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tv   The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore  Comedy Central  August 18, 2015 11:31pm-12:02am PDT

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tonightly -- hillary clinton meets with black lives matter activists. i haven't seen a white woman that stressed out since someone asked iggy azalea to freestyle. (laughter) damn. (laughter) yes, hillary met privately with activists backstage at a campaign event. it's all part of her groundbreaking new initiative: "black primary votes matter." (laughter) (cheers and applause) and gop candidate marco rubio tosses a football and hits a kid in the face. (laughter) oh! hey, at least he's finally made an impact! (laughter) this is "the nightly show"! let's do this! (cheers and applause). ♪
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captioning sponsored by comedy central (cheers and applause) >> larry: welcome to "the nightly show." man! what a great-looking crowd. thank you very much i appreciate sometimes when it's just a couple people "larry," oh! (laughter) i thought we were doing the "larry, larry." (laughter) it's okay. thank you. thank you very much. i appreciate it. (applause) we've been talking for a while about the black lives matter movement, and they've been talking a lot as well. some members recently took the mic from bernie sanders, not allowing him to speak. others heckled jeb bush. martin o'malley got a little taste. (laughter) and i hear they had every intention to interrupt top secret candidate bobby jindal (laughter)
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but no one could find him. in fact, if anybody's seen bobby jindal, please call 212-555- you're-running-for-president. (laughter) (applause) just trying to help a brother out. okay. (laughter) okay. now, you always hear politicians saying they want to have a conversation about race. yeah. (laughter) but when they actually have that conversation, things tend to get a little awkward. >> new video reveals what happened behind closed doors when hillary clinton and members of black lives matter met on the campaign trail. >> larry: ooh! a video! (laughter) yeah. this is going to be juicy. (laughter) all right. to help me navigate through this, from hrc headquarters is hillary clinton campaign official carlos jordanson. >> how you doing? larry: carlos, welcome to the show. (cheers and applause) and all the way from black
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headquarters, please welcome "nightly show" contributor holly walker. (cheers and applause) so holly, you're at black headquarters? >> yes. (laughter) >> larry: what are you -- (laughter) what are you doing there? >> i'm here to monitor how the black vote is responding to hillary when she's confronted about race, using the state-of-the-art nwa. (laughter) >> larry: nwa? yes, larry. the negrometric wave accelerator. (laughter) (applause) >> larry: oh. okay. i never heard of that. >> yeah. and so far, her numbers are underwater. (laughter) and i'm not getting my hair wet to go save her. >> larry: okay. (laughter) i get it. i understand. i'll tell you what, why don't we look at the first clip? >> okay. america's first drug is free black labor and turning black bodies into profit. >> mm-hmm. and the mass incarceration
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system mirrors an awful lot like the prison plantation system. >> mm-hmm. (laughter) >> okay, larry, i want to stop it right here. >> larry: okay. i've just seen a spike in the meter. >> larry: really? yeah. i'm going to attribute it to hillary's "mm-hmms." (laughter) >> larry: wait, her "mm-hmms"? mm-hmm. (laughter) (applause) >> larry: okay. what did you notice? >> yeah. well, they started off nervous, but now she's doing exactly what black people like, letting somebody know what you're thinking by making an affirmative noise. >> larry: mm-hmm! mm-hmm! (laughter) >> exactly. exactly. (applause) >> larry, i'd like to take credit for this, if i may. >> larry: sure. >> this was all part of our "mm-hmm" rollout. (laughter) hillary is reaching the black community one "mm-hmm" at a time. >> larry: okay. okay. all right. okay. look, we're going to jump forward a little bit.
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there was a very awkward moment after they made it clear to hillary after they held her responsible for the mass incarcerations of black men in the '90s based on the crime bill in 1994 that her husband signed and she championed. >> how do you actually feel that's different than you did before? for a moment of reflection on how we treat black people in this country? >> mm-hmm. mm-hmm. >> i just want to -- and i apologize -- in -- in -- we have -- >> i would really love to allow her to answer this question. >> you know -- larry: whoa! what is her handler doing? (laughter) let her talk! let her talk! is she going to get out of -- this is some [ bleep ], larry. (laughter) >> larry: wait. hold up. let's see. [ bleep ]. carlos, you're at hillary's headquarters. is this [ bleep ]? (laughter) >> that was classic talk-block! (laughter) nicely done, neil. (laughter) that was so close. (laughter) hillary was about to actually answer a question off the cuff. woo! crisis avoided. (laughter)
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>> no, no, no. she needs to answer the question if she expects to be president! >> speaking of presidents, black lives matter people, you have one right now, in the white house! go bother him! (laughter) >> larry: okay, guys. wait! come on! larry: hold on now. calm down. actually, hillary did have a chance to answer. >> what am i supposed to do -- all i'm saying is urinalysis is totally fair. it's historically fair. it's psychologically fair. it's economically fair. >> i feel a "but" coming on. (laughter) >> larry: is she going to "but" this, carlos? >> technically, larry, i like to refer to it as as sentence-twerking. >> larry: oh. (laughter) okay. >> but you're going to have to come together as a movement and say, here's what we want done about it. because you can get lip service from as many white people as you can pack into yankee stadium and a million more like it who are
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going to say, oh, we get it. we get it. we're going to be nicer. okay? that's not enough. >> yes! yes! yankee stadium filled with white people! (laughter) that's a metaphor. (laughter) >> larry: i'm not sure that's a metaphor. that sounds like the actual thing. (laughter) holly, how did that sound bite register on the negrometric wave do hickey? accelerator? >> whoa, she's spiking. this kind of data usually indicates black people are expecting a fight to break out. (laughter) seriously, alreadiy. these are "real housewives of atlanta" numbers. >> larry: wow. (laughter) that's huge. it does appear that hillary seems to be not backing down. let's watch some more. >> i say this as respectfully as i can, but if you don't tell black people what we need to do, then we won't tell you all what you need to do. >> i'm not telling you. i'm just telling you to tell me.
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>> larry: oh! oh! (laughter) [ audience ohs ] >> man! what?! ell, respectfully if that is your position, then i will talk only to white people. >> larry: oh! oh! [ audience oohs ] >> no! oh, man! larry: what's happening on the meter, holly? >> oh, my gosh! these numbers are off the charts, larry! these are world star numbers. (laughter) >> larry: okay. okay. quiet down! are you okay, carlos? >> i'm fine. my us i ulcer is a little -- >> larry: okay. man! larry: let's see how it ends. ook, i don't believe you change hearts. i believe you change laws. you change allocation of resources. you change the way systems operate. you may actually change some hearts, but if that's all that happens, we'll be back here in ten years having the same conversation. >> larry: wow, i don't think
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i've ever heard hillary talk like that. i mean, so direct and authentic. guys? your thoughts? >> sorry, larry. the negrometric wave accelerator doesn't measure authenticity. (laughter) it only measures [ bleep ] that black people are tired of hearing from politicians. (laughter) >> larry: i see. carlos? >> sorry. i got nothing. >> larry, i'd just like to say this is all part of a carefully orchestrated campaign i came up with called "authenticity august." (laughter) it continues this weekend in iowa when hillary will "accidentally" get stuck in a well. there's no well. (laughter) >> oh! looks like the meter's working again. >> larry: okay, thanks for chiming in, guys. we'll see if this unscripted hillary's going to last. but for one night in new hampshire at least, hillary went behind curtain and finally lifted the veil.
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(cheers and applause) >> larry: welcome back. as you saw earlier in the show, members of the black lives matter movement confronted hillary clinton backstage in new hampshire last week. joining me now are two of the people you see in that video. so please welcome to the show daunasia yancey and julius jones. (cheers and applause) hey. welcome to the show. >> thank you.
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larry: that's responsive. so finally, we got black lives matter on the show. (laughter) i need to ask you guys, so people have talked a lot about your message of disruption. that's the word that's being used out there. i just want to know, why do you think it's so important to make white people feel uncomfortable? (laughter) >> well, the -- when we're talking about race in this country -- >> larry: if that's what they mean by disruption. (laughter). >> right, right. (applause). >> yeah. when we're talking about race in this country, that's often what happens, right? is people get uncomfortable. what we're looking for is to pursue that discomfort to really get to the root issues and to get to the root solution. >> larry: right. and white people hear roots, they already get -- (laughter) already causing problems. i don't know if you guys follow the news but this there's nice old white gentleman who was going to make a little speech and couple of black ladies
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thought that shouldn't happen. >> mm-hmm, mm-hmm. larry: and there was a lot of flack because of that on both sides. so what is the deal with black lives matter movement and the progressive movement? because it seems like that would be a natural ally. >> mm. larry: but a lot of people thought, what's going on? why are they tweaking the progressive part of the party? do you have aanswer for that? >> as far as sometimes in your friendships, people are trying to form -- you know, you and your friend can be really honest with each other, right? and you can say, i like you, i love you, but i think you're acting up, right? but in this case, with bernie sanders, with all the other democratic nominees, right? they are not showing up for black lives, even -- the movement is happening. it's live. it's real. it's like we are pushing the needle. and folks are not showing up in real enough ways. because bernie sanders, for smentgs he was walking with mlk, he ain't walking that walk now. (applause)
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>> larry: and as far as you're concerned, even if someone is an ally, you want to make sure they're our current ally is what you're talking about, right? >> accountability. accountability. >> larry: i heard somebody -- which is great. (laughter) what dower hope to achieve in the next election? are you just looking for allies out there? is it legislation? let's imagine 18 months from now. it's the inaugural address. president huckabee is giving a speech. (laughter) [ audience boos ] okay. president clinton is giving a speech. (cheers and applause) and also for black people, we're going to -- what do you want to hear? >> i think there needs to be added to the requirements of president like economic understanding, foreign policy understanding. needs to be added racial analysis. we live in a pleuralistic society. we're all kinds of people. these folks when they're confronted with black lives
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matter, all they can say is all lives matter. which on its face it seems like a very valid response, right? but actually, it's a violent response because the only time you hear it is in response when someone says black lives matter. (cheers and applause) >> larry: get your own slogan. yeah. larry: okay. one more question. where do you see -- now, we have a black president right now. it's a very historic couple of elections. where do you hold obama accountable in all this? do you hold him accountable? are you holding his feet to the fire in this? do you think there's extra responsibility for him? >> i think right now the focus of this presidential race, right. absolutely, obama is accountable. no president of the united states has ever stood up for black lives in a significant and real effective way. and he's no different to be quite honest. >> larry: do you think his black side is more accountable than his white side? (laughter) >> you remember when the
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reverend jeremiah wright stuff went down. >> larry: do i remember? (laughter) absolutely. >> so after that, he gave this like really impassioned speech where he showed exactly how nuance and understanding of race was, and then it went away. >> larry: yeah. he put it like in that last scene in the "raiders of the last arc." and brought it up now because obama don't give a [ bleep ]. (laughter) one last question. do you have any plans -- and please say yes -- do you have any plans to disrupt trump's camp -- (cheers and applause) >> all of the presidential candidates -- yes. (laughter) >> larry: we'll be right back. (cheers and applause)
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(cheers and applause) >> larry: welcome back. i'm here with my panel. "nightly show" contributor mike yard. (cheers and applause) you can catch him this weekend at the florida theater in jacksonville, comedian lil duval. (cheers and applause) and she's an assistant professor at fordham university, christina greer. (cheers and applause) we've been talking about hillary's meeting last week with black lives matter. so i want to ask you, as just the regular people out there in the world, do you think black lives matter is getting through? >> i think so. because they are a force to be reckoned with. i really do think the three women who founded black lives matter deserve a nopal peace prize -- nobel pea peace prize. (cheers and applause) it's a global movement, and they're very clear that it's really about going at the root
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of the problem. it's really slow and steady. they've been pretty consistent since 2012 with the death of trafen -- or the murder of trafen martin, right? and the appeal -- exactly. (applause) >> larry: you're out there in the clubs. what about the people? do you think the people are feeling it out there, the people that you talk to, that kind of thing, or does it -- >> they're feeling it through me. (laughter) the mean. >> larry: that's how we deal with everything. (laughter) what about the disruption part, mike? how important do you think that is? especially -- because we talked about the bernie sanders. i don't know if people were pissed off about that. why do you think that is? >> i think it's necessary. you got to disrupt. nobody -- no change in america has ever occurred with people being nice. it don't happen. (laughter) did you hear martin luther king? martin luther king was not nice. martin luther king did not go, hey, fellows, i have a dream, i would like to talk to you about it? no, he goes, "i have a dream!" >> i think that's what important
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about this movement, though, is they rerejecting this politics respectability what we see in black america with a lot of elected officials where we're slow and steady and if we're nice enough, maybe wheel change some minds and hearts and change some policy. no, actually the time is now. >> larry: is there a time when it becomes respectable, we have a meeting with the president whoever the president is and we talk about policy? and what's the ultimate objective? i'll trying to figure out what does it look like when we get something? >> well -- larry: besides people not dying. >> but that's a huge -- isn't that a huge start? it's like stop murdering us. (cheers and applause) >> larry: but that's -- i don't think that's a start. we've been saying that for a long time. >> yeah. but i -- larry: i think we have to get beyond the words is what i'm talking about. i'm tired of saying stop, stop, stop. i say it on my show every night. what is tangible action? >> i really think we need to
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worry about ourselves first and get ourself together. (applause) and then once we get our self-together, then we can worry about -- it's like in the street. there's always killers out there. so you have to be in your own house and say, look, they out there killing. this is how you handle it. don't worry about that. once we get ourself together, then we can -- (laughter) >> [ bleep ] larry: that's the thing to do? criminals should stop killing? >> yeah, criminals should stop killing. (laughter). >> regular people right now. larry: i agree with you that we need to definitely clean up some stuff that goes on in our neighborhood. we definitely need to do that, but that does not let them off the hook. >> no, it don't. esn't. and i think what black lives matter is trying to do is trying to force america to live up to its promise, man. everybody should be treated the same. (cheers and applause) i want to be able -- you know what i mean? yes! i don't want -- if i ask the cop, why are you arresting me that i might get shot. i don't think that that's right that i have to live like that. and i think that's what they trying to argue. (applause)
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>> larry: go ahead. i also think because i completely disagree with everything you just said. (laughter) but i also think -- (laughter) >> larry: so do i. we can do this. you about i really do think we can see that black lives matter moving into a policy prescription piece and they're holding elected officials and future elected officials accountable. they want them to say things on the record so that if and when they get elected, they have to follow through. >> larry: right. because we know when a politician says something that they do it. >> right. and when people -- but when people are watching them, they do it. the problem is we have voter fatigue and we have apathy and people don't watch their elected officials. they punch in every four years and then just go away. so the constant pressure is such a successful example of this movement. they have not let up. they are nothing like occupy wall street in my opinion. >> larry: this isn't going to
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get douchey like occup occupy wl street. (laughter). >> occupy wall street went down when it got cold. >> we know what we want. we don't want to get shot by the cops anymore. ours is very simple! (laughter) stop shooting us, policemen! stop it. >> larry: we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) >> larry: if you live in the new york city area or planning to visit, grab some free tickets to
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