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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 12, 2009 9:15pm-10:00pm EST

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>> greg: we had a power play goal early on in this game. backstrom now has 2 goal, and kessel who went 4 games without a goal. now 5 on 3. he, too, has a 3- point night for the guys in blue and white. and a power play wither stein. 3rd opportunity for toronto. kessel had the earlier power play goal. 5-3. kaberle, a man with a
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million power play assists. and ovechkin to kessel. and beauchemin on the rotation. stops. and the fellow native of the czech republic will recover. and given a little not to his defensive pattern, beauchemin who laid that baby right across. 15 power plays assists, as joe was talking about, 1st in the national hockey lead throughout the career. that has been the forte, bread and butter working the pt. and look at that. attacks it away. and back to toskala, nailing it off tot kaberle. and down by 1. a game that looks like they had complete
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control after a attach rouse 1st period, but the mapleleafs have responded. and back on the ice, kaberle in no hurry to wind it up. and center. hagman. over by poety. cleared it. -- poti. and penalized team on the circumstance the. and dodges opposey. and -- opposey. and opposey. blah blah á6 poti.
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behind the play. morrison a nice play getting to the inside. right across there. that baby is just a little bit high and dry, joe. great opportunities for the capitals. 2 on 1. what a great job. he read that pass. if it wasn't twice, it was three in a row from kaberle to the streaking winger. and he stepped up and scored the entry into the zone. 4-4 hockey for 15 seconds, abelieveuated power play, more than a enough time in terms of power play unit. they lead the league in terms of power play goals. they could use one right now. 4-4.
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automatic hear that hit all the way up here. it sounded like the helmet. we will wait afternoon see exactly where they hit. down in the heat. good news for semin. he wear that is vier, shield in -- visier, shield? front of his eyes. there goes green to ovechkin. here come it is shot. might have stick the stick there, defensemen and ramped up. caught semin up high.
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and white recognizing his team is shorthanded. power play. washington now. jumps through center. green, plays it to i am sorry along the boards. back hand offering for knuble. and handed it to laich. and to laich. backstrom off the heel of his blade. top of the umbrella. part of the shooting power play special. knuble will be in front along with white. one low and one high. shut down. nice job. and knuble is at the half mark. hoping that laich takes away the defensemen, rebound comes up higher where he will have a
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lay out. big trouble now. real big trouble for bruce boudreau's team. it is a momentum hit in a big way when you score a momentum goal in a power play in the nhl. you have to realign your power play, and this is barely passing, not getting back. looks easy on the break away. that is a heck of taseat by neuvirth with ovechkin on his tail but not giving it up.
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once again, they need it. i tell you what. toskala looked a little weak early on, but he is coming in to play in tough situations and that is making the difference in this game. 3 goals on each shot. now they are screaming toskala like they are his best friend after they booed him early on this season. they can change in a hurry. >> joe: 9 minutes to go in regulation. the guy in the white have to get their acts together.
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5-5 hockey. green wide. mercedes, kaberle, and that was a first shorthanded goal. fehr. that is why the fans were on their feet there. that was a nice play. deflected down. wide over there. and 25 to go in the -- 1:25 to go in the 3rd. punching it into the corner. and latching on to that. peru deuce. works it to center. keeps it moving. perreault moves it to center. and he will ladle this one over the head of shaone morrisonn. shaone morrisonn doesn't want to feel that fore check from
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kessel. quickly reverses it and deflects it away. 5-3, mapleleafs here at air canada center with 7:44 to go. that was a hit all the way. and poti. looking for a 6th. and the mapleleafs still at the center. and wilson wants to get some fresh troops out there. and shaone morrisonn waiting for bruce boudreau to do likewise. and waiting. mapleleafs leading by 2. they will be in no hurry now. they want to work the full length of the rink there. and good save. the mapleleafs here at home. things have not always been rosie, but there is still a
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short time left in this game.
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welcome home, man.
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>> joe: and we are back. i hope you are enjoying this
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game. backstrom, with a pass there. and joe, wide to the goal. look out. the referee. his life had to pass before him. [ laughing ] >> greg: look at the photographer. you knew it, too. >> greg: he is laughing. he has a lot of shots. this one into the corner there. shots per game. highest per game average. red wings 34.2. toronto a 100th way from them. carried away. there. and neuvirth there, squeezing it with the catching glove. no problem for the caps net minder here. the only forward and only player that played all 82 games. so, he was healthy all last
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season and getting good production from him this year, especially his running made left as a free agent to atlanta. >> greg: he did. a single season best. from use crane. and brendan morrison, shaone morrisonn, no relation. check this one out of play. 5:53 to go in the 3rd. and the capitals have plenty of heavy lifting ahead in toronto.
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>> joe: the mapleleafs are on top by 3. there have not been very many games in ovechkin career where he has scored 3 points and his team has lost. not very many at all.
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>> greg: bradley shoulder and shoulder. and there is a whistle there for a hand pass. face off to come outside of the toronto defensive end. matt stajan here, one of the great players in mapleleafs history. >> joe: the capitals down by 2 with less than 5 to go in the
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3rd period. fires. this one was stabbed by toskala. >> greg: allowed them to see it all the way in front. resulted into the shorthanded goal. here is the last little play. backstrom throws it across. there is the hold up. look at the velocity he gets on it. he is waiting for someone to get to the net. nick just missed the deflection. race you through center. goes 180. a bit out of his reach. 5-5 hockey. needs 2 to tie. shaone morrisonn using his long reach. brendan morrison picking up knuble. they will dump it in on his
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teammate. and college hockey, his past. and criss-crosses late. and missed. rejected by schultz. and backstrom to green. storming out of his own zone. fires. save. rebound here. and say gin delivers it into the corner. stajan delivers it into the corner. and catching up with the great 8. 3.5 left. mapleleafs looking for win number 11. washington with 6 regulation loss this is fall. and backstrom will turn. the mapleleafs beat the caps here three weeks ago in a shoot-
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out. ovechkin right in the corner. and out to backstrom. and toronto will play it on out. ovechkin double shifting here. sifting his way through neutral. shot by primeau. heck of a long shift. got tangled up. and cody fires. and forson there. poti fires. and clears. and the mapleleafs with insurance, shorthanded goal here in the 3rd. both tallies in the final frame, making a 3-3 game a 5-3
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lead. 2:10 to go. keep our eyes on neuvirth. here comes the wedge though. we have seen a lot of it. should be for wilson's team. and able to get this one through mike green. 1:44 to go in this hockey game right now. played wide. opens up in front to pass over came to him. wide at center. to ovechkin. toronto tried to go 2-2 against the cavs. they will play again in january at verizon. and toronto putting their hands together.
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and that is all they are going to want to do. into the corner. and ovechkin, as you mentioned, guys to the right center. 4 right over time, 7. and the guys penalty time. right there. number 52. take the penalty of frustration setting in for this capitals team. >> joe: i didn't even think the puck was near kaberle when they reared him. we will see how the penalties are doled out here. ow that, was what got green mad. >> greg: look at kaberle starting there. mike green is going to come in. you can see kaberle on his stuff. i think sit only going to be green highwaying off as he decks kaberle with no puck around him. and they should have the extra
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man with the face off in the capital zone. >> joe: toronto has split it's last 10 here. bruce boudreau is 1:10 away from falling against the mapleleafs here. if this score continues to remain the same, the mapleleafs get a win, wilson will be pleased. morrison not happy with the face off alignment. and white scores.
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>> joe: so, mike green's time in the box last all of 10 seconds and the mapleleafs strike in a power play. to add insult in injury, they doubled up the score 6-3 after such a great started by the caps in the 1st period. look at how he freezes the goal- tender, neuvirth. he went down to the butterfly right there. look there, he is looking around for the puck, but held onto the stick by poti who had an open net and a pretty good opening against neuvirth. >> greg: and interviewer looks like a young boy in this hockey game. earlier in montreal -- nice one
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blocked by ovechkin. the final score, 6-3. the mapleleafs take the win here tonight in toronto. ovechkin marching off quickly down the dressing room tunnel. success palm player caps player of the game. >> greg: alex was all over the place and well deserved. his line was dominant anteno one else could help his team get the win here tonight in to
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>> joe: if you read the stats, the mapleleafs should not be scoring all these goals at home. they average just over 2 per game. that is why they usually have trouble at the air canada center. >> greg: no trouble tonight. for us and the crew, thanks for your time. we will see you tuesday night. we are heading west to denver. the avalanche and the caps, get you said for a 9:30 eastern time start. we will see you there. the mapleleafs roar home to victory, 6-3.
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>> joe: well, welcome everyone to capitals post game live. the caps get buzzed after opening up a 2-0 lead, they fall to the mapleleafs, 6-3. we heard during the broadcast, joe and greg talk about the travel problem it is caps had. supposed to fly up last night after the game and couldn't get it done after today. was that part of the problem. were they a tired hockey team tonight. >> greg: the 1st period was way too easy. in the 3rd period, my notes said they had tired legs, there were a lot of poor decisions on the ice. mentally and physically they were fatigued and in the 3rd period they got absolutely outplayed in every facet of the game by the mapleleafs.
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>> it is a hockey night in canada. final trip to the air canada center for the caps. looked good for the caps early on. and the ovechkin one timer, 21st of the season. tie now for lead for goals. 3 minutes later, strikes again. overdose perfect pass. 2-0, washington. but the minneapolis would come back. it all began in the 2nd period. panhandled the shot. and the rebound t leafs are within one. then on the 2man advantage. campings neuvirth off forward and just like that, tied for 2. ovechkin sets up backstrom for the 2nd of the game. caps up top, 3-2. but as we move into the 3rd period, game tied at 3 when say january
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corral as loose puck. stajan. instead, they turn it over 2 blue line. and they would go onto the 6-3 victory. you look at that time numbers on this one, you see the capitals with the shot on goal advantage. that is the difference. a big night for the -- ruin for the capitals top line. let's take you back to the center. we bring you back joe and greg. guys, we talked about it. they certainly did look a little fatigued and understandably so, but you are going right between the pipes, greg, when you talk about this one. >> greg: yes, i really think so. i think we saw the youth tonight. neuvirth not a great outing. he allowed 6 and i don't hang him for all of them, but i
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thought there were probably 3 or 4 he should have had. the last score was emblematic of the way he played. he had an open net. to me that is youth. lit be better in the future, but i didn't think he had a great game tonight, joe. >> greg: i agree 100%. i looked like interviewer was going to get all the run support, all the goal scoring support he was going to need. interviewer. the scores was -- neuvirth. it started early on the power play. the penalty killing for toronto absolutely not very good, joe. 70%. the caps struck 5-3. backstrom, great play on the back door. really waving. sort of like the basketball talk there. moving around. then he finds nicklas backstrom wide open again.
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more of a shooter than passer in this game tonight. >> greg: break down the line. they use theation time very well. as far as the washington caps forward group was concerned, this trio was obviously a dominating trio. could they put enough pucks past toskala. in the 1st period it looked good. but he made a couple of stops through the night. >> greg: yes. it is not very good. you look at those top shelf, to me he is about baiting guy to go there. a drive there by knuble, in front. catching glove. didn't get it up in the right area where he is vulnerable close to his shoulder. instead, they were trying to pick the top corner. had he scored semin that, would have been 5. then toskala got stronger as the day went along
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and neuvirth didn't get stronger as the day went along and that was the story here in toronto. >> you know when you are playing as well as toskala did tonight, his teammates will dig in for them and that is certainly what they did to rally back. >> well, interviewer had a tough bun, but i -- neuvirth had a tough bun, but i thought the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th goals, i thought there were huge errors with the goalie. they have to tighten it up and i thought the team let him down, as well. >> greg: right. everybody in the locker room said we have to block shots, tighten it up. i believe with you whole heardly. there where breakdowns in front. that was the problem.
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>> for the caps in toronto, another loss. >> it kicks off a four-game road trip for the caps and you, two, as well. pack lightly, get the dry cleaning bills out and have a good trip. we will see you when you get back. >> we are just getting started here on caps sports game post live. we will here from bruce boudreau, his reaction to this loss, and further break it down with you with alan may. all that and more as we continue with capitals post game live.
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>> joe: we bring you back to caps post game live. alan may, as we break this down t caps started well. the mapleleafs had a very good center period. but this was a take-all 3rd period. as we watched this, it looked like the caps were a tired hockey team. >> they looked very tired. in the 3rd period they were blowing coverages right on the face off. he just tucks that in. you have to question whether neuvirth was a little too far back. his stance wasn't good. later backstrom, a risky pass off top. can't get back. and, you know, it looks like a pretty easy goal, but the big thing is, you can see
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ovechkin can't get his legs. reaching the time. that is the sign of a tired hockey player. that was the nail in the coffin for the mapleleafs over the caps. >> let's take you back to center where we are ready to meet the media with bruce boudreau. >> i think what usually happens, you get a 2-0 lead real early, looks easy, you let up, don't do what you are supposed to be doing. a couple of chances you are way too casual on. all of a sudden they get one, then 2, and they are silting there saying, hey, boys, let's go. obviously i thought the last half of the game we played pretty bad. >> had semin scored on the break away, do you think it would have been a different game? >> well, 3-0 is a lot harder to come back than 2. of course.
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it didn't happen and we had chances after that. you know, even when we made it 3-2, then fehr got it. he has sort of a break away and he doesn't do what he is supposed to do. now, all of a sudden it is a one-goal game, they believe and catch up, and once they get ahead, they really believe, and it is a real tough game. >> it is 9 goals now. [ inaudible ] >> i didn't think we got great goal-tender either night that. is one thing. you can tell them a 29th team, pretty good offensive group here. and carolina is, as well. both of them have had trouble keeping the puck out of the net. i think tonight toskala made 2 saves when he had to. and i think one went between his legs and went out the other side. you do that, all of accident
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scene he is already shaky, you get the other one and something else happens. if's and but's. >> so, those are the words of bruce boudreau. we will step aside and bring you back with a further look at michal neuvirth's good and bad night in toronto as caps post game live continues. why is travel these days about what you give up,
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amtrak guest rewards members earn double points this fall for any trip on amtrak. details at >> joe: well, we are back. my friend, alan may raised the question, why they have michal neuvirth starting. >> i did question it. if you are going to have
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varlamov and theodore starting, i don't know why they went with him tonight. he did, however, start the game very well, but he didn't finish so well, and that is all that matters. neuvirth got the loss and toskala got the win tonight. are we going to the highlights and low lights? >> we may have a little technical trouble. but if you want to break down michal neuvirth's night, he was dynamic in the beginning. side to side, with a pretty good glove hand. but in the situation where he start letting in bad goals -- >> well, a couple in a flurry right there. you see, right off the start of the game, having trouble with the rebound control. here he gets across, does a
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good job. doesn't let the rebound get out. i thought he wasover playing pucks early --over playing pucks early on. losing track of the puck like that. you can't -- it is a pretty simple shot from outside. tough hang on to that and he didn't recover very well. a little while later, same thing. no doubt about it for him. that is really something. he has to be outside of the crease. the puck stop. shoots it, possibly, hagman shoots it over the top to have net. i am not sure what happened to him there. just over thinking, being a young goal-tender that he is. he was definitely rattled i recall. he started out very good in the first 5 or 10 minutes to have game but he got rattled after
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that. >> he did very good at the american hockey league level. but if you see the quality of the shots that kessel and hagman can release, compared to what he has seen game in and game out in the lower league, said kind of rude awakening, isn't it? >> they are great players, for sure. at that time same time, you have a young goal-tender in there. tighten up, play better defensive game, not let so many shots on him. what i worry about a young goal- tender playing or starting in a national hockey league, a game like tonight, how they can beat themselves up. i hope this is not irreparable damage and hope he can live to play another day. >> well that, will do it for caps post game live. we will join you in moments during geico sports night.


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