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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  August 6, 2015 6:12pm-6:47pm PDT

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going to be great. this is an outrageous abdication to our responsibility to those who were most heroic on 9/11. you know what, i hate to say this. this is a job for fox news the nation's leading source of 9/11-based outrage. they always fight to make sure that 9/11 is appropriately observed. >> will the president take any political criticism for not coming to ground zero on this 9/11? >> fox news channel has looked at an advanced copy of her speech and has noticed that not once will she use the words "terrorism" or "9/11." >> those dots, that where remains were found. where does the arrow go? right to where the mosque is. >> when i watched the second plane fly into the building, i was there. i had a safety deposit balk at the bank. you want know why i had passion this is why. >> jon: yeah, we lost a lot of good cash that day.
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( laughter ( cheers and applause ) so you can imagine how outraged fox must be to find out that the health care for those who risked their lives to recover that charred money is being held up by a republican filibuster. and i know they have access to 9/11 first responders. >> joining me now a leading opponent of the mocks and a former new york city firefighter and 9/11 responder tim brown. >> here is one of the 9/11 first responders reacting to the decision by the landmark commission. >> a 9/11 responder is taking matters into his own hands by suing the developers for $350 million. >> jon: yet somehow they've been able to find even one 9/11 first responder to speak about the zadroga bill. in fact only fox's peter johnson, jr., seemed perturbed by it at all. while he railed against the filibuster, he never mentioned it was the republicans holding up the bill. oh, what party was it? maybe it was the bull moose party or the greens or the whigs
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or... yes, there was one network that gave the 9/11 responders' story the full 22 minutes of intense coverage that it deserved, but that network unfortunately was al-jazeera. our networks were scooped with a sympathetic zadroga bill story by the same network that osama bin laden sends his mix tapes to. this is insane! ( applause ) i would like the see one of these senators have the balls to explain why somehow getting a tax cut extension for wealthy americans is more important than suffering ground zero workers. >> we need to get the issue addressed for the firefighters and the 9/11 victims and we almost the difference i think with the tax bill is there is a deadline, january 1st. we have to get this done. taxes go up on january 1st. >> jon: yes. there are only two sure things in life death and taxes. apparently the only one this cat cares about is taxes.
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>> jon: welcome back to the show. talk about the emotions now going on in the senate, we're joined by four men who can best sympathize with what the senate is going through. please welcome kenny speck chris browman, n.y.p.d., ken george and john devlin operating engineer of heavy equipment, all 9/11 first responders. ( cheers and applause ) gentlemen, you're all 9/11 first responders. you were down there from the moment of the attack. for the most part. now you see the senate is filibustering the bill. what's going through your mind as you're watching this process go down? >> we're disgusted. we're disappointed.
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and unfortunately we're hurt. we are proud protectors of the constitution for the people by the people. >> jon: right. >> and we want to know where it was lost. >> we're patriots to this country. it's like everybody here. we went down there for the love of this country and for the love of our city. >> jon: right. >> we didn't turn our back on anybody. for us to be here now, nine years later still fighting just for our health for our compensation. >> jon: you are suffering from stage four throat cancer. >> stage four inoperable throat cancer on both lymph nodes. >> jon: and you're suffering from... >> i got heart disease and lung disease. >> jon: from being down there. >> from being down there. >> heart, lung brain issues. >> cancer. >> jon: and these are all from being down there? >> definitely. >> jon: you know none of the
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republican senators went on the floor of the senate to talk about why they were going to filibuster the bill, but senator mitch mcconnell a couple days ago did actually get on the floor of the senate and made i thought a really emotional speech, and i wanted you guys to listen to it and maybe get your reactions to it. >> jud grew up in nashua in southern new hampshire. he found time to dress up as the school's mascot for a time. in 1992 jud decided to run for the just senate. he's been instrumental... when he walks out of this chamber for the last time, he'll leave an enormous void behind. >> jon: senator mitch mcconnell is talking about senator judd gregg who is retiring from the senate. >> he's shedding a tear on his lunch buddy that he hangs out with every day.
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where is his human feeling for not only the four of us. we represent the brothers and sisters that were down there. this isn't a me-me to any one of us. this is about the brothers and the sisters that can't come out and speak like we can. it's sad to see someone like him... >> jon: to be fair they have worked together for like six years. ( laughter ) >> he's crying because the other guy paid the tab. that's what he's crying for. >> jon: really, that's the thing, the guy who pays the lunch tab. >> watching that there's only one thing i can say. i found time to dress as a new york city fireman on september 11th. isn't that incredible. >> jon: that's incredible. you were able to pull that off. stunning. >> i feel bad for mitch mcconnell. you know, he said something very important, that his friend, he's going to watch hits friend walk out of the senate chambers, and unfortunately that's more than a
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new york city firefighter can say about 343 of his brothers who can't walk anymore. >> has he been to one 9/11 funeral? >> jon: i don't know. this is the strange thing. now let me just... i do think there's misperceptions that because you're part of unions, you're already covered for all this stuff, but explain the way i've heard it is you guys go down to 9/11. you're there basically from the day the attack straight through digging people out, i mean, going through horrific things that many of us cannot ever... >> ten months, seven days a week, 12 hours a day we were down there breathing in all that. like 1000 toxicities down there. >> jon: so you're going through all. this when you get sick, they consider it workman's comp. you can't work anymore, so your insurance suddenly is cut, and the workman's comp people fight you. >> it's work related. >> jon: because they say, how can we decide your cancers are work related. >> i can only speak for myself.
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i'm fighting this cancer last year. while i'm fighting for the cancer i was fighting for the compensation that would cover my bills. it's ridiculous. >> jon: how come n.y.p.d. doesn't... does n.y.p.d. cover all of your stuff? how does that work? >> they put me out on three-quarters. i got a phone call one day, and they told my wife they were putting me out because i was costing n.y.p.d. too much. at that point i was "still on the job," but i'm sick. >> jon: it's a health burden but also financial burden. >> it is. exactly. they don't care. >> we have coverage, but co-pays run me a couple hundred a month. if i get really sick... >> jon: and you had a buddy digest this week or last week. >> face cancer. i mean, you know, it's... he had a pros tetic nose. his nose, his nose fell off his face.
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>> jon: he died of this cancer? >> you can't tell a reasonable person that when your nose falls off your face you have not died from something absolutely horrific that people are just not familiar with. >> >> part of the problem is, they say, you got cancerment why it is due to 9/11, other people have cancer. but the majority of us are having heart cancer, respiratory problems. >> we're penalized for getting sick. >> jon: people are saying hey, man, it's christmas. they're saying they don't have time to get to this. this is jon kyl talking about harry reid wants them to stay and work that week between christmas and new year's. listen to this. >> it is impossible to do all of the things the majority leader laid out without doing frankly white house disrespecting the institution and without disrespecting one of the two holiest of holidays for christians and the families of all of the senate, not just the
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senators themselves but all of the staff. >> jon: basically what he's saying is i can't stay here and work between christmas and new year's, that would be disrespecting christians and his family. do you have any thoughts on that? >> it just goes to show the disconnect between those we elect to represent us and those that get out there and do the work because i e-mail here to say that you won't find a single new york city firefighter who considers it a sign of disrespect to work in a new york city fire house on christmas yve or christmas day. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: how would you feel if the fire department and police department didn't show up at that time? >> i represent the union tradesmen in this city, and it was an honor to work through christmas on that 9/11 to give that closure to those people that were on the other side of that gate every morning showing us their pictures of their loved ones. i don't think there was anything
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better than to go out there and help other people. >> what would the families think of us if we didn't do our job for them? >> jon: on 9/11 when you heard the towers got hit and you were with your colleagues and n.y.p.d. and the fire department, when you guys voted, obviously you needed a super majority to vote to go down there right? you vote. you need a super majority. ( laughter ) >> by one vote we got it. >> jon: did you have to promise things to the other firefighters or other policemen, like just vote with us on this to go down to the towers to save people and we'll have chili on friday night? ( laughter ) >> nobody retired that day otherwise we would have been crying about their retirement. >> jon: it would have been a very difficult day for you. very hard. gentlemen, i cannot thank you enough. i feel like apologizeing to all of you and i'm not even sure why. it is an absolute travesty.
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i appreciate your service and i'm really hoping that this is a good christmas for you guys because you certainly deserve it more than anybody. >> thank you. >> god bless you. >> thank you. >> jon: we'll be right back.
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( cheers and applause ) >> jon: welcome back. my guest tonight former governor of arkansas and former republican presidential candidate. his show on the fox news channel is called "huckabee" and his new book is called "i can't wait until christmas," which i think is probably a sentiments felt by many people. please welcome back to the program mike huckabee. how are you. >> hi, jon. good to see you. >> jon: thank you for being here. >> glad to be here. >> jon: it's called "i can't wait until christmas." you're man of faith a religious
6:33 pm
man a christian man. you are very familiar with the christmas holiday and the ramifications of it. are you not allowed to work between christmas and new year's? is that... >> no, i think in fact it's sort of like the heavy duty season for most christians. they work a little harder. >> jon: interesting. >> so it really does not bother me if the senate and the house were to work a little extra. it would make up for all the times they're not working, which is the rest of the year. >> jon: it may not be disrespectful necessarily. so what do you make of this? i feel like i hate when i get like this, so angry inside that i feel like i cannot articulate what i would like to express about it. this bill that is leaving... these guys are dying, and yet we are abandoning them for a principle of a tack cut. i don't even know what to say. >> it's personal to me, jon.
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i have a dear friend in texas named michael. i won't give his last name. he's dyingment he came here three days after 9/11. he's a first responder a paramedic. he worked with the field of first responders in texas. when 9/11 happened he basically said, my country is on fire, i'm going. and he came here and spent almost a year as a volunteer. he's dying. and he can't get any assistance. i think the tragedy is that this bill has not been separated out, and i know that you blame the republicans and there is plenty of fault, but republicans like peter king in the house have fought for the bill. >> jon: the house has passed it. it's passed the house. it's being held up by two senators. >> this bill ought to be separated out. >> jon: it is separated out. it's not attached to any other bill. it is a separate bill. >> it should be passed. >> jon: they need two senators two. >> every public should vote for this bill. >> jon: you work at fox. >> yes. ( laughter )
6:35 pm
and fox, you know, has, you know, you played the tape from peter johnson. >> jon: yeah. >> who has take an strong stance. >> jon: he has. >> i don't know you see that from an editorial position. >> jon: you have not. >> so at least give fox credit. >> jon: the thing that's difficult to watch is i see the 9/11 outrage machine that fox is able to generate when they want to. ma mosque story boy that carried, you know, people were hearing that for months and months. they haven't ginned it up for this and they should. this is a situation that is real, that the real people that helped us out in that situation are truly hurting. why haven't they sent out that memo and could you go over there and give them a little poke? ( cheers and applause ) once you get that done... >> well i will say at least fox has take an position on it. maybe we covered the mosque even more.
6:36 pm
but it does not mean, i'm just saying to you, go tell that message to cbs and nbc and abc and msnbc and cnn. >> jon: msnbc has done some stuff on it. >> at least we have taken some position on it. >> jon: cable news has been better. the difference is comparing it to other 9/11 outrages i've seen played out on the airwaves of fox. this one feels like it's in your wheel house. the silence has been astonishing in juxtaposition to other things they've done. >> well another thing, jon that makes it a little more personal for me and i was telling the gentleman back stage as we passed in the hallway my father was a career fireman in arkansas so i remember as a little kid him coming home and this was before the days of good equipment, him coughing up black stuff into the sink at our house. it sounds gross, but people do some pretty heroic things when they serve as first responders. those who went into the ashes of 9/11 went into some of the most hideous stuff that perhaps has ever been inhaled by human beings, and yes we owe it to
6:37 pm
them. i don't argue that at all. and i wish the republicans would say, we'll fight the battle but i also wish the democrats would be willing to not make this a part of a political battle and would just concern >> jon: they have honestly to their discredit they haven't. i have never seen anybody presented with a giant political win like that on a silver platter and look at it and go, i'm not going to have cake. i'll sit over in the corner and eat celery. it's the craziest thing i've ever win. >> i'm totally with you on that. i wish the republicans are just going to say, we'll do it, because if it needs two there ought to be 25, 35 45 republicans. >> jon: we're going to take a commercial break. can you stick around far few more minutes? >> you know i'm going to. you know i can because i have to. >> jon: "can't wait till christmas" is on the bookshelves now.
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warmth that you rarely get in an individual. we're sad to see him go. we wish him great success as he moves to los angeles. before we go, here it is, your moament of leeb. >> give it to me. >> why? >> give it to me! ( laughter ) captioned by media access group at wgbh >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with
6:44 pm
jon stewart. ["daily show" theme song playing] [cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome to "the daily show". my name is jon stewart. we got a good fun for you tonight -- good one for you tonight. tonight's guests martin gilen and benjamin page they are authors of an academic study testing theories of american politics, elites, interest groups and average citizens. if you read but one quantitive multivaried analysis of -- [laughter] you should (bleep) it let's just talk about net neutrality. [ laughter ] but first, those of us who while watching congress continue to be unable to even bring an increase in the minimum wage to a float still believe in government's ability to earn people's trust. this next segment probably not
6:45 pm
for you. [laughter] a performance review we call u.s. government check yourself veesa -- or it becomes entirely possible that you may wreck yourself. before they begin the review let me just get out my clipboard and my -- (bleep) pencil. [ laughter ] [laughter] [laughter] (bleep). all right. let's begin. it's really just a prop. we'll begin with the internal revenue service. irs if you are nasty. some good news. remember when we suspected the irs of unfairly targeting conserve active groups.
6:46 pm
turns out they were targeting progressive groups as well. oops. keep up the targeting. there's one area where the irs might want to improve. >> a reported 1% of the irs work force owes back taxes to the irs. [ laughter ] >> jon: it's like rain on your wedding -- it's a free ride when you on -- don't like rides. [ laughter ] by the way you were saying, the people at the pay us your taxes place don't pay their taxes. >> it's quite low when you consider that 8% of general public owes back taxes to the federal government. >> >> jon: yes but it's quite high when you take into account it's the irs. it's like saying only 1% of the workers at the centers for disease control are spreading disease. [ laughter ] most of them are not opening vials of