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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  February 6, 2010 3:00pm-3:45pm EST

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we don't go lower than 130. big deal, persuade him. is it wise to allow a perishable item to spoil? he asked, why leave a room empty? the additional revenue easily covers operating costs. 65 dollars is better than no dollars. okay. $65 for tonight. you can't argue with a big deal. f omedtrok is ioing ny fson. d ent m, dre youults
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are ally at ri for 1n1 rus et's togethe and the getour ccin you'tectelf lp p e spf th flu vs ar e tst tiv evenflu. getactsu.go together, we can all fight the flu. hitting florida gators winning by a point in overtime. and would ride that waive down the championships game it was a great championship. north carolina was there. and so is michigan state. and wisconsin. of course, miller and harvey. and there is the final four, won the championship, twice from tuesday. >> there is a team had to go
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to overtime to get a game winner. to win... all the way out into the team's championship game. >> that is unusual. there is macklin hands it off to ray shipman. >> first half takes the ball into the basket. there is walker gets a tie from hin. there is augustus with three personal fouls. >> offense on 32. right here. there is penetration. he benched one way. both guys got it. augustus and varnadro. there is a big deal.
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and that is augustus. stewart is behind the arc. first three-pointer made in a while for mississippi state. >> you know funny thing was erving walker is like a je. he's not playing that way in this game. i think he's got some heavy place right now. looking winded to me. he's not playing his normal game. and you talk about not normal? there is 12 points for macklin. >> what a battle between two big guys, huh? so far, offensive there and has been taking care of business on the board. he's got 13 in this game.
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there is mississippi state basketball. and tried to go behind his back, surrounded by defensers to create this situation. >> there is the play. >> there is a spin. he uses a spin so varndo can't block his shot. see right there? he's under the gold no. place for jarvis to go for the block. there is a vaughn, three on the floor with augustus. plying with three personal foul autos i think parsons needs to get more involved with the offense. walker is clearly not himself. and there is a a block now for
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the junior from orlando. and there is some bigger guy thonz stretch. and they can get fouled like they did there. winds of steel. murphy. leads well to four for a buck writ of the game for the freshman. eric murphy. it's defense. and length this important. and keeping your hands up is important but they're not doing that now. the senior with the crown. three pointer for barry stewart. >> it can come and go with the threes. you can disappear all of a sudden. there is switches and mississippi state all of their games are like this.
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this is a 30 second time out. and there by talked about chandler parsons coming in and taking erving parsons place. pefshy keeps it align. and chandler parse yops takes advantage. murphy. finish. that is a six-nine point guard. >> coach all game long you've been talking about erving walker with a heavy leg. >> i think that he realized he needs to get in rest z he's on the bench now. fortunately parsons is doing a great job. and there is not as many guards as they usually v today, below those and he's not
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himself m this game. >> so this is important and will make them bigger in the zone which is a plus. and there is a is mississippi state with the lead. and there is where it's going to stay on mississippi state. turner talking about the hustle plays. point plays. that is one. baiting the ball off investigator leg goitsing to be bull dog basketball when we come back.
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>> there isaining. we told you about phil turn
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excuse -- execution. one goes gents screen. two staggered screens. >> and a jumper for the big guy. >> there is boynton back in
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the game for werner. walker and parseons at the same time. >> there is the largest lead of a ball game. out of control. kenny boynton. can you blame him? longest to go. macklin taking the roof off the o dome. a reverse. there macklin continue was a play doing chin upz of all varire iseco ha
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back in studio one, we've watched auburn with hogs on a
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three-game winning streak. auburn is nine of 22 from downtown in this game them have a lead on the road. back to eric and bob. >> thank you so much this, game has gotten very interesting here in the o dom. investigators have ridden the hot play of vernon macklin here in the second half. neither side up by seven. take a look at the news and notes as we speak. there is both teams holding. >> east is better than the west. arkansas is the team you've got to. wa. they have courtney in back and they're starting to make noise. there is 33 of the 44 stided in single digits. the team has been so much better this year than last. and there is we know that kentucky and tense we're not
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sure who other two and three dworing to be. there is drama in teams like this. >> what are your thoughts for the year? do they have a chance? >> probably -- it's a possibility. they can't lose too many more games. and when it comes down to it, one way or another. the fact there is play in the season. mississippi state on the road and there is down by seven off the bench. osby off the bench. a little bit short. there is a shot, this juncture. stansbury went in for third. one of the three-point marks. been taking that one. there is
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a headache number 33 right there. he continues to run the points for billy donovan. interest tl is nine these made and there is six right now. >> macklin starred this this game. no double team. there is parsons, my lord, look out. that is from university boulevard. and there is just like that against alabama. there is a number 25 with the basketball made clutch shots to win games. he was big in the alabama win. right here, skills is helping.
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and there is a tip in. there is bulldogs still with playing time. still six and a half to play. there is a parsons so far out, nobody bothers to go out there. they don't think he's going shoot it from there. perfect rotation. wave goodbye to the ball. >> since anyone who has been with this answer. >> my school teach mate gone, playing pro basketball. parsons blossoming. two guys in this one are performing as well as they can
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play in my opinion. and those two guys are really picking it up. >> there is one off the glass. pushing another and there is werner getting it over to walker. wide open loop. there is a chance for a three-point game now for mississippi state. >> this is right here. there is a fou. and there is now willing to give him the three in this game. he hasn't shown he can make
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it. so there is macklin and smith in this shot. down seven for eight here in the second half. there is is better than normal. there is five minutes to play. bulldogs down by six. there is varndo down the floor for varnado and the bulldogs. and there is a time out. >> sometimes you call them for strategic reasons and sometimes, because guys are tired. why is there no double team
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against varndo? excellent d right there by the gators and take a look at our star watch update. >> varndo doing his normal work. 16 points, 11 rebounds. he had a double double this year. there is 12 points. arkansas 17 points, 12 rebounds, 10 blocks. there is parsons doing great things. and this times finds for the three. which is the only basket of the day. then, execution of the inpound play. there is this drive. ending on top of that. there is a three. he's away at three.
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>> 15 points for mr. parsons. there is got a chance at a triple double in this day here in gainsville. and always on that offense. there is stewart on the base line. all for the foul. parsons steps in. >> talk about doing it both things on the floor there is this drive well. know he's willing to get in there to rough it up. >> he goes down hard. we can't see him in this picture. and there is some people wonder fd he's just quming to town owe do opportunity and
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hard work going together. >> there is is eric a freshman gets fouled on the floor. under four minutes remaining in this one.
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