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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  February 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:32pm PST

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okay, that's it, cupid me! that's it! that's it, cupid me. okay, that's it. that's it, cupid me. aww. >> february 13th, 2017, from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: welcome to the daily show, i'm trevor noah thank you so much, everybody. and thank you to you for tuning in. my guest tonight from teen vogue elaine welteroth and philip picardi are joining us. we're going to talk fashion. all the fabulous from teen vogue. speaking of fabulousness, how about beyonce at the grammy awards last night. (cheers and applause) how about we yons.
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d t-- beyonce. she took to the stage and transformed from a queen into a a deity, she was the virgin mary and jesus at the same time show. like at one point sh t was so blatant that i actually said to myself, is this glass femmee, can-- blasphemy, can beyonce do, this and then i kid you not, the voice of god came down in my living room and said, how dare you question beyonce. poker withful, man. here's how much, here's how much beyonce dominated last night, even when adele won album of the year and record of the year, she knew it was all about bey. >> hi, everyone. i can't possibly accept this award and i'm very humbled and i'm very grateful and gracious. but my artist of my life is beyonce and this album to me, the lemonade album was just so
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monumental. i adore you. and you move my soul. and i want you to be my mummy, all right? wow. kayne west really traumatized white people. (laughter) every time a white person gets an award that beyonce was nominated for they come to the stage looking over their shoulder, i shouldn't have won this award. let me finish, but beyonce had one of the best albums of all time. i said it myself, kayne, i said it. now leave me alone! i shouldn't have won. same, man. speaking of people who shouldn't have won, this weekend-- (cheers and applause) this weekend 45 hosted japanese prime minister shinzo abe for a weekend he would never forget. >> prime minister abe, on behalf of the american people, i welcome you to the very famous
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white house. (laughter). >> trevor: you know what makes the white house famous is that you don't have to say it's famous. like the does trump think we only know about the place because now he lives there? is that how it works? also, you don't have to explain the white house to the japanese prime minister. he's probably spent more time there than you have, donald trump. now this was a state visit with america's number one asian ally to discuss military policy in the south china sea, negotiate a trade deal that will replace the ttp and most importantly how to contain a hostile actor like north korea. these are very complex issues and can be very hard to understand, especially if you are not listening. >> shinzo abe showers praise today on the president's business acumen but it's not clear if the president understood all of it. >> he was not wearing the translation earpiece for a lot of today's news conference. i reached out to white house
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aide errs about that specifically because there appeared to be engaged in the conversation, nodding and laughing in the right places so the senior administration official now tells me that president trump, to the best of their knowledge, does not speak japanese. (laughter). >> trevor: to the best of their knowledge does not speak japanese. how do trump's advisors not know what languages he speaks. it's like them going around, well, he said he doesn't speak jeez but he also said he would release his tax returns. so who the hell knows. who knows? what do you mean, although knowing trump, he was probably a little koky afterwards, saying things like i understood every word, everybody was kung fu fighting, all their kicks were fast as lightning. next question. next question. next question. you know what makes you realize, trump was nodding and smiling in agreement like yes, yes, i'm with you, yes, yes, i'm with you.
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maybe that's how policy sounds to himment like he didn't realize shinzo was speaking japanese, he just thought he was using those words that real politicians use. like maybe when the cia breached trump it sounds like japanese to him. they come in, and they're like sir. and he is like what is it. -- (speaking fake japanese (. >> and he's like yeah, got it, go ahead, go ahead t all sounds the same. so then after, after half a day of trump clueilessly nodding and giving a thumbs up whenever abe spoke, the two headed down to the even more famous winter white house. mar a lago. >> it's been a busy day, a day of golf diplomacy as we could put it, the president and prime minister spent about four hours on the links at the trump national golf club in jupiter. we know from a source that the two shared a golf cart together. he also tweeted a picture of himself high fiving the japanese
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prime minister. >> trevor: well, actually that's not a high five. trump was just measuring hand size. (laughter) see, totally normal. totally normal. now i know, i know people up in arms at the fact that trump is spending every weekend at a golf resort. especially considering how much he slammed obama for his golfing trips. but look, this is the trump presidency. we all expect it, right. wheeling and dealing on a golf course. sure, the setting is unconventional but what is the worst that could happen. >> breaking news at this hour here on cnn. confirmation now that north korea has launched some type of ballistic missile. >> it stt first time north korea has launched such a ballistic missile during the trump presidency. we know he's meeting with the japanese prime minister this evening for a working dinner. >> it was a way of the north korean leadership getting the attention of president trump and the japanese prime minister at a moments when they were having
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their first meeting. >> trevor: it looks like they're having so much fun. they're just like yeah! to be fair, though, kim jungun has that team cheering behind him whenever he launches anything. whatever is on tv. but this is why trump calls mar-a-lago the winter white house. a lot of people don't know this. but since coming into office, trump's florida resorts have been outfitted with state-of-the-art facilities so he can handle any global crisis with the utmost security and privacy. i'm [bleep] with you. >> the president responded to north korea's test launch with urgent talks on an open terrace at mar-a-lago in palm beach where patrons were in earshot snapping photos and posting them online. >> the dining room at mar-a-lago the president's private estate became sort of an open air situation room. >> that's the kind of conversation you would normally have in a classified environment. >> they began consult ising
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their aide, consulting document, the aides using iphones to offer them more light to see the documents because this was a candle lit dinner. >> to see it happening in such a public setting with lots of eavesdroppers, it raises some genuine questions. >> trevor: now trump responded to north korea after this. but part of me goes thank god shinzo abe was there. because reportedly he didn't want to say anything about it shinzo was like no, we are leaders. we have to speak. like trump was basically cheating off the smart asian kid, that's what he was doing. and what do i do in this situation? can i see your work, shinzo. what do you say? bad, okay. what is the next answer. thanks, shinzo, you're the best. mom, can shinlzo stay over? and it wasn't just the lighting it is the fact that random civilians in the mar-a-lago dining room were watching, two world leaders deal with a missile crisis right there. they were taking pics with the
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staff members who guard america's launch code. they took a picture with the man who is-- identified him by name and they posted photos of all of that in realtime on facebook. thanks zuckerberg. you had one bad date in college and now we're all going to die. we'll be right back. ♪ nature made it delicious. we made it a snack. chobani flip. ♪
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>> welcome back to the daily show, thank you so much, everybody, thank you. you know, there are many ways to keep warm in winter. one way is to take air force one down to florida every weekend. the other is to stay in washington and get grilled on the sunday shows. and this weekend, shrimp on the barby was top white house official and smeagu l in a suit, stephen miller which is tonight's profile in tremendousness. >> have i the most dedicated people. i have the best people. >> trevor: meet stephen a miller. if you are wondering why his face looks familiar it's probably because you see him every time you take off your socks. blook people, you can ignore that joke. but that's not 9 only remarkable
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thing about him. >> he's one of donald trump's most important policy aides. he is only 31 years old, but he's worked in professional politics for his whole adult life. he was an aide to jeff sessions when he was a senator. then he went to work for donald trump's campaign where he was trump's chief speech writer. >> trevor: oh, okay, i don't know if that last part was something i would put on my resume, like speech writer for donald trump is not something you can brag about when the guy says binge binge bong bong in his speeches. look, i was like binge, binge is too much. bing bong bong bing bing bong bing. now before his career in politics miller was widely hailed as the least popular kid at st. monica high school. this is all true. maybe it had something to do with the fact that as a kid at high school he reportedly made fun of minority students. lated the fact that there was a club for gay people at his school and he was even a dick to janitors. so yesterday when he made his
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sunday show debut, it was nice to see that like most of your friends from high school, not only had miller not changed, he's gotten worse. >> on issue after issue, we're taking forceful action to deliver on the president's campaign promises on a breathe taking scale. >> president trump is displaying the strength of america to the whole world. >> our opponents, the media, and the who would world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned. >> trevor: what i was waiting for at the end of his interview was lightning and an evil laugh. but not like a vilan laugh but like a basic henchman. the cheesy guy on the side, ma ha ha ha. our lead letter not be questioned. ma ha ha ha ha. allergies. quick question, what is up with will not be questioned. what does that mean? sounds less like an argument and more like a line from 50 shades darker.
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>> i will not be questioned. by the way, the president will be questioned. because that is sort of how america works. you know, as the ninth circuit court said last week, checks and balances, bee-atch. but you could tell right away why miller is a trump guy. because he has the rare ability to fully commit to an outlandish lie. >> president trump again this week suggested in a meeting with senators that it thousands of illegal voters were bussed from massachusetts to new hampshire. do you have that evidence. >> i can tell that you this issue of busing voters in to new hampshire is widely known by anyone who worked in new hampshire politics. >> do you have any evidence. >> i'm saying anybody, anybody, talk to anybody without worked in politics there for such a long time. >> trevor: that is a high school tactic for trying to defend a lie, becky is the bige slu t ever, you can ask like
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anybody. do you have proof, yeah, you ask like anybody. the only problem is when you do actually ask like anybody. >> fergus colin is a former state chairman of new hampshire. >> the idea that people are coming to new hampshire to commit fraud on a massive scale is just prepos terrous and needs to be called out as untrue. >> that's right, take it from fergus culins, these allegations are bull [bleep] and i know fergus is not a liar because if he were a liar, the first thing he would lie about is his name. my name is fer-jaims. anyone who introduces himself as fergus is an honest man. here is another thing we learned about stephen miller. >> you won't like him when he's angry. i mean he won't change physically, unfortunately, but he really ratchets up the. >> do you have-- if this is an issue that interests you, then we could talk about it more in the future. >> just for the record you provided absolutely no evidence. >> i'm prepared to go on any
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show, anywhere, any time and repeat it it and say the president of the united states is correct, 100%. >> trevor: any show, any time, i will go on real housewives of atlanta, say the president is right. and that his weave is much better than any of theirs. you want a piece of me, ken ya, bring it on, bring it on nini, bring it on, bring it on, anywhere, any time. any time. bring it on. (applause). >> trevor: and just like that, stephen miller became a maid guy in the trump gang. because you see, his sunday show appearance wasn't designed to persuade anyone who argued about facts. it was about pledging allegiance to an audience of one. and it worked. because immediately after his appearance, don trump tweeted, congratulations, stephen miller. on representing me this morning on the various sunday morning shows. great job. you know what the saddest thing
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is, sean spicer has been waiting for that tweet his whole life. yeah, and now everyone thinks he's a girl. he's a girl. we'll be right back. jeremiah, he's a girl. we'll be right back. time to say your goodbyes. >>man, 21 - 3! we're live. >>no, no, no... 3rd quarter. this is the third quar- [sfx: squibs] ugh, jeremiah, you got us.
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back to the daily show, my guest tonight are the editor and digital editorial director for teen vogue, please welcome elaine welteroth and phillip picardi. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> trevor: welcome to trump's america. >> indeed. >> trevor: because this is a strange moment, right? teen vogue here to talk in essence politics which is not something that teen vogue is known for. >> well, i mean, i think that young people are particularly and physically engaged. we saw withstanding rock w black
11:23 pm
lives matter that young people were leading these revolutions and we're on the front lines. and so we really wanted to make a point as the new leadership like teen vogue to really talk meaningfully to these readers and show young women they could be interested in politics, that they should be interested in politics and should have a firm opinion about what is going on. heres plaws. >> trevor: its' been catching on. let's talk a little bit about the issue itself before we go into the numbers which have been doing really well am but you come out with a new fore mat now, so the magazine is not going to come out ten times a year but it is now going to be quarterly and each issue as a theme, like the sex, the coming out, the obsession, the heartbreak but really is the love issue. >> it's all about young love. the one thing that we can all agree with is that the world just needs more love right now. (applause) so that's what we focus on for our first issue out of the gates. we have bella hadid who is a
11:24 pm
supermodel talking about finding her strength after a very public breakup. pop star troy sevian who talks about what it is like to be queer, young and queer in a trump america. and i think my favorite piece, actually in the entire issue is a story about an 18 year old syrian refugee girl who talks about her harrowing tale of leaving her home in search of freedom and finding love on the other side. so you know, every-- thank you. it's really all about self-love. and for us, you know, teen vogue has grown up a lot in the last 14 years. and so we wanted a magazine that reflected that. and so we're actually bigger and better than we've ever been. we're literally physically taller to stand out on the news stand to show everyone that you know, a big evolution sunday way at teen vogue. >> trevor: here is vogue, you ar fashion. stay out of politics. what the hell do you guys know about politics anyway? >> that was like gangster, hmmmm,s that could have been
11:25 pm
your response, hmmmm. >> that is the responsement. >> enough said. >> these things are not mutually exclusive. we have worked together a long time and have always been interested in beauty and fashion as a way to represent yourself and tell a story so to tell a teenager she should stick to lip gloss when she is being directly impacted by the policies and directly affecting her life as life goes around. is irresponsible. we want to make sure we have-- >> have you seen everyone is afraid of losing business when they get involved in the conversation. have you seen a decline, have people gone thanks teen vogue, we are signing off, no politics for us. >> quite the opposite, actually. since phil has come on we have gone from 2 million uniques to 10 million u meeks on teen so credit to all the work you are doing. and phil and the digital have done a tremendous job really transforming teen from being mainly a fashion site to becoming a really credible
11:26 pm
political news source that directly speaks to young women. and that's so important right now. and on the flip side for the print side, we actually are up in print subscriptions which we're really excited about. i think that just speaks to the idea that compelling, consistent content that has a very specific voice is always going to be valuable, particularly when you're focused on giving a voice and face to underrepresented groups. >> and have i to say, like, you know, for many brands i think the digital and print voices can feel separate. so teen vogue, our collaboration and our working together have made a very consistent product. to work in digital media. we have 70-- we publish a day on the site it is a lot that comes across the desk. to make space for the marginalized and tories of voices not told on the magazine and on covers in particular, means a lot it is putting your money where your mouth is and i think our audience really represents that and it is a testament to elaine's work. >> if you have haters who say what are you guys know about
11:27 pm
journalism, how do you respond? >> i say that teen vogue has as much right to be at the table talking about politics as every young woman does in america right now. >> absolutely. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> trevor: thank you for what you are doing. an amazing job. the new issue of teen vogue will be available on national news stands february 2 1s. go to teen to read the cover stories now. elaine welteroth and phillip picardi. we'll be right back. with's rewards program for every 10 nights you stay, you get one free. which is great for families. finally!
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>> that's our show for tonight. coming up next, "@midnight" is live, now here it is, your moment of zen.
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