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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  October 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. ["daily show" theme song playing] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome to "the daily show". my name is jon stewart. good show tonight. our guest tonight the author mr. malcolm glaad -- gladwell will be joining us tonight. we begin tonight with the
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fallout of government shutdown and the look at the true victims. no, not the families that rely on headstart. no, not cancer patients whose treatment was delayed that's so -- no! not those fame-whore panda cam pand yaz. look at me i'm nibbling on bamboo. [ laughter ] (bleep) but the real victims of the shutdown there we go. >> 28%. that's how many voters now say they have a favorable view of the republican partism it is the lowest score -- party. it is the lowest score ever reported for either party by gallun. >> when you shut down the government for two weeks in order to obtain nothing people don't like it. it hurts the republican brand. it's no surprise that
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establishment republicans are sounding the alarm saying the tea party groups tactics are a tad extreme. >> you cannot govern from one part of one-half of congress. the only out is for these people to realize they are in a suicide caucus. >> jon: they are not in a suicide caucus. i know that because i founded suicide caucus in 1983. that's right. it was my jazz fusion band. [ laughter ] >> suicide caucus. and i will have you know the magazine rolling stone called us also performing. [ laughter ] i apparently had it urinate during that set. [laughter] that gets us to the dilemma that the republican elite are facing. they want to let the tea party know that they are not allowed to call the shots. they sure were excited a few
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years back when the tea party showed up. >> the big split between the establishment and the new people, the tea party folks is vastly exaggerated. i think it's extremely harmonious. i think overall it's a tremendous asset for the republicans. it's the party that has a structure absorbing the energy of these spoan tainous demonstrators. >> they wanted the energy. [ laughter ] >> the republican -- the party wanted to absorb the tea party energy to swallow and digest the tea party's enthusiasm and passion so long as the tea party promised not to burst through their chest and replicate -- burst through the establishment's chest they -- [laughter] of course the republican party's brain, it's architect has a plan to fix all this. and wouldn't you know his plan involves sending money care
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of -- >> carl has helped launch conservative victory project that made the tea party and those who support that part of the party very upset. >> our object is to avoid having stupid candidates who can't win general elections. [cheers and applause] >> jon: oh, and to make this country a better place for the citizens. no it's actually the elections thing. the goal of mr. rove's conservative victory project is to identify candidates with bona fide credentials without being from the conservative base so they are controllable. because rove knows the crazy talk is not supposed to be said out loud. >> the republican party seems to have hurt itself. that's what the polls say.
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and you say? >> that's accurate. look, we -- remembers and con-- republicans and conservatives angry over the victory of president obama wanted somebody to stand up and fight. deet fund strategy was never going to work. >> jon: thank up commander hindsight. listen, bill, i told them it wasn't going to work. i called a guy and said a lone ranger movie in 2013. and then i said to steve jobs, no one wants to take pictures with their phones, i mean. cancel that what i said to steve jobs was sure wish i could fit all my phones in my pocket. [ laughter ] but the shutdown, it's too uncompromising, focused too much on stoking the anger of the republican base over obamacare without an exit strategy. it's as though the entire misguided shutdown affair was a
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culmination of a decade long strategy to engage the most rigid and ideological pockets of republican party which is why karl rove has no right to complain about the radicals ruining his party because he is the one who invited them. i give you building red america by tommy edsall. during the 2004 electric old captain retrospectively obvious set out the g.o.p. strategy of -- quote -- "activating conservatives anger points rather than reaching out to moderates." anger points like fre health care for illegal immigrants and same-sex marriage. leading to scenes this like a senator sharing a stage at a rally with this gentleman. >> we're ruled, quote unquote, by a president. >> imperialist president. >> who bows down to allah.
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i call upon all of to you wage a second revolution to use civil disobedience and demand that this president leave town. [cheers and applause] to put the -- to put the koran down, to get up off his knees and to figuratively come up with his hands out. >> jon: there are so many things wrong with that, factually, ideologically, grammatically -- [laughter] -- meanwhile -- [cheers and applause] looks like everybody behind him is like shut the (bleep) up so we can bid on those storage containers. old terd blossom here has to create a super pac to attempt to
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battle the stupid he himself unleashed so no sim pat cofor a guy who started a fire that now rages out of control. [ applause ] perhaps the single least self examing crazy enabler is the increasingly senior senator from arizona who has this to say about his colleagues unexroa mad cow diseasing -- uncompromising shutdown strategy. >> we're seeing the end of this agonizing shutdown. it's one of the more shameful chapters i've seen in the years i've been in the senate. >> senator mccain calling some of his colleagues wacko birds. >> jon: you don't get to complain at all because if i remember correctly no matter ho
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coucko for cocoa puffs your colleagues are they don't come close to your hatchling. >> governor palin from the great state of alaska. >> jon: you opened pandora's box. you were the guy that gave them a post midnight all you can eat buffet. you don't get to complain that the party is overrun with gremlins. who is happe di d
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[cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome back. as you know from what i understand halloween is next week. i've not settled on a costume yet. i narrowed it down to the boss. the cake boss. or undercover boss. [ laughter ] but on the bright side at least i'm not a lady shopping for a costume. >> you look for a halloween costume as a lady and it's hard to find one where you don't look like a hussy. >> jon: hard to not look like a hussy. god forbid you look like a loose woman from the 50s. we are are joined by kristen shaw. thank you for joining us.
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>> i miss it. >> jon: and go. it does seem these costumes for women keep getting more and more sexed up. >> i know, jon, isn't it great? >> jon: what? >> the fact that women get this one night only one out of whole year to be viewed as sexual objects. we get to choose what kind. a sexy pirate, a sexy nurse, a sexier nurse, a sexy defense attorney or her people in miss the sexy prosecutor. you're out of order, no you are out of order. let's just makeout! yeah! [cheers and applause] you like that. >> jon: you are not upset about this in anyway. >> why? why would i be upset about progress, jon? when my mom was growing up in the oppressive olden days she only had two options, sexy secretary or sexy meter maid. but in these modern liberated
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times a woman can be a sexy whatever the hell she wants. >> jon: sort of like a glass ceiling that you break by putting them on the glass, putting the boobs on the glass. >> yeah, your sharp spikey boobs, john. women can be sexy and inman in mate objects. i'm not making this up. the sexy carrot, sexy guitar or this one for sexy card lovers. >> you want a piece of? he this included a pad the mini dress with detail and crust shoulder pads. >> jon: in my mind to be perfectly honest i don't know that pizza needs cleavage to make it sexy. >> you said it boss. (bleep) pizza. >> jon: what? [cheers and applause]
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i mean think about men's costumes they are empowering. you can be super heroes, jedi masters and you don't have to show your, you know your bits and pieces. you know what i mean? >> you're right. it's not fair. they should be allowed to be sexy, too. >> jon: right. >> that's why i designed my own line of sexy costumes for men. come on out gustav. gustav! yeah! tell me this costume isn't dead sexy. [laughter] >> jon: ah, he just looks like some dude. >> some dude -- >> jon: it's not a -- >> he is modeling the costume called sexy hollywood producer who hires women over 40 for inappropriate roles. yeah, damn! let's get out of here you hot piece of meat.
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he is my ride. >> jon: yeah, um -- [laughter] and he is from austria apparently. >> yes. >> jon: you don't think that women's costumes are getting out of hand? >> i don't think they go far enough. ladies are we being so coy about this. why don't we just show everyone what we need when we put on the sexy kitty carrot nurse cost yiewrms and take things to the next level. introducing my 2014 line of sexy costumes for women. come on out female gustav. yeah! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jon: i don't -- i really don't know. [cheers and applause] i don't know if you can show this. i don't know if this is something we can show. >> i call this one the sexy
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vagina. and what better way to get everyone thinking about sex than dressing up as the place where sex happens. >> jon: yeah but it somehow seems worse for women. degrading. i don't know. >> i know what you are into, jon. calm down. >> jon: right. >> huh? ooh, wow. [cheers and applause] [laughter] hello, sexiest pizza ever. does the cheese match the crust? i'll never tell. >> jon: can i ask a question? do those things normally have pizza in them. >> you've never seen any one of them
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>> jon: a best selling author. my guest tonight his new book is called "david and goliath" please welcome to the program malcolm gladwell. [cheers and applause]
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how are you? [cheers and applause] >> good. >> jon: book is called "david and goliath." basically the premise being sometimes being david is a very positive thing. you can use those to your advantage is that the desirable adversity -- >> difficulties is the praise i use in the book. it's an examation of underdogs. lots of things that seem like disadvantages can be highly add vant taigous. >> jon: in the book things like dyslexia or having a crappy childhood. >> yes. dyslexia is a great example of
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this. many people with dyslexia suffer and it's a real obstacle to get ahead in life. if you look at groups of very successful entrepreneurs or professionals you'll find a greater than expected number of dyslexics in their ranks. the number of incredibly successful entrepreneurs over the last 30 years, richard branson, charles schwab, the guy who runs sysco. -- cisco -- john chambers. >> jon: if there's only four that wouldn't be very good. >> there's many of them. they say they didn't succeed in spite of dyslexia but because of it. because of being coped to a highly problematic child a.d.h.d. where they couldn't do what they were required to do, which was read, forced them to learn many other things. >> jon: there has to be a supply side economics where it
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gets to a place -- if i can use a phrase i learned in a different point, tipping point. a tipping point that buries you, bad childhood and no mouth. then you put helen kellen -- helen keller up there. >> i use the phrase desirable difficulty it's a lovely phrase that two psychologists come up with to distinguish between the kind that prove add advantage taigous which are not the kind of thing anyone should be expected to recover from. >> jon: i'm sure some people do. the hugan spirit incredibly adaptable. don't we all have to some extent disadvantages that shape our character as we go through and it is sort of tenacity with which you overcome them no mat ter what that would be?
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>> i got started on this because my last book "outliers" because i spent time talking to successful people. i was struck by how often when they accounted for what they had achieved they began with the difficulties not the obvious advantages. so much of their sense of themselves was something that grew out of -- in some cases of it a terrible blow that happened to them that they managed somehow to navigate. the chapter here on parental law. on this striking fact that very large numbers of american presidents and british prime ministers have lost a parent in childhood, way higher than would be expecting from the normal population. >> really. >> it's just about the worst thing that can happen to a human being. >> jon: you are saying if my son wants it be president -- oh, boy.
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[laughter] here is the thing. i shut the lights and i close my eyes around this kid. >> look bill clinton, obama, these are two people who have -- but the list is extraordinarily long. what you understood is that these are -- one of the things that distinguish these people is there's something about that took the devastating experience and found a way to come out stronger. >> jon: is it a chicken in the egg? there a way of determining if there's an inherent personality type that is able to translate the devastating plows to a positive outcome or whether or not the blow includes the outcome. >> i don't know. >> jon: what do you mean you don't know. you wrote the book? >> there's so much i don't know. these books always raise more questions than they resolve. that's what they are supposed to do, right? they are supposed to kind of
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start. it would be really fascinating. i didn't do it. now i think i should have. to sit down next to bill clinton and ask that question. here is a guy who had the furthest thing from a silver spoon in his mouth. >> jon: no question. i don't know if he would share his story. he's receipt sent about that. >> very shy. >> jon: you might get a couple things. you might be like the book is too big last. laugh raises tons of questions and i think is a nice way to look at, you know, that old adage the lemons ants lemon yaid, that sort of thing. david and goliath. be a david, why not.
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