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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  January 30, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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shooting a very solid percentage 48%. vcu good themselves at 46%. they attempted 16 more free throws than georgia state. a lot of touch fouls have been called. to the rams credit they have taken advantage. going after the defenders on the inside of georgia state. as a result they are making a living at the strike. >> points off turnovers. 10-3 as they go in favor of vcu. which placed three men in double figures. larry sanders has a team-high 11. ten a piece from rodriquez. six of his coming at the stripe. 12 points for joe dukes at georgia state. that's a game-high. he needs help. fouls on a individual basis has been a serious concern. >> georgia state had three players with three fouls. they have to find a way to avoid the whistles. you have to keep players on the floor. you are going to have to keep vcu off the foul line. the pressure, the way vcu is
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age to pick it up late in the second half taking georgia state out of the comfort level. they got inside looks. dukes moving without the basketball. here, this was the play of the game in that first half. steal by theus. fine by larry saners. i thought that changed the entire outlook of the game. got the crowd going. it sparked the rams the rest of the way in the first half. >> georgia state six-point lead vanished. >> you have to find a way to play better basketball if georgia state consistently on the offensive end. the game is being called tight. get yoursethe ine. 45- vcu he l vcu he l pn ta nesms? i bring you arts-enriched raisin brahms, ied sed scor andive m vinls. fs good! ..goodou.
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45-3 22 is32 is your score.
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great support for your program. we had issues with the production truck coming down. so many thanks to your and your in-house people. >> we thank you for televising it. we have 14 inches outside. our students have showed up. our other fans are here quite a bit. we would have no doubt had a packed house. we are glad you are here. >> it is homecoming. you guys won 14 consecutive homecoming downs. rallies from down six to take a 13-point lead. what goes into the vcu experience from a student perspective? >> well, we had a nice article today on the front of the dispatch about our atmosphere. i tell you it is a matter of a couple of things of how this thing has taken off. one is the school has expanded a great deal. it is a school of 33,000
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students. 80% are residential. it is not a commuter school. students wanting to come to the events. as the big deal and part of the college experience. we have won quite a bit. our program has been take on the the next level. we have a nice thing going. we have to keep it up. >> what a lineage you have established in the coaching ranks. twice in three years c.a.a. champion. how good is this you have a one- loss nonconference schedule. >> it is tough. it has extreme parody. really good talent. i travel with the team for every game. it is a special league, great basketball schools and great atmospheres and arenas. it is tough. i always said before i got to be here, that c.a.a. is tough.
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you have to win the tournament many times. it is a bear. it is a bear. it is a lot of fun, though. >> we are chatting with the athletic director at vcu. you go to all the game. last timeout towsend tigers vcu scores 112 points the most ever in this arena. what was this atmosphere like when you are shooting over 60% for the field breaking the century mark? >> it was unbelievable. it got to the point towards the end where i was thinking stop shooting.
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joining us here at half-time. vcu with the lead. we'll be back with more at half- time. ooooooooooooo
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welcome back. 45-32 vcu on top of georgia state at half-time. john and matt courtside as we look at the scores around the c.a.a. including one big one. north eastern knocks offer old dominion in boston 74-64. it was a 15-point game at half- time. that put georgia state in a standing hole entering the game. towsend defeats usc wilmington.
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58-53. original reports said fired. updated reports say reassigned when the athletic department. george mason takes care of james madison 70-68. these are the standings today. updated standings today. it is now george mason. sole possession in first place. ole u north eastern at 9-2. rexle 7-3. dragons will not play. scheduled game at william and mary postponed. they got worse snow than we had here. they'll play tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. after the women's game. it is vcu tied with william and mary six and four for the fifth spot. top four get opening round bi
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in the c.a.a. tournament. >> i'd like to see the bottom of the conference get wins and raise the level of the c.a.a. boy is it going to be a fight at the top. you can see jenning's coming in. hard to believe drexel has a lead on william and mary. they were so good in nonconference play. >> take a look at the shooting numbers. again, vcu with three double figure. led by sanders by 11. he only played a limited number of minutes on the first half. sander with 12 minutes. all that production on the first stanza. vcu bench outscoring georgia state 16-8. big number is not the efficiency but the quantity
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at the stripe. georgia state six free throw tries. three makes. vcu getting to the line 22 time. plus 16 in attempt. plus 14 in makes. hitting 17. >> it is a difference of a game. right now vcu has 14 points. it is a 14-point differences on the score board. georgia state has to be on the offensive enand attack more. they did a good job in the first five minutes. they have to find a way to get to the rim and draw contact. go at saners. it is so hard the way he protects the rim. that's how vcu stays out of foul trouble. panthers have to take advantage of a tightly officiated game. >> he had two of georgia state three free throw makes and a couple of assists in 18 minutes of play. georgia state begins second half with a couple of big
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things going against the panthers. individual foul concern. three players with three fouls. georgia state used three timeouts in the first half. panthers only have two remaining. vcu has all second half. >> it is important for them to get off to a good start. you can't use the timeout to end momentum for vcu. important plays with the three fouls. he is an energy guy and hampton averaging ten and a half points per game entering this one. >> vcu trying to force a lob down low. tipped from behind. tray'll kick to a trailing dukes. georgia state can't knock away the 13 point deficit. they need to get scores. >> they go back to the movement that worked so well in the early stages. movement without the basketball they motion second. nice job in the first seven or eight minutes. it got stagnent down the
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stretch. >> nine on the timer. dukes up top. rebound goes to vcu. ahead to rodriquez. rodriquez has it knocked three by dukes. vcu maintains the ball. >> good hustle by both players. >> nice rebound by trey hampton. rebound goes to dukes. backs out. shot try not there. foul on steam. transfer. >> we saw them from the panthers in the first seven or eight minutes. if that point vcu seemed to get every loose ball. there were a monster on the boards. georgia state pulled out 12 and 18 rebounds. to close out the first half it was vcu pulling down 12 of 17. georgia state has to find a way to get back on the offensive rebound category. they have to establish
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themselves. >> dukes able to convert at the line. he now has four free throw makes. georgia state has five as a team. double-digit ball game. 35-34. vcu the lead. start of the second. virginia sea gull center. rodriquez pressured well. whistle on the foul. he got the ball loose but then got too greedy. >> you cannot go after the the excurricular stuff. nikonany kind of contact or breathing. >> sanders played 12 minutes first half. lead the rams in scoring. lad the game in rebounding with a couple of fouls he moves underbeneath. nice head fake. drive to the rim. right-handed take. hampton with the rebound. >> nice job. they got the angle to get the
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shot up. >> right side look. back rim not there. power play underneath. sanders yet again comes up with the ball. it is because of power combined with athlet schism that scouts says he an nba-type player. >> now has the ball tipped a way by hampton. collects mid court. bounce pass. back rim not there. then whistle. contact underneath the rim. >> that might go against joe duke. sanders had position. dukes not able to get around them or jump over the top of them. not going get away with that. he'll have to take a seat. second chance opportunities for vcu. sanders has gotten better on putting the ball on the floor. >> sanders a man with a varies skill set. rodriquez falls short underneath
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underneath. able to convert is vcu. >> another example of patients on the offensive end. waiting. >> goldston left corner three. >> they'll crawl back in this one. they'll have to get going from the perimeter. haven't taken a ton of three point shots from the game. vcu have taken away the outside looks. >> 47-37 vcu has the lead. start of the second. rodriquez out of the corner. can't get it to go. rebound. georgia state doing a better job on the defensive play. >> at the end of the first half they were watching the game rather than being physical and making sure they would hold vcu. they are putting a body on a
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body clearing out. and really cleaning up. >> defended well by sanders. looses handle. briefly controlled by georgia state. now loose again. hampton batting at it along with sanders and a three-second violation. three seconds with six on the timer. 16-36 to go. second half. vcu 37. georgia state 47. >> trying to give hampton the benefit of the doubt. he was in the lane five or six second. they had to blow the whistle. >> now on the floor trying to defend sanders. a crowd favorite down in atlanta. he walked out on the team in 2006. sanders dukes forces a pass against the lane. picked off by field. that will be a foul. >> if you have ever seen the movie invincible, open tryout comes out and impresses the
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coaching staff enough to get himself on the team. doesn't score or shoot a ton. when he shoots he goes in 50% on the field. had himself a decent first half. >> season opener this year he had a double double at north carolina state. rises to the occasion. he's been saddled with foul issues tonight. more than four gone. start of the second. goldston on the wing. johnson inside. quick turn around try is good. late to close out with sanders. now it is single digits. >> second time we have seen him go to the hook. that's so difficult to defend. even whether the length of vcu you cannot contest that. barnes wanting his team to get it done defensively. >> johnson strips it clean. a foot race. try with the left hand. it is not there. back rim rebound. that was the case where the defenders seal well. right side wide open.
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three ball. probably would have been wiser to back that out. if georgia state had timeouts you'd think they might be using one. >> best time to take the three point shot is in transition. defense is in a position to rebound. you can attack the glass from the edges. >> goldston hesitates. goes to the block. rebound. loose. pinball out of play. off the leg. timeout on the floor. 14:53 remaining in the second half. vcu broke the century mark last ti. ay tonig rams 50-39 advantage. rodriquez and company all sm g8g8g8g8g8g8g8g8g8g8g8g8g8g8g8
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in the second half vcu leading georgia state 50-39. free throw line. whistle for the jump ball. possession will favor the panthers. >> marcus johnson getting his nose in on that play. diving on top of the pile. looked like a rugby there. those are the efforts you'll have to see from georgia state if they are growing to crawl their way back into this one. i like what they have done early stages. the energy has been there. plays have been crisper on the offensive end. now they have to find a way to do what rob barnes were barnes was backing for. they have to force vcu to work to get their shots off.
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>> again so in thanks to vcu and the rams video production crew in-house provide or pictures tonight. fall away not there. tad short. georgia state able to convert to the right block. >> he rebounds so well for a guy his size. only 6'1" but he hops. that's offensive against vcu. >> johnson again hard noses play drawing contact. that these kind that can spark your team back back to within single tickets. you get to charge take to see if georgia state goes on a run. >> dukes thriving against the big man on the left block. can't get it to go. fields to rodriquez. looks like it will be georgia state ball against the 6'8".
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that's where joe dukes has no fear. he'll go against anyone. they return larry sanders. >> trying to get the shot clock there. you go to his body. you cannot do it against sanders because of the wingspan. he won't let you in on his body. dukes did a nice job there. little contact. surprised in the way this game is officiated they didn't get a foul call. >> georgia state in stride. dukes finishing inside. vcu gets the ball. >> seems like there is a lid on the basket for dukes. three close misses last couple of trips. you have to finish up near the rim. >> playing with three fouls on the wing. up top nixon gets himself to the block. creates shot drive. rebound. nice job. chin creates space but then ties it up. we've got a foul call that goes
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against vcu. >> as you said really nice job to create this rebound. they got to find a guard. kick it out. look opposite. you can't put it on the board. especially with georgia state swarming to the ball. >> fans just now understanding that the foul is on vcu who went to the official for a more specific explanation. he comes from an athletic family. his brother and sister are international discuss competitors. his brother finished sixth in the '08 olympics in beijing. >> on the wing hampton gets inside. finds three defenders. took out johnson. up high. hampton 13 to shoot. >> hampton tried to pull sanders awe way from the basket. sanders won't bite. >> up top dukes getting past
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vincent . nearly tied. able to bring it in. gets a bucket and a foul. vincent will go to the line. >> that is a wide body and good, low base. he was not going to be on that block. quick leasing available right back up as he was late in out of position giving that foul. >> foul goes to burrges. five against the rams. two against the panthers. georgia state going to the line again. on the way and good. vincent a 64% shooter at the line brings it as close as it has been on the second half. >> here comes the pressure from georgia state. making it a 12-5 run for the panthers to begin the second stanza. vcu has not scored since after the timeout.
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>> picked up by goldston. shake and bake and nixon. spins. kick out marcus johnson. calls for uptight up field. >> you have momentum. no reason for a silly force. you have been having success at the half court. >> gets the pick. then the foul on goldston as they tumble toward the corner. >> come with a hard double team there. vincent clearly not expecting it. he had to put the ball on the deck. he did not. vcu swarms to the basketball as well as in team in this conference and forced another turnover as a result. >> 12:06 remainingen second half. joe dukes and the georgia state panthers trailing vcu by only six. georgia state has not won in richmond since 1980 when these teams were in the sun belt
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conference together. lobs down low to sanders. georgia state able to kick out. johnson corner fields crossing over. inside. leads for dukes. nice head fake. gets to the rim. can't get it to go. knocked out of bounds by sanders. timeout on the floor. 11:35 remaining in the second half. this game is once again tight. vcu 50. georgia state 44.
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50-44. georgia state gets to the rim. vincent can't convert. ball out of play. vcu last the ball.
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>> sanders went down there forcing that ball off to the georgia state player. great spacing by the panthers allowing them to attack the rim. they need more of that. they have done a much better job over the last four or five minutes. >> sanders has been held scoreless. has four out of nine rebound. knocked out by hampton. a game with no turnovers. more than midway through the first half 19 collective give aways. >> both defenses like to wear you down. it is a war of attrition. the question is with all the foul trouble georgia state has in the first half will they have enough down the stretch as they try to close out from the big deficit. it is hard when you try to climb the mountain. when you get to the top do you have enough to close out the game? that's the question for georgia state. they have cut the lead in more than half. >> georgia state has only two
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timeouts. used three in the first. as they go with the like of hans. >> he has done good offensively for the georgia state team name's a good angle for trey hampton. if the top of the circle off to the left block there was nowhere to distribute that ball to. >> quinn up high. 6'4", 205 senior out of north carolina. >> rodriquez leading shot free throw line. he has seven times. double figures now with 12 points. >> sweet curl off the screen by rodded getting his shoulders square. >> 52-44. goldston could not convert left hand. rebound sanders. rodriquez wants to push it. leads on the wing. risele not there. tipped by hampton. >> no numbers here for georgia
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state. they have to be careful trying not to force it. >> ball knocked out of play. georgia state will have it. >> georgia state got back into this game by being hit on the offensive end. all of a sudden they have gotten sloppy as sanders takes a seat. >> 10:05 remaining. second half. 52-44 your score. vcu with the advantage. lob entry. way too tall. can't establish firm dribble. batted by both team. overover the end line. last touch to georgia state. that is twice passes have gone too long. >> like vcu they won't give you easy inbound. with sanders out of the game you have quinn who is long. >> off the inbound. rodriquez controlling up top.
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rodriquez hard screened by quinn. gets to the elbow. kicks back. quinn head fake pushes off. 16 to shoot. nice crossover on the man. it goes back into his old clutches. after a touch on glass. >> fatigue from georgia state. >> has it knocked loose by dukes. picked up by johnson. he's taken down. it is a foul call against the rams. >> you hate to get on a guy for trying to go to the floor but he really had no opportunity to grab that basketball giving a foul in the back court. 60 feet or so for the basket. that's tougher. it will add up on you. georgia state shoots the rest of way. >> it is his second as he goes to the bench. getting words of advice from first-year head coach smart. off the inbound. marcus johnson north carolina state transfer gets it across.
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takes back to dukes. used to call wake forest his home. 9:18 remaining here in the second. it has been as close as six. in the corner dukes sealed off inline well. now the leaner is there. count it and a foul. dukes did not have a chance to get inside of troy daniels but was able to shake him. create and now georgia state is very much back in this game. >> i don't know how dukes does it. he had no avenue there. quickness stepping back and getting the space away from the longer daniel's ability to get that shot over the top of him. marcus disappointed he didn't get him down. >> dukes at the line. big free throw on the way and good. georgia state in the first half only had three free throw
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makes. gives the panthers another three in the first 11 minutes of the second half vcu has not attempted or made a free throw. as the five-point game. >> all of a sudden it is quiet. >> rodriquez near travel. able to kick it out to nixon. back to rodriquez. tipped out of bounds by the panthers. 17 to shoot. 52-47 the closest it has been on the second half. >> nice job by hampton stepping over towards the baseline denying the cross court three. that was going to be an opened flee from the corner. >> right side. opened look. not there. rebound georgia state. he's undercut. more free throws coming up for georgia state. this panthers team has trailed by as many as 13. now has a chance to bring it within three. >> what a job to look up there by georgia state. johnson getting the pass. they were trying to put that
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one on the floor. he knew he wasn't going to have the opportunity. took two pivot steps and went up hard. court free throw shooter 43%. >> feels able to convert. 14 of 29 at the stripe. fields the man who hit a jump we are 43 seconds left in overtime. shot clock about to expire. put his team ahead against jacksonville state. second free throw not there. but a whistle for a lane violation. this will go against him. that means a third free throw. >> georgia state will take every point they can get. fields a guy that will get more playing time next year. you'll loose dukes which will certainly hurt this team. between him and marcus johnson, georgia state will have a good back court. >> again a miss. georgia state down four has the ball. dukes on the wing.
9:42 pm
eight and a half to go. 52-48. down 13 panthers have risen again. dukes trying to shake rodriquez. tipped. a whistle over the back. 8:15 remaining. >> he has been an important glue guy for the georgia state team. when he's out on the floor that's where the energy has been drawn from for the georgia state team. >> he subs away. they bring back james vincent who is a tad bigger but doesn't have his hops. >> hurts in the full court pressure because he can not cover as much ground. >> he is already over the mid court line as the pressure last vcu gingerly approaching mid court. one-on-one against hampton crosses. last year when these teams met georgia state got within a point. they missed on three consecutive shot tries. rodriquez free throw line. gets it to go. vcu stealing the panthers
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coming finally gets a bucket to make ate two possession game. >> he is so good getting the ball and putting it on the floor. gets his shoulders squared quickly. >> dukes hard pressure. ball on the string. able to spin and maintain possession. lead lengthened to six for vcu. georgia state try to answer. johnson against rodriquez. overplay by rodriquez gives him a path. offensive foul. timeout on the floor. 7:26 remaining in the second. vcu might be answering back. the rams 54. georgia state 48. @úúúúúú
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down 13 georgia state has drawns a close as
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vcu 61. georgia state 51. panthers trailed by 13. they have fought back and brought it as close as 3. vcu on a little run last a ten point advantage. free throws coming up. we are courtside with you as we take a look at the stats of the game. georgia state shooting wise dropping off. >> defense has been the story this second half. neither team has scored 20 points in the second stanza. georgia state got 36%. vcu hangs on at 44. they cannot find a bucket from
9:57 pm
the outside. >> lee at line. atlanta product. his older sister played for hoff tray in 2004-2008. >> how much does georgia state have left in the tank? they hod to exert so much energy get back in the game. third straight road game on the road since tuesday. what do they have left for the final three and a half minutes? >> rodriquez play maker. vcu up top. sanders feeds rodriquez. in the conner continue -- corn er nixon. he was throw to get over. could not deny the entry. smart play to get the foul. he was grabbing the jersey on
9:58 pm
the floor. waiting to make his move to the bucket. as a result i think they'll give him two shots. >> burrges right. >> they'll say it was on the floor. >> 82%. fifth best in the c.a.a. first is on the way. vcu went about 15 minutes of game time second half without a free throw make after converting 17 of the first half. he's there with the second. ready for the team's third on the stanza. >> i'll give georgia state credit. they know they have to be less physical. they were able to maintain their aggressiveness. they are really up against it now. they need quicker possession. patience has been their best recipe offensively. >> goldston to fields. three to go. ten-point game. hampton given space.
9:59 pm
one-on-one against sanders. nixon jars it free. leaping rejection by hampton. fields hurdled on the inline. georgia state down in numbers is at the other end. >> where did hampton come from? >> ali out of the corner strokes it. 63-56. >> that gives georgia state the opportunity here to still play ligit. you don't have to do anything crazy. you have to get a half court stop. >> rodriquez blows by fields. bigger rim not there. tipped by sanders. nixon controls. vcu ball. >> i think you hold off at this point. 2:15 to go. this is last possession to play ligit. you have to rebound the ball. boy, is sanders good. >> rodriquez crossing over on hampton. picks it up on a pivot. leads for burges. vcu content


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