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tv   The Communicators  CSPAN  December 7, 2009 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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>> welcome to the coliseum in auburn, alabama. tonight, acc versus sec basketball as 4-3, virginia, takes on 4-4 auburn. i'm mat kanan joined by daymeon fishback. you look at the auburn team, our alma mater, 24 wins a year ago. finished second in the sec west and just missed the ncaa tournament. this year off to an erratic 4-4 start which includes a first ever loss to troy on this floor
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friday night. and lebo is still trying to recoup. he is excited about the team this year, a lot of new faces. trying to put the pieces back together and today will be an excellent chance for him to make a statement, acc versus sec. a chance to catapult make on get on the road late in the year. >> key matchups for tonight, for auburn one of two returning senior starter starters if dewe reed. >> daymeon: he weaves in and out of defenses like a corvette in traffic. he is a guy who flips to the line. third most times in the acc right now. got to keep him off the line in you are auburn. on the other hand, dewayne reed. >> matt: starting line-ups tonight for virginia and first year coach tony bennett.
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things made more difficult this evening. auburn, reed, sullivan, hargrove and west who is a former signee with the virginia cavaliers. virginia and auburn meeting for just the 7th time in a series that started? just 1920 when these two
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ert closed caption test, please stand by. ert closed caption test, please stand by. ert closed caption test, please >> matt: tonight's sec basketball game is brought to you by: back at the beard-eaves coliseum in auburn, alabama. virginia and auburn getting ready to square off for the second time in as many years.
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auburn at 4-4 on the season. coming off that 81, 77 loss to troy on friday night. where he was the 2007 national coach of the year and won 69 games, went 32-22 in the pac-10. back-to-back ncaa tournament appearances with the cougars. the head coach at auburn since 2004. record of 85-80. overall, 12 seasons as a head coach. just picked up his 200th career victory and that includes four seasons at tennessee tech and two at
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chattanooga. underway with auburn in the white and virginia in the road blue. ing coming off a very tough performance. >> it will be interesting to watch the differences. virginia loses, the inside presence. their only inside presence in the season but they get a shooter. >> matt: inside they go and the first pass coat of the basketball to new jersey. >> daymeon: a guy who is taking advantage early in the year and, of course, that. >> the three-pointer to get auburn on the board. auburn 8 of 31. knocks down the threes tonight. speaking of threes, zeglinski can really knock them down.
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landesberg. that that is his first basket and a foul on the play on all vance. a chance to go to the line for a chance at the old fashioned three-point play. >> daymeon: virginia tried to spot out the mismatches from landesberg. landesberg is a tough guard. when you look at auburn, i'm such coach he saw that auburn's guards are smaller. sullivan, reed and waller. 6'2" and 63. landesberg will have an opportunity to post up just like you saw on the last play. >> matt: landesberg with his first three points of the ballgame. reed splits the defense. gives it to hargrove. jeff lebo says reed and hargrove have to have big games for auburn to have a chance to win. back iran and the rebound is pulled down by landesberg. he will force it up the floor. landesberg working against
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sullivan. five points for landesberg. and he is off to a great start. and a whistle and foul called on mustapha farrakhan of the virginia cavaliers. >> daymeon: farrakhan is known as the best defender on virginia's team. they said he is probably the most talented. it will be an interesting matchup seeing him go against dewayne reed. >> foul will be called on auburn, i believe. >> daymeon: auburn in the past has gotten called for quite a few moving screens, guys that you look at johnnie and even knox, nyes that come -- guys that come off the bench. >> lelett was the one whistled for the foul. virginia early three-point lead. five of the points coming from
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landesberg. the walkon in the line-up because mike scott out with a high ankle sprain and sherrill misses his first three-point attempt. the first walkon to start a game other than senior day since billy campbell did it four years ago. that night, shaun single terri was hurt. >> daymeon: as you saw, you saw his potential in the game there and i think the staff is really looking for him to come out of his shell more. >> matt: waller in just his third game back fouled on the three-point attempt and he will be at the line for three. the glimpse. waller a guy whose auburn people call it the microwave. he is a guy that can heat up quickly as you look at zeglinski who can also shoot it well.
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the two teams are teams that with scott being out of the game will lure him back by the three-point shots. so perimeter oriented and don't have a lot of. >> matt: that was the first free-throw attempt for waller this season. play in just his third game. missed the first six games of the season with a deep thigh contusion. >> daymeon: you had him out with an injury and right now they have pieces back together and had some depth. they are against a good virginia team and a team -- >> matt: waller's three free-throws make it a one-point game. landesberg tryin get a screen from sharon. sherrill. zeglinski on the drive. shot blocked by brendon knox.
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hargrove in the corner to reed. reed finds the spot on the three-point line and nails it. two-point lead for the tigersing. >> daymeon: right now they are knocking it down from the outside. on the other hand, though, you see virginia has some success going to the basket. besides the block last time, you haven't really seen a lot of defense inside for auburn. they are not known for their shot blockingability. >> matt: auburn loves to shoot the three. they have not done it well, this season. under 29%. 11 out of the 12 teams in the sec. >> daymeon: it has been very tough because you look at how many threes that they shoot and what happens if you don't knock down the threes it really puts you behind when half of the field goals come from behind
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the arc and they are not going down for you. >> matt: inbound comes to farrakhan. zeglinski his first three-point attempt of the ballgame is perfect. >> daymeon: he knows he can do that. in the comeback, trying to overcome penn state and zeglinski is a guy who i really think has a world of potential because he can put it on the floor and he can shoot it, matt. >> matt: he can play to win and run the point and shoot the three which is what he does best. 47% which is sixth best in the acc. knox working back to the basket.
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reed squeezes by sherrill and a foul will be called on will sherrill. 4:35 in, landesberg has lived up to expectations. 7 of virginia's 12 points and the cavaliers hold a one-point lead as the tigers come out knocking down the threes. boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas
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>> matt: back in auburn, alabama, where the tigers trailed the virginia cavaliers, 12-11. take a look at daymeon fishback's keys to the game. >> daymeon: if you are wondering what you need to do to win the basketball game. virginia has to limit the three-point field goal attempts and makes for auburn. auburn is making shots. for auburn they have to be careful in their choice of the selection. a lot of times when losing basketball games they are taking bad shots and too early in the offense, matt. >> matt: auburn has taken one shot inside the arc and that was the basket -- >> daymeon: a lot of times teams go to timeouts, you will have six of them before you get to the bonus every game. they cannot allo allow themselo go to sleep.
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usually the coaches have element of surprise ready for the other opponent. >> matt: meyinsse got it to zeglinski. >> daymeon: one of the more athletic guys off, virginia's team and one of the more talented teams. interesting to see his matchup against dewayne reed tonight. >> matt: dewayne reed, number 6 in the conference in minutes played, 33 minutes. does not come off the court very often. and turnover on auburn, traveling is the call. frankie sullivan will check back in for the tigers and waller goes to the bench. packed with everything are you need to know for basketball and schedules of upcoming games.
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for scores and more you can find it at >> daymeon: and matt, looks like coach jeff lebo decided to go with the freshman the. >> matt: inbounds, meyinse is had it stolen away and frankie sullivan stumbled out of bounds. tried to take off too past. >> daymeon: sullivan is so good that he moves a little too fast. ten steals per game, leading the sec. very impressive in the defensive way they use their hands and intensity. >> forcing 18 turnovers per game. the third best total in the conference.
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landesberg. stopped on the dribble. farrakhan his first three-point attempt. attempt. really had the chip on their shoulder. virginia tech in the acc and auburn towards the bottom of the sec. you look going into post season play this can be a win that takes you off of the bubble for the tournament. >> matt: farrakhan misses his second three-point attempt. and virginia i think landesberg was stepping on the baseline when grabbed that ball. it will be auburn's ball as they bring the ball down the floor. auburn was an early rpi of 86, ninth best in the sec. strength of schedule is 33. the third toughest schedule in the conference here in the first month of the season. >> daymeon: a job of trying to
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get out and play better teams which i think the entire sec has done this year. the commissioner even spoke about it last year. the sec needs to play tougher competitors in the nonconference schedule to help their resume when it comes to playing in post season play. >> matt: best rpi win against rupui. they also got what you would call quality losses against missouri state and north carolina state, teams both in the top ten in the rpi right now. hargrove back to reed. auburn gets sloppy with it and hargrove travels. >> daymeon: wow. you saw awhile ago, four turnovers, aim he sorry four field goals totaling.
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right now, his biggest strength can be his biggest weakness. he goes 100 miles per hour and the staff loves that but he has to learn to switch speeds sometimes and slow down on the offensive end. >> matt: evans late time in their last ballgame. zeglinski. that is his second three-pointer. >> daymeon: if you are an auburn player you have to know where he is on the floor at all times. >> matt: ross. and zeglinski with the rebound for the cavaliers. sophomore out of philadelphia. jeff lebo really wanted to get landesberg out of the paint. did everything but knocked down
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that shot. half waydown. sherrill's defense forcing them to put up a bad shot. >> daymeon: the size of sherrill making it tough for lucas hargrove. usually have some type of advantage, or size, and right now sherrill is a good matchup. >> matt: last touched by auburn. >> daymeon: landesberg can hurt you in so many ways. we haven't seen him get to the free-throw line yet but he does such a good shot and so many different ways. we see the battle here for the ball, going after the rebound, using that size and the athleticism. he can run the point guard which i think he will have to play that position at the next level. he can shoot the basketball. still needs to work on extending that range, though, if he wants to really be a dominant player. >> matt: armstrong and gabriel checked into the ballgame for the tigers. well, off the mark that time. here comes reed for the auburn
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tigers. gabriel launches the three. evans will bring it up the floor for virginia. zeglinski. foul is going be called on reed. and that will be the fifth team foul on the auburn tigers who 8 minutes in trail here on their home floor against the acc virginia cavaliers.
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8:18 in and virginia with the 15-13 lead and sylven landesberg has scored 7 of the 15 points. as good as advertised. >> daymeon: see landesberg inside with the dribble and now the fadeaway jump shot posting up the smaller defenders and penetrating getting to the rail
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off of the bounce. the only thing we have left to see is the jump shot. he needs a jumper from the outside, matt. >> matt: in his -- a 6'6", 207-pound freshman out offing new york. in the corner that is jeff jones. they will call that a two. four-point lead for the cavaliers. >> daymeon: we all know about his defensive fouls whereever he has been. and right now just a sticky defense against auburn. really hedging hard against the screens, helping block that time. >> matt: jeff jones gets to one side and then tries the other. that time it is a three and the cavaliers opened up their largest lead of 7 points. >> daymeon: and league play last year, 8 points a game and
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you know that jeff jones can shoot it from outside. >> matt: and evans with the steal. nine for landesberg. >> daymeon: coming off of the tough loss against troy you have to be careful getting behind too much. you like the depth of auburn's team but they are struggling to find a chemistry or flow with the fl guys on the floor. >> matt: tony bennett said they really worked hard at practice, knew that auburn would come out fired up. >> daymeon: right now you look at what we talk about that defense. evans that time just out hustling and out muscling tay
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waller. coach a lebo, you mentioned him getting excite #-d and pushing the guys. you are looking at a team that is struggling with confidence and when you have six assists with nine field goals that is good but what coach lebo is trying to do is find chemistry with a team that has really been mixed up a lot so far this season. >> matt: six assists on 12 field goals. >> matt: reed looking for a spot. gives it up to lett. malone the freshman out of atlanta. they brought him in there to shoot. one on the shot clock and waller did not get it off. auburn lost track of the shot clock. >> daymeon: if you are auburn right now that has to go to the point guard and go to tay waller as well. two veteran guards right there. you have to know where the shot clock is.
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virginia, though, give them credit for playing good defense and continuining to know where the shot clock was and contesting and making it difficult for auburn to get any plays. >> matt: the key for virginia will be can they continue this? they had a six-point lead against penn state in the big acc challenge and then had the lyons rattle off a 27-3 run to start the second half in what tony bennett called a gut wrench is loss to penn state. >> daymeon: got to try to establish some type of inside presence. >> matt: auburn has gone nearly six minutes without a score. >> daymeon: right now landesberg has -- with both guards inside he has the size advantage and athleticism. >> jontel evans. reed pushes it up the floor for
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the tigers. a blocking foul will be called on jontel evans. evans a freshman out of hampton, virginia. and bethel high school. they brought him in late to work on penn state star taylor battle. he did a good job on him although battle ended up scoring 32 fence 32 against vi. it was a john paul jones arena record. 28 came in the second half, as reed's at the line. 61.5% free-throw shooter. and auburn dead last in free-throw shooting in the sec at 64%. >> daymeon: when you are struggling to get victories, that is something that you have to go in and try to improve when you have some time. >> matt: friday against troy, reed with 18 points.
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that is the first free-throw miss of the ballgame for the auburn tigers. they are down eight. >> daymeon: right now if you are virginia, you continue to do what has got you successful which is not turnovers on the basketball. an unforced error that time. >> matt: calvin baker called for the foul on virginia away from the basketball. eight team fouls now for the cavaliers. auburn tigers in the bonus. we are at the beard-eaves coliseum on the campus of auburn university. mat kanan and daymeon fishback with you. acc versus sec basketball. virginia with an 8-point lead. >> daymeon: and seeing a guy who i think, you know, still has an incredible up side, has so much. all of the good shot bl


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