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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  August 23, 2016 9:51am-10:25am PDT

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>> trevor: thank you so much, everybody, welcome to the daily show, i'm trevor noah. our guest the king himself, lebron james is here, everybody. lebron james joining us in the building. i will, of course, be talking to him about the great sport of golf. but let's get right to the news. hillary clinton seeing the finish line, people. she's up in all the polls including all the swing states, she already picked up the next group of white house interns. i don't think it's going to work but it's a good try. but still, you know, hillary is not taking anything for granted in fact she has been campaigning this week with vice president joe biden which is great for hillary because he really connects with blue clar voters. unfortunately the downside is where joe biden goes, so do his hugs. look how awkward it becomes at the-- arms go-- oh, oh, oh. oh, that is-- oh, that is so
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awkward. oh, look at that. it looks like he's holding a cat. yeah, you think that was awkward t was even more awkward that she had to do that at the rally later on that day. it just didn't get any better. it just -- but aside from creepy cat hugs, right now hillary clinton is having a great time. she's coasting. she doesn't talk to the press. she limits her interviews. she hasn't given a real press conference, we realized this, she hasn't given a real press conference in eight months. that is 250 days. the last time she gave a press conference, jeb bush's family was still proud of him. that is how long it's been. things are going great for hillary, you know, because if campaigns were cars, hillary's campaign is a self-driving tesla. trump's campaign is a truck with no steering wheel on an oily road and everybody is just like, we can't get it in the right direction. we can't get it! >> build the wall, build the wall! >> aahhh! it is insane.
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and it looks like it's not getting any better. >> campaign shakeup. donald trump upends his campaign yet again. >> promoting pollster kellyanne conway to campaign manager. and hiring stefer enbannon, chairman of breitbart news as campaign c.e.o.. >> roger ailes is advising trump in preparation for the upcoming presidential debates. >> what does it mean for the next 38 days until the election? >> trevor: wow! that's what it means, wow. i don't know if you know who all of those people are but let's just say if trump is the joker, he just hired the suicide squad. because kellyanne conway, she's a legendary republican pollster. roger ailes, the sexual harassing architect of fox news and stephen bannon, this is the boss of breitbart and the arch conservative website that often has headlines like this, these people are no joke, you know. and this is crazy because the election, the election is in three months. what's with all the new people? trump's campaign is like the
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last season of "lost." they should be wrapping things up but instead they're adding more and more characters and everyone is like hey, how are you going to make this work, oh, i get it, they don't know what the [bleep] they are doing. that is what is happening. it's just going to keep going. it's just going to keep going. (applause) now trump is also on the campaign trail. in fact, last night in wisconsin, he made a pitch directly to black voters. not near black voters but two black voterness. >> trump asking for the african-american vote in front of an nearly all white crowd in west bend, wisconsin, a town that is nearly 90% white. >> i'm asking for the votes of every african-american citizen struggling in our country today, who wants a different and much better future. >> trevor: you know things are bad when a rich white man is asking black people for help. (laughter) that's when you know, yeah, because normally the only time a
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70 year old billionaire is asking black people for help, it is usually their nurse. that is what they are asking. and it is usually ily it's because they [bleep] themselve, and technically the trump campaign has, so i guess it is the. now normally if he asking for votes he has to give a reason to vote for him. which is why he has to say some words about the relationship between black and the police community. >> the narrative of cops as a racist force in our community, that has been pushed aggressively for years and now by our current administration and pushed by my opponent. hillary clinton, you know is a totally false one. >> trevor: so wait, donald trump isism plying that the only reason black communities feel oppressed isn't because of their experiences, no, it's because of the democrats who have tricked them. (laughter) like before that, black people didn't know what was happening
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to them? like black people were surprised democrats came and they were like wait, what, what, this is oppression. oh, i thought the opposite was misogyny with his knife stick, oh, i didn't know, why, thank you, mr. democrat. okay, so sorry, sorry, i interrupted you, please, mr. donald trump, since you are down with the black community, won't you be so kind as to suggest a solution to the problem of perceived police misconduct. >> the problem in our poorest communities is not that there are too many police, the problem is that there are not enough police. >> trevor: whoa. (laughter) donald trump said that statement like someone who smoked a ton of weed, the problem s there are not enough police, whoa. whoa. ang look, look at my hands. my hands are so regular sized.
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(laughter) whoa! here say problem i have with that statement. we need more police. you cannot pitch more police without fixing the police that are already there, right. the philadelphia 6ers don't need more basketball players, they need better basketball players. because when it comes to policing in america, whenever an investigation is conducted into a police department, the justice dement's findings often sound like this. >> a scathing report just released today revealing racial bias in the baltimore police department. >> they are trained using law that is invalid, wrong or unconstitutional. >> routinely stop, search and arrest african-american residents for no good reason. >> too quick to use tasers when confronting people with mental problems. >> police too often resort to excessive force, even when there is no danger to officers or others. >> one commandser once ordered quote lock up all the black hoodies.
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>> trevor: wow, lock up all the black hoodies. the only time that statement is acceptable in the workplace is if you are a manager at h & m, that is the only time you can say that. lock up all the black hoodies, they are our most expensive item, 6.899 each, people. but seriously, though. stopping african-american people is so habitual for the baltimore police that one man who has never found to be doing anything wrong was stopped 30 times in less than four years. here is how normal it was for them to treat black people this way. >> during a ride-along with justice department officials, a baltimore police department sergeant instructed a patrol officer to stop a group of young african-american males on a street corner, question them and order them to dispercent. >> when the patrol officer approached and said he had no valid reason to stop the group, the sergeant replied, then make something up. >> trevor: investigators from the justice department are in the car with the police to see if they are doing something
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wrong, anything wrong. and their habits are so entrenched that they can't help themselves. there is someone right there telling you not to do t and still you do it you know what that is like? it is like this cat. >> no, no, no. no, no, no. no. (laughter) (applause). >> trevor: yeah. now imagine that glass is your constitutional rights. you know, sometimes when people hear stories about black people being stopped a lot by the police, it sounds like an irritation, you know. you get stopped a lot. that's irritating. but then you hear a story that paints a picture of what these stops with lied to. >> there is from the department of justice report. officers ordered the woman to exit her vehicle, remove her clothes and stand on the sidewalk to be searched.
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the woman asked the male officer in charge i really got to take all my clothes off? the male officer replied yeah. and ordered a female officer to strip search the woman find nothing weapons or con tra band around the woman's chest, the officer then pulled down the woman's underwear and searched her annal cavity. this search again found no evidence of wrongdoing and the officers released the woman without charges. the search occurred in full view of the street, although the superviezing male officer claims he turned away and did not watch the woman disrobe. >> trevor: i like how he added this, like that made it better. he turned away. what a gentleman, yes, and hear i thought that behavior was borderline criminal. now this story, is a story. it is anecdotal, i understand that. it's true. although it is one way of understanding what is happening in african-american communities in america. the other way of understanding is to focus on the system. so let's take a look at a piece of the baltimore police department system. you can find it on page 38 of the d o.j. report. this is a tell plate used by the
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baltimore police officers. and this is completely real. we couldn't even believe it. it was sent to them by a shift commander to save them time while writing up trespassing or arrests, right. so it is like a police cheat sheet with blanks that you can fill in. so it says things like on date, at approximately-- time. the officer was working at, this address. you can fill in whatever you want. so all the details are there for you to fill in. but there was one detail that was always prefilled. the suspect was a black male. yeah. and that, my friends, is just flat out racist. two to white people. because this statement makes it impossible for any white man to be a trespasser. yeah, what if that is the white guy's dream, huh? what if he is trying to trespass and every cop that comes by is like hey, what are you doing here, you here for a job interview. no, man, i'm tres passion. well, i'm sorry, i don't have a form for that, so you're hired. let's go. let's go, let's go. >> trevor: so next time
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someone tells you the narrative of racial bias in placing is made up, maybe you can use this tell plate. what you do is you fill in the date, the place where it happened, and the name of the person who dismissed your racial claim. nd oh and there is one field that we can prefill, because the person who is telling you this, they are always a jack ass. we'll be right back. (cheers and justice is spelled b-o-x.hero, say hello to a powerful tool that gives you options to fit your budget. ♪ oh, i'm tied to this chair! ♪ dun-dun-daaaa! i don't know that an insurance-themed comic book is what we're looking for. did i mention he can save people nearly $600? you haven't even heard my catchphrase. i'm all done with this guy. box him up. that's terrible. slap break! wrong.
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>> trevor: welcome back to the daily show. my guest tonight san nba star, a superstar who plays for the 2016 championship winning cleveland cavaliers. please welcome lebron james. (cheers and applause)
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welcome to the show. you are prolific, you are a legend, you are a future hall of famer. you are everything, and yet your life doesn't just resolve around basketball. mi going go straight into this because it was probably one of the most amazing things i've seen. this is you and some of your friends. >> okay. >> let's use this moment as a call to action for all professional athletes to educate ourselves. explore these issues, speak up, use our influence, and renounce all violence. and most importantly, go back to our communities invest our time, our resources, help rebuild them, help strengthen them, help change them. we all have to do better. >> trevor: powerful words, powerful words. (applause) you're an nba superstar. why do you feel you need to say something like that in a sports
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forum. >> it just comes naturally to me. and for me personally, i know where i come from. growing up in the inner city in akron, ohio, i know the challenges that kids have. and for our society to become as great as it should, i think it starts from the grounds up and it starts in our communities, our own communities, going back into our communities, using our resources, using our knowledge. anybody can lend money or anybody can go give an appearance. but i think actually being there and them seeing you gives the kids hope. and you know, without the kids we have no future. so it just comes natural to me and i understand what they go through. i walk the same streets as them. i breathe the same air as those kids. i know what they go through growing up in tough situations. so i think it's very important for all of us. >> trevor: you got into education, that was really your first for rea into this independently. you didn't have a way to get to school when were you a kid. >> no. >> trevor: so you started a
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program. and now you start with third graders. >> yeah. >> trevor: why third graders specifically. >> well, between myself and my office and everyone at my foundation, we read upon it. and the statistics showed that if kids get behind in the third grade, then it's the least amount of chance for them to graduate high school. >> trevor: yeah. >> so that is why we started in third grade. and yesterday was my lebron james family foundation reunion where we welcomed another third grade class into our program and this sour sixth year now. >> trevor: wow. (applause) >> thank you. this is our sixth year. and it was unbelievable. if anybody has ever come to ohio, been to san dusky ohio, to the great cedar point, amusement park, i brought 5,000 families yesterday to the amusement park for our reunion. >> trevor: wow! (applause) i think it's fascinating that you say sa, get involved and actively get involved. because you do something that is
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honestly the meanest and most amazing thing ever. you record messages for these kids to inspire them. so for those that don't know, lebron james records messages and sends them out to these kids so if they are not like at school, then you will get a message from lebron james. do you not understand how heartbreaking that is. what do you say in the call. >> well, if you miss school, they will get a phone call and say hey, listen, you are very important to the classroom. and you are very important to your friends and your family and we need you in school. if you are not doing well in school, i say listen, we need you to read the books. we need you to stay in the classroom and listen to your teachers. there are also times, i know kids, they will try to get slick and miss a couple of days from school. because they want the message from lebron james. so i show up at the school and they will be like listen, i know what you are trying, now. i was a kid at one point too. >> trevor: this is like the best guidance counselor in life
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ever. you better stop messing around, lebron james is going to show up. that is just so-- it's a beautiful story. you are also helping these kids not just in third grade but you are trying to get everyone through to a college education. >> it's funny, because i partner with the university of akron a few years back. and if our kids, and the criteria is very attainable. if our kids can get from the third grade and graduate through high school, then there is a college scholarship waiting on them, full ride, just waiting on them. (applause). >> trevor: i have a hunch, i have a hunch that you do that, is that part of the guilt maybe that you have because, no, i mean there is probably kids out there that have come up to you goes hey, we will bron, i was going to go straight from high school to the nba but you shut that down. so now i've got to go to college. is that why you did it. >> i have had kids say well,
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mr. james, you want us to go to college but i read something about you. you didn't go. and i thought it was practice what you prepare. and i was like well, you know, back then when i had an opportunity, i was a lot older than you. college-- college, they didn't have qulej when i came out of high school. >> trevor: after the break, chatting more with will brn james, not just about his work in the community but his ambition to take over the world. will brn james when we come bac (vo) maybe it was here,
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show, here with lebron james. he is also executive producing a new cnbc show called cleveland hustles. >> the most powerful thing any city has is its people, our grit, our spirit, our determination. when others say we can't, we do. so i put together a new team, giving cleveland entrepreneurs a chance to revitalize the neighborhood, one small business at a time. together we'll rebuild. together we'll reinvent. together we'll hustle. >> trevor: dude, who are you? like here's my thing. here's my thing. i saw you on trainwreck, you were funny as [bleep]. and then you go and dunk on the court. now are you making, like you are going after mark cuban as well. like are you making tv shows, and this is a show specifically about cleveland and cleveland is getting jobs and hustling, small businesses. like how do you find the time and why is this important.
10:17 am
i understand the kids, but business people, why is that important. >> when i was a kid, i just had a passion about-- hi so many ideas in my head. and you know, obviously one of the ideas that i had was like if i have an opportunity, i want to be able to create jobs for people, create an opportunity where people can feel empowered but at the same time, everything that is going on in my mind, i want to try to put into freuician. and i have been fortunate enough to start a company with some really good people and i saw cleveland hustle comes out one week from now. on cnbc where we are giving four people the opportunity to start up, startup businesses from bagel stop or beauty salon or whatever the case may be. we are giving people an opportunity to i guess chase their dreams. and have i been able to chase mine so i want people to chase theirs as well. >> trevor: are you also involved with warner brothers in making movies. you have a production company. you have one of the most popular shows on stars which is survivors remorse. >> yes. >> trevor: third season now.
10:18 am
>> third season. >> trevor: look at this, third season. (applause). >> trevor: are you doing everything, how do you find the time? >> i think when are you passionate about something, and when are you have everything in order and things in place, you have a great supporting cast, are you able to find time for things that you love to do. and you find time for things that motivate you. and i know that i know what my day job. is my day job is the became of basketball. and i would never let anything take away from that as you saw this past june. (applause) >> i would never, i would never sacrifice that. that is the home. but at the same time, have i a lot of passion for a lot of other things and am fortunate enough to work with some great companies and great minds, and be able to bring these things to life. >> trevor: you brought it all to life. i can tell you this as someone who has watched you from all over the world, not just frlt u.s you brought the world to life
10:19 am
with what you have done. we admire you with everything you are doing, the communities love you, the world lovers, you you are a superstar in every right. >> wow, wow, thanks, trevor, appreciate it. >> trevor: lebron james, >> trevor: lebron james, everybody. are those gushers? uh-huh er mah gush er mah gush er... mah... gush do you want another one? library break! shhhhhhhh.
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over the past two years, our nation has gone through a profoundly difficult economic period. and if we are to ensure that the crisis of 2008 does not happen again, uh, it is essential that we enact financial reforms-- reforms that will put an end to the irresponsible practices by wall street and the big banks which led to this crisis in the first place. democrats, republicans, and independents are in agreement. the way wall street does business is unsustainable and must be changed. there is no alternative. accordingly, i sat down yesterday in new york with a dozen of the top wall street ceos and bank presidents to make them understand that the american people are united. reform is absolutely critical, and the time for action is now. but i regret to say... uh... they just didn't go for it.


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