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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 12, 2009 4:00pm-5:30pm EST

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but there's help and it's free. go to what? welcome to "vizio's profiles," where you'll see nfl players like never before. you already know what they do, but for the next 30 minutes you'll find out who they are away from the field, away from the spotlight. a spotlight that adrian peterson has been basking in since the day he stepped onto an nfl field. all day, he has as many nicknames as he has moods, but the one thing everyone calls him is special. this is adrian peterson. >> on the field, peterson rushed
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for over 1,300 yards, earning rookie of the year and pro bowl mvp. somehow maintaining that pace ever since. but off the field, he may be even better. we caught up with adrian at the place the star began to rise, norman, oklahoma, where he continues to go back and give back, teaching a new generation what it means to move forward in football and in life. >> i always say to people he has the most amazing, inviting warm smile and i'm always looking for a little cockiness, a little glimmer in your eye and there's nothing with you. i keep looking for attitude. i just don't see it. it's there, right? >> my mom said it was there. >> you're one of those guys, totally different on the field than off? >> i keep a smile on my face during the game, but, you know, that's how i get away on the field and i've been doing it all my life. so, i have this mentality where i give 110% since i was 7 and
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that was instilled in me, you know, a long time ago. anytime i step on the field it's just like i'm transformed. actually, it's funny. i'll be sometimes doing warm-ups, i put my helmet on, make a little noises, mess around with the guys, get a helmet, put it on, like i'm transforming, you know, shh, do silly stuff like that to get myself in the mood or what not. >> give me something. pretend you're putting it on. let me see the transformation right now. >> grab the helmet, messing with the guys, slowly, you know, i'll say -- you know, i just go off the head and come up with something, you know, transforming, i'll go shhh. you know, just a little robot sound, you know, sound effects. >> that looks sweet. i want to see, you know, like that menacing look. i'm not going to get that? >> nah. he has a lot to smile about.
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peterson fin hirsched finished his sophomore season with a leading 7,016 yards. a number he'd like to forget, fumbles opinion do you think of 1,700 plus yards or how many fumbles? say it. how many? >> i don't know. i don't know what i had. i i don't know what i had but i know i had the lead in fumbles. i'm not proud of it. actually, a kid told me that. he said, you lead in rushing and fumbles. i was, like, you keep the stats, don't you? >> glad you gave those to him. could have went a bad way. so, when you look back on your season, which do you think of first, do you think of leading in rushing or do you think of leading in fumbles? >> i think about both of them. you know, when i sit back, i think about how can i improve and things i need to improve on, you know, so it's not like, you know, i go back and just focus on this is how many yards i had and then go down and -- okay,
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how many fumbles then. you know, brush it away. i really look at that and watch film and study to see how i can be more -- you know, keep the ball high and tight. >> where do you think you are right now in terms of where you want to be, how good you are, how good you can be? >> i really feel i'm a long ways from where i want to be right now. so, i have a lot to learn still, and i can definitely, you know, continue to improve. >> that's not just sitting here being humble, adrian. >> no. seriously. you know, i -- i really expect a lot, you know, out of myself, and i realize, you know, things probably beyond belief that i can accomplish. >> something adrian's already accomplished in just his third season is taking the lead and madison avenue by storm.
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having to navigate holds on the field and an endless line of people trying to get to him with countless opportunities off of it. can you really prepare yourself for that? >> i don't think you can prepare yourself for it. you know, you've got to accept it and be able to handle it and deal with it, and that's what i've been doing so far. you know, different business opportunities and, you know, investments and this and that, just come out of the woodwork and it's crazy. >> how do you handle that? it's hard enough in your 30s and your 40s but in your early 20s. >> just balance everything out. i use my mom and dad as scapegoats, especially my family, hire my mom about this or my dad, so that helps a lot. you know, but it doesn't stop it because, you know, blow my phones up, you know, calling left and right. it comes with the territory. you know, when you -- you know, you got money like this, then, you know, you just got to expect it, you know, to come out. so, i just deal with it. >> are you used to it yet?
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i mean, when you go and deposit a check or when you see what that atm number is, do you still kind of wans little bit, like, oh, that's all mine? >> yeah, that's all mine, whooo! the government takes half of it, too. taxes, man. it's crazy. >> adrian may still be learning about money, but coming up on "vizio profiles," you'll find out when it comes to dealing with life lessons, he's already got that down. two brothers who were tragically killed and a dad who spent eight years in jail. adrian and his father sit down for their first-ever interview together.
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on the football field, adrian peterson makes bursting through holes easy. maybe because compared to everything else in his life, it is. at the age of 7, adrian's best friend and brother, 8-year-old brian, got run over by a drunk driver, right in front of adrian's eyes. >> we was in our apartment complex and i was playing football, as usual. that's all i did. and my brother, he was -- one of his friends ride a bike. it was like busy, you know, street. and he's riding down and up all the time. and on this particular day, you know, he got hit by a carreon a guy speeding. and i just watched the whole thing. it was -- you know, it was crazy. seeing him fly in the air and bam, coming down, no helmet on
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or anything like that, you know, and just immediately seeing it and he was brain-dead. immediately seeing his head swell up, you know, and i remember running over to him and, you know, getting on my knees and kind of, you know, put my hands under his head, trying to, you know, trying to, you know, talk to him. he wasn't responding at all. i remember just jumping up, jumping up and ran maybe like 500 yards, like, over to monty's apartment. i think that's probably the fastest i ever ran. i remember -- i remember making to her apartment and remember looking back in that direction. that was tough for me, you know, seeing him get killed right in front of me. and just being there for my moms, you know, while she cried every night for 40 years, cried every night. it really made me strong because
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i, you know, held my pain in and comforted her. >> 7 years old you were thinking about how can i hold this in? you were already being the man of the house, trying to support your mom. were you allowing yourself grieve at all? >> yeah. you know, when my mom was away, you know, i had my time where, you know, i had to let it out. but i had to be strong for her, try to help her get through it. you know, i knew, and my mom, i can only imagine. trying to let her know that everything was going to be all right. >> does he wind up coming into your thoughts a lot, making the playoffs, if it's about to score, other moments like that where you'll be on the football field and all of a sudden he'll kind of pop into your head? >> yeah. i use all that, you know, to motivate me. when time get hard, as far as, like, working out, you know, when it get tough, think of my brother, if he was here, how he would be pushing me, how we
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competed. we competed against each other so hard, you know, going back and forth. so, when i think about that, it's easy to go out there and, you know, when i'm dead tired, you know, it's easy to go out there and get that ball again, you know, and try to take it to the end zone or whatever it might be. it's easy to mentally, you know, get past it. as strong as i am now, you know, mentally, at a young age, was able to, you know, let that grow in me, and it helps me, you know, my everyday life and on the field. >> what do you think he'd say if he was watching all of this right now? if he was able to watch all the success you've had on and off the field? >> he would say, good job. well done. there's still work to do. >> and still more tragedy to come. the night before the nfl combine, adrian's other brother, 19-year-old chris, was shot to death in a carjacking in houston. adrian got the news just hours before suiting up, and once
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again he channeled his pain. >> it was tough. it was tough. it was hard. but i worked out because i knew he would want me to go out and work out and do my best. that's all he used to tell me about. i mean, you know, it's coming up, man, i know you're excited, you've been waiting for this your whole life, tear it up. so, you know, i just prayed about it all day and asked god to give -- you know, i asked him to give me the strength to be and perform. >> it just amazes me how much you've been through and just how completely -- i don't know if it's just stable you are with everything. are you express? are you emotional? do you talk about your feelings a lot? or is it football you get to put it all out there? >> i think it's football give me the opportunity to go out and, you know, dance, you know, and let things out.
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i'm really -- i'm the type of person i, you know, keep a lot to myself. you know, to be able to deal with things and approach whatever the situation was in the best way and try to, you know, live and learn and go on with life. >> so funny you say how private you are because you're so forthcoming and you're so open when you sit down with cameras around you and just opening up about yourself. did that take you a while? and is it almost like therapy where it might kind of feel good sometimes? >> yeah, i think it does. it does feel good whenever i sit down and talk about -- you know, from time to time. but first it was tough. you know, especially my brother, you know, when he passed, it was tough talking about it. but, you know, actually, you know, it feels good as far as, you know, not just having it all in, just constantly, you know, thinking about it or whatever it cross my mind, just think about
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it at night, you know, talk and express how you feel. you know, just talking about it. so, it feels good. >> so, if someone was getting to know you and really wanted to know who adrian peterson is, would they start with all the blessings or would they start with all the tragedies? >> start with both of them. and that's what you'll find out. you know, adrian peterson, the good and the bad. >> coming up on "vizio profiles, "yet another life experience for the young man from texas that would change him forever. find out why a jail sentence didn't change a very special relationship between father and son.
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each jauch off-season, adrian peterson returns to norman, oklahoma, and puts on a clink, coaching kids the same way his father coached him, a father who loved and disciplined his children, despite sitting behind bars in a federal prison for eight years. while laundering drug money, he had to explain to his adoring 13-year-old son what he had done. >> i had the opportunity to sit down and talk to him about my whole situation, you know, and explain to him that daddy had did something wrong, daddy had made a terrible mistake, but daddy had to pay a debt to society. your father wasn't a bad person, just made some bad choices. >> how hard is that to tell that to a 13-year-old with a sheet of
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glass between you, have that conversation? >> it was pretty hard because adrian and i were together all the time. it was like, you know, salt and pepper, you know. we did everything together. picked him up, took him to practice, took him to school, pta meetings, going to the school. so, i was always there. >> he was also there when adrian held a football for the very first time. nelson put the ball in his 7-year-old son's hands, telling him, go forward. >> it started out on the field, but it also was a mind-set for him to keep moving forward and understand that there's going to be obstacles in your way, but if you keep moving forward, you'll bust through them, it's going to be better. >> when you look at him, what do you see? >> i see a young man that's accomplished a lot.
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i see -- what i have probably sometimes is i look at him and i still think he's 13 years old, you know, because i lost those years of being there with him. you know. just being proud of him. and the man he's becoming and not only with him but the rest of my boys who i suggest my way sometimes. you know how fathers -- i also tell him you have to realize one day when you get older you're going to have the same love when you're 22, 23, 24 or 50. it doesn't matter.
4:21 pm
that love is always the same. and the concern is always the same. >> so, when you look at your dad and you hear everything he says, what do you see? >> well, you know, manon i've learned from, you know, no one is perfect, but definitely have learned a lot from him. you know, a father take care of his kids and going to be there no matter what, no matter what the situation is for the time or the day. he's going to be there for every single one of his kids. even when i was sitting there and that glass was right there, there was a look in the eyes, understanding that, you know, my dad is telling me something that is going to help me and that's going to keep me on the right track and be able to accomplish, you know, accomplish my goals. >> what are you most proud of when it comes to adrian? >> the man he became.
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all the accomplishments on the field are good, but when i walk, you know, out in public in oklahoma, minnesota, and i hear, you know, the character, you know, such a great kid, such a humble kid, such a respectful kid, you know, it's like we found a diamond. you know, the yes, sirs, yes, ma'ams, it's a lost art in society today, society today, and he displays that and people love him for that. and so, i'm just proud of the man he's became. >> and those lessons on becoming a man were instilled by a man who knew being in jail didn't mean you stopped being a father. nelson continued to discipline his young teenage son from behind bars, teaching hill right from wrong and respect, starting
4:23 pm
with a simple greeting that adrian is now known for. most importantly, you taught him the handshake, right? >> yes. i taught him the handshake. he came to visit me, and i was in cedarville, and a lot of things had started happening for him. i taught him how to introduce myself. look hem in the eye, tell them you're adrian peterson and give them a firm handshake. >> he's saying he won't shake a woman's hand like that, but i've heard death grip, i've heard bone crushing. you're not just talking handshake. >> i guess it was just the way i did it. >> will you give me a little taste, like show me? sh >> i'll give you a little bit. >> that's not even a little bit. do you have competition? i hear that everyone kind of, you know, comes in, tries to have an offensive plan with you, how to go around you. >> scoop in on him. go right there.
4:24 pm
>> can he take you when it comes to handshakes? let me see. let me see who's -- i heard a bone crushing. still to come on "vizio profiles," more from adrian peterson, the player and the man and the one thing he would want more than anything but could nevehave.
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let's hear it for adrian! >> once you throw it, you're going to catch it. once you catch the ball, spin through the line. spin, spin, spin. having fun? >> yeah. >> having a good time? way to reach out for it! tuck it away with your right. keep it high and tight. when the ball is coming to you, make sure you look the ball in. all right? do that. one, two, three! kids are fans of mine, so anytime i can give back to those kids and, you know, give them some of my time and they can enjoy my presence and, you know, being able to interact with those guys and young ladies, it's always good. >> at 24 years old, adrian peterson is becoming the face of the national football league, a face that somehow masks everything it's seen -- two brothers killed, a father who was sent to jail during hisform
4:28 pm
ing years. those things people would use as an excuse adrian uses as motivation. >> going through the different experiences and learning from them, maturing as a child and what i get from my mom, my dad, my grandmother, really -- just knowing right from wrong, too, and really making, you know, the right decisions. one thing can affect your whole life. i have not made all the right decisions, but god has, you know, guided me through, and i've made some good decisions. and, you know, i think that going through all that, that's where, you know, where et made me the man i am now. >> with all the fame, all the success, all the accomplishments, is there anything you don't have? >> that would be lovely.
4:29 pm
but, no, i got loving parents, both parents alive, you know, brothers and sisters, you know, so i done ask for much. >> on upcoming episodes of "vizio's profiles," we'll reveal some of the nfl's most compelling personalities like you have never seen before. go to for more exclusive content, more information on the shows and click for upcoming episodes. see you next time. -- captions by vitac -- girl: my name is emily, and in 7 years... i'll be an alcoholic. all: hi, emily. announcer: kids who drink before age 15 are 5 times more likely to have alcohol problems when they're adults. so start talking before they start drinking.
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i believe it's safe to say that john wooden's character goes much farther than his reputation. caption funding provided by fox sports net
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welcome back to the john r. wooden classic. coming up next, it's ucla versus mississippi state. the second time these two teams have met and the last time it was on ucla's route to their unprecedented 11th national championship.
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>> mississippi state is an offensive powerhouse, the bulldogs starting five are all in double figures, a great tribute to honor the legend in the tradition of winning. the pac-10 ucla bruins and the s.e.c. mississippi state bulldogs, the john r. wooden classic starts now. >> welcome to the honda center at anaheim, california, for pac-10 hoops presented by kfc featuring the 16th annual john r. wooden classic driven by toyota tires. today, the mississippi state bulldogs take on the ucla bruins. today college basketball fans will see the top shot blocker in the game in mississippi state's jarvis bernardo and a terrific
4:39 pm
outside shooter in ucla's michael roll right there. hi, everybody, i'm steve kusaik and this is former college basketball player of the year marcus johnson. we just saw georgetown knock off washington by eight points and now we get ucla against mississippi state, and here's a guy who knows a little bit about the bruins, '95, he played for coach wooden, '77 he won the first ever wooden award. i want to know your feelings about your old coach wooden. >> well, you know, coach wooden, the thing that stands out in my mind about him is consistency as a person, meticulous attention to detail. you saw preparing to fail and a living embody meant of how you're supposed to live your life. >> he knows this ucla team is very young, 2-5, a struggling first start. they need a big game from michael roll. >> the senior has got to give them some offensive production and his numbers are down this
4:40 pm
year. he has got to be the guy offensively. michael roll after the kansas game talked about the improvement of this basketball team. >> every day at practice we always talk about the next game and how we're going to keep fighting and do everything we need to to give us the best chance of winning the next game so in the future we're really pulling together and i'm excited where this team is headed. >> ucla would like to take it inside, but if they do that against mississippi state, will it be a jarvis block party? >> it's going to be a jarvis block party. they will try to attack var jis varnado and this player is really outstanding and has put himself into a defensive force and player of the year. 160 blocked shots last year gives you an idea of his tenacity and his coach rick strandsbury talked about jarvis varnado and his ability to affect the game defensively. >> he has unbelievable timing and not just timing. he has the ability to uncoil
4:41 pm
quickly and jump again a second time quickly. a lot of guys can jump once and very few people can recoil and jump the second time like jarv can. >> rick stansbury know they looked a lot better against the ucla bruins but they are taking on a team poised to win the s.e.c. west in mississippi state. the john r. wooden classic will continue with the bruins against mississippi state looking to claim one more trophy next. it's 400 calories but...
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a flavorf wht be. itasery nicepice note. it hasittle lemon zest itanorbring ice nicepice note. caed gras padis, lemony m adams summ ale it just totallremis you of smer, yeah. jarvis. >> steve: welcome back to anaheim for the game between mississippi state and ucla. augustus and varnado are the two bigs. bost a very underrated point guard and their coach, rick stansbury, all-time winningest coach in mississippi state history averaging over 20 wins
4:44 pm
in 9 of his 11 seasons. then, of course, ucla, they go with the two bigs in nelson around dragovic and roll, lee and anderson, they will need a supreme game from anderson who has struggled at times for ben howland at the point and here's coach howland and has lead ucla to three straight final fours 2006 through 2008 including ucla's 13th appearance in the title game. they were out early last year and lost a lot of talent. bost has mississippi state in the dark uniforms and ucla in their home whites. dragovic is in defensively and pulling it away is michael roll. anderson getting the start at point, marcus. >> marcus: did a nice job against depaul in his first couple of three-point shots and the mindset and the mindset of this mississippi state team is to take it inside against ucla jarvis. >> steve: roll has to be able to knock down that shot.
4:45 pm
he hit better than 51% of his three-point shots last year. down a bit because there's more attention to him. >> marcus: no josh shipp or collison this the lineup for ucla jarvis. >> steve: johnson can really rip it, only 175 pounds at 6'7", but a huge shooter, 46% from three-point range. >> marcus: and one stat that gives you an idea where ravern johnson loves to operate, shot one free throw the entire season jarvis. >> steve: wow. >> marcus: not looking to go inside and do a lot of things object inside. he'll step out and knock down jump shots jarvis. >> steve: malcolm lee, they want him to be more aggressive offensively. he misses his first shot. >> marcus: he needs to be a lot more aggressive going to the basket jarvis. >> steve: uh-oh, barry stewart hits outside. 5-0 bulldogs who come in at 5-2 and ucla at 2-5. >> marcus: the bombardiers, 12
4:46 pm
against depaul and 9 in the first half of that game jarvis. >> steve: good pass by lee to nelson and you can see how nelson is playing with a bum knee, but you can see that black eye he suffered against kansas university last week with a corneal abrasion on this drive to the hoop. >> marcus: and that bucket didn't count. the corneal abrasion of the eye still extremely red and still a lot of blood in the eye and just signature on the bench. hit it, mick, hit it, but he says it doesn't affect his vision. wouldn't know it from that free throw jarvis. >> steve: he will not wear the goggles, he said. he did not like the way they felt on his face, and he does not make the foul shot, although there must have been a lane v violation. >> marcus: right there. just could not -- wow, that's nasty. couldn't see out of right eye.
4:47 pm
depth perception thrown off, but just a really bright future for reeves nelson. plays so hard and most effective interior offensive player for ucla jarvis. >> steve: down low and it is varnado scoring his first basket and mississippi state goes in front by six. the bulldogs coming off an impressive win against depaul. they crushed them, 76-:45. malcolm lee hits the jumper and had to wait a second to let the defense slifd by and drops his first field goal. >> marcus: they need malcolm lee, again, just to be more aggressive on the oefnt offensive end and attack the basket and go towards the basket north and south as opposed to being an east-west pal player to use football parlance jarvis. >> steve: i was just going to ask you is he running up the middle or the sweep? >> marcus: darren collison could get away with it last year because of his quickness.
4:48 pm
malcolm lee has more range at 6'3", long, but when he gets going and a head of steam going to the basket, he's got some nice abilities to finish inside jarvis. >> steve: dragovic can hit the three and misses. dragovic just a 23% shooter from three-point range. he shot 44% last year and ravern johnson, he's got a good shot. >> marcus: he does and one thing coach stansbury told us, he does one thing and does anybody as well as everybody in the southeastern conference is knocking down that jump shot and he becomes a tough matchup because of his size jarvis. >> steve: the first thing benland talked about yesterday at practice. they go inside to nelson, and mississippi state has had 28 three-pointers the last two games. they are averaging ten made per game. >> marcus: that is so unorthodox that varnado was asking for a travel violation. how do you do that without traveling? reeves nelson a nice bit of ball fake being and that will be a
4:49 pm
key for ucla jarvis. >> steve: i don't know if they want augustus taking that shot. anderson has it swatted away and claimed by mississippi state. >> marcus: come on in here and add to my s.e.c. record-leading total jarvis. >> steve: barry stewart missing and rebounding michael roll. >> marcus: with varnado is saying inviting anderson. you've got to get that shot blocked every time. you've got to throw your body into him and try to draw fouls on him to get him out of game. jarvis. >> steve: nelson pulling his way up and spinning on varnado with the left hand. it does not go, and, again, the long arm of the law jarvis varnado leading the nation in shot blocks at five per game. 40 already this season for jarvis. bost. easy layup, but he misses it off
4:50 pm
the back iron. >> marcus: ball is free and mississippi state with a bad interior weak side defense on the rotation to ucla. caught a break that time. bost overlaid it but that's not going to happen all the while jarvis. >> steve: the catch and shoot and he drops two. >> marcus: using that little flair screen right off the right elbow. gives up the 12-foot range and hits the wide-open jump shot jarvis. >> steve: ben howland's teams are known for their defense. this year's team has suffered a little bit because of their inexperience and lack of depth and been working on that a lot this week and there's augustus to the hoop, count the basket and a chance for an old-fashioned three. jarvis gets one more. see what he has now, 435 blocks in his career, an s.e.c. here's number one today. his wingspan is 7 feet 8.
4:51 pm
he got up for that one. stretch.
4:52 pm
welcome home, man.
4:53 pm
jarvis. >> steve: here at honda center and the wooden classic. mississippi state leads by four. our subjects on the pyramid of success, skill and team spirit. >> marcus: yes, skill and team spirit. a couple of blocked shots on the wooden pyramid of success, knowledge and ability to properly and quickly execute the fundamentals. coach wooden big on the fundamentals. consideration for others. a key aspect of team spirit and coach wooden fosters that as well as any coach in ncaa history and the, i mean, he didn't treat every player the same because he felt like they weren't all the same but bill walton comes into my first practice with his hair a little too long and coach wooden shows him to the door. winds his bike out of there and comes back 10 minutes later, 15 minutes later with his hair cut to the proper leapt so as a freshman, 17-year-old freshman
4:54 pm
watching that, let you know early it's all about the team, not individual jarvis. >> steve: there is no "i" in team, and can you go a long way if you don't care who gets the credit. tyler honeycutt now on the floor for ucla. a talented freshman and he's there for the tip-back but instead it misses, and mississippi state has the rebound to ravern johnson. >> marcus: a matchup for honeycutt, a lot of roughs in this game because of the amount of time that he has sat out with the leg injury, the back injury. his first action against kansas last weekend, so to have to stay on dee bost will be a tough chore for him jarvis. >> steve: stewart with the three-pointer off the dribble. >> marcus: and the deep three. that's one of the things that the coaching staff talked about, you've not only got to contest three-point shots but the deep three-pointers because they shoot it with such range and you're not really comfortable having to contest that far out jarvis. >> steve: honeycutt tried to drop it off low to morgan, but
4:55 pm
he had turned his back on the pass. >> marcus: you can see the basketball, the primary rule on offense, always see the ball. wow jarvis. >> steve: uh-oh. ravern is dropping the three and barry stewart is doing the same and howland finds his time down ten early. >> marcus: it's raining tres. raining jump shots from deep jarvis. >> steve: 8-0 run by mississippi state in the last 52 seconds, and rick stansbury talked about playing ucla. >> we want to play quick. we want to play fast, and we're going to spread the floor and shoot a lot of threes, and if you guard the threes, we're going to throw tin side to jarvis and, you know, see what we can do and people doubling, hopefully we can make some shots but we know we have to play exceptionally well to beat ucla today. >> mississippi state has been
4:56 pm
attempting 25 three-pointers per game and shooting 42% from three-point range. the bulldogs are still awaiting the status of freshman varnado sidney who could take him to the next level. that to be resolved by the ncaa. >> and they get the 7'1" defensive force who will be eligible by the end of next week which will also make them a stronger team jarvis. >> steve: roll with a little fade in the lane scores to make it 17-9. >> marcus: the curl off the flair screen on the right side and defended. michael roll does a nice job of putting the basketball on the floor. the problem with ucla right now is defense and perimeter defense in particular jarvis. >> steve: well, they are putting up some threes, no question about it. >> marcus: no conscience, buddy. and against depaul, their first two-point basket didn't come until like there was 1:30 left in the first half jarvis. >> steve: they hit nine three-pointers in the first half of that victory. and the keys to the game for ben
4:57 pm
howland. >> marcus: well, for ucla in this game, i mean, for mississippi state, put the pressure on the guards and you could guess it for ucla, you know, even on the perimeter is one thing and finding some consistent offense and generating that offense on a consistent basis has been a problem for the bruins jarvis. >> steve: you think some of that offense has to come from the youngsters lee and honeycutt. >> marcus: lee has the talent and this is where i like to see him go towards the basket and attacking and being aggressive and picking up the foul on that possession. to me it's almost about attitude with malcolm lee and more than anything else because he's got the talent and the skills. now mississippi state, they want to come down, as their coach said, and play a fast-paced game and jack up a lot of tres and they are doing that. ravern johnson, barry stewart has done that, dee bost and kodi augustus has taken it to the rack strong and he can knock down three-pointers jarvis. >> steve: and this is a
4:58 pm
mississippi state team that shocked the s.e.c. last march by winning the conference tournament really after a lackluster regular season that saw the bulldogs finish third in the s.e.c. west, but they returned all five starters. lee drops the free throws to make did 17-10. and there is coach stansberry who has won 65% of his games in his mississippi state career and nelson and james keefe at the scorer's table. >> marcus: mississippi state returns all five starters and because of injuries to key guys like beckham, their back-up point guard who has been down since september and will need surgery and elgin bailey, key reserve last year, dislocated an ankle late in the season, and that's come around sufficiently
4:59 pm
to make a contribution so far this season, so that's where they are trying to find the chemistry with the role players, the bench guys, the support guys. >> and head coach stansbury might ask for a medical redshirt behind elgin bailey. up top. a good three shooter and honeycutt game out. well, they hit the three and go to the left side ucla is going to have a lang day. >> marcus: you're karnac the magnificent. just read my mind. can't play good defense and force them into a tough shot and not block out and secure the defensive rebound if you're ucla jarvis. >> steve: the steal. a lazy pass by keefe, and anderson picks up his second personal foul. >> marcus: now phil turner at 6'3" plays power forward, and last year he's got incredible -- that time great defense, but it's been a reign of
5:00 pm
three-pointers by mississippi state to have ucla down early. mark, we have teams on both coasts that are interested. but milos only wants to play for dallas. milos really wants to play for brussels. milos only wants to play for shanghai. buenos aires... frankfort... paris... milos really wants to play for rome. [ crashing glass ] how's your japanese? we know why you fly. we're american airlines.
5:01 pm
jarvis. >> steve: bulldogs lead bruins by nine in the first half. time for our american airlines flashback. last year in the wooden classic depaul against number 16 ucla. josh shipm and drew holliday led the bruins with 14 points each and the bruins were presented about the wooden trophy.
5:02 pm
>> great person to talk to, every story back from, you know, the old ucla days and that depaul game. it was fun for us. i remember i had a tip dunk in that games jarvis. >> steve: one of the reasons ucla is struggling this year at 2-5 is so many players they lost in the first round and look at the pac-10 losses, hills, rosen, holliday, collison and gibbson. most of those guys starting in the game. >> marcus: what an understatement, drew holliday having his struggles in philadelphia and gibson doing a great job in philadelphia and james harden going to be a terrific player for oklahoma city. i mean, yeah, that's -- that's lottery level talent even though some of those guys were taken outside the lottery.
5:03 pm
quality of talent that this league pac-10 has lost just since last year jarvis. >> steve: mississippi state has their biggest lead of the day at 11 points. here is honeycutt. nelson has it swatted away and we've got varnado with his second and make it three, and -- and you've got to get him to foul you somehow. >> marcus: jarvis varnado, the pogo stick. second jump, outstanding jarvis. >> steve: we come to you from the honda center in anaheim, california. this is the 16th annual wooden classic. >> marcus: tyler honeycutt did a good job to have the courage, first of all, to put up a shot on the interior with the 7 foot wingspan jarvis. >> steve: and the steal by nelson.
5:04 pm
blocked by mississippi state. >> marcus: a nice job recovering defensively jarvis. >> steve: barry stewart misses the three and roll with the rebound. >> marcus: you saw four white-shirted bruins on the interior. that's what's going to take for them to win the battle on the interior and get the defensive rebound jarvis. >> steve: a traveling call against the bruins and that is the fourth turnover in the first half and they suffered 11 in the first 13 minutes in their loss to kansas last week. >> marcus: a nice job. osby chasing down reefs nelson and speeding it up off the backboard as they say in rec centers around america. beat it up jarvis. >> steve: keefe defending varnado and a whistle away from the basketball, and it looks like it will go against james keefe, his first. mcdonald's's all american and he's been slowed by so many injuries. >> marcus: gave up a redshirt season last year i believe when
5:05 pm
he had the hurt shoulder jarvis. >> steve: honeycutt there for the rebound. boy, i like his skill. i think he's got a fine future if he can stay healthy. >> marcus: and the conditioning and knowing what it needs to be at this point. his timing is way off, but, still, he's having an impact on this game. two turnovers but passes that should have been caught jarvis. >> steve: fans, next saturday east meets west in the powerful pac-10 and s.e.c. doubleheader. tennessee and stanford go at it, and then you've got tennessee men against usc. stay with us. stewart on the drive and throws day way, but roll has it go off his hand out of bounds and it will be mississippi state basketball with 27 left on the shot clock. >> marcus: dragovic has struggled from the field. he's 0 for 4 in this game, and i
5:06 pm
would say four of those shots, normally you'd figure he has a pretty good chance to knock down, but you mentioned, steve, he's just struggling. has had some personal issues, off-the-court issues and i'm not sure if there is a carry-over with that but he's not shooting the ball the way he's capable of shooting the basketball jarvis. >> steve: out of bounds and bruins basketball so they are staying this it with hustle plays, but they still trail by nine. that is the third turnover for the bulldogs. >> marcus: and in terms of the keys, you know, statistics offense for ucla, if he's not hitting, firing on all cylinders, mike roll is kind of lum warm, you're going to be in trouble jarvis. >> steve: roll missing and keefe went over the back and committed the personal foul, his second already in the game. >> marcus: malcolm lee is a mcdonald's all american and in the moreno valley area at north high school. his mindset right now is not
5:07 pm
just at that point where as a sophomore he looks like he feels comfortable trying to generate 15 to 20 points a game which would be ideal if you're ben howlanded a his staff jarvis. >> steve: there is varnado going high for the slam and ben howland's bruins down by 11. >> marcus: great job using ucla's aggressiveness on edging screens against them. nice job with the slip and defensive help from the back side. easy dunk for him. one way to be an aggressive team on the ball screen jarvis. >> steve: varnado interrupting every single attempt by ucla, and finally morgan goes over varnado to score inside to cut it to nine. >> marcus: morgan did okay against kansas last week so he deserves the minutes he's getting on the floor jarvis. >> steve: other steal by mississippi state.
5:08 pm
>> marcus: dee bost from last year and the championship season, starting point guard as a freshman. he's the high school quarterback, point guard in high school and won a state championship in both sports. jarvis. >> steve: kodi augustus. is that a charge? yes, it is. and it's his second personal foul on kodi augustus who came in averaging 11.5 points per game. mississippi state a strength five but depth not as great as they want it to be once they get riek in there and perhaps renardo sidney. >> marcus: mike moser, who is 56 foot 8 wing player, thin, but can be an effective offensive player, scored big numbers in high school but still trying to find his way in his offensive game. the turnovers and passing decisions for ucla have not been good. jarvis. >> steve: there's another block.
5:09 pm
four by varnado? >> marcus: by my count that's four jarvis. >> steve: bauflt goes corner and ravern johnson and one more three for ravern. >> marcus: locate, locate, low kacht that's all he wants to do, 6'7", 170 pounds soaking wet is just find that open area, catch and foot and get my feet set jarvis. >> steve: johnson has 106 his team's 26 points early. mike moser. long with the three. he's thinking about it too much. >> marcus: on his tiptoes at the three-point line and that's not a very good job of balance for mike moser. jarvis. >> steve: varnado misses the jump hook. >> marcus: telling the team to be patient offensively.
5:10 pm
don't try to take your guy one-on-one. take it off the pass, off the movement, off the screen jarvis. >> steve: drag jim just looking awful from outside. 0 for 5 to start this game. >> marcus: and that's the stat you can get any time you want and the possession. still had a nice little rhythm going and a nice job of ball movement and dragovic takes that long 23-foot jump shot jarvis. >> steve: ray verne johnson with the pull-up. he has 12. >> marcus: can he shoot or what? jarvis. >> steve: the prunes need a time-out. they are down 14, and mississippi state pulling away and looking awfully strong. >> marcus: johnson with mississippi, he's such a threat from the three-point line and ucla is trying to have to close out quickly. does a nice job and gives you an eyebrow figure and the kickout pass, a little bit of a shot fake, not much and gets moser out of position and buries the shot on the move. not an easy shot going right top
5:11 pm
jumper. jarvis. >> steve: he is 5 for 6 from the floor. he led his team with 83 three-pointers as a sophomore last season. and came in with good numbers, and rick stansbury knows that this team is on the move. they came in at 5-2, but marcus, what would they do losing by 14 points to ryder and also losing to richmond? >> marcus: yeah jarvis. >> steve: they are better than that. >> marcus: yeah. that was a couple of tough losses, especially with the kind of display they put on here early. it's hard to fathom with the blocking and the defensive side and varnado on the inside. jarvis. >> steve: roll back in the game with anderson, lee, dragovic and ri ec. much more aggressive team on the floor. nelson. a jump ball situation. it will be possession arrow pointing to the bruins. we've got a time-out on the floor with 5:58 left. varnado having a block party in
5:12 pm
anaheim, california, and ripping it down on the offensive end. it's mississippi state humbling ucla early at wooden classic. this is my small-business specialist, tara.
5:13 pm
i know landscaping, but i didn't know how wireless could help my business. i just don't know how wireless can help my business. tara showed me how i could keep track of my employees in the field and get more jobs done faster. i was blown away. i'm blown away. only verizon wireless has small-business specialists in every store to help you do business better. we should get you a hat. now buy any blackberry, like the new tour, at our lowest prices ever, and get one free. jarvis. >> steve: mississippi state outscoring ucla 28-14 and jarvis varnado has made several shots and made contact with at least three. >> marcus: at least three blocks
5:14 pm
for jarvis varnado and his coach stansberry talked about the second bounce, the 7'6" wingspan doesn't hurt and see the all-time block leader from louisiana monroe, and that's who jarvis varnado is closing in on and needs to average 4.4 blocks the rest of the season to become the all-time shot block leader in ncaa history and this is the first time that mississippi state has had any player with any kind of. jarvis. >> steve: let's go to michael. >> michael: one other interesting note about varnado, i'll give it to you after this layup here by mississippi state, make that a dunk by turner, is that he's a walk-on this season. after his junior year -- after his sophomore year he entered the draft and decided to come back to school but in doing so he opened up a scholarship so rick stansbury used it to sign bibby giving him 13 scholarship
5:15 pm
players and so his family took out a loan and he's a walk-on playing for mississippi state. a lot of coaches in that position can run off someone on the team, maybe a 12 man on the team but instead they have maybe the best walk-on in the country and their team is playing like one of the best teams in the country jarvis. >> steve: well, they are embarrassing ucla early in this contest but how about that? the s.e.c. defensive player of the year, a walk-on. >> marcus: maybe the best walk-on in the country. come on. maybe the best walk-on of all times, walt fraser, jeff hornacek, a few walk-ones that would have to be considered but in terms of impacting your team and your sport, you know, right now, this guy here has got to be one of the best of all time in terms of walk-ones jarvis. >> steve: and he's 6'9" and we talked to bill russell, wilt chamberlain, shaq, kareem abdul-jabbar, bill walton and he has more blocks than those guys.
5:16 pm
michael roll waiting with the three outside and ucla cuts it back to 15 points at 32-17. >> marcus: i'm not certain block shots were kept as an official stat the way they are now but on this list, other guys tim duncan, alonzo morning, that you know, okafor, pretty good players in their own right that he's surpassing jarvis. >> steve: ravern johnson is making crazy work of ucla and his career high is 26 and he already has 16 points in just the first half, and he's only missed one shot. roll on the pullup missing. >> marcus: one and done. one jump shot for ucla or a blocked shot inside and then go down the other end, spread it out and see who has the open jump shot if you're mississippi state.
5:17 pm
jarvis. >> steve: passing against ucla's defense. the wide open shot though mississippi state misses this time. anderson knocks that one home. >> marcus: generating some consistent offense, just not has been there for ucla. good job jerime anderson taking it strong to the basket but those types of plays few and far between jarvis. >> steve: varnado too easy. they are letting him get too deep in the post. >> marcus: and, you know, he's quick. he's got a quick first step but you're right. reefs nelson, if you're going to front, bounce him off that post position. you've got to do that. wow. jarvis. >> steve: an awful shot by dragovic who is now 0 for 6.
5:18 pm
>> marcus: you know, yells out of frustration to the referee he was fouled on that shot attempt. he was not even close on that long jump shot attempt jarvis. >> steve: ucla growing up, but they are getting outplayed on every feats of the game early in this contest even emotionally and that usually is a bruin trait. time now for our toyota tires presents driven to perform. >> marcus: driven to perform goes to ravern johnson. not normally known to be a guy who is going to take it strong to the basket, as witnessed by his one free throw attempted and made this season, but right there he's all about the tires driven to perform acknowledgement at this stage of the game jarvis. >> steve: career high is 26, and he did that against western
5:19 pm
kentucky. tremendous outside shooter, and ucla has -- they don't even have a confident look about themselves, and grarnted they are down by 17 points early. that's what i liked about washington. even when washington was going to lose with 30 seconds left, they were getting after it. >> marcus: yeah. it's been tough and they are getting no leadership out of the point guard position. malcolm lee is the point guard on the floor now and jerime anderson out of the game. travel. just a lot of uncertainty. a lot of uncertainty with that move jarvis. >> steve: seven turnovers by ucla. time-out on the floor with 2:03 left, and mississippi state rolling past the bruins, 36-19.
5:20 pm
5:21 pm
jarvis. >> steve: mississippi state with a 36-19 lead over the bruins with 2:00 remaining in the first half. ben howland knows that john wooden is a legend here and talks about the great coach. >> in new event where the wooden name is associated to it and being from ucla and representing ucla it's extra special. coach is the greatest coach in the history of all sport much less the history of basketball and it's just really an honor to be involved in this tournament because of his name, because it's in his name jarvis.
5:22 pm
>> steve: and one of john wooden's centers was in the suite with him, bill walton. helped him to three national titles. they won seven. >> marcus: indeed, a couple of 30-0 seasons and bill walton, one of the top broadcasters in our business, retired recently to commit his life to service, and i would suspect a large part of that decision was based on the influence of john wooden jarvis. >> steve: bill turner puts up an air ball and he is a fine three-point shooter, but this time misses very badly, and ucla has a chance to close it down . bruins would love to get to within ten, but right now they don't have a lot of energy and mississippi state's defense has been a little bit too much for the lack of athleticism and here's a steel by turner. his second results in an easy dunk. >> marcus: he is one of the most athletic players that you're
5:23 pm
going to see play power forward at 6'3" and one of the keys, talk about the ball pressure. mississippi state team, and they have really, really generated turnovers with their ball pressure and just being out top for ucla jarvis. >> steve: dee bost the point guard throws it away and picked off by turner. michael roll, lee and morgan and tyler honeycutt. getting right by him is barry stewart. misses the shot, and it will go out of bounds to the bruins. seen too much of this. >> marcus: yeah. there's the finish. turner kind of a do-everything let me in, put me coach, ready to play, whatever you need me to do. power forward last year. defending the point guard malcolm lee this season. jarvis. >> steve: well, this is a
5:24 pm
different ucla game that we've seen in the past. ben howland has had great success, but he's lost so many players recently leaving for the nba and this team is lacking a little talent and also experience. john wooden said i'd rather have a lot of talent and a little experience than a lot of experience and little talent but this team is suffering in both areas. down low. varnado, and they are killing the bruins right now. up 21. >> marcus: no excuse for the lack of principles on weak side defense jarvis. >> steve: no basket as we head to the locker room. all mississippi state early as the team that's picked to win the s.e.c. west this year dominating the pac-10 bruins by 21. let's go to michael eaves. >> michael: thanks a lot. very impressive performance by your team in the first half. >> keep that up for 20 more minutes. 20 minutes and we know we're on
5:25 pm
a roll against a very good basketball team so we've got to keep defending. i know we're scoring but key to our offense is our ability to defend right now and i think they have 21 point, whatever it is. >> michael: we've been talking about the three-point shooting in the first half, shooting the ball well but you've got a lot of's buckets because your team, as you said, has been defending so well. >> that's the key. if we're taking it out and get in transition, you can't score as easy. we got it in transition and that gets a lot of teams and see if we can get stops and when people get the ball to jarvis, he can create the transition when he runs 3ds very important performance by mississippi state as they lead 40-19 over ucla. when we return, a moving tribute to coach john wooden. you're watching the 16th an rul john r. wooden classic .
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5:28 pm
oh! blue! time! time out. i touched it. i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! you gotta be kidding me, alex! it's the championship game! talk to him, coach. i touched, it's their ball. don't foul them when they inbound. team on 'three.' one, two, three. nice going, alex. sorry coach. alex! good call.
5:29 pm
>> michael: welcome to the acura halftime report. mississippi state having its way in the first half against ucla and no one more so than ravern johnson with 16 of the bulldogs' 40 first-half points. mississippi state leads it by 21. michael eaves back here courtside with you. this is the john r. wooden classic, the 16th annual edition, and when you think of the greatness achieved by coach john wooden throughout his career you may not realize just how humble the beginning was. 885 wins. an unprecedented ten national championships including an incredible string of seven in a row. >> give it to him. over the top. >> reporter: with an old-fashioned approach the


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