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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  November 9, 2012 1:00am-1:30am PST

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♪ hey, it's fluffy! captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: welcome to the daily show, my name is jon stewart, tonight we have good guest, director-- director and star of brooklyn castle. the fascinating documentary about chess champions in an intermediate school in the city. i give it six pawns up, i don't know chess. so rooks? i'm an idiot.
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let's start tonight with the election. you know the election that just ended and the one you don't ever really want to hear about again, that one. presidential elections are never just about voting on who gets to run naked through the white house in the middle of the night. i'm looking at you, eisenhower. (laughter) somebody's been working out. it's also about ballot referendums, referenda-- ballo ballots-- if you are talking about ballot initiatives you have to talk california. a state that loves referendums even more than it does putting avocados on on things that it doesn't belong on. what is wrong with you people, that is a cheese steak, why would you mut avocado on a cheese stake. what did they vote, a tax exempt stat to us weirdoes on the bourd walk with snakes on a shoulder, cupcakes must have at least 3% kale. >> dmal call voters agreed to pay more in sales tax and more in income tax for high
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earners to help close what governor jerry brown calls a $34 billion state budget cap. >> oh. california actually deciding to start trying to pay for some of the [bleep] they want to do. my baby's growing up. (laughter) any other referendum. >> 53% of california voters rejected a referendum that would have abolished the death penalty. >> what's up, california. paying your bills, thinning the herd. you are your turning into your dad! next thing you know everybody is going to have to wear a condom in california. >> this los angeles voters decided it that male porn stars must wear condoms during filming. (laughter) so in los angeles you guys focus group everything?
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are all porn decisions community-based. should the music in porn have so much bass. are we doing too many scenes out by the pool, yes or no. how many guys have to be there before the scene starts to feel a little bit gay. more or less than five. (applause) of course, it is less than five-- of course for the most nuanced take on this issue you really need to tune into that new show a cross-section of adult women giggle about sex. i'm sorry, that is my tivo's program decision, i meant the view. >> i thought this one would interest you. required use of condoms in porn movies. los angeles -- >> wait a minute. >> no, no, not in the movie theatre-- barbara! are you having sex in the movie theatres? (laughter) i don't know what i -- >> oh, i think you know exactly what-- (laughter) you mintion.
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let me reassure you, miss walters you can still continue to have your unprotected movie theatre sex. (laughter) make sure no one is filming it if you don't want to break the law. but there was one other issue burning up ballots in several states, actually hang on a second. let me just-- okay, yeah, here we go. roll the clip. >> voters in washington state and colorado approved ballot initiatives legalizing marijuana for recreational use. (cheers and applause) >> i know my audience. (laughter) that's sad, the most excited i've seen them all day.
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two states voted to decriminalize marijuana use for recreation. no more prescriptions for acute sporadic social anxiety disorder. the news, brought mixed reaction starting in the consumer/enthusiast community. >> it means i'm going to smoke a lot of weed tonight. whooo! (laughter) >> jon: yes, and by the way, what would it mean if you had lost the referendum. >> it means i'm going to smoke a lot of weed tonight. whooo! (applause) >> jon: and what would it mean if the broncos beat the panthers on sunday. >> it means i'm going to smoke a lot of weed tonight. whooo! (laughter) >> jon: what would it mean if-- gravity was still an effect on earth. >> it means i'm going to smoke a lot of weed tonight. whooo! >> jon: he's consistent. within the media it was a tale of two an kers. i'm going to play you both anchors discussing the story. see if you can find the
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narc. >> the governor of colorado issued a statement saying it's still illegal in the eyes of federal law so pot smokers shouldn't break out the cheetoes or goldfish too quickly. i'm sure that pot smokers know what he meant there. >> i guess they don't have entenmanns out there. >> i'm just going to take a guess, i have heard the term munchies before. >> what happened to malomars, was that no good any more? (applause) >> jon: look at williams. williams is going full metal stoner on this. (laughter) >> lester, you have heard anything about getting two legos and putting ice cream between those things and just-- (laughter) so the narc is clearly not brian williams. or maybe it is, we won't know until we see his competition. >> what do we say to the parents and kids and that is a whole other debate. >> what is to keep somebody from getting potted up on weed and getting behind the wheel? (laughter)
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>> jon: i believe we have our narc. come on, steve, be cool, it's weeded up on pot. i just imagine him, what are you-- are you gifs potting ! (laughter) the most amazing thing about this story is how much just talking about a marijuana story gives news anchors the giggles. >> colorado is about to give new meaning to the term rockie mountain high. >> a good night for pot smokers. there were several-- there were several initiatives on the ballot. >> what states have gone to pot there, williams. >> high times in colorado. >> they are getting high rockie mountain style. >> chief and chong rejoice, dowd where's my pot. >> the kids have the two bong hit lunch. whatever a bong is. >> they might end up doing that anyways. >> yeah, what's a bong. >> jon: did you hear that be, what say bong. 6 course she doesn't know what a bong is, you condition sniff it off off a
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hooker's teet, it ain't worth know approximating about. but actually-- the legallization of marijuana is a serious issue. it's got major ram any situation-- ram m mi-- ramifications for america's failed war on drugs. aling takes us through the new law and what this means. >> jon, i'm here in the mile high city, capital of what just became the mile high state. whatever that means. all this pot jargon is foreign to me. pass the dutchie on the left-hand side? i mean why don't they pass it on the right hand side. i don't know. i've never smoked pot. 4r56 (laughter) >> jon: settle down with the word play and tell us about the referendum. >> fine, we'll do it your way. as of tuesday in colorado you can now carry without penalty up to an ounce of recreational marijuana. however much that is. i don't know. is that a lot? i don't smoke pot or have a basic understanding of second grade level weights and measures.
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(laughter) >> jon: i can tell you how much an ounce is, it is enough to send you a jail for up to five years in florida. >> sounds like florida could use a reefer ren dumb of their own. since they can't vote with a felony conviction on the record. whatever that means. munchies, cotton mouth. >> jon: it's not funny, anchors are making a joke about pot, it's kind of cute how they used to smoke pot but now they don't. even though nearly half of american teenager smoked pot but only certain get arrested and have their lives ruined. disproportional leith hurts people of color. simple possession people in colorado. >> yeah, but you have read those incarceration stats on weed? >> jon: it nice, look, we spent $8 billion a year locking people up for marijuana. >> very true, in fact i met two victims of these draconian laws. >> jon: good. >> nonviolent offenders brutally arrested for
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tocquing just the tiny bit of labrador which i'm guessing is some sort of narcotic. >> jon: there is no way will you cover this story seriously, is there. >> look this is how we do tv news, jon. you want a well researched report on climate change or you want footage of me on a windbreaker on the beach clinging to a lamppost while waves tickle me ass? huh? >> jon: lamppost. >> damn right you want the lamppost. now if you will excuse me, i have to join some guys for a vaporizer session. which i believe is a new way of getting potted up. >> jon: thank you very much. we'll be right back. i didn't sh%mm
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>> jon: welcome back. tuesday night, election night. big victory for president obama. for more on the ramification for election night we turn to john oliver. >> thank you, jon, thank you. (cheers and applause) >> i think everyone watching tuesday night can agree on one thing, the president [bleep] up, jon. i mean he [bleep] up. (laughter) >> jon: that's your-- what are you telling, he was re-elected. >> exactly. you think he was expecting that? of course not. 16 trillion dollars in debt.
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7.9% unemployment, i'm sure he wanted no part of that [bleep] pie. in fact, i'm even more sure that obama was looking forward to watching president romney having to choke it down for him. >> jon: you're telling me obama was planning to lose to romney. >> i don't know about planning to lose but he was sure as hell trying to, two words, jon, first debate. two more, in denver. they provide some contest to the first two words. >> jon: you are saying obama took a dive. >> of course he took a dive, of course he did. >> jon: in denver he took a dive you're saying he took a dive. >> exactly we said it four times together. the point is obama is a smart man, jon. and a notoriously brilliant speaker. you don't seriously think that spending a couple of hours sleeply looking at his hands was the best codo. you know that piece of paper he kept looking down at during the debate, all it said was just keep blowing this, keep blowing it. >> jon: but why, why would he do that? when --
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>> fiscal cliff, jon, on december 31st if congress can't compromise on a budget something that they have single-handedly proven they are incapable of doing, we head over the fiscal cliff and the entire economy explodes. you think obama and biden want to be our economy they will ma and louise? you get it, they will ma and louise, jon, remember they hold each other's hands and drive over a cliff. >> jon: oh, [bleep] sake, spoiler alert. >> spoiler, 1991. >> jon: don't say a word about steel magazine knollias. >> shelby dies. >> jon: what! >> romney was too smart. he knew that no president had ever been re-elected with this terrible an economy. so if romney was going lose he was going to have to go in big, thus we all enjoyed the most deceitful and unlikeable campaign in modern times. >> jon: romney did pull that off. he did do that. >> he did. there is kind of making sense to me now. it makes much more sense rz romney was trying to blow
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it. >> obama like any new president has to deal with the upper deck their his predecessor left in the root velt bathroom on his way out except this time his predecessor is himself. >> jon: he is blooep wlooepness-- [bleep]. >> it is much worse than that, he is [bleep]. >> jon: john olver, everybody. [bleep] hehe ,x+ c4-x!í!í!írg,x-xh0d(#tkid -) a $ "@6cdr$erfa 
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(cheers and applause) j&j welcome back, my guest
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the director, he is one of the subject of a new documentary film called brooklyn castle. >> the american dream. >> some people compare to us the yankees in chess because we've won some of, so it makes disappointment harsher. >> how did you do? >> you don't what to have to face that. >> it would be a shame because of some corrupt banker ruining the economy that our kids couldn't go on the trip. >> as your school president my primary goal is to restore money lost from the budget cut. >> please welcome katie and pobo. nice to see you. how are you. >> good. >> jon: an incredible story. thank you both for being here this is is 318.
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>> uh-huh. >> jon: and it has more chess championships than any interpediat school ever. >> ever. >> jon: ever, ever, ever and decide to make a film there, and while you are filming the budget gets cut. >> yeah so, we started shooting and the school was in really good shape. they had all their money to go to tall their tournaments and then i got a call from the principal telling me our budget got slashed by a million dollars and i don't know if we will get to go to all the tournaments qz public school. >> in brooklyn. >> jon: one of the best things at this public school. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. >> jon: let me just quickly before we go any further. all right. we'll keep talking while you make a move. >> all right. >> jon: so how did you get involved. did you know much about chess when you went to that school, did you go to that school for the chess program. >> i went there a lot, when i was young i began playing chess when i was nine years old and in the fourth grade. and so i had an idea about
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the game and i knew a lot about the game when i came into 318. when i was young competed against 318 was kind like you always used to call them the evil school. they always used to beat us. >> jon: the evil empire, like the yankees, difficult to beat. >> the yankees are not evil empire to me. >> jon: on the met's fan, i'm going to go with evil empire. >> well, you know, and when i got to 318 i thought it was a magnificent school with a great program. and i fell in love with the teachers. and it was just great. >> jon: yeah, make your move. so let me ask you this, though. so you go there, and you're doing that, you're the president of the class. >> yes. >> jon: you refer to yourself as pobama. pobo. so you find yourself just after taking office in a huge fiscal disaster. >> yes. (applause) >> yes.
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>> jon: in many ways the same bequeathed to you by your predecessor who was-- what bush president 318 or no he wasn't. >> the year before he was. >> jon: that's what i'm saying. so when you're doing this, dow suddenly have to switch focus in your film. >> yeah, we didn't expect it at all. but we just rolled with it. because obviously now it was like this big thing that was happening and it was happening at schools everywhere. whether they went to tournaments or not any more wasn't as quite as important as just figuring out why the team was good. and what it was doing for the kids. and it was doing a lot for them. it was really up setting to find out they might not be able to go to all their tournaments. >> jon: what is so fascinating. the educational system, you know we talk some of about well now it's no child left behind and we teach to the text. as a student there is a program in this school that is clearly lighting up these children's hearts and minds. and bringing out the absolute best in them. >> uh-huh. >> jon: and the first thing we do in that situation is
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say well, that's the thing that has to go. you're cutting the vital appendage not the things and spending all that money for tests. how did that feel as a student. >> wow, first i was annoyed by the exams. (laughter) i thought it was a complete waste of time. and i said-- . >> jon: teaching to the test and all those sorts of things. >> my 8th grade teacher was not a teacher who taught to the test and the fact of the matter is that he was actually the best teacher i have ever had. >> jon: right, right, right. because teaching is an art form. >> it, it is. and i-- if there is any teacher i really respect teachers. (applause) >> jon: he doesn't know, he's only a student. >> i was being sarcastic. >> the teachers work very hard and they work so hard and for them to get targeted as being demonized as the problem for why our
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education is bad is absurd. the teachers are fabulous. and a lot of my teachers that i had, according to the city they are bad. but the fact of the matter is i love them. >> jon: because they're being now kraded on a criteria that is much more sort of arithmetic. >> very black and white. until i got into-- i never played chess and so to walk into a classroom -- -- (applause) >> jon: he's killing me over here, i thought i would go to you, she knows what she is doing. >> i learned something. i didn't know, to walk into i a classroom and see the chess teacher teaching chess and for me to be you know, to find it so interesting when hi no idea what she was talking about is another example of what a wonderful teacher she was and how, like, she was engaging kids in a way tau don't normally see. >> jon: what is so interesting about the films is you almost feel the life going on for these kids. you feel their passion. and you feel-- and you see
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the difference it makes. and it's heartbreaking when you think that's in jeopardy. >> people don't realize. like when are you looking at a piece of paper with budget lines. cut that, cut that. you don't know pobo, rocheel or justice or patrick or lexus and you don't realize. >> jon: people have to see. you moved on to high school wrchl are you at in high school. >> i'm at high school in queens. >> jon: that got a huge round of applause, right. people are-- what is that now, how many kid goes there. >> 3900. >> jon: 3900. >> yeah rz and. >> jon: and how many should go there. >> 2300. >> jon: and that's what is going on in the schools now. you have these incredibly intelligent passionate young people. it just, what you guys are doing is incredible. i give you all the respect in the world. >> thank you. >> jon: it's tremendous. the fill some great. i urge people to see. if you and i will continue this game as we go to commercial. brooklyn castle playing in select cities, opening in more on friday, throughout the month, katie and pobo,
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please go see this film. (cheers and applause) kuvouno.;ááááj/
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captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh >> jon: that's our show, join us next week at 11:00 when we all will have power an electricity and water and food. here it, your moment of zen. >> they keep playing something in my ear, some kind of weird bubbling sound. i don't know what that is supposed to indicate. >> i think from a bong, right, but i only know that from chief and chong.