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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  May 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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briefly update the house on libya. in recent weeks we stepped up our a campaign to protect the civilian population. every element of the war machine has been degraded to read over the last few days alone, nato aircraft struck 35 target's into the armored personnel carriers as well as bunkers and an ammunition storage facilities. we've made strikes against his commanders control centers that direct the operations against civilians. over the weekend the reports that in one of the strikes his son was killed. mr. speaker, let me be clear of the target's chosen for set by the u.n. resolutions 1917 and 1973. the resolutions permit all necessary measures to protect civilian life including attacks on command control and mrs.. mr. speaker this week and missile attacks on the british and italian embassies. we utterly deplore this.
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the regime is in clear breach of the vienna convention to protect the missions and we will hold them to account and we have already expelled libyan ambassador. there were looted as well as destroyed and the world war ii memorialist a secretive. the u.n. felt obliged to pull her carpenter people out. much of the call for the cease-fire. they wanted to talk and the kid and lead mines in the harbor to stop humanitarian aid from getting in. if he was said to have hated each other. but there was a common thread running between them. they both feared the the media that democracy and civil rights could take hold in the arab
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world. when we should continue to degrade this, dismantled and defeat the terrorist network, a big part of the long-term answer is the success of democracy in the middle east, and of course the conclusion of the arab-israel peace process. for 20 years, bin laden claimed that the future of the muslim world would be his. but libya has shown is egypt before it is that people are rejecting everything bin laden stood for. instead of replacing dictatorship with his extremist totalitarianism, they are choosing democracy. ten years on from the terrible tragedy of 9/11 with the end of the london and the democratic awakening across the arab world we must seize this unique opportunity to deliver a decisive break with the forces of al qaeda and its poisonous ideology which caused so much suffering to so many across so many years and i commend this statement to the house.
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islamic mr. speaker think the prime minister for his statement and i join him in the express yesterday of president obama. this side of the house wholeheartedly supports the action taken by the united states to bring osama bin laden to justice. we are grateful to president obama for taking the decision and to the u.s. special forces who carried it out. at this time we remember the harrowing scenes of the death and destruction of 9/11, and we remember, too, all together on atrocities carried out by al qaeda before 9/11. including my robie, bali, istanbul, madrid, and of course the 7/7 bombing in london. the world as a better and safer place without bin laden commanding or inciting acts of terror. we should never, mr. speaker, fall for the idea that the community or fees. in each case the objective was the same, to kill and maim as many innocent men, women and children as possible of all
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faiths in the background. mr. speaker, our response must be not to claim premature victory in the fight against terrorism but to heal the divisions that he sought to create. we should do that by reaching out the perpetrators of terror, reaching out to all of those willing to accept the path and the same time ensuring the continued vigilance here at home. all sides of the house will walk in the response of the pakistani government over the past 48 hours. mr. speaker the remains of course a great deal of uncertainty about who was aware of bin ladens presence and locations and pakistan especially given the proximity to pakistani military bases. now pakistan's leaders continue to take a stand against terrorism but can the prime minister say when he talked to president zardari and the prime minister what discussions he had about ensuring the security operated in pakistan fully supports that antiterrorist effort.
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the development reminds us why we took military action in afghanistan which under the taliban gave shelter to bin laden and al qaeda. but they should also as the prime minister said reinforce the need for the lasting political settlement in afghanistan as the only long-term guarantee of peace and security. does the prime minister agree with me that we need greater urgency for the political solution and engagement in both parts of the taliban that are ready to announce islands? can he tell whether he thinks there are ways we can sharpen the choice in the taliban including by deepening the political process and afghanistan. turning to yemen and al qaeda's remaining stronghold we must do everything to combat terrorism and increase pressure on the supporters and we must also support movements that we get less likely that terrorism will take root. the most effective answer to al qaeda's didier realogy to introduce by the people of north africa and the least. they've not been turning to an ideology of hate by demanding
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the right to control their destiny with space reform and economic progress. in that context progress has been made in consolidating the democratic gains of egypt and tunisia. what is also being done to ensure the leaders of a promised reform stick to their commitment and to force those still resource and to violence and syria to stop doing so. on libya it is clear we cannot abandon the libyan people to the revenge. but will the prime minister also take the opportunity to reassure the house in our work in the direction that will be clear the fall the would take in the terms of the u.n. security council resolution 1973. the see further agree doing so puts rich and principal maintaining regional support for actions to enforce the will of the security council? turning to post and as the puna mr. agree the reaction of, hamas
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and the oppression is deeply regrettable? and does he agree with me we should continue to make efforts to restart the middle east peace process? can he say what discussions he sat with president obama and the other leaders on this important area? finally, can i support the prime minister's call to show increased vigilance at this time? al qaeda suffered a serious blow but it remains a threat. can also take this opportunity to offer my thanks and the things of this side of the house to the police and security services who worked tirelessly in public and behind the scenes to keep us safe as well as the british around the world? above all, let me say 9/11 was one of the most horrific events of the generation. for the victims and their families and putting in this country, nothing can remove the pain they feel. the death of osama bin laden singh was a clear message, in the face of terrorist acts, the world will not rest until justice is done. >> the prime minister. >> khanna thank the gentleman for his statement and the way he
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made it, he's a salute levirate to freeze the security forces, particularly perhaps those in the security services who never get public recognition for the work they do to keep people in our country safe. he is absolutely right to talk as strongly as he did about 9/11 and the memories people have of it. i'm sure everyone in this house remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing on that day and how they felt. and i think he's right to say we should use this to try to heal many of the divisions in our world. on the specifics questions, he asked questions about pakistan and this question that i think will come up a lot about who knew what and what will be due to find out who knew what? i think what matters most of all as i said, the fact the democratic leaders of pakistan and indeed, to work with them and those involved in security and military matters and try to hold discussions with them together, which is what we did on my last visit to pakistan. on afghanistan, he asks how can we increase the urgency of a
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political solid and i think that is absolutely the right thing to do. again, part of the answer lies in pakistan, and the discussions we can have with them to encourage all of those involved to give up violence and accept the afghan constitutions and critics to renounce any link with al qaeda. he asked what more can be done to deepen the space process in egypt and tunisia. my honorable friend and egypt mr. de i do think one of the key ways of doing this to the european union and britain along with others is pushing very hard for total update of europe's relations with its neighborhood to make them attractive is something that has the conditions attached to them what is happening in syria is unacceptable. we are leading the process in europe of setting about proper pressure and in the arms embargo take the association agreement off the table and looking at
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further steps including travels and asset freezes and other things we can do to show what is happening in syria is unacceptable. resolution 1973, yes, we will, but i would say that this does not mean dahuk sticking with the increasing set of things we're doing. all the time we should be asking what more can we do to raise the diplomatic military and sanctions pressure and within all necessary measures to protect civilian life there are many more things we can do and should do to keep the pressure up. he's right of hamas's reaction is very regrettable. i do believe though that the middle east peace process is if you like the third leg of the strategy to fundamentally diffuse al qaeda, the first leg is the attack on the terrorist and work as successfully dealt yesterday. the second is democracy and progress in the middle east and in the muslim countries.
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the third is a middle east peace process that works. i'm seeing benjamin netanyahu tomorrow morning and we will do everything we can in our power to encourage both sides to recognize the historical times and the chance there is to forge a deal that will last. >> [inaudible] remarkable operations. we also make a similar tribute to the united states intelligence agency without his professionalism the actual location of bin laden would never have been achieved. islamic clearly this was a painstaking operation. if you like a painstaking piece of protection that went on for many, many months. and i can tell that from speaking to president obama, that this was not some chance opportunity that came up, but very careful work put in place
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and great professionalism skills. >> the premise for talks about the three strands of the strategy to deal with the continuing problem of al qaeda. might i suggest an additional strain about the conditions like ideology about al qaeda which in many ways and means the most enduring threat posed by al qaeda notwithstanding. we need to continue programs to deal with under achievement by some, not all come under employment by them at work to reduce the opportunities for their mind to be taken over as an ideology. >> one is dealing with problems of poverty and inequality and underachievement which must be
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done. but separate to that is the whole bin laden al qaeda extremist islamists thread of painting muslim communities as somehow victim, perpetual victimhood and saying that they can never successfully coexist in western space society is absolutely key that we target the ideology and challenging only in the end by challenging the ideology that we will win this battle. >> understanding dissatisfaction and the relation of those who lost family members and the inferno of 9/11 my honorable friend agrees that the reality is some things are unchanged by the death of osama bin laden. the threat remains jihad must be confronted and adequate resources, effective international cooperation and good intelligence remain the essential. islamic my honorable friend is
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right there is a terrorist threat still an al qaeda threat and we shouldn't overestimate what has happened but clearly the end of bin laden who was the leader and inspiration of the movement is a massive setback for al qaeda and its terrorist affiliate's and it's worth putting that on record. we have to go further and deal with the remaining senior leadership of al qaeda who are in the tribal land in pakistan. we then have to address the affiliate's in places like the a arabian peninsula and mog grab but as the honorable gentleman said, dealing with the pernicious ideology will be just as important as defeating the terrorists themselves. >> david? >> i endorse, mr. speaker, everything said this afternoon. in light of that short-term risks would the prime minister agree that the focus of the resources of the security and policing services here in britain should be entirely on
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this issue. in the light of the words of the deputy prime minister this morning, the changes proposed to the police service are not set in stone with the prime minister agree to consider a pause in the government changes to the police service so that they can concentrate on what really matters to the british people clacks >> it seems to me not right to say that all of the police attention should be on this issue. we have a very serious situation in northern ireland as well, so we are balancing the risk that we have. in terms of police reform i think that we have seen some might say to the members a very successful modeling london with the mayor of the last government put in place, so actually having a system where the police feel more accountable towards an unelected individual and i look forward to extending that across the country.
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>> pakistan is a divided and complex country and in the death of osama bin laden would only exacerbate the tensions. would you agree that our priority should be to assist pakistan remaining a stable state but only because one, they are a nuclear power and, too, they would have a crucial role to play in the settlement in afghanistan? >> my friend is right in the remarks that he made. of course, there are frustrations and questions the would be asked about who knew what in pakistan, and how could this man lived in such a large house in such a sort of comfortable looking community come so close to the military installations? but i'm absolutely clear that the british interest is working with a democratic politicians of pakistan to deal with the shared issues we have confidence extremism, making sure we are dealing with a safe rather than dangerous nuclear power, and as he says, reaching a settlement in afghanistan so we can bring the brave troops home.
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islamic the brave and incredibly skilled individuals who carried out this operation desert profound gratitude as do all of those with their lives on the line to protect us in putting our own armed forces. can the prime minister in tackling though, the wide ideology of al qaeda come actions taken abroad as well as at home, and the reconciliation track in afghanistan is enormously important and surely this operation now gives us an opportunity to step up activity. did he talk to the president of the united states about that when the smoke and if he didn't at this stage, will he do so? ..
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the. >> and mr. speaker we will agree that while the threats by hamas whereas repugnant as wrong but nevertheless the move by the new masters of egypt toward opening the border with hamas controlled gaza are the clearest possible illustrations to suggest of the triangle of the outline that there'll be no support for modern arab
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opinion without a long term solution. >> it is clearly right about this and we have to take a positive and optimistic view that while there will we much difficulties the past -- palestinian unity lowered should be a step forward and we need to make sure it is a step forward. but then to persuade the israelis and others that there are uncertainties in the world today it is an opportunity to deal with more democratic neighbors in the future and spent the prime minister will know the mass -- vast majority with high the reject al qaeda and osama bin laden so will he ensure going forward to build the resilience of the young people to the extremism and take seriously
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as he does the challenge to the ideology that we have to put more work on to make sure do make an impact? >> ringing through the review of what we have been doing because the problem has been not that a minority of british back al qaeda but there has been the ideology pernicious in some communities against a minority in some that give some comfort to the stories that al qaeda provides about victimhood and the rest of it and you have to address that issue as it strains the swamp as i mix my metaphors. >> it is clear osama bin laden would influence those but would you agree the rule of law is important it is a shame we could not bring him before a court?
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>> i listened very carefully to john branded briefing and he made clear that they were prepared to take did not been alive and capture him but only if it was a situation in which they were in a firefight yet risk themselves but i think the americans were completely justified with what they did and the world is much better off without him. >> in the context of counterterrorism our allies take out bin laden in pakistan and then libya so why can't we a arrest had a terrorists who was at londonderry and friends to kill police officers and destroy the political process? >> as the gentleman knows i take a strong view that what we saw in londonderry is not acceptable the police and i
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are well funded and backed buy the police service. >> with a huge military sacrifice over the pakistani army with these conversations as a dowry today in sure that this has an evidence trail the marriage from any subsequent investigations with the bin laden compound that leaks -- link of pakistani state that those individuals will be hurt brought before? >> the conversation i had with the president sadari -- zadari they did not have the understanding that obama heche's on a bin laden was there but they
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will have some searching questions by friends and foes alike over the coming days and they need to be prepared to answer them but to come back to the basic point* what is in our national interest? to have the enormous bust up an argument with pakistan to say we will work with the forces of democracy that wants to fight terror and terrorism? said is what it should be. >> earlier this secretary eighth tried to reassure the house that there is a diminished world service giving what they said about the democracies will he strategically review the role of the road service and the budget? >> and other departments had difficult settlements because of the financial situation we inherited. but the deal involving the bbc gave secure funding for his future of course, it is
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perfectly possible to make economies and provided good service at the same time. >> while welcoming the prime minister emphasis on ideas does he share my concern that all too many people in muslim communities do not even except that bin laden was responsible for 9/11? what is this say about the failure of the west to get to the propaganda out worldwide? >> that is a good point* what is so i was discussing that to it is the minority of the muslim community who take that view that bin laden was not responsible but doesn't mean they're actively backing him but they have bought into the narrative of the israeli plot did we have to challenge that narrative we cannot have young people
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growing up in our country believing this nonsense said it is incumbent upon all of us with the work that we do with our constituencies and mosques and community centers to challenge the thinking whenever it comes up to not believe we are challenging cultural sensitivities but we're making a clear point* about what it means to a modern democracy. >> a lot of that coverage of the osama bin laden staff was evil in a while the hates the manic and i congratulate the prime minister to avoid that language because he was not engaged in a holy war. this was not a crusade that we need to hear more muslim clerics making that clear? >> i am not sure i did avoid that word. [laughter] a leu stake religious device from the gentleman that that is a good point* that you have to remember oxide is
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whole narrative is not muslims against the rest of the road the muslims against muslims. before moving on to the clash of civilizations but what we are seeing which is hopeful is that arab and muslim states saying they do not want to go to that sharia law society but move toward the building blocks of democracy making for a more peaceful world. >> at the memorial today to bed memorial to the bombings news of his death did not the obey with a sense of victory but that we are starting a new chapter in the world is a better place but with the bid moderns removal now calling for the seventh century changed for the non-violent democratic
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and secular society. >> i think my honorable friend for his question because i know he suffered a loss that you can never bring back someone who has been lost but the best tribute we could pay to those who were lost in the murderous attacks in new york or london is not just a reluctant terrorist network that has created so much hatred and debt but two to see the arab world move to the freedom and democracy. >> mr. speaker bin laden is dead but the ideology is not even of the arabs have seen his followers there are parts of the ideology especially a pervasive use of victimhood and the sense
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to use as a justification to kill others had a sometimes shared as not active supporters of terrorism therefore do is -- do you also except although bin laden is gone in the struggle between ideology must continue the political and ideological and security level? >> guy very much agree and i hope there can be cross party consensus because it would help in the review every recognize it is not enough to say we will prevent other extremist we need to prevent extremism and sometimes in the past three make a mistake to think let's talk to the extremist to stop the violent ones this is like trying to get to the bnp to help you with someone who was a violent fascist is not sensible in that category
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zero were dealing with others. >> i want to see pakistan the prosperous and a successful country free of corruption. but there are so many stakes out where bin laden was found in regular is living over the last five years. this country will continue to finance then the government is to come clean about what has happened. >> you make an important point* just because we are long-term friends with pakistan as we should be doesn't mean every now and again we cannot deliver a tough message and when i went to pakistan one of those was i deliver the bid is unacceptable some people who do not pay their taxes it is not easy for us in the
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west to take on our taxpayers to give to pakistan educational though vital if they don't collect taxes from their own people so dealing with corruption making the country more transparent and that the wealthy people pay taxes should be a part of their bilateral agenda. >> when you recently visited pakistan he announced technical cooperation on the ied use of the roadside explosive device is. could the prime minister review that cooperative agreement that the technical knowledge gained could be passed into the hands of terrorists very quickly and elsewhere with this threat to british and other lives? >> of course, the point* that i make is that pakistan has lost thousands of soldiers fighting extremist
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in the value they are trying to root out a similar sort of taliban to what we're fighting in afghanistan. understand president zadari lost his wife to the extremist terrorists. we must be careful but working with pakistan to combat extremism as their own interest. >> mr. speaker can i commend my friends that we should deal with them constructively. charivari bear in mind what the president himself pointed out only 11% of the population has ever actually voted for the radical islamic parties and 85% of the population has ever voted for a al qaeda solution be a common force between the two countries. >> entirely. it is not just a corporation
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we also need to cooperate in to combat the narrative of extremism. the same problem that exists as what we have dealt with our country symmetry betty welcomes the death of the evil man but then take two steps back when do with other people's affairs? >> the problem with that philosophical view is that made with in the interconnected world. the idea we put the barrier of to say what happens in pakistan doesn't affect us i think is wrong. there are 1.4 million people who live in britain who travel fair and we were threatened from terrorism from the tribal lands and i am afraid this stop the
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world i want to get off foreign policy does not work anymore. >> mr. speaker what is a fully integrated interface community week hess seek to candidates standing for the conservative party will the prime minister agree with me that in my community yesterday's event will be holy war? >> i think the honorable gentleman makes the important point* it is important that all parties make sure they are fully representative of all parts of the community as we have learned it is not enough to open the door to invite people and you have to ask people see you can say to every community they are represented in whatever party would like to support and for whatever reason. >> can i ask the prime minister if he can tell us anything about the
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counterterrorism rate taken place in east london? >> i can tell the lady is there was an arrest made in connection with a group of people today and that is a matter for the police perhaps my office can contact you. >> a som and bin laden may be gone but other supporters of al qaeda continue to live openly in the united kingdom protected ride the human rights act can we put more faith in the u.s. special forces than the bureaucrats of brussels? [laughter] >> i have sums of these i would say we're trying to do with this in a number of ways. we try to sign with pakistan a treaty on deportation we
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can do poor people back to pakistan who may threaten this country and that is something i discussed with those when i was there recently but also trying to reform in we had a very productive sort of meetings with council members and widespread support so it took more attention from the nationalists. >> the conclusions said and those who are completely rejecting those and my honorable friends and i think that is true so the prime minister of the house but to foster democracy also respect human rights in north africa i think there
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are bilateral actions we could take as the old and successful democracy that we should make of updating the foundation as we have discussed before. the biggest up is for the upn union to radically overhaul the program with assistance to the middle eastern neighbors and countries and frankly the program has been quite extensive but not successful to put into place the building blocks of democracy >> would it my friend agree although to build up democracy and long term but also improve security in the short term which what can expect from afghanistan?
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it is a two-way relationship. not to be too transactional but we have to know we hope to gain from the partnership that we enter into and clearly work on counterterrorism is vital for the national interest of britain we're prepared to do a huge amount with pakistan with issues like education of children there are 17 million in pakistan not at school today. clearly 81 to keep them away from extremism or problems of migration it makes sense to continue the program. >> every terrorist attack is a disaster does the prime minister not agree at this time we should be thinking quite seriously about the whole strategy adopted overcapacity years that bin laden was financed by the west from the war in 1979 and have relations off the bat and then threw out the
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rest of his life to not need to seriously think we're we're putting the money and who is supporting? because we have not analyze what is going on in those countries? >> of course, he is right we have to learn the lessons of success and failure of the past to apply to the future. of course, but it does seem there is some constancy and one is the promotion of democracy and freedom what i call the building blocks of something that is always a good thing to do so as much as we learn the lessons of the interventions. >> it is entirely right the taliban show you the calls of the prime minister to separate themselves to participate what mechanism exists in doing so a
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currency so tammet and afghanistan? >> there are practical steps in place in terms of the reconciliation procedure available in afghanistan through the president's peace camps and enables taliban fighters to put down their weapons as long as six of the basic tenet of the afghan constitution but if the low-level integration say if you give of violence in give up al qaeda there is a political path because insurgencies and with a combination of the political process at the same time doesn't the six years of the treachery prove that the links from the language and
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ethnicity from pakistan and of gas station afghanistan is rinna san that countries that depend on the continuing sacrifice the blood and treasure buy us this and there it excess of trust that we will do a deal to bring our boys home? i do not excepts that because that analysis leads you to believe the best option for britain and america is to cut itself off entirely from french abandon partnership with these countries and leave them to their own devices and i think that has been a mistake in the past that long-term partnerships is in our interest. >> speaking of the myth of osama bin laden colusa idea
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that this individual move away from the western decadent lifestyle to a holy warrior? are you part in to buy the idea of the reality and trees he was a hypocrite running to the core of the ideology of al qaeda? >> that is the important point* that he was living in a cave directing the insurgency we see he was in a luxury million dollar villa in a suburban part of pakistan and those who may have revered him will now see him as a hypocrite living high on the hawala expecting others to suffer as her. >> can i a demint of the remarks and then to examine
6:42 am
the it this is not simply tata with the french ship is convenient but in many other areas? >> it is about building a very strong partnership on the long term not concentrating on the short-term transactions but the fact is we do have the shared interest to fight terrorism and expanding train and increasing education are making sure that likud trees are strong. the more you discuss this with politicians the greater the interest will grow. i don't think this is an
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impossible dream but it is practical politics. >> mr. speaker could i turn attention to libya. you mentioned to tighten sanctions but what about those countries who have not signed up for the united nations resolution and allowing gadaffi to slip back into germany? >> we do think that is unacceptable and as well as implementing what is already in our resolutions we should think there are opportunities to take-- tighten sanctions over oil and production to make sure the regime comes to its senses a cannot go on terrorizing its own people. we will looking at stepping of the action as well as encouraging others to enforce what is already put into place.
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>> the prime minister has referred several times the need to combat the global jihadist ideology. could and we have discussions to reverse the reed sections of the bbc arabic-language? also an idea to talk about bringing the bbc issues to pakistan. >> my foreign secretary said to me clearly many of the budget reductions being made are regrettable but they have to be a part to make sure the government is affordable and we have dealt with the deficit we have inherited but i am quite certain the bbc is fair and have to make sure that it goes further to provide exelon services that they do. >> in the context of libya libya, was support is a nato led coalition receiving from
6:45 am
other members of the arab league? >> we get a good support from those members the uae provides planes there is other logistics support for other members of the arab league the key is the contact group that my friend help to set up has had a number of things and further meetings forthcoming and the support of the arab league is extremely strong. it is not declining because arab league countries know themselves what they're dealing with when they're watching he is doing now minding the port and shelling and killing his own citizens they know if this completely unacceptable and likely to back the coalition >> any possible retaliatory affect is threatening and had to deploy the resources to combat the threat?
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>> the point* of having a kobren meeting last night was to review the evidence and concerns about potential three tala tory attacks 1/2 to be on our guard across the world in terms of attacks in the uk or british assets or embassies around the world and we keep that picture permanently updated to give the advice to our embassies under review. you can never have certainty but we tried to be as vigilant as we can. >> our objective from afghanistan to believe the death of bin laden will heighten the day that our service people can come home? >> it does not automatically change the timetable that we happen we should stick to that but the military track we are pursuing there is a track to encourage the
6:47 am
taliban into the political process i would think that is held by the fact bin laden is no more and they see that utility to maintaining their link 57 that there is political sentiment and the prospect clearly can lead to british forces coming home but i don't think we should imagine the timetable will be different but to work hard to take every opportunity we can for the end that bin laden brings about. >> the prime minister accused the pakistani get rid of both ways but isn't it clear that isi was very clearly focused on the security compound and the cooperation of which he spoke was not have part of the condition a branch and route to reform of the isi in pakistan otherwise they
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will be doomed from the beginning. >> you make the important point*. is clear bin laden had a support network in pakistan. the words that john breaded used and they are right for we do not know the full extent zero or where it reached into. we do know we should do everything we can to support the democrats and pakistan who want the entire country to work hard to combat terrorism however they can. >> the foreign secretary confirmed earlier the military action against individuals shoddily take place within the confines of proper legal authority is a prime minister expected to be concerned this places the courageous action against a som a bin laden? >> the legal and vice is a matter of the united states of u.s. operations and
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troops it is entirely a matter for them but i think we should focus today on the fact the world is sundowner of the better off without this man living at large. >> mr. speaker arab like to thank the prime minister but intelligence sources confirmed colonel gaddafi is planning to use chemical weapons against the people of libya. what can wayne due to take the steps against gadaffi? >> raise the important point* there has been press reports of gas, masks been distributed by some of the libyan regime although we have no information if this is a reliable report or links to anything else but we're watching very, very closely at nine at with everything that is happening in libya and any threat to could use those weapons.
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>> we reject the al qaeda characterization of western policy to impose their views to the muslim world but in order to win the hearts and minds well my friend to make clear in the viet now not part of our long-term policy to get rid of the regime but to get a cease-fire and settlement of from divide and conquer i suspect that is what most libyans want is peace. >> and makes a good point* is that we're not there to pick the government for libya to say you cannot have this government but this one, we're there to put into place the u.n. resolution 1773 to allow the libyan people to choose their own government. it may be a government we don't have 100% agreement but one thing we have learned that is the way to
6:51 am
have progress rather than to impose these from above. >> the prime minister spoke about bin laden is the not concerned putting him at sea may continue to the further mess whether not he is still alive? >> i think frankly that the u.s. took a sensible decision on the basis this was in line with all of the correct muslim practices for burial fifth. incidentally a luxury that bin laden never allowed to his victims and an inappropriate way at c and they should be commended for doing it in that way. >> mr. speaker following up on those rumors of conspiracy theory would be inappropriate for the u.s.
6:52 am
authorities did release the footage of the operation in pakistan? >> it is the matter for the u.s. to decide what to release but the only thing i would say from my limited experience is there are some conspiracy theorist will never be satisfied and some are so convinced elvis will show up. [laughter] so i think what the americans have done so far is sufficient to explain to all reasonable people that bin laden is no more. >> going back to that september morning in new york nobody seems to care about anybody else's religion now not only responsible for murder of venice cents but for raising disadvantage for muslims a major parts of the world. with the minister agree bin laden abandoned the faith the minute they determined
6:53 am
to slaughter invitation is sent people and will you agree to the society including muslim citizens? >> the fact is there is no place in islam for this ideology it is against what it is islam meant to be about and i hope the argument to get across is that this was entirely blind for so many to go down and there is the alternative to the repression and frustration they felt about the regimes in north africa and elsewhere which is the democratic awakening taking place which is one of the ways to defeat al qaeda in the long run. >> to ask the prime minister that the president of pakistan suffering such a grievous loss of his wife
6:54 am
but somehow we have to help him to rid his governmental structure of those who are sympathetic to outside it or the taliban? i don't know how but perhaps the prime minister would note? >> he is right to put the question that it is a long-term commitment of this country and the united states to pakistan to convince them that together we will defeat the medicis to give the country some prospect i have no doubt that is the president's view as he suffered from terrorism himself and shows courage to death send the pakistani troops into the s.w.a.t. valley to defeat terrorism so they do need our help with a long-term commitment to deal with the issue together. >> concrete steps from the
6:55 am
u.k. government to take any propaganda campaign that seems to portray bin laden as a martyr? >> an extremely good point*. one of the key things about how the americans have behaved with respect to his burial and it was done in a proper muslim way will help in that regard but there is no magic button to push or a campaign to run. we all need to make sure that people understand the evil the man did and the pernicious ideology and lead to a complete dent end for a generation of muslim men and we can make the argument. >> there are relatively few new al qaeda the real difference between the taliban could be worth exploring will the prime
6:56 am
minister do more to urge americans over meaningful not conditional talks with the taliban? because you can fight and talk at the same time. >> i would make the point* while their differences clearly at the moment there are links in between and the taliban are not currency willing to make that break. it seems that is the key step to be taken when terms to make sure they can and the political dialogue. it is not acceptable to ask president karzai to have conversations even if they are still committed to violence and overgrowing the afghan constitution linked to a group of terrorist who have done so much damage
6:57 am
the. >> does the prime minister believe there is a great vindication and the speech that he gave with the discovery of bin laden in pakistan? >> i will not run away from the points i have made but i will repeat it is in our interest to work with democrats in pakistan so that all of that but then as the politicians who will do. >> apparently those around the world will will come the full criminal that has been brought to justice. and then one particular group. >> and this should bring out for the chamber one of the group said should be most
6:58 am
relieve their muslims all over the world because he killed them more almost more than any other faith and it is only a minority of a minority to back al qaeda. another group of people that followed the ideology to deal with both of those problems and it is remarkable how much common ground there has been on both sides today. >> how long? >> well my friend confer the government will take strong action against any islam is groups of individuals that use what has happened it to bin laden to perform jihad or other forms of violence? >> if we must combat not just by lead to extremism but extremism itself and there was a conveyor belt from some
6:59 am


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