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tv   The Daily Show With Trevor Noah  Comedy Central  July 21, 2022 1:14am-2:00am PDT

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rights. >> the bill is passed. >> nearly 50 house republicans joined all democrats to write same sex and interracial marriage into federal law, the vote comes among concerns that i conservative supreme court could nullify. still 157 republicans voted against the respect for marriage act, democrats believe that the government has no place between you and the person you love. >> the house has officially passed a bill legalizing gay and interracial marriage, which is a great victory for 1995. because let's be honest t is really strange to be diving back into this debate that we thought was resolved in 2015. all right? this is weird we are doing it now, what do you mean now, what is next. start arguing about that dress again? is that what we are doing. because it is over guys t is over, we decided a long time ago it is blue and black, all right? and anyone who thinks it is while and gold say nazi. yeah, i said it going to see
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those colors, nothing in there. also, even weird that 157 republicans voted against this bill. you voted against-- so are you on the record now against interracial marriage? like look, i know mixed couples have ruined your lives for the past few years, but i think it's time to let that go. i mean i don't even know what the argument is against gay marriage what is the argument? when it became legal in 2015 conservatives all said oh, america is going to fall apart when this happens. and yeah t kind of did but that's not because of gay marriage. (laughter) so the bill passed in the house, okay. but there say chance it might never even reach the senate. because according to one top democratic senator, the senate has quote more priorities than we have time. and i never understand, you don't have time? how long does it take?
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should gay marriage be legal, yes, boom, those are like what, three seconds maybe, can i do another one, look how much time i have. should interracial marriage be legal, boom, bam, yes, done, two vote, should interracial marriage be mandatory, this one is a little bit harder, but i'm going to say yeah, let's do t all the babies will be super cute, done, see that, three votes, we're in. and speaking of democrats having messed up priorities, you know how there are all these republican candidates running for office right now who believe that the election was stolen from trump by italian space aliens hacking the voting machines? well, some of those maga heads are starting to win their nominations. and you will never guess who is helping them out. >> another election denier has just secured the republican primary for governor in maryland. trump backed candidate dan cox known for stoking election fraud fears encouraging, by president
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trump will face off again the democratic nominee. >> in an effort to meddle with the maryland race the democratic governor's association paid for this ad touting dan cox's a protrump candidate. >> this isn't the first time the party has worked to choose its own opponents. and maryland isn't the only state democrats have done it this year. they succeeded in beusing trump alliance doug mastriano in pennsylvania, darren bailey in illinois, they are attempting it in arizona right now with kerry lake, they tried unsuccessfully to do it in colorado gi by giving an assist to two 2020 election deniers. >> trevor: believe it or not democrats are actually helping these extreme candidates win nominations because they're assuming that they are too crazy to win the general election. the plan that has never back fired in the history of america for the last five years. yeah, i can't see how that could go wrong. look on the one hand i get it. it is a classic get some ass by standing next the ugliest guy at
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the bar strategy. i understand that. but this strategy assumes that democrats will run a competent tent campaign against these people. that say big assumption. i don't know about you guys. i don't trust the democrats to run a race properly. only people who try to shoot fish in a barrel and show end up with a fish shooting them. nemo has the gun, i thought hi it but nemo got the gun. >> not to mention the stakes are so high. think about if this thing back fires. democrats use their money to help crazy republicans win their part of the race and if it back fires, what happens. because right now there are democrats saying if this maniac gets into office t will spell the end of democracy as we know it. but on the other hand running against them gives me a four point boost in the polls so let's roll the dice, baby, let's do it democats forget, not everyone is superinformed about who the candidates are. you might be like oh, this is crazy. everyone will see t a lot of people just show up and they vote, they will be like okay,
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yeah, republican, democrat, that saul they voted. they will vote based on the name they like best. how do you think barack obama got elected, a lot of people were like yo, this white dude has a crazy ass name, i'm going to vote for him, wait, what? all right, finally let's move on from the potential down fall of democracy to a more light hearted story about "sesame street." >> a they're racist. >> or at least that is what they are being accused of after a video at their theme park went viral. >> "sesame street," a place of inclusion and learning for generations of kids. but sesame place, the theme park based on characters from the iconic children's tv show is issuing an apology this morning. after backlash from this video. showing two young black girls seemingly snubbed by a performer dressed as rosita at the sesame place theme park near philadelphia. >> sesame place initially released a statement saying the
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costumes characters wear sometimes make it difficult for them to see, adding the rosita performer did not intentionally ignore the girls and is devastated about the misunderstanding but that statement wasn't good enough for many on social media who expressed outrage. now other parents are sharing their own videos that they say show similar instances of their children being treated rudely compared-- compared to others, all seeming to show similar bias by characters at the parks. as a result sesame place issued a second statement saying that they are committed to making this right adding they will conduct training for our employees so they better understand, recognize and deliver an inclusive, equitable and entertaining experience for our guests. >> trevor: this is some bullshit. these little girls are getting snubbed by rosita. she's not even a top ten muppet. yeah, like if el mow or big bird snubs you i get t they are big time, but rosita, that is like getting snubbed by hawkeye, my man you should be honored to take a selfie with me, your
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robinhood mother [bleep]. rossitiesa going to disthose kids. just as an aside though i don't know if this is racism or not. but can we take a step back and appreciated how ironic this outrage is, because basically what people are saying why won't this total stranger touch my kids they touched the other kid, touch my kid, guy in a fairy suit that i don't know, touch my children. you know what got me here is. this sesame places explanation for this whole thing was weird because their excuse was that it wasn't racism t is just that the costumes make it hard to see at lower levels. but that is where the kids are. why would you design as could fume for kids that can't see most kids? huh? these guys are like look, we're more than happy to give hugs to any children who are lebron's height or taller, okay. if you can't see at lower levels, what happens with the
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employees in the park, they must be so confused, every day growing up they're like damn, no kids again? just a bunch of adult weirdoes all by themselves, what is going on here? there is also a disconnect between the things sesame place is sayingment because if this was just an innocent understanding, than why is sesame place going to add bias training, because it either was a mistake or it was racism, it can't be both. it feels like now that is what companies do, we have to do bias training, that is what they say to get people off their back, we have to do bias training, we got this, we will be fine what are they teaching in its bias training. hey, so you see the black kids. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> that saul you have to do, is see the black kids. (applause) that's it for the headlines but before we go to a break, let's check in on all the latest social media trends with our very own ronny chieng,
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everybody. (applause) >> hi trevor. >> trevor: so ronny, what is happening online, man. >> oh, you really want to know? you really want to know you guys really want to know what is trending online? you want to know what stupid bullshit is trend on social media that we are all going to forget about tomorrow, right, tbaws is important. it is so pornts. all right, let's start with the toxic cesspool that is twitter, all right. what is trending on twitter. surprising. surprise me. oh, beniveer, oh benifer got married again, oh benifer got married again, big deal, people get married every day, these guys got married in vegas, okay, they didn't even put any effort. for all we know they were drunk. okay, and now because what two 60 year old drunk people got married by elvis, now the whole
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world is going to talk about it. oh, i mean they broke my heart the first time. and now you just want me to what, believe in love again, huh? jenny from the block? and ben affleck, from doing ma? -- dog ma. please, i'm not getting invested in this again, let's just see what is trending on instagram, all right. instagram, oh, what's on the gram now. let's-- oh, wait, let me guess, let me guess s it just the stuff that was trending on tiktok two weeks ago? what is the matter, instagramers, you don't have your own ideas? what happened, you ran out of pictures of feet in the sand? why don't you take a picture of your book next to your avocado toast with some flowers on it. let's just go straight to the source of the arbiter of human culture now, that is tiktok, right. that is where all our culture comes from. what is trending on tiktok these
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days. oh t is this big trend called the put your shoes on challenge. it is where a parent tricks their kid into thinking this they have to help them fight another parent and their kids, okay. let's just watch this clip, hang on to your final brain cells. okay. because this one sounds dumb as shit. >> put your shoes on now. >> why. >> because i'm gonna go fight this girl, and if her son comes out i need you to fight him. >> okay. imma beat her eye up, mama,-- i will be like this, i will knock her head off. >> okay, you know what, you know what, i think i change my mind on this one, when i first heard about this i thought it was a terrible idea because it is the internet. but you know what, i actually do support child violence, okay. so i am all for this. but the only bad thing that i can see about this challenge is
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that you don't actually get to see the fight. yo, let's see the fights, man, commit to the bit, okay. i want to see some blood. even if your kid isn't good at fighting you as an adult with your fighting, you can use your kid as a weapon, right. they're small enough to fight with. you got a skinny kid, just toss him like a speer. you got a toddler, canon ball, canon ball them, you got twins, connect them by the head and now you got numb chucks, all right? now i know, i already know people in the comment section, i request already hear them complaining. this is bad parenting. you can't encourage fighting with your kid. it's bad parenting. well you know what, if your kid is willing to fight for you, no questions asked, that means you are a great parent. right? that's right. now on the other hand if you tell your kid let's go fight and your kid is like wait a minute, let's hear both sides, that
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means you [bleep] up, right. i mean look at me, i love my mom, okay. i love my mom so much i would beat the shit out of any baby for my mom. i see a baby, yo, don't even get out of the stroller. do not even get out of the stroller because mama chieng says hi, yeah, straight in the umbilical cord, that's right. back to you, trevor. >> trevor: back to me. are you-- . >> fight babies all day. come on. 9 to 24 months, any time. >> trevor: good luck with that, ronny chieng, everybody. when we come back dulce sloan has some beef with the cat in the hat. don't want to miss it.
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but those classic children's books had a big blind spot that you might have never noticed. and dulce sloan points it out in another episode of dulce sayin'. who cares about spot, there are snakes in this house, get out of there. oh. hello friends. didn'tee you there-- see you there, doing a little light reading, i know some of you might be wondering dulingse, why are you reading children's books and to you i say why are you minding a black woman's business but if you must know i'm reading kid books because of how important they are. the fact is children's books play a big role in shaping our views as adults whether it is about race, culture or proper pooping etiquette. but one of the areas that influence kids the most is gender roles and that is a big problem. because when it comes to gender most of these books are more outdated than a pair of jengo jengs y were they so big? we tried to see kevin hart to the movie, chances are he is
1:34 am
already in it. but speaking of little people, this is something we should all be paying attention to because by the age of 7 children's ideas about what they can be when they grow up are already formed. and what do you think those ideas are going to be when they have been reading looks like, this dick and jane, the book almost every first grader was reading in the '50s and '60s and it was notorious for portraying stereo typical gender roles, look at, this the dad and brother are playing with spot and the mom is inside cleaning up. what is that, a was r. kelly in there again, look at poor jane, she can't even have a little fun without doing some chores. can't a girl just roller skate, she has to sweep too, what is next, jump rope while making a sandwich, this leave it to beaver bullshit wasn't just happening it in the 1950s even in the 90sy the four many jobs women and girls were in picture beuks was skullery made, daughter, princess and mother
1:35 am
while men and boys were detective, aircraft inventor and knights and i have been on date nap for a long time now and have i never met an aircraft inventor f there is a man claiming that on his profile, chances are the only thing he invented is-- the it is not just men and women getting boxed in ot schooled careers, these books are teaching how they are supposed to behave in just day to day life. you can see this in one the most famous children's books of all time. the cat in the hat, features a little boy and his sister sally and while the little boy say narrator, sally doesn't get to talk at all. doesn't get to do anything. just follows her brother around like he is the grim reaper and is he joe biden. the only action he does get to do is get tangled up in a kite string so she is not allowed to talk and she is clumsy, look how many books are dedicated to finding waldo but no one is asking where is wabda. and she has been missing for 20 years now, you think you could escape this problem by reading children's books about animals, but nope. eastern in those books the main
1:36 am
animal character is male, way more often than female. so basically, if you want kids to learn equal gender representation from animals, you got to take them to the zoo. but good luck with that because then you have to explain why these animals are in jail. and the stereotypes go all the way to plants. just look at the giving tree. the tree is female coded and acted as a care giver to the human mail character. that motherly tree gave that boy everything. shade, apples, even wood to build a home, what did he do to pay her back. turned her into ikea furniture. and while things are starting to improve there is still a long as way to go. just back in 2017 the best seller list of comirn's books was still skewing way more male, like the kid section of barns-and-noble was curated by joe rogan fans so even though most of the books at the children's library perpetuate old-fashioned gender idea, the good news is the options get better every year and authors work hard to break these norms and pick women as adventure or
1:37 am
scientist or strong and brave. i'm doing my part and i wroats a children's book myself. i classic tale with a female character who breaks gender norms called no broke dick and jane. jane does not want dick that is broke. live with your mom, that must be a joke. jane wants no dick that is in debt, no poor as piece no brokeas, jane broke dick jane they are no nor, jane's got no time, she has a job, it's not her fault that you don't bob no broke dick for her taid. jane's dick needs its own ira. the end. see, it's easy to write children's stories that show women can be strong, confident and hold romantic partners to higher financial standards. so let's give our children the games they deserve, not the broke dick they've been getting.
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(applause). >> trevor: thank you so much, dulce sloan, stay tuned because when we come back jenny slate will be joining me.
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with any steak entrée. only at applebee's. >> welcome back to the daily show, my guest tonight is actor, writer and comedian jenny slate. she's here to talk about her new film marcel the shell with shoes on. >> this is my shell pile. you got your basics here, i got a couple of almonds. have i a dozen peanuts t is basically your dried goods, a caysin, with the raisin but the caysin is to the side because it is a treat. >> is this an inhaler. >> it is like a slide, i don't actually no what it is. >> where did you get that from. >> one of the people that stayed
1:42 am
here for the night. >> did you take anything from me? >> what is wrong with you? >> i didn't know. >> please welcome jenny slate. (applause). >> trevor: jenny slates, welcome back to the daily show. >> thanks for having me back. >> trevor: i'm so delight toed you have back, especially for this project because you know, hi heard nothing about this movie as an idea, as a concept. i didn't know about it when it went viral but i was sitting in the movie theater, i will never forget this. you know they are playing all the trailers and it was interesting, all the trailers were for action movies, i think i was watching everything all at once, which you were also in by the way. >> that's true. >> trevor: i'm sitting there watching the trailers, action movie, action movie, action movie and the shell came on and everyone in the movie was like
1:43 am
aahh, we instantly fell in love and i remember thinking who made this, who came up with this, everybody loves it, almost like 100 percent on rotten tomatoes, everyone is raving about the movie so first things first, congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. >> trevor: and secondly, let's get into the how behind all of this. >> sure. >> trevor: if someone said you are going to make a movie about a shell with a little, like gook elly eyewitnesses yeah. >> trevor: i would be like i don't think this is going to work. and yet it works. from the beginning, explain the concept to me. >> okay, sure. so i also think are you right there is absolutely no way to pitch this movie. and it is a big vote for like if you have an idea and are you not sure how to explain t maybe just try to find a way to do it. >> trevor: i love that. >> and i think, so i was like doing the voice first. i was with dean fletcher camp
1:44 am
who i directed this film. and he and i were at a wedding and we were sharing hotel room with like four other people because we were trying to save money. about 12 years ago. >> trevor: so that means it is a destination wedding. >> it was connecticut. take it or leave it, you know. that's what they chose. yeah. and we were sharing a room with a bunch of friends. i may have been having some cocktails, you know, we'll never know. >> trevor: okay, okay. >> we'll never know. but it was really-- i started doing this little voice like being like,-- you're stepping on me and stuff like that. hard to hear but anyway, i was doing it. and dean was like have i to make a short film for my friend's comedy show, can i interview in that character, whatever that is, and i was like yeah, cuz i love an interview, honestly. like yes, anybody asking anything, for sure.
1:45 am
and so he asked me some questions. the character started to emerge. he did the character design, he stuck a gootion elly eye and a shell and shoes and everything. and we had this sort of interview short film that we ended up putting on the internet because somebody at the comedy show said can you put it online, i want to show it to my mom. and we just thought that these two people might see it. >> trevor: it was a lot more than two people. >> it was a lot more. >> trevor: millions more than two people. >> yeah. it was like over 36 million people, yeah. i know. >> trevor: and so at that point the story is not done, because it took you seven years to turn this into the feature film. >> yeah, yeah, the fill testimony self took seven years. we first started with the audio recording and a lot of it was improvised and then we would write scenes based on the improv and eventually ended up with a
1:46 am
script, that took about three years and then we did the live action shoot and then the stop motion. >> trevor: it is gorgeous, the way they move, like tiny little hoppy stepy, you know. >> yeah, i like that it is, our animation director made such beautiful animation t is not super smooth, you know, it's just real enough that, like you could almost see it out of the corner-of-your eye. >> trevor: can i tell you, what i love about this stortee, first of all there are very few original movies you watch these days, oh, the sequel of the sequel or the prequell before the sequel, right. >> yeah, got to get the prequell, find out about it. >> trevor: and then its spinoff to the sequel prequell but it is such an original idea and it is surprisingly heart-wrenching. i never thought i would watch a movie where obviously are you laughing. i will laugh because the shell with the eye, but then there is momentses where i'm just like oh, the shell. it's a really emotional story that you have told, a feel good
1:47 am
story as well. >> yeah, yeah, i think one thing that i'm interested in is how those can exist at once. i know like i certainly live that way. that i can experience like grief and loss while also trying to live a life that feels satisfying on a daily basis. and that is like one of the things that is built into the film. and i think it is funny and i think also there are a lot of adults that end up crying during the movie. >> which is good, i think it's good. >> yeah, and everybody made a noise. >> trevor: i think it's good. i think more adults should be crying in more movies. >> i think so. >> trevor: the stories that i feel like you like to tell don't just involve like voices and heart warming issues, but there is something that i feel connects you that you are attracted to in telling an adult story to kids that is almost secretly going to adults, you know. i wonder, are you going to do more of this, are you going to-- do you have any dreams, making any kid's shows. >> yeah, well, first of all,
1:48 am
yes, i do and i think are you right, do i like stuff like that because i feel like children are actually capable of like feeling huge and sometimes overwhelming feelings and it is good to give them a space to try that out and say yeah, you're like really strong enough to do. this but also there are so many adults who weren't given that opportunity. so it is nice for them to see something where they see like a young or small thing really making it work if that way. but i think, i would really like it if i had my own show for children and people. >> what would it be. >> i think it would be nice, i like to say somewhere between tv and mr. rogers. but with a woman. >> trevor: okay, okay, okay. >> yeah, i don't want to give it to a man, i want it to be me. (cheers and applause) sorry, i want it. i want it. >> trevor: don't be sorry. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> trevor: so i love
1:49 am
animation. i've always been a fan of you because i love people who do different voices. and because that's what animation. is you have done everything. you have done this, you did, you were in i wanna say it was big mouth and i want to say zoo topia as well. >> yes. >> trevor: every time your voice changes slightsly. when did you start doing that, is this a thing you have had your whole life. >> i think so. sort of like that, have you had this weird mole your whole life, like have you had this, have you always-- yeah, yeah. >> trevor: this is great. i will telt you why, because. >> >> trevor: i have been trying to mack a tv show, like with a shoe of mine so i just, you know, what i was trying to do-- what i was trying to do is-- (applause) (applause). >> trevor: i was hoping we could do like a little scene for my show because i'm going pitch it, because now you showed me
1:50 am
how successful it can be. so you can be handy the sanitizer. >> okay. >> trevor: or you can be bluey the drink thing. or you can be stan the stapler. >> oh, stan. >> trevor: yes. >> yeah. >> trevor: okay, i'll be stan. >> okay, okay. >> trevor: and then so you can see everything clearly. there you go. >> oh, you are doing that, you got it. >> trevor: oh, i will go into that shop, i know how cameras work. i can be here, where is that thing? yeah, yeah, the eyes. >> getting my back. >> and then we need these eyes turning, which way? there, there, that is the one, that is the one, that is the one, that is the one, that is the one. all right, cool, cool, let's figure out what is happening here. give me a place where they are, people. they're in chicago? that is very specific, and what are they trying to do in chicago? >> go to the circus. >> okay. >> trevor: in chicago trying to go to the circus but they can't because why?
1:51 am
>> it's hot right now. >> scar broke down. >> trevor: in chicago trying to go to the circus but the car broke down, okay, i'm ready. >> stan, stan, i just need to you kawment down for one moment. >> trevor: i can't calm down, the car, the car is brocken. wa, wa, wa, how are we going to get to the circus now? >> can i admit something to you, stan. >> trevor: go ahead. >> i broke the car because i don't want to go to the circus because i don't want everybody to pet my darn head. >> trevor: what? what? i told you my dream was to go to the circus and you broke the car, you know how hard it is for a stapler to buy a car, that is the first car i ever brought, how did you do that to me. >> i didn't know it was your first automobile, first of all. secondsly, stan, you know that whenever we go everywhere people pump my head.
1:52 am
>> trevor: yeah, yeah, and you know what, that's life, that's life, look at you, you have been a hand sanitier, a few years in the pandemic and you're tired, you know how long, a few-- smack, smack, ha, ha, ha? >> stan, these last few years have been really hard for me alot of people have been pumping my head, they don't ask-- what are you doing? >> why. >> i ordered an uber, and-- (applause) marcel the shell with shoes on is premiering nationwide, go check it out we'll be right back after. this
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. >> well that's our show for tonight but before we go, before we go, i want to tell you about our newest daily show podcast called hold up. all right? there are podcasts out there that discuss major issues from nuclear war to economic crises but this podcast is not that.
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this instead hold up features our own dulce sloan and one of her good friends daily show writer arguing about the stuff important to them. so if you want to here debates over vacations versus staycations or body wash versus bar soap then check out hold up with dulce sloan and every week wherever you get your podcast, stay safe out there. and remember if you are a muppet crossing the street, look left, right and down so you don't miss the black children. now here it is, your moment of glern. >> we now see the mainstream media questioning president biden mental state and for good reason, sadly he shakes hands with ghosts, he falls off buy siblgs, you have spoke when any other cabinet members about implementing the 25th amendment on president biden? >> first of all i'm glad to have a president who can ride a bicycle. >> you just got ba ba booty.
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- hey, everyone, excuse me. everybody, could i just have a second of your time, please? everyone listen up. listen, everybody, i, uh-- i owe kyle a big apology, and i want to do it in front of everyone because i was wrong, kyle. - about what? - i'm afraid that kyle and i got into a little disagreement yesterday. yeah, yeah, it was pretty nasty. and i was totally wrong and you were right, kyle. i thought only humans could be gingers. davin here? davin miller. oh, yeah, there you are. i owe you an apology, too, davin. when kyle said that humans weren't the only species that could have light skin and freckles, i totally laughed in his face. but it turns out kyle was right. there are other animals that can be ginger as well. i didn't believe it. i guess i didn't want to believe it. but this morning i saw a red-haired light-skinned cow, and i owe you, kyle, and you, davin, my sincerest apologies. - where did you find a red-haired cow? - oh, would you guys like see it?
2:00 am
[cows lowing] there, there it is right there, see? a red-headed cow. [snickering] - whoa! look at it! - you were right, kyle. a ginger cow. i shall never question your keen intellect again. - wow, that's pretty trippy. - yeah. yeah, be sure to get some pictures of it. i'm pretty sure this occurs only rarely in nature. - all right, cartman, joke's over. - what joke? this is real. - tell everyone you made the cow look like that. - no! no, you were right, kyle. i was wrong! - boy, eric. i sure do admire your courage to admit when you've made a mistake. - thank you, butters! [snickering] - i gotta go show this to my mom. - let's go get the kindergarteners. they're gonna wanna see this too. - yeah, be sure to show everyone, guys. it's really amazing. ha ha. ah, too good, too, too good. - even the dumbest lie can have big consequences. - yes, you're right, kyle. i'm sure that is going to have earth-shattering consequences. [chortling] [background chatter]


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