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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  August 13, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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the coach and the players. and i vow to never listen to my bodily instincts ever again. - i'm talking about the sabre printers that catch on fire. - oh. okay. i was talking about... what do--what-- what's going on? captioning sponsored by comedy central >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: welcome to "the daily show," everybody, thank you so much for tuning in, i'm trevor noah. our guest tonight, our guest tonight is one of america's greatest living directors, spike lee is here, everybody. (cheers and applause)
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we'll be talking about his new movie "black clabsman" but first it is one of the great ironies of all time that the trump presidency has given us more books than ever before. which is a crazy thing because this is a guy whose favorite thing to read is the hooters t-shirt. (laughter) and this week another trump book hits the shelves. this one from former trump aide and reality tv star omarosa and it is safe to say it is making major head leans. >> omarosa stunning meet the press interview where she tells all about her time in the white house. >> what she calls an insider account of the trumpis nation by how mentally declined he is, how difficult it is for him to process complex information. this is a white house where everybody lies. donald trump is a con and has been masquerading as someone who is actually open to engaging with the community, is he truly a racist.
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>> >> trevor: omarosa how you can say that about the president three years after we all said that about the president. how! seriously though, omarosa hasn't spent a year in the white house to see that trump doesn't though what he is doing. i can't wait for the next trump, donald trump, something is wrong with his hair am but the revelations in omarosa's book aren't even the juicy part of the story. because it turns out that unlike james comey, she wasn't just making notes, she was making tapes. >> former presidential advisor omarosa manigawlt-newman admitted she recordedton john kelly hiring her in the situation room. >> ask i ask you a couple of questions, is the president aware of this. >> let's not go down the road, this say nonnegotiatable discussion. >> i don't want to nsht. i have never had the chance to talk to you, so if this is my departure i would like to have at least an opportunity for understand. >> we can talk another time, this has to do with some pretty
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serious integrity violations. so i will let it go at that. >> trevor: what is weird about this is omarosa is weren'ting the tape as evidence that she was treated unfairly but from what she released john kelly doesn't sound that bad. if anything he just sounds like a guy who had a lot more important things to do just like look, i can't have this conversation right now. the president accidentally swal he odd the nuclear launch codes and we need to come up with some new ones asat. if anything these tapes may havend laked omarosa in hot water because she took a recording device into the white house situation really. that is the ram where president's hold the most classified meeting, highly classified, thens too seb receipt for the oval office like the bin laden raid was run from the situation room. i mean i know now we don't know what they use that room for under trump. i bet if we check the securitycam footage we would see ben carson sneeblging in to take naps and don, jr. going in there to practice his karate. the true mast certificate one
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who can strike without making me up-- waking me up. and as of taping the chief of staff in the situation room, today she dropped her latest, and this one features the president himself. oh and please listen how trump reacts when he finds out omarosa has been fired. >> omarosa, what's going on. i just saw on the news that are you think being leaving, what happened? >> general kelly-- general kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave. >> no, nobody even told me about it. nobody-- they run a big operation, but i didn't know it. i didn't know that. >> yeah. >> damn t i don't love you leaving at all. >> trevor: i don't love you leaving at all. i just found out. they run a big operation, omarosa. goddam it. you know for a man who lies as much as trump you would i this he would be better, no, i'm so upset about this! i wonder if he did this to people without got fired from the apprentice if he also called
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hey, gary, i just saw last night's episode, what happened? what happened, goddam t i didn't know. i will be honest, what we have heard on the tapes is not particularly shocking. but what is shocking is how many people are secretly recording the president of the united states all the time. so many people are walking around the white house wearing a wire i'm surprised there aren't just feedback loops happening to everyone as they walk, people having conversations like hey i was. >> hey, your recording is interfering with my recording whack treek see you on, give me your recording after the meeting, this is weird. it is incredible everyone has a recording of the president, omarosa, michael cohen, even shock jocks are getting him at this point. there just needs to be a grammy category for these. and the award goes to oh, adele, surprise t is adele, actually. now as usual when one of trump's people turns on him the white house runs a smeer campaign play booblg saying the person has always been trash, with omarosa they dismissed her as a lying
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publicity hungry reality star who only cares about enriching herself. when trump heard that hes with like are you guys looking at my resume, are you? for more on this we turn to our senior political analyst ronny chieng, everybody. (applause) ronny what have we learned from omarosa's new book. >> well, i will tell you what i have learned, trevor there is nothing more profitable than working for donald trump, okay. because everyone who et goes fired by this guy gets a book deal. i'm waiting for him to fire his chef so we can get a ook cook book called 32 burger recipes our fat lying president likes. and i will tell you what omarosa taught me, is i am doing the right thing because i'm also secretary reitly taping everyone's conversations in this office. >> trevor: wait, what? you have been recording people at the daily show. >> yeah, yeah, that is how you get dirt on everybody so you can write a best seller after you leave. >> trevor: i feel like that is
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such a violation of people's trust. >> yeah, okay plrks ethics. maybe you will think differently once you hear what roy wood, jr. really says about you. >> hey, roy what do you think about trevor? >> yeah, he's all right. hey man, sorry to hear about your grandma. >> my grandma? >> yeah, she died, right? >> no, no, no, no i just didn't want to come into work so i lied that she died. >> oh, that's not cool. >> you hear that, trevor, roy thinks are you just all right. doesn't sound like a team play tore me. >> trevor: what the hell, ronnie, gave you the whole week off so your grandmother isn't dead. >> no, no, she's alive. although the doctors say she's probably going to die soon, i'm thinking like maybe tuesday after labor day, you know four day weekend. >> trevor: ronny, i'm disa poanted in you man. >> okay, okay i'm the bad guy. i bet you wish i was more like desi, you think she is so sweet, maybe will you think twice when you hear what she says about you
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>> hey, desi, don't you think trevor has some flaws. >> i guess nobody's perfect. hey, why are you zer oxing a passport? >> i'm forging some documents because i'm in the country illegally. suck it, desi, now who is america's favorite blond, me. >> trevor: ronny, i don't think these tapes are busting who you think they are busting. >> oh yeah, you would say, that trevor, but don't forget why i got on you. >> ronny, are you doing drugs in the office. >> mind your own business. >> hey, what do you think about trevor noah. >> i'm trevor noah. >> yeah, he sucks. wow, the great trevor noah hanging out with drug users. >> trevor: ronny chieng, everybody, reasony chieng. >> don't forget, don't forget to watch a sneak peesk the first episode of reasony chieng international student premiering tonight right after "the daily show" also the entire series is
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>> trevor: welcome back to the daily show. last year you may remember hundreds of white supremacists marched in charlottesville, virginia, to protest against black people and i'm going to say mosquitoes? it was a dark day in america's history. and unfortunately the organizers decided to do it again this weekend. luckily like most sequels this one didn't live up to the hypo. >> antiracists protesters are cheering the apparent flop of the unite the right rally in washington on sunday. >> organizers of the white
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nationalist rally expected up to 400 demonstrators. in the end only a couple dozen showed up. >> they were completely and out eschly overwhelmed by the thousands of counterprotesters. >> they were completely outnumbered even by police officers assigned to protect them. >> the rally ended early when it began to rain but everybody felt that they made their point. >> trevor: oh, they had to leave because of the rain? that's why mom always said don't leave home without your hood, come on. like seriously, how are you going to call yourself the monster race if you have the 15eu78 tolerance for water than cats shall you are not proving your point. but damn, seriously, only 25 people marched. like forget a whole klan, that is barely enough for a you can clucks volleyball team. do you realize their entire rally could have ordered two large pizzas and still gone home with left overs that is how small. there were more cops than protestors, it is not much of a show of force when the police can run a man to man defense and still have substitutes, the cops are like you take jason, richard
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and the rest on the bench, we got tuned control. and honestly there were signs from the start that this was going to be a flop. for instance here is the group's leader trying to get to the rally and finding out that he's not allowed to bring his flag poles on the train. >> what transit told us as long as we took the flags off the poles we could take it on the station. >> they are not on the poles. >> you can't take the poles on the train. >> they are saying we can't take the poles downtown. >> okay. >> what? we got about five foot long poles. >> you can't make an exception for us. >> okay. i'm sorry, there was nothing funnier than watching a white supremacist asking i a black cop for a favor. there is nothing funnier. (applause) he's like please, can we-- like we can't-- and the cop is just like look man i hated to be a
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nazi about this but rules are rulesk rules are rules. so after the rally, organizers gave a few excuses for why so few people showed up. some said they didn't come because they were afraid of violence. others said it was because after charlottesville, many of them lost their jobs when people at work saw that they were nazis. and to be honest, i feel bad for them. i mean why should they face disnim yaition-- discrimination just for promoting disis krim nation, fortunately leo deblin sheer to help. >> are you thinking of getting faired just because your boss saw you marching in a nazi rally, of course you are, but now those days are over, if you kkk you will be o-kkk, introducing leo deblin free speech insurance. we got policies for every type of racist, silver supreme, gold supremer and if you really motivated, bhiet spremmist. >> i got fired from the food court but thanks to leo deblin can i still feed my family. daddy loves you.
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>> free-- when you order now. >> trevor: sounds look a bargain, we'll be right back. (applause) ♪ even the very serious ronda rousey, ♪ (laughing) can't be serious with twizzlers. ♪ (laughing)
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this tastes just like i imagine phil would taste. phil in a bottle right here. it's uncanny. what ever happened to phil? mangoes agree. snapple mango tea tastes just like them. >> trevor: welcome back to the daily show, my guest tonight is a writer and director whose critically acclaimed new film is called black klansman. >> how do you promows-- propose to make this communication. >> have i established contact and created some familiarity with the klansman over the phone, i will continue in that row but we will need another officer, surprise surprise a white officer to play me when they meet face to face. >> that is my point. >> black ron stal wart over the
11:21 pm
phone, white ron stalwart face to face so it is a combined ron stalwart. >> can you do that. >> i believe we can, with the right white man we can do anything. >> trevor: please welcome spike lee. (applause) welcome back it to the show. >> glad to be here. is brooklyn in the house! >> trevor: great to see you again and let me start by saying this. i have been in many a movie theater. i have watched many movies, spike lee, and i will tell you this, i have never sperned what i experienced watching this movie. i watched this movie in connecticut this weekend. and the cinema was completely filled with old white people, the area i was in, mystic lake or something like that, right. and the movie plays, i think two
11:22 pm
hours and eight minutes and we sit there, and nobody gets up. the credits start rolling, nobody moves. and thn i stood up and we are like in the middle. and then all the white people around me were-- rn sthen even when we were walking out, yeah, no, you first, you first, everyone-- it's a powerful film, are you feeling that in the response. >> i'm feeling it, i'm on instagram and i got several-- people telling me that they were you know, not-- one or two black people in the theater, and then after the film, when the lights finally go up, the white people who loved the film, they were still hugging them. they are hugging the black folks in theater saying i'm sorry. apologize. apologize. i never heard anything like that before in my life. >> trevor: it say beautiful film. and for those who don't foe anything about the story, black
11:23 pm
klansman is inspired by the true story of ron stalwort an african-american detective in the 1970s. >> the first. the first police officer in-- . >> trevor: right, and this is a black man who gets into a police department and i mean from the get-g let's start with that part of the story, you lay out how difficult it is to play that role of being a black man wnd a police officer, and this is in the 1970s but in some ways it feels like it hasn't changed. >> well, what we try to go was even though it takes place in the 70s. i still wanted it to be contemporary. so nean things that my cowriter and i put in, so people, it would click like, you know, this stuff is still happening today. and then, i am not trying to point this out already but the ending, that really hammers home where we are in this world today. >> it's a story that connects with you on so many levels, ron stalwort is a black man that goes undercover as a dlan member
11:24 pm
which is, the premise soundses riddick luses frk you don't tell me it is based on a true story i will be like this is the wilest thing. >> that's what i thought when jordan peel called me. >> trevor: he said this is the story. >> six words, black man infiltrates ku klux klan. high concept. you can't get more higher than that. >> trevor: when jordan peele said. >> i said automatically i thought of the david chappell skit. >> trevor: right. >> he said it's true. and i read the book and it was a great opportunity for me, even though it took place, even though the story took place in the 07s, i thought it was a great opportunity for to comment on the world we live today with agent orange in the white house. >> trevor: let me ask you this: (laughter) >> i don't say his name. >> trevor: let me ask you this. >> got up to busta rhyme, that is what i got, busta. >> trevor: let me ask you this. why do you think a story about the 1970s and the klan and a black man on the police force comments on what is happening
11:25 pm
today in america. >> because i like to say, i say one of the mistakes people make, i feel, is they are saying this is just an american phenomenon. the rise of the right, this is happening globally. and with this guy in the white house, he's made it okay for these, the premise, to come out in the open, they are coming out on the rocks and he legitimizes it. i would even call it a dog whistle, is he on a bull horn. >> trevor: i won't spoil the ending. >> go ahead. >> trevor: not the ending because i want people to enjoy it, there is a magical ending, it a beautiful film but what happens post the movie part is we get thrurs into modern day, from the 1970s to 2017. we go to a choor lots. >> we go to a what happened a year ago yesterday. >> trevor: right. and again i could feel an audience that was taken from a world of make believe which was real to like very much what you don't want to believe is real.
11:26 pm
>> right. >> trevor: when are you putting that on screen, when did you make that decision because this movie you have been kreeght. when did you make the decision to put current day charlottesville into a 1970s film about the clan? >>-- klan. >> we didn't start shooting till the fall. my summer home t hit me just like that, this has to be the ending. but i got susan bureaus number, the mother of heather heier who was murdered and i got her blessing so they gave me the permission to use the photo. that was a year ago yesterday she was murdered. and it was nothing-- trevor, it was nothing but american homegrown ak of terrorism, when that car drove down that crowded street and mushedded her. that is a fact and the president of the united states had an
11:27 pm
opportunity to tell the world that we are not for hate and he did not denounce the klan, the at right, the kkk, he didn't do it. and a lot of times, i found like you know, he'll say something, and then they put him back and say you got to change it and then he says you know-- but what i feel, whatever comes out of his mouth the first time, that is the truth and that is what is in his heart. (applause). >> trevor: i just want to say thank you for making an amazing film. thank you for being on the show. black klansman is in theaters now, you want to watch this movie, spike lee, everybody. movie, spike lee, everybody. we'll be right back.
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♪ music ♪laying ♪ ♪ >> trevor: that's our show for tonight, here it is, your moment of zen.
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>> how would you suggest these trump derangement syndrome victims cope using the mini horses. >> just put your hand rate here on the horse. take a nice deep breathe in. take a nice deep breathe in. that does feel good. [music playing] ok, thanks, thanks. no, i'm ok, thank you. [phone rings] ronny's mom (on phone): ronny, can you hear me? yeah, i can hear you. can you hear me now? yeah, i can hear you now, i can hear you then. ronny's mom (on phone): why aren't you in class? i'm walking to class right now. i just shared a list of study tips on your facebook page. why didn't you like it? mom, you have to stop posting clickbait on my page. what it "clickbit?" mom, isn't it like 6 am in malaysia right now? [non-english speech],, i'm having a late start today. have you been studying hard?


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