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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 25, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EST

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a look ahead to 2010 politics, including republican congressman eric cantor and david gregory, buzz aldrin and other astronauts on a legacy of apollo 11, a discussion of muslims in america and the world. .
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>> there is less spent a month left to enter the contest. create a video on one of our country's greatest strength. it must incorporate c-span programming and show various points of view. winning entries will be shown, on c-span. do not wait another minute. go online for rules and info. host: we will spend the next hour asking you about your favorite books of 2009. the phone lines are open. we hope to get a lot of your comments and your calls.
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for republicans, 202 737-0002. for democrats, 202 737 0001. independence and others, 202 628-0205. we do this in conjunction with "book tv." september of 1998, 11 years of "book t v." we have a program in every weekend on c-span-2 and this weekend as well. we will bring you some of the events which have covered in the past. the author of "the could soldiers. " we will give back to your calls. -- "the good soldiers." >> "another had not got angry enough to shoot a dog.
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another would become the most decorated soldier had not yet dreamed about the people he can get killed and wonder if god would be asking about those who would be coming up the ladder. he shut his eyes. his own dreams had not started yet, at least the ones he would remember, the ones in which his wife and friends were in a cemetery. he was trying to fight back with no ammunition. those dreams would be along soon enough. a u.s. army lieutenant colonel who led a that was finding a reason to say it is all good." host: our topic, the best
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nonfiction book of 2009. there is this book by jennifer burns. "goddess of the market." "book tv" is coming up on sunday, january 3, "the culture of corruption." this has been looks at the book here. caller: it is hard to pick just one. it would have to be "hope." the book is taking on the system is good. my favorite would have to be "blackwater." just on the topic of mercenaries. host: what did you learn from that book? caller: the in-depth that the
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author goes into, investigative journalism is amazing. his family history and basically how he was born and bred into this person, who created this blackwater, a mercenary army who feels it is their obligation to create and destroy or to destroy the muslim faith. it is basically christian crusaders. host: thank you for your comments. we have martha on the independent line. caller: my favorite book is by chris hedges. he is a senior fellow. he spent two decades of foreign
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correspondents. a culture that cannot distinguish between reality and illusion. are we die now? he is talking about the. in gossip has it for news and information. an example of that is sarah palin. become much publicity she has gone from the book has nothing in it. i do not think much of her. he talks about the culture to embrace of pollution. he talks about capitalism which is complicated and unregulated. turning debt into magical assets. corpse -- corpporations have been destroyed. host: thank you for your repaying uncommon opinions.
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seattle, go ahead. is this seattle tax i'm going to put you on hold. los angeles, joel. caller: think you for taking my call. harford report was one that was released. it was called "playing the enemy" but it was renamed "invictus." it is an incredible book in that such a short space, plus spent 300 pages, he takes us from nelson mandela all the way to the rugby world cup. incredible book. incredible lessons for our country prepare host: soaker --. host: so they are read releasing
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that. thank you. for his a story about the future of reading. next chapter is digital. the story does not end there. that is the headline. they are talking about the- booe-books. they're right about e-book sales. there represent 1.4% of the total $10.9 billion in sales. this is 2009. not unlike the way to digital music over to a traditional cd's overnight. the booe-books will probably doe publishing sales. the kendall is of the top of this article and the future -- the kenindel is set to top of
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this article and the future of reading. caller: "liberty and tierney." a want to, about conspiracy theories. there have been mercenaries since the start of time. i guess it is a question, of are the deviance? are they, serving because justly? the contractors are under -- they're doing the right thing. rabin some instances of people getting prosecutor and they are doing the right thing. i look upon rahm emanuel's wealth. he had $1 million before he took power there. he made $40 million in one transaction. host: thank you. you mentioned "liberty and attornetierney," one of the best
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sellers of 2009. caller: "it takes a village. " i saw it on c-span. it is a wonderful book. i wish everyone in washington d.c. would read it. host: here is a look at one of the authors. >> we make progress as a society where everybody pursuing their own interests as soon as possible. he believed that is almost my duty as a citizen to pursue interests and fight for them. he thought that is what everyone should do. one of the exceptions is, he was deeply patriotic. he had three sons. he named them after his heroes
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-- george washington was one. and so when the civil war came around, he tried to? a large steamship's and given to the union navy. they said no. he was prickly. they never thought the war would last that long. the ship was expensive. so he ended up being forced against his will to lease it for large sums to the war department. host: t.j. stiles. you confine all kinds of video on our website. your favor nonfiction book of 2009. here is dennis in michigan. caller: merry christmas.
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there are a lot of nonfiction books the came out. i think the very best this year was "end the debt." or heard discussion about the different parties but i think he melted. this caused so many problems. -- i think heat nailed it. it is a wonderful book. i would highly recommended. and mary christmas to you and all the publicity. host: recovered wrong cawe covel talking about his book. " there were discussions with alan greenspan. i tell the story about the time and most of you would know the
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story. alan greenspan was get a supporter of a little group of people in the 1960's. he wrote a fantastic article about how bad the debt was and how bad the central bank was and we confiscate wealth by printing money. it is a wonderful article. we had one session and one morning before orlin to the banking committee and it was to go in and say -- before we go into the banking committee. he was getting ready to testify. i dug up an old copy of the objective newsletter with the original article appeared on the gold standard. a doug that out and took it with a. when i was meeting him, i said, and d recognize suspects i had
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it and flipped it open to that particular article. he said, yes, i remember that article. i said, would you, autograph this article? he took his pen out and signed it. i said, do you want to add a disclaimer? he said that he read it recently. host: ron paul in september this year. the best nonfiction book 2009 is the topic. nancy, good morning. caller: good morning. merry christmas. thank you for c-span. i will put "the soldiers education" as my book. it is experiences of people on the ground. host: do you want to tells more about it? caller: he is a remarkable young
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man. it is the account account a life. he is a graduate of west point. he was a leader of men. he's still serving his country in a civilian capacity. it is part of a series i have been committed to reading over the last number of years of people who are serving over there. you hear about analysis, c-span where people's experiences and their thoughts are incurred. host: thank you for your call, nancy, as we ask people about the affair nonfiction book of 2009. often we will bring you in a list of best sellers from "the
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new york times." a look here at the top box on list this year. these are the top five. host: here is philadelphia. caller: mary christmas. my favorite of the year appears "a god who hates." host: here is virginia. your favorite book of 2009. caller: polite to say merry christmas. -- i would like to say merry christmas.
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everytime a recall, to read something new. it is new to me. pettitte every time i read, i read something new. jesus was born in december. i was a former for many years. in wintertime, we did not put our sheep on the side of the hills to graze. it might be something you might be interested in studying. host: over the last 11 years, c- span has covered some 9000 book events. one is the "ph of reagathe age a gan." . portsmouth, virginia. caller: good morning. this is one of my books.
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it is "how to prosecute george w. bush for murder." you can see extend the policies in this book and the prosecution to obama out because he is complicitous in continuing this illegal war in the host: i think that might have come out in 2008 or 2007. what are your reading? caller: hello. merry christmas. my favorite nonfiction book has been and always will be the bible. host: thank you. jim on our independent line. caller: good morning. is "american bloomsbury" based on the literary community they gathered in concord, massachusetts. hawthorne, you know, and amazoe
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merson. it was just a delight. i don't read much nonfiction. host: sandra, your favorite nonfiction book of the year. caller: the book of a late senator ted kennedy. host: harold evans and his book, here is some of his comments. >> this should be a celebration of reporting. that is what my book is about. it is about what newspapers can achieve. not what an editor can achieve. but what reporters on the ground cannot achieve patrick's host.
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host: that was harold evans. caller: it is an amazing book. it gives great insight into what happens in washington. it is interesting because this talks about all the corruption and has existed before with obama and all of the people he has brought with him. somebody remarked earlier about rahm emanuel. that is detailed in this book. but when you read this book, it makes you wonder how we can ever straighten and out the mess in washington. host: best book of 2009. paul on the independent line. caller: it is called "tree spiker." also a reason book of palmtop
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removal and west virginia. host: one way to find out is to go to our website and you can take look at that and searched by name. this is texas on the democratic line. your favor nonfiction book of the year. caller: it is a book that i wrote. is called "to find 9/11 intervention crocus is about 9/11. it is a true story. -- it is about 9/11. it all happens. it is a true story. is there is a god. god has gone involved income 9/11. host: 2009 marks the end of
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sarah palin's governorship. here is a looko of some of what she had to say in a bookstore in cincinnati. >> thank you so much for being here. we're going to have a blast. thank you for your courage to be here. you're going wrorogue with me. it's good to be here on this book tour. you can read my words on filtereunfiltered. i speak the truth. i note that is how you guys or wire. -- nine note that is how you guys are wired. thank you so much.
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[cheers] >> sarah! sarah! sarah! sarah! sarah! host: sarah palin last month in cincinnati. "botok tv" is under way this weekend. we're asking you hear your favorite nonfiction book of 2009. we will you weigh in on this. caller: "the search for life in the cosmos." host: wjho wrote that?
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caller: i do not remember pre- war middle interesting to me is that it made it appear to me how inconsequential we are in the time of the universe. who knows if 10,000 years from now we will even be here. it gives the whole difference perspective of what is going on in congress. who knows what exists. host: what major pickup the book in the first place? caller: i have always been interested in the universe or the history of the universe, where it is going or is the only universe, things white patrick's host: thank you for sharing your reading with us. best nonfiction reading this
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year. "the l.a. times," a commentary with best-of lists. "when i go into year end list making mode, what makes a spiritual in venture for me, the splash of new facts, the beautifully controlled meredith gore right spell out the window. i turned into a showoff and want to make sure you know how smart i am based on the books i pick. i grow overly cautious. i find myself more worried about balanced and diversity and bookstacks surprised report infuriated me." brooklyn, good morning.
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caller: an insightful look into society and politics. the netbook, -- the next book, the author profiles political activist from oppressive countries in the middle east. the best book of 2009 would have to because "feed the teller" by gretchen peters. it deals with troubled regions in afghanistan and pakistan and distribution networks the back rows al qaeda scott operation. host: we go next to kansas. what is your favorite books or
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books? caller: good morning. merry christmas. i enjoyed "the worst part times." it was the story about people that stayed during the great dust bowl and a drought of the 1930's. it was incredible about the banking institutions and how the government and different policies came into play to make things better for a lot of people. i just found it, some of the personal stories of the people that survived that time was just amazing. host: and we did cover the book, as well. we also covered the book on columbine. here is >> journalists filled with hate, hate, hate, all the way through. the opening line is, "i hate the f-ing world."
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with dylan, it was completely different. he spent years writing his journal. the most common word in his journal is "love. he was a loving, sensitive boy with a whole lot of anger. it was directed inward. he was angry at himself for being such illusory, such an outcast. he was not. that is how he saw it. host: to atlanta but we go. your favor nonfiction book of 2009 triple caller: ♪ . caller: good morning and merry christmas. i learned agreed deal from this
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book. host: tell us a piece you learn from a. caller: i learned how the prisoners back in those times could be arrested simply for just walking down the street and not having a job. the work we enslavey wreere re-. i am surprised african-americans survived in this country. i went to " tv and a welfare -- a win to booked tv and heard someone died there. do you have any information or can you show some video highlights? host: i will ask our producers to get information for you. there is a piece yesterday in the book section of "usa today"
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looking and authors who passed away in the last year, including bob mcdonnedominick dunne and j. bill, good morning. caller: i am reading "the forgotten," a book about the korean war. it includes stories in veteran'' own words. host: who is the author? caller: it is me. the book is not about me. i put the stories of the korean war together around these stories about the war. the subtitle is called "the forgotten flaccg."
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"the forgotten war" and "the forgotten her pro it has been out since june. i gave the first boat to the president of korea. i had three brothers in the war. one newspaper called it "for domino more -- forgotten no more," which was a tremendous lift for me. on the date the war started 59 years later. it has done a great reviews. host: thank you for calling. we can tell you about january and february. january 3, from noon until 3:00 p.m., three hours with michelle
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malkin. our february guest is paul johnson and his caucus on churchill. the will be on sunday, february 7. this is carol on our independence linemen. caller: my favorite book, i read the paper back, "the hemmings of monticello." host: she won a prize. caller: national book award. it is so well-written and so well documented. it brings a whole new point of view to the complexity of race relations in our country. i'm devouring it. it is wonderful. host: thank you for the call.
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carl is up next in dallas. caller: one of your callers mentioned "it takes a village." it is wonderful. insider's account of wall street. one i enjoyed that featured in april is called "recarburize the russian war." an objective, an evaluation of all of our american presidents based on principles of peace, prosperity, and liberty. it is a different perspective on our presidents. we tended to rancor president's highest who have been involved in war or a great conflicts or imposed interventionist economic policies.
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this looks enroll the president through the lens and it is a unique look. john tyler is number one. wilson at the tail and. host: thank you for that to a. viewers will find those authors have been on exports. if you go to the website, you confront a section for all those programs. jeff boehner republican line. caller: "the meltdown this one is by dr. thomas woods jr. he is a senior fellow, austrian economics. for those who do not know, he follows the same line of thought as a doctor thank you for taking my call.
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-- as dr. paul. they saw the great depression before it hit. dr. thomas lays out a good case, farewell how government created this. he eviscerates the government that allowed this to a corporate host: thank you for the import. your favorite book of 2009 precurso. caller: "the greatest show on earth." i am amazed that people are citing the bible as a nonfiction book. host: thank you for your call. this is the cover of richard dawkins' book. we covered "the invention of tair."
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here's a look at his comments. " i stumbled across this story. i heard of him as the guy who discovered oxygen for the first time. that is his reputation. it is strange. he did not do it first and the kind of got it wrong in some fundamental ways. but that line has a kind of stuck with him. his wikipedia entry is that he's the guy who discovered oxygen. i found out another interesting thing about him. i think it deserves more credit. the book evangelizes that discovery. he was the first person to realize that plants were creating oxygen. host: marquette, michigan.
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caller: good morning. my favorite book is by thomas friedman. it is a marvelous series about globalization. he deals with green ecology and power creates wealth and how we can save a our planet. he focuses on what countries are doing to promote green technology and increased energy and it is a marvelous read. it focuses attention on what we should be doing a lot more of. host: 8 caller mentioned, ron paul earlier. this is "in fed we trust." we're talking to you about your favor nonfiction books of 2009. this is chris from washington,
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d.c. caller: my forever book is called "foreign islam." it is by mr. rahman, i think. it was a good book. i read it because it talked about the forces of islam in america. these accounts would have liked muhammed ali and career and a bill to bkareem abdul jabaar ant influenced and shaped islam in america. all muslims put out of the debate over get the global aspects of islam in the world in dealing with fox islam and global terrorism.
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he was saying that comprise about half of the muslim population of america. but the forces of african- americans are left out of the media. he said one scholar was sherman jackson, the african-american scholar at the university of michigan. he was very objective and sink in this description of islam. but he is left out of the dialogue in the global war of terror and the forces are basically left out. so it gives a different perspective hmongs. host: thank you for that to a. this is greg more in somtenson'w book. he was a guest for "3 cups of tea." he was on
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"book tv" a few weeks ago. you can search that online. this is henry. caller: i hope it was published in 2009. host: it is fine. do not worry about it. caller: it was written by sorto. i do not remember his first name. it is a book about settle in the dutch off the island of manhattan years ago. is celebrated this year, the crown prince and his wife came to new york. it's a fabulous book. a warm. , one of the people predict at one point thank you for taking my call. -- he was the lawyer ok'd of
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alask-- whatever you call it. he was at one time in conflict with the dutch government. they banned him to a small island where they get together about a few commuters come from my hometown. he continued to study. at one point, he also received big trunks of books from the library. that would probably be by sailboat or rowboat. >> libraries in holland? caller: yes. he would study. when he finished with the books, he would go back to the
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mainland, accompanied by a servant girl. one evening, the trump is going back with no books to her. -- the trumnk is going back and he escapes in the trunk, off the island to the mainland. i do not know what happens after that. my home town is a cemetery that has a very old corner where a famous person was buried there. host: thank you. this is a book tells on president obama's rhee was before he made his decision on troop levels. it was famously pastorale boat white house for reading among his top aides. "lessons in disaster.
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" here is columbus, ohio. was your favorite book of the year? caller: my favorite book was a book i heard about on "book tv." "50 miles from tomorrow," like an eskimo. it is an insider's view it of alaska. it is a great book. he talks about growing up in alaska and being sent to kentucky for high school. host: what does the title mean? caller: he dropped 50 miles from the international dateline the separates alaska and russia. by any readers of sarah palin "going rogue," i invite him to
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read this book. host: thank you. 2009 was the 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. here is a book that is called " tear down this wall." clorox. was a report of the year? -- little rock. caller: the book was reissued in paperback. host: that is ok. caller: "professor and the madman" by simon winchester. the thing i got from it was a tremendous amount of work and time, people who put together all these words and a half to
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keep doing it all the time. host: and we did cover that. you could go to our web site and take a search for that. good morning to david in tulsa, oklahoma. caller: "a fiery pieeace i an a cold war." i found it in lightning. it brought many things about the cold war that i was not aware of. it updated the cold war. i just learned a great deal from the book. neil sheehan brought us book notes. the program has affected us in terms of my reading. anything he puts out i'm going to reprieve host:ad. caller: "a black physicians
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struggle for civil rights." he was a prominent physician in washington d.c. this tells the story of how we went from poverty and discrimination from mississippi to a status in washington " i counseled with presidents like john f. kennedy and lyndon johnson and just the struggle of getting to the point. they were a family of slaves in mississippi and became one of the largest landowners in mississippi. host: thank you. a book you may be interested is "and mighty long way."
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before it is by bill clinton. florida, joseph, nextel. -- next up. caller: it is a book i saw on c- span not too long ago. it was "operation solo." it is the story of a jewish immigrant who became our spike in the kremlin for about 27, 28 years. -- who became our spy in the kremlin. the offer was the number two man and he interviewed morris sober who came to america in the 1900's. there was a second one that has not been critiqued yeah. assault on another show called
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"witness to nurembough." he was small in stature but served oscar very well. he became our number one intercurrent from the north berguremburg trials. host: the risk can find that online as well. caller: wonderful, a factual books. host: thank you for sharing. here is norcal, delawaewark, de. caller: my favorite book happened to come out this year. it is called "longer, cops and, and bloody."
9:49 am
i love to see this on "book tv." this book is about one of the critical battles of the american revolution. it is a wonderful read. host: what was a critical bottle? caller: the war for independence -- host: what was a critical battle? caller: nathaniel greene went south and developed a strategy that awarded the british away from charleston and their suppliers. when the former customs far enough away, he turns on them to deliver a winning battle. the end result was the british well up at yorktown. the americans where free. host: thank you for the call.
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this is james on the independent line. caller: i am reading "the invention of the jewish people." it kind of goes out to the myth that the monolithic group of people removed from their homeland and are just now returning. most jews are actually converts to judaism. the book was 19 weeks on the best-selling west in israel. it was on "the jerusalem post." it did not come out in print until october of this year. i am still reading it. it says how we allow one group of non christians to treat another group of non-christians.
9:51 am
host: startup nation. " became a cult this year. your favorite book of 2009. caller: what a want to talk about, the most informative book or read was "the corruption of the muslim mind. " i cannot tell you who actually wrote it because i cannot pronounced his name. but even for a devout muslim man that explains the koran, he interprets the chronkoran, we all need to read that to see how they came to the mindset, muslims have to control the world. i want to apologize. may i? back to you. i think peter was the host.
9:52 am
i called him -- i am 80 years old. for last year, i have developed a problem. i am going blind. i started reading one the bairaq war broke out. since i was retired, i could read all day. but now in the last year, i have not been able to read. my memory is going bad. host: can you do books on tape? caller: they do not comment on tape until a year after the book is published. host: some are coming out sooner. you control the podcast versions. podcasts online. caller: ok. i made a terrible mistake when i
9:53 am
called in. i turned on the tv. the man, the iraq secretary of defense was on. they were talking about his book, "the corruption of iraq." and i confused it with one of the other books i have read. i had not gone over my notes in a long time. i remember his book now. it was spellbinding. you could not put it down. it was a thick book kirk i had to read it three times just to understand it. host: for more background, this is called "growing up bin laden." another 2009 publication. illinois. this is john. is it john?
9:54 am
caller: gomerry christmas. i would like to plug your broker's view. i went to the public library to order the book for myself. there were 12 people waiting for the book. there two groups i would suggest three. any group. a medal of honor recipient. 37 books have been written but vietnam veterans, p.o.w.'s, and i think i have read the mall. i have been out of work since december. in particular, won by bill jacobs one by bill jacobs. host: have you read this book? "part of a patriot."
9:55 am
caller: i probably read 60 books about vietnam veterans this year. it is an incredible time. one fact i learned is that such a few people made the decision for us to go to war. three people sat around a desk and decided for us to go to war in 1962 pre that book is an incredible lesson for all americans to repair it is "lessons in disaster." host: ky. caller: i liked "arguing with expectidiots." it made sense. i enjoy reading it. another book, "last free man in
9:56 am
america. wrote that is a local politician who wrote to them. host: here is a look at peter degallows talking about the book. >> people started looking at him with slightly different bias after the cancer diagnosis the may have been a reassessment developing. i think people who have been exposed, we talk about his friendship with many republicans. people saw him as an ideological figure came to admire him as somebody who was a very hard worker and a crusader for what he believed in. he earned new respect in the last couple of decades. host: one more call. a fan of the "of liberty in
9:57 am
tyranny" book. caller: you stole my thunder. it really outlined the constitution and the tyranny that is going on right now in america. the liberal of salt on the constitution. it outlined it page by page. the liberal assault on the constitution. it was on the best-seller list for 12 weeks. host: not one interview in "the new york times"? caller: not one. host: what made you pick up the book? caller: i saw it on the "the new york times" list. host: thank you for all of your
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calls. there is more online. we have a great lineup this weekend. every weekend from 8:00 a.m. saturday until 8:00 a.m., on monday morning. 48 hours of "book tv." double about doing for us. we fullbacks tomorrow morning. -- that will about do it for us. have a wonderful day and emory christmas. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009]
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" coming up today, michelle obama presents the white house's christmas decorations. there is a forum on the political landscape. later, our look inside blair house. in the mid 1990's, "newsweek" named omar wasow one of the people to watch in cyberspace. he helped found a charter school in brooklyn. sunday, he talks about his career studies at harvard and what is ahead. and now, first lady michelle obama and the ceo of toys for tots. the first lady


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