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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 28, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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the country's superpower status. he presents his book the national conference on christian apologetics held at north side baptist church in charlotte north carolina. this program is 50 minutes. .. >> busta christian colleges
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in some sense of our a shelter from society. they protect christian students from what is the influence of mainstream institutions. one of the dangers however is when you insulate young people from mainstream insulin -- institutions you cut them off. button reason is king's college is in an new york city is we don't protect you but we prepare you. our goal is to take young students, mostly christian and the quips them to extend their faith in a secular society and also to go on to successful and transforming
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careers at goldman sachs, and cbs news, capitol hill we want them to flourish in secular society. you can find out more information at i have 1 foot in the world of the debates of god and religion. just last night i had a debate in which i was at the university of wisconsin but i also have 1 foot in the debate of culture and politics. as christians we are called not to be of the world but in the world and understanding the world to
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be a positive influence. i want to talk about leadership and the 80 is the end of the mission of the man who is leading not only america but the world. the president of the united states. president obama is in some ways, perhaps the most unknown guy to come into the white house. of any president. has said too very unusual circumstances including the economic nosedive to put him in there. and three years later not only obama's critics but the supporters are asking the question who it is barack obama? richard call-in a columnist for the "washington post"
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and supporter had a column a few weeks ago titled who is barack obama? it is very clear he has a set of policies. we know about those. but what is missing is a description of what is underneath that were behind that were the ideology that is driving those policies and what motivates obama's? and interestingly the last couple years we had a bunch of series about what motivates her obama in response to the fact that obama does things people don't know why so people think he must be this or that but did my view they don't hold up or make that much, sen spreads on the left and the right you have these explanations it on the
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right it is commonly said the obama is not the american citizen or board in this country over obama is a muslim a closet follower of islam that explains why he came out in favor of the ground zero mosque or obama is a progressive. a left liberal picking up ideologies o or obama is a socialist european-style that is why he is the size of the government. i think when you begin to examine these theories it does not work it. take the idea obama was not
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born in america of oddly enough when i eighth wrote a cover story as a preview of my book "the roots of obama's rage" list is the very high that robert gibbs press secretary began to attack the book to say dinesh is raising the issue of whether obama was born in kenya which is a flat out distortion of my argument. not only is it from where he is born but i say very clearly as far as i know he was born in hawaii. how do we know this? august 1961, when he was born, there's a notice in to local hawaii and papers young barack obama born august 1961.
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that must have been an amazing conspiracy dating back 50 years i feel reasonably satisfied believing he was born in hawaii. is obama at a muslim? no. many people think he is. he does step that seems strange why would a president endorse the ground zero mosque? not as if david axelrod says taye president obama, come out for the ground is the rahm -- ground zero mosque but yet to obama's does that. i report that obama endorsed someone it secretly the lockerbie bomber he is an islamic terrorist who
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brought down the pan am jet in several hundred people were killed the vast majority of americans he was convicted but yet one year ago the scottish government propose to release him the obama administration now they protested a and rightly so what the american president would be in favor of releasing a terrorist who was directly responsible for the murder of hundreds of americans? but yet the "london times" reported the letter they sent to scott land we don't think you should release them if you want to we will not object as long as you keep him in scotland and do not send him back to libya. in other words, this goddess officials were quoted as saying we interpret it as
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the american government says we think it is okay to let this guy ago and today he is a free man and libya. why wasn't the -- why would an american president do this? there for people say he must be a muslim. in fact, obama's father was born and raised as a muslim his grandfather converted to islam and his stepfather from indonesia was also raised as a muslim but interestingly both men became acs and rejected islam and he began to view the clerics in the way of the african witch doctors he thought it was said joke.
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when you look at obama's own life is very clear he has no affinity hour practice for islam but a christian of a certain kind. is obama's a socialist? no. that there seems like a much bigger fit this it has demanded the scope of government is now intervening in the budget areas of the private sector that virtually never went into before. for example, intervening in the areas of banking and regulation and mortgage lending and insurance and obama's decided to fire the head of general motors. he deserved to but when it is unusual for the president of united states to be booty now the chairman of a
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private company. as we have seen a dramatic expansion of federal power at home and at the same time, president obama has been reducing the scope of american power abroad. if you summarize the obama administration policies to strengthen federal power at home and limiting america's role in the world, the socialist very little the explained obama's domestic policy. and it does raise the question is there the underlying compass or ideology that drives barack obama? this has puzzled me. i should say buy the way i have yuri similarities board and then save year, both
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went to the ivy league institution he picked columbia i went to dartmouth. we got married to the same year. 1992. and there is a deeper similarity. i was born in india and came to america and i arrived on the mainland at the age of 17 my formative years were and a different place. obama did not arrive until he was 17. he spent the first 17 years of his life and hawaii four years in indonesia, pakistan he has had a rather different background than many americans when i was reading his book, a dreams for my father talking about indonesia describe being
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crowded streets, rickshaw streets, rickshaw, it suddenly hit me, this is the world that i grew up in living on the streets of bomb buy a i recognize immediately this was the third stage a third world what is obama's stream? is it the american dream? martin luther king? or something else? is it the american dream? that seems odd to say because obama is the embodiment during the presidential campaign he said it is only possible in america and also america is unique. but when in europe he was fast do believe america is
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unique? actually do believe in america been exceptionally some? that is the academic word for america is unique it is exceptional not like any other place. of the founders believed it was unique they called america a new order for the ages. of all the was asked to believe in american exceptional as an? he said no. idle they get is in a war exceptional of greece or britain or anyplace else. in a sense he was rejecting the idea of the american uniqueness. is it martin boozer king's dream? this is a more profound question. history was he dreams of a future in which we are judged not by the color of our skin but the content of our character.
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again, one of the great things of obama is that he embodies martin luther king's dream. obama is not fundamentally motivated by race. he is a non-racial president he does not appeal to raise or talk about it. that is a major source of his appeal. a lot of people voted for obama because he was not jesse jackson. obama in a sense has developed a public persona that is not defined in ninth specifically racial terms. i am attracted to obama on those grounds. a couple of years ago i wrote an article praising obama's that he is a nice man, a nice family, he will come to bring this country a little closer to martin luther king's idea of a colorblind society. but yet we still have to ask is his dream the dream?
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have you ever heard president obama passionately defend the idea of a colorblind society? if you haven't because he hasn't never once not even in the famous race speech emphasized or allied himself with the margin of 13 dream or said let's move in this direction. his favorite quote says martin luther king said, the fierce urgency of now but just means we should act right now to do what he says. the other words he just needs to mobilize people he is not defending keenness stream. what is obama's stream? the beauty is that we don't
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have to gas or speculate because obama tells us himself. here is the autobiography. i direct your attention to the title. dreams from my father. according to obama his dream is his father's dream incidentally his book is subtitled dreams of my father obama is not writing about his father's dreams. dreams from my father means these are my dad streams that i have taken. which raises the interesting question, who was barack obama sr.? what was he like as a man he was a polygamist, born in
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kenya, married a woman in kenya, two children by her when she was pregnant with the second, he left them and came to america. he meant obama's mom and hawaii and did not tell her he was married and married her. before obama was two he left them and went to harvard and took up with a third woman and took her back to africa had children by her reunited his first wife had children by her he had four wives and eight children and unfortunately a chronic off at -- chocoholichocoholi c and a regular job driver who was then a number of disastrous accidents and in one case killed a man. and another died in such a bad acts in both legs had to
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be cut off in and replaced with by your rods finally 1982 he became drunk and nairobi and drove into a tree killing himself. i mention this because this is a very unusual guy to make a role model. but yet to come obama did. some people have said in my book "the roots of obama's rage" how could obama's be influenced by his father? he never knew the guy. it is true because he left before he was two and only visited one time when obama was 10 but yet he says for his growing up life he was obsessed with the man who was not there. homer in the iliac has the hero of the keeley's but asks him and writes a key leaves the point* being that even though he is not
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presents -- present the drives the narrative so it is with obama's senior but obama is preoccupied with him and once to shape his values in the image of his file their. are a -- father. let me read a quote obama's says from his memoir it is a record of a personal interior journey a boy search for his father and through that surge meeting for life as a black american. it was into my father's image, the black man's son of africa that i pack all the attributes i saw it myself for incidentally this is also obama's grandmother but she said to "newsweek." >> hi look at him and i see all the same things. he has taken everything from
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his father. the sun is realizing everything the father wanted the dreams of the father lie in the sun is. >> here is obama himself his grandmother testifying she is at -- he is shaped and have the father's images but if he was not there, how? it turns out that obama's mother and obama she was the father's convert and he would say where is my father? and she would say don't criticize your father he was a hero, a great liberator, a champion of africa. we like him. there is an amazing episode in which he is a band and and what does she do? she basically fines another guy who is from the third
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world is the anti-colonialist and mary's the indignation guy and -- indonesia mahan and take her and young obama's to indonesia and obama discovers then new husband is becoming more pro-american and pro-western and anti-communist. what does she do? she begins to attack him you are a traitor and a sellout. she tells obama do not be like your stepfather. learned to be like your real father. she packs up young obama at 10 years old and sends him back to hawaii so he will not be influenced by his pro american anti-communist step father but shape in the image of his biological father barack obama senior.
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where do i learn all this? right here. dreams for my father. it is told in a vivid description. who was barack obama sr.? he was fundamentally the anti-colonialist. this is a term unfamiliar to most americans but it is something i know a lot about because i grew up in india and becoming independent from the british and it was a british colony and a growing up and die colonialism is what my father, grandfather and it was the dominant political idea if the third-world of the second half of the 20th century it has nothing to do with race it
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is not a race debate. the british did not come to rule in india because they were brown but to conquer it turns out they were white or brown so a racial element but colonialism fundamentally is about conquest and power. anti-colonialism is the power it is divided and tutu the colonizers o or the oppressors pro that is the west used to be europe and now it is america. who are the colonize? the poor people of the third world of asia are africa or the middle east or south america up. anti-colonialism is the idea the rich countries got rich by invading and occupying or the teeing but the
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anti-colonialism is the idea even the rich countries there are powerful concentrations of economic power the banks, insurance companies pharmaceutical companies, oil companies use of good 3-d selfish profiteers ripping off people in their own country and around the world. the first of all, to colonize or bring down the rich countries of the economic the elite but on the international stage, recognize america is a rogue elephant invading other countries like iraq, afghanistan and consuming resources out of proportion to what it had. president obama says we have
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2 percent of the world's oil sillier they greedy exploiters et now more of our share is the adr that domestically you have to bring these power down and put a lasso on the rogue elephant that is pulling it back from exploiting the world. the question we have to ask, did young obama adopt his father's ideology? interestingly obama did not follow his father as a man recognizes that his father was very smart nevertheless making an important distinction between his father's vision obama has a great scene in the book, in the climax where he goes to
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his father's grave he finds the grave and he weeps and flings himself on the ground and touches it through africa red soil i tried to speak to my father. he has been dead six years. i cannot get to my father but i can get something else but his dreams and his values i can get my father's at values and where he failed as a father, a drunk and would sit outside his hut completely inebriated and rage in france and foam at the mouth that america west has denied me my dreams and obama knew that an iraqi failed by a can succeed if we were the other she may-- achieving what he never did.
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he is weeping and said i sat between the two graves and felt they calmness wash over me and saw my life in america of black life or my life the frustration and help the witness stand chicago all of that was connected with one ocean away the pain i felt was my father's pain in my struggle and birthright and here is obama taking on the vision. he was an economist in 1965 he published an article in the east african journal called problems face shane -- basing our socialism that is widely available you can google it is and what does a country do when you have powerful
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concentrations of power that dominate the wealth of a society? obama's sr. says it is simple to bring the economic e the down. incidentally it is interesting this article as you will see is quite relevant to what obama is doing in the white house has never been reported in any major newspaper you have never heard about it on the evening news and it is odd that something that seems quite relevant to the policies having such an impact has been kept from us and it is a public document. he is talking about concentrations of power. >> how will we remove the disparity when our country of a concentration of economic power? we need to eliminate power structures that happen filter excessive accumulation so not only a
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few individuals shout control a vast magnitude of resources as is the case now. number one, we use state power to confiscate people's land and two, raise taxes. how high? no upper limit. in fact,, as high as 100%. there is obama. theoretically, nothing can stop the government from taxing 100% of them come. so long as the people get benefits from a government from the income which is taxed as long as the state and the people get the benefits is okay to identify the rich people and take everything paragraph first glance you think this is absurd why would a trained economist proposed 100% taxation? but it becomes clear because
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the rich guy got rich by ripping off the poor guy. if you took my furniture was the appropriate tax break for you? one hundred% because it is not your furniture. so this framework helps a little bit that the rich are not paying their fair share. but he never says what that is. the rich currently the top 10% pay a 70% of all income taxes. how much does obama's think they should be? nobody else pay any taxes? he leaves the question open
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but if you look at his father's paper that obama's knows very well he knows everything about his dad that he has never referred to it in any speech or writing but the idea of the of father in helping to eliminate what obama's name been talking about the fair share. and think of anti-colonialism doesn't help to explain what president obama is doing in the white house? i want to suggest it has tremendous explanatory power for domestic policy and foreign policy. let me give a couple of examples. domestic policy, president obama until just a few days ago has been blocking oil drilling in america.
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a moratorium. this sounds very much mike obama thinking of the planet is getting too warm, let's reduce our carbon imprint but then i realized obama's supports will drilling in mexico and through the export import bank has loan guarantees for america to subsidize oil drilling in basel. of first i thought that was a brilliant move from obama's to take the environmental risk, but no. it is for brazil they have decided to sell some of it to the chinese. so right away not that he is against oil-drilling but oil drilling for us but supports for them. who is them? formerly colonized countries apparently when he is doing
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very different al gore wants everybody to stop drilling but obama wants to enrich the previously colonize countries will have greater access to resources while transferring wealth in a way from america to the third world it is free distribution most want to redistribute in america take from the rich and give to the poor but he is promoting not just redistribution in america but global realignment which is a different approach very consistent with the idea. look at foreign policies. what is obama doing on that stage? going to other countries like venezuela and other
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third-world countries and basically sending a message help me put the leash on the american road elephant help me from acting unilaterally the american president goes to other countries to help him keep america under control. that is part of the anti-colonial framework that is seen as the rogue elephant. you remember stanley mcchrystal with the indiscreet remarks he made to "rolling stone." he should have been fired they were insubordinate and you should not make those kinds-- kinds of things but nevertheless they were very interesting.
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basically he went to a possible insurgency plan it is tough but mcchrystal said he was an interested and disengage. he didn't care. that is god. where the president, remember obama was against the iraq war before the afghan war that was a good war where terrorism really was producing to be eager to win. but yet here is a general and obama does not care. i would suggest one reason he may be in different is he does not want to win. would if he feels a iraq and afghanistan are wars of colonial occupation they are
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occupied the same way british occupied can you? it is not about fighting terrorism but the rogue elephant grabbing what it can then his goal is not to win but figure out a way to get out. he would see the lead article a few days it ago karzai entering into negotiations with the taliban. i first thought these afghans, you cannot trust them leave them alone they will negotiate their trying to make a comeback. horrible karzai is featuring america fast forward with the front-page headline the obama administration supports and has been helping to orchestrate the meetings between karzai a and the taliban. it is encouraging the karzai
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government to meet with the enemy plug in the theory that obama wants to get out does not care too much is not my business just want to get the amount so the view is that if you plug in and makes sense if you take out you cannot explain it. why would somebody do that? considers a lot to be bomber from earlier. i understand why any american president would do that but within the anti-colonial the assumption that makes sense if you look at america as the bully or the power taking advantage of the world to occupy and invade muslim countries who does that make the muslims fighting against us? anti-colonial freedom fighters fighting against american and aggression.
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look at it that way i'm not suggesting that obama approves the killing of americans but if the looks at those who themselves look at themselves as freedom fighters at least i can admire that guy he is like my dad fighting to push the british and of kenya and why he may have a measure of sympathy. let me say a word i have more to tell you buy do want you to read "the roots of obama's rage" it is a fresh story parker two years into the obama administration we have not heard this but yet it seems sold by early relevant to explain what the president is doing and will do he remains the commander in chief. i will say a final word about colonialism about how we should think of this as citizens are christians.
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i am the anti-colonialist i am very glad the british are out of india but on the inner hand the indian prime minister recently went to speak at oxford and said india is doing very well and the prospect of becoming a superpower growing at the rate of 10%. why is it succeeding now? one advantage is we speak english and have university and technology and democracy and property rights and contracts to enforce them, how do we get these things? we got them from the british. although the british did not come bearing gifts they came to rule but nevertheless the indians got aspects of western civilization and
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helps it to rise above it circumstances said he is not anti-colonialist but frozen in the time machine of his father's anti-colonialism who was a socialist. my fear is it is governed by the dreams of a tribesman from the '50s who was locked into a view of the world that is completely irrelevant and countries are coming up by exploiting what one economist calls the advantage of backcourt business. but does that mean? if you are a poor country
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the labor costs are low and if you can use that, that is how china and india and brazil at -- brazil and indonesia are coming up where obama lived for four years he erected a statue in a park in jakarta to show how their man a few months ago that was taken down in response 250,000 signatures basically say we have figured out obama's does not care about indonesia or asia. because asia is using the way of entrepreneurial capitalism to come up and that is not obama's father's way or obama and his way. as christians and citizens, we have to look at our leaders to understand, the greatest
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nation of the explanatory model not trying to bash obama of that when you know, a man's compass you can not only explain what he is doing but help to predict what he is going to do in the future. i think as citizens we need to be aware how our leaders think and act for too long we have allowed ourselves to create a subculture and allow the mainstream society to go at will. i am president of king's college and we are to invade in public debate we went to find the best christian thinkers and america up. not just the best
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theologians' or apologists but the best historians and philosophers and economist and in new york city creed the intellectual hub well look at the world, i debate that atheist who is there 18? of businesses stephen hawking, richard dawkins and the buy-out medicis mr. singer stephen banker larry krause have the amazingly impressive 18 her aware is ours? we have smart guys with they are scattered one is over here another at the seminary over there there is no a team . is seen as vital that we
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create a christian a team fingers and scholars and melamine a religious debate but christianity has viable resources. for example,, capitalism is being debated not in economic terms but moral terms. what is under attack was there capitalism marks but if it is a moral and whether he is a selfish guy some of christianity has ethical wisdom to examine that debate. we have resources that secular culture does not have. and to marshal our best team of light to equip them and
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once again king's college is 10 years old and retreated the college in new york city we took the charter and allied and the old college was about encouraging young people to become missionaries to nigeria and india. now there is a new mission. america up. the secondary capitalism of america in new york, washington d.c., los angeles and san francisco that is the finance capital and the entertainment capital and we are not there. we need to be there and if we work together we can get there. thank you very much.
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[applause] well, the truth was , it's for my son. eight years ago, on the night my son was born, i said i'm going to write a book that lasts his whole life. i was coming back from the hospital. it's that great moment when you can dream anything for your child. he can be the president, nice person, generous person, all realism, i'm going to write a book that lasts my whole life. i came home and started writing rules for him to live by. there you go. pictures of it. what i wanted was, i'm going to write rules down. love god. two, be nice to the fat kid in class. things i thought were important for him to know. the truth was i knew nothing about being a father. so a friend of mine told me the
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amazing story about the wright brothers. every time they'd go out, they'd bring enough materials for multiple crashes. they knew they'd fail. they would crash and rebuild. i said i love that story. i want my son and daughter to know that story. if they have a dream and they work hard, that's the book i'm going to write. not a book of rules, but a book of hero. heros for my son is rosa parks, mr. rogers, to jim henson. >> where's barbara john? >> that was a teenager. it has someone like martin luther king jr., but also regular people. barbara johns was a high school student and civil rights activist. barbara johns at a time when in
10:49 pm
1951, basically saw a school bus ride by her and her school bus was broken down. there was another one that was full of the white kids going to the good school. they had no books, no materials, horrible school. she organized a walk out. we are going to protest it. forget about it. she's one of the unknown people. her test case as they walked out was one the cases used in brown v. board of education. where did it come from? a teenager. a teenager is one of the people responsible for it. so the book is filled with, a guy named frank shankwits. he found out about a boy with leukemia that also wanted to be a police officer. he had a motorcycle made. he find out the boy with leukemia goes into a coma. he goes to the hospital room. as the boy is unconscious, he
10:50 pm
says, i want to put motorcycle wings on him. he pins the motorcycle wings, at which point, true story, the boy wakes up and smiles. the boy eventually goes back into a coma, eventually dies. on the way home, frank looks at his buddy, you know, we made that kid really happy for just one day. we should do that for other kids. that's how the make a wish foundation was born. i want my son to know that stories. that's what heros for my son. celebrating the people that can take one dream and change the entire world. >> we've only got a few minutes with brad meltzer. we'd like to hear your heros. numbers are on the screen. go ahead and start calling in now. who's on the cover here? >> you know, it's funny. everyone think it's my son. i have two sons.
10:51 pm
my publisher wanted me to pick between my kids. i'm not stupid. it's my good friends rusty and elizabeth's son. the last hero, is my favorite hero. my mother. she died two years ago from breast cancer. before she died, my publisher was shutting down. i didn't know if anyone would take care of my contracts. i called my mom and i said, mom, i'm so nervous about this. she said i'd love you if you were a garbage man. she's not taking a crack. my uncle was a garbage man. i say that soaking in her strength. for anyone out there, the last two pages are blank. your heros are here, and your
10:52 pm
heros stories are here. you take this book, and give it this holiday season and put their picture. write one sentence about your father, grandfather, military member, what they mean to you, that would be the most beautiful page. i wanted my book to be something that you can give to anyone at any age. >> you've included two contemporary u.s. presidents in the book. who are they? >> the book has no politics. nobody is in it for political reasons. i did george w. bush and barack obama. bush is in there because of the amazing story when he was flying. he was one the youngest pilots in world war ii. his plane was going down. two men on the plane with him. as the plane crashes, and it's crashing into the ocean, he maneuvers the plane so they can get out before he can. uses the moment of selflessness. he lets them out first. peaks out, he's crashing, some
10:53 pm
-- vomiting, crying, terrified. he told me he still thinks of the guy. he became the president of the united states and never told anyone that story, never ran for it, never self-promoting. i want my son to that have humility. barack obama, not because of any political reason. no one knows where he's going to be in the end. what he represents, whatever your politics are, is one of the greatest ideals in all of america. that's that anyone can be president. i want my son to know that anyone can be president. i want my daughter to know that anyone can be president. they were both put in there. >> how did you get to know george h.w. bush? >> i write thrillers. i talk to imaginary people. i got a fan letter written by george h.w. bush. i don't care what your politics
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are, you are the former president, you write me a letter, i'll send you a free book. >> brad meltzer is our guest. first call. maryland, go ahead, please. >> caller: yes, brad, i wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful book. i think it's extremely important that people really understand that, you know, the heros are not just the people that are famous. but i like that you did put in people who are not famous. and kids would have an opportunity, not only your son, but anyone who's giving this gift to their family to let them know that ordinary people not only can do extraordinary things, but also be truly extraordinary. by pursuing their goals, dreams, going after it, trying to make a difference. i want to thank you for this. that's something that i share with my family. >> thank you. >> host: who's your hero? >> caller: my hero is my mother. she was an african-american
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woman from the south, had a nice education, and vice president of institutional trading is what my brother, and i have my masters. >> guest: and that's exactly right. you know, the thing is that we all know and say our heros are george washington, martin luther king jr. or eleanor roosevelt and these amazing people. the real heros are the heros that we live with every day. that's vital. i should tell you do you want to talk about the hero who i spent my time with, my son, my oldest son jonas. this is the moment that i gave him the book. i've waited eight years. it's called "heros for my son" i'm telling my son. he doesn't care about eleanor roosevelt or rosa parks. he's looking through the athletes.
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he finds roberto clemente. you know what being a famous athlete, nothing. it doesn't make you a better person, nicer, you know what selling a lot of books and being on the best seller list, nothing. doesn't make me smarter. it means people read the books. roberto clemente is in there not because he was a baseball player, because there was a earthquake in nicaragua. he sends three planes for help. they were stolen. he was so determined to make sure the plane gets there, the fourth one, he gets on the plane. it crashes in the ocean. killing everyone on board. he's not a hero because he died. he's a hero because he got on board. i'm waiting for my son to say i'm the greatest hero.
10:57 pm
he said, dad, i'm sad. my book has backfired in my face. he comes racing into the room on his own, he grabs the book and says, dad, who are we reading tonight? i said what about roberto? he said i like him. i said why? because he gave his life for people. we complain about there's no good heros, we focus on athletes and celebrities. we have a say in who our kids emulate. >> host: florida, you have 15 seconds. >> caller: thank you very much. my hero is a man named miriam frye. he was a man from a white protestant family. he saved some people from the
10:58 pm
nazis in europe. he saved so many using them to get passports and visas to get out of france and into spain and eventually to the united states and save them. and save their bodies intellectual work for the western world. that is a hero of mine. > host: thank you. thank you, caller. >> guest: great hero. in fact, we put in the book, my favorite person is meet geese. i had anne frank. she's the woman that save and hid anne frank's family from the nazis. they come rushing in and raid her house. at that moment, she could say i didn't know they were up there. she never apologized. what she instead does, she tries to bribe the nazis. don't take these people away. they tear up her place, the one
10:59 pm
thing they discard is the one red book, anne frank's diary. she's the woman that history doesn't know about. she's the one that saved the diary, she preserved it. when otto frank said my daughter is dead, she never read the book. handed it to her father, this is her daughter's legacy to you. that's the reason that we have anne frank's diary. because miep gies saved it. >> host: quick, how much political research goes into the thrillers? >> guest: listen, i wish we didn't live in a world where we don't get our news from comedians, and we get jokes. i realized over the year, people like to get the real facts out of my books. i take that seriously. i take that trust seriously. it takes me at least six months


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