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tv   The Daily Show With Trevor Noah  Comedy Central  August 10, 2022 1:12am-2:00am PDT

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end up spending your life with. i mean, because of where my desk was, i spent all those years looking at pam. and i fell in love. so that stuff matters, definitely does. >> announcer: coming to you from new york city, the only city in america, it's "the daily show." tonight: they really got him, again. the goat hangs it up. and idris elba! this is "the daily show," with trevor noah. ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: what's going on, everybody? welcome to "the daily show." i'm trevor noah. thank you so much for tuning in. thank you for coming out in person. wow! this is electric! this is great! this is great!
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this is amazing. all right, take a seat, take a seat. we have to go. we have a jam-packed show for you tonight. serena williams is breaking up with tennis. london is telling its art to go back to africa. and you'll never guess which bureau of investigation paid donald trump a visit. ( cheers and applause ). plus here to talk about his brand-new movie where he fights a lion, idris elba is our guest tonight. ( cheers and applause ). put your top back on, lady! let's do this people. let's jump straight into today's headlines. ( applause ) >> trevor: okay, all right. before we get into the big story that everyone is talking about, let's catch up on a few other things that are going on in the news. first up, a london museum is within extensive collection of sculptures stolen from africa in the 19th century has agreed to return the artworks to nigeria ( applause ) that's good.
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that's not good enough. yeah. england kept africa's artifacts for 100 years. as a penalty, they should let africa keep something of theirs, yeah. we'll take two benedict cumberbatch and the queen. we're going to keep them for a while. in entertainment news, hollywood has announced a production of a live action pac-man movie. yeah. oh, no. i see your doubts but it already has oscar buzz. and the script is really beautiful. i got a copy of it right here. really, really, really, really powerful. this is pac-man's lines. waka-waka-waka-waka. boo. powerful stuff. and, of course, in today's major sports news, serena williams has announced that she will be retiring from tennis after the u.s. open next month. this is bad news for serena fans but great news for me because as we all know, she was the only
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thing standing between me and wimbledon. also the fact i can't play tennis. let's move on people to the big news story of the day, in fact, one of the biggest news stories of any day ever. former president donald jailbird trump got a visit from the f.b.i. ( applause ) >> breaking news former president donald trump says the f.b.i. has raided his mar-a-lago resort, mr. trump saying a short time ago the f.b.i. has carried out an unannounced raid at his home at the florida club and they even broke into his safe. >> boxes and boxes of documents have been seized from former president donald trump's mar-a-lago home after the f.b.i. conducted a wide-ranging search. >> this may be the most politically explosive raid ever undertaken by the f.b.i. >> something that has not happened before in american history. so just take that in for just a second. >> it doesn't get any more significant than this. >> it's not just aggressive.
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this is unprecedented. >> absolutely unprecedented. >> unbelievable. i mean, stunning. >> trevor: oh, my god! the f.b.i. raided donald trump's house, the f.b.i. people, raided a former president's house. this is huge. this is bigger than when the feds investigated bill clinton for doing mouth stuff with that saxophone. ( laughter ) by the way, by the way, this raid, just so you know, has nothing to do with january 6 or tax fraud or giving the white house plumber p.t.s.d. no, apparently, apparently this investigation is about trump taking classified documents from the white house. and-- and, honestly, i'm amazed that trump has time for all of this crime. ( laughter ) like, at any moment, at any moment, trump has a crime he's covering up, a crime he's doing now, a crime for the future. he's like the steve harvey but of crimes. every day i'm like does he have the same hours in the day for me? he gets so much done.
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( applause ) now, if you will remember, if you remember, earlier this year, the feds already had to go down to mar-a-lago and take back 15 boxes of documents that trump wasn't supposed to have, but, apparently, they think there's more hidden on the property. and i believe that. i believe that, too. i mean, like, trump's not going to keep records in a filing cabinet like a normal person. the same dude who buried his ex-wife on a golf course. think about that. and, yes, it is totally unprecedented for the f.b.i. to raid the home of a former president. that is true. has never happened in american history. don't forget, donald trump has also never happened in american history. ( applause ) everything is an anomaly with this man. why do you think a book from one of his staffers comes out every single week? because every single person he interacts with is like, "yo, have i got a ( bleep ) story for you." wouldn't it be weird if this is
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the thing that takes trump down? we thought it would be something like conspiracy or bribery or blackmail. but, no, trump got busted for taking work home with him. ( laughter ) ( applause ) what a nerd! ( applause ) now, obviously, president trump recognizes the gravity of the situation, which is why he has refrained from comment while the legal process is-- no, i'm joking with you. come on! the guy released a statement immediately, immediately. he read, "these are dark times for our nation. as my beautiful home, mar-a-lago, in palm beach, florida, is currently under siege. raided and occupied by a large group of f f.b.i. agents. they even broke into my safe. what's the difference between this and watergate? what's the difference?" i love that even while he's
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complaining he slips in that the thing is beautiful. "how could they do this to my beautiful home?" ( applause ) also-- ( cheering ) also, this is completely different from watergate. for one thing, the guys breaking into watergate didn't need to clean old ketchup stains off the documents but the other big thing, the other difference is the raid was legal. it was approved by a federal judge, approved by the head of the f.b.i.-- who, by the way, was appointed by donald trump himself. ( applause ) after he got rid of, like, 17 other heads of the f.b.i. because they didn't want to do crimes with donald trump. so now, the big mystery is what did the f.b.i. find? well, according to donald trump's third-favorite son, the only thing the f.b.i. took was his heart. >> what could they possibly think existed inside of mar-a-lago in a box that was taken from the white house that
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was so damaging that the f.b.i. director and the attorney general of the united states would have to raid a former president's residence and grab everything out of there? >> i don't know. they will probably find a note from me telling him how proud i am of him and what a great job he was doing as president. they might find some pictures of my kids. maybe some nice, you know headlines. maybe a nice note from you, sean. >> trevor: "oh, eric, you silly, silly man. did daddy tell you that's where your letters to him go? hmmm? hidden away somewhere safe." "they're just too important to show anybody or acknowledge them in any way, eric, that's why i locked them up right next to my wedding rieng. that's what i do." aside from the boxes that they took, the f.b.i. also looked inside trump's safe, which is very dramatic. like, because, apparently, they had to break into it. so now you're like how did that i do it? did they blow it open or did they just correctly guess the
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code 6969? honest uponly, i'd be surprised-- i would actually be surprised if they found white house documents in trump's safe. because a safe is where you keep your most-prized possessions. yeah. from my head, searching through trump's safe would probably go a lot more like this. "all right, guys, let's see what we have in here. my god! the entire safe is just filled with mcrib after mcrib. this is-- this is-- they're stacked on top of each other. this is-- i don't even understand. it's an unventilated safe. who would do this? wait, wait, hold on! there's a secret panel in the bottom. i think we found it-- nope another mcrib, boys, another mcrib." now you might be wondering-- ( applause ) you might be wondering, isn't this an extremely explosive situation for the united states? yes, it is, it is. you don't want to let a former
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president get away with crimes, right, because nobody in america is above the law. except corporations and rich people and police and celebrities sometimes. but aside from them, nobody is above the law. but at the same time, even the perception that the justice department is being used to go after your political opponents, that could erode people's trust in government. so it's a really tricky situation. and the only thing we can do is wait and see how the investigation unfolds. or, if you're fox news, you can just freak out right now. >> this is an abomination. >> this is gestapo crap. >> it's probably the worst day in the history of the f.b.i. >> this is a wake-up call for those in congress to be able to use the tools at their disposal to defund the f.b.i., dismantle the f.b.i. into a thousand bits. >> representative marjorie taylor greene simply tweeting "defund the f.b.i." >> if this is what they're able to do to the former president of the united states, think about what they could do to you, to anybody in america.
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>> the real target of this investigation isn't trump. the real target of this investigation is you. >> do we have a j-dual justice system in america? is there equal justice under the law? >> i am deathly afraid for donald trump. i would not put assassination behind these people. >> we are entering a basically a venezuelan, zimbabwain, east german style banana republic in which the law doesn't matter. >> this is some third-world bullshit right here. let me say it again: third-world bullshit. >> trevor: all right, first of all, as someone from the third world, maybe leave us out of your shit for once, huh? how about that? ( applause ) bullshit right here. every time-- every time americans want to call something in america that is corrupt all of a sudden they're like, "this is third-world bullshit." my man at what point do you realize it's happening here? it's you. it's you. ( applause )
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bad things only happen in other countries, when it's here it's still happening in another country. in fact, when something happens in the actual third world, these days people in africa are like, "are you kidding me? this is just like america. no, this place is turning into america. what are we doing here? what are we doing?" but i do get what super karen is saying. if the f.b.i.-- if the f.b.i. is going to go after trump for stealing classified documentes from the white house, then what's to stop them from going after you when you steal classified documents from the white house? of is that the country we want to live in, where anyone can be investigated for the crime of doing crimes? i don't think so! ( applause ) i don't think so! and you know, what all of this just shows you, all of this, just get a moment to savor, how quickly maga world turns on law enforcement, and america as a whole whenever it suits them.
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whenever thing go against then, all of a sudden, marjorie taylor greene, posting a photo of an upside down american flag after this raid happened. i thought respecting the flag was the most important thing in the world. colin kaepernick is probably kneeling in his grave right now. all of these people complaining. what happened to, "if you don't like what's happening in america judge don't you just leave." what happened to that. all of these years-- what hab ofs that been now, two years. "defund the police is like the 'n' words of law enforcement." let them take boxes from mar-a-lago, and the same people are like, take the thin blue line and shove it up your ass. defund the f.b.i.! defund the cops." same people. same people. where is law enforcement now? you know what woo need to start for conservatives? we need to start a game show called "who's woke now?" our first contestant is sean hannity, who says now there are two justice systems in america. it's not fair.
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oh, "who's woke now?" now, sean. you just won yourself an afro pick. congratulations, brother. ( applause ) look, we don't know-- we don't know what this raid will reveal. we don't even know if donald trump has actually done anything wrong. but what it has exposed is that this whole maga crowd, they're only prolaw enforcement, they're only pro-law enforcement when the law is not enforcing them. that's it for the headlines. but before we go, let's check in on the traffic with our very own roy wood jr., everybody! ( cheers and applause ) what's going on with traffic, roy? >> we'll get to the traffic in a second. we have idris elba. idris elba is going to be on here tonight. ( applause ) i have a question for you, i have a question for you because he has the movie where you know he punches a lion in the face, whatever. >> trevor: he's fighting a lion. >> why is the lion not here to give his side of the story? why are you only talking to
1:30 am
idris? we don't know. that's all i'm saying. >> trevor: what's happening in the traffic, roy? ( laughter ). >> okay, we're just going to blow past that. okay, that's fine. real quick, real quick, before i get to traffic-- we don't have time-- real quick. i want to make sure i take a moment before i start traffic to it will serena williams thank you for sharing your gift with america. thank you for sharing your gift with the world. ( applause ) you are an inspiration to so many people. and i just think it's very important that we say that and that we get that out of the way because you know serena getting ready to hang up her racket and sneakers-- what do they do in tennis? which one do they hang up. >> trevor: i don't know. >> we can't blow past that. what serena did, this is once-in-a-lifetime level domination. 23 individual singles grand slams and if you're counting doubles, 37 total grand slam. and over the course of her
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career, serena williams made 92 white women cry. 92! ( applause ) white women. serene afs whooping them white women's ass. tennis is messed up. serena whipped your ass, and you have to stay out there with her while she gets her trophy. and the white woman be sniffling. holding the damn trophy. foreign white women, too. these are tough women. they've seen war. and serena still broke their ass down. crying and sniffling. then you can't complain about it. you can't go on the internet and complain about it, because if you complain about it on the internet, he's on reddit, too. that's the balls. she married -- she married the reddit man. so she gets a little piece of it. >> ohanian. >> that's what i said. that's his name. and then, also, man, you know, i
1:32 am
just think above all, it's important that we know-- as serena goes into whatever chapter is next for her, whatever she decides to do, we just hope that as you continue your legacy, we hope that it includes continuing to make weak-ass people cry. ( applause ) and we thank you for that. more tears. we still got time for traffic. >> trevor: no, we don't have time for the traffic, roy. >> we don't have time? you sure we don't have time. >> trevor: no. >> we have time. >> trevor: no, we don't have time. roy wood jr., everybody. don't go away, idris elba is going to be sitting right here. you don't want to miss it. ( cheers and applause ). natalie, do you know if your kids are home from school yet? like, are your kids home safe? did something happen to them? [phone vibrates] [ding] with advanced ai object detection and up to 4k resolution. you can protect your
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and you'll tell me if i should post it or not. just be honest. this is random thoughts. first thought i'm thinking about posting is gyms need to have an extra room for people that scream when they work out, right? i mean, yeah, i'm glad-- i'm glad that you're exorcising your demons but you need to understand nobles in the gym is having the same external balance you are. aaahhl! sweat is just fat that's crying. they can shit to your therapist. what do you think, should i post it, yeah? ( applause ) okay, all right, all right, great. this is fantastic. let's do the next one. i wish i could throw up like a dog. no, because i do, i do. have you ever seen a dog throws up, and five minutes later, they're chasing a ball, chilling like nothing happened. meanwhile, when humans throw up, it doesn't matter how old you are, you're still crying. "i want my mom. i have to stay home from school." should i post it?
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>> no! >> oh, okay. i'm glad i asked you first. okay, here's the next one. people, please stop buying vegetables at the grocery store that you know you aren't going to eat. you don't look fancy. the cashier is not impressed. you know you're not going to eat it. it will sit in the back of your fridge until it looks like something from the upside down. stop doing that shit! stop wasting food. should i post it? ( applause ) okay, great. last one, can people please stop hiding their trash cans. every time i go over to somebody's house and i need to throw something away it's like "mission impossible." i'm opening cabinets. i'm there looking under the sink. and they're like, "sorry, it's hidden in a drawer that looks like the wall." why? why? if it takes me longer than seven seconds to find your trash can, i'm throwing this shit on the couch. post it? ( applause ) all right, thank you so much. those are all the posts i have
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( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." my guest tonight is emmy- nominated actor idris elba. he's here to talk about facing off with a lion in his new film, "beast." ( screaming ) >> take the wheel! take the wheel now! drive! drive! watch out! watch out! don't hit the van! >> what the hell just happened?
1:43 am
>> trevor: please welcome idris elba! ( cheers and applause ) >> thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. wow. that's a lot of love. ( cheers and applause ) >> thank you, thank you, thank you. thank you very much. >> trevor: we could just-- we could just do that for the whole interview. every time you come to the show, i have to schedule extra time. "who is the guest?" "idris elba." we need three minutes for people screaming and cheering. how is your hearing? is your hearing good. >> sorry? >> trevor: welcome back to the show. >> oh, man, it's good to be back. >> trevor: how do you look better every time i see you?
1:44 am
>> really, oh, man. >> trevor: what are you doing? what do you eat? how do you live? >> i just eat a lot of, you know, west african fufu. >> trevor: okay, okay, i see, i see. welcome back to the show. congratulations on a brand-new movie "beast." i'm super excited for this movie. one, it's you fighting, doing your thing, saving your family. but also you're in south africa, which was really fun for me to see. >> we know, we know. >> trevor: worst safari ever. >> it's my second home. >> trevor: yeah, it is. >> honorary, you know, south african. i feel like an honorary south african. >> trevor: i love that. let's talk about the movie. it's terrifying. as a disclaimer, i want people to know. lions are not going to attack your car like that in south africa. >> that's true. it's not like that really. you know, this film is actually an attempt to understand how rogue lions actually move around. >> trevor: right. >> it's very rare that a lion will attack a human being. in this film, we talk about-- you know, poaching is a horrible thing that happens in africa.
1:45 am
and animals get displaced and, you know, you get scared animals like a lion inspect this movie the lion is scared and ends up chasing the family-- me. >> trevor: you play a widower in this movie, right. and you go from america back to south africa. your wife has passed away. you take your children to south africa to see the motherland and you end up in this experience, which is terrifying. i haven't seen many movies where you're terrified. i realized that when i was watching this. >> can i tell you something. i went to see the premiere yesterday in new york and it was fun, but i was watching the movie and i was like, i do ugly scared. >> trevor: that's not true! >> 100%. >> trevor: you think so. >> there's no sex nethis movie. it's a lot of-- aahhhh! i was like, dude, i wish i did that different. >> trevor: i liked it. it was nice to see a different side of you. >> thanks. >> trevor: it really was. what's cool about is it you're using a c.g.iempled lion, but it
1:46 am
doesn't feel like that in the movie. because are you terrified. i want to know how you keep it together in those moments. what do they even have-- do they have something? is there someone? is there-- or are they just telling you, "idris, lion, do it." >> i want to tell you the truth, but if i tell you it's not as cool. there's a guy in a gray suit. >> trevor: yeah. >> and, like, tights. and he has a really big head that looks like a big oversized teddy. and i have to fight that. he's strong. he's a big guy. but, you know, like it just doesn't look cool. ( laughter ). >> trevor: i can tell you, that is more terrifying to me. >> yeah. >> trevor: in i woke up and there was a lion in my bedroom. i would be like, there's a lion. if i woke up and there was a man with the head of a teddy bear standing over me. >> all gray. he looked like a cross between a rat and elephant. >> trevor: this is like every prayer my mother knows i would be saying at that moment. that's what i would be doing. you're not just making movies. what i love about you is you're
1:47 am
living life. you seem like you're having a great time. you're out there djing-- how do you do this? you're making movies. when do you d.j.? >> i mean, you know, i try to spread out the d.j., so i d.j.on friday nights and i work monday through thursday. >> trevor: no way. so you leave the movie set and you go d.j., and spend the weekend at home and then-- >> cut! thank you. ( applause ) i'm straight in. >> trevor: what i love is the idea some people might only know you as a d.j. now now. there are some people that all they do is club. and there are some people like, "that is my favorite d.j.." and one day they'll see a movie and be like, "that's that d.j.." this is really ridiculous. i was telling my younger brother, who is going to be on the show, i said idris elba is going to be on.
1:48 am
he's with his friend, and his friend goes, "who's that?" and i said,le." and he said who's that-- he was a kid, 15 or whatever. and i pull up your picture. and he's like that's the guy eating the howings. >> ooooh. >> from the meme. >> trevor: you're the meme. that's what he said, "that is the guy from the meme." >> i heard a stat that that meme was the top 10 meme. >> trevor: easily. >> that's embarrassing. >> trevor: why? >> i eat peppers every day. >> trevor: it's extreme. it's extreme. >> that's true. >> trevor: it's a good meme though. >> is it? >> trevor: it is. you're choking. upon you're crying. >> i wasn't choking. first of all, let's clear this up. it wasn't the hot wings that got me. you know when the spit goes down the wrong throat. >> trevor: okay, okay. >> you don't believe me? .>> trevor: i believe you. i'm just saying... i'm just saying... >> i'm trying to clear this up.
1:49 am
>> trevor: let's talk about skin care as well. everyone's favorite couple, one of the top 10 couples as well, yourself and your wife. we love your journey. we love seeing you together. it's such a beautiful thing. you start aid skin care brand together. why did it take you so long? >> well, no, to be fair, man, we started during the pandemic, you know, and we literally, when we found ourselves locked in the house together forever, i was running out of products. i was like i'm just going to use yours. and i didn't know tbhafs it. and, you know, before we knew twe were having a discussion about what is in skin care? why isn't it just for humans and it's so gentrified. >> trevor: right, right, like "men's face wash. women's--" >> men's face washes, invigorated! stimulated. and we got into the conversation. we both work with efad, the u.n. department for like, you know, agriculture. and we see that there's a trend,
1:50 am
farmers who have these ingredients can actually help the big marketplaces, especially with ingredients into natural skin care. so we found a way to sort of-- thank you-- we found a way to sort of connect the dots. >> trevor: i love that. ( applause ). >> so in our skin care we have you know black seed oil, and they all come from small farmers. >> trevor: sexy on the outside. sexy on the inside. >> oh, man. thank you. >> trevor: it's too much. ( applause ) you turning 50 in september. you look like-- you look like you could be my brother at the exact same age. and i just didn't get the same, like, weight treatment that you got. you're turning 50. look at you, idris. ( cheers and applause ). >> i don't whan to say. >> trevor: that's 50. you look like you're turning the age and the age doesn't know-- 50 is like, "oh, shit. i didn't know! i didn't know." like, who are you?
1:51 am
>> i don't know, man. i feel like-- i feel 50. i wake up in the morning, like, aching and shit. i feel 50. >> trevor: you are saying that to make me feel better. you don't feel that at all. >> you're right. >> trevor: what i love about you most is you lived a full life. some people have only been movie stars, some have only done a lot of people don't know you used to work the door at venues. >> i did, i did. >> trevor: a lot of people don't know that. idris elba would be the person stopping you from coming in or kicking you out, or whatever. let me say for the record "i will stand outside. i will be like this dude is outside. i'll be outside." were you effective. did you fight anybody? >> i didn't have to fight. it's in the voice, "excuse exeuz me, man, you can't bring that gun in here, man." ( laughter ) and they were like, "oh, okay." it's a comedy club. ( laughter ) >> trevor: all the stuff you can't bring. even that, you can't bring that
1:52 am
gun-- have you ever heard that sentence sexy before? is there anything you can't do? i want to see, like... you know what we're going to do. i'm going to test your sexiness out. i want to see what the limits of your sexiness are. >> snreal there are limits. honestly. >> trevor: no, there are no limits. we're going to test it out. i'm going to find-- i'm going to find the place you're not sexy in. recipes, never sexy. i'll read a recipe out. simple sauteed vegetables. boil in a large pot. chop vegetables until fine. gently place vegetables in a pot and reduce to low as i remember. cook until fully tender, and serve warm. >> that was sexy. >> trevor: no. it's a recipe. you read it. this is where we take you down. >> heat olive oil in a large... in a large pot. chop vegetables until fine. gently place vegetables in pot and reduce heat to a low simmer.
1:53 am
( cheering ) ( applause ) and then-- and then-- and then cook until fully tender. ( laughter ) and serve -- >> give me that. give me that! ( applause ) i got you. i got you. i got you. we all use thand sanitizer. it's the least-sexy thing you can do. every day when i use it i go, "this is not sexy." i'll use it. ( laughter ) >> yup. >> trevor: wait, it's not-- you see. it doesn't matter who you are. you got the thing... ( laughter ) ( applause ) you see? >> no, no, no, i'm the same. >> trevor: you're the same. look into that camera there, do it. >> hand sanitizer is just-- a little bit on... i just... ( sexy music playing )
1:54 am
will ( applause ) you didn't put the music on for trevor. do his again with the music. >> trevor: they never played music for me. never. i've worked in this building seven years. they've never played music. >> that music was like 70s porn. or was that just me? >> trevor: i think that music was from a documentary and you made porn. the music was like, "i'm from a documentary but for idris elba, i will turn into porn." all right, i don't even know why i'm doing this. blowing your nose. no one is sexy when blowing their nose. i'll blow my nose. all right. i don't even know-- this is a waste of time. but whatever, let's see. >> are you sure, man. >> trevor: yeah, we may as well. >> okay, cool. >> trevor: oh!
1:55 am
oh! there's something where you're not sexy! yes! that was not sexy! ywe did it! idris elba, not sexy! ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> trevor: idris elba, everybody. we'll be right back. i'm what you call a boutique hotel. i'm looking to provide a more unique experience. do you like single origin coffee over a game of chess? me too. ♪♪
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