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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  February 11, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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no time for the rocking red to hang their head. virginia tech has won three in a row. we'll show you how high they have sored in the acc standing. they're cooling inday toe that to set the 43. it's the return of behind the wheel. c?c?c?c?c?c?c?c?c?c?c? the snow is finally stopped, the cleanup has been we're ready to dig into another edition of geico sportsnite.
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>> they have to dig deep tonight. they get ready to face the almost equally hot ottawa center tonight. let's take a look at last nights fall in the montreal. the caps fell behind. happened less than ha minute in. scott gomez going to get michael on the short side. it's a 1-0 canadian lead. watch them as they trail 5-2. all by dead. the league highest scored offense went to work in the third. mike green going to start the come back. it's 5-3. then with 11 minutes left. washington worses the turnover. going two on one. could have taken himself. makes it a one goal game. it is 5-4. 20 seconds left of egglation. white capping off his first career. we are tied going into overtime. there is no way they're going to lose this game now. but with just 7 seconds left
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until the shootout. it's over. all of it. the game, the streak, everything. washington loses 6-5. 14 game winning streak over. there was plenty of blame to go around. >> reality of us scoring five goals every game it seems like lately and so now the players the forwards are saying get me the puck and we'll score. being left stranded by themselves. so our structure in our own zone has gone. >> i think you guys always try to find the one guy on the team who may play better may look better. for me it's just a team. >> joe and craig join us live from ottawa. gentleman there will be some lineup changes. >> yeah. up front jason is going to miss his second straight game. john out and tom out.
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so chris will jump in up front with brandon and eric fair that means, karl will team up on the blue line are tyler sloan. everybody associated with the capitals wonted that winning streak to last forever. montreal put a stop to them. >> my pushed the pace. got to the capitals on a two on two situation. cannon gets passed brian on the guard here. no chance for thee core. >> what happens next? historically how have teams faired? >> good stuff. the two teams with longer streaks both won the cups. 17 gamer had a first couple of rounds in the first season. beat the caps in one of them. slept the final two rounds. they lost to pittsburgh then were on a roll to finish the season. won the cup by sweeping the vancouver and the team at the
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cap is tied with way back in the '20s they ended up losing. >> brookes was a reason they were in the game last night. he posted three very pretty goals. >> the first one may have been the prettiest. he made the perfect peek. just a real nice play. watch him go to the back hand. slip it up and over. five hole on a two on one. a deflection to get a point for the caps late in regulation. >> and among his current teammates like to celebrate at a drop of a hat. >> only 14 toal in the month. everybody in the capital line up nice. two from the other alex. has one in 07. happened way back in 03. >> and russ we are here in the
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canada listen. i have with had a impressive game. >> they have. they are carrying three goallies. i figure as long as they kept winning we wouldn't see on the ice for them. is tonight the night coming off a loss. >> he is coming up. veal will back up. he's hurt. left the game last night. i saw him up here in the press box. still with the hockey thing. varlee gets his first start. he told brudo this morning he system ready to go. >> might as well throw him into the fire. ottawa has won 12 of 13. he better be read did. >> first start for varlee. we'll see you at 7:00 sharp for the caps. right here on com cast sports net. two hottest teams in the nhl.
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immediately after the game they will break it down on capital post game live. much more caps coverage on the way. allen will drop by with thoughts before tonights game. in a bold move at today's move washington castle won it at the philadelphia swingers to bring venus to dc. they drafted her sister serre row that. top ranked. one home three away. venus who holds 20 grand slam titles is ranked fifth in the world will they three. >> virginia tech went to raleigh last night and put a hurt on mc state. the nice spin move. he finishes with the reverse.
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then they really poured it on the second hudson taking it to the hole. hudson goes with the reverse again. this one is as pretty as the first. hudson scored 23 points on nine of 13 shooting from the field. john puts the exclamation point on. the hoke is win the fourth street. 72-52. virginia tech first win against raleigh. tough race in the acc standings. duke is leading. wake is a game back. the oakies and cavaliers are back. clemson is five and five in the conference. the they face duke on saturday. lance thomas won't with the b in the limeup. he injured his right knee on
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that collision with north carolina larry drew. he has a severe bone bruise. he is listed as doubtful for the maryland game. still to come on geico sportsnite. gator raid dual today. have your highlights. also the season debut of behind the wheel. and more hockey. this time in the form of the women's game. we'll show you d.c.'s pride in just a bit. he is reviewing the play by play move. what your thoughts may be on the game. check it out and leave a comment.
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saturday com cast sports net brings you a caa double header. george maison takes on old dominion. it tips off at 4:00 right here on com cast sports net. get more information at high school hoops the mcdonald all american boys and girls teams were announced this afternoon. two point guards made it from our area. marshal and josh from clinton. shooting guard laura and center alisha devon. >> new tonight sixers guard allen will not play in sundays
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game. the former georgetown guard is skipping because of personal matters. kobe bryant will miss the call star game. taking over to kobe will be jason kid. gay torrid duo. michael al trip spins out. go to the checker. jimmy johnson and kevin harvick. dale earnhardt junior is on this race. casey cain just getting past tony stewart. he's going to start fourth. the drama continued for al trip he watches speed to race his way through. now the folks who run nascar
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the drivers love more of a say which means more rubbing and probably some more crashes. tenth also on finishing races on the green flag. today we learned they'll take three stabs. finishing under caution a thing of the past. now it's time for the season debut of behind the wheel with chris and donny. together. >> putting the band back together. >> i get it no way. >> can you believe it? yes the band is back together. it was a brief high atous i would call it. behind the wheel with donny back here on comcast sportsnet. good to see you. >> everything is good. >> i knew you would be coming back i wanted to be in tiptop shape. after you tried to squeeze me
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through t st >> td verygood
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have 12 races in the nationwide series. i'm still wandering if she can drive an irl do you take advantage of her inexperience? >> that's what i'm saying. i say that. drafting is back. donny hits patrick to get headlines. >> you know why? >> i've become famous. >> that's what i said. >> i become famous. she gets famous she could
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finish 43rd and get interviewed. but if i wreck her she's going to come push me and can ask her for an autograph. >> when you finish 37th or lower you get mentioned on this show. you do. >> i know. thank you. i appreciate that. >> ladies and gentlemen the boys are back together. once again. fcc stop calling us. it's another edition of behind the wheel. baseball move. the nationals have agreed to out fielder dukes. duke eligible for arbitration after this season. hit 250 in home runs. as the olympic torch arrives there are plenty of story lines that await. latest with lindsey. and enough caps but with the washington pride are
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lighting the lamp. a closer look at the women's hockey team here. my turn what? wanpay haney h on taxe
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they seem like a team in disarray. if we lose i'm going skating in central park. that's all i know. as soon as they did that they won 11 in a grow. >> here's a look at tonight's line up. it's the caps and senators. and the wrap up today in sports in another edition of geico
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sportsnite. there's no crying in baseball. get this women played a sport of course that thinking has long disappeared. in fact there's a local girl's hockey program. joe has more obvious the washington pride. a story you'll only see on comcast sportsnet. >> reporter: four times a week you'll see the washington pride practicing. they are a member of the junior women's hockey league. and despite being from the south have earned a reputation as a team to watch out for. >> we go to western canada, we go to new england and minnesota and we compete and win games. people don't know what to think about it. when we were in boston we were playing several weeks ago we were playing against western canadian teams. our bus driver said you're from
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washington d.c.? we were winning all of our games. >> reporter: 17-year-old senior will be playing d one hockey next year. the goally is a member of the under 18 national select team. also selected to that team was sophomore 16-year-old haley who will be to the national team. the conditioning for these athletes is nonstop. august through may. >> five more. >> reporter: and to have two player from the d.c. team already on the national team is not common. it speaks volume about the players commitment. >> hard work on three. one, two, three, hard work. >> pretty much my whole entire life. i wake up go to school, do as much home work as i can before i have to leave for practice.
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go to practice and go home do my home work, eat dinner, and wake up and do it all over again. >> it's an enormous commitment the kids make and the families. the decisions they have to make about what they can handle. we are trying to get these girls in college and play at a high level. their sat scores are important. we have to make sure they are balanced so it's not 100% hockey. >> it's a delicate balance between school and hockey. a couple of us do. so it's really important to manage your time well. make sure we have our home work done. >> reporter: that commitment is paying off. this is the third year that washington pride has hosted the challenge cup. one of the most elite girl's hockey tournaments in north america. it's sponsored by the washington capitals and take
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place at the ice plex. team come from all over from western canada, minnesota, and new england to play in the challenge cup. >> it's one of the highly competitive tournament. >> it's a really big deal for us and for the area and the other teams -- i know some people play. they look forward to this tournament. usually everyone is traveling up north for tournaments. they're like yeah we're going down south. >> it's amazing to have a tournament down in south where there's not a lot of hockey. to have the great teams and colleges to come is awesome. >> reporter: jill comcast sportsnet. the hard work is paying off. they will host the jwhl challenging cup. the prep devision will be held at the coather capital ice
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plex. the u.s. skate team had to cancel their practice. her first race is set for sunday on whistler mountain. according to the antidoping agency many than 30 athletes have been banned from the games because they have failed their drug test. no americans have been in that group. capitals to start a new winning streak tonight. this is geico sportsnite.
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score. it's in. looks like to the middle of the celebration. the caps have done it again. two on two the other way for cannon. they score. cannon ends it for montreal. >> welcome back to geico sportsnite. nhl analyst. allen threw a winning streak. winking mask so many for a team. they were certainly doing things that would lead us to what happened last night. >> details and preparation what makes us successful. as a coaching staff not having a practice time being a shorten season you don't have to time to go back to the drawing board. the caps the last five games they were down and got outscored. they were unable to come back yesterday. another thing the amount of injuries you have. a lot of players are playing through injuries. they want to be a part of this. so now you get guys back in the
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lineup and take guys out of the lineup. >> bruce said they were sloppy. that wasn't just because of a defense men. the offensive guys weren't getting back because they thought they could score so much. if that happens again a lot is going to fall on the soldiers of the goalie. they bailed them out very much. between the pipes. tough situation to go into. >> it's a better situation than going into the streak. and having jose being 10-1 # 0. and try to put -- nasa lot of pressure to put on the young goalie. he's a solid goalie. he played in big playoff games. it's a lot of games to go into. ottawa is a solid team. every team they play is a solid team. >> a warmup for the second part of the season and olympics who will be joining the russian
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national team. allen will be back after the game. i'm keeping the seat roam send up t . l jenkins surprisia th coach a favorite in local commercials. and he's actually really, really good. >> he is. >> that does it for this edition of geico sportsnite. >> get on csnwashington we have everything you ever want to know. the capitals taking on the senators. papa john's opening faceoff. next. enjoy the game. we'll see you next time. it't cth pper knowold mus. you!of te! exc... what grndwithan


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