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tv   U.S. Senate  CSPAN  December 31, 2009 5:00pm-6:33pm EST

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>> i would like to all to join in this final commendation. give rest, of christ, to die servin to fifth thy saints -- saintsthy servant with thy saints. you only are immortal, creator and maker of mankind and we are mortal, form of the turfearth and of the earth we must return. all we go down to the dust, yet even at the grave we make our
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song hallelujah, hallelujah, anglophiliahallelujah. give rest to the servin with your st. yusaf where sorrow and pain are no more, neither side in but life everlasting. now, into thy hands 0 merciful save your we commend your servin, walter. he is a lamb of your own flock a sinner of your own redeeming. receive him into the arms of your mercy, into the blast rest -- blessed rest of everlasting peace and into the glorious company of the saints in light. finanamen. life is short and we do not have too much time to gladden the hearts of those who travel the
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way with us. if so, the swift to love, make haste to be kind, and may god bless in, father, son, and police. the with you and remain with you always. amen. let us go forth in the name of christ. thanks be to god. ♪ >> ♪ 0h, when the saints go marching in oh when the saints go marching in o.h. lord, i want to be in the
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number when the saints go marching in ♪ [choir sings]
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♪ [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] >> next, a portrait unveiling of the state department for former secretary colin powell. after that, members of the senate pay tribute to virginia senator robert byrd for becoming the law was serving congressman in u.s. history. -- the longest serving congressman in u.s. history.
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tonight, a look at the best books of 2009. several news organizations have published their best out list for the years. tonight, books by ann coulter harold evans and others. for the entire list, visit our web site former secretary of state colin powell was honored earlier this month with a portrait. there were also remarks from current secretary of state hillary clinton. it is 25 minutes. [applause]
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>> welcome to the benjamin franklin room here at the state department for such a happy occasion. totally in keeping with the spirit of the times where we are about to have the unveiling of the official portrait of colin powell as the secretary of state. four years ago, hundreds of employees from across the state department gathered in the lobby downstairs to cheer for their boss as he said goodbye. today, i am delighted to join staff, family and friends in saying to my predecessor welcome back. id is good to see you here again. -- it is good to see you here again. [applause] colin powell served as secretary of state during a time of swift and far reaching change, both for our nation and world. his tenure began just a few
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weeks into the new millennium. nine months later the september 11 attacks occurred. and days and weeks that followed, secretary paul provided a steady and hopeful voice as americans -- secretary powell provided a steady and hopeful voice as americans faced an uncertain future ahead. on the day of the attacks secretary powell was in lima peru attending a special session of the organization of american states to adopt the inter-american democratic charter, it critical instruments for strangling -- strengthening public institutions and helping democracy deliver real improvements to people's lives. when he heard that the planes had hit the towers, he told his staff that they would be returning to the united states immediately and then he returned to the session to cast our nation's vote in favor of the charter. he did this not only because it was the initial purpose for his visit, but because in the face
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of that attack on our nation's mainland it was more important than ever to stand for democracy and freedom and show the world that our beliefs and our principles will not waver. colin powell has been guided by these values throughout his life. he has been a voice for these values. indeed the experiences and perspectives that he brought with him to the state department made him particularly well suited to serve as secretary of state. he knew from growing up in an immigrant community the promise and possibility is that america represents to the world. he knew from his years as a soldier, the extraordinary power and reach of the american military, and the impact america can have on the world not only in shaping the course of history, but also in transforming the lives of ordinary people. a profound responsibility that he carried with him purify.
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he knew from his experience in war that fundamental principle of the american foreign policy, that military action should be used as a last resort after diplomacy has been pursued with the highest rigorous and scale. and he knew that few other countries -- in few other countries could a child of immigrants rights to be a general and chief diplomat and that an essential element of america's promise is our success in helping all people get the chance to achieve their dreams. at the state department he worked to expand opportunity to marginalize people worldwide. a -- two marginalizedto marginalized people worldwide. there are few americans that are as admired and celebrated as general powell. he has received just about every civilian national award there is, including the
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congressional gold medal, and two presidential medal of freedom. he is only one of three people in history to achieve that honor. but people of around the country and the world have also voiced their gratitude for him in other quieter ways. there is an elementary school named after him in virginia. there are a couple more of named after him in texas pittsford in middle school in illinois. a street in germany where a second lieutenant colin powell reported for duty 50 years ago. [laughter] an artist has just completed a mural entitled "homage to colin powell" which depicts the night sky over jamaica when he was born hundreds of miles north in new york. [applause] it will be hung in the u.s. embassy in kingston to remind all visitors of the contributions of one of jamaica's most famous sons has
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made to global progress, prosperity and peace. it is also a great pleasure to welcome back mrs. powell and the family, to be part of this unveiling. i assume you have seen it, collin, or you would not be your. [laughter] did i mention how gutsy colin powell is? [laughter] able to accept the unknown and go forward. so today we unveil another work of art dedicated to this public servant and this great american. and i join all members of the foreign and civil service and the employees of the state department in thanking view for the time that you spent here. it is a great privilege to serve in this position and to look at the portrait of my predecessors
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as i walk around the seventh floor. now i will be able to look at your portrait as well. and it will give me great pleasure. thank you so much for everything. [applause] >> thank you so very much, thank you. [applause] thank you very much. thank you. thank you so very much, ladies and gentleman, and secretary clinton. hilary, i thank you for your kind remarks in hosting this ceremony. i especially want to thank your wonderful protocol staff, king townsend working closely with my
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staff and pulled this altogether. if i am deeply appreciative of all of this. this is the second official portrait that i have. i have an official portrait of the pentagon in the hall of chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. that portrait was done during the clinton administration. and that was during the time when al gore was doing the reinventing government program. so, it is an eight by 10 glossy that has been blown up. [laughter] it is an aid by 10 glossy that i do like and it was blown up to full size, put in a framed and hung on the wall. [laughter] you are even come on today -- you are even today hillary. >> well, that is how we balance the budget. >> i am honored and thank full
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for your presence today. so many have come from -- friends and family from the bronx, friends and family as a soldier, my life in the government. if i can audit knowledge everyone here or we would be all afternoon, but there are a few people i have to say a word about. first, i want to thank the artist, stephen colstonpoleson for a marvelous job. stephen is a wonderful artist and i thank him for the magic he has applied to this portrait, i hope. [laughter] i also want to express my appreciation for people who have come from afar from other lands beginning with the hon. peter mckay, the minister of defence of canada, a young man that i
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have gotten to know in recent years and i thank you for making the effort to be with us today. there are other men who -- here who i served with when i was foreign secretary, or secretary of state as we call it, and two of them here the vice chancellor and minister of foreign affairs of the german republic and my counterpart in the russian federation. it was the responsibility of my core station in frankfurt to guard the foldout. at that time, russka was the head of the radical greens party. i did not really know him then, but we intersected from time to time. my commanders came in and said, the greens have just gone on a tank driving range and planted trees all over the place so we
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cannot drive our tanks anymore. we're going to run over the trees. no no, you are not. q. do not run over the trees in germany. -- you do not run over the trees in germany. if this is a time for smart power, decisive power. we dug up all the trees brought them to a housing area, off replanted them -- replanted them and then invited the greens to come to our ceremony of rededication. i do not. russka was there -- i do not do notyashhk do notyashka was there are not. we have worked on so many issues, it is hard to list them all about it taking an hour. but he was always a different and a deer associates.
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this does not mean we had no disagreements. the we had your disagreements and many of you remember if the disagreement we have with germany over the iraq situation in 2003 to the point where our leaders were somewhat estranged from each other. but yashka and i were never a strange winter because we understood that what is important is to come back together. what i remember most vividly from those trying days is that yashka would say to make my you know, we have to keep working together. we in germany will never forget what the u.s. has done for us over these years. we have to make sure that these guys are never broken. and yashka especially wanted to do this in the time after the cold war when we were bringing hundreds of thousands of soldiers home from europe. and he was concerned that a
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smaller number of soldiers in europe would break the link that we have always had with the german people concerning our commitment to the atlantic alliance and our commitment to germany. and so, of all the ministers i have worked for the end of the people i have had to deal with over the years yashka fisher is one of the los prominent pro american officials i have ever worked with and off, yashka, i thank you for that purify [applause] -- i thank you for that [applause] ] igor egan off -- igor even off and i became exception -- exceptionally good friends over the years. we worked on the treaty of moscow which took us down significantly with respect to weapons. we worked together through trying times as we watched georgia and ukraine emerged from their post-communist time.
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many a long night we spent on the phone as we chatted through these transitions of without violence. we worked through situations that were so difficult but similarly as with yashka i could always count on his support and understanding because we knew that we had to make sure that the ties that bind remain strong. that is what diplomacy is all about. that is why we have a state department. to make sure that the people of the united states, the president of the united states are representing the values of the united states to other nations. and we take into account their values and their salt -- sovereign interests. it is a partnership with every nation of the world in one way or another. we must always advocate are believed in democracy, our belief in human rights, our belief in the will of the
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people. we should always be committed to extending the hand of american generosity to people in need from the world. we should always be working to solve problems short of conflict and prepared to explain our reasoning when conflict becomes necessary. always respected the right of other nations to disagree with us and often dealing with regimes that do not share our values. in all of this, the president of the united states and the secretary of state are blessed to have men and women throughout the department of state who do a magnificent job every single day. while we are here in this beautiful ben franklin room there are thousands of diplomats, foreign service offices, foreign service nationals and service around the waist -- around the world that are serving us so well. they're not wearing striped pants if they're on a provincial reconstruction team in
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afghanistan or iraq. they're not wearing striped pants if they are in an embassy that is under siege or under threat. they are not wearing striped pants in the middle of a coup. they're not wearing striped pants and fear dealing with the challenges of the world if they are out there providing antiretroviral drugs to people in need for solving the problem of hunger for clean water. they're wonderful people who have dedicated themselves and their careers to the service of the american people. i consider it one of the greatest honors and privileges i have ever had in my life to have been given the opportunity to be the secretary of state and to leave the wonderful men and women of the state department as they go about their work. i thank each and every one of them from the bottom of my heart. i thank president bush for having given me that opportunity. the portrait you are about to see i have not seen. i have seen pictures of it. stephen took photos of it as we went along and send them down.
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but i do not know what the last version looked like. but last night as i was thinking about today, i took a look at the last photo that stephen cents and i think it is a pretty nice photo but what brought my attention is the background. there weren't -- there is nothing in the background, no cases, no background window that i'm gazing out of. [laughter] is a very dark background as you will see, with highlights. you cannot tell if you are inside or outside. you cannot tell if that is someone coming in, or just the spotlight. you cannot tell exactly what the color scheme means because as you go lower in the portrait the color of my suit blanton to the background and the only thing really visible is my right hand. stephen and i had not really sat down to psychoanalyze all of this but as i looked at it last night thinking about why stephen did it this way and why is there nothing in the background, it occurred to me that there is a
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lot in the background. i am not alone in his portraits. there are images that kept coming across my mind as i looked at it, images of people i have served with and worked with over the years. when to give their individual that could not be you're with us today, my beloved friend and deputy richard armitage, who is in asia, and as you know, pulling the few remaining years he has out because he could not be here with us today. all the soldiers that i have served with, there are many images that i can see in my mind's eye the minute -- the image of my wife and our children. and the 47 years that we have travelled this path together. many images, but always there is an image that way in the back of two little people that came to this country almost 90 years ago, where -- with a belief in
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this country. they wanted to be a part of the society. they never forgot the land they left until they did they died. they called it, but now they have a new home in america. and all they -- they called it home but now they had a new home in america. and all it wanted to do was create a life and have children. they had two children. if one went on to be a great teacher and the other a soldier. and it passed on to their extended family, so many of whom are here today, the belief in this nation and giving a desire to serve this nation, which we have tried to do. this is the strength of our country, the fact that we can take in people all over the world, that we are a nation of nations. we have great soldiers to go forward and fight for us. we have intelligence people off. we have all kinds of strength and assets but the greatest strength we have, the greatest asset we have to do with the
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problems of our world and the challenges we face is the nature of our society our openness. this wonderful, diverse society that we have. the diversity is a source of our strength, the glue that holds us together, a lubricant that keeps us moving forward and we must never forget that. i remind myself of this every day as i think about my parents and i think about the great diversity that is america. what a wonderful country god has given to us and what we have done with it is remarkable and the best is yet ahead as long as we remain open and touch the rest of the world and as long as we believe in our value system and reach out to the rest of the world. every time i have any slight doubt, i use two little stories to remind me of what this country is about. the first has to do with the japanese businessman, very successful it is -- a billionaire. he was being interviewed on japanese television one afternoon and the interviewer said to him, of all the cities
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in the world, which is your favorite? and he immediately said new york. and i was surprised and said, why not rome, london, paris? he said, because new york is the only city in the world where when i walk down the street people, to me and ask for directions. [laughter] new york, washington, chicago los angeles that is who we are that is what we are. that is our destiny and let's and paying tribute to a man that taught everybody about the game. >> and then a dream comes true for one high school baseball player a story that will warm
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your heart holiday season. >> hello and welcome to this special edition of net impact. i'm art fa nel. this is the best of 2009 report where we look back at some of the stories that touched most and kept us talking. like the first report that we called a father's tribute when we went under the lights on the biggest stage in major league baseball where yankee catcher jose molina could not help but reflect on the death of his father. this year was particularly emotional for all of the brothers. we begin the coverage of a truly remarkable story. >> they are the quintessential baseball family, the molinas ben gypping jose and yadar, a
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rare feat three brothers playing ints. the backbone is gone. ben molina santana passed away at at the age of 58. >> it is like somebody take your heart and threw it in the trash. >> his passing was stunning between games of a youth double-header. games played on the feel where he built them from scratch. >> he had high blood pressure and he wasn't taking his pills and he was going to the fields andmaing it. all of it got his blood pressure off and that's when he had the heart attack. >> the funeral within the community where he lived. >> it was a major thing seeing 3 or 4000 people in two or three days showing respect, the most respect that they have for my
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dad. you have to be there to know how the kids were crying. i'm talking about nine, ten years old. >> my dad was a great man. he tried to help the little kids and got a bunch of teams. >> he died doing what he loved. he built that field literally. to die there was a special moment for him. >> a special moment as a special place, the ball feel which is such a community landmark and it's street builds the architect's name, it was on that field that a father taught his three kids had to play the game and how to live life through the game. >> he teach us about be a good player every day and try to be better every day we became a man through baseball. he wasn't only baseball, he was the others things first like during the school, doing your homework and don't do drugs and
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don't do this. and then you play baseball. that's the way he taught us. >> among the invaluable life lessons, the importance of sacrifice. little known fact, ben molina had the chance to personally blaze his son's trail to the big leagues about the time benji was born the hitter in the amateur league was offered to try out with the briars and his decision to raise his family at home might be the reasons his sons make their living behind home. >> he is a very strong guy. he had a lot of respect. he worked from five a.m. to 3:30 every single day for that m years. to tell you the truth i never heard him complain once. i never heard that man complain one time of taking us to the field. >> he always had a smile and he was always there for you and his
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heart just -- the way my dad was, the tissue, everything, gave you everything he had for his family. >> now, as we approach the one year anniversary of his passing the mo lipa brothers celebrate his father. they look at the letter he put in his casket. >> it will be a tough time without him and that i love him very much. >> benji channels his father's spirit by putting pens of words in a poem. >> thank you for loving me more now than ever you are who i am today, you make me in soul, now it is my turn to love you, rest in piece. i love you. >> of course the season had a
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bitter sweet ending for jose the yanks would go on to win the world series and with that win jose picked up his second world series ring, he received the first one along with his brother ben gypping with the and gers, his brother yad dar won a ring with the cardinals in 2006. of course the entire baseball community in the city of brotherly love was saddened this year with the passing of one of the game's great announcer, hall of famer harry callus. he was one of those class acts that for so many of us made the moments on the field magical. derrick gunn reports on the voice we lost. >> this afternoon at a little past 1:00 p.m., harry callus passed away at the age of 73 a day that will live in imfa knee
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in philadelphia. >> this ball is out of here!. the philadelphia phillies are 2008 world champions of baseball! >> a voice so distinct and recognizable emma knitting from a man that ca necked with fans throughout his career that took him from hawaii to houston to philadelphia. >> harry always had time to sign an you to graph, he always had time to take a picture with a fan. fans could would come up and hand him his cell phone and ask if he would record his outgoing message. >> you have reached kathy and kevin and they are not in writing now. >> it is out of here! >> it is a voice that provided the sound track for nfl films for 34 years. >> whatever we asked for harry delivered and he did it on the spot, he would would hand him the script and we expected
5:38 pm
perfection and got it. >> we got the ball back in 57 seconds, a chance for both teams. >> upon the news of his passing, fans in philadelphia create add make-shift memorial outside of citizen's park with candles pile out. the phillies flag flew at half-staff. >> i literally grew up only listening and knowing the voice of harry callus for the phillies. >> the thing about it is that he probably passed up in the booth the way -- being in the place that he would have loved. >> thankfully we have his voice to throw back in the vcr and listen to he will be missed. he was a great person. >> less than a week later thousands took part in a public meme for harry inside of citizens' bank park family and friends came out to pay their final respect to the
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philadelphia icon. for all of us i believe i can look up and say harry thank you for entering all of our lives and making them better and our prayers are that god's love and grace will you with you and your family forever. [applause] >> sanedoff so grand it had only been done on the baseball diamond two other times. for babe ruth and for legendarychart broadcaster jack carr. >> i'm a phillies fan that is feeling a tremendous loss today. i got to know harry when he first started broadcasting phillies game in 1971 and i was a 9-year-old fan tuning in. that is when i met the voice. >> the phillies organization is honoring his memory with patches on the uniforms over their
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hearts. a broadcast booth is now named in callus' honor ant 7th season stretch featuring a song that allows harry's voice and personality to take over. >> when you are done look around. he had high hopes. >> so while the city of philadelphia and its baseball team and football fans across america may have lost the voice, they will never forget it and as the tribute continues on the impact of harry callus the broadcaster and the person will never subside. >> in a world away, two nfl players on a humanitarian mission literally save a little girl's life. >> i couldn't believe what was happening. >> you will hear the inspiring it's
5:41 pm
so hard to choose one. you know, during the sign then drive event, you can get a cc, tiguan or fuel efficient jetta for practically just your signature. you can get scheduled maintenance at no cost. there's got to be more to it than that... i'll never doubt you again.
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all of their lives. >> one story inspired all of us to do better. what started out as a humanitarian mission to africa for two nfl play earths from the chicago bears ended up in a life saving mission. from sports net chicago, here is dan higgins with the story we called gridiron guardian. >> i think god has put people in the right time and place for things like this situation like this. we didn't pass the buck. >> two defensive line men and two teammates united in a goal to establish nfl supremacy. away from football there's another purpose that unites them. in a place a world away from soldier feel. >> during the off season the two bears were joined by teammate tommy harris on a special trip to nigeria for willie and who
5:43 pm
say born in to royalty, the africa journey was a home coming. >> this trip was two fold we wanted for have a football camp where we were teaching nfl style football to youth and have a mel clinic where we were servicing world cities in -- outside of laos and the capital of nie jarya and it worked out well. >> they don't care about the football side. it is more like our sons are back. they are back from the united states and their long extended visit and they are back home and we get that kind of love and it is hard to explain like a love that a mother has for their son and the whole country has it for us. >> our every day life, it doesn't matter who we are and where you are from and what you v you can all do little things to impact somebody's life. >> through football, wally and izzi can make an impact on countless fans but during the
5:44 pm
trip, there was one child who made a huge impact on them. a 4-year-old lady named shakier asman. her smile and behind that was a sick girl in desperate need of health. she was born with a life threatening defect, a whole in her heart. as words spread about her condition an organization called the heart gift foundation was is able help but there was a page snag. airfare to the united states was not part of the funding. >> i was like it can't be happen tog this girl. so full of life, even when i wrote a letter, i said she is full a life. i started talking to people and fortunately, i met this
5:45 pm
councilwoman who happens to be wally's aunt. she said my nephew who plays football in america is in town and he will step in and want to do something for you. >> wally's aunt came up to me and told me about the child and the situation and spoke with the mother and it was just when you look ate, it is a no-brainer beautiful young girl and just needs the operation to get on the right track. >> both wally and izzi pulled their resources for the flight that saved her life. they made the trip to austin, texas, the home of the heart gift foundation where saving children's lives is the people they are in. on april 13th, surgery was performed to correct her heart.
5:46 pm
>> i was grateful. i couldn't believe what was happening. is this a dream? is this reality? >> shagoom is healthy and vie want the girl now with the help of everybody involved including two men with big hearts who saved the heart of one. >> we are the ones that received the blessings to touch this young girl's life and try to make a difference, to be a part of something so positive. they were the ones that walked away feeling like wow, it gives us a perspective on life. >> a fresh perspective on life also applies to my report on herb luck a forming runningback with the philadelphia eagles that now run force god. i traveled with pastor luck to africa where he runs a humanitarian mission called stand for africa and it stand for food and clean drinking
5:47 pm
water for africa's people. the former 32 on the field has now been back to africa four times doing what he calls god's work. >> you know it is not just the professional athletes that are teaching us about teamwork and core and and in spa ration, all you have to do is take a look at this story that involves a baseball player and a team that changed what the word winning means. mindy report reported on a champion's heart. >> spring a time for new beginnings, a familiar warmth of the sun on your back as many discover the love for the outdoors. in carmel california a town with roots as deep at giant redwoods, one day the spring was different than the rest. meet women rudolph, team manager
5:48 pm
for the carmel high school baseball team. >> very positive polite and cracks funny jokes. >> kind of makes his own path in life. he has done it with a certain amount of creativity. >> he is a good catch. he listens and he is a teenager and he is a great kid. he loves life. >> will rudolph has a taxya, a mild form of sa rebbal palssy. a limitation with debilitating results potentially. over the years chores have become tougher he has managed to stay focused on one of his true loves, baseball. >> made a do donation to children's make-a-wish
5:49 pm
foundation. >> my illnesses not terminal. but getting in a ballgame will be true. >> my junior and senior year, i watched games. >> nothing could have prepared will for what was in store. the bottom of the 6th inning of carmel's final game of the season and will's dream was about to become reality. >> from the second i heard the coach say number 30 for 14 my eyes welded up and i started to cry and i was like his dream was coming true. >> i haven't been on the field in an actual baseball field in the game since i was like 8. i was pretty happy then. the coach was cool enough to put me in the game. >> will was just pinch running at 3rd base. >> i said you are not going to
5:50 pm
run. >> the crowd was going crazy chanting his name. >> with cameron was in position a father was ready to catch a special moment for his son. >> my perception of what i should be doing ant angle i should have on the shot and how do i capture it the first time on the field. >> what happened next was something all in attendance will never forget. >> before the play actually i thought about it they hit the ball to me and what was i going to do and it came to me and i cannot -- i actually paused for a second while i was running to 1st base and i was praying that he would throw me out instead of
5:51 pm
will. >> running. thought they had an easy play. >> i tooked a look from 3rd base and i pointed at first. >> i was going to throw it from home but i don't know, something in my heart told me that was not the right thing to do. >> that warm moment of mutual respect and sportsman ship create add memory that will last a lifetime. >> truely, i didn't stop crying until pretty late that evening. because i saw him get lifted up and it was just a dream come true for my child. >> while the run was one of many in carmel's easy's run no
5:52 pm
scoreboard could measure the impact it had on a young man with a dream. >> it's such a small thing that he wanted. after everything he has gone through to make it happen. it was the most wonderful moment i have had. >> both the coach to know my physical limitations and still put me in, that is amazing. >> to realize that t t t t t t t t t t t t t t
5:53 pm
welcome home, man. >> and still to come on this year's best of net impact are you ready for some racing? >> all right. here we go. more laps. my man dillon berger, we will go behind the wheel to show racing fans what it is like to go 120 miles per hour.
5:54 pm
stay right this because net impact is coming right back. >> welcome back to the best of net impact 2009. >> you may remember our report on washington capital's alex ovenchin a player loaded with family and forks he has major endorsements and commercials and his own clothing line and that's just for starters. earlier we asked the hockey superstar if he is overwhelmed by all of his success. >> in washington it is a pretty cool thing. you go in a shop or you buy some stuff and shopping and people just say hey alex, good game last night, critical game. it is very fun. >> one more interesting thing this tough guy on the ice actually admit that had he cries at movies. well, actually, so do i. go figure. finally, let's have some fun some fast fun, some of the best
5:55 pm
work happened this year when our reporters got right in the middle of the action in this case, speeding through the turn at 120 miles per hour at the famous dover international speedway for chris miller it was time to start your engine to see if he could survive the notorious monster mile. >> chris miller and don knee knew birring here's dover international stairway, year two of the monster mile experience, got the fan experience and i'm going behind the wheel time to go drive. ten laps of fun, let's get it done. >> it's official, here is my pit pass and my name on it. if anything happens put it in my meme mores. >> are now a semiprofessional race car driver. and maybe by the end of the day it will make you professional. >> it's that time. got to go put on my uniform and when i come back i will be a full fledged driver, i hope.
5:56 pm
>> hey, buddy. thank you very much. >> make no mistake, if anything happens to me, you have to explain it to my wife. >> me and your wife have it worked out. >> is that why the insurance papers are out this morning? >> i'm moving right in. >> all right. here we go. more laps. my man don new berger. >> that was a tip, for us doing 120 miles per hour going into that first turn, you feel it. you feel it.
5:57 pm
and that was fun. that was fun. >> i can't wait to do it myself just to see what it will feel like being on the left side of it and being on the right side of it, that was a rush. that was a rush, man. that was a rush. wow! >> all right, man. let's do this.
5:58 pm
>> it will be all right. it will be all right. >> we are ready. i am ready. all of the teachings that don gave me for the past year-and-a-half i get to a my it and go around the monster mile, they don't call it that for a reason. that's it. let's go race. [ revving ] >> donnie, how did i do? >> what do you think hot rod. >> that was awesome. >> you look good. >> turns all right. >> not bad, for a rookie you did a great job. >> the hat man, call the hat man. >> all right. >> this is one of the toughest tracks called the monster mile for a reason and it is a track you have to drive, you did all
5:59 pm
right for your first time out. >> we appreciate it. >> i don't know if you are my backup yet but
6:00 pm
nc state has played unc greensboro many times but tonight is the first time they have played in greensboro. this the first time the spartans have called the greensboro coliseum home. it is nc state battling the spartans of unc greensboro. mike hogewood along with mike gminski. >> i think they're going to get invited to play in the ncaa
6:01 pm
tournament here in march, but they're getting ready to play in the conference. >> let's look at the impact players. >> for nc state, tracy smith has been the model of consistency. he's playing out of the double-team much better. ben stiwall can score off the basket. he may have to pull off the 15 feet to score. >> greensboro has two key players out with the flu. we'll have more on th why is travel these days about what you give up and not what you get? like electricity for gadget power at your seat. room to stretch your legs, and your wingspan, food when you're hungry, and taking off your shoes, only if you feel like it. these aren't luxuries, they're basics. get them back on acela.
6:02 pm
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6:03 pm
happy new year. >> tim: we'll echo that statement. let's look at the starting lineup. we told you about tracy smith. dennis horner the senior having a great year, averaging in double figures. for unc greensboro new faces in the lineup tonight. montel smith the senior gets his first start of the year. and brian cole will get the first start of his unc-g spartans career. these two teams have met six times. nc state has won all six. three years ago in raleigh they host: coulswitching geico reallyavyou 15% or more on car insurance? host: is ed "tooall" jones too tall?
6:04 pm
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6:07 pm
>> mike g.: for the spartans, finish shots. they've bp getting good looks. so many of their shots have been blocked in acc competition. they've got to find a way to finish. >> mike h.: unc greensboro in their home white. nc state in their road red. it will be the true freshman brian cole jumping center against tracy smith. that will be an interesting matchup to watch as state controls the opening tip. here comes javy gonzalez. >> mike g.: they're going to
6:08 pm
have to give cole, i think, some support down low and give him double-team help with smith who's a terrific low post scorer. >> mike h.: horner left the three short but got his own rebound. nice hustle by the senior, dennis horner out of winwood, new jersey, and he's fouled. >> mike g.: he has really been very steady this year, and he's become a leader on this team. really has bided his time through the first three years. now he's playing a prominent role in this offense. he's been terrific. over 50% from both the field and from three. >> mike h.: averaging over 13 1/2 points a game and he's an 80% free-throw shooter, dennis horner. >> mike g.: he was one of the guys that mike clement talked to me about before the game. he's a power forward, but he can really spread the floor and shoot the three. you've got to focus in on him. stywall is going to have an interesting night trying to cover him on the perimeter. >> mike h.: been in double figures in every game except the losses to wake forest in
6:09 pm
arizona, which tells you something about his importance to this team. >> mike g.: especially a team that is challenged like nc state is to shoot from the perimeter. that's gotten better recently. >> mike h.: c.j. williams with the steal for nc state. there's the freshman scott wood out of marion indiana number 15. also in the opening lineup for nc state. stywall almost got a hand on it. stywall, we've been told has been playing well. williams. it's stywall who had 14 rebounds earlier this week in a game against wake forest, comes down with that board. stywall's jumper rims out. there's a quick foul by montel smith.
6:10 pm
and there is sidney lowe in his fourth season. of course known as the point guard on that 1983 national championship team playing under jim belmont. >> mike g.: much better atmosphere on this team. better chemistry. basically all sidney's guys. horner was recruited by sendek but never really played for him. this is a more cohesive unit. >> mike h.: you can notice that in warmup. they all seem to be together and like each other as scott wood hits that bucket. north carolina state jumps out to an early 5-0 lead. mike is going to take a time-out. this is mike demint's second stint as the head coach at uchl nc greensboro. he went and took the job at smu in between. started his career as a volunteer assistant at duke. >> mike g.: mike krzyzewski gave him his first job. he was here for two important parts of this program's history.
6:11 pm
led them into division 1 his first time around. and now in this building in the southern conference. >> mike h.: he is a fiery coach and does not like the way this game has started for his spartans. nc state, 1 for 3, all of them from three-point range. kyle randall just came into the game, and he has it knocked away at turnover. randall, who had started every game this year, not in the starting lineup tonight. the freshman from camfield, ohio. >> mike g.: in playing against acc competition he has seen great point guards night in and night out. i think in the end it's going to benefit him when he goes into the southern conference. just a little shell shocked playing against the level of competition. >> mike h.: there's not a lot -- unc -- he hasn't seen this before this season. this is the fifth acc team
6:12 pm
they've played as horner is called for traveling. >> mike g.: they'll play seven next year, mike. so they're inching up on conference membership. >> mike h.: they've still got maryland to play. maryland will play here in the greensboro (ú coliseum on sunday afternoon. >> mike g.: terrapins, a tough loss against william and mary. william and mary, 2-0 against the acc this year. both on the road. >> mike h.: it has been an interesting preseason. randall. and javy gonzalez, great defense. knocked the ball away to wood. back to smith. >> mike g.: well run break. right now they are just really trying to pressure randall. javy gonzalez is getting right up into his grill. 8@á@qp=@9tí8exbaa iw,bwñpr zi@m0m6ñru,vbt:1a d@gp@v @cfcnc >> mike h.: nc state playing outstanding defense. on the drive, there's kyle &f randall. again, he's coming off the bench tonight for the first time. >> mike g.: sidney lowe talked about the fact in watching film on uncg that they are very
6:13 pm
aggressive. they want to try to get into the paint area. he stressed keeping them in front of us is going to be a big key. >> mike h.: randall in his last two games, just 2 for 18 from the field. one of the reasons he was not in the starting lineup. good ball movement by nc state. there's smith. kendall toney with the rebound. oh, my. a tough shot by brandon evans, the leading scorer on this spartan teams. >> mike g.: he's the one guy who can create his own offense. he's really good off the dribble. he's looking much more comfortable than he did in the first game that@4 i saw him play against duke earlier in the year. >> mike h.: evans, a transfer from east carolina. 5nényytwll'm1 i'll tell you what scott wood a shooter. 27% from behind the arc.
6:14 pm
hasn't starte¡6$xr shooting like it. >> mike g.: playing really well the last three games. hit a real low for five games. he has to get his confidence back. he's a guy they have to identify on the perimeter and get a hand up. >> mike h.: again, it's randall on the drive. the feed to cole. strong move to the bucket by brian cole, the freshman. >> mike g.: three minutes for the light to go on for uncg. they've played much more confidently the last two. >> mike h.: nc state started out to a 7-0 lead. smith. cole deflected that shot. good defense underneath by the spartans, down with it is brandon evans. and he'll take the three. time-out on the floor. 15:24 in the first half.
6:15 pm
the freshman
6:16 pm
>> mike h.: welcome back. take a look at our auto bell car wash scoreboard. unc greensboro has hit 3 of
6:17 pm
their last 4 shots to draw within four. when you're playing an acc team a team like nc state the last thing you want to do is get behind double digits early. >> mike g.: the thing was they were turning the ball over. they've got five fewer shots than nc state has at this point. that's the result of three turnovers. taking care of the ball is going to be critical for the spartans to get back in. i think they've regained their equilibrium back mike. they're playing much better than they did the last three minutes. >> mike h.: you just saw a shot of scott wood, the freshman from marion indiana has been the bright spot of the offense early. another opportunity here for the spartans. there's that defense of nc state. four turnovers now for unc greensboro. smith, the offensive board and a putback. he averages over nine rebounds a game. tracy smith. >> mike g.: third offensive rebound, fourth offensive rebound of the game for nc state.
6:18 pm
you can't give them multiple punts opportunities. make them miss on the first opportunity and then get them the ball. >> mike h.: i think tonight's an important night for tracy smith. he was suspended one week ago in that close loss to arizona by nc state. he did not score in double figures for the first time this season in the game earlier against winthrop. nc state, just 4 of 12 to start this game. here's gonzalez. shot clock's under 10. oh, gonzalez with two seconds on the shot clock. nice drive. >> mike g.: that's the thing at point guard you have to have a guy who can break it down at the
6:19 pm
shot clock, get you an @ opportunity. mike dement thought he had traveled on early 0b on in that possession. javy gonzalez is really playing at a high level, reallypgu@jjh coming into his own as a point guard this year. >> mike h.: number four in the acc on assists. jn n eól@÷xe/h@l&nfrúq]nm2 and c.j. williams sophomore from fayetteville down with the rebound. here comes nc state again. there's the feed to smith from gonzalez. >> mike g.: gonzalez made that play by the dribble drive penetration. stywall had to step up. tracy smith had an easy opportunity. >> mike h.: largest lead of the game for nc state. at 16-6. tracy smith and scott wood each have six points here to lead nc state out ho this early lead. >> mike g.: mike dement talking defense to his team right now. javy gonzalez really had an easy advance up the floor off the dribble. you've got to calm him down somehow, keep him out of the lane area. >> mike h.: unc greensboro just
6:20 pm
2 of 9 on the season. they are 1-1 in southern conference play. they beat sanford handily 73-40 on december 5th. and then lost to college of charleston. javy gonzalez getting a break right now. well deserved. three new players in for nc state. e q 3 farnold degand is on the floor. julius mays out there as well. this is mays with the basketball. >> mike g.: another unforced error for the spartans that time. p?@$r'47 747 7474? ?s,47ín@l ;ú6úóú[uzpíuí4[4ç4[ó:>@húú/ >> mike h.: richard howell the third substitute in the game for nc state. n ÷7ñ/w w>w> mike g.: you can't fault the defense. that was pretty good by cole. he made smith settle for a pullaway jump shot with no double-team help coming. smith just beat him with a
6:21 pm
better shot. >> mike h.: nice drive. tracy smith with the block. smith's got 12 blocks on the season. >> mike g.: we talked about it against the acc competition. they've been getting good looks. it's been a block fest almost in every game, especially the wake forest game the last time out. .x@úl 8oyúñffgf&l >> mike h.: kendall 98@e@ú toney back in the spartan lineup, @zxmlu:÷t.m+ replacing van dussen. spartans have all of a sudden gone ice cold. nc state with a chance r3@s@rns81nqkxoqx1l1@1úy to add to their 12-point lead. >> mike g.: and stywall hasn't gotten many opportunities. they need to get him involved in the offense. >> mike h.: only taken one shot. howell stepped on the end line. second turnover for nc state. >> mike g.: these guys have been playing better lately. he's come off surgery in the preseason. he's really started to feel much better out on the floor, playing
6:22 pm
at a high level over the last couple of games. >> mike h.: deshawn painter, freshman 6'9", out of norfolk virginia in the game. >> mike g.: painter getting some time because jordan vandenberg twisted his ankle at shootaround this morning. painter gets a chance to step in. >> mike h.: one thing to get hurt in practice or in a game, but walking off the floor was vandenberg. >> mike g.: he was doing a drill actually. but he kind of ran off the floor, which the coaches were a little perplexed at. >> mike h.: on the bench in street clothes tonight. he's been playing so well defensively. >> mike g.: unc will mix up defenses. >> mike h.: just into the game deshawn painter. >> mike g.: shooting 35% but knocks down a nice 18-footer. didn't think he had that in his
6:23 pm
range. >> mike h.: painter originally signed with florida, was released from that. >> mike g.: think he'll be motivated on sunday. >> mike h.: i think he'll be motivated on sunday against the gators. the three won't go from toney. >> mike g.: that's a tough way to work into the offense. >> mike h.: uncg hachlt gone cold, and nc state has been able to take advantage.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> mike h.: nc state on a 10-0 run, up 20-6. tracy smith had a lot to do with that. >> mike g.: a couple of offensive rebounds and then really a measured dribble off of no double-team there for the score. and then on the defensive end getting a block as well. >> mike h.: he's got eight points already, and 4 for 7 from the field and a blocked shot. the spartans have gone over 4:30
6:26 pm
now without a bucket. it was darius sellers number 2, who's in the game. because of sickness, he's going to have to play a little bit tonight. not normally in the rotation. montel smith now, the senior, who got his first start of the year. cole is open baseline. boy, got his own shot. nice play by brian cole to follow his shot. >> mike g.: just stayed right after it. really nc state did a nice job of building a wall defensively, and it wasn't until the very end that penetration allowed him to get that jump shot. >> mike h.: nc state has made their last five field goals. >> mike g.: one-three-one point
6:27 pm
zone for the spartans. >> mike h.: degand hits the three. we talked about it earlier, g-man. he's playing a different position. >> mike g.: they asked him to be a two guard. instead of a guy who facilitates the offense, he's got to be a little more selfish with his shots. he's playing against winthrop where he hit three threes. so maybe that transition is start to go come aloong. >> mike h.: we mentioned a couple of guys out for unc greensboro. mick co-koivisto, who has five starts, and pete brown who had ten starts. both these guys have come down with the flu this week and they're not available tonight. really hurts uncg's depth. kyle randall now will set the spartan offense. julius mays doing a pretty good job defensively. shot clock at five.
6:28 pm
>> mike g.: nice job that time of him staying after. nc state quit playing on the shot. >> mike h.: going to ask to reset the shot clock, i believe. our officials tonight, doug sermons and william hume. it was sermons, who noticed that. farnold degand looking every bit of that shot. shot clock to ten for nc state.
6:29 pm
good defense by uncg. they come up with the steal. here comes evans. leaves it to stywall. we haven't called ben stywall's name a lot tonight. we talked about him at the beginning of the broadcast. he's fouled. >> mike g.: good defense. it triggers the fastbreak nice pass there. maybe stywall gets to the free-throw line, get a couple of touches of the basketball, get into this game that way. remember against duke he didn't score in the first half but had 19 in the second. >> mike h.: that's ny state's first foul of the game. ben stywall, 6'5" senior from charlotte. >> mike g.: not dissimilar from tracy smith. little undersized. post player who can go out 15 feet from the basket. kind of the southern conference version of tracy smith. >> mike h.: stywall is averaging nine rebounds a game over his last three games. what a game he had against wake
6:30 pm
forest. 13 points. 14 rebounds. smith got the offensive rebound. boy, he's been tough on the boards here in the first half. he's got ten points. >> mike g.: we talked about the last two games. one in double figures. he's taken care of that business already. >> mike h.: van dussen back in the game. they really like that freshman, number 11. he's playing pretty well for himself in the first half. shot clock winding down. it's at five. nice shot by kyle randall. >> mike g.: randall has been able to get to his right hand. he's made nice penetration moves. a second holder. >> mike h.: just 2 for 18. playing well tonight.
6:31 pm
class "a" pennsylvania a year ago. randall, a true freshman. got pretty physical between stywall and josh davis. foul is going to be on stywall. time-out o [ woman ] half the calories. [ man all the g. ♪ ♪ [ man #2 ] half the calories. all the g. [ muhammad ali ] i'm gonna float like a butterfly and sting like aee. ♪ ♪ float like a butterfly. sting like a bee. i'm gonna float li a butterfly and sting like a bee. ♪ ♪ sting like a... stg like a bee. ♪ ♪ [ won ] half the calories, all the g. [ woman #2 ] i know that'right.
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6:33 pm
>> mike h.: mike hogewood and the g-man, mike gminski back with you where nc stat


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