power. >> if you have power-- (cheers and applause) >> jon: you're a good man. >> i can say one thing, he is a big supporter so he will buy you a generate ferr you don't have lech tris sit so watch this thing on thursday. >> jon: you should watch it, a great show. bob woodruff, ladies and gentlemen, thank you
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