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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  November 21, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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>> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. ["daily show" theme song playing] [cheers and applause] >> jon: hey, welcome to "the daily show." [cheers and applause] my name is jon stewart. an excellent one tonight. our guest tonight mr. tom brokaw. jennifer lawrence is scheduled. she'll be on tomorrow night. tonight is tom brokaw. both talking about the assassination of john f. kennedy. too snoon. [laughter] a little while back on the program i personally don't watch it, i think it's crash. [ laughter ] i may have mentioned something about chicago-style pizza and
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how it tended to be less pizza-ish than pizza. i was guest tick laying quite a bit during that clip. in articulating that sentiment, i may have implied that deep dish pizza tastes like a string cheese that had been baked for two hours inside of mike ditka's ass. [ laughter ] so i said that on a -- my program and apparently chicago has television. [laughter] >> things things are taking offo the "the daily show" host's jon stewart rant against our deep dish pizza. >> jon stewart trashing our pizza. >> i take big offense because chicago style deep dish is the best. >> picking on our pizza. >> a ribbing.
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>> take a bite it's irresistible. >> i'm not a deep dish fan, myself. i love thin crust. i could get hate mail. i used to ship it froze ton california. >> i'm not a deep dish fan. >> jon: get to the traffic and weather already! [laughter] i'm late and i need to know if i need to wear a coat. [ laughter ] anyway, some people thought that my contribution to the pizza dialog was not particularly well reasoned. >> jon stewart went on a rant. >> stewart fired off a tirade, it continued like that for a while in the cheesesy new york accent. >> jon: cheesy new york accent who the (bleep) do you think you are talking about a cheesy new york accent you son -- you forget -- wait a minute, you
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know? i hear it now. you are right. it is somewhat pronounced. if i was ranting -- well, i don't know what to say it was nothing compared to what people on twitter were ranting back. like (bleep) you isn't l- jon stewart for saying deep dish pizza isn't pizza, die. [ laughter ] that particularly twitter user did not special phi the method by which i should die but i only assume it would be poisoning by deep dish pizza. [ laughter ] whenever there's a spirited back and forth you know chicago mayor ram emmanuel is getting involved. this is the gift that rahm emmanuel -- emanuel sent to jon stewart on "the daily show". >> showing even a dog rejecting
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a deep dish pizza from the mayor. >> jon: that's one of "the daily show" dog qaly. he didn't want the pizza but i have seen that dog eat not only garbage but happily spend his entire day with his nose in another dog's butt hole. the other dog is parker. in his defense, parker has an amazing butt hole. he will began the, sew fis dated with just a souciant of snasauge. a little bit of jungle fever, you know what i'm say something in yeah. perhaps i overreacted with my rant tirade but it's only
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because of how special pizza is to all of us in new york city. it's not just a food to us. it's -- take a look. >> if p there's one thing i learned for pretending to be around american all these years it's that new york has the best (bleep) pizza on the (bleep) planet. don't take my word for it. >> i love chicago. you may remember i led a parade there but nobody beats new york. chicago, you know, the pizza is all right. it's good. it's all right. have you tried new york pizza? >> what makes new york pizza so perfect? >> it's not the crust, the sauce, the mozzarella? it's the magic. >> you don't believe in magic. maybe that's not magic's problem. maybe it's your (bleep) problem. >> yes, new york pizza is magic it's always been there for us. when we struggled and needed a helping hand. >> holy (bleep). i can walk. >> let's see you do that, deep
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dish! when we were stuck and just wanted to get home. enjoy your ride. whoa! when we were just trying to get health care and the goddamn site wouldn't load. watch this. try it now. ♪ when we were disappointed and needed a lift -- trust me you are going to like this. thank you pizza. god, i look good. >> you sure as (bleep) do. >> you want to kiss me, don't you? >> yes, i do. >> new york pizza makes the bad times good, got times better and the better times betterrer. you have to come up with something better. anyway the point is: chicago,
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relax. >> yeah, chicago we're sorry for implying your pizza is inedible. it's edible. >> congratulations, chicago, your pizza is edible it's just not magic. [cheers and applause] >> jon: i hope chicagoans are not too upset and in the spirit of healing i'm going bring out a guy who came by our show to give us chicago pizza. please welcome marc malnati of lou mall malnati's pizza in chicago. this is marc malnati. you run lou malnati's pizza. >> i do. >> how long have you been in the pizza business? >> we're the fourth generation. 70 years. >> jon: 70 years you brought
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us some plates, yeah? >> yes. >> jon: is this because the pope is coming over. let me explain how you eat pizza. give me the thing. come on. let me set some new york ambience there. the pizza thing there. let me get a little -- [laughter] hold on. >> nice, nice. [ laughter ] >> jon: i'll tell you it looks very good. it could really be -- you want to put that the on there. thank you my friend. holy (bleep). >>o no the picture was you had the other day. >> jon: hold on a second. let me try to get up on the table. there we go. we're good, good we're. [laughter] -- we're good. we're good. [ laughter ] all right so -- >> stop it. here, here, here. [ laughter ] [audience boos]
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>> jon: what am i a (bleep) animal? [laughter] this is for chicago. i have great friend there's. it's a beautiful city. >> go ahead. i tell you what. i dare you to tell me it's not the best thing you've ever had in your life. >> jon: let me say this. let me say this of -- >> what? >> jon: very tasty. >> you are a reasonable man. >> jon: it's very, very tasty. apologize. truce. chicago and new york. [cheers and applause] >> there we go. >> jon: thank you. i appreciate that it's very tasty. new york pizza is very good. let's face fact we're not california. california pizza that is -- (bleep). i say with this all due respect to california that is a pile of (bleep). i will tell it what you ain't --
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>> it ain't chicago pizza. d. jon: thank you ax é9;'úhhpnp' @át2il@n[n
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[cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome back to the show. [cheers and applause] it was quite tasty. [ laughter ] let me explain something very quickly. here is how badly rob ford -- [laughter]
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-- has (bleep) canada. >> this might come as welcome news for toronto this morning when it comes to cocaine and politics, canada has no monopoly. >> jon: toronto, canada s now the go-to shorthand reference for cocaine stories. me and my friends tonight are going to canada, if you know what i mean. we're going to canada tonight, if you know what i'm talking about. we're going to canada and get so elected. so elected. tell me what political body has joined the queen city in the electoral nose candy club. >> about 30 minutes a u.s. congressman is due in court to face a charge of cocaine possession. >> jon: a u.s. what -- shouldn't be too surprised we all remember the school house rock on how a bill becomes a
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straw. which congressman got bust there'd? >> elected with 62% of the vote in naples florida. >> republican trey radel. >> jon: trey radel was partying with chuck hagel and elena kagan. were there any signs? >> the congressman admitted his favorite vacation spot was cartagena, colombia. [ laughter ] >> jon: were there any signs? anything? anything that could have tipped us off that he was a cocaine user? anything you found? anything? >> radel who calls himself a hip-hop conservative. [ laughter ] >> jon: a hip-hop conservative -- that can't go
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together. they can't -- i'm a hip-hop conservative -- you can't be. i'm a smooth jazz anarchist. i'm a disco nazi. you can't -- it doesn't -- how are you a hip-hop conservative. >> he breaks down what he says is the conservative message behind public enemies fight the power. >> if you really get down to it in my ways reflects the conservative message of having a heavy handed federal government. >> jon: it has nothing to do with that. i guess flava flav is wear age debt clock. is that what that is? and too live crew is an ode to traditional marriage. i guess we can get his new book "i do not understand rap music. we're all human, we make mistakes the problem comes if
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there's a nugget of hypocrisy in his story. >> he supported legislation forcing food stamp recipients to pass a drug test before receiving benefits. >> jon: (bleep). it's not like he receives any taxpayer funding for his salary. oh, right. he has two choices he can acknowledge his misbehavior or deny he is at fault and knock over cameramen and elderly politicians. i believe that's the rob ford way. >> he released a statement say he is profoundly store sorry to let down the people of florida. he says he knows he has a problem and will do whatever is necessary to overcome it. >> jon: good for him. fp only he made tsionision
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[cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome back. my guest tonight is a correspondent for nbc news. his new special is called "where were you the day j.f.k. died?" >> this was a shoe store you were running? >> correct. >> john brewer saw oz oswald peering through the window.
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what mades you following him? >> a is feeling i had somebody s wrong with the picture. why do you pretend to be shopping for shoes when this commotion is going on. >> jon: awr wear that the president is shot at that point? >> oh, sure, yeah. >> jon: please welcome back to the program tom brokaw. [cheers and applause] i was struck watching some of the special at how emotional a lot of the people that were around the scene of it. you talked to not just the widow of like the police officer that was killed but the surgeon that was in -- the 31-year-old surgeon. >> it was a dough fining moment in the lives after it will of people, jon. i've been living with this for more than a year. i was 20 when he was elected. it was a big moment in my life because it changed politics in this country. it had a lot to do that this was the first president we all
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shared because of television. he was in everyone's home every night. we had had not had before. he was so charismatic. by that stage of his presidency his numbers were going up. he had become popular again after the cuban missile crisis. it was a real transition in how we per seed politicians and the connection we felt to them. it was so horrible. was a reporter in omaha and i remember reading it on the air. i had two parts of my mind working personal and also thinking this doesn't happen in this country. >> jon: it ushered in an era of violence and upheefl but it was the ignition point for that. people would have to go all the way back to -- i guess you would go -- who was the last president to have been assassinated from that point mckinley. >> yes.
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>> jon: nobody -- >> shots were fired at roosevelt. truman, the puerto rican nationals came up and got into the -- this guy seemed to us watching him at that time like he was invulnerable. he was so great looking. the presidently going well. jackie sitting beside him. suddenly rifle shots and america changed profoundly. we went back to the kind of older -- lyndon johnson taking the oval office and the kennedy administration was over. >> jon: you remember the transformation that bobby kennedy underwent after that assassination. i was very young when bobby kennedy and martin luther king were assassinated. i remember those events vividly. the defining moments i remember as a kid and there was taunting
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in there but mostly the assassinations. >> i think no one made a more impressive transmission midstream than bobby kennedy. he was jack kennedy's enforcer, his closer counselor, a tough guy behind the scenes. it was always bobby putting his finger in somebody's chest. obviously in 1968 because of war and civil rights movement and social consciousness that could you see develop on the fly almost he became the most interesting politician after this year. >> jon: when you are talking to people who were down there, as you speak to them, are their memories do they feel personal or almost a narrative created from the day, from all the experience they have experienced from that day? is it difficult to separate those things? >> i think for them it's very personal. they reserved a pat of their --
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part of their memory bank and emotion from that day. john brew year who you saw there he did make its possible to get oswald early because he followed him to the movie theater. he changed his life. he got out of dallas, went in the navy for a while. it's just been recently tham it was the idea of john brewer that found oswald and he could have a life. nfl football players with who didn't want to play on that sunday but they were told to. >> jon: people forget, too, the reaction to dallas in general was harsh. the city itself it's athletic teams it's people. people were -- they didn't know where to put their anger and distress and they directed it something at a city. >> it turns out dallas had nothing to do with it. lee harvey oswald had a brother
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there. >> jon: one of the guys obviously. >> we do deal with that as well. >> jon: you deal with the conspiracy theories. when they are confronted with the widow yes of cop that oswald killed, how do they reconcile that? >> there's a circus of conspiracy, people with card tables telling you the video tapes, pictures of the autopsy or him on the examination table i say there were six eye witnesses that saw him shot. they say yeah but he had an owe owe -- automatic and it was a revolver and almost none of it adds up in that case. i'm persuaded it was oswald. >> jon: fascinating documentary. there's this book that goes along with it where were you the day j.f.k. died airs on nbc this friday night at 9:00 p.m. the companion book son the
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shelves now, right? >> it is. it's exactly the 50th anniversary on this friday. >> jon: i was almost a year old when i happened i remember thinking everything has changed. >> and i remember as well because we've gone back in your neighborhood they talk about you had a taste for chicago pizza. >> jon: that's it brokaw. tom
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[cheers and applause] >> jon: that's our show. join us tomorrow at 1:00. here it is your moment of zen. >> jon s >> stephen: tonight, a florida congressman is arrested. even more shocking, some florida congressmen weren't. then, controversy at the winter games. someone finally said it-- luge and bobsled are the same thing! ( laugh ) and my guest tonight is m.i.a.