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tv   U.S. Senate  CSPAN  December 30, 2009 5:00pm-8:00pm EST

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of us, but for the families of these men the days of getting shorter. the remains were uncovered. his wife is still alive. she is 90 years old. i think it is imperative that we make the recovery of remains of our world war ii aviators and others in a priority. ..
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before we would ever go to a family member to say we were looking at delling somewhere for their loved one. so, in the case of him, we have asked for all of the documentation, and we hope to get it all. and the government of india is very forward leaning in helping us, so i look forward to a long partnership. >> in terms of the overall issue and reassessment of our resources should be deployed, in 2006, the department of defense stated that quote, our long-term strategy for addressing world war ii accounting is very much a
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work in progress, and noted that congress mandated that the department make a reasonable effort to recover the remains of the u.s. a ryckman loftin pacificare operations particularly in new guinea, that it contemplated a limited effort. the physical challenges like you described with the altitude and other issues, what the other, what is holding back or why, what can we do to help you to complete this particular mission? and i don't mean-- lieutenant fonte, i mean the mission of the recovery of the world war ii missing? >> i believe we are focused on getting out to these sites in making a positive relationship with all of the countries, and that is the most important thing. if you desire to increase the
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number of missions, than that would be something that would work to the calculus of what manpower would be required to do that, but right now, if i were to let get level of effort in world war ii, 21% of my recovery and investigation missions in world war ii, a 12.8% in korea and 65.8 in the vietnam war, so that is how i have parceled out, doing the recovery and investigation teams. >> wood outsourcing, i think the variation of this question was asked earlier, and i heard you talk about how important a mission critical items were, but certainly there are some private labs and others that could be used to augment some of the department's efforts? >> if i were to speak on behalf of my scientists, they would
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tell you that when you go out and have someone else is there bayside many times you can destroy that very important piece of information that would have made the difference in being able to identify that he wrote or not. so, on their behalf, they would say that they need to have a very structured, stringent rules and regulations and the identification is needed to be done in a scientific laboratory, and they would most likely say contracting out would lead to their rates that are families would find unacceptable. if that is what you are asking me. >> thank you. my time has expired. thank you very much for your answers. >> thank you and i want to let you know we appreciate you being here today and sharing your interest in this issue. thank you.
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before i ask a question i'm going to go to mr. wilson and then we will come back and then we are going to stop the hearing in just a few minutes. >> admiral i am particularly happy to hear of the cooperation with the government of india which is now a very strong strategic ally with the united states and in particular my father flew, said he served with the 14th air force flying tigers and india and china, so as you were reviewing that it had a special interest to me. my final question for each of you, with the congressional mandate and a lot that dod must ensure the fullest possible accounting of the missing and prisoners of war from korea and world war to be helpful in addressing some of your concerns? >> congressman wilson, madam chairman-- chairwoman, and the congressional authorization that we have, a congressional mandate
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is most helpful to us particularly as we try to gather the resources needed to do any extra emissions, so if there is a clear congressional mandate, it is always helpful. >> and i would yield on that. it is clearly a policy area. >> thank you very much. >> i would note that in the 2004 defense authorization act, the reiterated the sense that the u.s. should be continuing to be relentless in the p.o.w. mia efforts. i am wondering ambassador ray when it comes to trying to delineate perhaps a new direction or strategy that you spoke to earlier do you see that in need of legislative action at all? >> at this point man, what i am trying to get as much input as i can from those in the community and the community i might point out is, although we are the two
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large guerillas end isoo it is a fairly large menagerie of people who have an equity in it, who have a role to play in it and use in put i like to assess before we try and shake the strategy. at this point, i don't know the remedies needed are legislative, and not the administrative changes in how we do it. >> do you have the flexibility that you need to adjust that? >> so far i have been given fairly free rein to try and heard the bureaucracy in the direction it needs to go. >> okay, thank you. i certainly did knowledge and recognize it. many people who care so deeply in this is your, get it from different perspectives and it is very difficult sometimes to glendel of those together in a way that works for everybody. looking at the need to find
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family reference samples and how difficult that is i wonder if you could just turn to the issue of whether at this time, as i understand be allowed the service casualty offices to assist in seeking those samples, family reference samples for identification. do you see dead jpac could play a larger role in this? i guess this is really to you admiral. would ucs some of the issues surrounding that question? >> family reference sample the issue was primarily an ability to surge in genealogical research so i know that the joint staff and others, we have basically a process improvement working group which would be joint staff, oic, jpac. there is a need for a surgeon genealogical work so if you were to look at right now 64% of the,
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we have on hand 64% of the family reference samples and we need the rest. aid is around 3,000, and most of them are in the korean war area, so we do need that to be searched. in addition to that, we are looking at scrubbing bead the deb. each group has a different language that they used to account for their numbers, it is very important in any common operating picture to standardize the language. that needs to be done this year. ambassador bray and i are proposing putting together a working group of just the people who do the numbers, sitting down in one room and scrub that information and after we get the common operating picture endpaper then our recommendation would be to automate the back with some kind of middle where that goes into the legacy software so that everyone can see what the other person is
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saying with family reference samples. >> is there an area in which jpac should have a larger role in this? >> we work on it in a process improving group so i don't see it as a larger role. i think that the stumbling block was in diffusing the services with more money for their genealogical work. >> and i might add madam chairwoman the joint staff recently conducted a study regarding this issue and is looking for ways that they can be helpful. it is really less a matter of asking, can this or that organization do more but how can we all do the job so that the whole job gets done better, and as admiral crisp alluded to one of the biggest problems with this issue and with many other defense issues is every service has its own language, every organization we deal with have as its own language. i spent the first year on the job having people interpret for me at staff meetings because i
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didn't understand most of what was being said, coming from state. so we have spent a lot of time just trying to make sure that in fact, the problem is a problem and not a matter of we are simply saying the same things simply in different ways and leading us to the conclusion that there is. >> thank you. i certainly appreciate that. it was mentioned that we were here about nine months ago and i am pleased that i had a chance to visit with you admiral add jpac and what i am wondering is, where should we be next year? what would you like to see have changed in the interim, and what questions would you hope we might ask next year? >> definitely i would like to have mined addition finished this summer so i could have already tripled the amount of table space in seeing what positive results come from being
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able to lay out for the first time those unknowns from the korean war that came in in the '90s, so that has been a long time coming coming to have that opportunity. i would look forward to some kind of results from that effort. >> i think the ideal situation in my view would be that we determine an increased pace of output, it be that the identification or recoveries, find ways to achieve it and discover next year that we need to do more. >> alright. thank you very much. we certainly appreciate you being here. again thank you to our first panel as well. we know that you travel to be here and i just think everybody who sits on this panel has a very clear sense of your commitment and it is quite inspiring. thank you very much. >> thank you.
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[inaudible conversations]
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now two views on the health care debate in congress from this morning's washington journal. joining the program national public radio health policy correspondent julie ruffin. was good joining us our guest david sloane is the government relations in your vice president. mr. salon has the process moves forward what you watching specifically as the conference committee will be selected on this issue? >> well we have got to cohorts within our membership, those that are in the medicare program today, and those that are either you know have insurance through an employer or don't, and obviously the ones that don't and are left to fend for themselves and the individual
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market are of great concern so we want to make sure that the affordability is there in the program at the end of the day. if you have insurance you can't afford, the matter how wonderful that insurance is it really doesn't help, so that is a critical piece for the medicare population. obviously we are supportive of eliminating the co-pay for any of the preventive services. we are concerned about closing the donohoe that is-- that notorious don't of pull that is almost 4 million seniors a year fall into which is growing at the rate of medical drug inflation, which means by 2016 if it is not closed it will double in size, so those are some of the big issues were going to be watching. >> host: as far as affordability is conserve what is the best way to do that and make it affordable for most? >>host:there subsidy schemes. the house bill is probably more
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generous on the lower income side of things. the senate more middle income. we would obviously like to see the house bill provide more in the way of subsidies. it is a more generous plan. the other thing is the house bill and we did actually, preferring the house bill over the senate bill. the house bill close the dawn of toll for one thing, which the senate bill did not all that we had pledges that it would close it in conference. the president also pledged to close the donut hole by 2019, and then in addition, we will be looking at age rating. h. rating is a very critical piece of affordability. the senate bill would allow insure to charge three times what he would charge a younger person for insurance today. the house bill to times, so age rating is a key issue so between, it is really several
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moving parts that affect affordability but certainly we have got to have adequate subsidies and gaetan h. rating proposition and scheme that is limited in its discrimination as possible. oats could you have a question for him? >> guest: yes i want to know what is the single most important thing that you are looking four, if you could only pick one of these things in a final bill what is your absolute top priority? >> i would say it is closing the donut hole. that is really critical for cut the medicare population has been, if you look at the polls and i hate to say that people look at polls to make determinations about their policy but get used to the world, they do and what you find is that it is a 65 plus population that has the most skepticism about health reform and what it will mean for them. we believe closing the donut hole will be important ingredient in improving their health security. >> host: david sloane of aarp,
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thank you for being with us. as far as the process where it stands right now between the house and senate bills being reconciled, what is your role in this? >> our role is the same role we have had since we started this march, back in january of last year. we want to make sure that any reforms that are passed we are very pro-form but we want to make sure annual reforms that are pass benefit health care consumers. we don't see that in this bill, and we see the house or senate bill and we are going to continue to advocate for patient's centered reform, and to educate the public about what all these arcane and really confusing terms really mean. >> host: at as far as aggressive ad campaigns on this issue what kind of results have you seen from that? >> it is amazing to me, i have
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gone out in public and done a lot of radio, a lot of tv and tea party events and health care reform events and what amazes me the most is, it's the american people do know about this stuff. folks who don't live inside the beltway buckle like the rest of us and spend all day covering health care reform understand the disincentive to cover people in the senate and house plan. the understand it will raise the costs of their premium. they know their taxes will go up, and their income taxes and may be facing taxes on their insurance plan and they also know as your last guest mentioned very articulately, that this he did the house or the senate bill on the matter what you want to call it an exchange or public option is a move towards a government takeover in medical care and that is what we want to make sure we do not see happen in the united states. >>host:so, aside from the ads how are you educating those who have questions about it? >> we have blogs that allowed
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every day. we have something called the daily digest, which informs people about what is going on in health care. we are working in coalition with the number of groups, hundreds probably sharing information and facts and understanding of the plans on a daily basis so we are very happy with the response we have had both from the grassroots side and also from the ads, so every time we run a new set that as were what side is flooded with inquiries from people, questions and thanks for getting us out there because for a long time patients' rights last spring, we were pretty much the only group running ads in explaining to people what is about to come down the path, and we are just very grateful we could take that role. has the did you have a question? >> guest: there is starting to be prashar ready. this bill has even got into conference it, talking about wreath pill. is that something that you will would support assuming that this gets passed into law and if not
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is there a particular provision that you really oppose the most that you would like to see not enacted? >> it is really too early to say what we would do if this thing passes. our position all along has been that the public option or exchange, the one that has in massachusetts which is really hurt the health care consumers in massachusetts, bing shopping this day, people getting knocked out of coverage, we don't want to see any of that in there. what we want to see reforms allow the 15% of people in this country the uninsured to begin the system with a to government subsidy or an irs mechanism or whatever. we will never support anything that has again, the gateway drug to single-payer, which both the house and senate bill have come so we will remain focused on that. you know, no one really knows. is such a crazy thing right at the moment whether it will go to
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cumbrance at paygo or whether the house is going to have the bill-- deal with the senate bill on the floor so i think we will wait for that to follow before we make a decision but there's no question it all that anything pasteur unpass that has a public option or any kind of government controlled health care in there, we will oppose, today to maron next year. >> host: kerri toloczko, the policy director, thank you. >> thank you, any time. >> house and senate negotiations on health care legislation are expected to begin next week. that according to senate finance committee chairman max baucus of montana. the house formally reconvenes january 12, the senate on january 20 is.
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>> order, order. gid morning, and we'll come. this is an historic occasion. it is one that i hope you will enjoy and all of us will treasure. on the 13th of march this year, parliament decided that this great event should take place. in the whole history of the house of commons, you are the first body of people, other than members of parliament themselves, to be allowed to use
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this chamber. i, however, and not entirely new to the youth parliament. i have the great privilege of visiting canterbury on the 27th of july this year just after the house went into recess, to speak to the annual conference of your parliament. and i am conscious of the strength of the parliament, of the skills that it embodies, and of the future opportunities that it will create. and i want to say at the outset by way of tribute to you as members of the youth parliament, that my colleagues and i, the leader of the house of commons, and the limbert-- liberal
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democrat-- all greatly respect amongst other things, just how inclusive your parliament is. not merely in the obvious sense that it brings together young people from right across the country, but in this sense that it is substantially more representative of the country as a whole than the house of commons is presently constituted. i know to your credit, that consistently 50% of your members are women. something like 22% of you were drawn from the ethnic communities that so enrich our country and 3% of you are young people with disabilities. all of those statistics are
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better than we have in our parliament. you have shown real initiative, if you enjoy great debating prowess. yoo this morning-- which boze 800 years of parliamentary history. the debates today will be recorded in the usual way and they will also be recorded for subsequent submission on bbc parliament. i hope you will enjoy the day and i just want to say to other things that i hope are of some relevance before ask the speaker of the house to say some words to you. first whatever the imperfections of our system, government and representation, and i know and all of us in this parliament know that we need great need to improve, we are i think proud that we have in this country a
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democracy, and before i became speaker of the house of commons i did for many years with many colleagues of many different parties taking great interest in the plight of the poorest people on the planet and visiting many poor countries i was struck often by the fact that the poverty was either created or exacerbated by bad government, by tyrannical leaders. in some cases by the people responsible for genocide. and many of those countries, you could speak your mind. if you did you would be arrested, imprisoned, tortured, raped or killed and it is hugely to the credit of our country that we have a democracy and a significant point about it is that you can win of the age, choose to represent you and after a while if you think you
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made the wrong choice, or if you think the person you chose is no longer the right person, if you can change your choice and that is the beauty of our system. the second point i want to make to you, which you know and which we should communicate clearly to the outside world is the politics, whatever you think of it and with everything of individual politics, does matter because it will affect you, your friends, your family and the future of your country. the sort of economy we have come to the quality of education we enjoy, the scale of health service provision we can offer, the state of our transport infrastructure, that means that we adopt to protect and nurture our in our image, the state of our relations with other countries and what we do to help the poorest most destitute people on the face of the planet, all depend on the
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decisions we make, the laws that we pass and the money that we spend and that is what politics matters. ipers liam for all to welcome you here today and i look forward to getting underway but just before we do i would like to ask the leader of the house of commons to say a few words to you. harriet. speak to sit down in the but he, and just a few words of welcome because i know you want to get into the debate. first, congratulations to each and every one of you for being elected. you have already done a tremendous thing by being elected to the u.k. youth parliament and congratulations for being here on what is as the speakers at a very historic day for parliament and i hope david you will remember all of your life so i would like to as leader of the house of commons welcome you today and to say a few words about where you are. this is where gordon brown prime
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minister said and i sit next to him and here is the leader of the house and this benches with a cabinet sets. and these benches behind is where the-- sit. over here we have got the leader of the official composition and this is where the-- sits. i was here 18 years trying to get over on the other side to be on the government side. this is where the cabinet sets. i think this is nick clegg's seed here. we have the nationalists to sit here and people from northern ireland. and most of this aisle is-- and in this road here we have got what is called the-- [inaudible]
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i hope you will hugely enjoy it. enjoy it and don't be nervous. we are going to leave you now to get on with the debate. you have got the press and the press gallery. so, enjoy this very historic occasion in your very welcome. [applause] >> harriet thanks indeed for that. thank you david for joining us. this-- thank you bridget. this is going to be a great day and make sure you enjoy it, giving your best. we respect you and look forward to your participation and it should be tremendous fun. their two small but important things i want to make it the outset before we get underway. first to say that members who
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wish to speak should stand in their place, or if you are in a wheelchair raise your hand and indicate that you do wish to speak in the debate. the second thing is, members should always say their name and their region at the beginning of their remarks. otherwise the writers will not know who you are. and if you can just pause very briefly for a few seconds before you start your speech, that will enable the mic to be activated. without further ado, we will be able to get underway now. order, order. the youth parliament will consider the first mission of the day relating to university education. as printed on the order paper, i called ms. funmi abari to move
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the motion. >> good morning everyone. the first debate today will be should university education across the united kingdom be made free as it is in scotland for scottish young people? >> now mr. johnnie gilchrist will second the motion. >> thank you mr. speaker. mr. speaker at the moment the tuition fee system benefits the extremely rich or the four. last year in the u.k. survey one in three students who wanted to go to the university could not because they did not have the required funds to do so. in context one in three doctors who cannot diwan, one and three teachers who cannot going to educate and one in three politicians who cannot go on to change the system today. wise the right to education at any level-- at the moment in the
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u.k. people see scrapping tuition fees as unfeasible and politicians are using current economic climate as they get that of jail free card. i am not saying that scrapping tuition fees means raising taxes. and i'm not saying that taxes have to do-- is people will say it is not feasible however we are in the house of commons today because we can make a change. last year in the campaign before told it is 3.5 billion pounds to scrap tuition fees to make them free-for-all. if taxes can't rise, where do we get the money from? so i am arguing about changing the priorities of spending. 20 billion pounds is being proposed on a trident nuclear missiles, so 20 billion pounds on a cold war rally mr. speaker or 3.5 billion pounds to get every young person the right to free education for the nuclear deterrent is one of many ways.
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their many other ways such as the network. now, it is right that all should be treated equally. it is time that u.k. youth parliament take a stand on tuition fees something most tuition-- are not willing to back. 300 young people, think it is time to change. we are here today because this campaign we have debated to it grade swank and i urge people to think of a system where every young person in this country has a right to free education mr. speaker. one that is not determined by whether you are rich or poor irrespective of where you live and not in education that leaves you burdened with huge debt at the start of your career. add therefore put for the motion to the house that university education should be free-for-all young people like it is in scotland for scottish and people and at the very least a full and frank inquiry be held to how the
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system is indeed u.k.. [applause] >> johnny come thanks gray fantastic and roebuck start to our proceedings, which has gotten things off to a great beginning. can i just ask the premier whether she would now like to make a speech? funmi. >> the morning everyone. you would get a loan to buy a car. a mortgage for a house but not debt for your own future? you want things come abolishing tuition fees will do the opposite. lower education but we of the private and public for universities are made free we will be have private and public.
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your future boss will not just be looking at what degree you have but with do you had a private or public education. so you will work hard for your degree only to be told that is not good enough because it is not private? will that be fair? abolishing tuition fees will not increase accessibility. the lowest number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds than any other union in the u.k.. is free. of less accessible. is that fair? there's no such thing mr. speaker as a free lunch. 2.5 billion pounds from taxpayers every year to pay for this free lunch. is that fair? only 20% of the adult population have a degree. now that is a minority. why should university students
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be the highest priority of the government's very little money? what about the people that don't go? your mother, your friends, the rest of the u.k.. why should they have to suffer? you cannot climb a broken ladder. there are many problems in people face that come before the age of 18 that come before university and these problems need to be fixed first before we can start thinking about education. right now, we are forced to pay three times more than what our education is actually worth. paying for unique is sustainable. paying too much is simply exploiting us, and that is a real problem. i cannot afford to go to university but the government will give me a loan. i will go and get my degree, and then i will be in debt but i will work and hopefully gradually pay off that debt.
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tuition fees should not be abolished. it is unrealistic, unsustainable and not for the best interests of all young people and those yet to come. so, i put forward for these young people today that to not abolished university fees, but lowering the fees to what they are actually words to what they are actually worth, hell yes, that is there. thank you. [applause] >> funmi, thank you for that excellent speech as well. now can i see somebody on the other side of the chamber who wishes to speak? i am looking to my left. yes, the gentleman there. >> yes, you were saying.
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i am james greenhouse. i will tell you, let me tell you this. if you are from a well-off background, you are so many times more likely than someone of vail's background to go to university. that is simply unjust and we have to change that system. leave it up to the policy and youth parliament-maggie pacer the amount of wages for a certain amount of time into a path that will go towards paying for higher education. we have that to get away from the whole idea that you go to university you will have tens of thousands of pounds of debt. that is outrageous a we are being encouraged to save africa were being encouraged not to get into debt and yet this is what the government is encouraging. that is wrong and ict we need to scrap these and we need a new system and that is what we have got to do. [applause]
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>> thank you mr. speaker. in america you can expect to pay over $50,000 a year for university education and you can leave with $35,000 in debt. abolishing tuition fees would not abolish its entirely. only 10,000 pounds worth. the gentleman said if we abolished trident we could pay for university fees or we can give a fredericktown tax rebates to every person in the u.k.. i don't know what i would rather prefer. i got an offer yesterday. [laughter] but, i don't expect the people who don't go to university to pay for my education with their taxes. why should people who get up at 6:00 in the morning or my father
5:44 pm
who didn't go to university pay for my education? i should be the one concurs the debt and incurs the-- afterwards. [applause] >> the young man here indicated first and he also told us his name and his region. [inaudible] visa 3,000 pounds a year for higher education are damaging the heart of this country. [inaudible] [inaudible]
5:45 pm
[inaudible] our country will face the full force of the country taking debt. [inaudible] please government, help bring the rates will into the future by abolishing this immoral-- it is a question of can we afford
5:46 pm
not to? [applause] >> i was just getting to eight appeal for young women to stand and speak in this debate and my which is being granted. please. >> i personally believe-- my problem that it would be very easy for people to go to university without sincere wishes to actually get a degree and many people can enter into the university. not really have their heart in it and drop out. in hindsight that is when they pay for those least two years of the taxpayers. but it the go-to university with a sincere idea of some city you are going to get a degree and do well that is when you get your education for free. [applause]
5:47 pm
>> the young men there. >> mr. a speaker we have heard from several members for the reasons why university education should be free but we have also heard that it will cost is 3.5 billion pounds to go to university for free. now politicians to say all the time we can afford it. it is because we can't. forget about the debt you get into when you go to the university. this country is in 800 billion pounds of debt to begin with. that is the biggest political-- in a generation. we cannot afford it. university education would suffer, universities are-- the person of university u.k. said to get higher education requires further injections of resources for teaching and learning in particular. universities need more money mr. speaker and members who are supporting this motion are going to deprive them of that.
5:48 pm
[applause] >> thank you. it is fantastic that everybody is taking part in this spirit. can i just ask that we might hold the applause until the end, just so that we can save time and get his many contributions as possible. i will do is make this point i'm sure you will want to join me in welcoming this, that we have been joined by the government chief whip, nick brownfields chattering away. nick, please identify yourself. there is the government chief whip. thanks for joining us. we will have the young lady there, please. >> i would just like to see of parliament-- 800 volume and 800 billion towns-- people-- excuse me, but i am speaking.
5:49 pm
[applause] it does not matter whether you are making 8,000 or 100,000 pounds a year as a lawyer or whenever, you are still going to be paying tax a wise and fair that this-- people who cannot afford the opportunity to go for university education. it is just not there, you are going to pay tax all of your life. when you are educated, you are going to be paying a higher tax rate in making more money come giving people more jobs. i think education is one of the only ways we can do this. [applause] >> take the young lady there
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standing up in the blue dress. >> christie fisher. as was said over there the only way to get out of recession is to have free educations of the country gets an even more debt on top of the 8.5 billion to another 3.5 billion in order to slowly graduate yourself out of debt through free education and get your degree. the way to get out if that is to get your degree and get yourself a lot of debt to get the country out of debt. yes he will leave the university with a debt and you will earn the money back to pay for that debt because who pays for that debt? if you do not as an individual, where does that come from? it will come from the taxpayer and the main not pay taxes now but when the 3.5 billion comes back to us to pay that is when we will say, we should not have free tuition fees because it is coming back now and that is not
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fair for the whole of the u.k. who didn't go to university and those who do. the opportunity is there. you have your maintenance grant, you have your loan and you pay the back. that is how it works. you can't get anything for free in life so why should tuition fees be free? [applause] >> we will take the young man here. >> thank you. you do quote you say 3 billion will come back to us. if it does, then it does. but if you are saying we can't afford it then how come mp's are going on in expenses? [applause] if mp's don't clan expenses and we'd get rid of some tax benefits than the money will come and we will be able to abolish them. if we can't abolish them come at least we can lower them. thank you.
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>> the young man here. >> thank you mr. speaker. young people, the very few young people watching this debate today will see how out of touch, unrealistic and unenforceable scrapping or reducing tuition fees simply is. it is equitable for students to make a financial contribution to their degree. they stand to gain financially from a degree. education is an investment and it is rational for students to barwick. at this stage of their life cycle to finance such investments. these encourage students to be more selective in their courses they choose and discourage students from taking mickey mouse degrees such as beckham studies, go management in surfing. too many young people are pursuing courses which lead to these sorts of stupidity. the argument young people like ourselves often use is that why
5:53 pm
should young people who have been failed by the education system paid the bills of others to get a better education than them through paying tax? surely, as members of the u.k. youth parliament, we should be tackling the real issues, the fact that we have they broken society, the fact that we have they broken political system, the fact that we have a broken economic system and the fact that my right fellow member on this side said, we have a national deficit of 175 billion pounds. the time is to stop spending and the time is to live within our means and certainly not reduced or scrapped university tuition fees. thank you. >> thank you. now, as you know the proposals and second years of the motion had i think three minutes. strictly speaking after that speech is supposed to be a
5:54 pm
minute and a lot of people want to take part. so i appeal to everyone to make points very briefly. the young lady from this side of the chamber. >> thank you mr. speaker. lawrene to pridgeon fees is real important because i want to become a commercial pilot that the fee is really expensive, over 50,000 pounds. there is the way my parents can afford that and i am standing here speaking on behalf of many working-class young people who want to achieve, not because they want to change in their lifetime, not because mommy and daddy are any really good job and they don't want their family to feel bad because they don't achieve, so please i am asking, can tuition fees be abolished because i think young people should achieve, no matter what working-class you are, no matter
5:55 pm
what klesse war, everyone should have a chance to succeed. [applause] >> the young man here. [inaudible] this is going to bring a huge economic and the fishery to this country. we need to do something about this. we need to help to rebuild this country. that will be our future. it will lead to more things that will put this country back together again. >> thank you. the young lady here. >> i believe that university fees should be abolished because
5:56 pm
one of the society rights that we have is everybody can go to university and get the degree that they want and i passionately believe that they should. why do we deny them that right? everybody has the right to free education. i think in the end, with lead debts that we incur from the university, they are not going to go away anytime soon just because we get jobs. if we are lucky enough to get a job. in the end it should be considered that our young people are the future and we need an education good enough to stand for that future. >> we will take the young man here. >> many people lament the passing of u.k. from various fields of expertise however one area we can still be proud of is our universities. without university fees those high standards would be-- a
5:57 pm
degree is a record that you have to work hard for and should be treasured and from that degree you will reap the benefits across the years after paying a fairly just price relatively compared to those across america, as you said before. it is fair that we should pay for university fees. nothing is free in life. we should be able to pay for university fees and the can before university fees, and that is why they shouldn't be abolished. >> i would like to take the young lady there, please. >> my dad did not go to university but i go to university, and i will get a degree in tabak alone. just because i can't afford a long does that mean that should stop me. a universities don't need to be free for us to have the right to get an education.
5:58 pm
if my dad can afford to send me why should-- to send everybody else? >> i would now like to call the them in in the checked shirt at the back of the chamber. >> mr. speaker, mr. speaker, the point i'm trying to make is this generation had a legacy in parliament. it the next generation is lowering fees because i believe every generation deserves a legacy and the next generation and the next generation's legacy depends on-- the teacher or now. thank you very much. [applause] >> the young lady at the back. >> mr. speaker, my name is al benign from the southeast region.
5:59 pm
the average university fee is only 30,000 pounds each year. by the time everybody has to pay that money we cannot with a huge amount of debt, so what is the point if busting your hump really over so many years to get great grades doing midnight black coffee sessions and the score scores-- course war if by that time it comes to do cannot afford to go to a university. if your parents can't afford to send you, why do all that hard work in order for somebody else to say i am sorry, you can do it. is that person way out? who was anybody to cross that dream to say you cannot do it? this is what i propose. i propose a lobert university fee and take that lowered university fee and attend university on that rate, paid
6:00 pm
the tax, they slightly higher tax on a sliding scale depending on what they are. this would allow people who would otherwise not be able to attend university to attend it and people who didn't attend university would not need to pay the tax. ..
6:01 pm
>> thank you what mr. speaker. of the moment we are all crying there is no jobs and saying let's look at the other side we abolish the situation free and everybody comes up clean free. where is this just going to come from? i have a friend with a degree
6:02 pm
only for two years only because he has no job. abolished situation, where is this job going to come from. so i say abolished situation is not -- it is not a realistic goal at all. lowering of prices okay. we can deal with that. but at the end of the day we get to the qualification and the job we can pay for this from -- we can pay our debt from competition and we won't have to stand outside looking for jobs everywhere. >> i want to get someone from whales. thank you. >> mr. speaker, today already we have heard what this house and country can and cannot afford. this country at the moment is
6:03 pm
suffering what is called the brain drain when young bright minds turn out and say i can't afford to be educated in higher education here in britain. i'm going to have to move abroad and take my skills overseas and possibly quite probably not come back to britain. now that is what our country can't afford to happen. we can't afford to see our teachers. we can't afford to lose our doctors. it would bring the country to its knees if this was to continue. it's already happening. let's stop it by allowing our young bright minds to be educated here. thank you very much, mr. speaker. [applause] >> let's take the young man here surely the current system is doing a disservice to all young people. those that value their education
6:04 pm
they haven't paid for directly and as someone over there said they come from the stage they can no longer go any further because they can't afford it. young people spend so much of their lives working toward education and there's a stop where they can't go any further. the education system as it stands would be improved if young people know at the end of this they can get to the university and get a degree and better themselves. >> thank you. i'm afraid i am going to have to call the wind up speaker. just before i do that and there will be lots of opportunities in the course of the day, please, do sit down, to contribute. i want to put on the record again appreciation of the fact there are colleagues from house of commons here to support you and admire what you're doing today. my colleague, charles, conservative member, i see jonathan, the deputy speaker for house of commons sylvia from the peak of and bhatia, the member
6:05 pm
from northeast, all here because they're interested in listening and perhaps learning from you. at this plan to ask aretas to wrap up computing and >> can i say first of all the points raised were passionate and there were some really good ones raised. 15,000, 30,000, one in three, young people, we have heard a variety of passionate arguments for why they should be kept. for one the economic crisis we find ourselves in a deep recession. do we need to burden ourselves anymore adding another two or 3.5 billion extra to the taxpayer? or do we listen to the morality and conscious house three-quarters of working young people at the moment will opt not to want to further education because the fear of debt and of not being able to afford the
6:06 pm
cost going to a university. so when you vote today it is not only possible to consider those of the chamber but of the views of those all over england. it's ludicrous how you one young person described the concept to me. practical is how another described it. the investor fees' do not worry me, said one student. i'm not looking forward to the debt i will be left with, said another. do you know how she described this, mr. speaker? she describes this as the curse of her generation and how she will be if unshackled from debt from the word go. we've campaigned on abolishing investment fees. here's one example of how we did it. these postcards that were sent urging them to support this campaign. these were sent from young people all over england, and we're from all over england. now is time to be heard and it's time to hear answers, not only
6:07 pm
have we agreed the cost of the university must go down and more significantly the fees of young people not at the university must be considered when holding any review of university tuition fees. at last the most important thing to consider is this, for those that do in the coming to the university, the university fees, the counterpart of the everyday lives whether they need jobs, whether they can afford food, transport or even shelter. you could be the one out of 15,000 denied the university. you could be the one out of 30,000 in debt and i could be the one in three who might not even be able to afford a university and be left thinking it is the only way. it's the only way forward for me to get a good job, a good salary, a good future. now imagine if in ten years' time 15,000 or more are denied. 30,000 or more are in debt.
6:08 pm
and one -- one in three or more are deprived. imagine if in ten years of time things have not changed. so young people, whatever you vote for, vote for that change. and vote for it now because now is the time. thank you. [applause] >> thank you for winding up the debate in such a fantastic style. perhaps i can say to you i've been interested in politics since my late teens but i couldn't have spoken with the eloquence or performed with the plays that members of the youth parliament have shared this morning. so it is hugely and permanent to your credit. we've also been joined by other parliamentary colleagues and i must not miss them. so the numbers are ballooning
6:09 pm
all the time as colleagues take an interest in what we are doing. we are going to have lunch at 12:45, and i'm going to have to ask that the next two debates last only 20 minutes each. so what that means is we need contributions to be as short and sharp as possible so i can get as many people in. the youth parliament will now consider the second motion of the day relating to the use crime as printed on the order paper. i called mr. alex knight to move the motion. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the topic is used crime and how to tackle it and the proposition is as more young people appear to be drawn into the youth crime but can be done to tackle the hot spots where this occurs? should those young people who are found guilty be sent to prison or be forced to undertake community service? mr. speaker, i hear today to propose to you that prison is the most suitable method of
6:10 pm
model the rehabilitating offenders but providing them with skills for life that are beneficial not only to them but the population as a whole. my argument is going to take three strands. first, prison and offenders and institutes can be a place where offenders can develop education both academically and practically. there is the ability to take the gcc, in the queue and other different types of courses often through the prison system giving offenders the chance to enter society with a higher level of employment, greater self-esteem and understanding of how their behavior has harmed those around them. second, anchor management of rehabilitation schemes exist within prison that can get the offenders the tools of which to handle themselves in the real world. these schemes can provide a transition into society. third and perhaps most importantly, i stress when we have courses that are intended and done in the correct manner, then and only then can the chances of the offenders being
6:11 pm
rehabilitated increase drastically, giving them a chance in life to step forward, not backward. in example of someone who's gone through the prison system and become successful is levi roots. he's now a successful entrepreneur who experienced the prison system in the 1980's. a clear and simple we shouldn't write someone off as unable to provide a positive contribution to the society just because they are in excess of vendor. i believe everyone here wishes to see great provision of young people not only within local community but also at home to prevent them from attending in the first place, tackling issues at the grass-roots level to prevent them from escalating into problems that affect the society. however, the message i am here to spread is when crime has occurred the way of making sure they do not free of sand is to put them through the prison system removing them from their communities while ensuring once in the prison system they are
6:12 pm
likely -- they are provided with greater life skills and training so when they do leave prison they are less likely to offend. do not get me wrong in saying this sentencing should not be abolished. i'm simply saying the prison system is in a lot of cases the right form of action however imperfect the current system may be. to finish, in the words of the home office, you've crime harms communities, creates a culture of fear and damages the lives of some of our most vulnerable people. so how should we as a society deal with those young people harming our communities? i propose the prison system. thank you. [applause] >> i called chris to second the motion. chris. >> thank you, mr. speaker. before i begin my but like to thank the speaker for his complement's towards those who have spoken already.
6:13 pm
community service. why shouldn't someone, young or old, who has damaged the community -- [laughter] [applause] -- whose damaged the community pay for what they did by working to improve it? it's an important that vulnerable young people who have made a mistake are not isolated from society and support, but instead received the help they need as well as the punishment they deserve. i've been told of a case in whales as a young person who committed a violent crime. they were sentenced to community service. they were successfully rehabilitated and became a youth worker. [laughter]
6:14 pm
i shall obey the convention in public of not mentioning people who are not in the chamber. [laughter] prison tends to make criminals better at what they do, commit crime. prison is great at educating criminals. young criminals like all young people have an impressionable flexible minds and a great at improving their skills. surely it is better than robbing. anyway, the vast majority of young offenders are not dangerous. a shoplifter is not a danger to society. merely to the balance sheets of the local shop. why lock these people love when we know the prison is not safe. why put minor offenders in the same place as those who have counties lives, used knives and
6:15 pm
killed with knives? as well as on the safe, locking up young offenders is very expensive. for 15 to 21-year-olds, according to the government's own figures in response to a recent parliamentary question, the average cost is 33,000 pounds a year. enough to pay 11 students' tuition fees. 15 years the average cost is 192,000 pounds. enough to pay for 64 students to go to universities for free, while a lot of someone who stole a packet of polo's in the same cell as someone who stole someone's vw polo at knifepoint? [applause] [laughter]
6:16 pm
it is clear, therefore, that the imprisonment should be the last resort for the worst category of young criminals, the first choice destination for the first time offenders. [laughter] [applause] >> chris, thanks for that eloquent and witty speech and all you have observed the convention i suppose since i'm about to break it because i do want hugely to welcome the 150 or thereabouts parents and youth workers who joined us today. you are hugely welcome. thank you for coming. [applause] and then ask the young lady here. >> hi, everyone. i'm from the london sutton. with community service in some cases where i live people who are doing community service for
6:17 pm
whatever crimes they've committed have ended up coming to certain youth parliament meetings. i don't go to meetings as a punishment. we go there
6:18 pm
6:19 pm
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6:30 pm
coming up. >> another solid year for london fletcher results in another pro bowl snub. and capital defenseman mike green is hoping to play for his native canada in the olympic but does he make the final cut it and william and mary in college park looking to pull another upset while maryland is well aware of what they face in hosting the dangerous maim jurors. inching closer to 2010. this is the only and one geico sportsnite. i'm sharing my favorite ice team with my favorite canadian,
6:31 pm
lisa hillary. i'm the only one i know. >> i know two. he i dated the other one. she didn't like me the other one. >> hope she is not watching. >> redskins have one more game and you have to believe they can't believe for this one to be over. >> yes. >> our kelli johnson has to weather this storm with this team and today was not different. this is the dead last report as washington prepares for the last game. >> the redskins are keeping loose, not worrying about the future, just focussed on one final opportunity. >> it's an everyday process. every game is important. whoever steps in, that is the case, then you have to show them that you are ready to play. >> there are a lot of teams that are out of control and i'm not sure what's going to happen. this offseason but, you know, i just want to finish the season. >> and finishing with five wins may be the last goal jim zorn
6:32 pm
accomplishes as head coach of the redskins his players are definitely on board. >> yeah, you want to win. i don't care if it's the second win. i want to win. >> i think the guys want that fifth game. it's been a tough year. it's been a rough year. nothing's went right. the ball has not bounced our way. to get a win at the end of the season would be great. >> reporter: on tuesday, the redskins found out that brian orakpo made it to the pro bowl. when the man nicknamed rak received the honor, it was bittersweet. >> i was so happy for myself but, at the same time, i know what london and guys like andre have gone for me to help my game. especially for london to get snubbed every year, i kind feel bad. >> just the type of kid he is,you know. i consider him a kid. he is extremely humble.
6:33 pm
you appreciate that for him. as a rookie, he has done it the right way. >> i love london. we laugh about me. you know, he sent me a text. congrats. he calls me brian and everybody is calling me ra can have because he never would have called anybody about a nickname. >> and he said he was serious when he said he would switch slots with him. call him the susan lucci. you introduce the pro bowl linebacker, london fletcher. >> he is a replacement pro bowl. >> i think greg williams -- i sent greg williams a text. congratulations, no thanks. >> and while beggars can't be choosers, this pro bowl in
6:34 pm
miami. >> my first year, they get to move it to miami. you know. that's okay. gets to save money for the fans. >> fletcher has to feel burn with this sort of owe men looming over him, playing in the nfl 12 seasons, 191 games, lead the team in tackles with 11 and the 34-year-old has been to zero, zero pro bowls. reminds me of someone else that i want on television. susan lucci appeared for 39 years on one of my favorite soaps, all my children, a show that should be named after my partner here, miller [ laughter ]. >> the 63-year-old has been nominated for an emmy 21 times and sheep finally nabbed one in1199 -- 1999. >> canadians are really funny these days [ laughter ]. prime timeline-up, maryland taking their 8-3 mark and 6-0 record at home to their showdown with william and mary.
6:35 pm
the tribe owners of quality wips against richmond, vcu and wake forrest. the terps on upset alert. we now head to college park with a preview of tonight's tilt with the tribe. we say hello to radio analyst chris nacci. are the terps on upset alert. that's a good way to put it. i'm sure they are. the terps are lacking something that william and mary has and that's a signature win. terps have had opportunity, just never really seized on them. >> they won six games at home. what have you liked about them so far this season and what do they need to improve upon before the a.c.c. starts? >> one thing that they have to improve upon ray vazquez is the player that everybody thought he was going to be all year long. over the course of the last three games, he has been
6:36 pm
magnificent, everything that he could have asked for at both end of the floor. that's the most critical part. beyond that, they have to defend a little better, defend a little bit better, rebound better. >> i want to talk about shawn moseley tonight. >> he is 93% coming into this game. i don't know how you figure that one out, but he looks good. he could have played against florida atlantic and i think that implicitly tells you what gary williams thinks about this game. that's how important it is. he will play. >> talking about those squall wins so far and, as you know, you played, when you get into your conference season, you hope to have a nice body of work there for you. before the committee looks at what you have done in conference because, sometimes, there are some bumps in the road. what they have been able to accomplish so far this season, how impressive is that? >> well, very. the win at wake forrest is one thing. they played connecticut very
6:37 pm
tough up in storrs. they have done a great job and this kind of underscores the value of any close wins on the road. they won at radford by 2, won by a handful of points in manhattan, a very difficult place to play. it's steeled them. they are feeling very good about them thefts. >> chris from the comcast center. chris will have sot nice analyst report on cs n looking forward to your work after the game to see what they are going to be like in a few weeks in the conference game. >> thank you. >> thank you, chris. our game announcers, chick hernandez and ron thompson and tony massenberg all in the house. in baltimore, it's pretty simple. win and they are in. the ravens head to oakland this weekend with a trip to the post- season on the line.
6:38 pm
after dropping the ball in pittsburgh, their season comes down to this: west coast game. brent harris has a preview now from baltimore. >> it's come down to this game, so, yeah, that's a playoff game. >> reporter: for the ravens, their playoffs begin now with a trip to oakland. >> beautiful part about it is that we control our own destiny. we are not worried about this, worried about that. the importance of this game is simple for us. >> now we know what we are up against and what we have to do to get to the playoffs. now, it's -- we have to go balls out and get this win and, you know, hopefully we do. >> the raiders have just five wins all season. however, four of those have come against teams with winning records. eagles, ben gals, steelers and broncos. despite being a double digit favorite, the ravens are well aware of the challenge that the raiders can present. >> you know, they are coming in trying to be the spoiler. we know that they have a lot of guys that, you know, you are
6:39 pm
playing as a professional, playing for your career, playing for your self and for the guy next to you. you know, eye i've been in that -- i've been in that situation before and you still go out and put everything on the field. >> oakland has a very good team, very physical team. hopefully we can go down this and take care of business and come back here and prepare ourselves for another week. >> and the ravens have a major advantage in every statistical category, especially offensively where the ravens have scored twice as many points as raiders with 44 touch cowboys with oakland's 16. ed reid has a slight tear of the groin. he didn't practice but head coach john harbaugh says that the team is very hopeful he can play sunday although ed reid said it's going to be a game time decision. he does not expect the injury to get any better through the
6:40 pm
week. gerald gaithers has been practicing on wednesday and is expected to play against the raiders. in owing mills, brent harris >> the ravens are sending five to this year's pro bowl. for ray lewis, it is his 11th trip. we'll hear from him and little ray ray on the honor. that's coming up later on in the show. the mike leach era at texas tech is officially over amid allegations that he forced a player in the shed. texas tech laid out their case against leach including court papers filed in response for his motion for a restraining order to lift his suspension. leach was due to make $800,000 in bonuses if he coached the red raiders in their bowl game tomorrow night. still to come on geico sportsnite, mike green loves his country but does canada love him enough to add him to
6:41 pm
their hockey team during the olympics? alex ovechkin scored his first goal on nabokov this fall but that was at home. tonight, he and his teamates look to beat the sharks in san jose for the first time since 1993. until our guys decide that it hurts when teams score on you, we've got no chance. >> that was just an appetizer. flip saunders dished out a full course meal of, let's just say, bad words against his team. we'll hear from flip a little bit later. host: could switching to geico really save you
6:42 pm
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there's got to be more to it than that... i'll never doubt you again.
6:44 pm
today, team canada announced their roster. capitals defenseman mike green will not be going. steve eyeser man who did the picking told green back in november that if he wantd to represent his country, had he to play better defense. team canada has more than enough offensive players. one guy who knows exactly how disappointed green is right now, san jose shark and fellow fellow canadian dan boyle. >> i've been in his shoes before where you lead the league in points and you don't get picked. et cetera an unbelievable talent. he will be there in the future. that's a tough team to crack be a that's an unfortunate situation. everyone knows he is a very good hockey player. >> yzer man and his coaching staff have been up looking at who will be. it came brown to bowme sitter
6:45 pm
and dooughty. green never was on the list. keith and scott niedmayer will represent his team. >> fleischmann will represent the czech republic who won the bronze medal in 2006. >> i'll be attending the bronze medal game. don't call me, i'll call you. first stop, san jose. the last time they visited shark tank, a disappointing 7-2 loss. in fact, the capitals have not fared too well out there, winless since 1993. alex ovechkin who scored his first goal on his fellow
6:46 pm
olympic teammate, nabokov, earlier in the season is up for tonight's challenge. >> get some traffic in front of him. he is a pretty great guy. we had to score on him, you know. we have to get more traffic. >> coming up at 9:30 on a special caps edition of geico sportsnite, joe benita with the newest shark joe chimera. defense, you can argue, is not a mindset, but a style, where you want to be. >> the wizards are not on that side of the ball. that's the best thing i can say. >> flip saunders said his team
6:47 pm
allowed 46 uncontested shots. the thunder attempted 76 shots in all. in case you missed it, kevin durant taking on the wiz kids. eric maynor makes the lay-up, commits the foul. durant literally blows past caron butler with no help side defense. durant had 35. thunder start to pull away. following the gilbert arena turnover, westbrook goes the other way. oklahoma city gets the season series -- sweeps the season series. following the game, flip saunders went open mike calling out his team. >> this team for the last five years has been known as one of the worst defensive teams in the league. until we make a commitment -- and we could not stop anybody out there we were playing solid defense and now we are not. and i don't know what the reason is. i don't know if we are tired, lazy, i don't know, but, you
6:48 pm
know, right now, he is correct. >> they can't guard anybody. i can go out there on that floor and pick anybody on the team one on one and, at 52 years old, i can drive around them. >> you look at the best teams in the league, boston, spurs, teams that are riew lalime good every year, when their offense is not going, their defense keeps them in the games. maybe we should watch some focus highlights but we need to gear it up a little better. >> we have to wake up. and i told them, don't think it can't get any worse because we can. it can. we have to have a sense of urgency, okay? thank you. >> s that was pretty harsh. >> yes. >> it seems like this team's locker room is many coulding apart at the seams. might we see some roster moves forth coming? >> if you were to ask me that last month, i would say, wait, that's a work in progress. after talking last night to some of the players, the phones are working as we speak.
6:49 pm
there will be some moves made on this team after 30 games because, the reality is that they are not getting any better defensively and, now, that flip has called out his team, it will be very interesting to see in practice tomorrow how they respond. >> flip looks like he's had it. >> he has in enough. >> wizards are back home saturday to face tim duncan, manu ginobili. that should be fun. we know about the redskins headed to the pro bowl. up the road in baltimore, the ravens are sendsing a handful of players to miami.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
?ramplts before the car accident and the add noise infidelity, tiger woods came to town and blew away the competition. leading to this post-round interview. as host, i always wanted to do this. so bear with me. tying e how did you play today? >> well, you know, it was a tough day. >> wonder if he tried that joke now how that would work. >> yeah. happy 34th birthday to tiger woods today. yeah, whatever. >> moving on, the pro bowl is in miami this year, one week before the conference championships and the super bowl. and, of course, those players that are in miami would rather much be going to big show.
6:53 pm
ravens faring very well in the selection, ed reid, ray lewis and ngata. ray rice and laron mclane will be packing bags. lewis is no stranger to the pro bowl. his 11th appearance. ben grub was selected as an alternate. >> never gets old. it never gets old because you get respect from a certain level of players fans and coaches. you have to take that from one of the highest honors outside of making it to a super bowl because that's what it's all about. it's about having the respect for your peers in this game. i always dreamed of playing in the nfl but this pro bowl thing is surreal to me. you know, i never thought that one man's success is achieved alone.
6:54 pm
you guys voting for me, everything else counted, you know. we all played a part in it. feels great. you know, all the work that i put in, all season, and back to the fullback position, getting respect from the players, you know, that's a big thing for me. navy is gearing up for their new year's day match-up with missouri. on the other side, we'll take an in depth look. and comcast sportsnet is gig away a free pair of tickets. go to cs and enter the key word "wizards for bucks. you want a large meat lovers pizza? $10 dollars. maybe you're more of a large pan supreme kind of person. $10 dollars. thinking of a combination of your own? that's $10 dollars too. that's any pizza, any size, any crust, and any toppings, for just $10 dollars.
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when we continue our look at 2009 with a look at the first day of the year, virginia tech facing cincinnati in the orange bowl. tyler taylor helping to erase a bet. the hokie, they celebrated their first win in a major bowl game since 1995. this year's verg of the hokie take the field tomorrow in atlanta. you can get a preview of the chick-fil-a bowl and see the profile of running back ryan williams right now on our website, hokie won 85-50. malcolm dulaney suffered an ankle sprain one minute into this game. x-rays revealed no break. hokie play again in cancun,
6:58 pm
mexico. the similarities between navy and missouri end with there are 8-4 record. styles make fights that might apply when these two teams meet. navy likes to pound it on the ground and missouri likes to spread the offense. >> the spread offense opens up a lot of windows. i mean not only do they have a great passing attack, a great quarterback but with the spread then, you have a running game who, they will just start popping 10, 15-yard runs here and there which, in order to operate efficiently against this spread, we have to shut them down, too. we have an opportunity to play against this spread missouri presents a huge threat. the speed that they have on the team is probably one of the biggest threats. that's in addition to the x's and o's, and different challenges it presents. all right. here is your prime timeline-up coming up right after geico
6:59 pm
sportsnite. ivan carter, washington post pre-game edition. as i look over there, there are some a listers there. >> disblm cog up, william and mary taking on maryland. at 10:00, the caps know their way to san jose. >> that will do it for this edition of geico sportsnite. >> serious a liters over there. >> in a half hour, terps taking on william and mary but up next, a special terps edition of washington post live. >> the boys are getting over there, we will tell you this. the terps, better watch themselves or even william and mary. they are a very good team. eye sap, take it away. it's all yours. i touched the ball before it went out, coach. !
7:00 pm
i touched, it's their ball. team! alex. alex, good call. ert closed caption test, please stand by. ert closed caption test, please stand by. ert closed caption test, please stand by. >> gainesville, florida, home to the university of florida and the florida gators prepare to ring in the new year in 29 hours and welcome inside the o'connell center. and tonight, david meets goliath. presbyterian blue hose take on the florida gators and good evening, i'm matt stewart joined by bill koss and hope you're ready for a big happy new year and bill, we have a matchup of biblical proportions tonight. on one hand, we have david, that's presbyterian, 1,200
7:01 pm
enrollment. third year of their transition to division 1 basketball. then you have goliath, the florida gators. 50,000 enrollment. two national championships in the last four years. bill: this game means a lot to both programs. the florida gators may be the best team in college basketball in this decade, two national championships. presbyterian, just now getting to the division 1 level. their kids really feel strongly about their capabilities. they've got a vision for their program and this game means everything to them tonight. matt: star watch tonight, the post players for these two teams. for presbyterian, it's jake troyli, nine double digit scoring games to start his college basketball career. macklin for the florida gators, career high 18 against american the last time out. bill: both guys 6'10" but both guys different in the way they play the game. troyli is a guy that's a finesse player, finds angles to the basket and has great three point range. macklin a power player, has a nice dribble, inside hook. both of the guys have a big impact on the game. matt: starting line-ups tonight for 2-11 presbyterian, keep your eye on zach faircloth, career
7:02 pm
high 15 in their loss to marquette last time out. for florida, number 23 alex tyus averaging 27 points per game. florida gators shooting for their 10th win before new year's. we're coming back with the start after the time-out. ert closed caption test, please stand by. ert closed caption test, ple
7:03 pm
matt: back on the campus of the university of florida. florida gators getting ready to play their final game of 2009 in this decade, with billy donvan establishing them as one of the top programs in the entire nation. gators at 9-3 on the season coming off a 76-60 win over american on monday. to cap a three-game losing streak. presbyterian at 2-11 and losers of six in a row.
7:04 pm
let's take a look at the keys to the game. bill koss, tell bus about the keys to the blue hose and the gators. bill: for presbyterian, they want to shorten the game, manage the clock and they want to see the press but don't want to attack the press. for gators, they want to guard the three-point line. five guys on the floor at all time. they want to limit second shot opportunities. matt: gregg nibert is the head coach of presbyterian since 1989, now in his 21st season. and of course, billy donvan, biggest coach in the southeastern conference despite his youthful 44 years of age. 319 victories for the gators. the all time winningest coach in gainesville. le led florida to national championships, nine ncaa
7:05 pm
tournaments although they played back to back nit in trying to get back to the big dance this season. bill: you know, matt, that's 12 straight post season appearances was a big number. it's amazing what billy donovan has accomplished and this program this year, not many people expected them to get off to an 8-0 start. they upset number two ranked michigan state here in gainesville and then they went on a roll where they lost three in a row. this game means a lot to them. matt: gators in their home white and presbyterian in their road blue. your officials tonight, bruce benedict, anthony jordan and ernie peels. presbyterian starts on offense. travis smith, the first shot and alex tyus the first rebound. bill: you're look at a lot of freshmen on the floor. might be an all freshmen starting line-up. they have guys that can shoot the basketball. smith, a really active and capable point guard that took that shot, missed it but they've
7:06 pm
got guys that can put it up there and they're very athletic. matt: presbyterian can't help but start five freshmen. tyus tried to keep it alive. and macklin came down with it. and knocked out of bounds. last touched by presbyterian. what i was saying, presbyterian at times cannot help but start five freshmen because they're red shirting three juniors. enge for big chall presbyterian is what you're seeing right now on the replay and that is being able to fight that backboard. florida has got size and strength inside. that's one thing that the mid-major programs don't have are the strong, big guys inside. troyli is a big player but more of a perimeter player, finesse player. matt: erving walker in the corner. tyus grabs the rebound and your point illustrated as the gators have controlled the ball off the rim and boynton with the three-pointer following up the performance behind the arc against american.
7:07 pm
bill: exactly, shooting 25% from three point but boynton is a guy that can make the three. billy donovan is believes in his ability and let him have it. matt: the turnover by presbyterian. bill: that's where the press can really, really hurt a team like presbyterian. a young team that hasn't had this kind of experience probably tonight, they're going to play in front of 8,000 people. i think they've played in front of 8500 people at home all of last year. for them, they've been on the road and played with big crowds. i don't think they're intimidated but florida's pressure, their size and athleticism could make it hard to handle the ball. >> presbyterian has played six teams from the power conferences already this season in addition to florida, they've also played clemson, illinois, north carolina, ohio state and marquette. travis smith to faircloth and the rebound controlled by reynolds in the corner. he's doubled for presbyterian. just kind of threw it up. then there's another turnover
7:08 pm
for the blue hose. bill: florida's got to make sure they do a good job of getting the ball which they did on cue and that comes slamming home and that's really, i think, what florida for the rest of this season is going to have to do is be an inside-outside team. getting the ball started inside, making the defense stretch a little bit and then maybe they'll get better looks on the outside and indeed, tyus and macklin combine for 19 of the gators' first 22 points against american on monday and it looks like they're employing the same strategy here tonight. bill: gators have a lot of quickness in the back court. macklin slips the screen, gets down inside and catches it and dunks it. tyus had 19 of their 21 first points against american. they're dedicated to the inside-outside game which they've got the guys inside that can make those plays. matt: catch "sports night" weeknights at 6:00 and 11:00
7:09 pm
eastern on css. tune in on monday night, guys will be back in studio with a bowl recap and the bowl preview because not all the bowls will be done. you have the bcs national championship and the orange bowl coming up as well. that's on monday night, schedule resumes on css. bill: got real good size on the floor right now with werner and parsons at the two and three spots. florida can put some size on the floor and intimidate them. that's one of the problems that presbyterian may have is dealing with florida's overall size. matt: yeah, the blue hose are having a hard time right now getting into their offense. they've already committed three turnovers. bill: when you got a guy like parsons that have quickness, long arms, very good athletes that you can put out there at the two spot where he's playing right now. matt: there's chandler parsons on the dribble. stopped at the wing. he's wearing that on the lower right leg as he continues to battle that leg injury. gators have really been hurt by
7:10 pm
injuries here in the first two months of the season. bill: and florida's challenge is to get back in the transition defense and defending the three-point line. they have to stop the ball first and get out there and put a hand up beyond that 21 foot mark. matt: on the dribble, backing away from parsons. and tyus grabs the rebound for the gators. in addition to averaging 17 points in his last three games, he's also averaging seven rebounds. gets the feed. tries to keep it alive. reynolds pulls it off of his back and they're going to call it a jump ball with the possession arrow. bill: presbyterian doing a pretty good of getting that proper spacing in the half court. getting good looks at the basket. the ball hasn't gone down for them here in the first four minutes but the gators, again, turning the ball over a little bit and mishandling the ball, want getting the best look at the basket.
7:11 pm
matt: the gators 2-8 from the floor to start. go inside to macklin and he got fouled hard. first he was held before the shot and then he got fouled after the shot as well. bill: you take a player like reynolds coming out of maryville, tennessee, the home of a legend around here, lemur fib is from maryville, tennessee and gary reynolds was coached by his dad in middle school he was telling me today but reynolds has the size but doesn't have the athleticism to go inside. matt: chase holmes came one the steal, takes it to the basket and draws the foul. chase holmes is a young man you want to keep your eyes on. the sophomore out of spartanburg, south carolina, dropped 29 in the dome against north carolina. bill: he's really a good all-around player. here you see in transition, presbyterian running out and attacking pressure. that time holmes off the dribble. coach nibert told us today that one-on-one, he's the best player he's ever coached. and he said he finishes at the basket better than any player he's ever coached. so those two qualities will bode well for this presbyterian team.
7:12 pm
when you got a guy that can put 29 on carolina in chapel hill, you got a basketball player. matt: holmes, the sophomore out of chesny high school is the leading scorer for this team. right now, presbyterian having a tough time getting that lid off the basket. a lane violation and holmes is going to get another opportunity. bill: florida has checked derek murphy into the line-up. another big guy. they've got walker back in now and murphy back in. murphy has that shoulder issue. that bruised shoulder that's been a factor and they need to get him on the court and get him some experience going into conference play. matt: holmes, number five free throw shooter in the big south conference. and finally gets presbyterian on the board. you got to think that maybe the blue hose were battling nerves a little bit. not that they're nervous playing the gators. i think they're probably just so jacked up and excited about playing this game and they're being forced to play at a speed they're not comfortable with. they have to slow down and get a
7:13 pm
hold of things here. right back up. what did you like about that? bill: he chucked the ball up in the air. never brought it down. so many young, big guys when they get an offensive rebound, they bring it down and go back up. murphy kept it up there all the way. matt: travis smith had it knocked away from behind. last touched by presbyterian. watch the form of erik murphy, the 6'9" freshman out of south kingston, rhode island. bill: erik murphy has excellent post skills. he's a guy that is comfortable with both hands. he's a quick leaper. a bounce to him back inside there and has a knack for the basket. can play facing the basket and with his back to the basket. matt: kyle mcclanahan, the walk on has checked into the ballgame for the gators less than four minutes into the contest. injuries have bothered the gators. they have two guys on the bench right now unable to play. ray shipman, chief among them is ray mcclanahan is getting an
7:14 pm
opportunity to play early in the ballgame. his third point of the game. bill: once again, the ball goes inside. when it does that, the big guy has to have the patience to field the defense, read the defense with murphy doing well there. matt: werner alley-oop to parsons. parsons comes down with it and gets the layup. it's a 10-point lead for the gators and a time-out has been called by nibert. so presbyterian having a real devil of a time against the gators. their strength and their size and their quickness. >> i really like the fact that billy donvan has got a lot of people on the floor here in the first five minutes. here you see on this position, murphy catching the ball. reads the defense. es his opportunity. gets the angle to the basket. all the footwork, the ability to read the defense. that is a move that's very, very difficult to teach. matt: with two guys out, ray shipman out with that kneecap injury and kenny who might be nedo for the season, billy
7:15 pm
donovan has find other guys to step up and contribute. murphy, this they could give them a lift and mcclanahan, the walk on could give him something, that would be a big boost for this gators team. it is now a week away from starting southeastern conference play. bill: that's right, matt. and florida has four guys averaging double figures right now. one of those is coming off the bench in chandler parsons. he hasn't scored double figures since he had 19 against syracuse a few games ago but he's a big time factor. factor for florida's success and florida's press is also going to be a big key as they get into conference play and experience the press is going to be awfully important. matt: holmes takes it to the hole. murphy made him change his shot and boynton on the release and layup. bill: love the outlet pass by murphy on the rebound. he immediately looked down the floor and got up to boynton which, by the way, we talk about his quickness. one of the quickest guards we've seen in this conference in
7:16 pm
years, but kenny boynton is a quick there, too. he's got some real good hops in him. matt: kevin davis on the dribble for the blue hose. troyli, that is the first field goal for presbyterian. took them over five minutes to get it. bill: we talked about the finesse player in troyli, a guy that can step away, face the basket, shoot the jumper. he's got excellent skills also and a guy at that level, at that mid major level could really be a great player in that conference and the foul is called on presbyterian as erik murphy tries to work his way through that presbyterian defense. 10 poin lead for the florida gators, 5 1/2 minutes in and the gators off and running here on their final game before the new year.
7:17 pm
7:18 pm
welcome home, man. matt: florida with the 10 point lead 5 1/2 minutes into this contest. everything you need to know about basketball. you can find it all on and one of the big issues here, bill, for the florida gators early in the season has been their inability to practice the way that billy donovan would like for them to practice. that's because of all the aforementioned injuries. he says they just have not been able to have the intensity level
7:19 pm
that they need and with that lack of intensity level, oftentimes becomes a lack of focus basically playing the 6 1/2 players that's a walk-on right now. bill: it's been the problem the last three years. with those four, florida had no one left really. they had no bring kids in, new players. one left and went to greece. florida has been handicapped on the practice courts in the last thee years. they have not had the kind of competition day in and day out that makes people better. so that has gotten thinner and thinner with these injuries. shipman has the knee problem and probably would have played tonight. i think they said before the game, he could have played if they needed him. it's important for murphy to get more minutes and important for a kid like mcclanahan, florida's two guards averages 30 minutes per game, boynton and walker. they have to get more help in the back court. a game like this is critical for your basketball program to get guys more comfortable on the
7:20 pm
floor and more playing time. matt: murphy checks out and macklin comes in for him. murphy averaging only eight minutes a game and he's one of the aforementioned injured ball players. you can tell he's still got the padding on his shoulder. he has an injured shoulder that's forced him to miss action this season. >> but florida extends out. pick up your dribble. they're going to trap you on the back court. nice job by presbyterian of handling the press. now they have to run offense. they want to shorten this game, and good work at the basket. matt: troyli on the dribble. a jump hook over macklin and the rebound controlled by werner for the gators. bill: read the defense pretty well. doesn't have that right hand hook figured out. pushed him too much. he has to get it out beyond his body if he's going to use that shot effectively. matt: boynton bounces into macklin. macklin doubled. passes out of it.
7:21 pm
boynton for three. got knocked down on the three. there was no whistle and davis pushes it up the floor for the blue hose. troyli for three. allen the rebound. offensesive glass for presbyterian. they average less than eight offensive rebounds per game. bill: florida again allowing the blue hose to get such a chance point. matt: goes by werner. rimmed out on him. bill: wouldn't go down. matt: chandler parsons goes by allen and followed his own miss. bill: he's been much more active this year. he's a good offensesive rebounder but stayed with the play and got a basket. billy donovan was critical of
7:22 pm
him in their loss against south alabama which they combined to shooted 3-14 from the floor. bill: look at holmes getting himself to the rim and got a good angle there, used his body well and then in transition, parsons throws to the left side of the basket with the right hand. that's not usually that effective but stays with it, went back up, got the offensive rebound, another second chance point for the gators and the gators have about seven of those so far here in the first half. seven of their 17 points have been second chance baskets. bill: you know, bill, when i say that billy donvan was critical to dan werner and chandler parsons, it's all relative but billy is never critical to his players to the media. to the point he'll say sometimes as juniors and seniors, you have to give a little bit more and that's about as far as you get as far as being critical. bill: he's a players coach, no doubt about that. they handle things well as a group together. a lot of togetherness in this florida program. the togetherness as the players and coaches feel for each other,
7:23 pm
a lot of genuine togetherness in this team. matt: walker stops and pops a three. gators have started out 1-6 from behind the three-point line and they've really struggled behind the line. they went 6-15 behind the arc against american but in the previous two games, lost in south alabama. they were 6-37. bill: florida has guys trying to find different ways to get looks at the basket and erving walker is one of those. last year shot 40% from three point but this year at the point guard spot, having to find a way to that three-point line a little bit differently. matt: eight minutes and nine seconds in, the florida gators with a 14 point lead on presbyterian.
7:24 pm
7:25 pm
7:26 pm
bill: i talked with billy donovan yesterday about urban. bill has tremendous compassion for the situation that urban and his family are in right now and we want to wish his family and urban a great and speedy recovery. matt: i thought billy's comments
7:27 pm
to the paper was very good. he quoted john woodsby in regard to the urban meyer situation and he said he used to tell people all my friends, i wish national championships and he said i wish that to all my enemies. bill: it's a great profession. when you think about the calling of coaching and how you are -- you're motivated to help young people and billy donovan one of the best in the business. he and urban are two of the hardest working coaches in their respective sports in the country and what the two coaches have accomplished here in the university of florida in the decade, i don't think there's a college program anywhere in america that's done more. matt: four national championships between the two of them in the last four years. that's pretty phenomenal. no doubt about it. alley-oop to tyus!
7:28 pm
see the re getting to high wire act more and more in college basketball. tremendous timing on in play. walker's pass is up there where tyus can go up and get it. reynolds not able to compete with tyus at that level and both hands looking down at the rim as tyus finishes that play. matt: seventh turnover by presbyterian follows that great play by tyus and now the blue hose have opened the ballgame with 1-11 shooting and seven turnovers. bill: again, you look at the blocked shot on one end and that really is what starts it all. when you have a team that can block shots, you really have something going for you defensively. florida can do that better this year than they have in the last three years with macklin and tyus. matt: tyus, macklin tried to keep it alive. you got to grab it. you can't go up with one hand and you got that kind of size and ability to get up there, you got to grab the basketball. macklin just went up with one
7:29 pm
hand and couldn't get it. blue hose answered with the three. matt: the second basket that presbyterian has hit in this ballgame. macklin playing basketball there. bill: that's a good call. that's exactly what i was -- had nobody around. just played with it. matt: in fact, the fact that he was so wide open may have originally led to his miss. he turned around, there was nobody there! bill: anticipating the defense and there was none there, and there was none there on the second chance points either. there was no question, when you're wired, you see things a little differently when there's nobody there to compete with you and macklin has missed a couple of opportunities in close so far but he stayed right with it and made the basket. matt: macklin averaging 16 1/2 points, seven rebounds in the last two games and the strength of that career high 18 against american on monday. he's the transfer from georgetown who had to sit out last year. bill: the faircloth kid makes another three. came in making seven of his last
7:30 pm
13 threes and really a good shooter of the basketball off the pass. not real good off the dribble. you give him a chance to get it up there and he can do it. matt: werner has been struggling with his shot lately. that's to parsons. and brings it up the floor for the blue hose. bil holmes spinning, kept it alive much he's a whirling dervish, isn't he? bill: he's a competitor. staying with it. matt: hargrave for three, in and out. bill: there's a guy 6'6" out there putting one up. matt: boynton lost the dribble and now the gators reset the offense. bill: florida has one of the -- florida's team as a group has one of the fewest three-point shots for a man of any team in
7:31 pm
the sec right now but take a team like presbyterian, eight of their nine guys have taken threes this year. matt: and traveling is the call on parsons and this is a break from the norm for the gators. they had average 275 three pointers or had at least 275 three-pointers. each of the last four seasons including 294 last year which was three off the record but right now on pace for barely over 200 this season. bill: it's stunning really, they're taking 23 pointers a game only making six and that percentage is one of the worst -- in fact, the worst since billy donovan has been here as a coach. matt: averaging just under 31% for three-pointer chz is 10th in the sec. allen nearly traveled. holmes and tyus the rebound. bill: one and done. florida really limiting the second shot chances for presbyterian. murphy stopped on the baseline gives it up to boynton.
7:32 pm
boynton, the great freshman out of boynton beach or rather pompano beach, i should say and tyus knocks down the mid range. bill: the big problem in that possession for florida, matt, is too many guys dribbling the basketball. you have to catch the basketball, pass the basketball. any time you put it on the floor, you get the defensive stance to address. florida has to make that extra pass and not dribble the ball. matt: three point attempt coming up. great feed by werner. bill: werner very unselfish, did not try to go here. matt: david needs some more stones for the slingshot.
7:33 pm
7:34 pm
matt: florida with a big lead.
7:35 pm
where is presbyterian college and what is a blue hose? well, presbyterian is in clinton, south carolina, about 45 minutes south of greenville, established over 100 years ago. enrollment of 1,200 and the nickname blue hose and symbol scottsman straight from the movie "braveheart." if you've seen braveheart now you know what it is. bill: the public relations from sports information, but actually back in 1915, what happened was they changed their uniforms to blue. and they had blue stockings. and a local writer started calling them the blue stockings and then that was changed to the blue hose and it was officially adopted by the students in 1950 and then they kind of looked around and said, what is a blue hose? and they found that scott-irish fierce warrior and that's what they have now. a bunch of guys that are warriors. matt: very similar, the georgia tech yellowjackets. people think they're named after that, that's evolved over the
7:36 pm
years. they became the georgia tech yellow jackets because 100 years ago, the guys on the sidelines were wearing those yellow jackets. there you go. yellow jackets. the blue hose story about the scottsman and everything sounds a whole like better. bill: i like that. and the braveheart side. matt: better story for it. character. needed a brave heart with the schedule that they played. they have not been at home since november. they will not return home for another couple of weeks when they take on liberty. bill: i'm sorry, matt, but i will say, you think about gregg nibert and what he's done, 21 years and the winningest coach in that program's history and now in division one and he's recruiting some very good players. three guys sitting out this year that are their best returning players from last year. so when we look at this group on the floor, all these freshmen that are playing, this is the process for him. this is the intent, the point in
7:37 pm
time in a couple of years where they'll be eligible for post-season play and they're going to have a nice ballclub. matt: khalid mutakabbir on the dribble, presbyterian 2-17 from the floor in this ballgame. aforementioned players, a'lonzo coleman to the basket of the a'lonzo coleman, pierre miller and josh johnson. miller and coleman are with the team and in their warmups. ahead to boynton. and boynton with the layup. bill: i'll tell you, erik murphy has great hands. that was a terrific job of not only touching the basketball but then releasing it quickly for his teammate to get an easy basket. holmes to the hoop. and holmes gets the third basket of the ballgame for presbyterian. bill: another good example of holmes finishing around the rim. he had 29d against north carolina. he only has seven in the first half. had 22 in the second half. he really came alive.
7:38 pm
matt: gators had 11 first half field goals in their victory on monday. to this point, they've held presbyterian to three. 31-8 now and tyus on his way to a double-double here in the first half. 10 points, seven rebounds. six minutes to play in the half. troyli with the jam. bill: the purpose of the press is to speed up the opponent. florida had the blue hose sped up pretty well but didn't get back and cover, help defense wasn't there that time by parsons. give and go. and the rebound controlled by travis smith to bring up the floor. there's holmes. holmes and coach nibert calls the best one-on-one player. we've seen pretty fearless with the basketball and chandler parsons got fouled. bill: florida in transition with five, can be devastating and that time, parsons ran the floor beautifully. got a good angle to the basket. his teammate guiding the ball.
7:39 pm
here you see boynton with the pass but parsons went out wide and got himself an angle to the basket and got back on the play, of crse, but it's a great job by a guy 6'9" running the floor, getting himself an easy opportunity. matt: parsons at the free-throw line for the first time in this ballgame. free throws made and free throws attempted. now 37-54 on the season right at 68%. and bill, we might explain, we were talking about the players and you might actually why they're red shirting their best players. may finally be eligible for the conference championship tournament and spot in the ncaa tournament and we want those players to be seniors the year they are eligible. north dakota state did that a couple of years ago.
7:40 pm
florida played them here in the o'connell center and they were right down there. but it is going to be a good basketball program and of course, these fellas that are sitting out and practicing every day, they are getting better every day and with the competition that they had, coleman on the right and pierre miller, the point guard on the left not with them on the trip this time around is josh johnson but they travel with them all throughout the season. look at the big south conference. they'll take 10 out of those 10 teams in this year's season but they were 9-9 in the conference last year playing the conference schedule for the first time as boynton knocks down another three. bill: you know, bradford is picked to win the conference this year. but the blue hose played them a tough game. it was a four point game at the end. so, you know, this group might
7:41 pm
be pretty competitive in the league this year. matt: yeah, presbyterian already 0-2 in their conference with a two point loss to highpoint and then that fourpoint loss to radford and coming up next, they'll be playing charleston southern, that will be on saturday and it will be the third conference ballgame. css is your home court advantage for basketball this season. quadruple header coming up on saturday starts with a couple of ballgames from the colonials as old dominion takes on george mason and then drexel will battle delaware, action from the sunbelt at 4:00 eastern as florida international and isiah thomas play new orleans and then join me along with another for sec action at 8:00 eastern as the running utes of utah take on the l.s.u. tigers. l.s.u. trent johnson coming off a bad loss against xavier last night in cincinnati. bill: florida will play xavier here in gainesville. i believe it's in january, late january or early february. but that's another nonconference
7:42 pm
game that florida will have in the middle of the conference schedule. matt: of course, the gators have another nonconference game before kicking off their sec schedule against vanderbilt next saturday. they're going to play at n.c. state. boynton the steal and the push. mcclanahan could not hold on to it. bill: well, there's a look at the gators at 9-3 at n.c. state and then at vanderbilt to start the sec schedule and then their first home sec game, what a doozy that should be. number three kentucky here on january 12th. bill: that's a 9:00 game on espn that night. it will be a dandy. matt: wildcats at 14-0. up at the arena a couple of weeks ago, a snowy saturday. the place was packed to the rafters for austin p. that was all time win number 1999. they've now eclipsed 2,000 and
7:43 pm
those folks up there, john calipari has them believing they can win the national championship. who is to say they can't? bill: mcclanahan finally getting some playing time. had 13 minutes against american the other night. got up to the line and made a basket. made a free throw. put himself in the record books with a point. the kentucky wildcats coming up at halftime, five the impact freshmen in the nation this year. you can't talk about that nms you start with john wall. troyli dribbles into a double-team and dribbles down. troyli on the baseline and mcclanahan, rebound by werner. boynton pulls up for three. macklin, the board and a foul will be called on macklin. 3:33 to play here in the half.
7:44 pm
another time-out. 37-10, the florida gators dominating tonight on their home floor.
7:45 pm
7:46 pm
matt: florida with a 37-10 lead on presbyterian. i want to take a look back at the previous break by the gators. did not result in points. they didn't mind. bill: i didn't. florida shot the ball poorly from the perimeter but here in transition, boynton catches the ball. spots up. he's moving towards the basket and he goes straight up. his feet are under him. and that's a good spotted up three point jump shot. florida has taken three-pointers in the first half where they've fallen away from the basket. they're dribbling away from the basket. they're not under control. any time you can catch the ball in transition, your body is moving towards the basket when you let it go, that is a good
7:47 pm
three point attempt and boynton just didn't get it to go down. matt: boynton is 2-5 from behind the three-point line and the gators are 0-5. 4 boynton had 51 point in a high school game in florida. he's a scorer. he's a fresh maman and he's try to figure it out. when you play 32 minutes in high school games, that's a point a minute. bill: his high school coach is here tonight. we may be able to get a shot of him as the game goes along. he's sitting over there, i think, behind the florida bench and if that's the case, why, he's enjoying watching the young man that gave him some exciting minutes last year as a high school player. matt: boynton, the 12th parade all american signed by donovan. murphy the rebound and he missed the putback. bill: not quite strong enough in the upper body.
7:48 pm
did all these things correctly, got the rebound and put it back up there and but that shoulder, that's a problem for him. he's got to get it figured out. got to get well. matt: boynton ahead to mcclanah mcclanahan. bill: ball movement now on this possession, moving the basketball, stretching the defense. that's not a good three. that is not what billy donovan wants. he wants to get the ball inside, back out. checks the defense. werner forced that one. matt: with his next point, he'll hit 800th of his career leaving him 201 points from becoming the 45th 1,000 point scorer in florida history. he's really struggled with his oefrns over the last several weeks. bill: in the last four games now, last five games, he's 0-11. he missed the last 11 three-pointers and he started off shooting the ball extremely well. boynton goes by troyli. wow, what a beautiful play so you can get the payoff at the end, though.
7:49 pm
bill: he exploded to the rim. a guy 6'2" went up to the rim with his right hand and couldn't get it to go down. matt: 25 point lead for florida. i think this thing that impresses donovan about him so much is how hard he plays defensively. matt: and there you see the results of them maintaining good pressure on the ball and getting the turnover. matt: well, he averages 32 minutes per game. number one on this florida team. seventh most in the sec and billy donovan tells him, look, you're playing 32 minutes per game because of all the little things that you do. now, they know we should score but billy really stressing don't worry about the shot because just keep doing what you're doing because so important to the team. kenny might be finding his lanes after a slow start to the college career behind the arc. bill: i have a feeling having his high school coach here tonight, a little bit of an incentive there.
7:50 pm
didn't play as well as he would have liked to in south florida when the gators lost to richmond but tonight, he's shooting the ball well. matt: 3-6, already has 13 points. that's 3-6 on his threes. and a blocking foul on the gators. coming up at halftime here, from the o'connell center, take a look at bob winslow's top fresh metropolitan and first stat stats and highlights. kenny is really the real deal. you can see here in the first half how he attacks off the dribble and he's having trouble getting -- scoring, 10 opportunities and made just one. not afraid to shoot. bill: he's now 2-3 at the line and has four points. he has two 20 point games already in his young career. that he had against north carolina and he scored 22 in the lone division one win of the
7:51 pm
season against southern about a month ago. the very interesting and did not start tonight. he has started some games for the blue hose. in fact, that started all but three games this season. and gregg nibert, the head coach probably going to use holmes, number 31 and take troyli together and more once they get into conference play. a little bit smaller line-up but he feels that's a better scoring line-up for him in the mid south. bill: well, it really is interesting when you look at that dichotomy, the differences in these two programs, the university of florida, as we said, one of the best programs if not the best college program in this decade and this presbyterian group now moving to division one for the first time they'll be eligible for post season play in a couple of years and with all the freshmen on the floor, young guys that are having an opportunity to play
7:52 pm
against really, really outstanding competition, we go to chapel hill and play, they go to marquette and play. play dayton and dayton and play clemson, illinois, teams that they really have given them experience as young college basketball players. matt: holmes now has five points. as mutakabbir checks back in for holmes. high praise from gregg nibert of holmes he reminds him a lot as the way he finishes as a player for the duke blue devils. three-pointer. first player other than boynton to hit a three for the gators tonight. bill: coming out of the time-out, you feel that coach donovan said time to put up a three, erving and we need to get you some confidence, too. he has made only three of his last 14 coming into this one. matt: i talked to billy donovan today about erving walker and the fact that he's serving 11%,
7:53 pm
nowhere near where he was shooting last year where he shot 41%. parsons gets it ahead to walker. he felt like some of it is he's played a different role on the team this year and another part of it is shot selection. could be better. murphy and that's the half. the florida gators with a 29-point lead as they head to the locker room. the david and goliath story not going so much presbyterian's way in the first 20 minutes as florida, 20 minutes away from their 10th win before the new year for the fifth consecutive season. they have dominated here at the o'connell center.
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7:56 pm
matt: welcome back. it is halftime at the o'connell center as the florida gators battle the presbyterian blue hose. as we approach conference play this season, many freshmen are starting to stand out in crowd. let's take a look at the top five impact freshmen this season. >> living up to enormous expectations seems to be no problem for this year's number one college freshman player. john wall of kentucky is an exciting, entertaining and explosive scorer. he uses the dribble to get virtually anywhere he wants on the floor. he has tremendous feel for the game, he is at his best when he's taking the ball to the basket. high powered kansas offense and this is henry's skills set perfectly. he's an athletic slasher. he complements the skills of the veterans on this team, sharon collins and aldridge.
7:57 pm
he's a great free throw shooter. they have their sights set on a national championship run. since the departure of high scoring knick calasis to professional ball in europe, coach billy donovan found himself in dire need of a scoring guard. enter 6'3" kenny boynton. in the early going, boynton's quickness, length and hustle has been very, very effective in the gators' pressing defense and their fast paced offense of attack. it's to the hoop. the fact that he's known for his defensive status and tenacity separates avery bradley of texas from most first year players. on a longhorn team whose expectations are very high, my guess is bradley's role will expand as the season progresses. he is one tough customer. at 6'10" and 246 pounds, derek of georgia tech is an imposing figure. he gives the coach a big time post presence in the acc.
7:58 pm
he's a possible double-double guy and so far, his field goal percentage has been through the roof. keep taking those kinds of shots and they will be dancing in march. >> and here, bill, is a look at those five impact freshmen and how about john wall set the kentucky record with 16 assists in their victory with hartford and now the wildcats at 14-0 take on louisville on saturday afternoon. bill: i'll tell you, matt, he's special. he puts people in the seats. he's a guy that does it all. he's got great presence on the floor. good size, he's a strong player and shoots the ball extremely well. makes other people better. matt: morome halftime fr the l o'connelcenter.
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