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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  August 9, 2016 1:31am-2:07am PDT

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called order. order's a slave to chaos, and i am its prophet. your laws are crimes. you are all guilty! - enough. grayclaw, i hereby sentence you to death... the execution to be carried out immediately. this is why your kind will always burn, grayclaw. laws are an agreement. [all screaming] - who's talking? no. please...ohhhhh! why? [whispering] sweet oblivion, here i come. - [laughing heartily] i love it, i love it! - beautiful! - yeah! - wonderful! tour de force! - buck lafontaine is back on top. - the orphanage is saved! - now, where's my lunch? - i've got it, buck. good evening, welcome back to our coverage of the 2016 summer games. >> the next event is the men's
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100 meter satirical newscast, right now all eyes are on trevor noah. >> uh-huh t say long road to get here. let's see how the young south african does in a field normally dominated by white men. >> unfortunately, that's not the case any more. >> certainly. >> doh. >> oh, let's play that back. >> clearly taking the week off made him rusty. >> he completely misses the chair. >> do they not have chairs in south africa? >> oh god, a mosquito bit me. oh-- oh-- [bleep]. >> not going to let you tonight. >> no way. >> now the women's volleyball. from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah.
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(cheers and applause). >> trevor: welcome to the daily show, i'm trevor noah thank you so much. we have a great show, our guest george ga congressman and civil rights legend john lewis is joining us, everybody. (cheers and applause) >> but let's begin with where we have to begin. donald trump. you know, mostly i don't think that donald trump should be president of anything, really. but there are times when it seems like it could be fun. like today during his major scripted speech to outline his economic policies. >> the business tech we'll also end job-killing corporate inversion and cause trillions in new dollars and wealth to come pouring too our country. and by the way, into titties like right here in detroit.
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(laughter). >> trevor: there are so many things that make that clip funny. like obviously the fact that he said "titties" let's start with that. the man was in detroit so he planned to change the motor city into motor boat city. what also makes it funny is that he points for no reason. why is he pointing? like what is he doing? and what makes it the funniest is that now everyone is talking about the fact that donald trump said "titties" instead of focusing on how his economic policy is going to bankrupt america with tax cuts for the rich and tons of new debt. titties. oh, titties. now we've been off the air for a week and cinnamon hitler has been really busy, people. he insulted a grieving military family, he basically said
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america should be more cavalier in using their nuclear weapons and he got into a fight with a baby. which is a real thing. he fought with a baby and a baby got taken out of his-- like, and now this is where the comedian and have i to complain. we would have had that as an escalation in a joke. we would have gone trump did, this then he did, this and then a baby, he got into a fight with. but he did this for real. and thases' not fair. because as comedians he's not even leaving us any room to make things up. >> i hear that baby crying. i like-- i like it. whether a baby. what a buff baby. -- beautiful baby, don't worry. actually, i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here that's all right. don't worry. i think she really believed me that i love having a baby crying when i'm speaking. >> trevor: look on the bright side though, people. donald trump is finally picking on someone his own hand size.
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now with all the hullabaloo around trump and his shenanigans sometimes its hard to focus on one thing. by the time we are done talking about it, he has done something crazier. but even with all the babies and titties there is one thing that donald trump said last week we should not be glossing over you. >> i am eling it you november 8th this election is over. i hope the republicans are watching closely or it is going to be taken away from us. >> i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged, have i to be honest. >> i hear more and more that the election on november 8th, can you believe we're almost there. >> okay. okay, hold on a second. donald trump stip lates two things here. the elections are november 8th. and that they're going to be rigged. and yet the part that shocks him is the november 8th part? that's the thing that he is shocked by? can you believe it, folks, november 8th, it's already here. i can't believe i am made it this far, am i right? i thought it would just be a prank, i come down, i say
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rapist, they tell me to go home but now i'm here. but the passage of time, that is shocking me. i can't believe it. now trump didn't provide any specifics to back his outlandish claims swi usual for him. but luckily there are credible news sources that have investigated and they too have come to the same conclusion. >> donald trump last night right here on this program said that he thinks the democrats will rig the election in november. i have some evidence he could be right. here is an interesting statistic. one week after the 2012 election-- pointed out that in 59 separate precincts in inner city philadelphia, that mitt romney did not get a single vote. not one. >> trevor: what? what? so you are saying that predominantly poor black neighborhoods didn't vote for the rich white guy? what? oh, you know what else there isn't a single one of in inner city philadelphia, a-- solo
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album. something sting solo album but i don't think sting is worried about album fraud. i will say this, if there is one brother out there kicking it to fields of gold, props to that guy. in a jealous sky. ♪ when you walk in fields of gold. >> trevor: so where were we. donald trump said the u.s. elections are going to be rigged. and you know what, i know like most things donald says that sounds crazy, but still the man is a presidential candidate. the same way this is a news show. so as a news show, we have to investigate the same. and it turns out they are true. donald trump is right. we've uncovered evidence of election rigging throughout the system. for instance, there is something i discovered, it's called gerrymandering. and i can tell from your silence that you are shocked. and you should be. >> the practice of redrawing maps to find friendly voters has
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been known as gerrymandering. >> in both parties there are congressional districts that are set up by the states to keep the parties parties in power. >> when republicans won the majority of state houses in 2010, it insured they would be redrawing the maps in those states. and low and behold it paid off in 2012. >> nationwide democrats running for congress got 1.1 million more votes but republicans sent 33 more members to the house. >> yeah. and you can see that that is suspicious because look at those figures as they walk in. yeah, they look like they just got away with something. that is the walk you do when someone just [bleep] in the pool and you know it's you, and so you walk away. you see thanks to gerrymandering, instead of voters choosing their politicians, the politicians get to choose their voters and they are not even subtle about it. for instance, in the majority hispanic democrat, illinois democrats carved out a district inside another district. that green district inside
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the-- how can you have a district in-- it's like turducken, it looks like someone beat the [bleep] out of pac-man, what is that other district. and i won't lie, the more time i spend in america, the more i appreciate africa's simplicity. because in africa, they still have the desensee to call corruption, corruption. that is what this is. the more you look at it, the more you see that donald trump is right. elections in america are rigged. here is another example. >> last friday a federal court ruled that north carolina's new voting laws had intentionally been designed to discriminate against minorities saying quote these new provisions target african-americans with almost surgical precision. >> trevor: that is [bleep] insane. the court of appeals found in north carolina republican lawmakers didn't accidentally discriminate against black people, they did it on purpose, to limit the black vote. for instance, they figured out which types of i.d. black people were less likely to have, and then they made those mandatory for voting because they knew
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white people were more likely to have those like drivers licenses or pan era gift cards. they also found, they also found out that black people were more likely to use early voting so they restricted it which in my opinion is probably the worst of these laws. the one time black people show up early, the one time black people show up early, and white people literally outlaw it. after this, you can't blame people for coming late any more, i will tell you that now. every black person has a right to be yo, when is the vote, tuesday, i will see you on wednesday afternoon. now i know some people might say we need these laws to prevent voter fraud but voter fraud isn't actually a problem. take texas, in the decade before the state passes voter i.d. laws in 2011 there were 20 million votes cast. of those, two convictions for in-person voter fraud. two. yes, two. more people have been trump's wife. so these laws aren't really
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designed to stop voter fraud. they are designed to rig elections. and it's everywhere you look. for instance, in states including florida, virginia, iowa, three crucial presidential states and the top three places to vits america, even after ex-convicts serve their time for a felony, they don't ever get their right to vote back. which makes zero sense. because if you don't trust ex-cons why wouldn't you give them anything to do on the one day everyone else is out of the house waiting in long lines. and look, i know that this systemic level of election rigging must come as a shock to americans. i know that. because had americans known, surely the world's greatest democracy would have done something about it by now. and luckily, there is someone who has seen something and is saying something. and that man is donald trump. and you know what i add plier about donald trump, is that he would never stand for a rigged system. and we learned that about him after he won in the primaries. >> you have been hearing me say it is a rigged system. but now i don't say it any more
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>> well koj-- welcome back to the daily show. my guest tonight, the u.s. congressman representing gorge ba's fiftd district and coauthor of the graphic novel seers "march" please welcome congressman john lewis. (applause) >> thank you. thank you for being here, sir.
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>> thank you for having me. >> trevor: it is truly an honor to be sitting across the desk from you. are you a stal wart of the civil rights movement. a lot of millenials may know you though as that guy from periscope who staged a sit-in. was that your first periscope? >> well, it was my first time-- seeing other people really use it and make good use of it. >> trevor: yeah. >> people cut off the c-span, these young march colleagues of mine just get it they were able to find a way to get in the way. when i was growing up in rural alabama and see those signs white men, colored women, white women, colored women, white waiting, colored waiting, my mother and father would say don't get in trouble. don't get in the way. but i got in the way. i got in trouble. good trouble, necessary trouble. (applause). >> trevor: you said something that i will read here was really
1:49 am
powerful. you said it was just the beginning. as long as i have strength in my body i'm going to do my part to do what i can. this arm hates good trouble. are you going to do more, are the democrats going to do more. the sit-in was a momentous action in terms of what is happening. background checks, guns and prolive raise in america. you have a situation where democrats are taking a stand. the recent happenings in congress s that stand going to continue now? >> well, we found a way, to make a way, to continue to press the issue. when you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have to do something. you have to move your feet, you have to say something. you have to be prepared to march. >> trevor: you have done this from, i think you were 16 at the time. people talk about the youth of today and say they have lost that vigor, they have lost that passion.
1:50 am
do you agree and if so, what do you think it was that inspired you to go out there and take a stand? >> well, when i was very young, much younger, had all of my hair an a few pounds lighter, i heard of rosa parks. i heard the words of martin luther king, jr. on the radio. the action of rosa parks, the words and leadership of dr. king inspired me. i metrosa parks when i was 17. the nebs year at 18 i met martin luther king, jr. and i liked what i saw. as a matter of fact, with some of my brothers and sisters and cousins we went down to the public library and a little town in alabama trying to get library cards, trying to check out some books. and we were told by the librarian that the library was for whites only and not for colored. i never went back to that building until july 5th, 1998, for a book signing for my first book. and blacks and white citizens showed up and they gave me a
1:51 am
library card. (applause). >> trevor: wow. i'm glad that we have got more time with you because i want to talk about this, your relationship with march and black lives matter, the movement and what people could be doing in today's i would say civil rights era. so we'll be right back with more from congressman lewis. (applause) only an authentic property would suffice for jordan's bachelor party.
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>> welcome back to the daily show. we're here with congressman lewis, john lewis who is talking to us about a new book "march" a powerful book, a powerful life you've lived, inspirations through and through. people talk about the black lives matter movements all the time and say that's not something martin luther king would have done. that is not how he would have handled it. martin luther king wouldn't be proud. you knew martin luther king, jr., you were out there marching. when you see black lives matter one of the what are the things you commend and what are the things you think they can improve. >> for many of the young people that have taken part in the
1:57 am
black lives matter movement, are reading "march." we had a young lady in louisiana who read the book. and she emerged as one of the leaders there. she marched. she got arrested. and went to jail. but when the police officer murdered or when the young man was murdered, she had a vision for the young black men and for the police officers. march is a blue print. st a road map. it's for now. it is for the future. we are saying to the young people of america and the young people of the world, you know, in london there is a unbelievable movement going there of black lives matter. it is spreading all across america. and i think martin luther king, jr. would be very proud to see
1:58 am
young african-americans, young white americans, young latinos, asian americans and native americans coming together to say no to racism, no to hate, that we must disarm hate and create what he called a beloved community and redeem the soul of america and maybe we can help redeem the soul of the world. and save this planet. >> trevor: for people who are fundamentally opposed to black lives matter, people who say the movement itself inspires hate, you know, why are things being broken. why are there marchs where people are burning things down, you were a founder of the snbc which was a student council specifically designed around nonviolence. that was an important distinction that you had to make. i've always been fas mated-- fascinated as to where we make that distinction. >> well, we studied.
1:59 am
we have prepared ourselves. we studied the life and teaching of gandhi. we studied civil disobedience, we studied about what is happening happening in south africa. we had about mandela and others. and we accepted the way of nonviolence as a way of life, as a way of living. you know, during the '60s i was arrested 40 times. and since i have been in congress, another five times. and i'm probably going to get arrested again for something else. just shall prepared. you may beat me, you may arrest me, you throw me in jail, i almost died on that bridge for the right to vote. i gave a little blood but other people gave their lives. >> trevor: the movement has changed. the world changes. you were there. i mean part of what you were marchk for is what resulted in the voting rights act of 1965, coming to freuician.
2:00 am
was there a part of you that thought you had done your job. like this is it, racism is done? >> no, never. it's an old born struggle. it is not a strug theal lasts for a few days, a few months or a few years t is a struggle of a lifetime, maybe many lifetimes but you must give it all. and that's why our book march that we must continue to move our feet, continue to push and pull, not just to make america better, but to make our planet a little belter. >> trevor: there are people who say america is great. america no longer has problems with racism, america is done. there are people who are working against the voter rights act saying that it is no longer 65ee there are no more dogs and fire hoses. these rules do not need to be in place any more. why do you still need these? >> no, i would disagree. america is great.
2:01 am
and we can make america greater. but we still have problems. we have states where north car line blanca texas or some other places trying to make it harder and more difficult. a few days ago, they want to take us back. we have come too far, made too much progress to go back. i have said over and over again, that the vote is precious. it is almost sacred t is the most powerful nonviolent instrument or tool that we have in a democratic society. we should make it easy and simple for everybody to participate. >> trevor: powerful words. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> trevor: thank you for being here. (cheers and applause) i request not recommend this book enough t is fascinating. it is a novel that takes you through a beautiful story, it is a biography, it say comic book, it is a graphic illustration t is everything in one." march "book three is available now. congressman john lewis. everyone.
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