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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 13, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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>> tim: rhode island lead by ten. there was preston murphy, we were speaking of, a part of that '98 team that made it to the elite eight. they beat valparaiso. remember brice drew, they were a 13th seed. they played in a magnificent regional semifinal and then arthur lee took over down the stretch and had a couple steals. >> mike: got a chance to reconnect with homer back when valpo played at north carolina. his son, of course, made his way through charlotte when i was a broadcaster there. >> tim: rhode island was a nice seed that year and very nearly made it all the way to the final four. valpo was 13th. that was an incredible story. we were reminiscing about al
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maguire,ing with me. he loved murphy. just thought he added a lot to that team. >> mike: reggie jackson, let's see if he request can get into some sort of flow in this game. he has not found it so far. >> tim: shot clock under ten. trapani with a ball fake. nice adjustment defensively by delroy james. you're right, that is a tough eight for trapani. james has just been in his jersey all night long. >> mike: they've got the perfect players to guard him, because he's a mismatch when he plays against bigs. he likes to stretch the floor out on the perimeter. he has only gotten five shot attempts in this game. >> tim: ulmer, and this time inside the arc, a deuce for lamonte ulmer. >> mike: squaring up and taking that shot, he just clipped the three-point line.
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>> tim: there so much energy on this team. jackson had it stripped by mejia. ulmer almost runs it down. very close to a turnover each time. and right away they get biko paris back on the floor. >> mike: the thing that's impressive about rhode island, not only they're getting steals, but a lot of deflections, hands on balls. they chase it down, relentlessly come from behind and very active with their hands. >> tim: rhode island by 12. just over 12 minutes remaining in our game. conte forum, chestnut hill, massachusetts. tim brando, mike gminski, jenn hildreth. trapani. oh, the bank is open late in chestnut hill. he's got seven. he can be a streaky shooter from outside. get a little help from above and look out.
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james, jackson gets the rebound. see if they seek out trapani again. sanders, tough take. unable to get it to go. >> mike: tough finish trying to go left -- >> tim: oh, paris with a pick. count it! >> mike: that was all brought about, tim, by immediately switching over to defensive mindset. biko paris turning around, seeing where that pass was going to go and knifing in at the right time. >> tim: he may be coming of age tonight. not just as point guard for boston college, but maybe as a leader. how about that answer from rhode island. cothran just taking it right to the rack. >> mike: you haven't -- this is your first time seeing them this year but biko paris has established himself as a leader right from the start of the season. he doesn't say a lot but when he talks, everybody listens to him. he has really assumed that role from tyrese rice.
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>> tim: sanders is fouled. mejia reaching in that time. well, joe trapani struggling all night. you're supposed to call those, joe. (announcer) pizza hut knows you've been good.
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happy holideal girl: my name is emily, and in 7 years... i'll be an alcoholic. all: hi, emily. announcer: kids who drink before age 15 are 5 times more likely to have alcohol problems when they're adults. so start talking before they start drinking. rhode island with a nine-point lead, 10:46 remaining. tim brando, mike gminski, jenn hildreth. we were discussing at the beginning of the game, mike, about the issues when you bring a player of rakim sanders' ability back to the floor, chemistry issues can evolve and i think we've seen that with
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reggie jackson. >> mike: here's the issue. you have to start him, put him in the lineup. the only choice you had was to move jackson to the bench and have him be your sixth man. he's out of the fro. you see his season points, tonight only two point, no rebounds and two assists. he's clearly out of synch. the only think al skinner can do is if they go small, have trapani at the five and bring jackson into the mix and play four people around him. >> tim: sanders at the free throw line. >> mike: you know, unfortunately, you know, reggie jackson's had a free rein and a lot will fall on him to make the adjustment or what role do i need to play with this team now going forward? >> tim: good news is it's still december. you have time between now and acc play getting under way. there's a little bit of an unforced error that time by rhode island. jim baron want his team to concentrate a little more. that was one they got a little careless with.
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rhode island has led by as many as 13 on three separate occasions. that's the largest lead of the night. trapani, nice back door maneuver on the feed from jackson. >> mike: in the backcourt, the offense is there. you can get good looks against rhode island. >> tim: mejia, get it on the rim and let my jumping jacks go get it. trapani on a run out. and boston college with a four-point swing has cut it to four. >> mike: how many times have we said a team that likes to get out and run can be run on? in this little last stretch rhode island has been susceptible to that, not only with paris pushing the ball off the dribble but on the leak out by trapani. >> tim: remember, 3 from 3 from downtown by richmond. that one deflected by paris.
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ball still not on the rim so the shot clock continues to tick. it's down to seven. under five. gives it up to outerbridge. there's the putback yet again. lamonte ulmer. 13 for him. >> mike: it was a great two-man game. outerbridge should have converted. that was a great job by ulmer not giving up on the play and conceding the made layup. >> tim: sometimes the best offense for rhode island is a missed shot. and their guys just absolutely crashed the glass. trapani out of bounds. last touched by rhode island. >> mike: trapani has come alive here. he likes his "x" cut across the lane, feed inside. rhode island, everybody compressed on the offensive glass. you've got to have guards back in that situation to balance the defense. >> tim: an adjustment being made
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by biko paris. >> mike: drawstring malfunction. >> tim: uh-huh. ravenel back on the floor along with reggie jackson. trapani, biko paris, rakim sanders, the five on the floor for boston college. jamal wilson in the game, number 4 for rhode island. outerbridge rejects ravenel. jones hits the deck. >> mike: six blocked shots in the game now for rhode island. >> tim: foul went against ravenel. >> mike: not a lot of tall players outside of martell. just very long limb players. >> tim: incredibly athletic. all of them can get up and down the floor. they remind you of those types
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of teams that you see in the early rounds of the ncaa tournament, 6'5" that just can all crash the glass. count that basket. >> mike: they remind me of, what's his name. >> tim: i was working on it. >> mike: i could see the wheels grinding. >> tim: bucket does count. 57-49. uri. raji. raimpble on the offensive glass. he's fouled on the way up. >> mike: initially, i thought that's one of the best ways to beat the trap, they're starting to throw over the top of it and get a break in the run-out. >> tim: outerbridge picked up the foul, his second. boy, you really need know ho
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bail out a partner, you know that? >> mike: that really wasn't a shovel full of dirt that i had. >> tim: jones giving it up to richmond. shot clock nearing ten. he's going to put it up. you knew that. delroy james again. he's got 13. >> mike: he's been the only one to hit a three in the second half. they're trying to jam the perimeter as much as possible
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with rhode island. he shot that one right over trapani. >> tim: jackson. raji again on the offensive glass. corey raji with six. >> mike: if you're guarding raji you have to commit to him, face guard him and keep him off the glass. almost give yourself up as a rebounder, he's so accurate. >> tim: jones, right to the pick. beautifully done. >> mike: great play. >> tim: outerbridge as the screener at the top of the key. and then rolling right to the basket. it's been very effective for him. 62-52.
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paris, not his game. on the wing, wilson. everybody getting into the act. sophomore from pennsylvania, gets the bucket. and just like that, the lead catapults to double digits again for jimmy baron. time-out, bc. >> mike: and the body language for boston college is not very good right now. a lot of slumped shoulders and looking around at one another. >> tim: another 9-3 run for rhode island. they're a team that goes on spurts. that's the kind of basketball that they play. boston college cut it to four. rhode island said, we're going to play our game. >> mike: there's that high screen roll, a nice shot right there. and then out in the open floor, you can just see that bc isn't getting to people at this point. that is just an easy look on the second pass of the possession for jamal wilson. >> tim: let's go over to jenn hildreth.
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>> jenn: you were talking about the body language by the boston college players. there's a fine line between maintaining your composure and not having enough effort. i'm not sure where these eagles fall along that line right to you. if you look at loose balls and who's winning that battle, it's almost always gone to rhode island, especially in this half so far. >> mike: you talk to the coaching staff and the think they talked about were lapses defensively and stretches. it happened in harvard. they needed 40 minutes of execution and concentration. to this point there have been lapses that have allowed rhode island to capitalize. >> tim: another inbounds turn joef committed by boston college. look at that. a huge swing as inside orion outerbridge gets the easy bucket. >> mike: what you've done, you've called a time-out, tried to gather things together and then the first possession is a turnover and a score.
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>> tim: sanders looks to southern. easy basket. six point for josh southern. 66-54. we've said it many times, mike, when working boston college games, they're a difficult team to come from behind on when they get a lead. but i think another issue for them is they have a difficult time coming from behind. their club is just not built that way. again, a run out. nice work. team richmond again. >> mike: off the boston turnover again, not very balance for bc. nobody back. an easy layup. >> tim: and this is the largest lead of the night for rhode island, 68-54. and it all starts with the
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pilver and they got one. the long look ahead. sanders, he has really struggled in the second half. the lack of basketball conditioning, i think, really affecting him. and then it's just too easy down at the other end. really no way for people to react. >> tim: these home head scratchers, this falls into that category. >> mike: you look back, tim, historically there's been one or two every year, vermont -- duquesne and then the consecutive losses to harvard here this this building. the coaching staff was wondering how they were going to come out of that loss. certainly their attention and radar should have been on fall, but rhode island has really -- we talked about it as a key at the beginning of the tempo, dictate tempo. >> tim: rhode island get a lot out of this if they are able to
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come away with a road victory, on many fronts. this gives them a lot of momentum before they get into conference play, too. >> mike: jim baron said beforehand, they weren't picked -- very high in the preseason, but they've come together very quickly. >> tim: trapani. 13 for joe trapani. >> mike: they've had a lot of success in slipping the screens and diving the guy to the lane. whether it's trapani or southern. >> tim: a nice defensive play by reggie jackson. he runs it down on the other end. he caused that turnover. sanders on the wing. raji and martell, they're going to tag the 7-footer with the foul, his second. time-out. rhode island leads by a dozen. ♪
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>> tim: the running rams are leading by 12 over boston college. tonight it has been about defense and turnovers and making those turn into point. >> mike: six blocks, four steals, ten turnovers for bc. very active in the press. some questionable decisions. and a loss of composure against that pressure. and then three-point shooting, 9 of 14, 64% on the night. they only average four made threes a game coming in, so that's a little unexpected. >> tim: raji lost the inbounds pass again. yet another turnover committed by bc. >> mike: after a time-out. this is the tekd one they've had. that's the one, you know, you diagram it, get everybody on the same page and you need to score if those situations. >> tim: 13 turnovers now committed by boston college. there's richmond, off the back
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iron. that's his first miss from downtown. >> mike: that was just, i haven't shot one this half, i'm getting one up. they had a double screen for him off the weak side. >> tim: jackson, finger roll in the lane. >> mike: that's the thing, we've seen snapshot, there have been some very easy baskets in the second half by bc against this defense. betalked about the team shooting 47% against rhode island, but there have been enough turn joejoe overs and opportunities. >> tim: we're at a stage now if rhode island doesn't get greedy and shoddy with their offensive opportunities, they should be able to get out of here with a win. as we say that, they've turned it over. it will be bc's basketball when we come back.
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the locals are trying to
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exsite their tee excite their team. let's look at a couple scores. >> mike: five players in double figures for wake. trevor booker, that was off the bench, 25 points, 14 rebounds and 28 minutes. actually his brother started and scored in double figures as well. >> tim: don't forget, coming up next week the a double dip. florida state will look to shut down georgia tech. and then north carolina state collides with wake. mike and i will be on hand for that, along deb will be with us and jim will be joining with dan in atlanta for that georgia tech/florida state game. and boston college turns it over again. cothran, all the way to the rack. and the follow. a flush by outerbridge. he's got six.
8:28 pm
you talk about a guy that's coming off the bench that can be effective. he had a career high ten point and eight boards in the win against providence not long ago. and sent a message that he was going to be heard from in the next few weeks. >> mike: again, the turn joef there, and then the deflection. i think where sanders just caught himself trying to do too much. he's got 15 shots up. he's not shooting a high percentage, a couple of turnovers. it's really affected his game in the second half. >> tim: outerbridge sort of reminds me of antonio reynolds who played on that team back in the late '90s, a jumping jack and still gets the oftens ive rebound. cothran with another run out. just like that it's a 14-point lead again. >> mike: turned it into a layup drill for the rams right now. >> tim: and people are beginning to hit the gates. >> mike: small but voe ccal
8:29 pm
contingent for rhode island. >> tim: raji with eight. >> mike: never have to worry about effort from corey raji, nine rebounds, too. >> mike: interesting, the guy who hasn't played, al skinner has had a tight bench in this game, eight players. tyler roche, who came in -- >> tim: very briefly did he play in the first half. trapani the rest of the way. reggie jaj sckson. raji, again, his tenth board. he's on his way to a near double-double -- he does a-v a double-double. the offensive rebound and the putback. so he has 10-10. >> mike: in an area where we talked about bc needed dominate. good inside position. raji always seems to be right there to finish with the left
8:30 pm
hand. bc has not dominated it. they've outrebounded rhode island. >> tim: teams that don't like being pressed press. that's what's happening with rhode island. they'll have to deal with pressure the rest of the way from bc. another near turnover. very dangerous cross-court pass by james but he was bailed out by lamonte ulmer. there's hoo high pick again by outerbridge. jones finds him down the baseline. got it and a foul. a high pick and roll. they've been working that all night long. >> mike: great job. we talked about it. you get on the road, you establish position down in the low block like this, deep down
8:31 pm
inside, you've got to hit it. what a nice finish by outerbridge. >> tim: and i give jones a lot of credit, too, mike, because he didn't force it. he waited. >> mike: two seconds left on the shot clock. we talked about it, the point guards for this team, he and jones, very impressive. >> tim: 75-62, rhode island by 13. what has turned into a running ram runaway win in chestnut hill. trapani, too strong. jackson the offensive rebound. gets that one to roll through. and a time-out by al skinner >> mike: we talked about it, last year rhode island wasn't rated high. they won 23-11, 5 in the league. this may be a replay of that, this team. as quickly as they've come together. >> tim: you might be thinking about this running rams team, have they always been running? jenn hildreth has more. >> jenn: is goes way back in history to frank tini, the
8:32 pm
former coach at rhode island from 1920 to 1948. he was inducted into the hall of fame. he is actually credited with inventing the fast break. this guy was really a character. he installed a smaller rim, 15 inches inside the 18 inches when his team shot poorly. at one point he went if the student section and started singing during a game. he did everything. it looks like this current rhode island team took a page out of his playbook. >> tim: the irishman would be proud of this team tonight. >> mike: did you see the shorts? >> tim: last time i saw a rim that size, i was being paid $5 to take a shot. >> mike: i know what shots you're thinking about. >> tim: you think about it, mike, if you were to ask most basketball fans who invented the
8:33 pm
fast break, they would probably say, oh, john wooden, rhett arbock. >> mike: it wasn't actually up and down. it was a 94-foot sprint and you got to tip it in if you made it, tip it off again. >> tim: look at that. when they get 75-plus, they're usually effective. tied for second most in ncaa. trapani picked up the foul. this could be one of those benchmark wins for this version of the rhode island rams. they could send a message to the rest of the country that they are for real for the remainder
8:34 pm
of this basketball season. and maybe, just maybe, crack the field of 65 this year. >> mike: jim baron has not taken a team yet. two nit appearances. yeah, i mean, this is a win that as a group you look around and say, fellows, we can be pretty good. >> tim: absolutely. reggie jackson with a three. they cut it to eight. 75-67 with 37.4 remaining. he hasn't salted it away yet, believe me. that tie is still wound pretty tight around his neck. >> mike: he's been around too long to do that. >> tim: yep. i'm one of those guys that loves meeting with coaches at shoot-arounds. jimmy came over to us today and he started recalling stories of his days as an assistant coach. he paid his dues before he had the opportunity. i think the other thing, too, mike, is that when you know an area well, and he knew this part of the world very well, he felt
8:35 pm
comfortable going to rhode island despite the package that he had to inherit when he got there. there was plenty of it. >> mike: i'd be curious. i mean, it's going to be a heck of a test against oklahoma state he has coming up. i mean, i'd be curious to watch this team now as they advance through the a-ten. one of the surprises is right down in my neighborhood in unc-charlotte, they have gotten off to a quick start with a big win against louisville. >> tim: one of the tough things about being if a conference that size is just that, there are 14 teams in that league. and i think it's difficult sometimes to establish, you know, rhythm in your season when you're playing that many games. >> mike: anything more than 12 is just too big. you know, 14 teams in the a-ten, which that's another topic for discussion. >> tim: yes. >> mike: or the a-14. you know, the big east is too big. by four teams.
8:36 pm
too sprawling. >> tim: i think what it's also done, mike, i think it ruined what used to be a lovely spirited debate, which is give me the best conference in america. i think it's unfair for any of us to say that this or that league is the best when, in fact, one league is an entire section of a country. and that's what we have in the big east. the big 12 right now is, i think, the most legitimate league you can take a look at in terms of strength and power. not just at the top with kansas and texas, but they've got depth in that league. texas tech's playing well. oklahoma state, as you mentioned, to go along with oklahoma. so it has limited, i think, the conversation that it's always been so spirited in the game of basketball, which i think drives the interest in the game. that is, the healthy conversation about which conference is best in a given year. >> mike: the s.e.c. has come back this year. >> tim: much better year for them. >> mike: the big ten is coming back. you've got a bunch of teams in
8:37 pm
the top 45. >> tim: the acc is right there, it's not as top-heavy as perhaps it's been in recent memory. but that's because there's a transition taking place. but we'll say this, too, about boston college, al skinner knows how to get it done. and i think that given the fact that he hasn't had rakim until tonight, their record coming in was pretty good. >> mike: and i think, you know, you've got to bring him back. he's healthy enough to play. you have to work him in at at some point time. clearly it threw their rhythm off, affected reggie jackson. they'll get it figured out. now you just want him to stay healthy for them to get some practice time and get things figured out. >> tim: rhode island getting very close to that 80 marker, which is significant for them. raji lost it on the way up. out of bound to bc. 17.6 remaining.
8:38 pm
boston college always comes away with a big road victory, or for that matter, more road victories than any team in the acc. jackson slashing to the basket is fouled by orion outerbridge. that big win last year against north carolina was a catalyst for them. they had five all tolled in the league that were road victories for them, which was significant. >> mike: hard to imagine north carolina started off 0-2 in conference last year. everybody was ready to -- they had a -- >> tim: jumping ship right away. >> mike: i think it got better for them. >> tim: yeah. i think roy figured it out. with the help of quite an ensem bem be ensemble of talent. >> mike: you can't underscore this. two home nonconference losses by
8:39 pm
bc, not looking good on the resume. >> tim: raji picked up the foul, his fourth. this is just a huge win for rhode island. that man's going to have to figure out how to bring rakim sanders into the fray, and at the same time not diminish what reggie jackson is able to achieve on the floor. that may be the number one lesson tonight. >> mike: it's not just a coaching -- the players have to adjust as well. >> tim: they need to get comfortable with one another. it's the chemistry issue that you touched on at the outset of tonight's broadcast. rhode island, you look up, they've got 80. that's generally a "w" for them. jackson runs down for a quick dump. the rhode island rams are moving to 8-1. a very significant victory for
8:40 pm
them. and their healthy contingent that made their way over. very happy with that victory for jim baron. al skinner's team drops to 6-4. back-to-back home losses, to harvard and now rhode island. we'll come back with some interviews, we'll talk to the victorious rams. stay right where you are as we continue with "acc sunday night hoops." it's 400 calories but... something's definitely missing. - here it is! - kentucky grilled chicken. all that great kfc taste for 395 calories? - and for $3.95? - how do they do it? think watching your calories can't be delicious? - it's time to unthink. - two pieces. - green beans. - mashed potatoes. - and gravy. - i love gravy. all for 395 calories and just $3.95. colonel, i like your number. unthink. and taste the under 400-calorie side of kfc.
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comedian: stroke's no joke. rhode island fans just beginning to file out of the conte forum after a huge road victory. jimmy baron going over to salute that healthy congregation that made their way over from rhode island. now he's with our jenn hildreth. >> jenn: coach, i saw you going a ago over to your fan. you gave them a good show out here tonight. what did you like about the way
8:43 pm
your team played tonight? >> first of all, i want to thank the fans for coming up. we kept the pressure on. and we just kept attacking the basket. and, you know, we got upper classmen that really stepped up, you know, did a great job of leading coming in here. it's been a long two weeks for us. this is a great way to end it from the standpoint before we end up in finals week, which we start on monday. so this was a great win. boston college had beaten us the last three times we played them. and, you know, i told our guys, you know, this is our time. they stepped up big time, made the plays and it was a great team effort >> jenn: got nice contribution from the outside as well, more than you're used to. that was part of the game plan or is that the way it played out? >> you have to be aggressive. when you have the opportunity to shoot the ball, our guys know, that's how we practice. we practice with a lot of confidence and freedom for guys to be good. it all starts with the defense and carries over to our offense. but these guys did a great qujo.
8:44 pm
they stepped up and they deserve a tremendous amount of credit. >> jenn: i have to get one guy in here, what a week for you. it continues tonight. what does this mean for you especially on a national scale? you sent out a pretty big message. >> it means a lot. preparing for this game, oh, man, feels so good to get this win. they beat us the last three years. it was great to get this win on their home court, on their home floor. feels good to end the week. >> what was the message to you guys at halftime? you went in with the lead. what was the message to keep playing the way your coaches wanted you to in the second half? >> we've went into the half the first few times we played them, so we just wanted to -- we told our guys, i think they was outrebounding us in the first half, so he said we was going to go out, keep playing hard and aggressive on both ends of the floor. >> jenn: you're setting the bar pretty high, averaging over 20 points in the three games this week. what's working well for you? >> i'm being aggressive, my shot is falling and being aggressive
8:45 pm
on both ends of the floor. >> jenn: we enjoyed watching it tonight. thanks. aggressiveness seems to be the word of the night. >> tim: those senior and veteran players, delroy james had 15 and, of course, cothran added 19 on 7 of 13 shooting. they made sure they young guys stayed focus with that fren etic style of play jimmy baron want them to have >> mike: we will talked about it at the top, dictating the game. they dictated all terms, maybe the three-point shooting unexpected, five players in double figures, good balance there, they turned bc over, they didn't get dominated on the glass. just about everything they needed to have happen to win this game happened. >> tim: if you're going to have some issues, and boston college does with sanders coming -- the good news is he's back and the other good news is you've got time to work things out before the acc season begins in earnest. >> mike: practicing time will be critical to get their rhythm
8:46 pm
back. that was thrown off today. probably not unexpected. >> tim: see you next week. holiday season is here and my trips with the g-man are as well. our final score was 80-6. don't forget, join us next week, "acc sunday night hoops." it's a doubleheader, florida state travels to atlanta to take on georgia tech. and north carolina state collides with wake. mike and i will be on hand for that one in winston-salem. action begins at 5:30 eastern. mike gminski, tim brando, jenn hildreth, saying so long. we'll take you to "the final score" in los angeles bringing you up to date on all going on. s and five breadsticks for just $14.99. that's enough to feed the whole family. carryout and we'll throw in a free two liter pepsi. happy holideal from pizza hut.
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we start with football. a lot at stake. nothing at stake all at the same time in indianapolis. the colts a victory away from the home field advantage throughout the playoffs and a new all-time consecutive regular season wins record. a loss, well, they still tie the
8:49 pm
record with 21 straight and home field will still be here later in the season. denver comes in a game behind san diego in the west. colts have already clichlged the south. peyton manning, 12-0. looking for number 22 in a row. manning, back in the end zone. later second quarter, marshall was active. gives the ball to a fan in a marshall jersey. didn't know what to do. bring on the tears. the best moment of my life. marshall catches his 20th ball of the game. five yard touchdown. marshall set the record, 2 # 1 receptions in a single game, breaking terrell owens' record. manning gets play action. clark, third touchdown, colts. 13-0, 22 straight. colts' rookies have never lost in the nfl. >> curtis and collie and donald brown are living if a fantasy
8:50 pm
world. they come in here, they're undefeateded. i don't think they understand this is not really normal for the nfl. so, i kind of give them a hard time about that. but i guess those guys have never lost a game so i guess they can stick to that. i won three when i was a rookie. so they definitely have one up on the rest of us. >> at the end of the day, you know, we have a goal. our ultimate goal is to win games. i'll definitely trade in a couple of those catches for a win any time. so, yes, bittersweet. >> colt stay undefeated. saints are 12-0, clinch a first round bye with a win in atlanta. brees to bush in the flat. running through tacklers and, yeah, smashing the football. 23-9. mike smith, fourth quarter, 26-23. safe field goal. mark brunell can't find anybody.
8:51 pm
incomplete pass. so the falcons down just three. fourth and two, chris redmond to snelling here. watch the hit. jonathan gilma makes the tackle. 26-23, saints beat the falcons. >> just having that week, that initial bye week, you know, prior to the divisional playoff game at home. you know, just gives you an opportunity to get guys healthy, rest up and get ready to make a run. >> one thing we've done a good job with the leadership on our team is just looking at the next goal. we really haven't gotten away or ahead of that. so, really, the next objective for us is play a good dallas cowboy team. >> colt keep on winning, saints keep on winning. chargers, seven in a row. they visit the 8-4 cowboys. demarcus square, helmets into do you brow ski, a big shot down on the play. look at his teammates and even opposition very concerned for
8:52 pm
ware. off with a sprained neck gesturing to the crowd. phillip rivers looking for gate. 14-yard touchdown. chargers over jerry jones' cowboys, 20-17. afc north beening lys visiting the affect north leading vikings. brett favre looking to bounce back after a tough outing last week. favre to sidney rice in the end zone. favre's only touchdown pass today. vikings up 10-0. carson palmer for ocho cinco. in the flat. ocho cinco runs it in. vikings lead 10-7. adrian peterson doing his thing. two touchdowns on the day. minnesota up 22-7. fourth quarter, paul ma rolling out, to his left, hitting chad inside the 5 but get leveled by cedric griffin. ocho cinco takes exception to that. take another look. nearly a great one. he had a catch and griffin leading with his forearm. vikings win it 30-10.
8:53 pm
packers have won four straight games. soldier field to face the bears. down 13-7. jay cutler back shoulder, down to devin, 14-13, bears. fourth quarter, cutler into nichol linz. collins going to turn it up. two enter acceptings for cutler. ensuing pass possession, ryan grant pounds it in. packers win again, they're #-4. college basketball. for the past five years pill gefl philadelphia's big five has been like the little four. hemple taking on number three villanova. hoping they can remain undefeated. fernandez pulling up and hitting the three. a career high 33. later in the half, temple by six. scottie reynolds and then nice
8:54 pm
layup. moments later, cory fisher grabs the rebound, bringing it down court, loses his defender, nova within two. under two minute left top temple up five. ryan books off the dribble, in the paint and hit the bucket. temple upset villanova. syracuse hosting st. francis. first half, herman rice in the lane. shot swatted away. rick jackson playing the big defense. next possession, jackson on the other end. playing big there as well, syracuse by a dozen at the break. second half, brandon trish the pass. going in for the slam. led the orange to 14. syracuse cruises, winning it by 24. detroit struggling on offense. stevens the steal going the other way. how about this? oh, he's unable to convert the wide open dunk and simon taking
8:55 pm
on the fast break. simon doesn't know he has a man behind him. novak, a big block. titans having a tough time hanging with the wolverines. later on harris outlet pass, not going to get this. harris had 27. michigan wins is-t by 11. illinois hosting western michigan. first half, illini on the break. the give and go. lays it in. 2 of his 11 points on the day. later, same guy showing hustle, making the steal. going to leave some offensive production. bucket on the other end. illinois got 23 at the break. in the second, gordon, son of michael. looking like michael a little bit there, using the window. 88-53 the final, illinois a winner. we're not done here on "the final score," more football. patriots look to keep their lead in the afc east. ♪ energetic music
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welcome back.
8:58 pm
titans hosting the 1-11 rams. nfl leading returner chris johnson doing his thing. look at johnson run. 39 yards to the touchdown. now his eighth straight 100 yard rushing game. later, first quarter, vince young dumps it off. who's he looking for? yeah, why not, chris johnson. going to do the rest himself, going 6 of yards, weaving through traffic. first player in franchise history to go over 2,000 yard in a single season. three touchdowns for johnson if the game. bad news for tennessee, young plucked out of the pocket, scramble, going to pick up 44 yards on this one. long in front of his career. he comes up lame on the play. left with a hamstring injury. titans blow out the rams 44-7 the final. more football now. the season going on in the division remaining tight. seems like things are blowing up in england. thomas inactive after being sent
8:59 pm
home wednesday. three others sent home but thomas the only one who criticized bill belichick's decision and he's the only one sitting out. pats and panthers. new england has lost three straight games since 2002. tom brady playing with assorted injuries, a finger, rib, shoulder. matt moore in the first, for the injured jake delhomme. 7-0, panthers. game tied 7-7, brady from watson. in the end zone. brady's only touchdown pass of the game. new england 8-5 now after winning it 20-10. the dolphins trying to keep pace with the pats, vifing the jaguars. first quarter, scoreless game, ricky williams, untouched. 108 yards on the day for williams. 7-0, dolphins. chad henne boot legged, chad henne, touchdown. 14-0, miami. fourth quarter, 14-10, fourth down david gang tackled.


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