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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  January 15, 2010 8:00pm-11:00pm EST

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tonight "the wiz" ardz two road game trips begin in the windy city. 8th in the league in rebounding, third in blocks. while chicago's joakim noah has blossomed he's a physical presence, now second in the league in boards n their loan trip to the united center, "the wiz" ardz meet the bulls on comcast sportsnet next.
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. this building has seen some dramatic finishes, including one that took place between these two teams five years ago in the postseason. tonight, their only trip to the united center this year as comcast sportsnet brings you wizards basketball. they take on the 17-20 chicago bulls. hi folks, glad to have you. steve buckhantz and phil chenier with you. in the regular season, chicago has won 8 of 10 against "the wiz" ardz here. perhaps antawn jamison will have something to say about that tonight. >> he has -- averaging 4 and 12 and he's coming off one of his
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best games, 25 points, 19 rebounds, played all but two minutes in the game against atlanta two nights ago. again, he's been a thorn in the side of the bulls. >> the increasingly stellar play of joakim noah has him second in the nba and three for rebound. for brendan haywood, this will be a terrific challenge. >> he's had at least 10 rebounds, he has nine double doubles and three of them come ngt last four games, including the game against atlanta. 71%, tonight he's be going against another young, talented lineup and that lineup features joakim noah, a guy he'll have to challenge quick. look at the two of them, they are right at the top in a number of categories. brendan has the ang sflang
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offensive blokdz -- advantage -- brendz an has the advantage in offensive blocks. he's an impact player. you look at his numbers, averaging a double, double. that's second best in the league. he's also doing a stre good job in the blocked shot department. >> all the disextractions and drama have not swayed antawn jamison. "the wiz" ardz get settle to battle the bulls coming up from chicago. ifd buerengin a c.
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. >> steve: the house that m.j. built or at least made famous. they'll play the next two in washington. last year, chicago won three out of four but if there is one wizards you can count on placed on his play recently, that's antawn jamison, the subject of our -- >> he's not your proet toep
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power forward -- -- prototype power forward. he's the team's leader and co- captain. antawn jamison's been a model of consistency both to on and off the court. he's led the teaming in scoring over the last two sense. over the last ten games, he's taken the level of play higher. his shooting around right around 50% both from the field and 3-point range. he's had to log more minutes because of injuries and play lack of play from other. he's been even more productive, his work before the orlando game, about being role models and making the city proud were inspirational and needed to be said.
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he spoke from the heart. and followed it up with one of those antawn performances, 28 points, 11 rebounds in a wizard victory. look all you fans following "the wiz" ardz, it's not fun seeing the team struggle and lose but it's a pleasure to watch jamison play the game, especially the way he's played the last two weeks. stay tuned. when we return, we'll have opening tip on comcas sportsnet.
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uhhh f maksens eviohhelgros inc f hhh babahat e go rs of experience clicl, ome ock: get it right. erty . >> steve: well, the the gilbert arenas situation taking front page tonight. geico sportsnite will have complete coverage of that as well as the capitals and maple
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leafs and the ravens as they prepare for the colts. you saw what happened earlier today, gilbert pleading guilty to a felony count of gun possession without a license as part of a plea deal. prosecutors recommended a sentence of six months or less. that remains to be seen. we will find out when sentencing takes place on march 26th. more on the gilbert story as we progress through the night here. wizards also play this evening without mike miller who remains injured with a bad calf. and javaris crittenton has been excused from team activity, as part of that arenas thing. >> phil: foye probably has a
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little bit more height but he's still just as strong as derrick rose. >> steve: coming up on 5 minutes to play quarter no. 1, wizards after trailing 9-2 have come back to tie it and cut it to 1. chicago's second in the nba in rebounding, only the lakers average more per game. wizards ball on the side and a couple of subs coming in for chicago. hinrich will come out, as well as taj gibson. tyrus thomas is in the game along with john salmons. >> phil: thomas at one time was the starter but he's been coming off the bench this year. he's very active and explosive and a very good shot blocker. he, along with noah, presents a good line of defense for them. >> steve: butler drives, drives contact and he'll tlo go to the free throw line.
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one of the better shooters in the league. luol deng called fortunate foul. had the 6th double double of the years versus atlanta wednesday with 15 points and 11 rebounds. caron can give "the wiz" ardz the lead. >> phil: he's not gotten into a good rhythm where he's had a good solid four, five games in a row. he's certainly been able to fix whatever was wrong with the free throw line. >> steve: here's salmons, will not shoot it. they have taken the lead by 1. deng, luol deng averaging better than 17 and a half points per game in his 6th year from duke. played all six years from here.
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he was actually drafted by phoenix after a year at duke and was traded to the bulls. butler pulls up aunt jumper -- on the jumper, noah is all over it. fourth rebound for him. rose the other way. >> phil: good job. he did a good job of getting out, proekt protecting the pick and roll and hustling to get in fronts of noah for the rebound. >> steve: looking in for haywood, has it. lays it in. nice pass. >> phil: that's deshawn's pass. >> steve: yeah. >> phil: good job. >> steve: once again, washington back up by 1, brandan haywood having a stek speck tack larsen, career season, averaging just under 10 points per game and 10-1/2 in rebounds. he's third in the league in blocked shots.
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they are battling. this time butler fouls him. >> phil: you know, at that point you got to realize that you really burned a lot of time on the clock. he was very aggressive. i thought he could g
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zards have come back and lead star this season, averaging 22- 1/2 points and almost nine rebounds a game. >> phil: already he has 9 points, including a long 3. he's been shooting with such accuracy, though. there he knocks down the 3. even from the free throw line over the last two, three weeks, he's right around 80% from the line, so every aspect of his game has gone up another level. >> steve: antawn with his 9 points, as we mentioned earlier, has in fact tied jawan howard, now 9th place on the wizards franchise all-time scoring list. coming into the game at 8,524. next spot will be greg ballard,
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he's 8th with with 8,706. howard comes to town monday with the portland trail blazers. here's brad miller, off balance, couldn't get it to go but he is fouled on the play about oberto, in the game for washington. kirk hinrich back in for the bulls. >> phil: fred miller normally stationary shooter, this time puts the ball aunt floor and is able to get the angle on of a brees fabricio. when you combine the two,
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miller and noah, their assists per game, they average right around 4 and a half per game, both of them very good passers from the post position. >> steve: wizards have a guy named mill who are is an excellent passer as well, but he's unable to play, still bothered by the calf muscle. butler against thomas, that's goal tending! >> phil: somebody hit the rim, looked like may have even grabbed the rim. >> steve: clearly the hand was phil: you have to bring that ball quickly between two defenders, misses the ball but grabz the rim. >> steve: -- grabbed the rim 134 wizards are up by 1. hinrich. jumper. no good. i didn't see the call. was it three seconds?
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did he step on the line? stepped on the line. so turnover, chicago. they rank 20th in the league, average about 14-1/2 a game. hinrich slides in. they knock the ball out of bounds as jamison was challenged on the rebound. it's wizards ball. bulls have won 10 of the last 15 overall against the wizards, 8 of the last 10 here in chicago, including two in a row here. washington's last win at united center, april 5th, 2008, season before last. foye for jamison, cutting, lost it but right to oberto. to butler for a long 3. no good. kept out, kept alive but knocked away beautifulliy james johnson. >> phil: let the ball come to him instead of going to get it. >> steve: miller again spins
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on oberto. jamison the rebound. and now miller grabs oberto around the neck. and let's see what this call is. this should be very interesting. the foul on miller, he just horse-collared oberto. that is a borderline flagrant foul. >> phil: never saw it. oh. i saw his head. >> steve: 35 seconds to play in the quarter, washington by 1. jamison's jumper a little strong and oberto will be called for a loose ball foul. second on of on fabricio. >> phil: a little upset of it,
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the long and short testify. >> steve: the little man and the big man. >> phil: you say potato, i say potato. >> steve: interesting yesterday, the team had a day off here in chicago and today, phil, you and i both say tracy mcgrady in the hotel while he works with tim grover to rehab his injury. but it was just kind of ironing we saw him. salmons the rebound. when he was walking out of the hotel, he said when are you going to come play for this team? he said i'm waiting for the call. >> steve: hinrich drives, 3 and 3/10 seconds la -- seconds left to play.
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he does not. and it was a back and forth 1st quarter for washington and chicago. antawn jamison had 9 points and 6 rebounds of the the wizards took a 3-point advantage but after one here in chicago, the bulls led by kirk hinrich with nine and derrick rose with six and chicago 26-washington 24 after one.
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. >> steve: from chicago, km cast sports coverage of wizards basketball is being brought do you by chevy chase nissan, your lifetime nissan dealer. kld night here in the windy city, about 30 degrees. bulls on top of the wizards 26- 24. chicago coming home after a trip to boston last night where they beat the celtics in fine fashion. wizards had a day off after losing in atlanta on wednesday. our morgan franklin pivotal ay of that 1st quarter. >> phil: nice play by antawn jamison delivering along the baseline. he goes up strong with two hands and throws it down for an easy 2. 12349 team captain jamison will start the 2nd quarter aunt bench, getting a
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rest. 3 of 7 from the field, our chevy first half stats. washington with 12 points in the paint an in that -- paint in that quarter. >> phil: 14-12 advantage. >> steve: wizards made 2-53- pointers, chicago has made one. foul was on johnson. james the rookie from wake forest. blatche gets a start in the first half. >> phil: good reaction from caron of the i think he realized as soon as it left his fingers, he didn't just get enough english on it and went back after it. >> steve: rims it, nick is there, james johnson grabbed it. 16th overall this past summer
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after two years at wake. and a foul is called on johnson. he's the runner up for acc rookie in 2008. maryland fans might remember him from the acc tournament when he had 20 points and 12 rebounds in a game against the terps. luol deng, back from for chicago. butler, haywood tips it out. goes out of bounds to chicago. >> steve: that loss that chicago handed boston last night dropped the celtics to 11- 6 at home after they went 35-6 there the past two seasons. as phil mentioned, they played without confidential informant g and rasheed wallace.
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>> phil: good job by brendan. brad miller, again, trying to put the ball on the floor, not something he's real comfortable with doing. >> steve: chicago has won seven of their last ten but that win was just their second win out of twelve on the road. home record of 13-7, 4-13 away from here. blatche spinning. across the lane, couldn't quite get it. hinrich, knocked away by blatche and then pushing foul called on andray. >> phil: back to the chicago team, they've been in the lower third in scoring most of the year nfact, average right around 94 points, but the last
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2 on caron. 689 only the second turnover tonight, but nice block at the other end. tying up noah just along enough so brendan could get in position for the block. >> steve: haywood is third in the league he have gives you a little over two blocks per game this season. taj gibson, the rookie from usc, who was the 26th overall pick last summer after three years at usc by chicago. jamison for a long 3 and he answered. antawn jamison has been outstanding again. now he has 14 points on 5-11 shooting with 8 rebounds. >> steve: all conference second team and pac-10 defensive player of the year last year.
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antawn drives again, lost it on his hip but got the ball to butler and shoots and scores on 3. we are tied for the 8th time in this game. noah pushes one up short and jamison is there for his ninth rebound. foye drives, gave the wizards the advantage. >> phil: he saw noah overplaying so much, he knew once he got by hinrich, he had a free lane to the basket and ended up with the layup. >> steve: s&p vinny del negro wants a time-out. this basket puts washington on
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. >> steve: wizards have come back to a take a 2-point lead on chicago as washington's big two, butler and jamison have combined for 29 points here so far in this game. chicago has a 3-game win streak, current longest in the
9:03 pm
eastern conference. bulls coming off the victory last night in boston. they also beat detroit monday and minnesota saturday. they've won 7 of their last 10. pull the trigger, too strong. noah inside, draws a foul on haywood. first personal on brendan haywood. here's a look at it. >> phil: not much reaction
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give -- he trie give get a pair of free throws. nice block with jamison running the ball down. rose couldn't get there in time. >> steve: says a lot about his core awareness. he knew contact was coming and made sure the initials knew. >> phil: probably knew he didn't have enough time to get himself set for that last shot. >> steve: penalty situation,
9:08 pm
and antawn can't get that first one and a 20-second time-out taken by vinny del negro. jamison will have one more free throw and a chance to give the wizards a 2-point lead. antawn does in fact have now another double double. >> phil: over a three-year period, four games last year. >> steve: amazing. >> phil: you think about the stretch he's been on over the last couple of weeks. and again, this team really hit by a lot of off-court distractions and he's had to be the leader, he and caron and look at the numbers he's put up at that time and increased his minutes. he's responded well.
9:09 pm
>> steve: shooting almost 50% from 3-point range. and dwaun, 17-10 tonight, 14th double double of the year. had he 38 double doubles last season. he has really, you think about it, been the glue that's trying to hold this team, maybe this organization, together. >> phil: yeah. >> steve: but he misses the free throws to end the half. he and caron butler played like the old guys that we know they can, 17 for jamison, 15 for caron. and for antawn 10 rebounds as well. for chicago, derrick rose led them with 11, while luol deng at 9 and kirk hinrich had 9.
9:10 pm
the wizards after trailing by as many as 7 in that 1st quarter, came back, took a nice lead at 3 and at half, washington is up on chicago 48- 47. halftime activities coming up from united center. wouance we lash he b reltheps aromas ulb tings. e's le on tide. d thows to the as it enters yoth. ththis your tongue, real lavo samams a b in tass wa tasa bo
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. >> steve: halftime in chicago, wizards trying to stop a 3-game slide. bulls trying to build on a 3- game winning streak but on the break, washington leads it by 1, 48-47. steve buckhantz with phil chenier and we'll take a look at news and notes around the league. all star dunking contest that will determine the fourth spot during the all-star game to be played in dallas. >> phil: do you know who the other three are? >> steve: i don't know that they've been named yet. brandon roy, questionable for
9:14 pm
tonight's game. unfortunate injury. >> phil: with all the injuries they have, they don't need that. nor does utah need darren williams. >> steve: unbelieve. that was -- unbelieverable. that was a tremendous game and i was so happy fortunate utah jazz that they pulled that one out. that young rookie from georgia. >> phil: that was exciting. >> steve: wizards will see brandan roy and portland trail blazers on monday afternoon at 1:00. here in chicago, your wizards have a 1-point lead on the bulls in the first of three meetings between the two this season, washington 48, chicago 47. huntpens
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9:18 pm
first four straight road games, facing the sacramento kings tomorrow at verizon center. steve buckhantz with phil chenier. pretty good first half of basketball. shot pretty well from 3-point range. okay from field goal range, about 40%. only two turnovers. >> phil: i like that. >> steve: the two deficiencies you look at, free throw shooting, missed four of them and the bench not getting ago from the that. neither bench has made a field goal. >> phil: other than brad miller's 7 free throws but the washington has answered the call. but they're on the verge of going another 40-minute great many gaim. >> steve: front line players for washington very productive tonight. >> phil: he's been going after
9:19 pm
joakim noah, so i think he's up fortunate challenge. caron butler gets this nice jump shot after getting in the paint. he started off slow but i like the way he finished. already, with a double double, 17-10, like i said he started, been logging lots of minutes and they're aunt verge of doing it again -- on the verge of doing it again tonight. the bulls, they have got most of their points from the bench. they have good ball movement there. hinrich, their only 3. hinrich a deadly 3-point shooter. how about about gibson here, the rocky, had he two consecutive baskets but eastern that, he's been -- but other than that, he's been kind of quiet. >> steve: caron, 15 points, 9 in the 2nd quarter. and as you think about that first half, phil, washington
9:20 pm
had teven assists on -- ten assists on 19 made field goals. >> phil: stevenson in particular has hit brendan with a couple nice passes but we've said before, passes sometimes become contagious when you start making those. >> steve: flip saunders would like to see a little production from the bench but he's getting it from his front line. jamison, butler, haywood all with big numbers here in the first half of play, and washington after trailing by as many as seven get hou he3 mo
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>> phil: sliding off of noah going for his second block tonight. he's been extremely active and matched the intensity and the quickness and the aggressiveness of noah. >> steve: deng misses the free throw, just about 80% free throw shooter. last year he averaged 14 points
9:28 pm
and six rebounds. had he a then season-high 26 points against the wizards here on december 6th. makes the second. 52-50, washington. as "the the wzz -- the wizlook to snap the losing streak. last year's rookie of the year, third most player to win that, m.j. won it in '84 and '85, and elton brand in '99, 2000. deng, who pops the jumper, too strong, battles, gets the rebound over jamison.
9:29 pm
that's a heck of a rebound. rose open from 17. . saunders will take time. wizards came out of the block and took the lead but the bulls have come back to regain the advantage to 2. derrick rose now 6-12 from the field, has 15 points to lead the buli scor you lo--utte so c i .. i lo i .. otheer l- i' one ank -ou le taoffbeermuch you e grlsnee trips b er l taste grs. you're gorgeous, look at you, i loooov y
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. >> steve: bulls have come back behind derrick rose, luol deng and they have taken a 2-point lead on the wizards 54-52. rose with 15 points, three rebounds, three assists. coming into the game ranked 26th in the nba in scoring, gives you 18 and a half points a game. 1th in assists and an even 6 per game. no. 1 overall pick after one year in memphis university. butler will pull up for the jumper and hit it. that gives him 17 points for the game. he's 7-16 from the field.
9:32 pm
it will be a foul called on chicago. antawn jamison a littling taj gibson, gets the better of him. >> phil: they're going to have to call jamison for out of bounds or gibson for forcing him out of bounds. actually looks like he got rid of the ball before stepping out anyway, so good effort by jamison and taj has to sit down. his fourth personal, picks him up rather quickly. >> steve: leads all rookies in rebounds per game, averaging 6.2689 leads all players in disqualifications. he's had five. >> steve: wiz has come back to tie it. haywood tips it out of bounds. it will be chicago ball. back the other way, salmons, lays it up and in.
9:33 pm
caught the wizards a little bit off guard in that transition. >> phil: i think jamison was talking with the official about one thing, they went to the other side, nobody really aware of the ball being advanced. >> steve: now, on the screen roll, jamison for haywood underneath and nice play by brendan off the glass. >> phil: he turned over and saw he had a much smaller guy on him. i think that was salmons, he went right up and in. >> steve: salmons, the jumper good. 3-point field goal for john salmons. he's at 58 -- he's had 58 of them on the season. haywood will try from 15,
9:34 pm
couldn't get the roll. jamison keeps it alive, gets the rebound and will they give p the shot? i don't think so. before the shot went up, the foul was called on kirk hinrich. >> phil: he just battled two of the bulls, hinrich and then you had noah that was on the other side, just a great effort by jamison. >> steve: his 12th rebound of the game to go along with 19 points. salmons guarding butler who drives. slammed by butler! 19 points for him. >> phil: he extended it to the other side of the rim to keep it away from shot blockers. nice move. >> steve: here's hinrich against foye. screen by noah. and they throw it into the back court, saved by rose. what a beautiful play. >> phil: yeah, great play. >> steve: haywood to rebound
9:35 pm
and haywood now has five straight games with ten or more rebounds for the first time in his career. deng the other way in the paint. noah inside, gets it in. >> phil: good decision by brendan at the last minute. he knew he was out of position and instead of trying to challenge noah had to let that one go, didn't want to pick up that third foul. >> steve: underneath, nice pass. and the foul drawn by caron butler. good look by haywood and a nice job of caron to beat his man to the glass. >> phil: they've been doing a good job leading their men if they're being fronted. this is the pick and roll on the other side. like i said, brendan with that split second, a little bit out of position. noah had the angle on him and wisely let it go. >> steve: butler makes the free throw, he's 3-3 from the
9:36 pm
line. 20 points and three rebounds for caron. they needed a big game from him tonight and they're getting it. gets them both coming off 15 points in atlanta the other night with 11 rebounds. that was his sixth double double of the year. rose lost the dribble, open 15 footer is too strong and haywood is there for his 11th rebound. what a job he's done lately. five consecutive games, 10 or more rebounds. foye from a long jump shot no, good. tipped up and taken by salmons. rose baseline, shot good. >> phil: rose did a good job of pushing the ball strong, actually ran off the back of his team mates.
9:37 pm
that created the opening that he needed for that jumper. >> steve: chicago by 3. haywood drives on noah, now lays it off to jamison. butler will go inside. he missed it. haywood is there and as he goes up fortunate shot, he's fouled -- as he goes up for the shot, he's fouled. haywood to the line for the first time in this game. brendan off a game in atlanta where he made all seven of his free throws. >> you think we're seeing the wizards move the ball a little more, a little bit more patience, so when caron makes that drive down the middle, the defense is spread out enough that he can get through there without having the ball taken away. >> steve: we saw that quite a bit in the first half with the
9:38 pm
10 assists by washington. looking to lead their big men to the glass and create some spacing down tlchlt he makes 1- 2 -- spacing down there. he makes 1-2. 63-61 chicago. rose penetrates, had it blocked away. hinrich gets it back with 10 to shoot. salmons is open, he'll pop for 3. it's short. rebound, tyrus thomas. hinrich for 3. >> phil: boy, that second chance point, he hits 3. >> steve: he had his playoff career high against the wizards in that post '05 season and eight days later in the sameers he hit a career high six 3- pointers against the wizards. stevenson, haywood, gets a running start, lays it up and in. >> phil: did a good job to
9:39 pm
avoid that. who was that, hinrich? yes. brendan moved around him. took shows long strides. -- took those long strides. >> steve: rose for noah. hinrich, couldn't get it. jamison is there for the rebound. 13 boards for antawn. butler over salmons, a little strong but haywood pulls it down. jamison, off balance jumper, he was hit by thomas and this time he'll go to the line for two shots. >> phil: and steve, i'm looking at the faces and the body language of -- there's a nice move by brendan but particularly brendan and jamison as they look a little winded. there's the foul on the other end. actually not getting contact by two of the bulls. >> steve: antawn 4-7 from the line, has 20 points and 13
9:40 pm
rebounds. i also thought stephenson was maybe a little winded and he's coming out of the game now for nick young. >> phil: yeah. i mean, it's been a good space and defensively they've worked hard and they've worked hard with that little extra patience moving the ball around. >> steve: a.j. misses the second. now 4-8 from the free throw line. washington has missed six collectively. miller, hinrich, over the screen. miller battleing with haywood. comes to jamison. starting front court has scored 54 points and got 2 from the guards there. randy foye connects. the wizards have come back to tie it at 66.
9:41 pm
miller off, jumper, good. >> phil: two totally different types of centers that brendan is playing against. noah much more accurate. miller looks to be ostensibly active and -- >> steve: that basket will not count but jamison with a nice krsover move -- crossover move, draws a foul. it's on tyrus thomas and we've got a time-out with under 3 minutes to play in quarter no. 3. bulls lead the wizards by 2.
9:42 pm
9:43 pm
. >> steve: wizards trail the bulls by 2, 68-66. earlier today, the statement issued by gilbert arenas' attorneys, gilbert before appearing before the court and pleading guilty to carrying a charge -- guilty to a charge of carrying a weapon in d.c.. he acknowledged responsibilities for his actions and has apologize to do all who have been affected by his conduct. mr. arenas appreciate the professional ifrm of authorities -- professionalism of authorities handling this matter. the decision will be made bid the judge on march 26th as to what gilbert $penalty will eye
9:44 pm
obill gert's -- gilbert's penalty will be. of course, gilbert arenas hit probably the biggest shot by a washington player in this building on may 4th, 2005, when he increased down that jumper to -- knocked down the jumper to give the wizards a 112-110 lead in that game 5 of playoff series. washington would go on to win. two days later in d krfrment, 94-91. >> phil: what a shot that was. >> steve: we are tied for the 14th time, 68 apiece. steve buckhantz, phil chenier and our comcast sportsnet crew. that was not an easy shot, is it, phil? 689 no, it's not. he had andray blatche tracking him down but could not get a
9:45 pm
reach to get a piece that have. had some reverse english on that ball. >> steve: he has made five in a rowand has 19 points. randy foye answers. >> phil: you know, he realizes that brad miller not one of those shot blockers that has this team no. 1. >> steve: tied at 70, 2:07 to play, 10 points for randy foye. blatche guarding miller. rose hesitates, puts it up, knocked out of bounds by foye with four seconds to shoot. good defensive play 689 yeah, like i said, i think this is a good match-up and certainly good for foye, who continues to get better, continues to get more confidence, equally strong and that time gets the block on derrick rose. >> steve: hinrich penetrates, will not count. >> phil: he had that arm wrapped around nick young. we could see it from our angle. >> steve: but before that took
9:46 pm
place, they called a foul on nick and rose will get a break. i think played almost 30 minutes and he's got 19 points, comes out of the game and replaced by jannero pargo. >> phil: it was pargo that hit the 3 to tie that game up. this is his second round with the bulls. >> steve: salmons, baseline, drives, reverse layup. salmons in his eighth year from the university of miami. had the first double double of his career against the wizards when he played in philadelphia in '04 when he had 11 points and 12 rebounds in a game in d.c.. one and a half to play, quarter no. 3. boy kins to blatche, missed everything.
9:47 pm
and salmons is there to collect the air ball. kirk hinrich with a 2-point field goal and chicago takes a 4-point advantage with 1:08 to play in the quarter. boy kins around pargo. kins around pargo. >> steve: has 21 points to lead the wizards in scoring. i think the clock may have started. the clock started and he hadn't touched the ball yet. >> phil: right. >> steve: bulls mascot, who's a bit of a prank ster. >> phil: not really welcome on this side of the table. >> steve: he at one point got
9:48 pm
into it with our counter parts on radio and was thusly reprimanded. miller knocked away by blatche. gets it back to hinrich. >> phil: he was doing that but i don't know if nick got enough contact on him. he's trying to go around him. brad miller had those elbows out and he's moving into whoever's trying to fight through or around the pick. he's got to run and make that contact. >> steve: off the screen and earl scores. first field goal of the game for the little big man, ties it at 74. 6-second difference between the game in shot clock, so the wizards can get the ball back
9:49 pm
with with a bulls miss. boykins lets it go out of bounds 689 it was right about there. it was a missed free throw by hinrich, there was a mad scramble. he picked it up and fired it. >> steve: talk about a swing of emotionness a couple of plays. boykins around a screen, going up for nick young, shot is good at the buzzer! >> phil: good recognition by boykins. he could have tried to force that shot, but instead, got it over to nick young, nick young spotting up for 3 and getting that last shot. >> steve: he's only taken a couple of attempts and made one, but that was a good one as washington ends the quarter on a 7-0 run. they were trailing at one point 74-70 but after three, it's the wizards, 77, chicago 74. caron butler leads all scorers with points.
9:50 pm
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9:51 pm
whhat? i know somei a ma fic p] at d? we thor a i y be anke te. [tape rewindin do well than ask ri-- yeahtill le w anr: ag's le, ep tg. arte on your own inventions or just play some games at... . >> steve: wizards dancing to the beat of their own drummer tonight leading 77-74.
9:52 pm
which is a good sign because washington is 4-1 when they lead after three quarters. >> phil:
9:53 pm
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9:57 pm
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9:58 pm
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9:59 pm
. >> steve: wiz by 1 in the first half. here in the second, it's up to 13 points now as earl boykins and nick young have made a big difference. >> phil: using the pick and roll nice, knocks that down and watch him use his body. and shield himself away from brad miller. at the end of the 3rd quarter it was boykins fouled, washington had a 3-point lead at the end of three. >> steve: they stretched it to 7 but the bulls are back and they could tie it. 8 points for boykins off the bench on 4-5 shooting and nick young has made a couple of
10:00 pm
field goals, one of them 3. he's got five points and rose does in fact tie the game up with a game-leading 24 points. chicago's outscored the wizards 7-0. after the wiz led by 7, their largest lead of the night. steve buckhantz, phil chenier, and our comcast crew. foul is called by leroy richardson. it's called on tyrus thomas. it will send jamison to the line for two. antawn having a tough time at the line tonight, 6-10. but what a game again, 22 points, 14 rebounds, that one's got a nice arc and he makes it. he and butler each have 23 points in the game. haywood has 13 points and 13 rebounds. and foye has 10 points. >> phil: again, those starters
10:01 pm
got lots of minutes. all those guys with 3 or more minutes and you still got another 8 and a half to go. >> steve: flib has been giving him a rest. he'll go to the line and it's on deshawn stephenson. >> phil:
10:02 pm
10:03 pm
intse ga : dorliels p a iddl dle ♪ :chhaw yot p a iddl
10:04 pm
. >> steve: all all right, the bulls on a 14-3 run, and they're up now by 4 with 7 and a half to play. another magnificent performance from antawn jamison who has his 14th double double of the year. derrick rose has a game high 26
10:05 pm
points, five rebounds, five assists. and chicago tonight, 21 second chance points and another note of interest here, the wizards have just three turnovers on the night. right now that ties their franchise low for turnovers in a game which they set back in february of 2003. inside, hi haye wood gets it back and draws a foul. against indiana on february 25th, 2003, the wizards had three turnovers and they have just three tonight. in fact, between two teams combined and ironically enough it was against chicago last year that they combined for the low of 12 turnovers and right now these two teams have combined for just nine turnovers in the game. >> yeah, we talked about how both of them after the first half have done such a good job
10:06 pm
of protecting the ball and they continue on that. >> steve: the wizards get the rebound with a chance for second chance points. jamison down low, spins, shoots, missed it. noah inside fortunate rebound, his nineth. wizards had a 7-point lead a minute ago but chicago has gone on a run here. rose lost his dribble for salmons, taking the jumper, a little bit short. haywood is there for his 15th rebound. he and jamison both have 15 rebounds in the game. we mentioned before for brendan haywood, five consecutive games at 10 or more rebounds, first time he's done that in his career. >> phil: 30 of the 39 rebounds by those two. >> steve: butler so short. it's a two on three, great pass for deng and he couldn't handle it and butler steals it away. mishandled by deng.
10:07 pm
i thought a pretty good pass, but in traffic nonetheless. 90-86, chicago, 6:15 to play. off the glass and in. what a shot by randy foye. he's got 12 points in the game. four of five wizards start ners double figures, rose couldn't get it. jamison is there for the rebound. 689 got to be sure that when brendan goes to challenge a shooter that is correct somebody comes -- shooter, that somebody comes in and blocks out yek noah. >> steve: they say it's knocked out of bounds by haywood and given to the bulls. 23 apiece for jamison and butler. antawn with 16 -- antawn with 16 rebounds.
10:08 pm
kirk hinrich set to come back in for chicago. noah for deng, and jamison is there, amazing, 17 boards. coming off the game where he had 19 rebounds in atlanta wednesday night. around deng, in for haywood, lays it in! nice play. >> phil: that was jamison with a nice dish. he actually -- brendan's man dropped that off of him so he was able to deliver the pass. >> steve: deng forced to take a bad shot and butler has the rebound. 4:45 to play in regulation. wizards with 17 assists tonight.
10:09 pm
nice shot for antawn jamison! and a time-out by vinny d. wizards answer with a 6-0 run to lead the game by 2. what a night for antawn jamison with 25 points and 17 rebounds. and it's washington up by a duece.
10:10 pm
10:11 pm
. >> steve: comcast sportsnet coverage of wizards basketball from chicago brought to you by geico where 15 minutes could gave you 15% or more on car insurance. visit us at guy co. they'll only play one time in the regular season here at united center. two more games coming up at verizon center. washington trying to win for the first time in three straight games here in chicago with m.j.'s banners hanging. wizards' last victory here came april 5th, 2008, season before last. wizards fans in the house tonight. what a performance from jamison with his 14th double double of the year, 25 points and 17 rebounds. butler with 23 points and haywood 15 points and 15 points. u.s. marine leaders of the game.
10:12 pm
fade away, goes and a foul! called it on caron butler. and luol deng to the line to try to make this a 3-point play. >> phil: several pump fakes, but he's surrounded by blue jerseys, pumps, pumps and finally gets the shot off with a little contact down low. >> steve: now 3-5 from the line tonight, 15 points for luol deng. in his sixth year from duke, one of nine kids. randy foye drives, hits it again off the glass! he has been outstanding tonight making 7-14 field goals, five assists and 14 points. >> phil: he's really been clutch in this 4th quarter. he's taken a couple of really
10:13 pm
tough shots like that one. >> steve: deng trying to get the steal. gets it up off the glass, noah to follow, gets it back, goes up and misses and the rebound jamison. terrific effort by noah but he couldn't get it to go. and he's got his 20th double double of the year with 12 points and 11 rebounds. jamison for 3, how do you like that! 97-39 jamison with 3:13 to play in regulation. 28 points for a.j.. rose and the foul as haywood was standing there. reroy richardson said he was moving, so we'll let you make the call. >> phil: it was dangerous. i think it was rose that went down, jamisodown. youcan see him limping. let's take one more look at it. brendan got him with the hip there. >> stv ireless,
10:14 pm
you make the call. >> phil: again the danger was after that play where jamison came down on the on rose. >> steve: wizards outscored them by 11-4 in this current run to take a 3-point lead. 3:06 to play in regulation. wiz trying to win their first game in four straight. rose misses the second. chicago's missed five free throws tonight. >> phil: the rebound total for brendan and jamison. >> steve: unbelievable, 18 for jamison, 16 for haywood, pulled down by rose. one on two for hinrich. salmons. and a foul as he drives around. the basket will not count. but salmons will head to the
10:15 pm
line for one plus the penalty, two shots. >> phil: either caron was just going for the steal he thought there was no one backing him up on the defense and reached in to commit the foul. >> steve: first free throws for salmons, connected. come see the wiz take on the mavericks for only $20 in the upper level or 40 in the lower. free game autograph session with the wizards girl. the first 50 guys to order will get vip seating. visit stevenson looking inside for jamison, got it! beat his man several times 689 he held his man off until that pass was actually coming down and leading it towards the basket. all he had to do was catch and drop that finger roll. >> steve: rose the other way
10:16 pm
for deng. they swing it to hinrich. 2:0208 play, it's a 1-point washington lead. chicago trying to win their fourth straight game, second in as many nights. jamison against deng. the jumper, too strong. rose, no good, noah knocks it away and gets the rebound. flip saunders wanted a loose ball foul. >> phil: he felt he came over the back of brendan haywood. >> steve: rose jumper. saunders will take time.
10:17 pm
>> phil: throughout most of this game, we've seen derrick rose settle for outside shots. and wizards certainly would prefer him shooting from the outside as opposed to get inside where he's been having a lot of damage, but that time knocked down that jumper. gives his team that 1-point lead. >> steve: he made 12-23 shots tonight along with seven rebounds and five assists, 29 points for derrick rose to lead chicago in scoring. while jamison leads the wizards with 30. >> phil: wouldn't you say -- let's take a look at this last shot, you can see everybody dropping back, brendan trying to get back to noah and noah still holding up derrick's man so he has a wide-open jumper, but in the first half, losis rose had a number of open mid- range shots that he wasn't able to knock down.
10:18 pm
done a much better job of concentrating now. >> steve: wizards try to win here at chicago for the first time since april 5th, 2005, the -- 2008, the season before last, when they scored 100 points or more, they're 6-2, last night they scored 96 and beat the celtics by 13 in boston. chicago has won seven of their last ten. bulls have won three in a row after losing three in a row to oklahoma city, charlotte and milwaukee. the win would snap a three game losing streak to detroit, new orleans and atlanta. looking for their 13th victory of the year. been an excellent basketball
10:19 pm
gable and you couldn't ask anything more from washington. jamison and butler, 30 and 23 points respectively. >> phil: i agree. that's the whole starting five. >> steve: butler against salmons. lays it up, how about that! deshawn stephenson who came in the game with six 3-pointers made has made a couple tonight, both of his field goals have have been 3-point jumpers. he's got six. salmons with 15. they won't allow it. they will. leroy richardson is calling a foul on washington. and direction is to washington. >> phil: i thought that ball was still on the cylinder and that
10:20 pm
fifth personal. >> phil: so they didn't count the basket. getting two free throws. >> steverect. >> phil: okay. >> steve: another look at it. >> phil: from that angle, i would say that ball was off the cylinder. >> steve: very close. noah makes both free throws and we have our 20th tie of the game. that's how close this game has been with under a minute to play. account wizards pull it out? win their first in four straight? foye and a foul on deng. and that will send -- i think -- we're not in the penalty yet. >> phil: they have a foul to give. that's their last one. >> steve: wizards take it out on the side. 14 on the shot clock.
10:21 pm
jumper, how big is that! 25 points for caron butler and vinny del negro takes a time out. >> phil: what a game this has been 134 hasn't it? >> phil: started off shooting rather cold but they really come on. you see the stars come alive and make big shots after big shots. this is all caron butler here. uses the pick, able to get the spacing he wants and nokdz down the -- knocks down the shot and watch them take the lead again by 2. >> steve: the last time the wizards had two players with 15 or more rebounds in the same game was in november of 2005 at detroit when jamison had 20 and
10:22 pm
derrick jefferies had 16. tonight antawn has 18 rebounds and brendan haywood has 16. >> phil: brendan with a career high of 19 that he had earlier this year. jamison coming off his season high of 19 that he had two nights ago in atlanta. >> steve: thanks a lot to wizards public relations staff scott hall and darren jenkins who are with us in chicago. for all of their help and all of these great statistics tonight for the wizards. so many good ones, brendan haywood has 16 rebounds tonight, he's got five straight games with ten or more rebounds. first time in his career. wizards still have committed just three turnovers in this game. >> phil: going for it and this is what i was talking about earlier, both caron and jamison tied for the fourth spot in the
10:23 pm
month of january for total minutes. now, this is going -- coming into tonight, so it's not including tonight's game. >> steve: tonight butler's played 46 minutes and jamison 44. and they'll give butler a break on the bench and for defensive purposes they've got dominic mcguire in. rose behind his back, haywood blocks it away. rose gets it back and he scores! 31 points for derrick rose after a terrific defensive play by brendan haywood. >> phil: again, what a game! what a game. that was a great play defensively. brendan getting the block, but then you saw derrick rose recover the shot, the ball and knock down a big shot. here it goes again. deshawn not giving up anything. brendan good help, block shot, rose recovers and knocks down the short jumper. this thing is tied all up
10:24 pm
again. >> steve: 21 times this game has been tied. and there have been 16 different lady changes. now the wizards will have a chance if they choose to use most of this clock but not all, as you can see, 26-2/10 seconds 689 that side what you really want to do. get yourself a good shot and i'm sure that's something that chicago doesn't want to foul, they want to try to play the defense. derrick rose, second among second year players in scoring this year, averaging about 18 a game. he's been su superb tonight. he's really come forward in the
10:25 pm
4th quarter. >> steve: 31 points for rose to go along with seven rebounds and five assists. washington force to do take a time-out. 20-second time-out by the wizards. wizards are out of time-outs, so that one -- >> phil: they can advance the ball into the half court, keep in mind when you did that, you still can throw it back into the back court so i'm sure that's what flip will have them do. important to make sure you execute and get a good inbound pass. >> steve: absolutely 689 then set your offense. and i got to say this, brendan if they run something and brendan does pop open, i wouldn't be surprised if they get the foul on brendan, so he's got to go strong to the basket like we've seen him do earlier today with two hands.
10:26 pm
>> steve: butler trying to get it in, does so to haywood. >> phil: take more time. >> steve: boy, that's exactly what he's doing. 10, 8 seconds to shoot, foye around hinrich, lost the dribble. turns it over. unfortunate play for randy foye who's been outstanding tonight with 14 points and six assists. and that is washington just their fourth turnover of the game. what time for the pretty good defense by hinrich. >> phil: yeah. he's letting the clock roll down. he's trying to go through his leg and just mishandles the ball and hinrich is all over
10:27 pm
it. i think he was trying to advance the ball. one of the wizards was on the floor. maybe he's trying to swing the ball or advance the ball over to the other side. but now they are force to do plate defense. they've got 5.1 seconds to do that. >> steve: bulls outscored the wizards by 2 in the first and washington got the better of them in the 2nd. and by 2 in the third and thig shig by 3 here in the 4th. -- and chicago by 3 in the 4th. 5-1/10 seconds to play in regulation. rose who has 31 points in the game can win it here. and we will have overtime. that was as close to going in
10:28 pm
as you'll find. >> phil: that looked awfully good, partner. >> steve: didn't it? he got himself a nice shot with that dribble and backup. now the wizards will go to their third overtime game of the year. they have lost both previous. and that's got to be a tired group of guys there iller bd, for jamison. did drive
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
10:31 pm
10:32 pm
10:33 pm
10:34 pm
10:35 pm
10:36 pm
10:37 pm
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
here's off joakim noah, good job of being very close. noah didn't touch it. eve:ami that got his >> phil: coreon kind of --
10:40 pm
of looks like it might have gone off somebody's leg. right there, went off haywood's leg. how about that. : and now the officials are looking at the replay from the local broadcast. the comcast sportsnet broadcast here in chicago with the nba instant replay, calling for a review in out of bounds situations in the last two minutes of the fourth and in overtime and that's what they're looking at now. if they see that particular replay, they're going to give that ball to chicago. >> yeah. that's where the ball took. >> steve: flip saunders is now gathering his troops together. he looked over to us to see what the call was and we mentioned that it looked like it went off haywood's leg, so he's gathering his troops now
10:41 pm
to get into a defensive mind set. >> phil: good idea. being prepared, his trying to get his players into the right frame of mind in case they do overturn this. they'll have to adjust the shot clock at that point. >> phil: #1234 clearly from the last -- >> steve: clearly from the last replay we saw, it went off hey woods's leg and that's their call. it's a definitive case of replay working for the right reason. >> phil: you got to like that. watch the right leg. goes off his leg. >> steve: oah didn't touch >> phil: noah didn't dutch it. ball. >> steve: verizon wireless you make the call, pretty definitive from the replay before that that it went off haywood. >> phil: and 13 seconds off the shot clock. >> steve: rose drives, missed
10:42 pm
it, rebounds, out of bounds, it will be chicago ball and that that resets the shot clock at 24 because the ball obviously hit the rim. and so there's a 1-1/2 second difference between the game and shot clock. >> phil: deng applying a lot of pressure on jamison and foye i believe. >> steve: that was a big defensive possession. salmons, wizards by 2, drives off the glass, got it. time-out flip saunders with 14 seconds to play in the first overtime. the 25th time tonight that this game has been tied. and john salmons off the bench in double figures with 10 points. >> phil: remember last year when the trade was made and he came over here, he really lit
10:43 pm
this place up and they excited about his play but starting off this season, numbers have dropped a little bit. but here not afraid to take a big shot. he did it quite a few times out in sacramento. there's still 14 seconds left. >> steve: he played the last two plus years in sacramento and his first four in philadelphia. and then the bulls got him with brad miller a year ago february. salmons averaging career high numbers last year of over 18 points and four rebounds. got a big, big basket there. shows you just the difference that one possession, had the wizards been able to get ta rebound. >> phil: totally different between a 2-point lead and possession. but now they are required to get anothering basket but they certainly can take the last shot of this period. and i'm sure that's what they
10:44 pm
want to do. 13449 rebounds in a game for washington, 47 for chicago. we're in the everytime period, tied at 112, 14 seconds to play. earl boykins, reenters the game. he has made 4-5 shots tonight. has 8 points in the game off the bench. 689 once again be the most important part right now, the inbound pass. >> steve: absolutely. get it in. cleanly. butler. aim jaim son, boykins, haywood and -- jamison, boykins haywood and randy foye. jamison has 32 points and 18 rebounds, derrick rose has 33 points. wizards can use the rest of the clock in the overtime period.
10:45 pm
tied at 112. foye, open to the jumper, a little short, rebound, taken down and a time-out with 5/10 of a second to play in the overtime. >> phil: boy, nothing wrong with that. you know what? the more i see of randy foye, the more i understand that's going to his right, squaring the right foot around, pivoting the left foot and squaring up and that was a shot we've seen over and over again that. time it was a little short. and you can tell it was a little short from the minute it left his hands. >> steve: yeah. almost like it was tentative. >> phil: watch him plant the left. square up with the right. and just a little short. he ran the clock down. they may end up putting a little more time on the clock. >> steve: they're going to look at it.
10:46 pm
and again this is something they can do with replay. they do. they put 9/10 of a second. so four or tenths of a second. and as we've seen more times than we care to remember, that's plenty of time to get a shot up. >> phil: certainly don't want to commit fouls and we'll keep an eye on the clock up there at the top. foye wie sh the rim. salmons runs it down. 14 again, it's he calls time 689 that's -- >> steve: or when actually -- vinny del negro can call time as well. >> phil: but it has to be once you get possession. >> steve: so instead of .5, they've got .9, tied at 112. dominic mcguire in the fwam for
10:47 pm
washington with jamison, haywood, stephenson and foye. caron butler is resting. he's played 52 minutes tonight. >> phil: get it on the far side. whoever is guarding the passer, boy, there's -- okay, they've got brandan on the pass. >> steve: hinrich will inbound with 9/10 of a second to play. we will go to a second overtime. tied at 112. get your slippers on, sit down and catch your bret. and come back for at least one more overtime between the wizards and bulls. rt tt. ed 12.
10:48 pm
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10:49 pm
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10:51 pm
10:52 pm
jamison will go to the line where he's 7-12 tonight. 689 i think he wanted to get -- you can see his feet on the line. brandan was open for ta split frmgt i think he had second thoughts. >> steve: flip would like to look at the replay on that. and jamison at the line. the wizards collectively tonight 15-24 from the free throw line.
10:53 pm
he makes that one. antawn gets them both. 34 points for jamison. they go along with 18 rebounds. hinrich nearly travels. that was close. here's salmons, he's fouled by looks like haywood. that is his fourth personal. >> phil: was salmons going to shoot that ball? >> steve: meantime, this is a season high for antawn jamison with 34 points. previous season high, 32.
10:54 pm
most recently against new orleans. antawn's played 52 minutes tonight. >> phil: he and caron have both, oh. >> steve: draws the foul on the reverse. >> phil: that's what we said about the starters logging heavy time. >> steve: he is the second best free throw shooter in the nba. coming into the game, making 62 of 66. and gets them both. 94% shooter on the season. 2:55 to go in overtime no.
10:55 pm
2. the third overtime game for washington this year, they've dropped two. noah challenging, you no he backs it out for rose. a loose ball foul on chicago. noah's down and in pain. >> phil: that actually forced the turnover from the initial spot. he fights through that pick. and there the ball goes through rose's leg and the foul
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
i think maybe deshawn had his oi on that shot -- eye on that shot before he really caught it. derrick's pass had a little sipp to it but still more than catchable. >> steve: still a season-low in turnovers for washington. nine was their previous low, which they had three times this year, the latest in san antonio. tonight it's been six. it's been an amazing basketball game. jamison with 34 points, 18 rebounds and five assists. derrick rose leads all scorers with a career high 35, nine rebounds and six assists. the wizards with 12 second- chance points while chicago has
10:59 pm
25. >> phil: but it's been a fun game to watch. >> steve: absolutely 689 good shooting, good defense, down the stretch it's been possession for possession and each team seems to come out and match the other. career highs, season highs, but they've got to stay out there and get the job done. >> steve: 76 points by washington's starting front court. 34 for jamison, 27 for butler, 15 for haywood. here's rose for deng. he nearly traveled and in the lane, he scores and it counts!


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