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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 19, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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sometimes the loudest yell is a whisper. talking about a lack of commitment on defense. tennessee needs to play better at both ends of the f f f f f ff
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>> jim: stanford by 1 2 at the half. outrebounded tennessee. mary murphy is with the head coach. >> mary: we want to know what you think about the rebounding numbers. >> i thought we could do better.
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we let kelley cain get some, but our team is focused on it. you know, that's a key to the game. we've got to keep them off the glass. >> mary: you've been up in the second half against tennessee a number of years. what needs to happen to bring this one home? >> well, first of all, i think our bigs need to come out and be much more aggressive. we need neka going inside, kayla and jayne. i'm happy with how our guards are playing. so let's have our bigs step up. we've got to play smarter, too. >> mary: thanks for joining us. >> okay. >> jim: i don't know if coaches are ever happy. you just heard her. 23-21 outrebounding advantage. she wants more. >> lisa: that's par. i had the great pluxry of playing for her for my first olympic gold medal, and that's the way she is. she wants to expect more and never let up. like mary said, they have lost a lot of second-half battles against tennessee, and they want to ensure that they get this win. so you're going to have to keep the pressure on those posts to keep pressing the boards, keep boxing out until you get the win. >> jim: i think we were guilty of the same thing tennessee was.
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we forgot about rosalyn gold-onwude. >> lisa: i talked to her yesterday. and she said i must knock down my threes and stay aggressive getting to the basket. and she did just that. maybe she's not used to being talked about much, but kelley cain, she is used to being talked about. i thought she did a nice job on the block. and also, press the boards and kept tennessee going offensively. she just needs her teammates to match her effort. >> jim: tennessee went dead in the water after a great start. they got outscored 26-7. they'll need to get off the deck and fight back. know about the apartment?
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things happen in this building... what are you trying to say, like the building is haunted? please do not scare the new girl. (screams) who are you people? (woman) i am getting out of here right now! (man) you can't! it's not that simple. how did you know what i was going to do before i did it? how do you know any of this is happing at all?
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a big close in the last ten minutes of the first half by stanford, 26-7. they lead 30-18. tennessee hit their first three shots of the game. and then went ice cold.
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3 for 23. leading scorers, gold-onwude, eight, pedersen and appel with six. kelley cain had six. bjorklund hit her first two shots. and stricklen with four points. tennessee, inconsistent effort, inconsistent scoring. they have 20 minutes to make up for it. jim watson, lisa leslie, mary murphy. and spani, the freshman. always has the green light. the rebound for stanford. >> mary: i think it's going to be important for tennessee to establish themselves offensively and maybe try to get something inside. start inside and work your way out. i think that would be the best thing for them to do since they've missed so many shots. >> lisa: i'm a little bit surprised. >> jim: meka inside, now four rebounds but has yet to score. you see the numbers for stanford, 39% from the field. i just talked about tennessee's struggles shooting the ball. how about three-point field goals? stanford hitting their last three.
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shot clock is at five. going to have to go here. neka, the turnaround. kelley cain. and they got it off in time. ros able to collect that ball and shoot it. >> mary: i think neka is so used to her athletic ability, and suddenly kelley cain is, like, what? >> jim: kelley cain is 6'6". spani across the top, picks up the dribble. deep, down low. glory johnson. should have gotten more out of it. gets it back and scores. >> lisa: that's the kind of effort tennessee will need taking the ball down low and inside, getting a higher percentage and gain a little more offense and confidence on offense. >> jim: glory johnson spent most of the summer in the gym working on her shot. got a little edge to her game now, too, as well. >> mary: we talked about pat summitt saying if you don't rebound as a tennessee lady vol,
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you will not play. >> jim: deflected. gold-onwude. appel. two seconds on the shot clock. again stanford is going to take it right to the buzzer. great defense by tennessee. remember, mary, what pat summitt said at halftime, if you can't hit shots, you've got to get stops. >> mary: she could we need to focus on half-court. here nowhere for jayne appel to go. terrific help defense down low. >> jim: two minutes in, second half. bjorklund, they need a shot. rolls halfway down and pops back out. pedersen with the carom. >> mary: and the track meet begins immediately. jayne appel. >> jim: mary, you saw it just as i saw it. >> mary: it's unbelievable. as soon as the possession changes, she's at midcourt. >> jim: inside. the help defense came from pedersen. and the foul, i believe, will be on pedersen. no, they get appel for the reach. >> lisa: but the nice job about appel, she's going to react.
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once the ball hits the rim, you take off. your first three steps. i ran the floor all the time, and that's how you beat the defense. in fact, tara taught me that. >> mary: i got this old videotape about pat riley. the whole thing is about the first two steps. you've got to swing those arms and appel does that. >> lisa: she's not the fastest player on the floor but because she makes the effort and reacts to the shots, she's getting down there for fastbreak layups. >> jim: you don't have to be the fastest, you just have to be faster than your man? >> lisa: absolutely. and you have to react. >> mary: put her ice skates on and made it to the bucket. >> lisa: absolutely. >> jim: 34-22. the lead was also 12 at the break. all that work by tennessee, nothing to show for it so far. manning who looked good in the first half. three-pointer by tennessee. stricklen misses. appel chases it down in the corner. here comes stanford on a three-on-one.
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three-pointer. n nice boxout by stricklen. tennessee has a lot of fight in them still. >> lisa: but if you look at kelley cain, she's dragging a little bit getting up and down the floor. and this is going to be important. jayne appel is going to continue to run the floor to tire her out. and i know one thing that pat summitt told them about is when it comes to being tired, don't give in to being fatigued. and right now jayne appel is taking clear advantage of that. running the floor and making sure -- you can see kelley cain is exhausted. >> mary: it boggles your mind that she's beating bjorklund and everyone down the floor. it's effort, conditioning and the push. >> lisa: notice the reaction, again, head down. her first three steps she's sprinting. and now she's down. you've got to get your guard usually is the first one back. appel is beating everyone. >> mary: here comes this lofty pass, like peyton manning, you've got to drop it in, catch it and then start under your
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feet, my goodness and still get yourself to the foul line. >> lisa: she has good hands, very soft hands, nice touch. she can shoot that hook shot left and right. you know what she told me, which is really funny. she has three older brothers. and she said everything was about being in competition. when she played with her brother, she'd come back in the house crying and her mom and dad would say no blood, no foul. she's used to being tough. >> mary: her dad is not going back for the uconn game. when they went on the recruiting visit, he broke his ankle, he slipped on ice. they were going to take the cast in honor of the event. the mom is going, he's going to stay home. the younger brother has a big game that night. >> jim: appel with that free throw has a double-double, 10 points, 12 rebounds. her fifth double-double of the season. manning off the rub. inside. how about lisa manning. >> mary: if i'm kelley cain, i get the ball, i at least want to turn and look at the basket. >> jim: manning came back in great shape after the summer.
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they say she's important on defense. she's learned the rub on the high there from cain and stays inside. ten-point advantage. lots of time. cain over the shoulder of appel. >> mary: she's just trying to inject energy into this team. who does she remind you a little bit of? you played against tennessee. >> lisa: i think briana bass, similar, but, again, jayne appel, just outstanding running the floor every time.
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>> jim: for tara vanderveer and stanford, this is part of the battle. within nine days, they will play duke. they've already beaten tennessee. and number one, uconn. >> sometimes you just have to schedule people when you can play them. and that is just what happened. it wasn't designed that way, but as it worked out, i think it's great. you know, playing a team like
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duke and tennessee and connecticut, this is what i call the december ncaa final four. i mean, it's awesome. >> jim: lisa, we talked about the top that it is a real opportunity for stanford, especially if they're ever to play well against all three of these teams. >> lisa: absolutely. you want to establish yourself, being in the pac-10, they've been champs for many years, but the try to get that respect on the east coast as well. so i think having the tennessee and connecticut and duke is a great challenge. whether they win or lose, you get a chance to learn and a learning tool for the postseason. >> jim: stanford will play uconn on the 23rd. and that game is in hartford. you've got to imagine uconn is watching stanford pretty closely right now along with tennessee. the upcoming schedule for stanford. uconn is next on the list. and right before that, of course, is this game, tennessee, and duke. you see that run for them, as they close out this year.
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and tara knows when she gets into pac-10 play, she's got to have the hand on the bar. you've got to be ready for the ncaa tournament. >> mary: that game on january 2nd against cal. i haven't heard the hay in the barn reference for a long time. grew up in kansas or what? >> jim: when in doubt, go to the cliche. >> lisa: we are on the farm. i got you. >> jim: thank you, lisa. >> mary: let me know when you guys find some hay. >> jim: appellate the top. handoff to pohlen. >> mary: bass is all over ros gold-onwude. >> lisa: you can see tennessee has tightened up their defense. they're doing everything they can to keep stanford from scoring. j.j. hones is, like, no way. i got a chance to get to the basket and knock it down. >> jim: i think she kicked her heels when she hit that shot. >> mary: two acls.
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it was a devastating loss had she went down with her acl the second time. that's when jeanette pohlen was moved to point guard and they made it to the final game. it was an extraordinary game for stanford considering the situation. >> jim: j.j. hones, a torn acl, then came back, came in with such high hopes and has battled back as the shot clock runs down on tennessee. >> mary: struggling to get open shots. everything seems like a force, lisa. >> lisa: i think that time -- angie bjorklund should have passed the ball in there to alyssia brewer. that time i just thought she forced up a bad shot. >> jim: pohlen outside. pulled down by leaalyssia brewe. out of bounds. smallest player in the university of tennessee history to receive the scholarship. they list her at 5'2". spinning inside. glory johnson. glory johnson is just terrific.
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>> lisa: that was a nice play right there. johnson did a nice job using her body. she fakes to the middle. baseline spin. and jayne appel, late reach, but that's her third foul. >> mary: if you can't go power on power, use that quickness. she did just that. leaning, spins right by her and attack the backboard. >> jim: glory johnson now with eight points. but that foul on appel is going to change the complexion for the last 13:30. all of a sudden tennessee feels like they're back in the game. 38-30 and back comes kelley cain. >> lisa: now that puts neka guarding inside. and they're going to have to look for her to step up. she still has zero points. i don't think she's been a factor at all. she's obviously one of stanford's leading scorers. she's going to have to get involved offensively now. >> mary: the chess match really changed with appel sitting and
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her coming in. >> jim: tennessee, 27% from the field. scoring at the defensive end. inside. neka got cain in the air. you call a foul on my big, i'm going to get one on yours. >> lisa: again, neka is a good post-up player but very smart. use the pump fake to get cain up in the air. she does a nice job of making contact with her arm. i think her intent was just to basically get the foul. you know, which makes sense. >> jim: that's three on kelley cain. sometimes all you can do is laugh at the call, huh, lisa? >> lisa: she's excited about being in there. she knew she was a smaller guard and kind of took the challenge. they're yo-yoing their post players right now. of two their players being injured on tennessee. mary, you talked more about that. they're going to have to move these two post players around, alyssia brewer and kelley cain. that's about it when you talk about the 6'3", 6'4".
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>> mary: kelley cain. why is it so hard for big players to just stay down and not take that head fake? if you're inside, we're trying to get you bigged up, why do you take the fake? why not just hang in there a little bit? >> lisa: because eight out of ten times you never use the fake and we block your shot. so you get accustomed to the shot blocking that when you do fall for that pump fake, it can get you up in the air. >> jim: both bigs on the bench with three fouls apiece. now it falls to the smaller, quicker players. 39-30, stanford. 12:21. ogwumike had to go to the bench. looked like she had a cut under her elbow. she was unaware of it. it was the referee that walked up and pointed to her arm. she looked down and saw the blood. big trip for tennessee. three here would be huge for them.
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bork lujorklun bjorklund, the best three-point shooter on the floor. stricklen. johnson, double-teamed by pohlen. good double by pohlen. reached around and tied her up. >> mary: as she goes up, you're able to move her inside. and now the double's going to come and just nowhere for johnson to go. she exposes the basketball. kayla pedersen goes and gets it. one more time. here comes the double. a wrestling match. >> jim: pedersen. squares up for the basket. >> lisa: i like pedersen's game. she's quiet. they say she's a silent leader, but you can always count on her, very steady every day. >> jim: defensively forcing johnson to shuffle her feet. mary, when you talk to the stanford coaches, they'll tell you pedersen maybe not only one of their better players but the smartest stanford has. >> lisa: once again, silent but
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deadly. they always can count on a basket with her. >> jim: backdoor to hones. left-hand finish. >> mary: she's so excited to be playing. had to sit through so many big games a year ago. we talked about the backdoor cut. and here, the hang time, handling the pressure, gets a chance for a three-point play. >> lisa: we saw stanford work on this yesterday. they knew tennessee's pressure. there's no limit to how far they're going to deny you. one thing you're susceptible to is back door cuts. doing a nice job of the high post and watching that guard go back. this is the second or third time. >> jim: j.j. hones' three-point play makes it 45-30, the biggest lead of the afternoon for the stanford cardinal. stricklen. tennessee desperate for points right now. brewer had it, lost it. ogwumike got the rebound, throws
8:25 pm
it off the shins. >> lisa: stricklen's actually tennessee's best scorer and the point guard. so with her dribbling five and ten times and then trying to take a shot, it's off balance. it's not good offense. >> mary: people start standing around and watching the point guard instead of trying to get open. ogwumike going at it inside. >> jim: the shot clock is under ten. stepback by pedersen. did not get the bounce on the home iron. fresh set of numbers on the shot clock. holmes for three. short. williams. done a nice job sealing off that backside rebound. >> lisa: i think the stanford crowd, the coaching staff, the team waiting for the run by tennessee. they're a great team. you know they have it in them. >> jim: high screen by brewer.
8:26 pm
17-foot save. angie bjorklund is so pretty to watch shoot. her summer camp jumper. >> lisa: she talks about being at the gym all summer. that was typical of having that chair there and came off that in the second half if tennessee wants to get back in this game. >> jim: grab underneath. ogwumike and johnson banging elbow elbows. ( thumping ) ( rhythmic clapping ) ( chanting )
8:27 pm
( shouting ) gatorade-- that's "g." >> jim: kind of quiet out by the oval. that's because everybody's inside maples pavilion. sold out, 7,233.
8:28 pm
of course, jim watson, lisa leslie and mary murphy. we've seen countermoves by both coaches here. tennessee gets back within eight. stanford rebuilt that lead to 13. >> lisa: i thought stanford did a good job of getting back into their triangle offense. as we saw, the high post player coming, backdoor cuts and then j.j. hones stepping out for the three-point shot. >> jim: good times for hones. she's been through a lot, mary. >> reporter: she really has. the most shocking thing in this game so far for me, tennessee, two assists. two assists. none in the second half. which is a team that averages 15 a game. and you talk about commitment to a team that's had so much discussed at halftime. >> jim: you've got to share the basketball with everybody involved. and right now they need a scoring solution. >> mary: very good. >> jim: hones. too strong. pedersen. one-hand rebound and goes right back to the rack. >> mary: a quiet attack once
8:29 pm
again. >> lisa: there she is. the thing that's deceiving about her, she's very tall. i mean, for her position, she can play the three or the four. she does a nice job on the boards. she talked about it when i spoke to her yesterday. it was going to be important for her to make sure she did a much better job on the boards. >> jim: we talked about her intelligence, as you watch appel give it to neka. >> lisa: everything's going right for stanford. and tennessee is just not playing their normal defense. and pat not happy with it, losing players, losing track whether it's on defense, and then offensively, not sharing the basketball. >> jim: the two most beautiful words on the farm today, time-out. why is travel these days about what you give up,
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these aren't luxuries, they're basics. get them back on acela. amtrak guest rewards members earn double points this fall for any trip on amtrak. details at >> jim: quietly kayla pedersen has tied jayne appel for scoring. both players with ten apiece. kayla pedersen is our pride of the pac. she is a double major in both psychology and communications. and we asked her about her favorite class. she said cognitive neurology. i'm a geek. everybody at stanford is a geek. >> mary: both enabling kayla pedersen to coast right in there. everyone doing the work. and just because you do the work doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to get the rebound. you get to box out. >> lisa: kayla pedersen is 6'4". she has about four inches over bjorklund who is trying to box her out. she's very deceiving. she did say she was excited
8:33 pm
about this game being sold out and she's playing like it. >> jim: she talks about the stretch against duke, tennessee and uconn. she says it's like tournament. it's going to make us tougher when we get to march. they're ten minutes away from going 2-0 beating duke and tennessee five days apart. bjorklund trying to bounce out appel. appel came out and forced a shot clock violation. >> mary: chasing out on the shooter. >> lisa: i know the coaches are over there, like, no! she's a smart player and she knew the clock was running down. there's only two seconds left as she jumps out and tries to deter bjorklund from making the shot. >> mary: it's a great example. you talked about it time and time again in this game, power is not just about scoring. you see the commitment to i am not going to let bjorklund hurt us on this shot. >> jim: our statistician just pointed out that shot clock violation was out of a time-out. they run out the clock without a shot.
8:34 pm
pedersen. that was off the mark. again, the shot clock was down to four. she didn't hit anything. so back-to-back shot clock violations. now, stanford is saying it hit the rim. but you can see the referee, hand over the head sheads, says never touched iron. >> mary: she said no, no, no, no, no. that was a good shot. >> jim: tennessee shooting just 30% on the day. and that's up. they were in the low 20s for most of the first half and here early into the second half. >> mary: i expected a much better performance out of tennessee. and you indicated this early, lisa, the experience difference. stanford, a staggering amount of experience, final four tournament. and this is a tennessee team that's been very successful so far this season, but just can't measure up in that area. >> jim: bjorklund on the pullup off the rim. spani, the rebound. missed again. brewer, a third time.
8:35 pm
so relentless as tennessee gets free looks and scores. remember last year tennessee had that difficult year. they got eliminated from the tournament in the first round. seven freshmen. everybody said the best thing about seven freshmen is next year there will be seven sophomores. but a sophomore is still a young player. >> lisa: they are young players but they work really hard. and i think pat is really excited about their effort. again, big girls down low battling and battling, and that time kelley cain comes up with the foul. >> mary: take a look at this, lisa, down low. appel and cain. >> lisa: they're two big bodies and they're going to keep banging. you try to get the position low. and then she pushes back. jayne appel here and there. there's frustration that's going to come with it. but both teams have to play smart right now. >> jim: four fouls on kelly cain. tennessee is still in this game. maybe not now. pedersen knocks it down.
8:36 pm
a 13-point game, now a 16-point game. >> mary: tara vanderveer talked about the fact that pedersen was back and forth. this year she is the three, and wow! >> jim: spani am comes back for tennessee. just over 7:30 to play. stanford, undefeated, number two in the nation. tennessee, number three in the country. >> lisa: this time they've come out in a 1-2-2 zone. it's interesting to see how they'll mix up their defense to try to get back in this game. >> jim: kayla ♪ ♪ i always feel like (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ somebody's watching me.'s the money you could be saving with geico.
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>> jim: only 7:34 here to play here at maples pavilion. for tennessee basketball fans, not even half done with their day. when we're done with women's basketball, we send you to los angeles for men's basketball. tennessee, number nine in the nation, against usc. barry tompkins, marques johnson with the call. they are warming up right now. ranked in the top five. why is this one so important? stanford, undefeated, number two. tennessee, perfect at number three. and remember that stanford on the 23rd, four days from now, will play uconn in hartford. we're starting to sort things out at the top. back in the day we saw a lot of the top dogs did not push each
8:39 pm
other out. now everybody's going after each other early in the year. >> lisa: absolutely. it's a great time to get the experience to learn from playing against these top teams. and, obviously, for stanford to play connecticut early, their goal for all four of these teams, obviously, is to get to the final four to win a national championship. and what better experience. having an early final four. >> jim: five points and six rebounds for stanford. stanford shooting 40% from the field, trying to improve, but they are running out of time. kelley cain, left-hander, playing with four fouls. and inside, jeanette pohlen, the guard. i think tara vanderveer's message about rebounding got through to her team. 35-30 advantage on the board. and stanford's also translating
8:40 pm
most of the points like this. appel left it short. like she should almost make every shot. you just feel she almost has that ability. >> jim: still time for a tennessee rally. five seconds. glory johnson to the basket. won't go. glory had it for a second. neka got a rebound. they're going to call johnson for the foul. >> lisa: you've got to be excited about the effort from both teams. you see tennessee really pushing, trying to be patient on their offense. but attacking the basket. glory johnson going hard. there you have neka, relentless after that rebounding. >> mary: collective top five, notre dame, number four, saw them a couple weeks back when
8:41 pm
they beat michigan state in east lansing, not carolina. great notre dame team. doing a fabulous team. stanford and notre dame decided to stay home. >> jim: they call her neka from cypress, texas. she says she can even do a back flip. she has three younger sisters. shanae, number one recruit in the couldn't think, has just committed to stanford. >> lisa: yeah, i said, is she going to be bossing her around? she said no, if she gets out of line, if she gets a little feisty. but otherwise she's looking forward to that. and then i asked her also, who better? she said her sister is a better ball handler and outside shooter. their games are different.
8:42 pm
but if you look at them differently. >> mary: she's a natural. >> lisa: stanford's going to be huge next year when you look ahead when her sister coming in. 6'3". 6'4". they're going to have an amazing lineup. but, again, it's going to be exciting to watch those two young sisters play together and try to keep stanford at that national level. >> jim: spani, the freshman from lee's summit, missouri. she was home schooled, played in kansas and was the state gatorade player of the year. she had 18 against texas tech. 16 against ucla. the lead is back to 14. every time tennessee has had a surge, stanford has had an answer.
8:43 pm
appel comes flying out of there. >> lisa: stanford -- all the players talked about rebounding, 25 offensive boards, you don't get back out here and play another game. >> jim: we talked about neka's game and tara vanderveer, playing on that. >> lisa: in talking to her, she's gained so much confidence. this year her teammates voted her as one of the captains. she was excited about that because she's -- that tells me, helps me to say that, you know.
8:44 pm
>> jim: pulls down the rebound. >> mary: it was interesting after the meeting, it was neka that answered it. >> jim: pedersen from the elbow. >> mary: pat summitt has to call another time-out. >> jim: celebration at stanford. >> mary: it's been a great rivalry, jim, but very one-sided rivalry. stanford feels like they get to get some nobodies rolling in their direction. >> jim: stanford has won 13 out of the last 14. 21-5 is their series coming in. we just talked about neka and how she's improved her game. she's much more below, and we talked to her about her experience and coming back to college. >> i would definitely have to say it has to do with my ment mentality, just kind of going
8:45 pm
out there with a more reentless by this new level of play. and it's definitely exciting that i'm also familiar with our syst system. it's hard for me to be involved in everything that we do. >> lisa: all her teammates asked about her questions. i'd just like to know all this information. she's definitely a girl after my own heart. >> jim: you've got to like the effort of glory johnson. >> lisa: she's so humble. you know, i do whatever my coaches ask me to do. and right now, she has a job of guarding mecca, and she's not
8:46 pm
are -- looking forward to being a scorer one time. that's what the team calls for her to do. a lot of ball movement and they're going to take the initiative just to be that offensive player. so today she's doing a nice job of stepping up and being really aggressive offensively. on a day that offense has been very hard to come by. >> jim: glory johnson, a sophomore, one of 12 freshmen to start the game as a lady vol. >> jim: chance for stricklen. the pullup. >> mary: she hasn't been a point guard her whole life. she doesn't know where to go.
8:47 pm
point guards in women's basketball during her time. and it's going to happen. didn't make the trip a few years ago. she got her hand hurt. she had some kind of injury. >> jim: neka on her feet. dropped it. got it back. three defenders. tennessee, good defensive discipline. not the foul. >> mary: doesn't matter what the score is, they are going at it start to finish. start to finish. >> jim: 3:30
8:48 pm
start to finish. >> jim: 3:30 in 1977, in johannesburg, south africa, an 8-year-old boy picked up the game of golf from his father. by the age of 9, he was already outplaying him. the odds of this gentle lad winning the junior world golf championships at the age of 14? 1 in 16 million. the odds of that same boy then making it to the u.s. and european pro-golf tours? 1 in 7 million. the odds of the "big easy" winning the open championship once and the u.s. open championship twice? 1 in 780 million. the odds of this professional golfer having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 150.
8:49 pm
ernie els encourages you to learn the signs of autism at early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference. >> jim: lots of physical play inside. neka just picked up her fourth foul for stanford. there's a lot on the line. >> lisa: it's going to get physical. right now we're coming down to the wire. you see post players getting all wrapped up. appel and cain still going at it, like i told from the start of the game. and it's happening on both ends. and that's how neka picked up her foul because her and glory johnson are getting tangled up. it's all about passion. that's what i love. these girls are giving it their all until the end no matter who
8:50 pm
wins. >> jim: jim watson, lisa leslie, mary murphy. after this, tennessee and usc in men's basketball. barry tompkins, marques johnson with the call from the galen center in los angeles. that follows us immediately. >> mary: good pressure by tennessee. they got it to 13 a little over three minutes to go. they need to create some tempo to get themselves back in it. >> jim: patience by stanford. tennessee needs to stop everything right now. unfortunately they can't stop the clock. and time-out by tara vanderveer. >> mary: you've done a lot of these tennessee/stanford games. tennessee has been behind from the full court and changed the game on a dime. that's what she's talking about right now, put this team away now. >> jim: don't forget, our next pac-10 women's game, saturday, january 2nd.
8:51 pm
kayla pedersen. last year in berkeley, alexis gray-lawson put on one of the best individual performances we've ever seen and single-handedly carried the bears past stanford in a huge upset. mary, you were on the floor afterwards. they picked her up. she was crying. she really had no words. she was amazing that day. >> mary: when you grew up an east bay kid and you have the game of your life against stanford, it doesn't get much better than that. we're expecting big things in that ball game as well. >> jim: shot clock down to four seconds. stanford turns it over anyway. here's a big opportunity for tennessee. maybe you get bjorklund moved into the corner, she hits a three, it's a ten-point game. stanford knows all about bjorklund shooting that three ball. she shoots better than 41%. the kickout. and fouled by hones. no quit in tennessee. >> lisa: it's just amazing how tennessee still seems to be scrambling for their offense and not really sure what exactly they're running. and i'm not sure if she was
8:52 pm
supposed to give bjorklund a screen and she has to wait for it. it's got to be difficult for her to try to create her own shot. >> mary: especially when she's that high. there's no way to protect the baseline, not there to help her. she's in a wide-open space. that's tough when you're 6'6". >> jim: 12 points for bjorklund. she's been in double figures every game this season. full-court pressure. and thrown away. tennessee ball. >> lisa: well, the good part for tennessee is their defense is what they hang their hats on and the pressure getting to stanford right now. as we get down to the last 2:26, tennessee's going to have to do a much better job to score offensively and keep the pressure on stanford. >> mary: make it count. make it happen. >> jim: tennessee is on an 11-4 run. and was that pohlen with the block? >> lisa: pohlen's second big block of the game.
8:53 pm
>> jim: 6 feet, maybe. >> mary: seventh block of the game for stanford. they've been dominating. you make that shot, and you before i it to a nine-point game with some full-court pressure that stanford hasn't handled well in the game, it's still in play. >> lisa: the one thing i can say for tennessee is like we said for stanford, this is a very good game for them to learn from as well. having those seven sophomores, they can learn from this game. they'll be able to look back at their defense. more importantly, their offense and where they went wrong. >> jim: we talked about the international experience for ogwumike. missed free throw and the putback. 62-49 as pat summitt turns around and talks to her staff. not happy about that. you have got to box out at all times in giving up a putback on a free throw is just unacceptable. >> lisa: you know, pat's going to go off on her team because
8:54 pm
when it comes to offensive rebounding and when you talk about off the free-throw line, not putting a body on her and that's neka making an effort. she wanted the ball more than glory. you know right now glory's getting a piece of pat's mind. there it is. >> jim: all the way through the lane. that was right on cue. pat summitt, 1,014 victories, averaging 29 wins a year. seven-time national coach of the year. first female coach on the cover of "sports illustrated." eight ncaa championships. >> lisa: you know what i love about pat? it's her passion. if you don't get anything from her, you might not want to play this game. just watching her, you know she wants to win the game. >> jim: well, at 36 years, and we were talking to her about retiring. she said, "retiring? they're going to have to take me out of here in a wheelchair." >> lisa: i love it. i love it. i love pat and i love this game because these coaches are both intense. this has been a chess match and obviously tara's probably made more of the right moves, as you see with her team and obviously with their experience.
8:55 pm
a great game to watch and two great coaches going at it. >> jim: pat summitt took over in tennessee in 1974 as a 22-year-old graduate of the university of tennessee-mart opinitennessee-martin. she had never coached anything. >> mary: it is remarkable about stanford is they average close to 85 points a game. tennessee has done a very solid job. they've only given up 62. but you're right, lisa. no offense out there for them. >> lisa: i think, again, shekinna stricklen, a sophomore, that was the shot she should have taken on that last turnover. she got deep in the paint. they tell point guards all the time, once you get to that free-throw line, take that jump shot. again, pat having to keach thtee young players at the same time. and it's a little difficult and that's what you get. >> jim: tara vanderveer has a good resume as well, her 31st year as a head coach, 24th at
8:56 pm
stanford. both coaches in their storied careers, 57 combined years. they both have 193 losses. hones chases bjorklund into the backcourt. plenty of time on the shot clock. only 1:30 on the game clock. >> mary: what a week for stanford. they beat number 17. they're going to beat this team in tennessee to face number four, utah. >> jim: two out of three against duke, tennessee and uconn be successful? i know they want to go for the hat trick. >> mary: i think they'd love to beat uconn especially what happened last year in the finals. to come into this game, you owe tennessee for the years that you've been put down by them. and i just think you just roll the ball out, you have fun and you just play. >> jim: they're going to be loose now. now they're playing well. they played great against duke,
8:57 pm
very well in the last 30 minutes of this game. look at stanford's schedule. they'll leave town as they play uconn. tennessee will play san francisco on december 22nd. tennessee goes back to knoxville on the 30th. and then, of course, that california game, january 2nd, stanford, you can see that here on pac-10's women's basketball schedule. >> mary: the university of san francisco. >> jim: how many are there now? ucla, arizona. bjorklund is really the only scoring threat for tennessee on the floor right now. having to work for everything. blocked by pohlen again. i bet you after this gym, tara vanderveer, you'll want to talk about appel, pedersen, she's going to want to talk about jeanette pohlen and j.j. hones. and 7,233 rise as one again.
8:58 pm
stanford looking for the payback against tennessee from last year. >> lisa: we talked about the high-low and we finally saw one with neka doing a nice job of stealing there on the baseline. >> jim: spani from outside. that won't go. pedersen. and she can run it out. stanford has not lost a game at naples pavilion since jayne appel was a freshman, three years. and now it's 35 games, they defend the house, as they beaten ten, 67-52. that's going to do it from maples pavilion. your final score, 67-52. be sure to join us january 2nd. we come right back here to maples for more of women's basketball as cal takes on number two, stanford, in the bay bridge rivalry. next, men's basketball action. number nine tennessee volunteers taking o o o o o o o o o o o
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