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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  January 22, 2010 8:00pm-11:00pm EST

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floor, and she's one of the first people down the court. 6'3". you got your big man running. >> always a good sign. they got the farthest to run. right? baseline to baseline. >> sometimes the player that's in foul trouble will frustrate you because they have been rested most of the game. >> they're trying to make up for lost time here, garcia. someone who hasn't lost any time, secily ray to the basket and count it! >> wow. >> cecilia ray. 18 points for ray so far in this ball game. her career high, 24. not quite there yet. >> jenn, what teams would do as a left hander, force me to the right side.
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>> to the hoop is the freshman asia williams. she'll draw the foul. >> and wake has been running the floor in transition. thomas, a quick, quick guard, looks up before, gets it to ray, as you said, has free reni and takes it to the hoop. >> see how ray elevated. in mid-air. >> great body control. you're absolutely right. to avoid that charge, you often wonder what does it take for a player to avoid that type of foul. and you just called it. 50% from the free-throw line. but, the demon deacons do have their biggest lead. 44-38 now.
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six points for your math majors out there. took me a few minutes to add it up. and gartrell a name we haven't called in a while. back on the floor for the wolfpack, she gets the ball up top. 15 on the shot clock. gartrell wants it. she pops for the jumper and gets it. right on cue. >> that's a great one-on-one move. she took the stutter step and she pulls up. nice elevation. that's big shot. that's a huge shot for her. >> gartrell, six points away from 1,000. >> nc state in that zone trying to shut down the affected garcia. >> good defense on the interior by the wolfpack. garcia couldn't get that one to go. gartrell has the ball in her hands.
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kastanek. waters was a little offbalance and that's out of bounds but the demon deacons are still in control, they lead by four.
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! me! ut. i toit. i tothe efor outh. co ale refot call yoa beng mx! theionsme! tahim,. i d, ieir foulwhen boun te'thrne, e. ce galex coac gol. the wolfpack have been pretty strong at home against the demon deacons. 30-2 in the city of raleigh in this series.
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kellie harper trying to motivate her troops over there on the sidelines. but secily ray has been en fuego in the second half. >> she has done a great job of running the floor. getting looks early in transition. just able to put the floball one floor and out of the time-out, wake forest great denial defense. able to get the five-second call on n drshgs state. >> 16 turnovers now for the wolfpack. that one adds to the frustration level. come out of time-out and can't get the ball in. waters. too short. brittany waters really hasn't been much of an impact in this ball game. she averages nearly 15 points per game. but has been very quiet.
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coach petersen had a conversation with her when she came to the bench the last time and you can see as soon as she made that shot -- >> i'm not sure that's the type of shot he wants waters to take. waters has four in the game. 17 turnovers as they continue to mount for the wolfpack. >> nc mstate mixing it up. in the zone. trying to contain ray and garcia who have owned the second half for wake forest offensive. >> courteney morris missed everything on that shot. >> petersen trying to call some plays into his team. as they prepare to inbound the basketba basketball.
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brooke thomas sending the ball in. officials turn it over. >> remember, when a team is in the zone, you got to set that pick on the outside, so, as wake forest gets ready with only six seconds on the shot clock, they got to execute and here, they're going to switch up he's going to inbounds the ball. >> they do it on the side rather than under the basket remember, just five on the shot lock. quick to the basket is williams. collision inside. we'll see what the call is, it is going to go against the demon deacons. asia williams, the freshman, picked up her second foul on that drive to the basket. the wolfpack have had one field goal in their last nine possessions. kastanek had the hot hand early. it looks like a foul is going to be called on wake forest.
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they potentially be clearing up some clock issues, we'll let you know exactly what the call is here in a second, once we figure it out. mike petersen wants to know as well. of course, if they're ready for it.
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>> both teams will gather with their coaches. >> and coaches love nothing more than a time-out that they don't have to take. an opportunity here. >> the shot clock was frozen there at 30 for a long while. that is most likely what they're trying to check out over there, how many seconds should have ticked off that shot clock. the game clock was going after nc state inbounded the ball but the shot clock was not. you guys are going to do math on this one. we're going to let the officials do that. from my count, it looks like 11 seconds. it was at 6:17. the shot clock frozen there at 30. think the total will be about 14 when they figure it out it wasn't going. yep, 6:03.
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started at 6:17. thanks to the producer for helping me with my abysmal math skills. 14 seconds most likely taken off that shot clock for the wolfpack. >> jenn, why we have to have this break, i wanted to mention, nc state in conference games, averaging 70 points per game. right now, only 40 points. 30 points away from their scoring average. in acc. give a lot of credit to the wake forest defense. >> wake forest is -- has a few players in the foul trouble. as does nc state. both teams are playing the type of defense that can bring those kind of fouls on. there, you see courteney morris with four. thomas with three for the demon dee cops. thomas to her give credit, she hasn't had three for quite a
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while. she picked it up in the opening seconds of this second half. >> you're absolutely right. >> you see the foul trouble for the wolfpack. bonae holston who was the spark in the first half. she has four and has had to go to the bench. bell and gartrell with three. you have some energy, momentum, now you have to stand off to the side for a number of minute and as a player and as coach, it can be frustrating. players start to cool off some. you're right, there was an up and down game going on. we'll see how both teams will recover. >> for a while, we had nothing on the game clock. now it is could wanting down from 6, it stopped. it looks like everything's going to v back to the way it's supposed to be. >> you can see the lead official there, working hard to get it
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cleared up. >> we'll take a look at the upcoming games for the demon dee cops. what do you make of their schedule here, lachina? >> you have to take advantage of home games. they have clemson at home and virginia at home and in league play, you have to protect your home court. then they go on the road. you got to take one game at a time. for wake it's winning at home. >> wake forest, 2-2 in the conference. that puts them right in the middle of five, six teams right there at 2-2. the crowd responds. it looks like we're ready to go. we got 16 on the shot clock. 6:03 on the game clock. 44-40, in favor of wake forest. now you're all set. here we go. the sweat has dried a little bit on the players. but, we'll see who can muster some heat. good effort by morris on the rebound. and nc state couldn't get the
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basket to fall. >> shot clock running down. i don't think that's the shot harper wanted to there with ellison taking that shot from the outside. >> williams drives to the basket. she got whistled for an offensive foul. the last time she went barrelling on in there, draws the foul this time. goods, aggressive player from durham, north carolina. >> she uses not only her size but her advantage there on the quickness to get to the basket. you'll see asia williams, down the stretch, quite a bit the last 5:30. she made two gutsy plays down the stretch against miami. one was isolation for a go-ahead bucket and also got a steal to poke the ball away, she's made some big plays down the stretch and here she has an opportunity to extend the lead for wake
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forest. >> the demon deacons have got to do some work on t. at this point in the ball game. foul called on sandra garcia. her third. she had gotten on a bit of a roll earlier this half. now lewis ya ellison at the line for the wolfpack. 7% free-throw shooter. shorts it on the first one. good rebounding by the wolfpack but garcia pulls it away. >> and garcia hadn't been in the game to impact the offense. she also hasn't been in there to impact the rebounds. since she has come back in the game, she's gotten some clean
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rebounds. >> turnover by the demon deacons. miscommunication. between williams and thomas. they'll talk it over and thomas is so poise. she never, her reactions, you can't tell what's going on. that's good for a point guard. because she has the same face almost the entire game. she can change her speed, but her facial expressions ever chan never change. >> i know all about that. i'm sure my teammates could tell you some good stories about some halftime frustrations. postgames. all kind of stuff. >> garcia will head to the bench as she picks up her fourth foul with just under 5 minutes to play here in the game. holston on the line for nc
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state. the wolfpack haven't shot nearly as many free throws. but they're certainly shooting a better percentage, 4 of 6 as holston prepares to take her second. >> nc state, the second best free-throw shooting team in the acc. when it comes down to free throws, they have the advantage. ball movement by wake forest. thomas draws the defense. >> that shot just way off the mark. by boykin. white kicked it out on the other end. holston was called for it and she gets it. he'll get a chance to head to the free-throw line again. >> you have to give coach harper
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credit for understanding the importance of holston, she's got four fouls, so, she's absolutely in foul trouble. but look at what she's able to do on offense. she sees the double team. but she's strong enough to put it up and get the foul. >> se scily ray picks up her ve first foul of this game. she's not in foul trouble. but plenty of other players are for both teams. >> i would love to see ray take ellison. >> they tried to get her the ball. but the pass goes off her finger tips. frustration for the demon deacons as the wolfpack have tied this game at 44. we have 4 minutes to play.
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, this c state's on 60 run. we go back several minutes ago to this nice bucket by secily ray, the question now is, where has that been lately? >> wake forest hasn't been pushing the ball the way when secily ray was getting the transition basket. she may look for that early.
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secily is running the floor. >> boykin, ray, walker, morris, thomas on the floor for the demon deacons. gartrell kicks it out to white. holston had it on her fingertips. gets it back to wake forest. >> running the show, really makes wake forest have to guard her, opens up shots. >> speaking of knocking down shots, courteney morris from downtown, gets her fifth point of the ball game. >> you can see gartrell trying to get the post-up. she has brooke thomas inside.
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>> you can tell she wanted the ball. allow the double team to come over. kastanek tried to get it to fall, she couldn't. >> that was a great play by nc state. you can't ask for a better look for that by kastanek, wide open, holston had the look at the top of the key but a great pass. >> walker put that ball on the floor before she got it up to the hoop. and white comes down to the other end and gets the basket. we've got a one-point ball game as amber white goes to the hole for her eighth point of this contest. >> and with nikitta gartrell, assuming the point guard position for nc state here in the second half, that leads white open to score. and you can see her coming down here. makes the move. she kept that time but she hasn't exerted her energy.
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because gartrell has been picking up the slack. >> nc state, just 3 of their last 14 from the floor. those type of high-percentage shots, certainly shots when you're in need of a bucket. and the wolfpack finds themselves in another tight ball game. both of these teams, in fact, coming off close games. wake forest coming off a three-point win over number 25 miami. and nc state coming off a very disappointing loss against number 16 florida state. hey have the seminoles and they couldn't get any points in the last four minutes and change. florida state went on to win that ball game by three. >> nc state with some heartbreakers down the stretch. you said it, five games with a point differential of 20 total. >> how they respond here is certainly crucial as we head down the stretch in the acc.
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my question, the shot selection, from the demon deacons, that last shot, she picks up her dribble. >> nc state has had to claw their way back into it. >> white isn't afraid to go to the hoop. she hands this one off. good defense in the post. perhaps kellie harper would have wanted wiert to be more selfish in that instance. 18 turnovers for her club. >> and courteney morris called that time-out. coach knows the importance of having her in the last 1:39. >> kastanek after that really quick start at the begin wrg she had seven straight points for her team, has been quiet since.
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>> after she went phone roll, coach petersen said i'm going to put a defensive stop on her and courteney has done a great job since then. >> courteney has been very good in the steals category. from a defensive perspective, the last couple of years at wake forest. ranked in the top ten in acc in steals a year ago. led her teams in steals two years ago. as a sophomore. and now the demon deacons have the ball. 1:40 on the clock. wake forest with a one-point lead. >> wake forest is going to work it around. get a good shot. nc state back in their man to man, they had gone zone there for a while. >> brooke thomas the penetration
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the pass out no good. great rebound by secily ray, she's been quiet the last few minutes but a huge basket there. wake forest leads by three. a reminder, clemson hosting north carolina coming up after this one. as ray has 20 points and the demon deacons. a near-turnover and it is white lost it with under a minute to go. kellie harper seems to have some confusion. thomas is going to sit there and wait for a foul or for some pressure. she's in no hurry. 40 seconds. ray. gets the ball, taken away by bell. those long arms coming in handy. >> and a near-turnover right there. by nc state. boykin came up the court with the pressure. almost got one. >> so nc state, down by three. 30 seconds on the game clock and 26 seconds on the shot clock.
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what do you see the wolfpack bring out of this time-out? >> i think you go for the easy bucket here. because wake forest is not a good free-throw shooting team. you get the easy score and i think you start fouling. put the ball in the hands of gartrell. as soon as wake forest attempts to inbounds it, i think you start fouling. >> now, nc state has been very good from three in acc contests. shooting about 41%. that was coming into this game. in this game, they're 3 of 17. your advice, go for the bucket, put wake forest on the line where they're shooting just 7 of 16 for the contest. >> whoever's on gartrell, it doesn't matter. she has to look to go to the hole because i'm sure this play is going to come to her.
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>> gartrell. s that ball now. she pops the shot. that one's off the mark. ellison almost has the rebound. which way is it going to go? >> now, this is a different scenario here. okay, coach harper's going to use a time-out on this. because nc state likes to go to kastanek on the out of bounds play. even though i said take the high-percentage shot from where they at top of the court, when they're out of bounds, they like to run kastanek for three. >> kastanek, just 1 of 6 from three in this ball game. but the freshman is coming off a solid game in their last outing. acc rookie of the week after scoring 18 points against florida state. she is a 35% three-point shooter on the season. has made the most threes for her team. if they were going to look at
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that as an option, that's the one they would look for. zero up on the shot clock. that can't be right. i don't know the officials. there's a zero on the shot clock. 15 on the game clock. i take it back. no shot clock necessary especially when gartrell hits that one. >> and that is faith in your senior leader. >> huge shot by gartrell. gartrell knocks down a shot like that. that's the type of thing you look for in your defewith a dee in your face. 12.8 to go this this ball game. >> the shot clock is off as we see demon deacons try to do. gartrell is fired up.
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>> and that's the kind of emotion you need. down the stretch in conference play. in the acc. sometimes it's just that little extra that will carry you over the top. that adrenaline especially when you're a senior, gartrell ere to see three-point she took aibble. dehat she was. they're watching for i of tit s
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to conand virginia tech came back and has beaten maryland. their record, 14-3, 2-1 in league play. i'm mike hogewood along with robin muller. glad to have you with us for our second game here tonight. what a thriller many of you just saw. nc state beat wake forest. north carolina in their home whites. clemson in their road orange and we're under way here at carmichael. >> robin: carolina wants to push tempo right away trying to pound the ball inside. we talked about that with coach hatchell. they want to get the ball to the big girls. get some touches. coming out with some fire. that's exactly what they need to build some confidence. >> mike: pauldo, 6'3" sophomore out of macon, georgia. hit the first shot for the tigers. she tied her season high in the first game against florida
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state. tera degraffenreid. >> robin: good job getting to the basket. clemson breaking down, giving her a lane. she'll take it all the way to the hole if you don't put a stop on her. >> mike: goose pass to broomfield. look at laura brumfield get the offensive put-back for her first bucket. >> robin: laura brumfield say rebounding machine. we see a small example of it right there just going down. missed the first shot. puts up her own. you've got to box her out. >> mike: april parker outside left it out. threes shegog. big for north carolina played really well in the win over maryland. sheila white can't hit. there's brumfield again. laura brumfield has had double-figure rebounds in four straight games. already two offensive boards here. >> robin: and she just uses her athleticism. goes up over the defense. clemson has to physically put a
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body on her and move her out in order to keep her from doing what she does very well. >> mike: pauldo again and shaniqua pauldo has all four clemson points to start the game. >> robin: in terms of the two shots she hit are perimeter shots, long range. you'd expect her to be fighting on the inside a little bit more. she's taking what north carolina is giving her. >> mike: this clemson team has not played in eight days. eight days ago they lost to florida state. in that game, pauldo had a career high 21 points. shot clock to five. shegog trying to go up and she is fouled. and shegog will go to the free-throw line. and again for those of you joining us, i know you are taking a lot of breaths right now. what an exciting finish, wake forest and nc state. amber white hit a shot at the end of the game to win it,
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51-49. that foul was on kyra gillespie, her first. the freshman. jasmine tate, junior from birmingham, alabama, coming into the clemson lineup. also lucas is in for north carolina. >> robin: here comes the press by north carolina. we're going to see a lot of changes in the defense. clemson not having much trouble. sliced right up through the middle. that's going to be one of the key factors for them in terms of their success is handling the ball, handling the pressure. lele hardy. >> mike: that shot by lele hardy may turn out to be huge for her because she has not had a lot of confidence. and when you hit one, sometimes you hit a bunch of them. >> robin: exactly the right kind of shot for her to hit. it's a midrange jumper. she was very smooth on that shot. and then clemson taking charge at the other end.
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nice setup by lel hardy. defense playing off because she does like to drive to the hole. a few dribbles. pull up. knocks it down. and i think we're going to see some confidence out of her. maybe this eight-day break will help clemson. they can spend some time on the fundamentals. >> mike: gillespie drove through the north carolina defense. didn't hit the shot. but she got her own rebound. and is fouled. there's italee lucas who did not start the game because of disciplinary reasons. but she was not on the bench very long. italee lucas is the leading score scorer. lucas was called for the foul. it's her first. missed them both. gillespie, 60% free-throw shooter. >> robin: gillespie just a freshman. she runs the point for clemson.
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it's a tall order. >> mike: and there is the all-time steals leader in clemson history coming up with one. nice pass from christy brown. >> robin: nice ball movement. the tar heel defense getting back. finding the -- one more pass and the open shot. >> mike: pauldo got a hand on it. clemson tigers look like they came to play here today. >> robin: i like the energy they've come out with. cristy mckinney going to rotate players in and out. pauldo get something shots to go early. i think it's starting to build confidence for the entire squad. >> mike: rolle is into the north carolina lineup. both of these teams will play a lot of players. what a pass. that's a travel called on tierra
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ruffin-pratt. >> robin: north carolina with the turnovers. you'd almost expect that to be the other way around. clemson showing a lot of poise with the ball. >> mike: look at rolle. 6'6". trying to slow down 5'7", keyra gillespie. hardy for three and shegog who has been so strong on the boards of late down with it. oh, what a pass. and one. italy lucas. she's fouled. right off the bench, italy lucas goes to work offensively. jasmine tate with the foul. >> robin: carolina can rebound the basketball and get it out to their point guard degraffenreid. she's looking down the floor and she finds the shooters. lucas is the best free-throw shooter on this carolina team at over 80%. she's got three here early and
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it's a three-point carolina l d lead. lindsey mason is into this clemson lineup. a tough spot there for the freshman gillespie. and that north carolina defense is awfully good. lele hardy will be whistled for the foul. the quickness of the tar heel guardrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdd
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>> mike: north carolina 4 of 6 to start the game. clemson tigers, 4 of 8. so both teams shoot willing. here's the updated acc standings after nc state's win over wake forest. the wolf pack at 2-2. i think this is a wide open race right here. >> robin: absolutely. a log jam in the middle. each game so vital in terms of create something separation. duke has the edge, but any day out, somebody could perform the upset. >> mike: it would be quite an upset for clemson. north carolina has won 15 in a row in this series. dating back to 2000-2001. they last played in the acc tournament last year. here's rolle. good defense by mason. smith almost with the steal.
8:45 pm
shegog tried to drop it down low for rolle. just missed on the pass. give clemson some credit with their defense. >> robin: clemson working very hard defensively trying to get in the passing lanes. did a nice job of clogging up the middle, forcing shegog to move away from the block and to make the pass down low. >> mike: you saw bryelle smith. hatchell says he's been money against the tar heels in the past. they expect her to have a good game tonight and be tough to stop. rolle showing some quickness. >> robin: rolle only started playing her ninth straight season. >> mike: shot clock at two. smith's got to take it. smith who has not scored in the last two games for clemson. the tigers coming in on six straight losses. three straight in the conference. duke at georgia tech.
8:46 pm
eight days ago against florida state. north carolina played last weekend and beat maryland. >> robin: good call by wesley dean. trying to set that back screen on the post. basically ran through the stationary defender. >> mike: i mentioned this is kristi brown's second start in a row. they've moved her to the 2 guard this year. >> robin: she is a good scorer. she also brings a bit of experience and can run the point. and i think cristy mckinney using that experience today. they need to have their guard coming out with a little more confidence. brown does have that. >> mike: lucas called for traveling. it's been a point of emphasis this year. we've seen it a lot. >> robin: absolutely. north carolina with six turnovers. and that part is unexpected. i would expect those numbers to
8:47 pm
be clemson with just two turnovers. north carolina six. >> mike: smith. and italee lucas among the tall threes down with the rebound. give clemson some credit, though. they played outstanding here early in this ball game. this christy brown down with it. the senior. the veteran leader. >> robin: nice job by clemson pulling it out. they didn't have the numbers. bring it back up. set up your offense. they just need to be confident in the shot. they get wide-open looks, mike. they just haven't been able to hit any. >> mike: here's mason. played so well the last time we saw against georgia tech. and so much speed outrunning. but look at christy brown get back on defense. >> robin: nice job by brown. that's what senior experience can do for you. you know how to get in front of the ball handler. get the hand out there. the ball does get knocked off
8:48 pm
clemson. but prevents the layup. >> mike: brown say senior. she actually got her degree in december. so congrats to christy on that. >> robin: she's now a graduate. >> mike: exactly. here comes christy brown. six assists needed to move into the top ten all-time at clemson in that category. >> robin: getting hounded up front with the defensive pressure from lucas. >> mike: all of a sudden, had a tough time getting a shot off, robin. >> robin: this north carolina defense has really extended. they're out beyond the arc extending the passing lane and great roadroitation defensively. nice setup. >> mike: when you are having trouble finding your shot, you start forcing a little bit and the charge is called on jasmine tate. that's her second foul. so she has to leave the ball game. >> robin: nice move. good recognition by tate to take the ball to the basket. the jump ball was correct.
8:49 pm
you have to be able to hold up that momentum. she left her feet to make the pass. >> mike: cierra robertson-warren into the lineup. little off balance was italee lucas. the ball will go over to clemson. neither system has scored in awhile. >> robin: clemson hanging tough. their defense is good. cristy mckinney talked about that. she said defensively we're pretty solid. it's just that we make shots and then we stop playing defense well. >> mike: north carolina playing defense. it's been over four minutes since the tigers have scored a field goal. they've not gotten any good shots. morgan campbell is into the game. she's called for traveling. five turnovers now. clemson here in the first half. >> robin: clemson move the ball well.
8:50 pm
and that possession. but it appears to me as if everybody is afraid to be the one to take the shot. and somebody is going to have to step up and become that leader on this clemson squad. start putting the ball up in the air with some confidence. >> mike: lucas for three. she's a solid three-point shooter, but not that time. here's campbell. doesn't get a lot of playing time. cristy mckinney has gone deep on her bench in this first half. and, robin, that game -- >> robin: north carolina so quick to get out to the ball. contest those shots. clemson not confident in their ability to shoot over the defense. and they are forcing up shots as the shot clock winds down. lucas can't hit it and the tigers a strong rebound. here comes bryelle smith. >> robin: tigers with the numbers advantage. three on two situation. you practice it every day in practice. they were able to take advantage
8:51 pm
of it that time. >> mike: that's morgan campbell's fourth field goal of the season at the other end. one of the really talented freshmen on this team, cierra robertson-warren gets her other bucket. >> robin: here robertson-warren is going to be a really great player for north carolina. she's long, nice touch. good range. >> mike: i thought that ball was going out of bounds, but degraffenreid, a great move. not a good pass. a little scrum for the ball and the foul is going to be on italee lucas. and that is her second. north carolina's leading scorer ng into fou shmanng oman the es.
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>> mike: that's the bell tower. one of the famous landmarks here on the campus of north carolina. robin, clemson hanging tough here in the first half. they've lost six in a row. how many times have we seen in a game where a team like clemson hangs around and hangs around. all of a sudden, they've got some confidence. >> robin: that's what makes a team like clemson so dairnngero
8:54 pm
and one of the reasons silvia hatchell was concerned. she said they have a lot of athletes. they are hungry for a win and they are prime to get it. we cannot take them too lightly. >> mike: here's hardy. she's got three points. pauldo. she can hit this shot. last touched by morgan campbell. ball belongs to north carolina. >> robin: pauldo needs to continue to take that shot. >> mike: five field goals for each team, but more turnovers than field goals made. both teams started hot and both teams went cold at the same time. >> robin: both teams have taken their defensive pressure up a notch and that is part of the reason why we're seeing the turnovers increase and the shot opportunities even decrease. >> mike: brumfield. shot would have counted if it went.
8:55 pm
laura brumfield will go to the free-throw line and all of a sudden, clemson is in some foul trouble. >> robin: that's going to hurt cristy mckinney in terms of her ability to subfreely and rotate players in and out. gillespie, again, we talk about the fact she's a freshman. she has the starting position as a point guard and part of that inexperience is not recognizing that you've got to figure out ways to keep yourself in the ball game and play a little smarter. move your feet a little more. can't play defense. >> mike: cristy mckinney saying you have two fouls. i've got to sit you down for a little while. smith to hardy. ahead to campbell. good job of breaking the press for the tigers. >> robin: nice job getting the ball up the floor quickly. and then resetting the offense. >> mike: pauldo.
8:56 pm
there's smith. look at parker scoring her first bucket. parker who is a great shot blocker. pulls clemson to within two. coming in from the weak side. went past the defenders. nice pass ahead to lele hardy. and what a block by broomfield. >> robin: broomfield thought thereat lele hardy protected the ball well as she went up. but broomfield certainly has the height advantage on it. >> mike: lost the ball out of bounds. boy is she playing well down low. >> robin: good timing. a little contact but this is the acc contact. they'll let that go. and nice timing on the block. >> mike: doesn't score a lot of points. fifth in the acc in rebounds. broomfield is a definite presence on defense. inside to mason.
8:57 pm
she travels. give the north carolina defense some credit for causing that turnover. >> absolutely. mason can feel the presence of broomfield down low as that pass was coming over the top. she split the screen leaving the post defender up high. but there on the rotation to help is broomfield. >> mike: still just a two-point game. lucas off the screen from shegog. shegog set a great screen. emily lucas had a great look at it. >> robin: the way clemson is playing defense. the defensive end, they've got things pretty well under control. they are boxing out better, rebounding. they are limiting the tar heels' opportunity. >> mike: degraffenreid went for the steal. degraffenreid will be whistled for her first foul. cetera, a junior out of culowhy.
8:58 pm
daughter of a coach. brown back into the clemson lineup. and there's that tar heel defense. bryelle smith fouled her on the way to the bucket. >> robin: lucas, great hands. great defender. bryelle smith made the cut to the ball. you see her hesitate. did not have possession of the ball strong. did not feel lucas' presence behind her. >> mike: lucas is shooting through the gap. and as we told you, italy lucas is money for the free-throw line. came into the game having missed only ten all year. she is now, well, 43 of 54. i think i jinxed the heck out of her. >> robin: there's tera degraffenreid sneaking in from the opposite side. boxed out all the way to the other side of the lane. she had a free alley to the basket. >> mike: that's what quickness
8:59 pm
can do for you. largest lead of the game for north carolina. here's degraffenreid again. man is she quick. >> robin: she andys hzzy
9:00 pm
f omedtrok
9:01 pm
>> mike: north carolina, only three losses all year long. up three over clemson. can north carolina use her this year. she's recovering from hodgkin's lymphoma. last year averaged 14.5 points. 8 1/2 rebounds a game. the great news is, robin, there is no sign of a cancer anymore. she's practicing with the team
9:02 pm
and i understand from silvia hatchell, she looks great on the floor. won't play this year, but she's going to be something next year. preseason all-acc. >> robin: silvia hatch cell very excited about how she is move on the floor. she said she is golden on the floor right now. but they don't want to play her. they're going to save her for next year. we're going to have the whole team back plus brylin. think about how good we can be. we're excited for her. we are excited that brylin is feeling better and her cancer is in recession. >> mike: lindsey mason started to make a difference in this team. >> robin: clemson hanging around. gone to a two-three zone trying to spread this defense out. maybe take north carolina out of their routine. north carolina reading that very well. cut right down the middle. >> mike: broomfield now with seven.
9:03 pm
parker tried to get it inside. almost opposite of what that last play was. >> robin: getting out. but on this play, right down the gut of the two-three zone defense. weak side guards and the weak side post have to rotate over. again, being the freshman in the zone, she's struggling to learn how to play tar defense. >> mike: lele hardy for three. >> robin: that certainly could give clemson a lift. hardy scoring from a lot of spots on the floor. absolutely the weapon that clemson needs to stay in this ball game. >> mike: both teams are starting to heat up as lucas scores. hardy has hit a three-pointer. her first in acc play. and we have a ball game, folks. degraffenreid. two on one to lucas. those are the ones you got to
9:04 pm
make. >> robin: and those are the ones that silvia hatchell talked about it. we are missing shots. we're missing easy shots. simple ones. layups. >> mike: this pace is going to favor north carolina in the long run. they want to get up and down the floor. clemson needs to get it back to a half-court game. >> mike: degraffenreid lost it out of bounds. so the tigers will have the ball and a chance now to tie or take the lead. sheila white back into the tar heel lineup. waltiea rolle in as well. the pressure has not bothered clemson. what has bothered them is trying to get into their offense. >> robin: and the half-court defense of north carolina very solid. they are up in the jerseys of the ball handlers and in the gaps for the passing lane.
9:05 pm
>> mike: hardy's turn around. lele hardy played so hard. ahead to lucas. italee makes it that time. lucas now the leading scorer in the game with eight points. >> robin: the pace of this game is just incredible. a nice job getting the ball to the inside is kristi brown going up strong and drawing the foul. on the break, christy brown gets in
9:06 pm
9:07 pm
9:08 pm
9:09 pm
st: switto g reave
9:10 pm
15% e on ranc : isoo tones to? e: it go stim vo: 15 ve 15%
9:11 pm
>> mike: one of the original landmarks at university of north carolina, and that's the old well. 31-24. seven-point lead for the tar heels. italee lucas off the bench leads the way with eight points. here's our game summary. clemson certainly has cooled off from the field and only 1 for 4 from the free-throw line. both teams have a lot of turnovers, robin. >> robin: credit the defense for those turnovers. the pressure has been incredible on both ends. and clemson making the most of those turnovers has eight points off of north carolina's
9:12 pm
turnovers. that has got to make cristy mckinney feel good about generating some offense. >> mike: rolle at the free-throw line, the freshman from nassau, bahamas. that was her first free throw made in acc play. she started ten games earlier in the season. now coming off the bench. so difficult for a freshman to adjust to life on the court in the acc. you see her headed to the bench for rest. >> robin: even greater adjustment for rolle. she's coming from another country. and she eenl started playing in the ninth straight. she doesn't have those years and years of experience that a lot of her teammates have. >> she was out of the starting lineups the first time in that game against maryland the last time they played. brown on the drive. shot is blocked. shegog, nice block. smith and bryelle smith scores for the first time in three games. hatchell expected something from
9:13 pm
her. there's the quick transition on the other end. first field goal for chay shegog. >> robin: north carolina is going to score on made baskets. they push it down the floor. you cannot coast after a made basket against this tar heel team. >> mike: eight-point lead is the largest of the game. pauldo not able to grab the rebound and north carolina here as we approach two minutes to go has a chance to break this game open a little bit. this is a real dangerous time for the clemson tigers. >> robin: this is. the last two minutes of this first half are going to be of utmost importance for the tigers. keep it close. defense needs to make a few stops here. they've got to convert at the other end in order to feel like coming back in the second half they have a shot. >> mike: mason back on the court for the tigers. clemson and a man-to-man defense here trying to slow down the tar heels offense which has really
9:14 pm
come to life. degraffenreid. there's mason with a block. she's been a differencemaker off the bench. >> lindsey mason, 6'4". great control. good footwork. moved her body. allowed degraffenreid to get past her just enough she could block that shot from behind. >> mike: here is mason. brown wide open. tar heels down for it. they are running. there's bryelle smith. smith is from nearby raleigh. got a lot of friends here watching this game. hardy in the paint. look at the offensive board by tate. we're under a minute to play here in the first half. hardy baseline. got her own rebound. boy. it's just been tough for lele hardy. again, hardy. how do you like that? the senior just stuck with it and got two. >> robin: kept following her shot, following her shot. wasn't afraid to continue to put those up there.
9:15 pm
i like the way lele hardy plays. doesn't take a play off. >> mike: has not shot for a high percentage here in this first half. but she is leading the tigers, no doubt about it. and they are very much in this game. 12-second differential between the shot clock and the game clock. out of bounds with six seconds left on the shot clock and silvia hatchell will take a 30-second time-out to design a play here as the tar heels largest lead in this first half has been aced. if you are clemson, robin, you've got to feel very good about where you are right now. >> robin: absolutely. your defense has done what it needs to do to stay close. starting to find some scoring opportunities. i like the way that cristy mckinney's team has come out with a lot of energy. they haven't backed down and they've been fighting and scrapping for those loose balls.
9:16 pm
nice job. >> mike: cristy mckinney designing up the defense to try to stop this play here. the tigers if they get it close, they've been good. they've won all four games they played this year decided by two points or less. that includes a win over south carolina in overtime. broomfield wide. shot clock rung down. sheila white can't hit it. look at broomfield, the offensive boards. mason had great possession -- position there and it will be north carolina's ball. it looked like it went off the tar heels. nonetheless, north carolina's ball. 9.8 seconds to go here in the first half. >> robin: this is an important defensive stance if clemson can hold here. they can go into the locker room feeling pretty good.
9:17 pm
>> mike: shegog over mason. big bucket for chay shegog as the first half draws to a close. smith all the way and bryelle smith fouled with 0.2 seconds left. chay shegog will pick up her first and priiel smith will go to the free-throw line. >> robin: bryelle smith had a head of steam. she wasn't stopping for anyone down there. shegog, i think she felt like she was in position to take the chargers. hard to see from our angle. too many bodies in the way. >> mike: smith had two solid games last year against north carolina. but in the last two games for the tigers against georgia tech and florida state, those losses, she did not score. she's got four here. and a big free throw for clemson for them to score the final points here of this first half.
9:18 pm
and we head to the locker room with the tar heels up by seven. 37-30. this game was very, very close for most of this first half. i thought the difference, robin, was north carolina's defense. it really smothered clemson at times. >> robin: there were times clemson started to make a run and north carolina would expand that defense. got in the passing lane. and a lot more ball pressure. that's what they are so good at. they pressure the ball and force you to make mistakes. >> mike: for our halftime activities, they're on the way. 37-30 is our score here. italee lucas has led the way for north carolina with eight points. laura broomfield with seven for the tar heels. lele hardy leads the way for the traese abat ye up fd no you likerici dget at eat. om ttch leed yogspa fon youngr
9:19 pm
taki yous, ly ifeelit. then'ties, theysics ft thk on.
9:20 pm
in 1977, in johannesburg, uth , yearoy ed ugamelf hisr. by e oe wa alrutplhim. th of entl ng tior chamips e ag4? fn 16on. dds t sa akino th feurpro-tour fn 7 n. th of e "sy" g opepionnce and the u.s. chship? 780ion. e o rofel goavin a ciagnith ? 1 in
9:21 pm
erls eges tn ths ofm >> mike: halftime on franklin street. a dreary night there. a lot of folks have come inside carmichael arena. what you see going on is a shag exhibition which is the state dance of north carolina and south carolina. myrtle beach the home of it. nothing quite like the music and
9:22 pm
shagging. silvia hatch cell a great shagger. this was all her idea. we tried to get our producer bill cochran to get up there. i know he's got nimble feet. but he declined. huh? he declined. >> robin: i understand, mike, you are a professional shagger. >> mike: are you kidding me? i love the music. i love this dance. a lot of fun. shag club from all over north carolina and south carolina are here and a part of this tonight. >> mike: let's talk about this first half. when you talk about clemson, you have to start as we did at the begin with lele hardy. she did not shoot the ball that well. i think, robin, her energy, her leadership, are so important for this tiger team. >> robin: absolutely. she can carry this team with just her confidence in her playing ability. she did hit some shots early. but it's her defense that makes her so good. she gets out in the passing lane. she can create shots for her teammates. and they need more of that from her. i love the way she just doesn't quit, though. we saw that. she stays in it. goes after her own shot.
9:23 pm
goes after other rebounds. doing a good job of keeping clemson close. >> mike: nine points, three steals for lele hardy. and here are our first half stats. clemson, who has just been atrocious from behind the arc in conference play 2 for 10. despite that, just down seven points. >> robin: shooting 37%, which is good. they've had a couple of games where they've not broken the 30% mark. and i think that's very important. they've got to try to push up to 40% in terms of field goal percentage which means continue to take care of the ball and get some offensive boards. they should be right in it. >> mike: the tigers very much in it. the celebration is the dance, the shag. the song you are hearing "i love beach music." i do. oman the es.
9:24 pm
7 [ all . ♪ #2 ] ha cal e g. [ mu ali i'm floa a bly ing bee ♪
9:25 pm
liketerf fg liee. f m gofloake aerfl f anng lbee. ♪ f stike sikee. n ] he cs, all [ #2 w thight
9:26 pm
♪ ♪ >> mike: we have some great acc women's basketball for you on sunday. 1:00, two of the top 25 teams in the country. georgia tech and virginia. the cavaliers coming off a couple of big wins over virginia tech. boston college. georgia tech got upset on the road at boston college. so this will be an interesting game. bridget ardasi, monica wright. first ardasi. what a year she is having leading georgia tech. >> robin: she's a strong player on the inside.
9:27 pm
finesse player. does a nice job of getting the ball and knows what to do with it. monica wright, all-time leading scorer at virginia. give her the ball and get out of the way. >> mike: you've seen her play. this week she comes up with her career high, 39 points. absolutely incredible. monica wright. we saw her have a great game. many of you watching right here last monday night against blacksburg. and that's not all on sunday. at 8:00 in high definition, in college park, the duke blue devils, the only unbeaten team in the acc going against laura bjork and the maryland terrapins. maryland has been an up and down team. they are so young after losing coleman. duke on the other hand, a bit of a veteran team led by jasmine thomas. >> robin: jasmine thomas and her group, having played uconn on monday night. they need to get back into league play. take off that game. and take care of business back in the league. and that's real important. put that one behind them. >> mike: they did take care of
9:28 pm
business against virginia tech. a huge win at home on thursday night. thomas is playing well. they need bjork who is a great shooter to hit some shots from outside. that's on sunday. we've still got a game going we've still got a game going here tonight. o hachoo. knowng tn th drivt, fcan cc, or ticast ygnat yoget led inteat n. s goe moit tha
9:29 pm
s goe moit tha you ever think about buying a bigger place? just waiting for a v fr creiry. fe isedit. elsei ge a bcredit score? ok, ep y
9:30 pm
no? cer: there's no magic to improving your credit. but there's help and it's free. go to >> mike: a lot of players contributed in the first half. north carolina had nine players contribute to score.
9:31 pm
we are ready to get the second half under way from here at carmichael arena. ♪ ♪
9:32 pm
7 [ all . ♪ #2 ] ha cal e g. [ mu ali i'm floa a bly ing bee ♪ liketerf fg liee. f m gofloake a butterfl f anng lbee. ♪ f stike sikee. n ] he cs, all [ #2 w thight
9:33 pm
9:34 pm
>> mike: you should have seen robin. she just cranked up the volume. >> robin: i was rocking over here. >> mike: it does get you going. i tell you. what a great way to the tigers are
9:35 pm
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>> mike: a ten-point lead has been sliced to one. keyrra gillespie headed to the
9:52 pm
line. both teams with a lot of turnovers. i think that's because of pretty good defense. >> robin: absolutely. very good defense on both ends. 41%. we talked about clemson needing to get up into the 40 toss have a chance. they are right there. and part of that because they have 14 offensive rebounds. they are getting it done on that board. >> mike: lele heard with 16 points, three three-pointers. clemson here in the second half is shooting 50%. and keyrra gillespie from statesville, north carolina, 0 for 2 from the line tonight. that was a big free throw because we are now tied with 11:04 left. the clemson tigers now roll in the paint. over pauldo and shaniqua pauldo is going to be whistled for her second personal foul.
9:53 pm
>> robin: a nice job of slashing up to the ball, drawing that defender pauldo in the air with her and then initiating a little bit of contact on the shot. >> mike: you know, when waltlea rolle gets a little strength with the way she runs the floor at 6'6", she is going to be a great, great college basketball player. >> robin: she has a great basketball build. you're right. she has long arms. exceptional defender. as she gets stronger, she is just going to be a force on the inside. >> mike: starter most of the season. coming off the bench in the last couple of games. the tigers can take the lead here. parker -- april parker has given clemson the lead. an unlikely shot. >> robin: wow. april parker from downtown. >> mike: and the last clemson
9:54 pm
lead was at 2-0. and this crowd is going to get a little antsy now. what a shot by parker. roll inside. first field goal from waltiea rolle. >> robin: they're successful when they get the ball inside. tar heels also changing up their defense. they've been in a man-to-man most of the game. now a 3-2 zone trying to cover that perimeter scoring. >> mike: you saw a moment ago that graphic. the tigers have been lights out hitting six of their last seven shots. pauldo. look at the defense. tigers, such quick hands everywhere. >> robin: became very active hands. dodging a bullet there. the shot clock was winding down. the ball did not hit the rim but because a tar heel had possession of it briefly, they
9:55 pm
get a reset on this shot clock. so tigers can set up their offense over again. >> mike: parker can't hit the shot. lele hardy has been on the bench awhile now for clemson. there you see. i expect her to get back in this game pretty soon. >> robin: she may be getting a nice little breather. if that's the case, she can come back in with fresher legs. rolle is fouled by april parker, her first. waltiea scored all her points from the free-throw line tonight. she's 3 for 4. she came into the game 0 for 4 in acc play from the line. but been pretty strong. and now here comes lele hardy back into the game. >> robin: lindsey mason as well. and i believe that this zone defense may be beneficial to
9:56 pm
mason coming in and hitting those short range jumpers in the lower part of the zone. >> mike: as you mentioned, she's found her range and is very confident in her shot. chay shegog back in her role. two-point game. north carolina had a ten-point lead at 50-40. gillespie. point guard doing so many great things. inside. mas mason. >> robin: breaking down the zone defense by getting to the interior. does a nice job of bringing the defender over. a little shovel pass to lindsey mason. my only criticism of that would be give mason the ball right in the gut where she can handle it. she had to go down to her feet,
9:57 pm
down to her knees at least. it's hard to find the basket when you are doing that. >> mike: but only a freshman. think how good she's going to be when she's a junior? >> robin: they just need to weather this storm of inexperience. >> mike: one of two from mason makes it a one-point game. shegog. look at the defense. parker doubled down on her. mason was guarded by shegog. nowhere to go, and she traveled. >> robin: one of the things cristy mckinney talked about this morning was limiting the touches to shegog. but if they could not do that, then to double her, to bring the help in. nice example of getting the double-team there quickly. plus the guard coming in down to choke in. >> mike: 18 turnovers now for north carolina. gillespie again penetrating the paint but shegog with the block. her 11th block of the season.
9:58 pm
looking inside. good defense from mason. shot clock is under ten. good defense by kirstyn wright. that time the offensive board and the put-back from chay shegog. that is what silvia hatchell has been looking for out of number 20. >> robin: good job by shegog to use her strength up coming against lindsey mason. similar in size. shegog had strength on that play. >> mike: speaking of strength. how about april parker. >> robin: classic post screen and then another turnover. >> mike: my goodness. turnovers are starting to build up on the part of north carolina. chay shegog keeping north carolina on top.
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> mike: clemson will have the ball and a chance to retake the lead let's look at the wendy's fast break. we haven't seen a lot of this in the second half. >> robin: no, we have not. but good clemson defense. but this was a classic break. italee lucas getting
10:01 pm
10:02 pm
10:03 pm
ds or many players that can get past somebody as quick as she can. you see as she's taking off and then all of a sudden, puts it in another gear. gets below the defender. can get underneath. taller defender. and puts it up nicely on the glass. >> mike: there, clemson. lele hardy. what a game. 17 points for the tiger senior. >> robin: white went to sleep. turned her head. and the senior, lele hardy recognizing the weakness in the defense. able to sneak behind. >> mike: good catch by broomfield. couldn't finish. here comes right in the tigers.
10:04 pm
hardy. you could sense in lele hardy's eyes she really wants this. degraffenreid. would have counted. degraffenreid fouled. she'll go to the line. kirstyn wright with the foul. it's her first. close games are tough for players and for teams that lack confidence. we're at a point now where clemson really needs this but you can see the wheels are shaking on the cart. >> mike: how important is it to have grtds two are 80% free-throw shooters and degraffenreid and italee lucas when you have a close game like this? >> robin: it's just -- a huge advantage. and to have them on the floor, they'll be your primary ball handlers. you get to the point in the game where you are going to start fouling. they're going to get points from that free-throw line. back to a three-point lead.
10:05 pm
at the other end, clemson has really struggle from the line tonight. only 4 of 11. despite all that, it's a one-possession game. knocked out of bounds by ruff ip-pratt. i'm impressed by tierra ruffin-pratt's defense. >> robin: silvia hatchell very high on her. said she is going to be a player. what she is able to do as we mentioned with those harnesses on each shoulder, limiting her mobility. and still playing the way she is on the defensive end. deflecting passes. deflecting shots. >> mike: another good drive by gillespie. we give so much credit to these carolina guards. how about keyrra gillespie. time after time beating her defend sboers the paint. >> mike: very quick first step. a strong move to the basket. uses her body well.
10:06 pm
she's going to be very, very hard to stop. >> mike: there are numbers this season. she leads the team in minutes played. missed both free throws. she is now 1 for 5 from the line. degraffenreid. you talked about her, robin. we saw it again! >> robin: you have got to get all the way back in the paint in order to stop her. she can build up a head of steam. you are in trouble. once again, she builds up that head of steam. she's going to go right by you. you need to make that stop out at half-court. make that stop up above that three-point line in order to prevent her from getting those three-point shots. >> mike: degraffenreid. both lucas and degraffenreid in double digits. and look at the difference in fast break points. 18-2, north carolina.
10:07 pm
degraffenreid almost a steal there. parker, blocked by rolle. what a shot blocker she is. that's her 37th blocked shot of the year. >> robin: april parker didn't have a chance to get that shot off. plus a long reach by rolle. she came from the lane all the way out. >> mike: number two in the acc in blocked shots, the freshman. waltiea rolle there. shot clock is at four. hardy. and again it's ruffin-pratt's defense. >> robin: ruffin-pratt got a block, got a piece of that. ball went out of bounds. should have been one on the shot clock, though. i think they allowed it to expire. >> mike: ruffin-pratt given the assignment but silvia hatchell
10:08 pm
to guard lele hardy. for the most part she's done a pretty good job. tate got a hand on it. jasmine tate. >> robin: still right in this ball game. still a lot of fight. they are shooting the gaps, reading the passing lane. north carolina cannot get comfortable yet. >> mike: under four minutes. lucas for three. italee lucas, first three ball and how big was that in this game with 3:45 left. >> robin: that was huge. that gives a little bit of separation in this score for north carolina. talk about don't get comfortable yet. this can give them a little bit of breathing room now. >> mike: gillespie. clemson cannot afford many empty possessions at this point in the game. shot clock winding down.
10:09 pm
hardy has it blocked by rolle. great defense by the tar heels. degraffenreid to lucas. and cristy mckinney is going to have to take a time-out. how about those two guards! it's an 11-2 north carolina run with 3:14 to go. offense, defense, the tar heels have turned up the heat.
10:10 pm
10:11 pm
>> mike: tar heels have broken out to an eight-point lead with 3:14 left. both teams have gotten outstanding performances from veterans. lele hardy with 17 breaking out of a slump and italee lucas who came off the bench tonight, 17 points. >> robin: your leading scorers for both teams doing what they do best. and i know for the tigers, and lele hardy scoring above her average. has to feel good. it will only feel great if they can win this ball game. >> mike: let me ask you a question about italee lucas. she didn't do something that made silvia hatchell happy so she didn't get to start tonight. i give her credit for not having her head down, keeping her head up, coming into the game, focused and ready to play. >> robin: part of being on a team and the expectations that are set by your coaches, your
10:12 pm
leadership, and you have to meet those expectations. so you can't pout about maybe a disciplinary action that you know that you need to account for. >> mike: got a hand on that one. here's degraffenreid. right past hardy. what a nice shot by degraffenreid who has got 12. 29 points now by the backcourt of north carolina. >> robin: and that's been the difference the last few minutes. and part of the lead extension is because of the two guards. >> mike: and think about their loss in conference play to virginia tech. those two were only a combined 4 of 24. but what a difference here tonight.
10:13 pm
10:14 pm
>> mike: clemson led 59-58. let's look at the geico plays of the game. degraffenreid making a difference here down the stretch. >> robin: and it has been down the stretch. she's been able to get out in front of the pack using her speed, getting to the basket. several times in a row. it's the guard play of north carolina that has extended this lead and made it a comfortable ten points. >> mike: silvia hatchell giving her team focused here for the final 2:39. again, clemson up 59-58. and the tar heels on the offensive and defensive ends
10:15 pm
have really turned up the heat. trying to get it in to mason. she can't handle the pass. 21 turnovers for clemson. hard to win with that many. >> robin: need to give clemson a lot of credit in terms of the fight they had and their ability to come back in this ball game and take the lead. you spend so much energy doing that and a place like north carolina against a team like north carolina, sometimes there's not enough gas left in the tank to finish. >> mike: shot clock winding down. degraffenreid has to put it up. department hit the rim. with one second on the shot clock. >> robin: broomfield on the rebound. one of the things she does very well. she's able to finish the play before the shot clock expires. >> mike: gillespie. wright as clemson needs some threes. already got the rebound.
10:16 pm
wright just can't hang on to it. turns it over. 22 turnovers now. time-out has been called with 1:37 left. north carolina now up 12. if your silvia hatchell you have to talk about defending the three. >> robin: absolutely. need to spect clemson will try to pass that ball over the top. some skip passes. get that ball out to their shooters. silvia hatchell also probably addressing press break. we saw that cristy mckinney wanted to extend her defense. >> mike: look at the game summary. both teams with 20 turnovers. clemson with 22. but look at transition points. north carolina taking advantage
10:17 pm
of their speed, their quickness, their ability to get to the baskets. broomfield, we talk about her rebounding. six rebounds for number 33. 4 of them offensively. >> robin: talked about the guard that can shoot free throws so well. right away when that ball came in they look to put it in their point guard's hands. maybe find a way to gethe basket, maybe get to the line. >> mike: degraffenreid is so hard to stop. what a three. that might have done it for north carolina. italee lucas, second three ball of the game. and this is the largest lead for the tar heels as we approach a minute to play. shegog the rebound. the tar heels seem on the way to victory as kirstyn wright commits the foul. here's an incredible number, robin. since the beginning of the 2004,
10:18 pm
2005 season, north carolina is 96-3 here in chapel hill. they've won 18 straet acc games at home. >> robin: that tells how you hard it is to play on the road in this league. and north carolina having such a great record. >> mike: they appear to be on the way to win number 15. it would move them to 3-1 in the acc. look at degraffenreid. you know who she reminds me of like that? bill ford to be able to just dribble around like that. degraffenreid is kind of the same way. >> robin: she's out there playing with the defense now. >> mike: a lot of smiles as you can see on the part of the tar heels here. ruffen-pratt fouled by hardy. at halftime you saw the big
10:19 pm
shagging exhibition which is a state dance of north carolina and south carolina. silvia hatchell is quite a shagger. said if her team wins, she and her husband sammy are going to get out here and shag after the game which i might stay around to watch. >> robin: we need to stay around and see if she'll follow through on that promise. >> mike: i know one thing. i'
10:20 pm
10:21 pm
61. ce? doesie d pla fid ♪iddlc lie:how it so geicminuuld 15% e on ranc
10:22 pm
10:23 pm
10:24 pm
i was able to do that. >> robin: 12 of those points were in the second half. tell me if there was a difference in how you were playing then. >> definitely. when the game is on the line you have to step up. we did that. >> robin: you are the gatorade player of the game. congratulations. all right, mike, back to you. >> mike: thanks a lot. robin muller. silvia hatchell still looking for sammy her husband. those two can dance. they are really, really good. four players in double figures. degraffenreid with 12. laura broomfield 11 and chay
10:25 pm
shegog with ten. 61 points for clemson, 79 for north carolina. led by hardy's 17 points. mason off the bench with 11. hostd swg to sav 15ore sura : isoo tones to? e: it go stim vo: 15 s cove 15%
10:26 pm
10:27 pm
>> mike: it's not chic to play. it's chic to dance. north carolina tar heel head coach silvia hatchell taking the dance floor, which is the floor here in carmichael arena. md the other shaggers are around her. that's her husband sammy with her. you can tell the crowd has stuck around to watch the coach dance. she's pretty good at it. >> robin: she is. i would love to be able to shag like that. >> mike: maybe we can try it some time. but not in front of all these people. that's for sure. but silvia hatchell said she was going to do it if her tar heels won. i thought that was in doubt for a while when clemson led 59-58 in this basketball game. >> robin: i did, too. and i give clemson a lot of
10:28 pm
credit especially with their defense. they fought hard in this ball game and were close to being able to put it together. with any luck they can continue to build on this and maybe start working this into some wins on the acc side. >> mike: partner, fun being back with you again. north carolina winning at home, keeping that streak alive. our final score, 79-61. for robin muller and our entire crew, mike hogewood saying so long from chapel hill, north long from chapel hill, north carolina. -- captions by vitac -- caption funding provided by fox sports net
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
this is a special presentation of "the best damn sports show period." sometimes things happen in sports, things we just don't expect. thing that's make you stop, take notice. moments too big to remember, where were you when? >> because of hiv virus that i have. >> mr. simpson is a fugitive of justice right now. >> the upsets nobody predicted. >> boise state tennessee has won the miracle. >> the surreal. >> why? >> the scandalous. >> i'm innocent. >> the shocking. >> whoa! "best dam sports show period" presents shocking moments in
10:31 pm
sports. we begin our countdown with an inspirational upset. coach jim valvano's most famous quote was don't give up. don't ever give up. never did his words have more meeting on the basketball court than the night in 1983 when his underdog wolfpack tried to conquer the high-flying cougars of houston. >> driving for the basket. down to the second. clinton berg. it's a long way. they won it! >> they used to see outfielders crash into the wall to make a play. but in 1981, riley mccray took his commitment of dense to a whole different level when he ran through the fence at portland's park. mccray was lucky and walked away
10:32 pm
with only minor scrapes and bruises. sock iris the most popular sport on the planet. except, of course, in america. so when the world famous david beckham went looking for a new team to play for, who expected him to come to the states? >> the decision to join the galaxy wasn't hard. >> $250 million over five years is what david will make. >> i'm coming there not to be the superstar. i'm coming there to be part of the team on the american side. it's very exciting for me and my family as well. ? fans have endured a century worth of failure and bad cluck. in 2003 the team was within five outs to the trip to the world series when madam misfortune reared her ugly head yet again. >> down the left-field line. into >> awfully close to interference right there.
10:33 pm
that was very, very close. >> that's a tough way to try to make that catch. >> why? here at wrigley when the opposing teal hit the home run, they throw the ball back onto the field. i'm surprised someone hasn't thrown that fan onto the field. the 2007 dallas dominated tba'slar seas qualified for postseason on the final day of the regular season. somebody forgot to tell the warriors they were huge underdogs as they shocked the mavericks in dallas to win game one. >> an incredible, stunning victory. >> golden state proved it was no fluke by winning games three and four on their home court. >> listen to the crowd! >> and then in game six the warriors completed their mission, blowing out the mavs in the second half and
10:34 pm
playoffs. before the news bulletins on performance enhancing drugs, most baseball fans trusted that the accomplishments of their home run heroes were genuine. >> oh, my goodness. that is going to explode. >> 2003 suspicions were raised regarding one popular slugger. >> right here. bouncing ball up the middle. a run is gonna score. anderson, throw to first in time. >> this is looking for a few more pieces of the lumber. >> they are looking to see what's in the bat. they want to so really the bat that shouldn't be in there. >> wow. >> the only time you see something in there is if the bat is corked. this is a very interesting
10:35 pm
development. >> when sammy hit the ball, his bat split obviously. his catcher picked up the bat and said look at this, and there was a small piece of cork in the bat. >> sosa was ejected from the game and served a seven-game suspension for using the illegal bat. the legendary bobby knight, famous for his outrageous behavior both on and off the court. >> i will handle this the way i want to handle it the way i'm here. you [ bleep ] it up to begin with. >> but it was this game in 1985 when coach knight shocked us the most. >> excellent free-throw shooter whether have the honor of the technical. looky here. looky here. bobby knight just threw a chair across the free-throw line. and i think he picked up another t.
10:36 pm
the baltimore colts won four titles as one of the nfl's top organizations. but in 1984 they went looking for greener pastures. when they moved in the middle of the night, they shocked and angered their most loyal fans. >> i hate to see a man cry. the colts had to sneak out of town at night. it's a great act of thievery at the ballpark. an assault on the ice. >> it was
10:37 pm
10:38 pm
we now return to "the best damn shocking moments in sports." in 1978 the yankees and red sox needed a one-game playoff to decide the champion of the american league east. and the story of the heated rivalry added a new legend. >> bucky, the yankee shortstop
10:39 pm
twoxt outs, two on. red sox lead 2-0 in the seventh inning here at fenway. deep to left. yes strimky will not get it. it's a home run! the yankees now ahead 3-2! bucky has just hit his first home run of the year. and look at the yankee bench. the last guy on the ball club that they expected to hit a home run just hit one in the ven. and the yankees lead it 3-2. spring train 20ging 2001, randzy johnson on the move. before the fastball leaves the plate, there's an explosion of feathers. and unfortunate duck was in the wrong place at the wrong time. and its fragile frame stood no chance against the big unit. hisinfa in19 aseoryeing
10:40 pm
sna fro jof at. it. >> nobody thought we could do it. but i did! the images engrained in the
10:41 pm
mipdz of those who witnessed it. a couple on the big court between the lakers and rockets. tomjanovich ran to the fray. l.a.'s kermit washington saw the flash from the corner of his eye and instinct lively swung a fist. tomjanovich hit the floor. his face shattered by the punch. the incident caused the nba to significantly alter its rules against fighting. ozzy smith was famous for his brilliant defense. but he was not known for his power at the plate. in fact the switch hitting shortstop had never before hit a home run while batting left-handed in the bigs. that is until the 1985 nlcs. >> smith courts one in the right down the line. it may go. go crazy, folks. go crazy! it's a home run. the cardinals have won the game by the score of 3-2.
10:42 pm
home run! >> smith's improbable home run won the game and helped propel the card to the 1985 world series. a famous comedian once said, i went to a fight the other night and a hockey game broke out. on a board with as much hostility as hockey, it would take a lot to shock the average fan. >> knocks him brashear isown on the i brace, aprecaution. here?
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
10:45 pm and "the best damn shorts show." check it out. we now return to "the best damn shocking moments in sports." tennessee was on the brink of losing their opening round playoff game to buffalo. they fielded a kickoff with only seconds remaining on the clock. >> do the titans have a miracle left in them? christie kicks it high and short. batch to wycheck. he throws it across the field.
10:46 pm
>> he's got something! he's got it! he's got it. >> 50, 40, 20 10shgs -- >> he's got it! touchdown! there are no flags richie hrun. it. he's right! he's right. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> oh, wow.
10:47 pm
meanwhile, here's the kid, receiving congratulations all around. >> it was one of the wildest finishes in nba history. after kobe bryant had put the lakers up by one, the spurs turned to their big man. >> to duncan. he gets doubled. zach all over him. he get as way the fade away. he makes it with .4 left. unbelievable! >> the lakers were left with just .4 on the clock, and needing a miracle. >> here they go. they get it to gary hesc gary scores at the zzer! l have it. >> it was very close. the ball has to be out his hands. yeah, it's out of his hands. it's out of his hands. >> wow. it's good. >> just an unbleblable game. >> one lucky shot deserves another. >> that was the cruellest loss i have ever been involved with.
10:48 pm
>> fans are used to fights breaking out at hockey games but in 1979 the fans at madison square garden were a little too eager to join in on the action. >> the fans are now getting involved. as the rally is out into the stands. this is going to be something. o'reilly is at the stands fighting with ranger fan. all the bruins are going over. they are all into the stands. going up to grab somebody. about seven or eight rows up. >> you have to worry about a spectator. >> the bruins are at quite a disadvantage with those stakes out there. somebody can get seriously hurt. >> take another look at mike milbury removes the fan's shoes proceeds to feed him with it. after never before finishing higher than ninth place, the mets in 1969 enjoyed aal sumat theh . they were heavy underdogs to the powerful baltimore orioles.
10:49 pm
but new york was up for the challenge. >> the 2-1 pitch. there's a fly ball out to left. the mets are the world champions! gary is being mobbed. look at this scene! >> we must not forget all of the beautiful fans that we had in shea stadium all year long. it's just been a great year and thank god it's over now. >> i thought he was here. >> oh, i just can't believe it! it's been a year of miracles and it's marvelous. coming up -- a wild finish on the gridiron. a bizarre brawl. and the biggest upset in
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
f e crairy f oesnst.
10:52 pm
ake-e. y lethin undr pi ere' credit fairy we will. by d time ann: thno m tovingcred bure's andfree we now return to "the best
10:53 pm
damn shocking moments in sports." it was the ultimate example of david versus goliath. tiny chaminade university of hawaii, with an enrollment of 800 students, hosting powerful virginia, ranked number one and led by player of the year ralph sanchez. >> basketball players a tiny college in hawaii fliering high and with good reasons. >> chaminade actually pulled off one of the upsets of the entry, handling the nation's top ranked and previously undefeated virginia team. legendary ohio state football coach woody hayes was famous for his temper. and in 1978 that temper proved costly. >> woody hayes has been fired as coach of ohio state because of what happened in the gator bowl last night. woody hayes punches clemson's charlesy bauman because bauman had the audacity of setting off an reefer pack. so eddie hayes is out after 28 years of coach of ohio state.
10:54 pm
in 1982, the cal bears proved why teams should always keep fighting until the final whistle. >> the bears have to get out of bounds. roth areas long the sideline. another one. they are still in trouble midfield. the ball is still loose as they get it to rogers. they get it to the 30, down to the 20. all of the band is out on the field! he's going to go into the end zone! he's going into the end zone! the bears have scored. the bears! the bears have won! the bears have won!
10:55 pm
pedro martinez threw him down. >> he was the best hockey player
10:56 pm
in history, and canada's most famous citizen. andrs oade wirl what, they traded who? >> they got traded? no way. >> they traded him? >> we think he lacks the most in house. >> there comes a time when -- when -- >> wayne gretzky was now in hollywood and the nhl would never be the same. he was the heart and soul of the yankees team that was the two-time defending world series champions. >> the new york yankees and sports fans everywhere suffered a great loss tonight. that of star catcher thurmond munson, who was killed this afternoon in an airplane catch. >> we pause to pray for thurmond munson, our brother and your faithful son. he won the kentucky derby by
10:57 pm
the largest margin in 60 years. at the preakness, all eyes were on barbaro as he tried to move one step closer to the triple crown. but fans were shocked as the horse pulled up shortly after the race began. the colt had suffered a freak accident, breaking several bones in his right rear leg. his career was over and barbaro's injuries led to near complications that ultimately proved fatal. nancy kerrigan was america's best skater heading into the 1994 winter olympics, until a vicious attack. >> why? why? >> we have more now on a breaking story. figure skating champion nancy kerrigan was attacked. >> i'm pretty and angry that someone would do this. i really want to skate today, but the doctors all said i shouldn't. >> why?
10:58 pm
i worked really, really hard. >> i a major twist to the story was learned when it came to light friends of tonya harding were involved in the attack. but it didn't come to light in time before she captured the silver medal. >> over 700 million people around the world watched the 2006 world cup final. france and italy went to overtime. that's when french captain zidane tangled with italy's marco mat rossi. the surprising headbutt crumpled the italian. zidane was ejected from the final game of his otherwise brilliant career. italy took advantage and went on in sports. in part two, we will reveal our 20 most shocking moments in sports history. >> i'm innocent. >> from the amazing --
10:59 pm
>> there's a plane c


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