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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  January 5, 2018 1:31am-2:01am PST

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news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> trevor: welcome, everybody! thank you so much! thank you so much! and welcome to "the daily show"! thank you for tuning in! thank you so much for coming out, everybody! i'm trevor noah. our guest tonight, "new york times" investigative reporter jodi kantor is here. ( cheers and applause ) but our first story tonight, the earth still hates us. >> the major wind bomb cyclone of snow an ice exploding now. >> the winder bomb of snow and ice going off, creating a mess. >> a nightmare on roads and bridges, officials warning everyone to stay home. >> 25,000 people without power. >> wind gusts of 55 miles per hour. >> a bomb cyclone.
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>> bombo genesis. >> bombo genesis and bomb -- what was it, bomb cyclone? that's not a weather term, by the way. >> trevor: boo! why are you spoiling the fun professional weather man? it's a bomb cyclone! ow! ( making nonsensical noises ) but actually, i agree. you can't just jam scary words in front of each other to get our attention. board up the windows, here comes the h herpes monsoon! ( laughter ) but i love snow days. it's so beautiful. this morning i killed a white walker. i don't know if he was pushing a cart or what, but i stopped him. thank you for coming out in the snow today. appreciate you very much. ( applause ) i've got to say, i love how america deals with snow. you guys put salt on everything.
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you're literally fighting the weather with food. i wouldn't be surprised if during a tornado some guy went out in a filed with pizza and was like, go on! get out of here! git! go on! ( laughter ) but from the blizzard on the east coast to the cyclone of news covering the country. first up, virginia, the place widely known as the birth place of jackie chan. i think so. the fact checker is sick. the virginia legislature came down to a single delegate race and the race in the 94t 94th district ended in an exact tie between democrat shelly sometimessens and republican david yancey. but instead of having another vote or runoff or letting the psychic octopus choose the winner, they chose to put the two candidates names in a ceramic bowl and leave it up to lady luck. >> as i said i will draw one cancer, madam vice chair will
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draw a second canister. the winner will be in the first canister. madam vice chair if you will pull your canister. the bowl is empty. the winner of house district 94 is david yans. >> and the second name for the other capt. shelly simons. >> trevor: demore crosse! ( laughter ) i'm sorry but russians are watching this going how do we even interfere with this? it's too stupid "what the actual fact" do you do? ( laughter ) even though he won the presidenty, donald trump has been plagued by the fact he lost popular vote. it made him so mad that you might remember a year ago he did this. >> president trump today made a pledge to conduct a major probe into voter fraud. >> every time voter fraud occurs it canceled the vote of a lawful
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citizen and undermines democracy. >> so you're going to launch an investigation? >> we're going to launch an investigation to find out, when you look at the people registered -- dead, illegal in two states and in some cases maybe three states -- we have a lot to look into. >> trevor: ah, yes, the dead people voting. i remember that episode of walking dead. it wasn't my favorite. it was just zombies standing in line like no ballot! no ballot! ( laughter ) even though there was no evidence to support the president's outlandish fraud clips, he still set up a commission to unearth the truth. people got hired, money got spent and today the truth finally came out. >> "the washington post" said president trump disbanded his commission studying alleged voter fraud. the commission met only twice. >> trevor: i'm not shocked they disbanded. i am shocked they met twice. the first meeting they're, like,
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this is bull (bleep). what was the second meeting, a reunion? what was that? we're back again! so either trump doesn't care about democracy being undermined or the whole thing is made up or both. shutting down the commission barely made a blip in the news because the only thing people can talk about is journalist michael wolff's new boofnlgt it sounds like the real house waives of pennsylvania avenue. >> news stories about chaos in the first year of the trump presidency. >> trump's staffers, allies and family "came to believe he was incapable of functioning in his job." wolf. >> wolf writes aides reported mr. temperature didn't read, is semiliterate. >> called him an it yod. >> steve mnuchin and reince
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priebus behave trump to be an idiot. h.r. mcmaster considers him a dope. >> trevor: wow! trump's own people think that he's dumb as a watermelon. i guess the country isn't as divided as it seems. now look, if we're being honest, this isn't news, everyone already knew that trump isn't the fattest out there. what has been fun is discovering the details that help us understand president trump more. for instance why he eats so much mcdonald's. >> trump had a fear of being poisoned. that's why he said mcdonald's. the food was pre-made and no one knew he was coming. ( laughter ) >> trevor: so, wait, let me get this straight -- trump only trulls food if the people who made it had no idea it was for him? that's right. that's why he goes to mcdonald's. now i can't help but picturing some random person in mccolds and before they bite the burger
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the president bursts out of the bull pit and grabs their food. surprise! yum-yum yum! somebody not me went potty in the ball pit! ( laughter ) >> wolf writes when he was not having his 63 630 dinner with steven, he was in bed with a cheese burger and making phone calls. >> trevor: you almost skip over it because of the cheeseburger. he's in bed by 6:30? makes sense in a way. you need to get your eleven hours in before your 5:00 a.m. rage tweet. but still! i wonder if sometimes trump falls asleep before he eats the cheeseburger and gets to wake up in the morning wit on his chest and he's just, like, oh, boy you waited for me! yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum! ( laughter ) now, this book has tons of stories ranging from mildly amusing to salacious, but the most tragic story has to be
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this. >> almost everyone on the trump campaign thought mr. trump would you not only be president, they thought he should not be president. even the president himself, wolf says, didn't think he would win. >> wolf quotes donnell trump, jr. looking as if he had seen a ghost. plan na was in tears and not joy. >> trevor: which, both campaigns were crying on election night. ( laughter ) trump not wanting to win would explain so much about the kind of president he is. i will say this, if you believe that he didn't want to win, then it's hard to believe that he colluded with the russians. right? if anything, in instead of trying to shut this book down, trump should send a copy to robert mueller. it common rates me. the part where it says you're an idiot? no, further!
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( laughter ) p p white house aren't pleased with books in general, but this one is extra "not nice." >> white house press secretary sarah sanders dismissed the book at trashy tabloid fiction and described the president's reaction as this. >> i think furious, disgusted would probably certainly fit when you make such outrageous claims. it's completely tabloid gossip full of false and fraud lent claims. >> trevor: you know what's funny is that description would have been perfect for trump's voter fraud claims. as entertaining as it is, i don't know how much book is accurate and how much exaggerated but in a way that's what makes it a perfect scandal for this white house, bizarre, unverified, fraudulent claims. this is the world donald trump promotes. millions of illegal votes. barack obama born in kenya, ted cruz's bad killed j.f.k., suggesting joe scarborough killed an intern. someone who tweeted "check out sex tape" can't complain about
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>> trevor: welcome back to the "daily show." gun violence. gun violence is an epidemic that
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plagues the entire nation. never seems to be a good time to talk about it. a city in california is adopting an insanely solution to the problem. michael coster reports. >> they say crime doesn't pay but could not crime do pay? i'm here in stockton, california, to find out. meet stockton's young gun mayor michael tubbs. >> when i first got elected we had 71 homicides, more than afghanistan at the time. >> that's a dark truth. >> it's true. >> getting rid of gun crime by interceding directly with perps. >> works with active shooters. >> violent criminals. >> it's not a criminal. you have to be a criminal t, you have to be convicted. >> i'm not a cheater if i'm not
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caught. >> tech schi. >> advanced peace takes violent criminals, sorry, violent alleged criminals, and offers them 365 day a year counseling, job training, mentoring and one other thing -- >> some fellows are eligible for cash incentives -- >> cash. you're giving criminals cash money. >> the program is intensive. relationship building, case management. >> these are a lot of fancy politician words but your plan for lowering crime is essentially bribery. >> criminals are paid not to commit crime. i'm serious. >> understandably some on the right thought this was a terrible idea. >> horrible idea. >> and so did the citizens of stockton. >> i think it's bull (bleep). >> how do you really know they're not firing their weapons because they said they're not firing their weapons? >> i don't think it's going to work. >> and they have been blowing up the mayor's facebook page. >> there is like telling your 3-year-old you will buy them ice cream if they stop throwing a
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tantrum. what do you say to that, mayor tubbs. >> you have to read beyond the headlines. >> sometimes i don't even have time to read the headline, now i have to read the body of the article? i headed to richmond to meet devon bogan who launched a piece in 2009 in this small city, expanding to ac meanto and stockton hopes to be next. they hope it's more than just cash for crooks. >> this is a gun venus reduction strategy. >> that's in most bull (bleep) i've ever heard of saying we give criminals money. >> imagine growing up in a neighborhood where gun violence happens. try to imagine a young man who's rarely left not richmond but central richmond. >> and that's devon's reasoning for an even crazier part of this plan. >> one of the elements is the transformative travel. >> what are you talking about
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transformative travel? >> disneyland, universal studios. >> you've taken suspected firearm offenders to disneyland? >> yeah. >> they're giving alleged criminals cash and vacations? >> i can't support a program like this. this goes against who i am. i'm sorry. i can't do this. i can't do this. i don't support this. >> you won't get your "the daily show" check if you don't do this. >> that's my check? >> yes. >> tell you what, devon, i love this idea. let's talk about the results, if there are any. >> well, i can talk about guys who certainly are working good jobs, but we've also got guys who remain involved in selling drugs. some may maintain some involvement in the pimping world, but we have seen a 71% reduction in gun crimes in this city. >> i'm going to need the number for that guy that's still dealing drugs and the guy that's still pimping. if it's two different numbers,
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i'll take both. >> when you look at the data, the homicide rate in richmond decreased since devon started this program in 2009. but still, giving money to alleged criminals, i had to meet advanced peace graduates and ask them the tough questions. what pays better, crime or not crime? >> no crime. the money is just the bait. get what i'm saying? they just throw that out there to reel you in. >> you've got to do stuff for the money. did you get your licensed. >> you've got to complete goals. >> when you get in they start to teach you real values (bleep) that nobody taught you. >> somebody says i'm going to get you out of richmond. >> you've never left richmond? >> no. >> what about you devon. >> as far as i went is prison. >> it's not about cash,ist about giving people a bigger picture of the world. devon's program is changing lives and maybe it could change stockton, too. but to convince skeptics, i
1:50 am
would have to use everything advanced peace taught me, not the phone calls and the g.e.d., but just the money part. >> this plan is going to work. >> social change has a price, you have to admit it's worst the cost. >> if it works, it works. >> did i have to pay you to is a that? >> not at all. >> you're welcome stockton and central california valley. ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: michael kosta, everybody. we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause )
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( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." my guest tonight is an investigative reporter for the "new york times," who broke the story exposing decades of alleged sexual misconduct by harvey weinstein. please welcome jodi kantor. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> trevor: welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> trevor: thank you for coming out in the snow, and thank you for reporting a story which is probably one of the most impactful stories our society has ever, ever seen. when you were reporting the story, you were thinking to yourself, this is this is harvey weinstein. people on the coast and hollywood know them but you don't think it will blow up as a
1:54 am
story. why do you think it got so big then? >> we've talked about that a lot as the newspaper because like everybody else we're somewhat staggered to see what happened. one of our editors has a theory that this was the rare sexual harassment accusers were more famous and had more cultural capital than the accused. i struggle with that because i believe every woman's story counts and everyone who came forward was courageous and brave and i don't love the fact that it took a celebrity to move the needle, but interestingly that was part of our conversation with some of the stars who did come forward. people like ashley judd kind of knew she had an ability to have a kind of outsized effect because people felt that they knew her. >> trevor: it's interesting, though, because many people said that harvey weinstein was an open secret in hollywood. people said that about -- i think it was batali as well. you hear so many stories people
1:55 am
said it was an open secret. sometimes it was reported on in some way, shape or form. what changed? i mean, you reported a story that some people whispered about and all of a sudden this story became what has become the catalyst for change in many parts of our society. what do you think was the change? >> look, part of what was upsetting to people, i think about the weinstein story, was the revelation that there was an entire system in place to protect a guy like weinstein. we found out he had 8 to 12 settlements with women over the years, so something like this would happen and then a fancy lawyer would step in and kind of conveniently make it all go away. the hollywood agencies continued to send actresses to his hotel rooms, even though agencies basically knew what was going on. so i don't think it's a surprise to people that sexual harassment and worse exists, but i think seeing the full pattern and the extent of the system is part of what's so galling.
1:56 am
>> trevor: did you find many men didn't know what was happening? i mean, there are the enablers, there are those who are actively doing the harassing and assaulting, and then there are men who said i did not know this was happening right in front of me. was that something you discovered in your reporting and i guess in the world of the "new york times"? >> there were both women and men who didn't know and i think that's because some of the information was confined to what we call whisper networks. it turns out, in all sorts of field, women had these kind of quiet networks in which they shared information with each other about what their experiences were. but my colleague julie did a great story about that but that information was almost always beneath the surface. >> trevor: where to from here? this is the story that takes you months to work on. this has only been 12 weeks, which is mind blowing when you think about it. feels like the harvey weinstein thing has been going on for a year but it's only been 12 weeks. is this the beginning, the
1:57 am
middle or the end? >> that's a great question. i think it's definitely not the end, and the reason why is because we have all of these questions that we haven't resolved. how do you have an office romance in 2018 without fear of doing the wrong thing? if a man has been accused of sexual harassment, what is due process even kind of mean in that kind of case? i don't think we've settled any of those questions. our society doesn't even really have a common agreed-upon definition of sexual harassment, so i think all of us are to some extent puzzling this through at the water cooler and at the dinner table. >> trevor: i can't wait to read what the next story will be, though. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> trevor: thank you for being on the show. jodi kantor, everybody. we'll be right back. thank you very much! ( cheers and applause )
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>> trevor: that's our show for
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tonight. "the opposition" with jordan klepper is up next. now here it is... your moment of zen. >> this is how bad it is. this is officially a snowmageddon. to heck with the blizzard. see that dunkin' donuts right there? it did not open! can you imagine that? a dunkin' donuts on the jersey shore not open during a blizzard? captioning sponsored by comedy central (cheers and applause). >> jordan: you found us, good, no matter what they tell you, today is january 4th and this is the opposition. my opponent tonight is president & ceo of the international rescue committee david miliband. (applause) he is hear it to talk about the refugee crisis. but first, cuc


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