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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  January 22, 2013 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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captioning sponsored by comedy central from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the daily show with jon stewart. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: welcome to the daily show. my name is jon stewart. the guest tonight, listen to this, settle down. supreme court justice, that's right, today on the show, supreme court... thank you very much -- supreme court justice sonnia sotomayor ( cheers and applause ) unless i believe she's coming out here.
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unless this is another elaborate hoax by manti te'o nemesis ronaiah tuiasosopo or as the germans refer to him (speaking nonsense). some of you may be surprised to see a supreme court justice here, one, because she is a sitting supreme court justice and two because this afternoon she was in washington administering the public oath of office to vice president biden. doesn't it look like biden just wants to high-five her? that is probably the hardest part of swearing in biden is explaining to him that you don't actually get to swear. "hey, hey, don't worry, sweetheart, i'll hold the [bleep] constitution. i swear. come on. give me one." justice sotomayor has been very busy. yesterday at 8:15 a.m. she did the official non-pageantry
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version of that ceremony the vice president >> the reason why it was so early is that justice seasonnia sotomayor had to get on to a train to get to new york city to sign a new book. she said she was trying to get to barnes and noble this afternoon >> jon: now that's fair. biden can get inaugurated any time but if the justice waits too long, there may not be a barns and noble anymore. boom! bricks and mortgage and slam. anyway, to the main event. >> the first lady and those new bangs >> jon: yes. it's a new haircut. it is difficult to pull off something fun and flirty at age appropriate. she does it. she does it. i'm not diminishing the significance of the hair. the point is this. first husband barack obama had his public oath administered today. remember when the two famously fumbled >> i will execute the office of president to the united states faithfully >> that i will execute the
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office... >> faithfully, the office of president of the united states >> the office of president of the united states faith fli sniem courteous, kind and forgiving. the president was nervous then. it's understandable. let's watch them do it again this time. while you're watching, imagine you're mitt romney >> that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states >> the office of president of the united states >> and will to the best of my ability. you know, romney is watching. i guarantee you it's one of the first times a devout mormon has ever used the fraiz, oh, [bleep]. of course mr. romney was not in attendance. there were stars aplenty. who better to spot them george stephanapolous. >> look at that crowd gathering now. morgan freeman, i think.
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right there on the capital steps. bill russell. i'm sorry. thank you, david remnick. >> jon: now. when george stephanapolous, in his defense, all tall people look alike to him. i see gray chin. i don't know. still for the rest of the morning, stephanapolous did a very good job. right here of course you have venus and serena williams coming in. over there is danny glover. , owe the dazzling miss hally brie looking fine and general colin powell and his girlfriend motown great diana ross and here's a treat nba hall of famer bill russell. the crowd loves 'em. and then, it was time for the main event. the president's second inaugural address. just as feared the president came out as a liberal.
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>> we will respond to the threat of climate change. our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. medicare and medicaid and social security. they do not make us a nation of takers. they free us to take the risks that make this country great >> jon: one last thing i want to make this clear. my health care plan is designed to kill your white grandparents. kill 'em dead. yep. thank you. we of course are focusing on today's coverage of events. we'll start with jessica williams down at the capital. what did you think of the speech? >> hello, jon. jon, i loved it. okay. it was fresh. it was new. it was unexpected. yet very classy. you know, i thought the speech really helped frame the president's agenda. and an interesting and i think sexy -- probably not the right
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word -- but i'm going to say it anyway. in a sexy way >> jon: i get it. i'm assuming you're referring to your new bangs >> oh, jon, i'm not. what? oh, you mean my ba-b and. ba-bangs >> jon: it's a great new look. clearly the first lady... >> no, jon. the first lady. i've been sporting this for ages. >> jon: that's terrific. we'll go to al madrigal at the white house. he is going to help us. ( cheers and applause ) al madrigal. >> jon, with many of obama's closest advisors set to leave... >> jon: i'm sorry. i'm just going to interrupt you here. i think we're all slightly distracted by... >> by my b-b-b-b-bangs jon: yes, your b-b-b-bangs you don't like them?
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be honest. if you're not honest, we have nothing >> jon: honestly, al, it's not my favorite look for you >> so now i'm fat jon: i didn't say that. let's go out to jason jones. he is covering things from the conservative side. jason >> thank you, jon. the clear loser today, american values. i think that the america that i grew up... >> jon: jason, you're canadian. let me finish. that i grew up above. that america is gone. i don't care for this new b-b-b-bangs american. men can marry men. single women can get health insurance on preexisting conditions. what's next? polygamy and dread locks? where does it end >> jon: you're representing that viewpoint with rue mcclanahan's look?
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>> this is nancy reagan. how could you not have known that? rue wore floral print. >> i have to break in here jon: al this is an attack on a beautiful woman and one of her... one of my very dear friends michelle obama. you know what? i will not stand for it. >> madrigal campaign emails isn't friendship, pal >> shut up, nancy. not just campaign emails. we talk all the time on the phone, facebook. we've been close for three years after meeting on twitter. >> (laughing) oh, my god. jon: al, have you actually met the first lady in person? >> not in person but we're supposed to meet. she's on busy. >> jon: al, i think you've been held by hawaiian prankster ronaiah tuiasosopo >> no. i got ronaiah tuiasosopoed? no! >> wow, somebody looks like an idiot.
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>> jon: thanks, guys. b)%p
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welcome back. not only was today barack obama's inauguration, it was also martin luther king day. for his thoughts on this historic occasion we're joined by senior black correspondent morgan freeman.
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>> thanks, jim. that's okay. sorry. >> jon: i got it. wait. the president was inrawing ated today >> jon: yes, that's right i guess i was so busy being angry about having to work on martin luther king day, i didn't realize i was also missing the second inauguration of the first black president which now makes me even more angry. thanks, jon. >> jon: sorry. it's okay, jon. look, as long as we're celebrating dr. king's birthday, i would like to make one request. can we as a nation please, please stop using martin luther king as a prop in our own petty political arguments >> jon: you mean about race? no, jon. about everything. listen to what the chairman of national gun appreciation day said last week >> i believe gun appreciation day honors the legacy of dr. king. i think he would agree with me if he were alive today.
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>> let me stop you right there. he is not alive today. now what was it that killed him? i don't know, jon. was it diabetes? >> jon: i don't think so sandwich choke maybe? mauled by lions on the porch of a memphis hotel? i don't know. >> jon: i don't think that was it >> you were talking about dr. king. >> he would agree with me if he were alive today. that if african-americans had been given the right to keep and bear arms from day one of the country's founding, perhaps slavery might not have been a chapter in our history. >> slavery wouldn't have been a chapter. it would have been oppressive. followed by the chapter entitled all the black people are dead. now who is going to build the country? >> jon: you believe martin luther king would have favored gun control >> absolutely yes jon: why would you say that? on second thought, no, he
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wouldn't snop okay. why would you say that? >> wait, wait. yeah, he would. i'm just [bleep] with you, jon. i have no idea. how am i supposed to know? dr. king is dead. okay. you don't get to use him as your imaginary black yes man. >> jon: i guess it's because martin luther king is held up as a symbol of an unasalable good so people try to make him... >> jon, i understand. that doesn't mean you can use him to endorse everything you happen to like. you don't like porn? you know who loves. porn? martin luther king >> jon: i remember his letters to pent house from the birmingham jail. are people being really that specific with king's likes and dislikes? >> yes, jon. this arizona congressman thinks he knows what m.l.k. hated >> every day, mr. speaker, almost 1500 unborn black
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children are aborted. mr. speaker, i have every conviction that if he were alive today, the rev. martin luther king would not be silent in the face of such an outrage. >> i think it's an outrage that your state spent ten years fighting to not observe dr. king's birthday. oh, and [bleep] you, arizona. >> jon: if i'm not mistaken, i believe [bleep] you arizona is the state motto of nevada. >> i didn't know that. very interesting, jon. very informative, thank you, jon. look, jon, if we are to believe the pundits, martin luther king would be in only pro-life pro gun to occupy wall street rallies. remember occupy wall street? >> jon: sort of. if martin luther king were alive today he would be here
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standing with these folks >> if only those occupy folks could have had a living, breathing civil lenl end there with them. oh, wait. they did. john lewis m.l.a.k.'s still alive friend and colleague was right there. hmmm. how did that go? >> congressman and civil rights icon john lewis showed up but they refused to let him speak. >> in which no singular human being >> in which no singular human being is inherently more valuable than any other human being. >> jon: i don't know what to say i'm shocked, jon. they missed a great chance to ask him what martin luther king would think of their movement. we can make king endorse whatever we want. have you seen the commercial are
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hologram m.l.k. has a dream about telecommunications before >> before you can inspire... we hold these truths to be self-evident >> ... you must first connect and the company that connects more of the world is a leader in communication network >> i may not get to the mountain top of the wi-fi but i will be free at last. >> jon: nicely done. 'll we'll l1
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( cheers and applause ) >> jon: welcome back. my guest tonight is a united states supreme court justice. please welcome to the practice justice sonia sotomayor. ( applause ) there you go. ( cheers and applause ) thank you for joining us. how are you? >> i'm fine. jon: thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. jon: please. i appreciate the book by the way is called my beloved world. first of all, you must be exhausted two days of inaugural festivities. you swore in the vice president. >> yesterday? jon: yesterday and today. jon: will you do it again tomorrow until it takes? how many times?
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talk about as in your book you're a kid from the bronx. you come out of nothing. and there you are. sitting at the inauguration of the president of the united states and swearing in the vice president of the united states. what are the emotions that go through your mind in that moment? >> it is the most ethereal moment in the world. it's almost like an out of body experience. you're almost looking at yourself from above your head down. and you're hoping that nobody pinches you because you don't want to wake up. >> jon: let me ask you this. which of the other justices would be the pincher? you don't have to answer. you don't have to answer. >> (laughing) jon: i'm just going to go through a list. is there... do you have a moment to reflect back on growing up because your childhood by any estimation was a difficult one, was one that you had to overcome an awful lot of obstacles. is that at the forefront of your
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mind or is it still just foundational in your being? >> still foundational. but, you know, the last three-and-a-half years since i was nominated to the court and then appointed have been a sort of magical ride. when you're thrust into sort of a world stage, as i have been, you start getting a little afraid of losing not the foundation -- because that's a part of you -- but losing connection to the depths of that foundation. caught up in the world of this new life. i didn't want to do that. that's why i made time to write this book. really the primary purpose of the book was to remember the real sonia. >> jon: right and to have something to remind me of it as i was moving forward.
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so it is a part of me. it's so fundamental to who i am. the child i grew up being. but there's also new experiences i'm incorporating, but i don't want to lose track of sonia >> jon: it would be interesting to read justice roberts' disse dissent. >> (laughing). i was hoping for a unanimous decision. >> jon: you never know. of all the experiences that you go through, so much of it is overcoming obstacles, doing things that people say you can't. now you're in what is one of the more secure jobs in the country. is there any kind of impulse to truly just let it all hang out like in your opinion... you
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know, is it difficult to remain measured as a supreme court justice, given the lofty nature of the position and the power that comes with it? >> if you want to be a part of history as a judge, then you know that what lasts is the force of ideas and the strength of your expression of them. and to let it all hang out doesn't quite... >> jon: (laughing). ( applause ) fair enough. is there anything in your deliberations with your fellow justices that has surprised you? is it the care with which even the opinions you disagree with are put together and you can be impressed by? is it the intellect of the other judicial giants that you are in with? what surprised you about the way
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that the court does it? >> the passion. the passion that all of us have. we are all equally passionate about the constitution, about the country, about what we do. it's what lets us put up with each other. really! no, more than that, you become friends with people who you know are working as you are because of the love of what you're doing. you can actually disagree, the same way you do with a brother or sister, and you'll read in my book that i spent a lot of time beating up my brother. but you do it in words. you do it in powerful majority decisions, powerful dissent that expresses those passions and ways that we hope will convince leaders and future generations about the legitimacy of what
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we're doing. so i think that surprised me the most. you can see it if you come visit the court and watch one of our arguments. >> jon: i'm glad to know that. listen, i'd hate for you to say here's what surprised me. these guys phone it in. you have no idea. can you stick around? we're going to talk a little bit more. me beloved world is on the book shelves now. a great story. justice sonia
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