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tv   The Daily Show With Trevor Noah  Comedy Central  July 14, 2020 11:00pm-11:45pm PDT

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my eyes open. well, it turns out he actually made it up there. what? that ain't right. yeah. he came and went. wait a minute. you said it was a magician, right? you don't think he could have used, it couldn't have been-- let's just go. night, hank. welcome to "the daily distancing show." i'm trevor noah. it is tuesday, and as you can see, although many people around the country are going back to their offices, we are still not allowed to go back to the studio, because i rented it out on airbnb to some dude from norway and now he refuses to leave. du burde dra hjem, halvor. takk skal du ha. anyway, on tonight's show, coronavirus is extending its visa. jeffrey epstein's alleged accomplice has been foiled and president trump might be finding a new job. so let's do this, people. welcome to "the daily distancing show." >> from trevor's couch in new york city to your couch somewhere in the world, this is
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"the daily distancing show" with trevor noah! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> trevor: let's begin with california, home to the most george emmy voters in the nation. 'sup, y'all? one month ago the golden state announced it was doing a good enough job at fighting the coronavirus that restaurants, stores an and other businesses could welcome customers back in. one to have the customers was coronavirus. >> california, the home state of nearly one out of every eight americans is making an abrupt u-turn to roll back a surge in coronavirus infections. california has recorded another 110,000 cases in the last 14 days including another 8,000 yesterday. >> covid 19 is not going away anytime soon. >> just over one month after reopening several sectors of california's economy, governor gavin newsom is reversing course. yesterday, ha announced gyms,
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churches and hair salons would be among those forced to close in 29 california counties, while bars, indoor restaurants and movie theaters will close across the entire state. >> and the state's two biggest school systems said today they will only do distance learning in the fall. >> trevor: that's right. it might have taken a while for california to blow up again probably because corona was stuck in traffic on the 405, but now they've become the biggest state to roll back their reopening. even though many of us has become bored of us, the coronavirus is not bored of us. coronavirus doesn't care about the new cycle. people are like, wow, did you hear about will and jada? the only thing i'm trying to get entangled with is your lungs. what's happening in california is a preview -- gradually reopening and shutting down when things get dangerous. this whole thing without vaccine, without tracing,
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without testing is like trying to have sex in your parents house. things are ramping up, a creek, your dad getting a snack in the kitchen, shut everything down till its safe again, pull your pants back up. and california's opening is a good sign coronavirus is ramping up. statements haven't aged so well. >> florida got it right, texas got it right and guess what? now it's time for all the states to follow their lead. >> governor desantis now looks like a genius. >> ron desantis of florida, the governor is doing a fantastic job in florida. >> governor, those dire predictions have not come true. >> they look to florida and texas that have reopened and hasn't led to a massive second wave. >> in a real sense, florida is leading the way. >> two months and florida has figured out how to manage this pretty effectively. >> governor desantis who is doing a great job in the state
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of florida, my home state. >> i can't get to florida or texas fast enough and a lot of people are thinking the same way. >> how much longer are you keeping me out of your state? i would like to visit. >> we glad you're opening up. we would like to get out of the house. >> great to be in florida. >> always wanted to move to texas. >> governor of texas, greg abbott, he knows what he's doing. >> governor greg abbott, we can learn a lot from you and governor desantis but also from governor cuomo and murphy what not to do because they did the opposite of what you guys did. >> texas, florida gave us clues, take the success clues. >> the successes of florida and texas, the furiously of new york, new jersey. >> we've got to get the whole country open like tennessee and texas and florida. >> he's got it in great shape, texas. florida is doing very well. >> how did you do it? because we need to learn as rereopen. >> keep up the great job. >> you did a great job.
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>> you saved a lot of lives and there's a lot to learn from your success. >> trevor: yeah, maybe not a great idea to take a victory lap in the middle of a pandemic. and i know there's a lot of politics tied up for who's rooting for which policies and states to succeed, but, people, we need to understand coronavirus has no politics. it doesn't give after shit what state you live in. coronavirus is the most bipartisan thing to happen to america since hating jesse smollett. and celebrating too soon and letting guard down means america won't beat the virus. here's a visual representation. >> 200-foot head start at least! look at this guy go! this guy is beautiful! look. he thought he was going to win! >> exactly! is that you see, if you're not flattening the curve, you're flattening your face.
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moving on to one to have the latest developments in one of the biggest true crime stories of the decade, it involves jeffrey epstein and his right-hand woman. >> geghislaine maxwell has been denied bail after pleading not guilty in court today. she's charged with helping epstein sexually abuse underaged girls. her attorneys wanted her released from jail. prosecutors say she was a flight risk saying she ran from officers when arrested. >> during a search of the house, investigators found a cell phone wrapped in tinfoil to evade detection. she denied wrongdoing. >> trevor: wow. ghislaine maxwell because so paranoid she wrapped her cell phone in tinfoil. not going to lie. she's confusing. she allegedly ran epstein's
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pedophile ring but thinks wrapping your phone in tinfoil makes it untraceable? how is she a mastermind and grandma at the same time? if you're getting chased by the f.b.i., get rid of your phone. how obsessed are you with your phone that you're, like, i should ditch my phone so the f.b.i. can't track me but how will i check my mention? other than jeffrey epstein, ghislaine maxwell is the only person who potentially knows all the other men who were involved in this pedophile sex ring. and one of the big questions now is whether she's going to implicate anyone else like prince andrew, which will be a major development, because that story would absolutely dominate the british press unless, of course, meghan markel bought the wrong kind of avenue cod to that week. in international news, a big story developing out of hong kong. for more than 20 years, the former british colony has
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operated independently from mainland china's government. but now china seems to be cracking down. >> china is lark out at western nations for taking action against its new national security law for hong kong. beijing passed the new antisedition and subversion law that carries penalties like life in prison and secret trials on the mainland and people are worried this will be the end of hong kong as we know it. >> after beijing imposed that national security law in hong kong, china now says 600,000 people may have broken it. over the weekend, all those people voted in a primary election organized by the city's pro democracy opposition. the chinese government calls the election illegal. hong kong officials say they are investigating. >> trevor: basically what happened here is china promised they would only use this new subversion law sparingly, and now a couple of weeks later, they're, like, we're coming after 600,000 people who broke this law. 600,000 people. i mean, i guess when you're
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china, 600,000 people is sparingly. but, still -- and i think this is a terrible, terrible thing. it is so undem crack to arrest people who are voting against you. what you're supposed to do is just reduce the number of polling locations and tell voters that their i.d.s are incorrect because the picture has a black face. that's democracy. this is why it's frustrating for people in america don't use their right to vote, in any country, really. because in many countries around the world, you have to risk your freedom for that right. that's why i vote in everything i can. american idol, student council elections, everything. i don't go to that school anymore but if they can't get pizza fridays, none of us are free! checking in with tucker carlson, fox news' prime-time star and mom haircut model. last week, carson's head writer was busted for having a secret account where he posted the most racist, homophobic and misogynistic comments online.
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so fox news got rid of the guy, but it appears tucker carlson might have some mixed feelings about how it all went down. >> fox news host tucker carlson is publicly addressing the revelation his former head writer posted racist and sexist material -- >> we should all point out to the ghouls beating their chest in triumph of the destruction of a young man that self-righteousness also as its costs. we all are human. when we pretend we're holy, we're lying, when we pose as blame less in order to hurt other people, we are committing the gravest sin of all and will be punished for it. no question. >> carlsen announced he's heading on a long-planned vacation. >> well, we're out of time. going to spend the next four days trout fishing. long planned, this is one of those years where if you don't get it in now, you're probably not going to. >> trevor: first off, i love how every time tucker carlson gets in trouble, he takes a
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planned vacation in the middle of the week. the guy's packing his suitcase in the studio, like, i have been planning this thing for a long time. i love starting a vacation mid week, because the trout never expects you to show up on a tuesday! look, man, if you feel the need to say your trip was long planned, then you know it definitely wasn't because that's never a detail someone shares when they talk about a vacation. the trip was long planned. that's not something anyone says. this trip was planned as much as anyone plans to shit their pants a little while they fart while waiting in the line at whole foods -- hypothetically speaking. another thing, why is tucker carlson blaming the public for his head writer getting fired? all right? fox news chose to fire this person, not the public. and if fox news fires you for being racist, then you're racist racist. the most confusing part of the story for me is why this guy made the racist posts in the first place.
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you already write for tucker carlson. imagine writing racist shit for tucker carlson's show all day and write more racist shit in your time off. that would be like me rewhraksing before bed by doing a second daily show. >> and that's why trump is raysist. all right, good night, world. finally, news out of the white house. with america facing the worst unemployment since the great depression, the trump administration has been looking for some way to help people get back on their feet. and what they've come up with is this. >> ivanka trump holding a virtual round table with apple c.e.o. tim cook and i' i.b.m. executive chair meeting to launch a new ad campaign for those out of work. >> i'm a consultant in the tech space. >> you have more options. >> you will find something. >> you will find something new. >> trevor: hey, you know what? i don't hate this. giving people training sot that they can find new jobs is a
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great idea. it's just surprising it came from someone who's never had to find a job in the first place. you have to admit, it's a little unfortunate that the trump administration is working against itself because, yeah, you say you're trying to help people find a new job, but your coronavirus response is also shutting down all of the jobs. to be honest, i'm not sure many ordinary people who are looking for work are going to get much out of these ads. there might be one person who could benefit from this program, you know. but those ads would need to be a little more targeted. >> are you dissatisfied with your job? work used to be fun, but now corona has screwed up everything, and no one wants to hang out with you at work. well, maybe it's time you find something new. you could be a baseball player, or a coal miner, or even a cool cowboy. yee-haw! so if you're donald trump and don't want to be president
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anymore, find something new. >> i want to be a movie-maker. >> sure, why not? you could be anything. >> a cheerleader. >> uh, maybe something else. but if you don't want to be president anymore, it's never too plate to find a job more suited for your skill set. ( honking ) find something new. anything. >> trevor: think about it, donald. you look good in that truck. when we come back, we'll look at how the 2020 election is shaping up. quo, that's right. there's an election in november. remember that? i keep forgetting it, too, because we'llel all be dead. we'll be right back. ( ♪ ) let's hear it for kansas city monarch legend jim robinson.
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been there, done that. twice your cousin. from boston. karen, i'm just gonna say what everyone here is thinking. you look smokin. total smokeshow. and they never did find his finger. they had to close the pool for like an hour. ♪ i brought a date. name's sam. dig in.
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will be a referendum on donald jiffy lube trunk. if enough people love him, he'll get four more years. if not, they'll pass the keys to joe biden. and, so far, things are not looking good for president bleach pod. >> joe biden is beating president trump nationally which up to 14 percentage points in polls. >> bad news for the president in polls. in key states across the nation joe biden is leading trump by 6 points in florida. tied in arizona and competitive in texas. biden is actually ahead in texas by 5 in a new "dallas morning news" poll. >> joe biden is wading into texas with his first general election tv ad of this campaign. >> i'm thanking all of you today across texas. and though the rising case numbers is causing fear an apprehension, this virus is tough, but texas is tougher. we're all in this together. we'll fight this together. and together, we'll emerge from
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this stronger than we were before we began. >> trevor: okay, i'm not going to lie, that's a pretty great ad, and you know it was running in texas because it was the first time biden didn't mention that he has a black friend. but it isn't saying how comforting it is during this pandemic to simply have a candidate talk to us in a calming tone. you know, instead of yelling at the reporter that he hopes she gets crushed under a confederate statue or something. i hope it falls on your head, smash boom bang, out of nowhere! the fact that biden is running ads in texas should tell you how much trouble trump is in. because this means biden has a shot at turning texas democrat. the last time something like that happened was when i was 13 and we were watching home alone and got internet. no billing surprise trump is
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struggling in the polls. a saying, letting a deadly pandemic kill everyone is bad for you which is why some of trump's allies are saying voters should ignore all the disastrous stuff happening now and remember the good times. >> with senate g.o.p. candidates not mentioning trump in ads and not wanting to hug him tightly concerned about turning off moderate voters, one g.o.p. candidate says trump will win because people will just society of forget the last six months. >> the stakes are very high in this election but you know why i know we're going to win? because people remember how good their lives were in february. >> trevor: remember february? you want us to remember february? i don't remember anything about my life pre-corona, anything. like i keep getting these e-mails that say, we miss you, daddy! i didn't delete them. i'm pretty sure it's a fishing scam. seriously, nobody would make this kind of argument in any other job. can't be like, yeah, i know i'm doing shit right now but
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remember the good old days. you can't be a dog walker, like, i know i lost fluffy, but you should have seen the walk we did in february. she pooped twice. but if the make america february again strategy seems like a long shot, one other thing trump is trying. instead of having the election being about whether people like him, he can make it a referendum on joe biden. to do that, he needs to convince people america under biden will be even worse than now, which is what explains this new ad from the trump campaign. ( ringing ) >> you have reached the 911 police emergency line. due to defunding of the police department, we're sorry, but no one is here to take your call. if you're calling to report a rape, please press one. to report a murder, press 2. to report a home invasion, press 3. for all other crimes, leave your name and number and someone will get back to you. our estimated wait time is currently five days.
11:23 pm
goodbye. >> trevor: okay. i'm not going to lie. that's a pretty good ad because it makes it seem like joe biden's america is going to be a nightmare. 911 won't pick up your calls. that must be terrifying especially to all the karens calling cops on black people. five days? i can't wait five days! i demand to speak to a manager now! clearly trump is going in all unfair, but democrats don't seem to be too scared. some democrats are so confident they're already predicting a tsunami-sized win in november, with party leaders increasingly convinced that they will not only win the white house, they will win the senate and the house, too. and if that sounds a little too confident? well, maybe it's because you remember what happened 200 years ago in the 2016 election. >> it looks, according to the polls, like hillary clinton is going to win easily. >> a lot of people have no idea that trump is headed for an historic defeat. >> that's a guy who knows he's going to lose.
11:24 pm
>> i'm trying to be a little risk averse in my predictions but i think that she's going to have a very good night. >> the technical term for that, if she's anywhere near your prediction would be blow out? >> i give a land slide. >> you call it a lan landslide. >> the man who says hillary clinton has 100% chance of winning so that means no scenario we could lay out to get donald trump to turn the electorate vote something he would buy. >> it's the easter bunny. this guy will not be elected pt president. >> and he never was. when we come back, dulce sloan catches us up on the census, and then we'll talk to hannibal burress. stay tuned.
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well the names have all changed since you hung around but those dreams have remained and they've turned around who'd have thought they'd lead ya back here where we need ya welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
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"the daily distancing show." with everything going on this year, it is easy to forget that 2020 is also a census year, which is when the u.s. government asks you all the questions they should know already from spying on our phones. but it turns out not everyone is interested in an accurate down. our very own dulce sloan has more in another episode of "count on it." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the census is here, and you might think who gives a shit. the revolution is here, too. but as i learned in my last installment, the census has a lot to do with how your community is treated. >> participating in the census allows your community its fair share of over $800 billion in support for education, health, school lunches, highways. if you don't respond, your community is going to get you. >> something doesn't add up. if an accurate count is as important as bob says it is,
11:29 pm
you'd think the states would want to make sure they get their count right. but half the states don't spend any money on the census, zero dollars. that's the same amount of money i spent on wi-fi since i moved next to a starbucks. so find out why, i caught someone doing census outreach in georgia. ( ringing ) jeneanne! i need your help, friend, so some states don't want to be counted accurately? explain to me what's going on here. >> unfortunately not all states have invested in the census. you have some states like california that have invested over $180 million, which is about $4 per person, but then, on the other hand, you have the state of texas, which is investing zero dollars in making sure they get a complete count. >> you are saying there are places that are not trying to get the census right. why? >> when the census is done, those numbers are used in a process called redistricting, which is a fancy word for
11:30 pm
redrawing voting districts all the way down to the school board level. if you're able to keep a certain type of person out of the census, then you also keep them out of the redistricting process, which redraws the maps and distributes political power. >> now, when you say "certain people," do you mean us? >> no. >> you know what i'm talking about. anytime a map is unfairly drawn, the only way we have to fight it is on the basis of racist gerrymandering, and if you don't count all the races, if you don't have a complete demographic picture, we don't have anything to stand on to fight unfair maps. >> suppressed census leads to problems like disparities in healthcare, education and representation. >> okay, this all sounds like it makes sense but it also sounds like a conspiracy theory for a
11:31 pm
very good movie. am i being paranoid? i'm being paranoid, right? >> you're not being paranoid, dulce, and we have evidence to back it up. if you remember, the trump administration tried to add a citizenship we to the census that the supreme court shut down. they were working with the guru of gerrymandering, thomas hoeffler. when he died his daughter found his hard driveway found a document that said if you add citizenship to the census it would benefit the white party. >> you have to work so hard to be so shady. >> one more thing. if you don't complete the census and you don't answer the door, the census bureau uses a process called imputation. if you are a black woman living
11:32 pm
in a place majority white and you don't respond to the census then they say, hey, this person might be a white guy. >> you're telling me if i don't turn in the census paperwork and don't fill it out on line and don't answer the door when they come to my house you know i'm not answering the door, i could be a white man in eyes of the u.s. government? >> could be. >> the only time i want to be white is when the cops show up. >> the same thing is true for census suppression like voter suppression. >> so i have to worry about police oppression, voter suppression and census suppression, too? there are too many essions. >> they want you to be overwhelmed so you throw your hands in the air and say forget it. but we can't do that. we have to fight back to. fight voter suppression, we have to fight census suppression, and that's why my sister stacey abrams started two organizations
11:33 pm
that did just that. >> trevor: when you say sister yorks uh mean sister or sister-sister? >> we've got the same mom and daddy? your sister is stacey abrams? >> yeah. >> you know how important it is first hand to count people in georgia. >> they're doing all this to discourage us. but what we have to do is show them that we see them. we see that you are leaving certain communities out and stripping away their political power, and we can't let them win. >> because they wouldn't be doing all of this stuff if it wasn't important for us to take it. >> yep. >> so, please, y'all, take the census. just to let all the shady manipulators know, we (~bleep ) see you. >> trevor: thank you so much, dulce. if you live in america, you have till the end of october to get your census forms in. when we come back, i'll be talking to the one and only hannibal burress. don't go away. aily distancing s"
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11:35 pm
earlier today i spoke with comedian hannibal burress about his new standup special which is currently streaming on youtube. it's called "miami nights." >> you ever think you were depress bud you just really need needed a haircut? and you got a haircut, and you said, what am i worrying about? i was fresh as -- (~bleep ). miami cop who arrested hannibal burress caught choking a man after fire ball burst. >> trevor: welcome to "the daily distancing show." how are you. >> good. howie r you? >> trevor: good. is your background that you've
11:36 pm
chosen my studio that i can't be in right now? is that what you've done snrchls yeah, because i want to -- i've had to do that -- this is -- what? enough with the hoodies, man. ( laughter ) come on, man. enough with the hoodies. and do the show in a bigger room in your house. you can't fool us doing it somewhere narrow. we know. >> trevor: i miss you as a human being. i feel like i miss you as a human being, a friend, as a fan. there was a period where i felt hannibal burress was everywhere. i was watching your standup, and then it was like a series of events, and then you, like, disappeared. you know, it was, like, hannibal burress called out bill cosby, and then hannibal burress was in miami getting arrested. and you are, like, talking to a cop and they're, like, hannibal burress is released, then hannibal burress was gone and now you're back with a brand-new special. tell me about your life.
11:37 pm
>> those are three years apart, those two things. i was making rap songs, i was doing an made film voice. i was doing birthday parties, too, just for the love of the game, just kind of practicing magic, hanging out, and having a good time. listen, man, i have this backdrop, right. i'm tired of doing stuff in my crib, man. i left my house this morning and just drove around to act like i was going to a television set, you know. i drove around and i, like, stopped and i went somewhere else, and then i just tried to make it teal like -- and i had somebody act like i was driving on to a lot. i had somebody act like a security guard at the front of my place and say, what are you here for? i'm here for "the daily show." i'm just trying to create a world, man. everything's gone. i'm trying to get it back. >> trevor: i remember your
11:38 pm
special was supposed to be launched at south by southwest. >> yes. >> trevor: just as it was about to kick off, it got canceled. >> yes. >> trevor: and i was like what's going to happen to hannibal's special, and you put it out on youtube for free? >> i just thought i wanted to put it out on youtube to see how it goes. the world is crumbling so i tried to do something different than i normally would have done because the world is different, touring is changed, life is in a different space so i said why not try something spontaneous that fits the current time, so that's why i decided to go with youtube. who knows. >> trevor: i ennoy how you addressed everything. it felt like a lot of things you were addressing in the special have become more timely than ever before because you got arrested by a policeman for basically, i mean, not treating him the way he wanted to be treated is essentially what happened. and you tell the story, you tell it really amazingly in the special.
11:39 pm
i don't want to try to butcher the joke or the story, but you make a joke about it, but when you were getting arrested by this cop in miami, you talk about how you didn't want to get shot in the face, and you know you tell it in a light hearted way, but was there a moment when you really feared for your life in that thing or were you just, like, so blazed that you were, like, yeah, man, i'm drunk and i'm having a good time? >> no, because he followed me into the bar after our initial interaction was over. so that was pretty jarring, because it was pretty much done. we had words, and he said leave, and i left and went into the bar. and then he comes into the bar. and i'm, like, what are you doing in the bar? we finished talking. and then he says, leave the bar. and i'm, like, what do you mean leave the bar? you just asked me to leave there and i left there and came into the bar. and, so, he said, you've got to leave. and i'm, like, whoa, this is
11:40 pm
different. and, so, i wasn't completely scared, but i was baffled in the moment because he escalated the situation when he went after me. he could have stayed where he stayed and i went about my way. so that was the part where i thought this could get dicey because he's acting out of order. >> trevor: i want to talk to you about hannibal burress as the human being. for your fans, you've always been somebody who loved drink and had the crazy stories of a drunken night out. after this incident you're, like, i'm quitting alcohol and i'm done. why did you make that decision? >> well, i didn't quit right away. i had three crazy weeks, and then i quit after that. but after that, though, i really had to just look at my time drinking over the years and kind of really do kind of an audit and really look at the whole
11:41 pm
thing and situation and things i said and things that happened and embarrassing stuff, and it wasn't -- it wasn't sustainable anymore. >> trevor: yeah. >> it was really, like, mmm, this is not a good list right here. so i just really take it out and, after that, i kind of -- my face slimmed down when i stopped drinking. it was too much sugar. i was drinking jamison ginger ail. i was looking at old pictures from 2015, 2016, i was, like, whoa! you were drinking a lot. >> trevor: you know what's weird for me is, like, when you say something like i thought that was your face because that's how i met you. ( laughter ) because when you meet someone, you meet someone. i don't meet anyone and think you should look different. i'm just, like, that's you. then i saw you after all this
11:42 pm
and i said, hannibal's had a tough time, his face has really slimmed town. i thought it was a sign of distress. now i realize this is actually your healthy face and now i feel bad i knew you with that face and i didn't say anything. >> thing, is i thought that was my face, too. because it was my face. yo, this is my face. this is as good as it gets. you know, this is as good as it gets for head shape and eye color and the whole thing. >> trevor: what are you doing now? i mean, i know, like, some comedians, you know, like michael khaze tries to do comedy in a park lot and dave chappelle has an outdoor comedy club. are you doing standup? is there anything you can do that's a semblance of normal? >> i want to do a drive-in tour of "miami nights," and i have been seeing a lot of drive-in events popping up lately. so we don't do that and have -- and deejay, social videos and do
11:43 pm
some shows like that. so i want to do that next month, and that would be nice to put the special on a big screen and hang out. >> trevor: right. >> i think the drive-in stuff is really popular because people, you know, we lost a lot of control in our world, and you go to places, you putting on -- you got to, you know, get your temperature taken in places, so when people come to drive-ins, i still have my car right here and i have -- you know, this is my car, and we're able to enjoy something, so i want to do a little tour, and that will be fun to get it out like that. >> trevor: i'm excited to have your back. i was waiting for a new special. i'm excited to have hannibal burress with the new face, with the new jacket in my old studio, and, yeah, everyone should go out and watch the special, and i hope to see you soon in person, my friend. >> peace, trevor. >> trevor: look after yourself. >> all right, man.
11:44 pm
>> trevor: thank you so much, hannibal, for easily the weirdest interview we've done on our show. that's our show for tonight but before we go america is facing a poll worker shorten and because most poll workers are over 60 and with covid in the air they're understandably not showing up, but fewer poll workers mean fewer stations open and longer lines not everyone can afford to stay and wait in especially in communities of color. but the good news is, most poll working is paid and in some states you can be as young as 16 to do it. so if you're interested and have the time, this is your chance to save granny, protect democracy and get some of that money, too. so sign up at the link below to learn more. for tomorrow, stay safe, and everyone going on a tuesday vacation, have fun. here it is... your moment of zen. ♪ ♪ >> there are some people who want to keep our schools closed because they think it gives them
11:45 pm
a political advantage, and they're using our kids as political pawns and, to them, i say unshamedly they can kiss my ass. - ♪ i'm going down to south park ♪ ♪ gonna have myself a time ♪ both: ♪ friendly faces everywhere ♪ ♪ humble folks without temptation ♪ - ♪ going down to south park ♪ ♪ gonna leave my woes behind ♪ - ♪ ample parking day or night ♪ ♪ people spouting "howdy neighbor" ♪ - ♪ headin' on up to south park ♪ ♪ gonna see if i can't unwind ♪ - ♪ [muffled] - ♪ come on down to south park ♪ ♪ and meet some friends of mine ♪ [bell ringing] - this is shop class. my name is mr. adler. for the next week, rather than your normal schoolwork,


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