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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  February 7, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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captioned by media access group at wgbh in new york, this is the daily show with jon stewart! [applause] jon: welcome to the daily show, my name is jon stewart. we have a good one tonight. our guest tonight, toronto star reporter robyn doolittle, has written a book about -- a gentleman named rob ford, apparently he's the mayor of
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toronto and a crack aficionado. >> stunning report by the congressional report. >> potentially explosive congressional report. >> a report. >> oh, my god! could it be true? have they actually released the biannual congressional budget office's outlook on the budget and economy entitled the budget and economic outlook 2014 to 2025, appendix -- snoring. labor market effect of the affordable care act, a jack mystery. i can't believe i fell asleep during that. i was nearly a third of the way through the title. i wonder why there's so much excitement about the cbo report. >> cbo projecting the debacle will cost nearly 2 1/2 millions jobs. >> obamacare killing the american dream. >> an extra 1 trillion dollars
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added to the deficit. >> 10 trillion dollars to the deficit. >> they will employ far fewer full-time people, more part-time people. >> this is the american way? i'm not sure. >> you seemed pretty sure that it's not. there's only one small problem with the apocalyptic predictions from the cbo in that the report did not in any way say any of those things. >> the net effects of the affordable care act is to reduce our national deficits, isn't that right? >> that's right, congressman. >> you point out there's no compelling evidence that part-time employment has increased as a result of the affordable care act, is that right? >> yes, that's right, congressman. >> in other words, this isn't employers cutting jobs, newly empowered workers choosing to go a different path. >> yes. >> that sounds like a guy who is
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ready to get [bleep] out of there. >> so the main talking point against obamacare, according to the cbo not true. i think we know what this means. ♪ ♪ the storm clouds gathered quickly that day on the mountain. as word spread that this new obamacare act would help end job, a scourge affecting many families who don't take entrepreneurial chances or stay in dead end jobs so the tumor on their arse doesn't leave them homeless. in fact, job lock is something the residents used to oppose. >> the key question that ought to be addressed in any health care reform legislation is are
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we going to continue job lock or are we going to allow individuals more choice and portability to fit the 21st century work force? >> gee, more choice, seems pretty good. what will become of that statement? now that we find out the new health care law does just that. >> because of government policies, as the welfare state expands, the incentive to work declines. >> actually incentivizes indifference. >> now it's free medical care throwing out extra millions of people have an incentive to go on that and not work. >> the government is effectively incentivizing americans to stop working. >> you know, like social security incentivizes americans to not sdie on their jobs. >> nice to see a new talk point. given health care is all it takes to get people to stop showing up to work, i don't know why we don't chip in.
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lou dobbs, some health care. you won't believe and you won't believ believe, you won't believe what these lazy, biding time at their two jobs, just waiting for day they can ride the uncle sugar train to medicaid town are going to do with their new found windfall. >> obamacare is a disincentive to work. the cbo admitted it this afternoon. why don't you just spend more time with the family, let somebody else work, you go on obamacare, stay home, spend more time with the family, let somebody else pay for your health care, yeah, spend time with your family, help raise your children in a more hands on fashion, create stability. what the hell. you're conservatives, i thought you loved family. >> family is the most important institution in society. >> good core family unit. >> protecting the family is the
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single most important part of our agenda. >> most important, family must be protected from aste asteroid they have to be protected. now that i think about it, when family clashes with capitalism around the holidays, conservatives throw family overboard, yo, capitalism, got your back, bro. >> retailers opening doors this thank giving not even waiting for black friday. >> for a long time i worked the holidays. >> that's the way it worked. >> if you're a retailer you open doors because that's when people go out, spend and guess what? it's not so much like ditching your family. my favorite thing is go with the family, create capitalism, keep the economy going. >> he's right. some of my fondest memories as a child were creating capitalism
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with my father. you know, it's interesting, i remember, he used to come in to my room and go hey, son, want to go out and create consumer confidence and bricks and mortar retail sector of the economy? you mean it, pops, you mean it? i sure do, son, grab some liquidity and meet me downstairs. by the way, i'm not banging your nanny. i'm exploring burgeoning markets. and the cash in the cradle and the silver spoon. watch this lego news anchor try and teach his co-host the true meaning of the holidays. >> i'm down with the closing the stores on thanksgiving. it's enough already. i'm serious. >> really?
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seriously? >> why are you surprised? >> free enterprise. >> you know, look, people should be at home with their families. that's my little opinion. i'm not the law on this. >> okay, i was just thinking of capitalism and free markets and letting people do what they want to do. >> somehow i think people should spend thanksgiving with their families turns in to i guess, if you're a communist. because apparently on [bleep] mountain corporations aren't just people, they're better people than you. corporations are the good people, not the jack ass two-legged kind who don't want to man the perfume countier at macy's because it's christmas eve. it's just like that inspiring scene in braveheart. >> they can take our lives but they can never take our freedom to work at best buy over the to work at best buy over the holidays! ♪ ♪
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[ man ] i don't know if this is gonna be a first or second, but this is gonna be a medal! [ man #2 ] and it looks like we could have another one of those photos! [ female announcer ] every minute. every medal. every screen. the nbc sports live extra app gives you unprecedented access to every moment of nbc universal's coverage of the sochi olympics, now on your tv. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. welcome back! even long after the seattle seahawks celebrated sunday's bring the broncos to work day, one super bowl controversy rages
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on. >> coca-cola, they're getting a lot of criticism. >> coke commercial also sparked controversy. >> possibly the most controversial super bowl ad. there was a boycott coke hash tag trending last night on twitter. >> on the internet, there's a lot of backlash. >> what happened? did janet jack sn open a coke can with her teet? if she could, i would like to see that. what toxic smut did coca-cola air to so bunch america's undergarments? ♪ for spacious skies ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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that upset people? were they bothered by the dangerous levels of small? i will grant you if there were a precious moment figurine where an orphan handed a puppy to a kindly soldier titled i wuv america, it would be less sappy than that ad. but i'm guessing that wasn't the issue. >> the ad featured people from many ethnicities, one tweeted i'll never buy coke again. >> coca-cola lost its mind, our national anthem in other languages, that is un-american as possible. >> you know, the only thing more delicious and tall cool glass of coca-cola is the irony that the self appointed patriotic american watch dogs seem unaware that our national and them is in fact not america the beautiful.
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really, people? this is the sugar bowl ad you're going to get upset about when you had some sort of greek yogurt sex game going on or a spot celebrating the unnatural love between a dog and a horse? there was an ad where a man's head was cracked open. oh, my god! oh, my god! it revealed his smaller other green head apparently to the purpose of selling some kind of nut. i can't recall the specific type of nut. i recall enjoying the ad thinking it was very amusing. can't recall the type of nut he was selling. of course, the now infamous half time ad for turbotax. what is that? what does that have to do with tax returns? i don't think either of those people are even accountants. so can someone please explain what exactly is the problem with
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a group of attractive immigrants singing a beloved american song in their native languages? >> i think biggest issue here is, there are a lot of people unfortunately are coming to america now, not assimilating. >> assimilating? they're singing america the beautiful while drinking coca-cola. how much more american assimilation can they have? maybe if they were open carrying a gun shaped like jesus while losing a bald eagle strapped on [bleep] apple pie. but for god's sake, what else? you know, all these self appointed patriots who are complaining about the different nationalities in that ad had ancestors who came themselves, europe mostly, most early european immigrants clung to native tongues longer than
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comfort for the zenophobes will their time. this will refresh your memory ♪-beautiful for spacious skies ♪ foreign language ♪ ♪ america ♪ america ♪ and crown thy good ♪ with brotherhood ♪ ♪
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because winter needs a hero. (whooshing punctuated by a loud crunch.) (whoosh! crunch!) (whoosh! crunch!) yeah! go team! team...? i saved the best for last. welcome back. my guest tonight a reporter for the toronto star newspaper, her new book called "crazy town," the rob ford story, robyn doolittle. [applause] thank you so much for being here. so you're a reporter at the
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toronto store. how long have you been covering toronto city hall? >> i arrived january 2010 in time to watch the mayoral election that brought us rob ford. >> when you arrived there and rob ford became mayor, what's canadian for alleluia? did you know at that point this will be an eventful few years for me? >> the first little while that rob ford was mayor, he was never the typical mold of a politician. he was always very colorful and he didn't make a lot of friends and he was aggressive. >> he started off somewhat positive with the colorful thing. very quickly went in to aggressive. >> it wasn't until about a year after that i started hearing about domestic incidents about the mayor's home, then rumors of drugs and then he stopped coming to city hall every day. his staff didn't know where he was sometimes. and it was a year after that
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that -- >> let me stop you right there. >> okay. >> so there's rumors of domestic abuse, drugs and absenteeism. >> right. >> and everyone waited a year. how does he get away with this? is he just -- what keeps him lovable and in charge? >> well, part of it, i think you guys take for granted how great your access information laws at least compared to canadian lawyers. >> really? >> i hear about instances, canadian laws. >> in 2011 the mayor's wife, parents, called 911 to say rob ford had taken their children, he was drunk driving and going to the airport. >> oh, god. >> i called the police and they won't confirm that the call even occurred, that they're investigating anything. you can file an access request for that and not get anything back in our country. and that's a big part of the
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problem when you're reporting on these issues is it's so hard to follow up on this stuff. so it took a full year to do this investigation. my paper took a big risk by putting out there in march of last year, with my colleague kevin donovan wrote a story saying the mayor's staff wanted him to go to rehab, he had felt his drinking was impacting his work, that he had been kicked out of a military ball for showing up impaired and that was before the crack story. >> the man is, if i may, an entire season of a cops episode. and so now all this, you've done all the leg work, all the, you've gotten past, this you yourself witnessed the crack video, the infamous crack video. can he hold his crack? is he a good, what does he appear? >> people actually say they are, like some of the sources that i spoke with from my book are in
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awe of his stamina, i guess, for lack of a better word. the fact that what he puts in to his body while being as unhealthy as he is with the whole other part of his life. >> sure. >> that would be impressive for let's say a competitive eater. but here is the mayor of toronto and yet he's running again. >> and i think outside of toronto people know rob ford as the crazy crack-smoking mayor who ends up on youtube for doing stupid stuff. but there really interesting fascinating story that brought us to this point about a family that fancies itself a political dynasty, ford family. >> so it's like there's a kennedies, if the kennedies had all smoked crack. >> they think of themselves as canadian kennedys. >> for real?
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>> for real. that's chapter two. >> but all joking aside, sort of a caricature, this man is going to die and probably relatively soon. and i would think that the disqualifying factor for torontoians. >> yes. >> thank you. would almost not be the fact that your mayor is horribly impaired when an emergency might arise but the fact he refuses to get help. >> and answer any questions. >> and answer any questions. that to me should be the disqualifying factor in this. >> right. yeah, just speaks to a larger political division that's happening in our city. but also i think the big take away for so many politicians, what made rob ford is that when he was a city counselor for 10 years, he returned every phone call that people made to him. you could be in suburban, the
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area he represents and say i have a pipe bused at the end of my street and he would show up with city staff and he would fix it and through the years he developed this army of supporters. and keep taxes low. people are willing to overlook all of this other stuff because they feel heard. that's the big take away. >> let him be your country's super. let him be the concierge, if you will. people can call him and go rob, my sink, i don't know what happened. then he could come over. excuse me, i have a crack party. >> it's not all of toronto. certainly his approval ratings show he is around the 40s. >> are you kidding me? >> that's not necessarily voter intention. you have to see what the city does in october during the elections. >> all right. >> torontoians are -- >> two seconds, i want to ask
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you, all right, "crazy town," on the book shelves now, rob ford story. ♪ [richard] this, is your money. a billion dollars. a billion dollars. it's what's leftover after people do their own taxes, maybe get a refund and think they're done. i've got news. this is a billion reasons your taxes aren't done.
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hold up. i don't want to take off my m10s. just take your shoes off. we gotta relax. we gotta big game tonight. let me ask you something. wasn't melo relaxed when he hit that 3 against chicago to force overtime? yeah? and wasn't he relaxed when he shot that baseline 3 against miami? shwazaa! yeah. what was on his feet when he was doing all that relaxed clutch sharpshooting? yeah, but this ain't the garden. it's chinatown. the clutch has no boundries, son. what? what? what did he say?
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[ man ] i don't know if this is gonna be a first or second, but this is gonna be a medal! [ man #2 ] and it looks like we could have another one of those photos! [ female announcer ] every minute. every medal. every screen. the nbc sports live extra app gives you unprecedented access to every moment of nbc universal's coverage of the sochi olympics, now on your tv. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. that's our show. >> thank you so much for being here and for bringing the adorable pups. >> if i can get this puppy to stop chewing on my mike, got in
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♪ mtv television networks oh, put down the binoculars, fry. the wall of that strip club isn't going to collapse twice in one day. i know, and i've grown to accept that. now i'm more interested in that new pizza parlor across the street. kind of makes me pine for my days as a pizza delivery boy.


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