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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  August 29, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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lexity. he along with john harbaugh will have to yield to the season in september. steve hauschka, hauschka finished his college career kicking for nc state. and now trying to become the every occasion kicker for the ravens a year after handling the kickoff duties along. we are underway in charlotte, north carolina in week three of the pre-season. on the hash mark to the 15. trying to get around the corner and he's not going to do it. chris carr the first man there. showing himself as a force on kick coverage. >> stan: you use that speed to get down to the outside. it's tough when you try to run around you. you need the guy on the outside to close that gap. and chris carr did that.
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he missed a tackle but by making him run east and west it allowed the pursuit to get to the runner. >> gerry: jake delhomme, only team to run at home. collapsed in the first playoff game against the falcons. it's been an interesting off- season. on 1st down. goodson. grab its. gets around the corner. ray lewis brings him down at the 31. up front for the carolina panthers tonight. deangelo williams expected to start but it's goodson. dwayne jarrett and muhsin
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muhammad and ryan carill and jordan gross. that will back the panthers up 5 yards. >> stan: we talked to john harbaugh before the game, they ran right into pressures and they did the exact same thing on that one as landry was blitzing. they slipped it outside of him. >> gerry: firstt and 15 for the panthers. knocked down at the 25 yard- line. that time it was a little too much air and almost perfect for ed reed in the secondary. trevor pryce and, justin banon. tavarez trying to become a regular and paul kruger will start tonight. ed reed and landry and washington are the corners.
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mike goodson remains in the backfield. deangelo williams, the effective starters. on second and 15. goodson with the carry. no room and going down hard. ray lewis going out of his way to introduce himself. >> stan: that's playing control. they cut back to ray lewis. ray takes it. a lot of timeline backers will overpursue that instead of staying in your hole and counting on your teammates. >> the panthers third and 17 on the ravens defense. they have had two touchdowns in pre-season. delhomme will look for the screen pass. he's got goodson. he's brought down by ray lewis.
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the panthers will have to bring the punt team on. >> stan: it hurts them on long yard. if you give them 10 or 11, you get off the field. don't let them run down field. >> gerry: chris carr will await the punt from jason baker. gets it off cleanly. a wall of blockers. gets in midfield. panthers territory down to the 44 yard-line. chris carr doing everything imaginable to win that job, starts off rock solid. i have a hunch you could have gotten 20 yards. >> stan: i'm not sure i'd have
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gotten two yards. keeping control of the football. >> gerry: joe flacco gets his first work of the evening. ray in the backfield. back on play action right out of the gate. a completion. 30 yard-line. kelly washington takes it inside the 30. the former new england patriot receiver has had a rock solid training camp. >> stan: that's why they brought him in as a receiver over the middle. they need people to go over the middle. >> gerry: first and 10 for the ravens. flacco to throw again. he'll step out of bounds. this time at the 16 yard-line. up front for the ravens will be
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blocking, laron mcplain and ray rice. i kind of like the line. burke is a veteran coming over for the minnesota vikings. everybody else young aggressive and athletic. give it to laron mcclain. only his second carry of the pre-season. they find themselves if a red zone. julius peppers, and tyler braden part of the front. chris gamble to corners and harris to safety. give it to ray rice on 2nd down. trying to scoot but he bottled up. the ravens face a 3rd down in
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the red zone. 3rd down, red zone. >> stan: they had troubles throwing the ball. they had the franchise record last year. that's how you get in. you have to be able to run the football. they went 1st down and 2nd down. this is a tough situation for flacco, third-and-long in the red zone? >> gerry: those are the three receivers. he's got mason inside the 5. they are going to say he's a half yard shy of the end zone. derrick mason hit the pylon but not before he hit the chalk. >> stan: great read by joe flacco. saw it coming and got the ball out of there and got it right
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where derrick mason was. >> gerry: chris gamble may have pushed him out. >> stan: the ball hit the pylon, didn't it? >> gerry: first and goal from the one. whistles before the snap. [ announcer ] time out carolina. >> gerry: we'll take a break. scoreless 1st quarter on the ravens gameday network.
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>> gerry: scoreless 1st quarter. ravens knocking at the door at the 1 yard-line. >> stan: did his foot go out before the ball hit the pylon? right there you see -- >> gerry: for those on the radio side, you understand. >> stan: the foot makes the mark on the white chalk sideline. the question is was the ball on the pylon when the foot went out of bounds. the ball definitely hit the pilons. i think the referee wasn't sure and went in between. >> gerry: the baby has the ball at the one. first and goal. right to mcclain in the i- formation. mcclain sticks his head down. he is not going to get in. the 6-inch line.
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>> stan: cam cameron told us the favorite player was the fullback belly. the first play you learn when you start playing football. it's a simple handoff. the fullback hits the line before the blockers get off the block. that time they pushed the blockers back in the infield. >> gerry: mash and dash in the backfield. flacco on second and goal. flags and whistles. [ announcer ] false start. 5-yard penalty, 2nd down. >> stan: you can't do that. you cannot do that on the half yard-line. michael oher, the rookie. i have seen rookies do that. that's a rookie mistake. that will take you out to a
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precarious situation. >> gerry: spread out the receivers on third and goal from the 6. again whistles and flags. the ravens did not get the play off before the shot clock was fired. [ announcer ] 5-yard penalty. 2nd down. >> gerry: when you get down to the red zone, the coach wants to shoot somebody. >> stan: john harbaugh wants to shoot somebody. this is what he does not like. catching the ball, not having penalties and not doing stupid things. two penalties in a row. >> gerry: the 10 yard-line. flacco from the shotgun. hit from behind. takes him down to the 15. tyler came from the right end.
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the ravens have gone from first and goal from the 1, three consecutive plays getting backed up and cam cameron not liking what he had seen. >> stan: they waited too long. you have to have to not wait. you have to make your decision. you can see how critical a mistake that jumping off sides by michael oher was. >> gerry: flacco to throw from the shotgun. goes to ray rice. inside the 10. to the 8. the ravens will get a look at their kicker, steve hauschka. though they much would have preferred a touchdown to start the game. in the long run, as many times as possible as they can see a field goal try tonight, tell benefit the ravens. >> stan: i'm glad this
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happened. i like a shot. i like to start off with a long extra point. it's like having a short putt on the first green. >> gerry: the right hash mark. his kick is up and it's no good. the kicking competition just got complicated. we stay scorelets.
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>> gerry: scoreless in the 1st quarter. i want to remind you that papa johns asks if you are ready for football. get a free topping for each raven's torch. better ingredients, better pizza, papa johns. anytime papa johns delivers, stan is happy to be the first in the box. >> stan: double pepperoni sound good.
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>> after a touchdown you get the double. >> stan: all that pepperoni. you. >> gerry: you have to wait until after the ravens get the touchdown. no interview for michael oher and no connection for steve who is? position to wrap up the kicking job. it's no good and that makes life complicated for everybody, especially jerry rosburg who has to think how is he going to get through the game? do you give graham gano a couple tries? >> stan: i think you see how he comes back. >> gerry: jake delhomme goes back to the ground game. gibson leads has way to the front line. he'll get it to the 24 yard- line. should be 2nd down and 7. >> stan: he missed a 1st
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quarter. how is his next kick. >> gerry: a connected down and long 6. delhomme back to the way he changes the play. i have not seen deangelo williams. he barrels his way to the 34. the panthers will have a 1st down. rob burnett on the sideline. >> rob: number one is to stop the panthers potent running attack. number two, they need to find a nickel back. they have to find somebody to be consistent and physical. and they will have to be able to weather the storm and make adjustments and come out in the 3rd quarter hot. >> gerry: the panthers at the
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ball at 34. goodson has it. the 32 yard-line. stan, so much hinges on the managed field goal. you get a touchdown instead of a field goal. you missed the field goal and you can feel the let down. >> stan: it's a double let down. then you start missing tackles on defense. the one thing about the ravens defense they are sure tackles. to bring pressure you have to. >> gerry: flag before the snap. the question did they jump or lower. [ announcer ] 5-yard penalty. 1st down. >> stan: offensive lineman are doing this. they jump up even though they aren't being pulled off. that's a delayed reaction.
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that shouldn't be called. it has to be immediate. then came up and that should be called on the offense. >> gerry: jeff working the rule book. the carolina 48. delhomme on 1st down will go play action on top. good protection. down at the 21 yard-line. dawan landry. that left the middle of the field. >> stan: you hold the middle linebacker for a second. you can't recover. that's a tough play to play the run and get back to the deep middle. >> newdelhomme trying to keep the ravens from making substitutions. we'll go with the no huddle that's not really a no huddle. an at the line of scrimmage
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huddle he calls the play. delhomme, kick snap. he's got steven smith. smith out of bounds. i think we are going to see a face mask. >> stan: on smith. it works both ways. they hardly ever call it on the offense. they are starting to realize it should work both ways [ announcer ] personal foul, face mask, defense. [ crowd yelling ] [ announcer ] correction. personal foul, number 89 of the offense. >> gerry: when it's called they don't want to call it. >> gerry: the referee had a 50/50 shot. you can tell he wasn't calling
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on conviction when he said defense. the panthers get the 1st down on reception but they are backed up 15 yards after the steven smith face mask. jeff confusing the house. >> stan: it's going to be first and 14. why wasn't it a 1st down -- okay. >> gerry: the ball is at the 25 yard-line. penalties have been a little bit too frequent for john harbaugh's liking. three penalty in the opening 12 minutes of the game. just under 4 minutes to play in the 1st quarter. to the right side and he's taken down after a 1 yard game.
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good pursuit. garrett johnson. fabian washington became a tackle being liability last season whenee had the neck and shoulder injury. >> stan: he wasn't a great tackler before he had the injury and you add that to it. in oakland they don't count on the cornerbacks. now he wants to do that. >> gerry: second and 14 for the panthers. delhomme tries to direct traffic. delhomme up top. delhomme going to the end zone. he was looking for muhsin muhammad. foxworth on the coverage. it should be if they can stay healthy, for domonique foxworth and washington. picked up your point of conversation, these are not big
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body points. they are going to have to play a role. they make their living as coverage guys. >> stan: the ravens are leaving the corner by himself. they are shifting the line to try and stop the strong side running game. >> gerry: panthers will spread out on 3rd down and 14. jake delhomme wants to take time-out. 2:45 to play in the 1st quarter. scoreless&. changed. like owning a home. watching our children grow. and retiring with confidence. so whatever you're looking forward to m&t bank is here to help you get there. m&t bank. understanding what's important.
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>> gerry: skyline fitting for the beautiful city of charlotte. third pre-season game of the year. first road game for the ravens and neither the ravens or the panthers lighting things up like the skyline tonight. the person who predicts the 53 man roster that most closely resembles the opening day roster wince two tickets to the pronole miami, florida for rules go to your chance to play ozzie newsome and win. the receiver set on dismissed 14. birmingham will get the carry
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and he'll be stopped. he ran into nada. they see a scoring opportunity turned into a field goal try. >> stan: i think they did that so they didn't get themselves out of field goal range. a sack would lite might put them out of field goal range while a run keeps them in field goal range. they felt they had a chance of getting out of field goal range. >> gerry: john kasey will attempt a 38-yarder. kasey delivers. the panthers first on the board tonight in carolina. 2:02 to play in the 1st quarter.
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♪ tell me who's watching. ♪ (muffled music) (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... it's the money you could be saving with geico. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ >> gerry: 3-0, carolina panthers lead in the 1st quarter. domonique foxworth tackle prevented a carolina touchdown. different deal for domonique foxworth playing for the ravens the first year. >> stan: i'd say the major difference between -- >> i'd say the major difference is the football iq. everybody is extremely smart and they are leaders in their own way. it's great to pick little grits each of their brains. >> gerry: coming full circle
8:29 pm
with the ravens. lloyd kicks it out of the end zone. former raven who was the kickoff specialist last year. we're back to carolina, 3-0, panthers.
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>> gerry: 3-0 carolina in front of the ravens. 2 minutes left in the opening
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quarter. the geico scoring drive, the panthers 60 yards to shave more than 5 minutes off the clock. a 38-yard john kasay field goal. carolina puts the first points up on greg madison's first team defense. that's how good the raven's top defense has been. ray rice with the carry. weaves his way through traffic. a 6-yard pick up for the former scarlet knight. >> stan: running on 1st down is very important. it's something the ravens want to improve on. you have to crack the 5. that is a offensive advantage. >> gerry: 2nd down and 4. 1:30 to play in the 1st quarter. cuts back nicely. he'll be close to the 1st down.
8:32 pm
what are the offensive keys tonight? >> stan: it's running. they are third and short just shy of the 1st down. it's joe flacco with his wide receivers, finding them. he's 4 for 4 on 46 yards. you need big plays to win football games. the ravens want to get the vertical passing. last year they had more 40-yard plays. >> gerry: they go to ray rice. he gets the 1st down. he steps out to the 35 yard- line. joe flacco and cam cameron go with a deception with everybody excepting, including myself for le'ron mcclain to get the ball. >> stan: we're going to block
8:33 pm
everybody with one guy. you want ray rice in the open field and he can do that. >> gerry: flacco to throw on 1st down. in and out of the hands of todd who who would have had it. >> stan: todd doesn't drop stuff like that. he's got to catch stuff like that. you talk about in pro bowl, if you touch it, you should catch it. that's an easy catch. that's surprising he would drop. you don't practice, you don't make the easy plays. >> gerry: down the sideline. he's got chelsy washington. joe flacco could not have need look easier. >> stan: we talked about the offensive team running on 1st down andic b big plays and
8:34 pm
getting in ink sink with the wide receivers. good play action. corner on chris campbell. kelly washington runs right by him. >> gerry: one quarter in the blocks. carolina with the lead but the ravens starting to get mojoe in the offense. so far nobody working better than joe flacco. he'll hit five of the six passes in the opening quarter here on the ravens gameday network. why? i don't know she's wandering around the lobby yammering about fios tv, internet and phone all for $79.99 a month. she seems crazy. actually, fios customers get that price for six months. it's like getting three services for the price of two. so am i the one that's crazy? no? (announcer) get fios tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month,
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>> gerry: start of the 2nd quarter in carolina. the ravens trail 3-0 but they have it first and ten at the carolina 23. flacco would spread it out. flacco throws to ray rice. scoots his way inside the 15 yard-line. he'll be half a yard shy of the 1st down. who it will be against? with the call.
8:37 pm
>> referee: that penalty is declined. 2nd down. >> gerry: the numbers, 3-0, the scoreboard but the waives two more 1st downs. more rushing and passing. how come they don't have more points? >> stan: they blew it. >> gerry: running near side. he does just a step ahead of james anderson who was closing in on the ravens' quarterback. if this is september maybe you try to move closer inside the 10. if not flacco showing veteran savvy. >> stan: it's a great time to do that. go for the big play when you got the opportunity. you thought it was no pass rush. they are on the half yard-line and they didn't score. >> gerry: ravens in the red zone for the second time tonight. they came up empty in the 1st
8:38 pm
quarter. first and goal. give it to rice. down to the 9 yard-line, maybe the. a that's a tough 3.5 or 4 yards >> stan: it's tough. everybody is playing at the line of scrimmage because you have the end zone behind you. you have so many people at line. you see them come in. it looked like a hole and then you see three or four people. that's the defensive backs playing closer coming up with the linebacker. that's why it's difficult to run down here and you need a big guy like kelley washington. >> gerry: flacco to throw on 2nd down. going end zone. touchdown, todd heap. >> stan: or todd heap. >> gerry: that time todd heap held on to it and joe flacco delivers his first touchdown pass. >> stan: you remember how effective todd heap was in the
8:39 pm
red zone when he was healthy. they didn't have that last year. that was a weapon that was missing. now you have matched up against the linebacker. the linebacker's head is turned and you throw it high. joe says that's a touchdown and that makes him happy. >> gerry: common thought joe flacco was struggling in camp, he's hot tonight our score ravens 7, carolina panthers 3. flacco to todd heap for the touchdown.
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>> gerry: todd heap's touchdown puts the ravens up with 13:23 to play in the first half. >> stan: joe flacco does a great job of getting the ball in the hole. freeze right here. the shoal right behind todd heap here. -- the hole is right behind todd heap. he gets it over the line backer and before the safety can get there, that's the hole in the corner of the end zone. the linebacker's head is turned. he won't know when to jump. >> gerry: the radio listeners, stan is not playing simon says. he's using the player for the
8:42 pm
tv audience. to the 30 yard-line. carolina ball when we come back. ravens lead 7-3 in the 2nd quarter on the ravens gameday network. (announcer) what does greatness taste like? round of miller lite. (announcer on call) it comes... watch this now... got it! my goodness! now you have seen it all. (announcer) that's what greatness
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tastes like. triple hops brewed. great pilsner taste. miller lite. taste greatness. >> gerry: 7-3, ravens in front of the panthers. 13:16 to play in the opening half. >> stan: this is what happens in the nfl on special teams.
8:44 pm
freeze it here. watch this right here. boom. [ laughter ] >> stan: that's the difference in the nfl. that's parmele not getting his eyes fixed. the second guy put him on the back. >> gerry: that was it is two man wedge. delhomme up top. over the middle. muhammad trying to climb the ladder. domonique foxworth with them. foxworth having a terrific night as he really settled in. it's quite the transition when you come to the ravens defense, you're not playing the same position you once did. it's a different style. >> stan: muhammad is a big
8:45 pm
guy. his body would have shielded him from the football. he did a good job of positioning himself to knock the ball down. >> gerry: to the left side. he's got no room whatever. dawan landry came up. it's one of those players who is maybe going to run out of position on midteam but can play. >> stan: if you want to illustrate two gap, you watch kelly. great job of controlling and beating the blocker in front of him. >> gerry: he's in his second year. with so many scouts filtered around league in pre-season, he's going to cast eye of some defense if he does not make it with the ravens.
8:46 pm
sideline and it's incomplete. he was looking for smith. domonique foxworth was there. you can't always project which players are going to step up on the big night. >> stan: you have to be at the line of scrimmage. there was a great recovery technique. >> gerry: after the three and out, jason baker on the punt. chris carr will be deep for the ravens. baker hangs a beauty. carr thought about a fair catch. penalty flag late coming from the referee committee punting. >> referee: holding the return
8:47 pm
team. penalty. 1st down. >> gerry: antawn barns the guilty party.
8:48 pm
>> gerry: ravens lead with 12:09 to play in the first half. we invite you to join the ravens cheerleaders and the
8:49 pm
rock band shine down thursday september 10 as the ravens celebrate countdown to kickoff week. go to for more details. ravens are backed up inside the their own 10 yard-line. flacco will go up top. goes to ray rice. dances has way. ray rice gets the 1st down on 1st down out to the 25 yard- line. chris gamble bringing him to a stop. a beautiful side step by rice to get the ravens from being backed up. >> stan: that's what ray rice brings, the elusiveness. this time it's a big defensive tackle. he's missed lewis for carolina. he's got that elusiveness that adds yardage. >> gerry: a handoff.
8:50 pm
>> stan: he falls down on his face. >> gerry: even the great feet get tangled up every so often. >> stan: i guess you got give him that. for guys to make plays, you can't blame anybody. his right foot got caught on the left foot and went down to the ground. you got to give them the lee way. >> gerry: to ray rice. a 1st down to the 39 yard-line. that's uncoachable. >> stan: that's why. you got give t. if he falls down a couple of times trying to make the moves or go backwards, he'll make plays like this. he gets down field. that ball was thrown at line of scrimmage. he gets off 10 yards on his own. >> gerry: the ravens leading receiver out backfield.
8:51 pm
he's a big threat for cam cameron in many way this is year, ray rice. to le'ron mcclain and he muscles his way out of the crowd. a little different running style between ray rice and le'ron mcclain. >> stan: all of a sudden you're back on your heels and here comes le'ron mcclain. >> gerry: ray rice is dash. willis is flash and le'ron mcclain, quite frankly is smash. flash, dash, and smash. flacco to throw on second and long. he was look for example le'ron mcclain. but the pressure was coming from julius peppers who carries a huge price tag at $16.5
8:52 pm
million a year. to get back to the running back, the beauty of these three backs they have distinctly different styles and cam cameron has a comfort level with all three. the carries were equitably. flacco throws on 3rd down. he's got his man. it's derrick mason. the ball was whistle down before it came loose. another 1st down. >> stan: that's where the familiarity. he is in sync with derrick mason. work one-on-one against gamble. gamble couldn't make the recovery. >> gerry: so much focus on the
8:53 pm
young quarterback. flacco is a gym he's there every day. mason gets the reception on 1st down and side steps chris gamble.
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