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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  October 26, 2017 1:35am-2:05am PDT

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thank you so much for buying me the heater. of course, dude. witches have to have each other's backs. what are you gonna do now that you know you have magical powers? well, i think i'm gonna whip up a spell to get a job. good call. it is so bananas that you got botox.
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yeah, it is. but to be for real, i'm like, i would get it if i wanted it at some point in my life. exactly. i also heard about this thing where you can freeze your butt. they do that? apparently, it makes it really hard and shiny and grippable. like a bowling ball, baby, yas. so what are you doing back there? 'cause it's just, like, the one gray, right? oh, yeah, just the one. (nervous chuckle) (whispering) thousand. cool. ♪ from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor
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noah. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: welcome to the daily show, thank you so much for tuning in, i'm trevor noah am thank you so much, everybody, my guest tonight is our favorite gillen hawl,-- gyllenhaal, magaziney gyllenhaal is joining us, that's right, our favorite gyllenhaal by far, screw you, jake, you know why. but first breaking news from the world of technology and home invasion. >> amazon launching a new service this morning that is going to allow delivery drivers to deliver packages inside your home even when you're not there. >> with amazon key you can get your packages delivered just inside your door. you can track your delivery with realtime notify kaitionzs,-- notifications, watch the delivery happening live or review a deliver video of the delivery after it is
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complete. >> trevor: that's right, with ram glon key you you can now vay two new v in two days or no tv in three minutes. (laughter) this just feels like a step too far. it feels like amazon is that overeager boyfriend or girlfriend who keeps pushing the bund ree trying to get into your life and now there is a new amazon service that leaves its toothbrush in your bathroom just in case it decides to stay over. you wouldn't have a problem with that, right? and honestly, even if the person really is just peeking in and then leaving, why would i want that? why? just so that the next time i go on amazon it's going to be like, recommended for you, pick up your clothes and stop living like a damn pig. stay out of my life, amazon. but let's move on. my friends, it looks like donald trump is heading toward another divorce. and no, don't get your hopes up, melania, it's not with you. it's with republican senators. >> escalating tension with some fierce republican critics has just turned up a dramatic notch. the president's feud with
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senator bob corker erupting once again today. >> senator corker mincing no words saying he regrets supporting donald trump for president. >> i don't know why he lowers himself to such a low, low standard and debases our country in a way that he does am but he does. >> president trump calling corker incompetent, a lightweight, and saying he couldn't be elected dog catcher in his home state. corker responding on twitter, same untruths from an utterly untruthful president, hashtag alert the daycare staff. >> trevor: oh, snap! hashtag alert the daycare staff, wow. i know we've gotten used to this but can we just slow down for a second and soak in the fact that america's highest elected officials are having twitter beefs, this is not normal, you realize that, right. a senator trolling the president of the united states is not normal. it's funny, but it's not normal. it's like trump is dragging the entire federal government into trash social media.
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you know, you realize there going to be emojis in history books now. like in three years they won't even be a capitol building, senators will just vote on instagram stories. it's going to be like a, fan, yeah, just popping in to say that i'm going to vote yes on tax cut, yeah, uh-huh, got to trust my heart on that one, peat out y'all, feel me inside. but beyond the twitter feud, this is a big deal. and it is extremely rare. a senator in open revolt against the president from his own party. not just disagrees with him. corker is saying that the president of the united states is incompetent. and cannot be trusted in the oval office. or near electrical outlets. and corker wasn't even the only gop senator to speak up yesterday. what he said in 140 characters, arizona senator jeff flake expanded on old school style. >> there are times when we must risk our careers in favor of our principles. now is such a time. we must stop pretending that the
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degradation of our politics and the conduct of some in our executive branch are normal. we must never regard as normal the regular and casual undermining of our democratic norms and ideals. the personal attacks, the threats against principles, the flagrant disregard for truth and decency, they are not normal. i will not be complicit or silent. so that end, i am announcing today that my service in the senate will conclude at the end of my term in early january 2019. >> trevor: now i know that doesn't seem flashy because we're so used to living with trump. but that was definitely a slam. a sen tor yal slam. like you don't do a mic drop after that, you just gently lay the mic in akoffin. so that is two deep leer conservative republican senators who won't run for re-election next year, denouncing trump. now on the one hand, could you argue that if corker and flake really believed america's democracy was under threat they should stay and fight.
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on the other hand, you have to admit there is a freedom that comes from saying that you quitment because now they can oppose trump without fear that it will hurt their political careers. it's like once you put in your two week's notice. you can do whatever you want. yeah, now are you that guy, jam ba juice spitting in all the juice. yeah and by the way they didn't give two weeks notice, they gave 15 months notice. 15 months so now they will be spitting in trump's jam ba juice for the next year. what did you say you want protein or pee. i put both, i don't know, whatever. and listen, these aren't the only republicans who are causing problem in the ranks, you've also got senators mccain, murkowski and collins who rebelled against trump in some way. right now the republican part is not having a good time. they're not having a good time. and there is one man who is enjoying it more than most. former white house advisor and real life halloween costume steve bannon. >> breitbart hailing the news of flake's retirement with the
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headline winning, flake out. steve bannon's reaction according to a source close to the former trump strategist, another day, another scalp. >> trevor: wow. i'm not surprised steve bannon loves collecting scalps. he does seem like the kind of person who they will catch wearing someone else's skin. he just seems like that type. you see, bannon wants all republicans who go against trump to quit. so that he can replace them with trump loyalists, that is really what he wants. bannon even said he plans to challenge every single republican politician excepts ted cruz. which is so sad for ted cruz. he even gets left out of threats. (laughter) out of threats. i feel like even in a hostage situation the kidnappers would be like everybody in here say hostage, everybody is-- except ted cruz, ted cruz, go. go. get out, get out, even the cops would be like send out the hostage-- no, not ted cruz, you keep ted cruz, we'll give you everything if you keep ted cruz.
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(laughter) but here is the importance of what corker and flake have done. they have shown that there are republicans who are starting to see the realities of the donald trump presidency. because even though they may agree with trump on his legislative agenda. they are now publicly acknowledging its danger of everything else that this man stands for which includes pathological lying, discarding diplomacy, encouraging white sprem see and undermining the rule of law and the institutions of democracy. so you may not like flake or corker for their overall politics, i understand this. but think of it like this. in the crime ethic that is the trump administration, they are basically like drug dealers who are trying to slip on the kingpin who has gone too far. i condition do this, i have to get out. and others could follow, corker has said that the vast majority of our caucus understands what we are dealing with here. so this is not easy for them. and i think we should encourage all republicans against trump to come out. yeah, all of them. except ted cruz.
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(laughter) so for all you republicans who are afraid to speak up, we made this for you. >> my name is michael costa and i used to deal trump. i'm not proud of it but it's the truth. when i started i didn't think it was a big deal. i was in it for the tax cuts. who doesn't want to get paid. but then i saw what trump did to my community and i got out. was i scared? hell yeah, i done want steve bannon wearing my face. but i'm glad i left. so if you are a republican and you are looking to stop dealing trump, call the number below. we can help you get out. someone's calling right now. hello. >> oh, hi, senator rubio. >> oh yeah, yeah, yeah, this is totally anonymous. tell me your story. >> michael costa everybody.
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we'll be right back. (applause) ♪ ♪ it's a good, good, good ♪ time to be alive. ♪ oh yeah. pizza with pepsi. delicious. ahhh.
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>> trevor, you may not know this about me but i love fast food. it suits my lifestyle, fast. i don't have time to listen to someone read me a list of today's specials because i want even faster food, i am talking digital, computer, food 3.0, feed me through my butt, the whole thing. unfortunately, i have seen the future. and it sucks. >> dominoes and ford are teaming up to test how customers react to pizza being delivered by self-driving cars. when the car pulls to the curb, customers get a text message that their pizza has arrived. they then type a four digit code into a touch-screen on the car, a window rolls down and they can grab the pizza from a warming oven in the car. >> this is just stupid, okay. because what happens if the car gets my order wrong. i condition be rude to a car. well, i can but it's not fun. also let's stop an think about the most important issue here.
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without pizza delivery guys, what is going to happen to porn. a porn stars go to have to start [bleep] cars now. and if so, where? the exhaust pipe? actually, that works. and how do we even know if they're safe drivers. i will be damned if i went to the trouble of going to america, semi-legally only to be driven off the road by a pepperoni calzone. i am not going to be the guy who men my death pops up in your facebook feed tbeem use the laughing emoji, sad face only it is not just delivery. the robot takeover is happening inside restaurants too. >> fast food strawnlts are getting even faster as they bypass traditional methods to take and even make orders. >> this is flippy, a burger-flipping robot that will be used in select kaliburger restaurants next year. the machine uses artificial intelligence to identify foods and cook them properly. >> you can't take burger
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flipping away from people, okay, flipping burgers teaches important life skills like work say miserable, repetitive hell that you will have to endure until you die. all work. exsp for this place. this place is great, i love it here. but also burger flipping robots name is flippy? did they even fly? they should make a robot to replace the guy who names robots. and they can call that robot namey. it seems to me like most of these invasions are just a way for-- innovations are a way for people to stuff their face was having to talk another another human. >> customers at a kfc in china can now pay with a child. chinese corporate giant alibaba is demonstrating a facial recognition payment system diners can pay by scanning their faces at an ordering kiosk and entering their phone number. >> they say it can't be fooled by photographs or videos and it works even if you pile on the makeup or the pounds.
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>> now, now this is a great idea. all right? mostly because it proves that not all asians look the same. (laughter) (applause) unless, unless of course this machine is made by white people in which case there is going to be one guy in shanghai waking up with a billion dollar kfc bill. >> trevor: ronnie, the technology is definitely interesting but isn't the real story here the fact that everyone is going to be losing their jobs in this is another example of robots taking people's jobs. >> no, no, no, don't worry, trevor. because robots are also losing their jobs. >> a big change is coming to chuck e cheese restaurants which will include among other changes an updated interior design and then the removal of that animatronic band. the reason is company says kids are just not really looking at them any more. >> that's the music business for
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you. one day you are on top playing to thousands of adoring fans. the feks day you are being disassembled for scrap metal. the same thing happened to rem. what do out of work robots do, anyway, go back to school to learn how to be a roomba, sure, that is fine during the day but at night, i mean that just gets creepy, right? anyway, i got to run, i just ordered a pizza with my face and i want time to [bleep] the car before gi. >> trevor: ronny chieng, everybody. everybody. we'll be right back. there are no shortcuts. making the best tequila in the world is all about putting in the time. the way we've been doing it for 145 years. tequila herradura.
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[ slow piano music throughout ] ♪ girl, in my dreams ♪ where have you been? ♪ we, should be ♪ together what if everyone could find everything that matters? tile. >> trevor: welcome back. my guest tonight is an award-winning actor who produces and stars in the hbo series the deuce. >> i think i might be-- something else. >> really? >> this will start.
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>> what do we do? you need to-- what they teach you to start. >> is it is bet are than something. >> trevor: please welcome maggie gyllenhaal. (applause) welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> trevor: thank you so much for being here. and congratulations on condition cluing season one of the deuce, season two i believe has been picked up already. so congratulations on that. >> thank you. >> trevor: for those who don't know or haven't hacked an hbo password, how would you sum up the deuce?
2:01 am
>> well, it is difficult to sum up as you know because there are so many characters. so many things. but it's basically about the birth of pornography as an industry in new york city in the early '70s. >> trevor: right, and your character is really an interesting character. and you play a woman who understands the world that she's in. but at the same time, chooses to defy the role that she has to play within that role which is really interesting am because you play a sex worker who goes oh i'm not just going to live in one world. i want to produce porn. i want to work behind the scenes of porn. which is a really interesting die cot me to have, as one who is in a way oppressed by a system but at the same time strifing to control that same world. >> it's funny, i don't know that she would think about it like that. i think she just like, something gets woken up in her when she sees a film camerament and she can't look at the world the same way. and the world that she lives in is i world that has a lot to do
2:02 am
with sex and pornography. and the camera, it's like, it's like if someone, all of a suld she goes oh my god, there is a frame around this and putting a frame around it, the same thing i have been doing all night every night for this many years changes everything. and then what does light do and what is light. and you know, she's like, i think she's an artist. and she's an artist in this context. >> trevor: right. you take us behind the scenes of porn though. i mean some people would say there is some art in it. but there are moments in the deuce, it's not a funny show but there are moments where you laugh, i guess, at the ridiculousness of the situation. >> yeah. >> trevor: like showing how not sexy a porn scene. is like when are you filming that, is that something that was intentional in the style when it was shot? >> yeah, i think like you were talking to me about the campbell soup scene which is, in a way-- . >> trevor: everyone is going like what is the campbell soup scene? >> now will you have to watch
2:03 am
it. in a way, i guess it's funny. and it's also devastating. and was probably the most degrading thing to shoot in the whole thing. but because there is some element of humor, i think it is easier to take in what we are trying to say. >> trevor: wow. >> you know. >> trevor: when you look at the story that has so many moments where you have to consider the fact that it is degrading not just to film but to portray, do you think that that is why being a producer on the show was so important to you? because you have more control then you would if you were just an actress? >> well, i think that we had to show some degrading things in order to start a conversation about the ways in which women are degraded. >> trevor: right. >> right. so as a producer you are thinking about it objectively. and as an actor sometimes you do have to do things that feel difficult and complicated in order to begin that
2:04 am
conversation. >> trevor: right. and if you look at the unfortunate comparison between that world and the news that came out up just recently about harvey weinstein, it's sad and it's scary that so many of the allegations seem to have parallels between a show that was created about the '70s and a world that we are living in in 2017. allegations span time but how do you wrap your head around what hollywood is dealing with right now as a woman in hollywood? >> well, i think it's very difficult to take a look at where we actually are as opposed to where we wish we were. and i think it's incredible that we're seeing consequences for behavior like harvey weinsteins. and i think that probably part of the reason that that is happening right now is because we have a president who said that it's okay to grab women's
2:05 am
pussies without asking them. and there were no consequences for that. and i think a whole lot of women, i mean i can speak for myself at least, just felt when that happened, that we weren't going to take it any more. and i think that's part of what motivated what is happening now in hollywood. and i think that part of it is incredible. >> trevor: right. i have nothing more to say. (laughter) that was incredible. i honestly have nothing more to say. season one finale of the deuce airs sunday, october 29th at 9 p.m maggie gyllenhaal, everybody. thank you so much.


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