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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  July 31, 2019 1:40am-2:15am PDT

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it didn't at all. he loved it. and he won after that, and won and won, and pretty much after the 21st match, it became mathematically impossible for spassky to win. and it was like, oh, my god! fischer wins! fischer wins! and it's--he-- he's, like, the world chess champion, and he's from the u.s. he walks out in reykjavik, there's people everywhere. he's mobbed. fischer was huge, and he became a cold war hero, and he felt like... [making guttural noises] tell me more, you sucking pig! suck! suck! that's it. [patriotic music] ♪
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captioning sponsored by comedy central >> live from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, "the daily show" with trevor noah presents democratic debate number two! ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome to "the daily show," everybody! thank you so much for tuning in! thank you for coming out! we are coming to you olivia "lii
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mean "live"! see? we can't edit that out because we're "liv"! one man emerged from the giant field ofñr candidates and achiee a hard core victory. tonight was the bachelorette finale. you did the right thing, han navment jed was no good for you. tonight was also important because we finished watching the second democratic presidential debate. now this debate was held in detroit, michigan, which is significant for a couple of reasons. first because michigan is a major swing state, secondly because the fox theater is where the debate was held, it's one of the most pivotal moments in presidential campaign history. >> it's all happening in downtown detroit the fox theater, the same venue where donald trump talked about the size of his hands. >> he referred to my hands.
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if they're small, something else must be small. there's no problem, i guarantee. ( laughter ) >> trevor: whatever happened to that guy? this was the first of two nights of theday de bait with ten candidates each night. one major difference, steve bullock took the place of eric swalwell who got caught by can at that time poachers. you may be wondering how they decided which candidates debate which night. it's up to cnn which means the process is as ridiculous as possible. >> breaking this pile into third, putting this into debate night, where i will give it a stir and we will get going to see when these candidates will be debating. first out of ten names here is bill de blasio, mayor of new york, steve rand, campaign of hillary clinton successful
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bid 2000, he'll take the stage second night wednesday july 31. >> trevor: what is going on? i feel like i'm watching bloopers from the courtroom scene in chernobyl. when we mix bill de blasio with marianne williamson it creates a chain reaction that could destroyed an entire city. i don't know why cnn couldn't tell us which candidates are going to go on what night. they should have had more fun with it. if i was in charge, i would have also got an box, yeah, i would have been like, okay, let's see what we've got. we've got bernie sanders is going to be debateing without pants! there you go! there you go! ( laughter ) have more fun! now, cnn selection and their show may have been weird but even more weird is the fact that every democratic debate now comes with commentary from o.j.
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simpson. the guy who used to star in the commercials, allegedly? and just like with the debates in june, o.j. simpson was on twitter sharing thoughts on the primary race. >> as far as the debates are concerned, i saw where one of the people actually put out a plan, something for them to debate the merits of tonight. now, they always should do that. it's easy to say, oh, we should fix global warming, oh, we should have an affordable healthcare plan, we should have a chicken in every pot. all that sounds good, the question is how are you going to do it? >> trevor: o.j. simpson is saying thesetimes just can't show up to the debate without a plan, they've got to premeditate this thing. but enough with the preamble. let's get to tonight's debate and its preamble because instead of jumping straight into the debate, cnn thought it was a long fight night promo and an endless stream of all the democratic candidates shaking hands with eachout which are
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took forever, because they're, like, 50 people on the stage, and secondly because marianne williamson insisted on giving everyone a palm reading. spoiler alert, you're not going to win, hickenlooper! ( laughter ) when the debate part of the debate finally kicked off, it began with a number one issue for most democratic voters and americans at large, healthcare. >> we can create a universal healthcare system to give everyone basic healthcare for free and i have a proposal to do it but we don't have to be the party of subtraction and tell half the country that have private health insurance that their insurance is illegal. >> they've sucked billions of dollars out of our healthcare system. when we talk about healthcare, we need to talk more about just the healthcare plan. we have a sickness plan rather than a healthcare system. >> medicare covers all healthcare for senior citizens,
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finally including dental care, hearing aids and eyeglasses. >> trevor: why does bernie sanders sound like he's pitching healthcare only for himself? we'll cover hearing aid, eyeglasses and insurance if you slip in the shower, especially the part of the mildewed that gets slippery. the point is it's for everyone! ( laughter ) fundamentally, all the democrats on tonight's stage agreed on the basic idea of universal healthcare. what they disagreed on was how exactly to do it. on bernie's end, talking about one government-run insurance system for everyone. on delaney's spectrum, it was a government plan and an option to have private health insurance. basically different flavors on the same thing. when your friends agree you will party all night long and one of you drinks red bull, the other
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cocaine,. when it came to immigration, the debaters were less clear. >> when i'm president, illegally crossing the border will still be illegal. >> we need to expand legal immigration, a path to sitted zenship not just for dreamers. >> if we decriminalize and give healthcare to everyone, we'll have multiples of that, make sure whatever law we have doesn't separate children. how hard can that be? on the two debate nights we've got 107 years of washington experience, somehow that seems like it should be fairly fixable. >> why is hickenlooper -- you guys think we have experience, what do you think we should do? it's a presidential debate not an escape the room. guys, if we put our minds together, shut up! you know how this works! hickenlooper will be i promise i will go on yahoo answers to see
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if anyone knows how to fix this thing. it's about one person making huge promises they can't get done. although in hickenlooper's defense, maybe he was confused because the whole debate surrounding immigration tonight was confusing. at one point, sounded like the democrats are saying illegal immigration would still be illegal if they were in the white house, but some are saying it wouldn't be a crime to speak across the border. it's a myth trump started to create. he started painting democrats as party of open borders and they're struggling to convey compassion for asylum seekers without sounding like they want to give visas to i.s.i.s. and in the democrats' defense, anytime they tried to make a nuanced argument the moderator told them they were out of time. >> for those who are insufficiently enrolled in
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healthcare and -- >> the healthcare industry were advertising tonight on this program -- >> thank you, senator. big ideas that we can get done. >> thank you, congressman. ey lel see 40% reduction in healthcare. >> if we can stick to the rules of the time, that would be great. >> you tell them, jake, stick to the rules of time. cnn doesn't have time for the candidates and people debating on how to low interest price of prescription drugs. washington debate, i've got to ask my doctor about lipitor, i have to talk to him. according to cnn, candidates would get as little as 15 seconds to respond to a policy question which is great snappy tv but horrible for policy debate and also a good thing that cnn doesn't run a restaurant. that would be horrible. will be looking up at the way jake tape says i'm going to order interest pasta.
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i said thank you! oh, and cnn didn't have time to let people elaborate on their response but they had time to -- >> you support medicare for all. congressman delaney referred to it as bad policy and previously called the idea political suicide that will just get president trump reelected. what do you say to congressman delaney? in the last debate he said the politicians that aren't supporting medicare for all simply lack the will to fight for it. you do not support medicare for all. is senator warren correct, you don't fight? ms. williamson, how do you we spond to the criticism from senator warren that you're not willing to fight for medicare for all. >> i don't know if senator warren said that about me specifically. >> trevor: cnn you catty bitch. the questions might be pick
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three people on the stage. sounds like any moment they were act to go, by the way, elizabeth, did you notice klobuchar stole your look? just saying, just saying. and look don't get me -- i'm not saying cnn wanted to fight to gin up the raising. it was suspicious when they lowered the cage over the stage. and i don't know if it was cnn or if it was the format of the night, but bernie sanders in particular, he seemed ready to throw down. >> jake, your question is the republican's talking point. >> what do you say to congressman delaney? >> you're wrong. maybe you want to make money off of healthcare but our job is to run nonprofit healthcare. >> if we can afford to make radical changes, they're not going along. throw your hands up, you haven't --
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>> i did that when i wrote the damn bill. >> trevor: bernie was not messing around tonight, huh? i thought he was going to send someone to the hospital and pay their entire bill. whoo! the total opposite of bernie was marianne williamson. yeah, she came in with her trademark tranquilly and peaceful vibes and when it came to issues of race, she got the crowd on her side. >> we have communities, particularly communities of color and disadvantaged communities all over this country who are suffering from environmental injustice. i assure you i live in northpoint. what happened in clint would not have happened in grove point. this is part of the dark underbelly of american society. if the democrats don't start saying it why would those people they're there for it. if those people won't vote for us donald trump will win. >> trevor: wow, marianne williamson, a powerful moment in the debate. i didn't know it was possible for a white woman to get that
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much attention from black people without calling the cops. amazing. he was fired, you see that? it was an amazing night and for many people she was the winner of the debate. she came out, said what she wanted to say, she didn't waste time. all in all, i don't think this was the most earth shattering debate, the timing of the question is inconservative, the candidates' responses were crystal cheer clear and weñi didn't learn anything new. the only exception was elizabeth warren. she was connecting with the audience. seemed to be crystal clear every time and she never seemed off her game. >> i think democrats win when we run on real solutions not impossible prom serks when we run on things that are workable, not fairy tail economics. >> i don't understand why anybody goes to the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't fight for. ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: m!
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mmm! warren has a good point. running for president is about shooting for the moon, right. when trump ran for president, he didn't run with incremental ideas. he said build a wall! another country will pay for it! obama was, like, we can't. he's like we'll see, we'll try. we can! but some of these candidates are,úq[ke, let's make america 8.5% better than it was yesterday! and that really was the biggest flip in the debate tonight was democrats who wanted major systemic change and one to wanted to fidl in the margin. only one side will win this -- what's that? i've run out of time? we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause ) introducing corona refresca.
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( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." we'll be coming to you live after the democratic debate. there is so much more to discuss from this debate. the question is which correspondent should i discuss it with? well, there's only one way to decide. ( laughter ) it's going to be -- roy wood, jr.! ( cheers and applause ) with pants on! roy wood, jr., everybody! ( cheers and applause ) >> with pants on.
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all right, roy. we all watched the debates. everyone has feelings. what was your takeaway from tonight's debate? >> i tell you my biggest takeaway, trevor, too many people on the stage! the last time i saw that many people on one stage is when moonlight and la-la land was fighting over an oscar. ( laughter ) when you have that many people and jake jake tapper only givinm two seconds to talk, you can't debate policy, it just becomes a shouting match and no one wins a shouting match, except for bernie. bernie yells to loud he damaged his own hearing which means he has to yell even louder. a vicious cycle. ( laughter ) good. >> trevor: the debate if september will require higher poll numbers and more uniquedocious which cut the number of cants in half. >> half of too many is still too
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damn many. if i told tupac he was only getting shot with half the bullets, he wouldn't be, like, gee, what a treat. >> trevor: you have to tep this part of the process. >> the democrats need to find the candidate that will go after trump fast. if you're polling at 1%, you should pt feet your own podium. if you're polling at 1%, they should have to debate on one team lake in family feud. just huddle up, come up with one answer for everyone. >> trevor: that doesn't seem feasible, man, come on. >> okay, here's another way to cut down on all the people up there. ten candidates but only five podiums. if you can get to the podium, you get to debate. it's a little game i invented it's called musical podium. ( laughter ) >> trevor: like musical chairs? >> no, no, this is totally different. >> trevor: roy, i get why you want to steam the whole thing up
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but this isn't about finding out who is the fastest person. it's about finding out who has the best plan for the nation. >> the nation? no one gives a shit about the nation. come on, africa. ( laughter ) this is america! democrats need to pick the candidate who can beat trump in the swing states. i'm talking wisconsin, pennsylvania. you've got to get cheese people and then win the cheese state people. but florida is the most important. florida, you have to make all the candidates take bath salts, see who can handle their shit. >> trevor: what if the candidates get violent and are biting each other's faces off? >> great. that's you debater. two birds, one stone. that's it. >> trevor: i don't think they're going to let the candidates get drugged up and tear you apart on stage. >> this country is in bigger trouble than i thought. >> trevor: roy wood, jr., >> trevor: roy wood, jr., everyone! ♪
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[ screaming ] ♪ your parents have an indoor swing? ♪ what are you doing? that swing is how i was made. rated r ( cheers and applause ) >> welcome to "the daily show." my guest tonight is the washington correspondent for new york magazine who is also co-authoring a book about the 2020 presidential campaign. please welcome olivia nuzzi. ( cheers and applause ) so as somebody who is writing a book about 2020, tonight's debate, do you think that factors in? is it a domino? is it anything that shifted the conversation? what is your biggest takeaway tonight? we won't know what's important two years from now till two years from now. we might look back and say this
2:06 am
is the turning point when marianne williamson became president. ( laughter ) kidding. >> trevor: after trump, anything is possible. >> right. or we look back and can barely remember it. we won't know till then. there are a lot of moments even when we were talking about donald trump saying his hands at that debate stage they were on tonight, i mean -- >> trevor: so when you look at tonight in isolation, you had ten people up on that stage who all were trying to get policy ideas across. start at the base, do you think they were successful doing that? >> some of them were. it's difficult to see where thei differ. there are a lot of similarities is what they believe, and i think it depends on the personality. i think elizabeth warren is very consistent, she talks about the same things in the same way, regardless of where she is, right? and i think somebody like buttigieg is a little bit less talented at getting across what precisely he believes because of the way he communicates in an
2:07 am
environment like that. >> trevor: he's more careful with his wording? >> yeah. >> trevor: when you look at marianne williamson, why do you think she won the debate as they say. >> are they saying that. >> trevor: people say, they won the debate, so -- >> this is something pundits get to decide. so we, therefore, really shouldn't believe it when people say anything definitive about something when there is no voting. but that said i do think she was a very strong performing tonight and i think it's because she's coming from -- it was not the most diverse crowd up there. >> trevor: right. and i think she is genuinely different and that helps kind of set her apart and helps her be heard, but i also think the way she talks about these things, because the expectations for her are so low, they're much lower than they are. ( laughter ) >> trevor: because you're coming in as a 1% non-politician --
2:08 am
>> no one was, like, waiting for her to get in the race because they thought she was surely the next president. she doesn't have that in common with hillary clinton. but i think because the expectations are so low, she's able to talk and say what she really means and thinks an she doesn't sound like a consultant, so she's able to get at these universal truths in an interesting way and i think that separates certain people like pete buttigieg or any of the other candidates who are so afraid of screwing that you want they sound inhuman. >> trevor: if you were to look at today's debate as foreshadowing for tomorrow's debate, there are ten other candidates now lining up. >> are there? >> trevor: i think there are four backups they can substitute. those candidates have watched the debate and seen how cnn does it. it's a different style to nbc. there's a little different tactic they use. if you were looking at tomorrow's debate and giving
2:09 am
advice to the candidates, what would you say they need to improve on tonight? >> i wouldn't give advice to any candidates. >> trevor: but what would you say? >> if i had to, i guess i would say to try not be so stiff. as journalists, we want all the information and that's what we want from any politician. when you talk in a stilted way, you sound like a consultant and make people afraid of you, you're no not saying the truth, and i think that's why marianne williamson was able to puncture through in some ways. >> trevor: she had a powerful breakthrough moment. what was interesting for me is watching how different moderators and stations can shape how a debate plays out. nbc's debate was different than cnn's tonight. nbc would ask questions directly of a candidate of their policies. seems like cnn skewed more towards how do you respond to somebody else's criticism of you during a race, et cetera, et cetera. do you think that is something
2:10 am
that a journalist should be doing or do you think it's up to a network, how do you figure out a good debate as a journalist? >> i guess the result is what tells us whether or not there's a debate because you learn a lot. with the information gleaned during the debate, important to voters, as we see something we didn't know about before. i think people talk about the media being biased to the left or the right, usually they're talking abit having a liberal bias, which i think will be true in some cases, but i think the real bias in the media is conflict. it's not an ideological thing. it's that journalist look for risk, they look for things that are happening. in politics, what's happening is conflict, whether inside of the campaign or between candidates, that is exciting and makes for good television, makes for a good headline, and i think that oftentimes means that you can't really have much of a conversation because the truth is usually nuanced and it's not
2:11 am
black and white. >> trevor: doesn't make for great tv. thanks for being on the show. excited to see what happens tomorrow. >> thank you for having me. >> trevor: good to see you, everybody! everybody! we
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