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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  February 11, 2010 8:00pm-11:00pm EST

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as usual, the focal point for them. and he's all over the court. he finishes it inside. putting them on in the first half. knocking down three. just one thing he doesn't do
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consistently. he's got a handful of troubles. nice pass inside. really sharing the ball. very unselfish for them. a nice start out there for jamie saunders. just unbelievable. now, passing 12 out here and they were really just able to shorten the bench somewhat in part because of this group of six guys, just doing that in and out, showing us that. really sharing the basketball. very unselfish. i like the way they play at the first half. playing a lot better at 12 and 17. here's a look at the overall numbers from the first pass. and the field goal percentage, solid. in the neighborhood of 50% from the floor. >> yeah, they did a great job defensively. the reason why they shot poorly, because look at these shots for them. once again, the rebound, they did a nice shot. missing at lot, because they know they will miss it. they still need to do a good job, 6-12 as they need to pick
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it up. coming back in the end, in the last couple of minutes, this game is not over yet. >> maybe ricky harris with that late three will be energized to get himself going. the second leading score averaging about 19 for the contest. seven at this point. folding, attacking the rim. and draws the contact. he'll step to the line. as you look at the top guys on either squad and what they have accomplished to this point. >> yeah, we see ricky harris coming back. 11 points, 4 rebounds, steals, locks, assists, he's doing it all. putting on the clinic. he's one of my favorite guys. that's why he does everything. he's the complete player. >> it's amazing to see how things just add up for him. throughout the course of the game and at times, it's effortless. derek kellogg looking on trying to see if his time could make a charge. they have fallen behind at times this year, but it really surged back for the games to make it
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close down the stretch and u you remember that victory against memphis in boston for umass. and riley, able to knock down the three ball. he's a streaky player with six at the half. the minutemen could get back into the contest. >> part of the career high for tell had and in that second half for them, trying to attack his man, carter, tipped out of bounds. >> now, you've got to change the tempo whether it is pressure or the zone. they know the team. and i would just like to see a little change in pace. >> a good restart there for them. off from evans to count that foul. >> that's one of the greatest assists at that time. a nice pass. wanting to be the guard for them. an excellent finish. >> and they are just really unselfish today. i love the way that they were
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playing. >> they were willing to work out there on the screen. catch the freshman, riley. and napping a little bit defensively. and montero finishes it off, 46-32, cain. >> they keep that up there. the full court. man-to-man press with saunders, a big guy. like the fresh with long arms and long reach on the ball. it's man-to-man. they know that they don't have a veteran point guard there. >> saunders, leading that out there. and that fell for their first. >> reporter: riley again. trying for another three. and the rebound pulled in by clark. he had six points if the first five minutes. and clark had not scored this. saunders will try it out there. going after the rebound. but it came back to clark.
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montero, a good lead. saunders into that side. >> unbelievable. doing a great job. really unselfish, sharing the basketball. it's fun to play that way. and the success, they get more success. the way you share it, the way you pass it. everybody gets rewarded. >> if you are making the video presentation on what the extra pass could do for your offense, you will be taking a lot of plays from tonight. >> and in fact, how they once again have three freshmans on the floor, never playing here on the team and never on the road. and so it is difficult for them to learn about the trial and error. >> riley with seven to shoot. hanging in the lane here to be hit out there. and a big plane for the future. averaging about 10 per game out of ocala, florida. >> that's riley, vicinity sent -- vincent and ferrell, they are learning, learning on the floor with the great 8-10
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lead this evening. >> clark? they thought about it. they give it up, folding for them, the mistakes. and tennessee will go. and the rebound there. laying it in. and a magic moment for dameon saunders, hitting the 1,000 point mark. riley from the corner now. shawn carter, looking for the lay-in and the foul. a nice shot shooting the basketball for them. nice take. >> watch that ball. >> saunders says no, i don't want that ball. he's the king for them and the city. >> certainly the area for cain. as the other end for carter. and trying to realize from the free throw line. and that is sure.
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and we mentioned saunders. over the thousand point plateau for him and his career, his 33rd. 1,000 points scored. in the history. a little pressure by umass. saunders, can't hit that layout for them and it is umass's ball. >> speed up, don't let them run with the way that they would like to run with the offense for them and to spread you out and drive the ball. i mean, press a little bit to change the tempo there. that is a good move by them. >> when you see saunders trying to gather himself for that last sequence, he may have turned an ankle. >> certainly, we will track that out there as the leader for them, and who is off to the side, getting some attention. umass able to drive in. >> a good shot out there. as we mentioned, they are taking the 2-2 press. we like it. >> williams, seeing the first action of the game. the seven footer, out of
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england, the kentucky transfer. again, only six players had gone in the first 20 minutes. they are really liking with that bunch and what they were doing on the floor. try to stretch it out. saunders there on the side. they move so well that they like it before. hey, you know, if it is not broken, let's not try to fix it. as they went that way, once again, saunders, hopefully okay. turning the ankle, might have gotten hit for them. looks like he was breathing hard. montero, shooting wide for the three. a good rebound on the weak side for cain. and they will try it out there. and shawn carter has the rebound. the bench scoring. we'll see the bottom of your screen as it has not been great for them and their offense on the parts for the first five guys that are great. a nice trip to the line. no basket there. there is a hold on evan.
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and the foul will mean another position here for umass as you see them try to get up and attempt to get on the bench. we'll see if they are ready to return. >> they will come back, jason. that's my prediction for them, as they really hurt. they will come back for them. knocked down out of the corner and they hit that three ball in umass within 10. saunders, drinking a lot of water over there, and they are trying to get a little bit of the cramping situation for them. >> evans, will that be pulling up? tapped out? and that will be his ball when we come back for the maximum energy for them and that side. and m ba cool doesrk? ki
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leading 12 at half time. it's 10 right now here early on in the second half. as umass as we look back to the game piece. what can they do to turn the tides? take care of the ball. they are not doing that. making permanent shots, 14-40. not good enough to win on the road. they need to pick it up for the piece of the game. now, for them, they are rebounding the basketball for desqune and they are getting rebounded out there, 33-22. they need to pick that up and get the turnovers, okay, to do that, eight steals for a lot of the turnovers.
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they are doing it again. it will rebound better thaeuz need to reach back into this game. >> reporter: and desqune is capitalizing off the steals. they have gotten 14 points off the turnovers. and they are from u mass. now the atlantic ten, such a fantastic season in that top 6, all that they are talking about are the permanent teams. they will see what you're able to make it into the big dance for the squad areas, they are fantastic. i was in the committee when they showed us for what they did. showing a bunch of people in the media and a couple of years ago, finding out what you need. your last ten games are important. and the last road are important. your nonconference kennels are important. they are very important, jason. but it is not the soul
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indicator. >> and certainly, they are looking fab tas tick -- fantastic for the atlantic ten. an issue right now, with the game clock and the score board. and they have gone rank above us, the overhead score board here at that center, so the officials and the staff here, in pittsburgh, they are trying to take that onto give us a moment to look at the overall standings in the conference. again, look at the clusters among the top seven schools. doing a great job for them last night as you know, and they went out there, right, they are doing a great job as i saw that unbelievable. showing a lot of talent. playing one of the toughest schedules for them. st. louis is coming back. >> right. they keep coming over to tell us here at our table that the clock, they had died. and now, it's back up as we look at the bottom half of the atlantic ten. and again, you can't say it
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enough. for a team like them, they have the opportunity to get a home game in that first round of the conference tournament. that's enormous. that's big. >> if they can win that now, they need to win three more games. the gusts to the finals as they said before, hey, they could come back, right? and get that there? as you've got to like what's ahead for them if they could get that one tonight. again, they have that right on sunday. so if they could win those two, they are right back in the hunt. >> well, after the stop there, the great passing continues for them. williams tied up in time. another held basketball. that one will move along. again, the extra pass has been out there all night long. >> sure, it's the scene now as saunders is to the back of the game. there we go. coming out for a couple of sides, they need to get back in there. it's amazing how you coach around the same. and you say it, boom, it
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happens. >> he plays more minutes than anybody out there, dameon saunders. he's a warrior, doing the dirty work. playing with the high energy, great motive, the defense, the rebound, the steals, the assists. knocking down three. forget about it. and they need to get my profession for them and they are about to change. >> the collision there between riley for the freshman there. and a bit frustrating. and they are called for the foul in that scramble, trying to restart for number four on him. and they will check it out, anthony, coming back. >> i love what they are doing now. the full court pressure, changing the momentum, changing the tempo, right? >> they don't have a great point guard for them. >> and the duty, you know, they pushed that by harris to begin for riley on the bench now for the four personal fouls. >> that's okay. the transfer from wake forest, very capable. he's the second leading scores. he's got to step up, he's the
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veteran and the junior. they need to help them there. >> and he had them against rhode island last game with 15 points in the final three minutes. a quarter look for clark from the mount hood area. >> and harris on the move. >> down on the lane, the bank shot. rebounding for carter. there they are for the three. they wanted them to come off the press. and instead, cain, able to get across the timeline for them to the east. >> a great job for them. and they need them to step up. they will stay we'll do it. a nice kickout, lining it up for the bottom. u have heelsure
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been for the early portion out there to bring it to a big creek for them there. and at times, the transfer from wake forest has that for 24. and that includes the performance for them at michigan state for them there. >> and the performance by the assistance for them at wake forest, wanting to get back home. and he has made a nice adjustment now. and he is unselfish. he came off the bench, and coach, we'll do whatever it takes. the freshman for them and the minutemen. >> i like him. i'm rooting for all of them. >> nine straight areas for them. and a little over two minutes. as they make them there on this advantage. saunders, a lot of that has happened when they are on the game to make it for the three. the giants three for montero. and once again, they make a change of pace for them that might not be that bad for a different look. the triple for the game for them. and an open look there for the three, not able to get
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it. and contact the foul that they will have against clark. battling them for the boards. >> the second foul there on clark. the team for them in that pass with each team for four personals in the second half. they do. but they miss everything. tapped out for them there. harris, they've got it. ricky harris in the group. and they are inching closer. hanging it out there for the stop for them. and saunders, the double team. and to battle for them. and the last touch by them. a good hustle for them. i could hit them back there. this way you get them and ricky harris here for them
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to take that on out there. and there it goes to them. they got away with a forcing one. they now head back for the baseline there. they got that. another ticket for them in the second half. as they turned it on from the long range. and a nice three-point shooting range for them. and you know, they are raining for three. and they were shooting just 29% for them. they got that for the long range. villains two. and come on, a nice penetration for them, they are lining it up for the team. the three-point shot. you're never out of the game. we mentioned they are not a good three-point shooting team. >> seven triples now in the game for umass. and within four, as you can see
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montero taking the seat, in there for the corner. >> and they rebounding for all of them. vincent, working on clark. leaving it for the cutting side. saunders another rebound and he has fouled. a great area for them. a nice job. again, they have got to be patient. seeing the ability to play for them. 12 minutes, looking for a second. playing with their hands on fire and 54 seconds. fouled there on vincent, that is the third number six on them here in that side that will be a one-on-one situation for them, trying to change the tempo. they know that they don't have a veteran for that special point guard, trying to turn them over to get that offense going. they go right to that cup. eric evans, a nice mid range game for him. they lead back to six.
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taken away. folding, yeah, ahead of the pack. look out. back-to-back bucket in transition for them as they stretch that lead out to 8. the foul is jumped. the point guard right now. at least they were, right? you need to protect it back out there. and being shown there out there, trying to pull it out early. i like it. coming back in to the game. getting one out there and one of the players because of the blow here. three on the point guards. they will need them to step up and play big now for the rest of the half when they are in there. >> and that foul on duty, their second. the second five for the team for them. as they get it back to umass and put in by them. >> fun keu along the base --
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funky along the baseline. no one bouncing it on evans to get it back to the rebounds. hopping to their teammate and they made it work, yeah. everybody got fouled. it was a quick play. we'll get knocked out of their hands. saunders, they will take that shot. >> oh my gosh. >> they will miss it badly for the win here. they might have effected that one there. able to beat the pressure. safrpson and carter on the baseline. offensive foul for the call. well, the dukes, they had been out there. , seit .
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the cross town rivals getting together earlier this year. packed in here to see that for clark, firing from long range. duke by 13 at the break. down three late. giving them the three. they went into overtime. the second overtime. giving it to the panthers. outscoring them 11-12 in that second extra session. winning 67-58. and they did acing among the pit panthers. coming over to visit, moving from oakland down here to see this game. they've got a big game tomorrow. playing west virginia at home. that will be a big game in the big east. they love watching each other.
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they love watching basketball. >> ask can earn -- certainly a great tradition here for them in western pennsylvania. they have a recognition rightfully so for the football over the years. the basketball, strong as well. that's got to get it stopped there. making the offensive foul. now bill clark, his third one. they don't agree there. watching his squad within 11 minutes to go. and he is really sorting it out there with his troops on the bench. >> watching this flushed by carter. that's about his forth or fifth. following them from the ninth. and they are still playing with free on the floor right now. they're athletic, playing very hard. >> reporter: turnovers for
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cain. >> one-point game. surely with the three from the quarter. and umass is there. lead by 16 early in the second half. and umass has trimmed that margin into the second point. they have done it because they got more pressure and more balls fired up. they made it a foul-court game. not a half court game. using their athleticism and their quickness. now the opportunity to take the lead. >> no one in the bank shot. withholding them. they lost it out of bounds. they say that umas touched it last. a nice spin inside by gurly. a nice finish short by the transfer from oregon state. pot tomming ut o there -- out there where the minutemen are on fire for the 19-7 run in the last seven minutes. you'll see saunders again. they have had that issue going into the side. hopefully to get stretched out.
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and cain has struggled without it. the one-point game now for the possession for the dukes. making a great time. taking a great shot. going out there to woulden if you miss that shot. they are the most reliable. >> reporter: he's the man that is replaced for saunders on the floor. the freshman from them over the hill. and out there on the other rootout. carter, wanted to travel. with that steal right there. that's montero. and they can't get it to go. they will shoot a pair. when things get tough. you'll need to realize that defense, a nice steal by the time for them. they pushed the brakes. they got it 3-1. a nice pass inside. a foul. and montero gets two free throws. great defense.
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lots of offense. two free throws for the opportunities. but as you know, you can't always shoot 59% for the charity strike. they've got to make the free throws to stay for the least for them and the training staff. it looks like they are working the paths of saunders. that certainly looks like they are trying to work out the cramps. and he was able to come back for that moment. and needing more attention. montero, one of two for the lead two. and another problem with the clock here, and the officials blow it dead for the moment. they will try to get things reset. >> well, the officials are doing a great job tonight. you know what i mean? they are uncontrolled. i mean, that is a terrific shot. i think that they are really doing an excellent job and a tough game to deficient because of the athleticism of the quickness of the games.
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it and here is another look as we see the replay. the clock should be moving. the shot clock functioning the game clock for them. and what's frozen. and so, they will get it set up. and to get back there. it happened there sometime for them and that is unfortunate. for pete saunders, trying to get out there for the loop and to get back in and the moment for the coach, trying to dive into your brain. and look at some of your top teams in the country. these are my top fives, we know that's kansas for them and the great centers. that is an unbelievable area for them. and the wildcats and the guards more than anything. they have the light guards and the security guards for them and the point guards.
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and so those are my surprises for them and kansas state. having a great year. and for mexico and the pits. they love them. and to have that for the winning season for them. and they are doing a great job at vender built -- vanderbilts. having a great surprises for them right now. and the winning teams for them. and they are certainly turning things around, coaching well for the black knights. and naturally for them and that number one spot. they are poison for a while. once you got it, you lost. and kansas, they have been able to hang on for a little bit. they are doing a great job. once again, they've got athleticism, winning right there and winning scared. but they are still winning, kentucky is great.
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and the young purdue, they can't catch them out there, playing right now. and duke, they have the athleticism. they've got a terrific team, michigan state. they will get to the final four. lucas, the great point guard. these are the last two games for the two losses. and the mvp's for them. and the last two games for them and the sprained ankle. >> he's a big believer and what michigan state has done in the post season speaking for itself. >> they love that problem and an unbelievable guy. a real gentleman. >> we'll rectify that here as far as the nine minutes are left. and this has become a ball game. at one point, the lead for them was 16 here in the half. suddenly it's a one possession game. paris off the rim and we're tied. a great play right there. very unselfish. we'll do whatever their coach says to win. the point guard, two guards, the crossing guards. i'm happy for him. >> well, he had that big three, right before the buzzer. and in the first half, umass coming out inspired here in the
8:41 pm
second half. harris leaving them in double figures. >> we can't get you to hang on now. and you're coming back in. a good block for saunders. and while saunders is out, harris to that cup. umass leading for the first ties in the game. >> amazing how you can have that poise and they consider that a time out. yes, time out by coach. good time out. >> ricky harris, the leader of this team. the lone scholarship senior, generating some points now. 17 for the minutemen. a nice steal by vincent. a nice finish inside by ricky harris. who's terrific in the open court. the 4th leading scorers in history. moving up the ranks to get past all of them. and i think that they could get past that. they've got a chance also if they go deep enough into the tournaments for them and possibly beyond to be the point scores. >> certainly, when you look at the guys, they have already blown by the scoring column for them. and they are certainly out there for marcus and the start of the
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night. about 145 away from them as you talked about the great scorers, for the pack of the side. among active scorers for them. they will call ad hold here on that side as they were trying to slow down evans. >> yeah. >> agreeing for them and a great career. right for the explorers. ricky has it. we have talked to them about the shootaround. what a nice young man. very polite and very humble. and he's the only senior on the team. he needs to be more vocal to play the point. and i like that to finish that time to be strong. >> certainly doing their own tonight. the 34th game in a row. they have reached double figures two years ago. he was the most improved player
8:43 pm
in the atlantic ten. last year, all around there. and this year, all he is is the second leading scores for wisconsin. a couple of free throws for them. and it is tied, by six. i like that, turning the pressure defensively. we've got to do that. that's how they get that big lead for the pressure defense. and umass doesn't have the quality experience for them. saunders, wide open for them, they thought about that triple, pulling it out there. but to be patient for them now. and there is cain, running your offense, off the high post. they lost it out of their hands. went right to their teammates. >> saunders, just outside the
8:44 pm
free throw line short. the minutemen, having issues for them, with the new press. and they will have it when we come back. the minutemen and the dukes out there, hoping their team could come back.
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at one point it looked like it mite be a blow out, but again, 60-60 here in the second half as we review it here with pete dillon. and pete, boy, the team looked like they had it in the bag and then u mass finally bot some spark -- got some spark. >> yes. the pressure defense, going out with the injury, all added up to a great basketball game. >> the perfect storm for the minutemen to really force their way back into the game. harris, the senior from baltimore, has been holding the flag before this team. saunders, really looking it out there for the last time. it looks like he's still feeling the affects. seeing if they could have it happen for the the normal game if they will be really
8:47 pm
restricted. >> we saw that reset there. 90 fouls on umass. they are one away from having that on the rest of the way. and just 16 fouls where they need that one to get in that situation. harris doesn't want that one-on-one. they want the two. >> a great move by ricky harris. take your time, let's run your offense. let's see if you could host that up for dameon saunders and get the ball to montero. >> yes, and he has it straight away. we don't want him to take that out on the strength. and we saw them making that extra pass. in the first half, getting to the lead. we'll hear from them upfront on the three. a great pass. driving the baseline, skipping them out there to
8:48 pm
catch and shoot. a nice follow through, splash. the third three ball for them. they've got that nine. it couldn't be much better. we thought they could do that early in the year with the injury, the confidence problem. it's nice to see the senior finish it up strong. >> both of these teams struggling from mind the three. not that time. not a good side. that's not the strength. that will take them out there to wipe that one there. >> trying to go and he fouls. with the big shove there, and that should be his 4th. no doubt about that. >> and he's a smart point guard. he's done a real nice job. we don't think that's the shot that they had wanted. >> that's the 10th foul for the rest of the way for them. but that's not necessarily a wonderful thing for them unless they capitalize it again, one
8:49 pm
of the first teams shooting under 60%. 12 for 19 so far on this team. they gave it a roll on that side. >> they took that bad shot as both kellogg said that they are positive. they don't want that shot right now. but i thought that he was very important. and you look at where they are for the individual side in the 300. and they are not where you want to be. as they have been making them both count for the last 6 minutes left. the three-point lead now. as they turn off the pressure. a nice point guard that is out. ricky harris, a nice fine play for the point guard. johnson into the game for the first time. and the freshman there, replacing evans. surely going strong. and he'll step to the strike. a great move by them. i like the confidence. he's playing very, very hard. doing a terrific job
8:50 pm
packing the basket. >> if he went into a shooting funk for them at one point. he was 4-43. that's not from the three. just from the floor overall. and they will feel out of the rotation for the minute declined. as you come back, and from that rhode island game. and here tonight, and really paid off for a big way for them. >> the young man from the boston area. staying from wake forest. a little home sick to get back from new england. watching it out there. and they have done a nice job. going straight out there from the line. evans coming back. exiting it there. right there for them and to look at that kind of shot.
8:51 pm
4-3. tapped out, harris, in the open floor on the blocking foul that was called. in the tough of the opening court, ricky harris, very aggressive, very strong. the strict body control. you might have bumped up there. starting with that side. and as the scholarship now, you love those type of guys when you can find that gym that turns into the consistent performer as the coach? >> reporter: exactly, i was to walk on for them and to look for that right around the evolution. that's right. with the walk-on guy. >> yeah, it's been a long time. beautiful for them there. yes, for your time.
8:52 pm
terrance now coaching his season average. for the games, now with 20. begins 7 at half time. and he has excelled here in the second half. 21 for harris. as the man-to-man pressure for them. and to be playing hard for them on the conflict. and they will give up a layup. evan is backing it out. coaching five and it is left to go. and that is the second half for them. folding, that's
8:53 pm
what it is, among everything. that is not pretty. who needs for the three. anthony with a big time triple. ninth in the contest for umass and the lead is 4. they had 17. >> they had to get a lot of streaky plays, the minutemen. back in the game for the last couple of minutes for this one. they were down, 16. and headed for 12. they got back to that one. >> saupblders can't get it to go. harris coming into the rebound but they lost it out of bounds. >> and you may disrupt that play, pushing it ahead. and they line it up. fouling it out there for them. he's excited. give me the ball. let's go. >> and i love the enthusiasm. nothing great has ever been accomplished. >> yeah, he's got it down the shooting stroke as well. 3 out of 6 from the long range.
8:54 pm
>> clark, trying to create that there and they won. for six points before this move. right to the side of the contact. >> judy takes vincent as the the talented freshman for the minutemen from the baltimore area. they consider the host for a little stronger, getting the body shop a little bit more. >> and the third point for clark. and the 15 minute marks for them. and you know that jump there. they have taken that out there. to talk about it out there, and ricky harris, fueling out there. as you have that first for the minutemen. knocking down three. a great grab, the terrific catch for anyone.
8:55 pm
and they did a great job for them, seeing them fighting out there. and yeah, they look like they were out of it for a while. down 16. they came back. now they need to get the one-point lead for the tremendous ball game. and they had a fabulous year, all year long, even seeing them from the bottom half, right? and they are talented and athletic for them. >> yes, absolutely. remember that for a while there in the first half. they were shooting with what was ugly, under 20%. they turned it around. and that is the second half performance. there is kellogg, for them shooting around again. just trying to keep it going. and the guys, they are back in their hometown with the springfield, the cathedral high school. and back in his own side there. and the college team. in trying to get things going for them.
8:56 pm
22 zones. the big guys. and they will feel that there. to feel the game. pretty much to go into the two. the strong rebound for them there. through the minute for them and patient. and the 1-2 zone. they've got to get that ball out there to harris who wants to execute it for that two by the veteran. and they had that last wide open for them there. 13 left on the shot block. the minutemen being deliberate. harris off the screen. short for three. out of bounds. and they stay there for carter, able to keep it in. barrel comes back out for harris. minutemen, 18 time, in trying to protect that there and possibly lengthen that for the point
8:57 pm
edge. the rebound on the zone, very important for them to play that zone and right now back for them on the responsibility. and the minutemen, they will miss that shackle for them. and they will attack it. at lot of times for them. now they call him gold standing, it looks like it would have fallen either way. back on top by one. evans with the sweet setup. he gives them the lead.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
at one point, where it is now, it will be the sea saw here. for a lot of the portions for the second half. two time-outs remaining. and that shooting out there by two for the remainder of the contest. one situation on the nonshooting theft. the shooting has improved mightily for them in this second half. they continue to dominate the glass within two on the edge.
9:00 pm
a great job for them on the grass and for them there too. and they can't stay in that zone for them for the terrific three-point shooting for the foul. on the double bonus. and we like that. and harris, to pass it out there, looking forward. they can't get it. montero with tonight's rebound for them. the force of the game, walking it up there. that's the point guard roll. and they delivered eight assists for them tonight. and unbelievable for that pass. and they are getting better. they are doing it there. slowly coming forward. four laps to shoot. evans keeps the dribble alive.
9:01 pm
offensive rebounding. one of the best offensive rebounds for the country. the same to take their own medicine. and certainly for the possession as you look at them. almost every single extension for the shot block. taking the one that they have wanted. and you may have gotten it to the baseline. and the one-two zone for the baseline. you want them to shoot that baseline jumper, from over three minutes. and they have had a fuel day goal. can harris stand for that? he does. they tie it up, 72. a nice play by them in the back of the zone. they came up and the wings have knocked it in. 24 points now for ricky harris. and they are under a minute the last tied games, under the time-out. that's headed for the nice pass
9:02 pm
for them. that's the message, knocked out of the clutch three. the 4th tie of the game. they also have four league changes. they have closed the door. when they have had them in the final five minutes, this season, ten wins and 13-10. when that has happened, try to make sure that it has happened again here at home. within the next huddle right now. and your umass players, what are you hearing your head coach tell you? take the shot. we're gracing the ball. we try to drive that ball to get to the free throw, even though that's not the strength what you have talked about. only 59% for the free throw. let's try to attack that basket, all right? i want my two best guys to shoot. either i want phil to shoot the ball, all right? or dameon saunders. >> we'll see where they go. they are better from their average. 154622 -- 15-22 in this
9:03 pm
neighborhood. kind of strong on the free throw line. we love it. and the free throws, they are very shaky. a little bit for 51%. you've got to step it up now. >> certainly trying to capitalize from the line. right on his average tonight. i think he'll make it. stepping it up for the clutch there. >> saunders there, waiting for them there. and one that attended here at that center to move up the floor. and now saunders, will try to give them the lead back. misses the first. digging everything out so well, just 50% from the line for that
9:04 pm
season. a great play. they can't do that. saunders eyeing up the target again. they miss that one too. and u mass has the ball. about ate seconds difference from the game clock and the shot clock. either way, they will have another one there. making another jump shot for them on the 12th. and don't let them take it on jersey cain. >> you can see the time trickling down on both blocks. taken by the minutemen. a nice shot for them and playing great. that's like the 25 footer,
9:05 pm
barely touching the rim. a good hustle and the distribute, just couldn't hold onto it. ron everhart trying to come up with the defensive strategy. memphis wishes that they had maybe a better defensive look in the final seconds against one of their former teammates, derek kellogg earlier this year in boston. directly out there with just three minutes left. final seconds, terrell misses at the buzzard. game over. celebration minutemen as they win by one. maybe the signature win before this u mass squad on the year. looking for some similar late game magic tonight. a great win going back against them. and for many years, especially the boston celtics guards.
9:06 pm
a big thing. now, packing it in. it's only going to get that second shot. forcing to burn that other time-out. otherwise it might have been another five-second call. they had issues getting it in. that is your final time out for the minutemen as we look at what's coming up. we have talked about this game and the importance for both of these teams at the bottom two. they don't make that tournament and still the outside chance for either to be one of the teams 5-8 to get the first round of the home game in the upcoming tournament. you look for the upcoming schedule for umass against st. joes. two of the teams they are battling for that pack of 7 near the bottom of the conference. >> yes. >> for you dukes. >> again, another home game on the style for sunday a big game at charlotte, who is tied for them in the league. at st. louis, very tough place to play. they have the tighten withdrawal. beating them by one. at boredom the a home, and they were real struggling. both these teams have a lot of basketball left. lots of play for. and a big thing for them,
9:07 pm
hosting the first rounds of the game. and that is really nice. you know, you don't want to be bottom two for those teams to make it. off the teams for them to provide it. and they made that tournament. so you don't want that to happen. that's frustrating. >> and that changed this year to the forthe mats, giving the teams the opportunities to host at home in that opening round. proved to be the advantage for those squads just at that point. >> 10.1 seconds left. out of time-out. they do have one remaining. and both teams, they move into the double bonus. excuse me, 18 fouls here. u mass being one-on-one. they will get it in to harris barely. just barely. five seconds left. harris to the window. following out there now. out of bounds with 1.4 seconds left. and harris is
9:08 pm
good at that flow. that's what's going in there for them. that in the lane. is >> and you have had a number of the daylights that attacked it. and now, another moment here. they will bring in riley. one of the best three point shooters in the game here with 1.4 seconds left. surely they come out there. the freshman in for the junior. see what they could do off the sets. taking it out of the way for carter, who has a foul? no, we have a travel and we will be headed to overtime there. and it is the school record. they have been over there a bunch of the times. now going forward for them this season. and there are 16 point leaders for them in the second half. it's evaporated to send it to overtime. in the final seconds of the regulations.
9:09 pm
9:10 pm
ready for overtime for them. when you get that tied at 72. and the dukes have been down this road before. more than half of the times before this year. the same for derek kellogg and the minutemen, as you look at cain now going to the overtime
9:11 pm
for the 6th time this season. three of them are the double overtime. amazing, it's like hitting the double overtime. they lost. and they won and like st. louis, they lost. and so, they have five overtimings for them. and you know, 40 minutes is tough. but another five minutes is excruciating. how does your coaching change for them? same thing, just make sure that the best guy touches the ball. i mean, three out of the last guys for them in your strength. we'll see that. changing in the neighborhood for them to get that going. and the same for them. the big three pointers. they have more experience. and they had two young freshmans out there. which i like. the men minute and that zone
9:12 pm
that way. with a big triple overtime for them. and inside for them there. and clark, they got it back for them. vincent, putting it in, terrell vincent with that one-point game. running your offense, and they had advantage with saupblders against carter. and the starters for the dukes in double figures. in the corner, taken away. evans with a good reaction. and the pack. 12 steals of the game for the dukes, 21 turnovers now on u
9:13 pm
mass. they need to win a game with that many turnovers for them. especially on the road. you don't have the crowd, taking you back up. evans, running right out there for montero and they won't go. but they will get to the line. and right there, stepping it up. nice and come few, the ankle of ricky harris for the right hand. and they are playing deep into the zone. harris penetrating for them, a nice reid by evans for that steal. to call it in from the line tonight. the second one there. sean carter with the rebound for umass. and they are getting it out there. and don't even get
9:14 pm
that one. who came by four. and wishing them there for that one. and for the senior from baltimore. what a rebound for them stepping it up. and saunders for that rebound for them. they shoot it. that man comes up. and they won't jump up there. a great rebound to get it back up. and they will block it, the two free throws. saunders, unbelievable. >> coming back for them and they look to be cramping with the issues on the side. they spent a couple of segments out of the game. normally, that is every minute guy for clark as they get that
9:15 pm
first three out of five from the line here out of the game. 74% on the season. and look at that free throw shooter taking it out on the clutch. staying in the zone for them. and the chief of ricky harris. left open, they knock it down. they had tied it again at 80. 20 points now for the red shirt junior. the last two threes for them out there, by ricky harris, the senior, and to the transfer out there from wake forest. going back to the man-to-man side. trying to be. and the contact there and a foul. we'll check it. will it just be touched out of bounds?
9:16 pm
it will be their ball. knocking it up, laying it in. coming out from massachusetts, very talented. very unselfish. nice to see guys that are team players come through and help their team. seeing them come in from the minutemen. off the bench. all right? i just want to play it there and the second leading scorers for them there. back in for monteor. u mass has three of the games here in the second half. it was squeaky clean for them in the first half. looks hike they are going to get -- looks like they are going to get blown up there. and ricky harris at the three. we saw carter, deep in the corner. and they came back in. we showed you that they had an outstanding job for them in that team and to try to attack it. what a look holding the extra pass against them. and they finished. wonderful ball movement. but they've gotten nothing out
9:17 pm
of it. now harris, fouled by them there. that's number four on him. look at it again. the sky from duty. inside, saunders. and they don't fall. as they work on that one at lot, back on the wings. they help that there to come down. the paceline guy hitting to that foul line guy. and saunders is really looking for that shot there. >> and harris now, umass back on top with 1:22 left in overtime. perfect tonight from the line. now 3 of 3. ricky harris is a sophomore. he had a great year. the year before that, they had a winning season. so far, they were up 12-18. this year, even tough. hanging in there, trying to be the leader. bringing the point guards. it's nice to see them out there. it's nice to have that celtics play.
9:18 pm
they come back in. it and you smell double overtime for the 4th time for them? you never know two points separating them right now for the basket. coming at that mart for them in o.t. >> and certainly from that side, from that side. they are withholding. and umass comes away from it. harris, able to get it across the timeline. patient here. the two-point lead. and they go man-to-man for cain. and they are
9:19 pm
desperately needing that there. for the foul now, ten seconds to go on the shot block. trying to pick the pocket and it works. they come away with it. and saunders, he gets it back, they found that now for them and a foul, chutely though. almost had the three point opportunities. and he will shoot two. it was a wild scrub for the night thyme there. and they just penetrate it in, knocking it away. going for the foul there. and they will get it back to the minutemen. >> they might have gotten hit out there. great there. they have not been able to cope it to their teammates from umass getting it. now trying to make it pay from that line. the first miss from the line out there tonight. and that's the big one. they were 6-6. now, no matter what happens here, that is the main one for them on the possession game.
9:20 pm
taking another half court for them, 10-9 seconds. we'll get the foul. no, they don't get it. >> are there from shaun carter now, another gift, slowly flushed down from carter. you don't want to foul that out. going to the basket now. driving the ball. clark, trying to draw contact for them and they flip out. this game, slipping away for them there. umass with superior efforts into the second half. and the number one rebounding team for the atlantic ten, dominating on that side and including that big one from carter to seal it here in overtime. the great offensive rebounding team did it again. offensive rebounded by carter winning the game. shawn carter so active that we have seen this follow the stuff, the handful of the times for them and now that's the biggest point. they missed it for carter. the red shirt sophomore from oregon state. and they were up there. they send it home.
9:21 pm
the big basket. that was the dagger. ricky harris with the big game to lead the way for umass. coming in with the 29 point performance in the minutemen. pulling it out here on the roads for them. and from our entire crew, this is jason knepp from the latest scores and the highlights and analysis. log onto this has been a presentation, so long from pittsburgh, u mass getting a big road win here in the birds, 84-80 in overtime.
9:22 pm
9:23 pm
in this episode of "sport in this episode of "sports science," we are separating fact from fiction. and putting sports myths to the we will test one of the oldest myths in sports. does sex before the game really affect athletic performance? to find out heavyweight byrd hits the bat and the sack. some say the hardest thing to do
9:24 pm
in sports is hit a baseball. softball superstar jenny finch wants to destroy that myth. does screaming an athlete an extra jolt hang time and put to it the test. we are using new technology to debunk debates.
9:25 pm
to analyze the best athletes in the world. the cutting edge of science. the limit of human performance. the science and work in the games we play. this is where sports and science collide. this is "sports science." it is a myth that all competition, sex can
9:26 pm
if you abstain from sex before a fight. i don't believe in d to keep fighters in line. >> i guess it is in my mind already so i will just not take the risk. >> so we want to know does having sex before you compete really decrease your performance? or is it just a coach's ploy to enforce athlete curfew? in no sport is the sex myth more commonly accepted than in boxing. even rocky balboa's trainer said that women weaken knees. in order to answer the question, we brought in two-time heavyweight champion chris byrd.
9:27 pm
nen ♪ >> for me having sex before match started back when i was an amateur. even realized it me that much y e, is me can can agree me also. >> i don't think it affects chris at all. i have seen that. it doesn't affect and he's always said he thinks that it has given hall of fame boost. >> heavyweight champion twice. and i think before title fight, this is something i wanted to disprove. i always felt it was a myth. >> chris is going to take the kind of
9:28 pm
measured chris' prex leg strength. >> that's your highest score. >> 908 pounds of force. to test the argument that sex is fighting the fighter's cardiowe put chris on the bike. that's your pace. keep it going as hard as you can. as hard as you can. chris registered a peak heart rate of 180 beats per minute. to see if chris' laced the leather on a heavy bag containing impact sensors designed by the u.s. boxing association. >> okay. okay.
9:29 pm
okay. >> a pre-sex impact force from one of chris' punches an amazing 1,128 pounds. and finally, we test chris' blood to measure his pre-sex testosterone level. it measures 325 nanograms per milliliter. that's right around average. if anything change waschris' going to be ab >> we are going to send you off. you and your wife to go to an undisclosed location. do your thing. and come back and do the same thing. >> yeah. we are going to disprove this myth. i know a lot of athletes think i have to abstain from having sex right before a match. i think it doesn't do anything.
9:30 pm
>> now the fun part of the test. chris and his wife head to the hotel to bust a myth. ♪ we will check back later in the show to find out if this sex myth holds up. oh, the things we will do for science. coming up, we always heard jai-alai has the fastest balls in sports. does it really? later, the best softball pitcher of all time comes in to break myths and our equipment. all when we return with more of ow tl myite rom hut jusbuck, savns oy. h, isane [ mnounrigh anza aa hu jus
9:31 pm
ny pany any and any toppi r on. onlyur put.
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! me! ut. i toit. i tothe efor outh. co ale refot call yoa beng mx! theionsme! tahim,. i d, ieir foulwhen boun te'thrne, e. ce galex coac gol.
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9:38 pm
"sport science" is back. it is time to let the air out of a myth that has sports fans covering their ears. the scream.
9:39 pm
for players, weightlifters, and martial arts. it seems to give them that little extra push right up to and over the edge. so what happens when 't allowed to scream? >> to put the mits of screaming to test we brought in world champion martial artist paul paul breaks more concrete with his bare bones than anyone else in the world. and when he breaks things, he screams. to test his creaming increases
9:40 pm
paul's power, we set up two stepto for the first stack, paul is going to let loose one of his signature screams. then for the second stack, paul won't make a sound. he will try to break the stack without screaming. we wired paul up with a micro strain act a act sellometer. >> for me, screaming just flushes everything out of my system and i'm ready to destroy stuff. >> sensors are ready. >> system on. >> first up, the scream.
9:41 pm
s a sign of a successful break. the fact that everything is shattered >> somewhere in the rebels. rubble. looks as if we have a peak of 989 pounds of force. on the other one, about 58 pounds of force. you have about 2,000 pounds of force. that's a big number. >> the 2,000 pounds of force generated by paul's screaming break blows out the entire stack. will he be able to generate that kind of force when he bites his tongue and doesn't scream? >> the big second break. this is the break with no scream. >> right. >> have you ever tried to break a stack without screaming? >> never. now i'm worried. to mimic what i just did and to take that to the stack of
9:42 pm
concrete and not scream is going to be very awkward for me. >> take away the scream and for paul, that could be trouble. >> if i'm not able to scream and follow through the shot all that force i generated will be redirected back up into me and it is going to hurt. effectively calling -- it will hit back. >> it will. >> i don't appreciate that. >> it is time to hit the bricks and the mute button. >> are you psyched up for this? >> i'm psyched up. >> get psyched up without actually screaming? >> yes. >> ninja time.
9:43 pm
>> medic. >> without screaming, paul doesn't generate enough force to drive through the entire stack. the energy rebounds off the unbroken last block and bounces right back to where it came from. paul's arms. >> this whole thing broke and on the last one, all the force came shooting right back up. >> i could feel it in my arms. >> since paul's not scream iing we wil theata do talking. >> what i have here is the results from the break. okay. so he about 2,000 pounds of force when he did the scream with it. and he only had about 1,500 pounds of force when he didn't scream. >> so the myth does appear to be true. but how does it work?
9:44 pm
a power move in sports is a complex combination of physics. body chemistry and performance psychology. a scream can enhance all three. the sudden burst of a crush triggers a soft adrenaline and higher heart rachlt increasing blood flow to the limbs and organs. the lungs contract aggressively. forcing oxygenated blood to the extremities. and as the scream suddenly releases from the body, the entire core muscle group contracts at once. linking the mleto a unifiechain of power. and perhaps most importantly, it gives the psychological boost of a battle cry unleashing a
9:45 pm
warrior rage on the target of pure energy. paul generated 25% more power by scream i screaming. 25% more power would turn a 100--mile-per-hour serve into a 125-mile-per-hour into a rock e. a 400 pound into 500 pounds. screamers, keep on screaming. 'm surprised with the results. i really didn't know what the results were going to be. and now i' >> coming up next, we hit the hard wood to see if the highest flyers in basketball had v any extra giddyup in their hang time.
9:46 pm
time. back in a sec with
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all day here. sn'twith pepp ' kn tolou ed m... yok ofine! y, eme.. wh sand. th
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on this episode of "sport science," we are investigating some of ts greatest myths. there's one myth that we still haven't put to bed. >> more in thead than anything? >> boxers would go a month without having any kind of relationships. >> so is it true? does having sex before you compete affect yourperfoce earlier, two-time heavyweight
9:54 pm
champion chris byrd and his wif tracy shared share life long skepticism of the myth. >> heavyweight champion twice and i have title fights. >> i don't think it affects chris at all. he always says that he thinks it has given him a boost. >> we put chris through a series of tests to measure his strength, cardio, and testosterone level. and waited. finally our lab rabbits opened the hutch. >> good morning. >> so we could complete our test. >> let's put this sex myth to rest once and for all. >> chris, how was it? as always. >> was this a one-round fight? two round? >> oh, man, more like a 12-round
9:55 pm
brawl. i'm being honest. you really did put this to the test? >> chris byrd always goes for the gold medal. >> let's run you through the same tests and once and for all, let's put this myth to bed. really drive. drop deep and drive hard. give it everything you got. drive hard. drive hard. >> chris' blood strength after sex was actually higher than it was before. >> i felt stronger. even more than i was yesterday. >> so sex definitely does not rob an athlete of his legs. >> give it everything you got. give us all the juice. come on. ten seconds. show me what you've got. show me what you've got. >> at a peak of 180 beats per minute his heart rate was identical. so sex d hurt your cardio.
9:56 pm
>> that was 30 seconds. >> chris' punching power actually increased from 1, 1, 28 pounds to 1,304. after three of four tests, chris has proven to be as he was before. here's how. the carbon dioxide in lactic acid released in the legs during sex is quickly reabsorbed and takes no toll on game day. secretary does put a load on our cardiosystem. but if you are an elite athlete that shouldn't in thor at all. especially not the next day. looks like the sex before sports myth might be all a busted bout. in our heads. but remember, chris came in here
9:57 pm
determined to disprove the myth. >> this is something i always wanted to disprove. always felt it was a myth. >> what if chris deliberately gave less effort in the pre-sex in order to set the barlow for his post-sex return? >> what do you think the chances are that he sand bagged tornlg test? >> we will find out with the blood test because they won't lie. >> tracy's right. there's no way to rig your testosterone level. this is the ultimate barometer. and this is the moment of truth. the results a testosterone level before sex was 325 nanograms. and after sex, 462. chris byrd, you are our
9:58 pm
have you proven h before sports does not hurt your performance. his levels actually went up more than 20%. of it, it is truly that, a myt >> so chris byrd proves once and for all you can be a lover and a ind open and your eyes peeled, another myth might blow ri y be sure to check episode of "sport science collide.
9:59 pm
>> put me to the test.
10:00 pm
p tawa. 's one of the best coaci live from the comcast sports net studio. this is geico sportsnite. nascar regular season is
10:01 pm
almost here. our motors are revved up. welcome to geico sportsnite. starting on the front row i'm greg. >> apparently greg there's no restricter the length the castles will go. we begin with the castles with a winning streak. the caps same december the 7th. the centers to greet him. jason nice move around alexander. he goes top shelf. four minutes later. beating varlee. washington down 3-1 after one. the offense gets going in the second. thanks to a defense. jeff sort of throws it on. there it goes in the net. his third of the season. 3-2. alexander wakes up and is like i got moves that nobody else has. and there's one of them.
10:02 pm
makes it 3-3. another one. 4-3. 28 goal of the season puts washington up by one. varlee gives it back. makes the initial save. we're tied at four after two. 5-4. there's a mistake. two minute interference by the captain. on the power play. 6-4 ottawa. washington doesn't answer. third straight game of the hat trick for washington going 58 games outwon. and that's what close. the caps would get one. same score 6-5. the same score the caps lost back to back
10:03 pm
game. is this one. again first time in team history now the caps have had hat tricks in three straight games. after wards it was pretty clear who bruce -- >> our goal tending was horrible. you're not going to win when you give up six goals and five of them are bad ones our d can't make a play. it's awful. >> i don't think he was ready to play. he knew he was going to play. when you got -- he's had 12 games of practice and a game under his belt. it's his responsibility to be ready. when you phase rusty when you say whatever it's an excuse. excuses aren't tolerated. the puck is going through the legs. he's listen making that save since he was 67 years old. unless his memory bank has lost it he should have made the
10:04 pm
save. >> more on the game. returning to al. gentlemen. >> that's a tough act to follow. we will try to do that for you. he was very honest. let's also be honest this was a very winnable game. as bad as the caps playedfirst. they got it back together. it was 4-4 in the final 20 minutes. what happened? >> they weren't prepared to play. he was dead on talking about the defense men not making plays. they have far too many pucks picked off. lead to great opportunities and great chances for the ottawa senators. the that's actually part of your defensive back. you had a bad first shift every single period. mike -- shuts get caught out of play. and it's another break away. >> they're lucky on that. >> they don't know where
10:05 pm
anything is. they have guys standing around. defensemen looking at the net already when the puck starts at the blue line. an example right here. puck goes all the way around not hitting the i just ou
10:06 pm
10:07 pm
10:08 pm
10:09 pm
his future. see if he get in for that final 43. checker flag. jimny johnson and kevin harvick. j. j. gets the edge. sprint cup champ will start third on sunday. in the second race dale earnhardt junior on the poll.
10:10 pm
first casey cane edging out tony stewart. the drama continue the for al trip. walltrip to get in. >> still to come on geico sportsnite. danica patrick is bringing a lot of attention to the nationwide series. but may want to stay away from donny. >> when i did the first commercial for mer saudis and i didn't realize it was going to be a sunny thing with the cup holder. own bruce has made a name for himself as the coach of the capitals. now he's making head ways on the small screen. geico sportsnite returns hould ing co sav
10:11 pm
or m carance : dorliels p a iddl dle ♪ or m carance :chhaw yot p a iddl
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10:13 pm
welcome back to baseball where the nationals have agree with terms with elijah dukes. the folks who run nascar have declared the drivers are going to have more of a say in the season. which probably means more rubbing and crashes. they're intent on finishing races under the green. they will take three stabs of finishing under green. which could make finishing under caution a thing of the past. now it's time for the season debut of behind the wheel with chris and donny.
10:14 pm
>> behind the with donny. >> we're putting the band back together. >> putting the band back together. >> putting the band back together. >> i get it. >> you believe it? yes the band is back together. the behind the wheel with donny. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> been down. looking sharp: >> i lost a little wait. i knew you would be coming back. >> trying to do that myself. >> after you tried to to squeeze me through that car. >> you're famous now because o th >> sle te hck otor
10:15 pm
10:16 pm
races in the nationwide series. i'm wondering if she can drive an irl. do you take advantage of her inexperience? >> i'll get to her. >> drafting is back. patrick to make headlines on sportsnite. >> you know why? because i've become famous. she can get 43rd and she'll get interviewed. but if i wreck her, she's going to come push me and i can ask her for an autograph. >> actually, when you finish 37th or lower you get mentioned on this show. you do. >> i know. i appreciate that. >> the boys are back together once again. look out. fcc stop calling us. donny and chris miller that's
10:17 pm
another edition of behind the wheel. controlling up on geico sportsnite. its been a rebuilding season for jeff jones. they can get a big win tonight. will they get it done? we'll tell you. you can't turn on the television without seeing them whether on the bench or commercial. we'll go behind the scenes with u have heelsure
10:18 pm
huh. u hahighs. f ally nnoupeoprywhe overat'sy goiniththeir feet. you have flat feet. nnou foo scis e behind dr. 's c orthente flakasir. f's f ) at's your for ons, see drsccom
10:19 pm
♪(whi tun n't be h♪ the caps have dropped two and a row. defense gives up six goals for
10:20 pm
the second straight night. 6-5 your final. one game left before the olympic break. can't come soon enough for bruce. >> the break can't come soon enough for me. we can get five or six good games of practice. it's tough to practice when you -- i mean three games and four nights at the end of this stretch here but i mean we'll get back to normal. you know the caps can lighten the lamp on your phone? that was clever. get realtime caps score alerts sent to your cel text. go to au the students were making the best of the snowy
10:21 pm
situation. it was all buck and mike will get the friendly roll. he scored 14 of the bisons. the eagles will fight back. with a feed to riley. american trails by three. darrell to bounce past brian. american loses the final 73-59. saturday comcast sports net brings you a caa double header. george may son takes on old dominion. then vcu at madison. it's here. >> coming up there's bruce outstanding coach. also a published author. could an acting honor be in his
10:22 pm
future? >> only acting i had to do was george said okay he says i want you to look like you're stunned going into the crowd for hadto -- yeah. he's alrtant. e hockey classic t the lore possibility.
10:23 pm
expectant moms are especially encouraged to get both the h1n1 and seasonal flu va. geth can fight the flu. in 1977, in johannesburg, uth , yearoy ed ugamelf hisr. by e oe wa alrutplhim. th of entl ng tior chamips e ag4? fn 16on. dds t sa akino th
10:24 pm
feurpro-tour fn 7 n. th of e "sy" g opepionnce .s. chship? 780ion. e o rofel goavin a ciagnith ? 1 in erls eges tn ths ofm welcome back. its been an awful week with all this snow. the snow and wind blowing in your face. it's just unbearable. you just want to get away from all of it. now isn't this just gorgeous.
10:25 pm
yes. first round of the pebble beach national pro. one of the -- needing to work on his short game. but he makes a great recovery and finds the bottom of the cup. it's in the hole. shot of the day. j. b. holmes his second shot on the par four eighth hole. 179 yards out. it flies over the flag but watch this. i would do anything for one of these babies. the ace. it's an eagle check that for holmes. he's tied for second at sech under par. dust tin johnson is your leader. successful head coaches in this town take on outside per sanas. bruce will tell you as much and back it up with the black and red. caps head coach bruce boudreau hockey fans and it's really
10:26 pm
helped turn his string of local television commercials into must see tv. here's michael jenkins. >> hi i'm bruce boudreau. big human hcoa >> capitahead him myervaast me an the equivalent of am hard open ice check. a bone fewed hit. >> when i did the first commercial for mercedes i didn't realize it was going to be funny thing with the cup holder. >> i'm going to need a big cup holder. >> how big? >> this deep. this big around.
10:27 pm
>> but then everybody started talking about cup holders. it caught on quite well. >> t came for the 1977 slap shot. there's him wearing number seven. the known as gabby isn't have any lines. he said, i want you to look like you're stunned that they're beginning into the crowd for fighting. i had to do all these like that. i thought, oh my gosh this is acting. >> his apartment got more screen time then he did. >> the director said listen we need an apartment for a scene. who has the dirtiest, sloppiest apartment in town and unanimou was eird that oted dreau raduated t speaking pand d
10:28 pm
>> i it ugh i'm tryi e salad thingsi wa the coach, yo want we can -- >> shhh. >> if you had to prepare yourself to an actor. >> don't do that. i'll downgrade myself. i'm thinking john candy. you know. [ laughter ] >> lo i >> boudrsays more erci
10:29 pm
called, coach? >> that's call inspiration. >> michael comcast sports net. >> he's so good. it's all in the facial expression. cup holder. really big cup holder. he's unbelievable. >> i love gabby butly take this to my grave he's a better hockey coach. >> that's it for us. that's greg i'm russ. check out plus the oregon ducks travel to tucson. and right now in our main channel stay tuned for red skins nation. you don't want to miss red skins blogger under a couple of fesnow i used a run onne su cup ann i onnet 7the
10:30 pm
vo: ng'sble. tart on yvent.... caption funding provided by fox sports net the mckale center in tucson, arizona, has always been cool to a visiting team. tonight, the ducks try to silence them in the house. in a roller coaster world, home court victories are a must. and one of the hottest teams in the pac-10 are the arizona wildcats. tonight, they try to protect their turf against the visiting oregon ducks. tajuan porter is just a three-point shot away from being number two in pac-10 history. arizona is a good team that seems to be getting better. nic wise is the senior leader and he has help from the spark
10:31 pm
off the bench. jones brings offense from the bench. the ducks are up if the challenge. but arizona has always been one of the toughest outs in the league. pac-10 goes into the wild now. we welcome to you the mckale center here in tucson, arizona, f pac-104507s friended by kfc. tonight, the visitors from eugene oregon come here to the mckale center. the oregonuai t tori wildcats. let'sinoup tein eer. thifa s ar
10:32 pm
bethy winner just up thero e. ey datreta. wagts gokow most lick likely. arizona needs a win here tonight to keep pace with the league leading california bears. hello, i'm barry thompkins. my partner, don mac lean. oregon off a tough loss at kor value. >> they got five of the last seven here and tied for second coming into tonight. you can't assume anything. as we have seen all year in the conference, anybody can beat anybody. you have a young and athlete ek team coming in tonight. should be a good one. >> nic wise is getting help from
10:33 pm
a freshman, missouri jones. >> struggled early with shot selection and decision making, but he is coming on late. and the best game last year, he is making better shots and the decisionmaking is better. if arizona is going to make a run at the conference title, missouri jones has to play at a high level. >> we always talk about senior leship. nic wise is that tajuan for t s. s made in pac-10
10:34 pm
reaunthe wi ♪
10:35 pm
new ery led marithened t inne-ond t 5 w ouck20. ♪ who' g to be, people? - i' sir - gr ed sy in h by fi'm an, sir. m. ta. who'ng o 7 thatme, st thatt i'm g ab
10:36 pm
fanyoeve? enjo trip. wilnk you. we ky yo f weeric
10:37 pm
let's look at how orr will advance. and armstead, two point guards. porter is armstead. ernie kent, 231 wins as an arizona coach. the best ever that school. and his record against arizona, 9-17. part of that, of course, he's had to play against darn good arizona teams. let's take a look at the lineup for the hometown arizona wildcats. derek williams, sensational. and nic wise, the only senior or the team. what a job he has done. and they believe in who what he
10:38 pm
has brought here. and he has it as an assistant or a hoed coach. been to the tournament 15 14 times and he hopes to do it again this year. >> i had no doubt as we get ready for this weekend against oregon shools we are a better team than four or five weeks ago. the question is what does that mean and how much better can we get for the pac-10 tournament in march. >> the answer is, they are getting bet interthey can get better before the pac-10 tournament. >> i think we got that at practice yesterday. just the level of intensity. the enthusiasm and the passion was impressive yesterday. >> let's take a look at scouting report. >> there is more than just one. and oregon, last in the league in defensive rebound and arizona
10:39 pm
has got to give back, the way arizona wins the game, getting stops and turnovers and getting out in transition. >> both teams want to push a ball. and it's that simple. >> they start here tonight man to man. >> see how far that goes. we expect that tonight. this is kyle fogg stepping in this time in and he will go to the free-throw line. that is something he does. >> he wants to get in your sbod try to finish. you call it and ones. he gets two foul shots. >> williams. a lot of times you see a guy listed at 6'8". you say, i'm not sure. i'm sure williams is 6'8". >> he put on 25 pounds this year of muscle. he's a lot bigger. i saw him last sum interhe wasn't nearly as wide and built as he is now. and if you you're going play the
10:40 pm
way he plays and looking for contact and playing in the paint, the stronger the better. >> williams is going to get to the assignment or guarding. his first couple shots are key. turn around is up and good. jeremy jacobs. >> oregon has to get off to a good start. in games where they haven't been good, they have gotten off to four starts haven't been able to recover. >> almost an errant pass. armstead draws the assignment or wise. >> they are known for their execution and diz palestinian. >> nice and fouled by dunigan. >> we knew we going to talk about i, barry, coming into the
10:41 pm
game, derrick williams and the first two trips, four tree throw attempts in the first 1:08. that's what he does and he is very good at it. >> and dunigan is a guy who is prone to get himself in foul trouble. he has to be careful not to do that. and he has a tough assignment. >> the oregon orr players have to help him out. other guys have to gets it out of his hands. >> and they took up in eugene. he has already gone to the line a couple times here tonight. here is dunigan. >> twhas he does. and they got to get him going. ernie went said we got to get him going and get easier looks. >> the rebound, down into the hands of wilson.
10:42 pm
the other way, easy. >> the transition defense. and sean miller talked about that at length and force them to get shots, get the rebound and get out. >> oregon doing the way they did it in practice. >> good job, and derrick williams has got to get it out. >> he can't get it to go. and another rebound and a quickout let. and a push, armstead against wise. and didn't quite get it. a little too hard. a second chance and a foul. >> that's what happens, barry, when you push it up. i don't know if that was a great shot for armstead. if you got everybody running, now you got a chance for second chance opportunities. gun began got it and i would say now, oregon, playing the game plan early, and long jumpers for arizona, in transition. >> i thought interesting and dunigan, low, good job by
10:43 pm
williams. >> i would like to see dunigan expand and give up three or four inches. >> just to finish that point, he said, i'm not talking to him about xs and os. he said, i'm going to go out there and play. that's what they're doing now. >> what a lot of coaching in the league and dealing with here. >> shouldn't have to coach effort and intensity. it should be there. >> wilson, missed everything. out of bounds for arizona. that is a good look. and the best thing, they are going to be sophomores. >> i think nerves here too early. the building is going, and great student section for arizona. they are too amped up now and wait and see what happens when the game settles hoo n here. >> there is williams again and that is goang a concerted effort and dunigan doesn't see
10:44 pm
the ball. turns his back. >> set up down there. >> yeah. he's got to see the ball so he doesn't get back streamed. and derrick williams, got see the hands. >> all five of arizona state so far. and the grab, al wilson. >> nothing too tricky from arizona defensively. they are tough, hard nosed, man to man. >> and left hander, dumps it in. >> nice play by armstead. again, force the issue. it will's not think about it. let's go play and that time, armstead, good individual offense. >> important for oregon to stay in the game early. they have done that so far. >> absolutely. keep the crowd of of it. >> kickoff, and over and back. second turnover for arizona. so far, the ducks mixing it up.
10:45 pm
>> and playing zone and man, and we will see more zone with the start williams hat gotten. and i don't think dunigan can check him. and unless they commit, which they haven't done, you know, you risk getting dunigan in foul trouble. we will see more from dunigan. >> outside, lost his man. and a shot, rebound pulled down. >> always teams to be around the bull, rebounding, turnovers, steals. seems to be around the action. >> another freshman and a guy who is playing for his defensive skills more than anything else. a good looking three. could ntd get it to go and william, down low. >> great pass and great effort to get it and the interior pass for the layup. >> here is wise coming the other way, all the way.
10:46 pm
>> probably a good stayoff by armstead that time too. don't risk him on the line. get the layup, out of bounds and go the other way. >> so we're going get a time-out with 15:22 remaining. up and down game and a close one so far. both teams playing well, 9-8 ball game. arizona over oregon. watch the little dish and the finish. finish. we're going talk about t t t t t
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
>> barry: arizona leads it. and 15:22 remaining. and it's an up can down game. let's take a look at the first year players here. >> don: reggie moore, the only starting freshman in the league, good season. and nelson, played with a concussion the entire game against cal last saturday and the guy we are watching tonight, derrick williams, you can say he is proobly your pac-10 freshman of the year now. >> barry: i think you have to say so. we talk about arizona as a team getting better. he as a team is getting better. >> don: the added weight and the production from his team. in and critical home game they
10:49 pm
go right to him. and miller, the players trust him to get them down there. and he is a free throw shooter in and they get a lot of contact. you got did a good foul shooter. and derrick williams, up to 71% on the season. >> barry: we talked about missouri jones in the game. and there is dunigan, trying to back williams down. and help by jones. >> don: that's all you need. got to get it out of his hands. and good job by arizona. >> barry: they want to turn him into a passer. >> don:s the first job is for williams not to post him low. you got to force him out. if he gets too deep he is going to dunk it.
10:50 pm
>> barry: pretty good defense there. >> don: be jones, not able to get it off. >> barry: good help by arizona. >> don: see him converge and makes it tough. still, having struggles with double-teams and trying to figure out ways to score against that double-team. >> barry: balance with that shot. good look that time. it's a two. >> don: only a matter of time. i'm sure he's going to put his imprint on it. and it's deeper than that. >> barry: he did that with the offense. this is solomon hill, another freshman. came in a little overweight. lost 25 pounds. sean miller likes himg better coming off the bench.
10:51 pm
williams, fall away. short. and offensive rebound. up top, wise for three. in and out. >> don: he miss twod threes and arizona, patient here early. and they are getting good looks. >> barry: armstead, the turn around. >> don: he is the x factor, nobody talking about when you talk about game plans. they worried a dunigan. but armstead, capable. a little inconsistent like the league has but off to good start here tonight. wise up top. quiet so far tonight. and wise again, good look, half way down and out of bounds to oregon. >> don: they are getting good looks and you know that nic wise is going affect the game. and with momo in, and he runs
10:52 pm
the team and frees um nic to score more 23479. not going early from here. >> barry: and brandan lavender in there. and rebound. and fogg on the way. >> don: that is fogg's first attempt. a big week last week. and averages 13 points a game, the most consistent player for both games and gets another dimension. similar to armstead. not talked about a lot. and you have nic wise and derrick williams, but he is capable of getting it going and attacking the rim. >> barry: he was 12 of 12 at the line in eugene at oregon. make his first tonight. josh crittle is going to come in the game tonight. earlier than he usually does and
10:53 pm
dunigan will take a seat. >> don: i think he needs a blow. it's been a fast-paced game. he is getten an early blow. arizona, best free throw shooting team in the conference. and that is good numbers for a team. >> barry: it's teoooteondre wil, and over to the big man and pulls it down. >> don: again, forcing the hu. you like it. that and don't get them get up. get them in transition or
10:54 pm
semitransition. you will get a better look. >> barry: a size advantage, puts it up and in. not sure that is quite the way he wanted to do it. >> don: the crowd goes crazy. a great day at practice. he was making everything we saw stepping out and knocking down threes. goes into the middle and makes a turn around over the shoulder. >> barry: be and moore going to the basket. teondre williams. >> don: they allowed the defense to dictate what they do now. they are dictating what the arizona defense will do. >> barry: he has done it all year, playing a lot of people. and lavender, for three and he gets it going, che be tough. >> don: coming plate, sean miller said he is the best shooter. struggled a little bit this year. >> barry: porter trying to get one up over.
10:55 pm
and here is fogg the other way. and lavender, can he do snit no. >> don: the roof would have come off the place if they went down. >> barry: good ball game so far. up and down game. the way both teams like to play. this is singler. another good shooter. >> don: fogg now, and another look. >> barry: williams misses. and he's been a factor since he's been in there. another freshmen. >> don: they all are freshmen and sophomores. >> barry: rebound, momo jones, away from the big man. >> don: we talked about him and the swagger, offensive rebound isn't one of the things we usually talk about. he gives him an extra possession and an extra bucket. >> barry: it's been an effort
10:56 pm
game for each team. >> don: the teams that are aggressive are the teams being rewarded. and do not want to see your franntrdth po t in a ar17llam anoment to gnan m dns omgo n m. . . >> don: how do you graduate in two years with a3? hoou tn' et? ree. b: knho d th te a heoach a memphis. got his masters before his eligibility was up. >> don: that's why out of my
10:57 pm
league, beforery. >> barry: me too. and sim with the ball. six lead changes in the game already. >> don: this is what we see from oregon. looking to see who can get it going and stay with him. >> barry: lost the handle on that one. and we're going get another time-out here with exactly ten minute res maining to be played. 17-16 as you look at the arizona wall of fame.
10:58 pm
the images from haiti are heart-breaking-- homes, hospitals, and schools destroyed; families searching for loved ones; parents trying to feed their children. but we can all do something. we can help the american red cross as it delivers the food, water, and medicine that can save lives. donate $10 by texting "haiti" to 9-0-9-9-9. visit
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or call 1-800-red-cross. thanks for your help. momo. >> barry: ten minutes to go here. and sunday, raising goes back to its roots and tim mcgraw will perform live, leading up to the great american raise. the 2010 season of nascar on fox begins sunday with the daytona 500, noon eastern, 9:00 pacific. great event. and a lot of anticipation about that event with danica patrick. not doing much in this game. >> don: i like oregon early. in attack mode. not settling for a lot of jumpers and we talked about how important it was for them to get off to a good start. and even though they are down one, they have gotten off to


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