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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  January 31, 2012 11:00pm-2:00am EST

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there and the extended stay and the intent as they said before to hopefully result these ambiguities about iran's program and its intent. so what they have to say is crucial and of course the continued access is crucial. >> and there is continuous monitoring by other means that the iaea has as well. >> general, iran has issued various threats with respect to the state. can you give us some analysis of the activities there and what we are doing in addition to what capability does iran have or doesn't have with respect to having the potential to close the streets or affect them in any way in terms of international trends that?
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>> what i have said in an open discussions on this a lot of have to be taken into the closed session, but clearly the iranians have the capabilities to temporarily close the streets to the two streets. the concern becomes defined in the early on how long would go. but they clearly have that capability. if we go any further i would prefer to go to the closed session. >> do we have a defined time in that respect? >> i would prefer to go to a closed session. >> thank you. director clapper, going back to the issue of pakistan, there's a senior administration official who was quoted recently in an article saying that developing the new normal in terms of the relationship with pakistan so
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much of what we are doing in afghanistan is predicated on effectively addressing and rooting out the safe havens obviously. and that is the predicate and the template for the president's policy that he indicated in june and that obviously we need to have that strong relationship with pakistan. how does that strategy going forward how is that affected by what is developing in pakistan especially now with general petraeus there's the review of our relationship that has come to ray within the pakistani government of the parliament and then secondly, the trust about imposing taxes on the transit by materials with hours and nato from the ports and the roads to afghanistan. so this is deeply troubling and i don't know if this is a new normal but how does that affect
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our situation in afghanistan? and how is it that ever changes the dynamic in afghanistan? >> well, that obviously has a profound impact on afghanistan and the prospect for the successful resolution. that's why that is a way of emphasizing the importance of a positive relationship with the pakistanis and getting into the policy outside of the intelligence, but it's crucial that our dialogue proceed and that we find some way of converging on that issue as well and particularly with respect to the safe havens. pakistan is -- pakistan is a very proud people and they felt
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their sovereignty was a salted and they brought about read and of course the regrettable incident on the -- in november with the killing of the troops on the border sort of titans with that. that has caused them to collectively reassess their relationship. but in the end, i believe realize the need a positive partnership with us and hopefully we will work through these in such a way that we minimize the impact of the safe havens. >> general petraeus, you obviously are interesting position and began the command of the forces and being the architect of the counter insurgency strategy afghanistan and now the director of the central intelligence agency. since you have assumed the position, do you think any differently in afghanistan with respect to the strategy?
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>> no, i can't say that i do. >> with some of the reports issued publicly regarding the assessment of afghanistan that it's very difficult to make the gains that is essential precisely because of what is happening with the stephens in pakistan. i mean, these issues are -- nothing has changed in the dynamics unfortunately between the corruption, the government, and now of course the safe haven these have sort of in the dynamics that have been there since the beginning. >> there's nothing easy about afghanistan. as we used to say it is all part of the time, but it's also all the important all the time. there's a reason we went there in the week of 9/11. we have hugely important national security interests and its very important to that country, to the region and the world that we do everything possible to try to get that
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right and to ensure that afghanistan is never again a launch pad for the extremist attacks as it was for the 9/11 attacks. if i could, by the way, you touched a little bit that diluted to the fact that i had a different viewpoint of the various times than that of the intelligence community, and i was pretty clear i think in my confirmation hearing that that typically resulted from the fact that the intelligence community tends to stop, if you will, the clock, and then six to eight weeks do the analysis, are due within the community itself on the ultimate position, and then actually provide the district assessment or whatever the ultimate is provided to the policymakers, and typically in the times that i have differed with the intelligence community on iraq or afghanistan, the reason for it has been that lack in the dynamic situation that we continue to make progress on in a couple of cases didn't because in those four cases, twice i
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thought it was the assessment was too - by the intelligence community, and then once in iraq and once in afghanistan, to other times i felt that the community was actually to positive and that we should be more guarded in our assessment. >> i appreciate that and i will recall that and i know there is that sort of difference and in terms of the lag time. >> well, what i should know is that director clapper and all of us have discussed this and what we want to do is dramatically reduce the amount of time from when you stop the clock for the analysts to start the rioting if you or to finalize the riding so that there isn't such a large gap between the and of the data and the delivery of the product to the policymakers to congress to the rest of the community. >> that probably didn't happen. >> actually i'm glad you asked that because i think that is worth clarifying. first of all, the most recent
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open session now addressed the post 2014 period. it wasn't on the past year or how are things going in general in afghanistan. it was assessments by the intelligence community analysts about the various scenarios in other words if you make a certain set of assumptions about the level of support and a number of other factors in afghanistan what will the outcome likely be and there were a series of assumptions, groups of assumptions about that. there was relatively little on the state of the insurgency. in fact in the open session it basically said yes there has been continued progress, but also the taliban does remain resilient. the military's concern in this case was that view that there perhaps should have been an additional four separate set of assumptions that could be analyzed and in particular some
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assumptions that may have implied a greater level of assistance than what was in the other sets and that was really the issue. so i think that the account of this have not in all cases been completely well informed. >> i appreciate that. >> thanks. >> thank you very much, senator snowe, senator rockefeller. >> thank you, madame share. i want to make a couple comments. one is i was very pleased to hear that you wanted to proceed with the removal of fisa three bachelet at fisa served two roles. one was a great valuable piece of legislation for us, was in the controversy but it was a right thing to do. second, i think it helped with what some of us who've been here for some years should point out i think it helped open up the dialogue between the
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intelligence community and this committee. this committee went through a long period of time when the community treated us very cavalier, wasn't interested in sharing but only i guess it was pat roberts of the time and myself we switched one share and then the other. they would talk with the gang of four and eight but never both committees. they would never share what they told us and there were certain circumstances the couldn't share. we couldn't share with the had told us because it was just a question for good reason. but it wasn't a good relationship. it wasn't a good relationship. just as right after 9/11 the first thing the congress did was to pass the law saying it was okay for the central intelligence agency and the fbi to communicate with each other and perhaps even shake hands and start to work adel intelligence
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on the fbi side. that was a long process. all of this is long and painful. now, on a lead up to this by saying i cannot describe to you my own frustration and sense of wonderment hell all of our directors have come before these meetings and have at least in the past as your reference that far and away the most important matter of national security is something called cybersecurity. the president in his state of the union actually used the word cyber threat which i think is a better way of talking about. because it's more sort of alarming, less passive. we have made virtually no process on that subject. so, on the one hand, the
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intelligence community is telling us it is the number one national security threat. what's going on here and there but on a sustained basis national security depends upon our milledge to allow the system to form a system where the private company is working with dhs and the government can on their own decide how they want to protect themselves and get some help in the dhs to read we do not over regulate some have said that because we've made changes. olympia snowe and i came up with a bill for three years ago, three years ago and its wandered through melissa half away and mr. schmidt and nobody seems to get very excited about either it or the subject and i am very troubled by this and i want to discuss this with you
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specifically. you are of the i.c.e. community. cybersecurity is not in your general line of work. general petraeus, but it's very much and director clabber's work and therefore all of your lines of work. i don't see particular movement. there were criticisms made of olympia snowe that was regulatory. we have interfaced with hundreds of private stakeholders over the years. there were quite satisfied by an almost completed a bill and virtually completed bill that we have but our space leader and president talked about we have to do this, as i say the president did mention that and the state of the union that is important but nothing has happened.
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and if it is a national security threat, if it is the national security threat i don't understand why we can't get working together on this and get a bill done. fisa was hard and this makes it look like a piece of cake and it's far more in the long term, no not in the long term it's probably equal in the long term in terms of its importance. but it's been a very bad demonstration on the part of the congress, the administration and the public, which really has no particular interest in cybersecurity because nobody is explaining it to them because it is abstract, it's not pushed buy any one group to one particular emphasis and nobody is very excited about it. we have worked out a way that the private sector companies basically take responsibility to their own cyber safety.
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the dhs helps them and they are held accountable for it. i grew so frustrated by the lack of action on the part of all of us, the accomplice of action that i went to mary shapiro at the securities and exchange commission and said look, i can't do legislation right now. will you please at least post on the sec website where investors go all the time obviously to figure out if they are going to invest in private companies or not and private companies would have to simply say if they had been hacked into, period, that is all they had to say. not what subject but that they had been hacked into it. a desperate measure but it was a start. it had some affect. people are talking about that effect in washington. that doesn't interest me unless it is headed towards a bill.
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so i would like to get your take and perhaps director also and anybody else who chooses to speak on the pulse subject how you could ... the national security threat and we have no bill. we do have a bill what we have no sort of pervasive push to get this accomplished, not just the legislative. >> welcome a first of all i don't think that there is any question as the potential here and there is sort of i think the two dimensions to this as logos in day in and day out in terms of our intellectual property being stolen from us. then there is the real threat,
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then there's the potential although i think it's less likely of a massive attack as self-described the would paralyze the country or the segments thereof. most likely would the components of the would be the mission particularly china or russia to be the that's why i was pushed hard, we pushed hard to have that report published by the national counterintelligence executive on the classified that called out that threat and i think that's an important responsibility of the intelligence community to advise all whether it's the minister's officials, but it's the congress or the public of the nature of that threat. i do think the government has a response ability to provide support and advice as
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exemplified in my mind by the defense industrial base pilot program that was championed by the former deputy secretary in the department of defense which evolves i think a very workable formula whereby threat data is provided to the key companies particularly those involved in the defense or for that matter the intelligence business. what i think the bigger issue here is how do we protect the nation's cyber and read large is an open question and i'm not sure that is completely the responsibility. i do not deal with it that way. i think their needs to be a government private partnership. they have to participate and they have to be open about that
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as well. as far as champion to the kitchen and in a bill in the white house on the vision of the bill. >> your time is about to run out. you cannot -- it's not your job to champion a bill. but i just -- if you and your predecessors and others have come up and said this is our number one national security threat, and you are in the effort business to say that this is not necessarily what we do, frankly i'm just using this form to screen out who is going to start paying attention to this. >> i think a lot of people are paying attention and certainly the president has mentioned. there is a white house coordinator who is orchestrating this across-the-board it
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involves the department of defense and clearly the department of homeland security. i think the leadership for that has to be in the interagency. so i don't -- it's fair to say that the administration doesn't care. >> i'm just saying that we have made no progress. we've made no progress, and that is embarrassing of what you and your predecessors have said about the nature of the threat. director, do you have any comments? >> yes, senator. we were excited or somebody should be excited about it. i could tell you that we are concerned about that threat. i do not think that debate is this still leaves a number one threat but it will be tomorrow. counterterrorism and stopping the terrorist attacks of the fbi is the number-one priority. but on the road on the cyber threat which cuts across all
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programs would be the number one threat in the country. we look at it in different perspectives. first we've to change the organizations and the structure. we have to recruit and hire persons or capable of doing a and understand that our role is to investigate inclusions and to afford further intrusions to the second the same way that we had to share intelligence in the week of september 11th we to share information and intelligence and to address this particular threat. at the time of intrusion we do not know whether it is china, we don't know whether it is an organized crime entity or a high school student found on the street. consequently cannot allocate it to a particular agency. that's why we've developed the national cyber investigative task force with the fbi, cia,
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dia, nsa come secret service, all of those that have a role to address this kind of threat so we have to build up the collective threat in the same way the we did so in a book on the walls in september 11th. and last in terms of the legislation we have pushed in the legislation to areas that are of concern to us. one is a national data breach requirement. there are 37 states that have different requirements for the reporting data breeches and there has to be in national data breach requiem for the reporting, and we should be recipients of that reporting. and second, to be in the statute in my mind the ability to share the information indicative of a crime with the bureau and others that have that responsibility. and there are some things that we as an organization are focusing on in that threat. >> thank you very much, senator
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rockefeller. i had a date of regional that has been pending for some time. next is senator conrad psp mix before, madam chairman. thank you you and the vice chair of the committee for conducting the committee in such a thoroughly professional way. i really have enjoyed my service on the committee, and in no small measure because of the leadership of this committee. i think it is just a very good example for our the rest of the senate. i also want to thank all of those who are here testifying on behalf of the intelligence community. let me just add my voice with respect to the press reports reflecting on director petraeus by the unnamed sources. as far as i am concerned, these people that worked behind the cloak of anonymity are cowards.
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if they have something to say about somebody, if they want to have some credibility, they ought to have the courage to stand up and say it and put their name behind it and i listen to the press the ought to quit printing anonymous attacks on people. it doesn't reflect well on them either. with respect to director petraeus as far as i'm concerned he's a patriot and his demonstrated that not only in his military career on taking on this assignment. that is to be an act of patriotism. it's been very easy for him, he didn't need to do this for his reputation or his career so he deserves our praise, not these nameless and faceless attacks that frankly have no basis either. my experience is i have been quite pleasantly surprised how
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open the intelligence community has been with this committee quite to the contrary of the report. director, thank you for agreeing to serve another couple of years. that too is an act of patriotism and is very much appreciated. and to take on additional service and deserves public praise. we thank all of you. we can't neglect mentioning mr. olson because his parents are from my home state and know them well, couldn't have finer people. we are very fortunate people of that quality and character serving. i would like to ask each of you interim since this is an annual meeting, what is your assessment of whether or not we have made progress in our ability to handle the threat to this
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country? have we made progress? if so, how are we slipping? what is your assessment of how we have done compared to where we were a year ago and i would start with mr. goldberg and go right on the line. >> i think as it was said earlier, senator conrad, progress has been made in of various parts of the counterterrorism fight especially against al qaeda senior leadership but there are many other challenges out there and they're remains a very, very dangerous part of our work. >> ms. wagner? >> in a couple of key areas i think it was already mentioned the extent to which many of the stove pipes have been broken down in terms of information sharing is the in the islands of the community. i think that we have made huge
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progress in that realm and we operate as a team, and operating with my colleagues of the fbi and in cpc looking at the terrorists as a project to the homeland and then dealing with the fbi on the issues inside the homeland, and the second area i would say quickly would mean a lot of progress i think in my own department is in the ability to which we have been able to harness the intelligence from the intelligence community to inform our instruments if you will to keep people out of our borders to make sure the wrong people are not getting on airplanes to the departure and make sure that there are people that shouldn't get them are not receiving immigration benefits from the department. as we tightened our ability to take with the community is producing and operationalize that in the homeland security. some of the removal of bin laden and al-awlaki is a huge benefit
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to the security of the united states. my brothers and sisters and the other agencies. by the same token there are still leaders in both yemen and afghanistan pakistan border areas that have the capability of launching attacks domestically. in most of the address that we've made in the last year, a year and a half of those individuals who have been radicalized and trained on the internet have the capability of developing the other mechanisms on the internet, and as we have been relatively successful in addressing these particular plots, nonetheless devotee of persons to use the internet to be both individually radicalized, but also get the information they need to undertake the taxes has increased. >> director clapper? >> just to take a longer perspective this is my third job in the intelligence community in
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the last 12 years. i started two days after line 11 and i think that we've made tremendous progress. the transformation of the fbi to intelligence driven organization is just one case in point, the maturation of the department homeland security. the expansion of the intelligence community to include both foreign and domestic aspects. the sharing with the federal, state, local, tribal private sector all of which have i think the improvement demonstrate improvement that's not to say that we should rest on our morals, we'll have more issues to deal with and this is a particularly with respect to counterterrorism or threat that is going to go away. >> thank you. >> senator, first of all thanks for your words of support. we have made considerable overall progress over the course of the last year at any time the top three leaders of the most significant terrorist
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organization that faces us or are taken out that needless to say is quite a better year and al qaeda and the rhythm peninsula, al-shabaab and other organizations of sustained important losses as well. having said that, the threat of terrorism remains significant coming and we must sustain the campaign. we must maintain the pressure on al qaeda and its affiliates and other violent extremist organizations wherever they may be. beyond that, i would also incur with director clabber that there has been continued important progress in of the organizational aspects of the war on her, the counter terrorist campaign has benefited enormously from the continued efforts to better integrate intelligence for the various elements of the community to work together more effectively and frankly even within the individual agencies to further
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the progress in the integration of efforts between say the cia operators as well as analysts in bringing together all of the different components of our organization and the rest of the intelligence community say in the counterterrorism center and some of the other centers that we have as well. >> general burgess? >> i guess the phrase of peery as i would like to identify myself with the remarks of those that have gone before me. as a plan colder and the director of the national intelligence, as i look back, i agreed with the way director mueller has put it and director clapper. we've made great strides on a lot of different areas. having said that, we still have work to do and we still have challenges remaining. >> all right. mr. olsen? >> consistent with the other comments, the bottom line is al qaeda is weaker now than it has been in the past ten years. that said, we face more decentralized threats from al
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qaeda affiliate's tanenhaus dalia as well as the threat from the low and actors in the united states. as the director said from the organizational perspective and in answering your question in our early to handle this right, we are better positioned and i think the operative word is a team approach. we are better positioned to share information as the vice-chairman commented on of the beginning of the hearing we do a better job of integrating that information and analyzing it. we have made improvements in watch listing and providing situational awareness of an overall again it's a team of effort among all of the agencies represented here. sprigg just in terms of solving this up, what i hear is significant progress, serious threats still remain to the united states and the team work and the intelligence community itself has dramatically improved. i am hearing that quite consistently.
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i think that is a very important for the people we represent here, that the understand yes, we have made progress, in some ways very dramatic progress, especially against al qaeda, but the significant threats remain calm and that we have got to continue to be vigilant which means we have to continue to put resources to these issues. i thank the chair. >> good morning everybody heading into the afternoon. i would like to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful work you do every day protecting our country. so much progress has been made in the form of the intelligence community making it more effective, making it an integrated unit. the fact that all of your year
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the table at the same time and probably one of our greatest to dismember and decapitate al qaeda. but i want to pick up on the issue senator rockefeller raised about cyber. i've been kind of one note on this issue and what i focus here. i share senator rockefeller's frustration over the lack of urgency. i think it is partly due to the executive branch, and also due to the congress itself. my question for the way to go to clapper, mueller and wagner. first a comment about urgency. now when we get to a public will be five years since the attack on a estonia in which we thought we were going to trickle article 5 from the first cyber
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war. so we have had five years sitting on the edge of our share on this issue. so one was how to protect and so on. what is now seen is the issues related to dot gov and dot com to read in recent meetings with you, director mueller, because of the involvement to the appropriations committee and with ron noble of interpol and the team is the protection of the dot com and he spoke most eloquently about the counter at coming in to the countries to canada, to ourselves, in a meeting yesterday at the fda where we were talking about a new regulatory framework does that rushed to the market fast and say one of our biggest challenges is protecting the secrets that she has of
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america's pharmaceutical by a diverse community, and the supply of the drug chain. right now there's a bigger criminal penalty for the malkoff of the handbag and then there is for a blood thinner that came into the country that could kill thousands of people. so you get what i'm saying here. the growing issues around protecting dot mil. intervals as it is a growing crime and affects state secrets, trade secrets and also all this other stuff. the corruption that where there is a weak government there is a strong organized crime element. so we have to really move on this. rockefeller, senator rockefeller is spoken about his frustration with the exit of branch. i'm frustrated with the
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legislative branch. we have the turf battles on the policies and so on. he has a great policy. i hope we moved. so let me get three issues comer urgency, the policy particularly on the government's and the need to a bipartisan commodity among ourselves to pass the bill. let me get to the government issue and it goes to the director clapper and then ms. wagner and director mueller commesso the question is who is in charge? we all did all over the government's issue. article 10, article 50, homeland security, is it dot mil etc. so let's take our president. he is at the democratic convention and the lights go out in san diego.
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he turns to napolitano and says what is this? and the lights go out for maybe three hours. the lights go out in boston, etc.. so he turns to napolitano and says what the hell are we doing here and what can we do? my question is napolitano in charge? we know the president is in charge. we know the president is in charge, but what is the president in charge of? and i need to know who would respond and so on because i feel it is a government issue this is the number-one issue and we can continue to diddle, dither. >> i'm just going to jump in here. if the lights go off and we are talking in the electrical power grid issue, then i would say that my secretary would be the logical person to turn to because we have a clear role.
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the first question of who is in charge, there's never a simple answer to that question especially in this town because we all have pieces of the tie but i can tell you that where we are -- where our responsibilities lie is in securing the the dot gov and the parts of dot com that are supported with critical infrastructure and key resources including in your example the power grid. we would hope we would have been notified because of the procedures that we would have already have put in place, the relationships we would have built on the education we would have given that they would detected some kind of issue or intrusion and we would then turn to the line. >> we still have a way to go in terms of educating and building up this network that we've been working on and we are trying to bring an urgency to that.
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we then turn to our partners and the nsa because of director mueller mentioned earlier you never quite know what the genesis of these attacks are. it could be climate could be a stack actor. we work this as a try and make sure we are bringing to bear the appropriate technology to bring things back on line as quickly as possible and we ensure we have an investigation going to try to determine the source and the adulation. >> i don't believe this. i really have to dr. clapper, what do you think your? so there you are. is the president going to call you? and ai. >> the president calls us. the fact of the matter is this happens a fair amount now. the dhs is responsible for the infrastructure but when it comes
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to the attribution, identifying the attribution of a particular domestic intrusion and generally falls to us and what we partly do is get ourselves of the table and we will put a team out as soon as we got the word there would be a team generally we would lead the team but because the infrastructure river the outages are and the investigation leads, we would have a team of ourselves, dhs and if it goes overseas or if we need expertise, we would have the nsa and others from the community in there. and we do this as a matter of course now when we get a substantial intrusion that needs immediate investigation. >> director clapper? >> a dewitt director mueller has described is captures the essence of what i believe the intelligence community responsibility is which is the detection and maturation of an attack writ large whether foreign or domestic. i just might mention that it so
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happens that the administration is sending the team to brief the entire senate on the cybersecurity tomorrow on the threat and what needs to be done about it. sycophant napolitano i am told will be there. my deputy john brennan from the white house. >> there are even coming. it's great that the national security council has come to this issue, but my question is still going back in this sense of urgency, do you feel the current authority related to the title ten and the title 50 and the issue around homeland security, not talking about the current situation for the way that it ought to be when the depository of the knowledge
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cyber rests in the military agency of the national security agency. >> i would say that there probably could be more done to take advantage of that technical expertise that you recognize that reside in the nsa. the department of defense response to that was to establish the cyber command as a war fighting headquarters, but smart when i fought a duel having the director of the nsc as the commander of cybercrime for the military application. i think there is a debate frankly that perhaps the responsibility of the dod is bigger than just the defense itself. this would be a good topic to bring the that the session tomorrow. >> if i may interject as we have built up a substantial expertise in this arena and a creative time not only domestically but internationally we have agents
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overseas to work closely with and embedded with our counterparts in a number of countries and so we have over a period what time build up an expertise that is not say the nsa doesn't have the expertise also understanding where it is located. >> but it's a different kind. islamic much of it is the same kind. much is the same kind in terms of power. i think that nsa has more power in terms of capability is but in terms of the terms we wouldn't sell our sells short. >> and the expertise and technology to bring to bear for the sectors where we have response to the and we think we've made a lot of progress on that regard. >> well, my time is up. i think that senator feinstein, this shows some of the issues are here. we can't stop the threat we can only stop ourselves. this is why i think we need to have a robust new legislative
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framework, and we have to the conflict these issues and instead we've just remained foggy and keep punching. thank you. you had in our cyber task force. i thank senator rockefeller for his interest and i think that you are both absolutely correct. i think we need to get cracking on that. our own view is there is kind of won overwhelming issue where there is a difference of opinion and that is whether the standards mean something or they are purely voluntarily in the dot com area and this needs to get resolved and moved. i think he was the chairman of commerce and as our task force chairman. thank you very much. let me move on and give you a list as it remains because it is going to take us close to 1:00. senator nelson and cementer rubio. would be my intention unless
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there is an object and not to give a second round, but to complete this round. senator coats? >> madame chair, thank you. i would like to pursue an issue that you brought up in your opening statement relative to the situation that exists with iran and its pursuit of the nuclear is asian and the potential was released, and i think based on what was said early if there is any dispute to the fact that sanctions to date have not brought about results that we would hope for and i think to victor blabber you indicated in your statement we hope the sanctions will prevent necessity for the response of i
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think the evidence is clear unless there is hard evidence to the contrary that we are not aware of that sanctions to this point have not made any kind of difference with the regime in iran. does anybody disputes that? >> no, sir. that is precisely the intelligence community view or assessment to this point. the sanctions as imposed so far have not caused them to change their behavior of the policy. >> second, director dot mil musette we would likely choose the decision making has guided by the cost benefit approach. the leaders undoubtedly consider the security and influence as well as international political security environment when making decisions by the nuclear program
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is there any indication that sanctions to date has changed their view of what if from a cost benefit standpoint? >> i think it is fair to say coming and we could go into this in more depth and the closed environment that there is dissension and debate in the political hierarchy. there is not unanimity about this. and i do think that the extent that the international community is united on this with the u.s. leadership. i do think they pay attention to the international opinion and what others think of them. and certainly if there are impacts on their oil exports and
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the extent that would affect their financial situation, that could have i think a profound impact on their decision making calculus in terms of as we say to the cost-benefit. >> but there is more of a hope and a wish than it is a hard reality from william stand. >> as i said at this point, the sanctions have not caused that calculus to change apparently. but as the pressure ratchets up, there is the prospect that they could change. is to liquidate dramatic decrease in the prices have a bearing what is the likelihood of that given the world demand for oil and energy sources? >> it could and that is what we will have to see how this plays out in this is dependent on the willingness of the mean customers of iran to support
11:50 pm
that position. >> no meen customers are not supporting these sanctions? >> i wouldn't say that. we could discuss this in a closed session as who is and who isn't three >> okay we can discuss that in closed session. i don't see any public acknowledgement that china, india, some of the past asian nations joined us in supporting rejecting any kind of export. >> if i could, senator, publicly it is well known that the china reduced its imports of oil in the purchases. these are matters of public record. it remains to be seen whether that continues. it appears that saudi arabia production is ramping up and can fill some of the demand that might have been met by experts now that they are the sanctions on the bank of iran.
11:51 pm
>> thank you, director. aren't we in a situation where the clock is ticking clocks the clock is ticking on the side of the pursuit of nuclear is asian and perhaps weaponization of. and it has been for some time. my own view is that it's going to take tough sanctions that currently exist in order to beat the clock that's ticking towards a nuclear iran. but also we see how difficult it is to ratchet up the next level of sanctions and get the world community's. it took a long time to get european support of the current level of sanctions. we don't have a chinese or russian support for it. it is unlikely that we would unless something changes that i'm not aware of. when you put it in the context of what the israelis must be
11:52 pm
thinking, everybody acknowledges the existential question for them. we have a time factor. i just want to be realistic about the fact that the hope that sanctions are described as the hope that the sanctions can bring about the desired results that that we all want both from the a iranian standpoint and the israeli standpoint and i don't know if you'd like to comment. >> well, sir, i think that you have accurately captured the gravity of the situation and what is at stake here and for the israelis. >> with a naval blockade which i guess would be an act of the war a naval blockade achieve the kind of cost-benefit ratio that would give them pause about the changing of the devotees? >> we would have to take that one under advisement and air out the possibilities in the closed
11:53 pm
session. certainly that would have impact on the calculus. whether it would move in the direction of a positive outcome or negative outcome it's hard to say. >> the outcome that we want is trending strongly towards the , the outcome that seems to be taking place is strongly towards the negative outcome that we want seems to be diminishing and i hope i'm wrong on this but it seems to me that we have had years and years of sanctions and it's difficult to ratchet those of and tighten them to the point where we see a change in the supreme leadership decisions on this, the recent movement of enrichment and the defiance in terms of public statements that come out of iran indicates that so far and maybe they are disputing this internally but so far we haven't seen positive
11:54 pm
positive results and when you're doing from the standpoint it clearly a the cleaves oster-loth perhaps the number one challenge of 2012 as the chairman has indicated. >> the latest round of sanctions of course is really just being felt and will take a number of months but as you know there's a clock ticking during that time and there is a progress if you will on the refinement of additional uranium to 3% and 20% and a variety of other activities that are ongoing and again the iaea has leaned these out accurately and effectively but the fact is the currency has lost considerable value recently there are runs on the bank in the recent weeks that have been seen as the citizenry tries to
11:55 pm
get its money out of their own domestic currency and into anything that will hold its value better as inflation also takes off. director clapper talked about problems of unemployment as well. the the overall situation is one in which the sanctions have been biting much more literally in the recent weeks than they have until this time. so i think what we've to see now is how does that play out and what is the popular of the discontent inside iran, does that influence the strategic decision making of the leader in the regime keeping in mind that the regime's paramount goal and all that they do is the regime's survival. some additional questions to pursue particularly regarding the israeli perception of the impact on this and i think that that is better left for the closed session.
11:56 pm
>> thank you, madame chair. >> senator coats, in response - gets instructive to remember on this what the policy is stated by the president in the state of the union, and he said, quote, america is determined to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. and i will take no options off the table to achieve that goal. then the secretary of defense interviewed on 60 minutes said the u.s. and the president's made this clear doesn't want iran to develop nuclear weapon. that is a red line for us and it's a red line obviously for the israelis, so we share a common goal. if we have to do it we will do it. the question here is what is it and this is the secretary to the
11:57 pm
if they proceed and we get intelligence that they are proceeding with developing a nuclear weapon, then we will take whatever steps are necessary to stop it. question, regarding military steps to answer, there are no options the rauf table. >> with the senator yield for a quick response? >> of course. >> in a previous life i served i heard much the same rhetoric regarding north korea. now we know the north korea, despite all of our rhetoric possesses nuclear weapons and i just hope we don't have to talk ourselves into a situation where we are not able to back up what we say. we didn't do it before, so it raises skepticism on my part. my statements made by both republican and democratic leadership relative to what you indicated and quoted but we've been down this road before. >> let's ask general clapper.
11:58 pm
is the policy? >> i read it just as you do, sir. it's not policy as much as institutions and in the case of north korea, our policy was just words, not actions. >> i believe, this senator believes the stakes are so high that the policy will be executed what i wanted to do is all i wanted to give an example from an earlier discussion of how we are meeting of the terrorist threat, and i want to particularly congratulate you, mr. fbi director because we just had a plot in florida in tampa to have several truck bombs go off downtown to kill a lot of people.
11:59 pm
and the fbi was all over this. in coordination with u.s. attorney's, in coordination bringing into local law enforcement and the sheriff's office, the tampa police department, but what is also instructive is help with intelligence out of the muslim community to identify the potential perpetrator, and to stop him before he did the act. and i think it's another to example how all of the different stovepipes that worked interacting before are beginning to. so i congratulate you. ..
12:00 am
senator rubio. >> thank you. it's kind of a general question. it has to do with terror and, the western hemisphere. check unexpected it is the fact that iran is willing to sponsor terrorism as a tool of foreign policy around the world. and so it is what i feel having been on this committee on the year that i do resent trip to latin america the four nation
12:01 am
trips pocklington mashhad to latin america and part of it probably is an effort i anything to show that he's not isolated this country sublimates and talk and some of these leaders, particularly one in venezuela have solutions that there is some local figure and he is actually a resident individual. but beyond that is something else that may be concerned about. maybe open sourcing about what else is behind that. a couple things as the venezuelan banking system for billions of dollars were through there. could it not be used as a place to evade sanctions. they open up and go to not sonatas at the international development. the largest thing coulter is obtained by the name of iraq if i'm not mistaken, which should
12:02 am
be used as the final funds to hezbollah and other groups like that. obviously the resources coming uranium mining, et cetera is an issue in any other kind of face magical capability is established in the region. kind of looking at that, how serious a threat is dead. have focused ariane. obviously relatively speaking it is not what we can find in the middle east, but what is the state because there's not a lot of conversation about iran's intentions in this hemisphere. >> we do follow it and i think you're quite right. i appreciate your highlighting it, senator rubio because this day and age iranians like anywhere from a friendly hand. the trip was not all that successful. obviously very concerned about connection with venezuela. of course the most obvious manifestation comment is out of reach if you call it is of
12:03 am
course the plot uncovered to assassinate the saudi ambassador to washington which is uncovered in mexico with cooperation by the way of the mexican authorities. so there is more to unfold here. i think they are consistent with their outreach elsewhere. they are trying as well to create and engage in this hemisphere. i would like to research a little bit these financial banking -- potential banking connections. i am not current on that pacific league. i think the scariest that is indicative of their attempts to evade sanctions, which they have worked very assiduously as in the past. >> just as a follow-up and i appreciate it. obviously we are limited of what we can talk about in this
12:04 am
setting. i would just encourage whether privately or otherwise for the administration and the security community to think about -- i hate to use the word headline, but certainly things they are not going to tolerate in the region because i think there's potential for risk that something were so distracted that are certain things they may feel to get away with in terms of capability building that we are not going to respond to. i certainly think they're a things that we should not allow and we should consider as a matter of policy expressing that privately or publicly. my last question is about mexico. is there any assessment we have with regards to drug violence in that country posing a threat to governance in an important year with key elections going on in that country. >> director petraeus just returned from a successful trip
12:05 am
to mexico, so i would ask him to address that. >> well, thanks. i did indeed just as if they are. question about the magnitude of the challenges they are to the rule of law in certain areas. it does not exist, but there's also no question about the determination of the government of mexico and eat the progress they have made in a variety of different ways both in terms of results in taking key leaders of the criminal gang sent illegal narcotics games out of action. very substantial results and not in the last two or three years in particular. but also in their organizing for this effort and the building of institutions, the legacy of the price and it will be institutions he is still during
12:06 am
his time in terms of the national police in coming to grips with some of the judicial challenges that are sent to a 10 for example more than five additional institutes and the comprehensive approach they are taking to this after and surely a civil military law enforced in its approach because that is obviously what it takes to retrieve certain areas that i've got away from the grip of the government and the rest of law if you will. that is the impression that i took away from this. and clearly the fact that this is going to be a very tough fight, but my sense the government knows what needs to be done has been building again critical and to teach and that are necessary to carry out this
12:07 am
comprehensive campaign that they've recognized as necessary. needless to say all the different elements that the u.s. government are partnering with respect to alamance the mexican structures, the integration of intelligence that we have tried to achieve here in the united states is something they are also trying to achieve in mexico and something with which we are involved in trying to support. >> thank you very much, senator rubio. senator wyden has one last question. >> madam chair, thank you for your courtesy. director, it was unconstitutional for federal agents to attach a gps tracking device to an individual's current monetary movements 24/7 without a warrant. because the church has been gracious. i want to do this briefly. can you tell me as of now what you believe it means for the intelligence community number
12:08 am
one. and two, which should be lined to commit this morning it's giving me and nonclassified response victories that to what you believe the law authorizes? this goes to the point you and i have talked about. i see now, i strongly feel that lies in their interpretations of the public and of course the important work all of you are doing it very often have to keep that classified in order to protect secrets of the well-being of your capable staff. just two parts. one which is the law means knowingly commit to giving an unclassified answer on the point of what you believe the law actually authorizes. >> sayer, the judgment rendered was as you state it was in a law enforcement contacts. we are now examining and the warriors are what are the potential implications for
12:09 am
intelligence, foreign or domestic. so that reading is of great interest to us and i'm sure we can share with you. one more point i need to make though in all of this, we have and will continue to abide by the fourth demand. >> thank you command and shared. >> i say to ms by thanking all of you. i think it has been a positive year as much as one can say. anything a positive here in this area. i was just thinking that the list of the 20 plots have been prevented if this year. it's really consequential the work that's been done to protect the homeland as well as the work done abroad. so i think we really have a theory important intelligence team together and i think it's really progress being and i know on behalf of the vice chairman
12:10 am
of myself that we are very grateful to you and i know that includes the whole committee as well. thank you very much for your dedication, for your talents and for your extraordinary service. this hearing will be adjourned. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
12:11 am
[inaudible conversations] >> i have an alarming thought about all this, which is in semi-is the discussion about sites are near subeight the discussion we sat about terrorism back in the 80s and 90s. there is a great deal of difficulty coming to a national consensus about what to do about it. and so we had 9/11 which then crystallized everything and we
12:12 am
knew what to do as the nation move forward. we hadn't had that kind of sentence ever. we imagine it, talk about it. the attack on stratford were a lost my credit card, the only good team that comes out of those there's a few more of those and i'll be going public awareness. this is a serious vulnerability that will then overcome some of the private sector reservations about working with the government on this. >> united nations estimates over 5000 people have died as area as a result of the government cracked down on those who oppose syrian president bishara aside your today's u.n. security council meeting on area is next on c-span 2.
12:13 am
>> and may not prove the blueprint for an economy that's built to last, that has a firm foundation, where we are making stuff and selling stuff and it around in ups drivers are dropping things off everywhere. [cheers and applause] that is the economy lot. >> if i am president i will start the above air regulations and make sure any of this until jobs we eliminate to get america back to work again.
12:14 am
>> i think you see the economy recover election night. for many people realize obama is gone -- [cheers and applause] that shows how the change will be. >> thank you. good to see you. use our website to view recent video from the campaign trail and read the latest postings from the candidate political reporters and other viewers and social media site is the and 2012. >> at the united nations earlier head of the arab league urges the u.n. security council to take action to reduce the s. leading violent area. the resolution calls for a serious president, bishara aside that down. but here from the searing ambassador to the u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton.
12:15 am
[inaudible conversations] >> called to order. the situation in the middle east. the agenda is it that did. i invite the representative in this hearing arab republic to participate in this meeting. on behalf of the council, the prime minister and minister of foreign affairs of the state of qatar, and the counsel table.
12:16 am
and rule 39 of the council representatives of his teacher and fight this excellent tea, secretary general to participate in this meeting. i wish you luck on the president meeting of the distinguished minister of the distinguished secretary general. the importance of the subject manner to be addressed. it will now begin the agenda. i wish you try the attention of council member 201271 from the general to the president. i now give the floor to the
12:17 am
prime minister for the affairs of the state of qatar is the arab league. you have the floor, sir. >> thank you, mr. president. i was speaking. they. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: mr. president, allow me to congratulate your excellent the unassuming the presidency of the security council. i would like to express to you into the members members of the council our gratitude for convening this new thing to allow it to carry out the mission to which we are interested. mr. president, the council of ministers, the league of arab states adopted its resolution and anything held on the 22nd
12:18 am
of january requested i say that i in my capacity as chairman committed unseriousness excellency the secretary general of the of arab states released the security council of the planet offered under that resolution and to request the security council to endorse as the top by the league of arab states count low. mr. president, at the outset of the plate to stress that our first demo that goal is to serve the interest is the area, which requires the protection of serious sovereignty, political independent and military victory in ensuring the stability. likewise, we stress the importance of ensuring holiday or he and unity of the people in harmony and protection of all its ethnic, religious and social groups with it to make social intellectual and civil authentic
12:19 am
geek a mysterious visitor to the hearts of all arabs and i'm addressing you today to inferring that the resolution taken by the organization of all arabs. we meet today under watchful eyes of the orphans commit cds , displaced children, young people and women who continue to hope that they can support at the security council said they would live a decent free life that would be based not rights, justice and good governance. realizing the hopes of the syrian people is in your hand, it is part of your responsibility under the chart. in fact, we are entrusted with such irresponsibility by our humanitarian responsibility. i believe arab states have worked diligently and responsibly to find solution that would help us arrive at a settlement to the searing
12:20 am
crisis. on 27 august 2011, the leak affair of state adopted an initiative aiming at ending violence in an inclusive national dialogue, with the opposition to prevent this recent situation in introducing reforms in a secular and controlled environment. the privations that the initiative and its mechanisms are very and their object gave was the only way to achieve a peaceful circumvents of the crisis to set up check this. on october 26, 2011, the league of arab states reiterated in its extraordinary secondhand in cairo, the air positions in the resolution called for an immediate and comprehensive and to ask them that killing the elimination of arms allen and come the rejection of security
12:21 am
based solution and to avoid further casualties and activation of the conflict among the various components of this year and people and to preserve the national peace and protection of civilians as well as unity and fabric of the syrian people. the resolution called on the click of their states to establish during the session and her arab ministerial committee's mandate would stop all the violence. an included sudan and egypt to get in contact with this theory and parties to put an end to all of the presidents and start a dialogue with the syrian people and opposition to implement political reform that respond to aspirations of the serious people. the resolution calls also for necessary contacts for the searing government and the opposition to start convening an
12:22 am
inclusive national dialogue at the states under auspices to realize the league last duration. on a server 26, 2011, the ministerial committee on discussions in domestic with president bishara al-assad. in delhi on 30 october 2011, the committee agreed on a plan of action that was welcomed in the extraordinary zine comedian at the league of their states handed at the ministerial level at the headquarters and nine to november 2011, this agreement was welcomed an alias to the resolution. the plan confirmed officials approve of the following. one, two and i'll ask the violence committed by all sources to protect the lives of serious citizens.
12:23 am
to free detainees how does a results of the current event. to withdraw all military elements from cities and residential neighborhoods. fourth, provide the cabrera state agencies and arab and international media free acts as throughout syria in order to report on developments there and monitor the situation. the plan called on the ministerial committee to conduct an concrete progress made by the searing government in meeting its commitment to necessary contacts and consultations with the government in various parties of the syrian opposition to convene a national conference within two weeks of the date of the resolution. unfortunately this searing government did not fully and immediately meet its commitments to the leak of varied states
12:24 am
adopted on the second of november. the ministerial council on 12 november at most, including economic and political sanctions on the syrian government and calling all of the opposition sanctions to meet in cairo in the league. on the upcoming staging. in that meeting and after the idea of dispatching, not to give any site to gain time, but only to put an end to the cloud lightning into the violence the leak affair it dates except that on the legal status of the mission, which was entrusted with investigating the implementation of the arab plan to resolve the crisis and to provide protection to civilians
12:25 am
by the government, by the syrian government to sign a protocol or any violation of the provisions including pending next of island and really for the detainees, and economic and social council of the leak occurred states would then be looking into imposing economic sanctions. this resolution is committed today to the secretary-general of the leak affair it and requested to take necessary action in accordance of the charter in support of the leak occurred states that first appeared on 27 november 2011, the leak of varied states ministerial council adopted a package of sanctions including syria and a way that would not adversely affect the syrian people, agreed in its meeting in doha on december the third, 2011 on the details of the sanctions and relevant action.
12:26 am
it is worth mentioning here that the arab ministerial committee continued its meaning and the following development to the syrian situation that met until haas said timber and in cairo on january 2012. despite all of these efforts including contacts with the searing government, resorts to introducing to the protocol and asking the kinds of questions to which the leak of varied states to provide answers and clarifications that lasted for over a month. it is clear this searing object did was stalling a pre-verification in order to take responsibilities and implementing commitments, which lacked political will by this searing government to sign a protocol and provisions of the area plan. once the barrier came down and the people started defending
12:27 am
them with military and security oppression come to searing government signed the protocol in 19 december 2011. immediately thereafter the area mission, the first experience of its kind in the history of our state was dispatched. it's not to be excluded that the purpose of this searing government from signing the protocol is to enforce military solution under the cover of commitment to the protocol. the fact that the matter is the searing government commits major provisions of the protocol, not of those to the implementation of the. cleanup action. i want it to present this about the arab affairs. by following a u.s. pilot development of this searing crisis so that the council would understand the reason that
12:28 am
prompted the arab states to adopt the decisions to which we go to, we vote your attention. in a recent meeting by the ministerial committee on the 22nd of january, a comprehensive review was conducted and accomplished by the observer mission based on its findings. that is unanimously concluded any initiative based on a plan for a settlement at this searing crisis. a plan that could be except today and implemented by all parties in good faith and without stalling. the said resolution has been circulated to all members of the count circulated to all members of the count such a plan that is consistent to the charter such a plan that is consistent to the charter of the united nations to find the political and democratic solution to the crisis aimed at a decent
12:29 am
transition and turnover of power. it provides for the formation of the government within two weeks shared by a mutually agreed figure that includes the opposition, one of the facts that prepare for a free real estate parliament and presidential elections under that they stipulate elections under international supervision. the resolution extended the observer mean they pay one month by the fact that the sco arab states announced on 28 january the extension of the servers that the mission and review of the matter by those deterioration of the security situation at the expiration of the security-based option. mr. president, the leak of varied states began discussing the crisis six months after it started. we can't see you here having tried for five additional months to hope that -- to push this
12:30 am
searing government find a solution with its own people based on the league of arab states resolution. nrf areas we've been preserving the unit and stability of syria as an important member of the european money. our efforts and initiatives have been useless, sail to make sincere efforts to cooperate with us and unfortunately two counts on people. the matter is that much is continued in the killing machine is still work. violence spreads. this approach has been clear by the press conference the 21st of january. after ridiculing the arab states plan qualified this as an invitation to nationalization,
12:31 am
he concerned to searing government's rejection of the era plan and declared the security-based solution was a necessity imposed by the situation on the ground. the important question to be asked at this stage is that it would be solution for being flattered, the violence committed by groups. period could emulator should continue to go against its own people for reform? who must not forget the price is started in absolute peaceful demonstrations by an armed citizen calling for rights, guaranteed by international providence. the european free supply of, heavy machine and fragrant violations of human rights?
12:32 am
it is promoting the idea of a hidden agenda that portrays the international community regarding events and results of government policy. thousands of people have died. the government killing machine continues unabated. the funeral procession sadly become massacred. children's schools have been transformed into military headquarters in another worship has not been fared. such oppression has reached unimaginable proportions and voice boxes of chancellors have been pulled out. dataset the killers did your freedoms of cartoonists have been broken in the face in
12:33 am
damascus is the case in point. you may already know the human rights constants adopted three resolutions and a 16th, 17th and 18th sessions that condemn syria because of that dramatic violations committed by syrian forces that may arise and become against humanity in its resolution, 66/176 of the night team december the general assembly condemned with the vast majority the continuation-based searing authorities of the violations of human rights. the secretary of the united nations calls on the security council to assume its responsibilities in the.unified position vis-à-vis the crisis. the killing as here we show that which the united nations declared it was not able to counter the guns that have fallen. the members of whom had reached us to. a few days ago unicef can there
12:34 am
that put the death toll among children in syria exceeded 384. i do not believe that anyone would accept such a number, even if that was because collateral damage. the council may well know that human rights as amnesty international is human rights watch have condemned acts of oppression by this searing machine against civilians. they have the international orders to investigate the crimes. the international commission of inquiry with the issues in geneva on 28 of them are that the syrian forces have committed crimes against humanity.
12:35 am
they reported extra killings and arbitrary detentions forced disappearances and torture, some of which occurred in conjunction with violence. the security council took linder position in supporting the national level and exemplifying solutions to the problems and therefore, less than or the conflict in djibouti or the league of arab states, certainly lebanon and the world and asset. we look forward to your concept to a.a position may support in the arab initiative on this searing crisis. let me recall here that in the past taking tea with you with a solution that did justice to the lebanese. we embarked on japanese reconciliation process.
12:36 am
today we come to your country to address the humanitarian tragedy unfolded is hereby adopted a resolution supporting the leak arab initiative adopted a resolution in the league of arab states and councils. entire on the 22nd of january 2012 to which i earlier said we also call in the council to take all measures based on the resolution of the league of arab states, specifically economic resolutions travel back to syria. we're not calling calling for military intervention. we are educating the adoption of economic pressure to bring the racing this is a matter we believe this searing people should decide. the continuation of the current
12:37 am
situation is a threat to the entire region and that my lead to serious repercussions unless humanity and a serious and effective manner. with the lake of fire streets have sincere efforts to realize since the syrian regime has continued the crisis contained in the plan was presented to your counsel. we hope you making your support. this is why we hope to do justice to the syrian people. their aspiration defeat them in establishing governance. it is sponsored by sending this
12:38 am
searing regime that courage is set to continue oppressing its people, which might have serious consequences for peace and security in syria and the whole region. thank you. >> a thank you. i'll give you the fuller -- before. [inaudible] >> thank you, mr. president. allow me, sir to thank you and the members of the security council for your invitation for me to participate in this important meeting. mr. president, security council convenes today at a time when of them they be concerted with arab
12:39 am
affairs for a rat date and decisive action. first to ensure immediate decision of violent and protection of the syrian people and secondly to begin as soon as possible the implementation of the roadmap but at least for a political solution and it's craning crisis and realize his aspirations of the syrian people for the reform, a move to it peaceful democratic wave, where are syrian people and i was figments enjoyed dignity by every arab country. the situation is ever more crazed than urgent and night of
12:40 am
the security escalation this serious hazard in the past few days, continuing that the violence and the shelling, irene and counter fire has exposed many innocent civilians with the syrian governments results to an escalation of the security option in full contradiction with the commitments that they took upon in the area plan as well as the signs by this searing arab republic and the league of arab states on the mandate of the observer mission at the leak. we believe that the first for the security council to adopt a resolution immediately ceasefire and supposed to europe plan stories the settlement of the
12:41 am
crisis. today's meeting has been convened and implementation of article lii of the charter of the united nations and a coach in english, encourage the development through such arrangements either on the initiative concerns. >> translator: it is in this very context that the leak about dates has come to the security council. i should like to thank you are having so quickly responded to the request that kind of legal united states to inform your counsel on the outlines of the arab demarche. the issue has been put forward a detailed by his ex salé, prime
12:42 am
minister of qatar and i shall attempt to be brief. the latest decision taken by the leak was on january 22nd under roadmap for settlement at this searing crisis. i should like you for taking details of our initiative to stress some of the fundamental fundamentals. the fundamental object of our initiative is an immediate cessation of all acts of violence and killing against searing civilians as well as the realization of the aspirations and demanded the syrian people. demand for economic social and political change, a move towards demand for economic social and political change, a move towards demand for economic social and political change, a move towards peaceful demand for economic social and political change, a move towards peaceful organization of power. second, arab states and that taking this searing crisis in an arab conflict.
12:43 am
we are attempting to avoid any foreign intervention, particularly military intervention. three, the error didn't ever precede from the need for peaceful, political settlements as i stated a rejection of any military or foreign intervention. the resolutions of the league of arab states for the league's resolution have always stressed the fall race back at the security sovereignty, and the unity of the syrian people. we therefore have the object to for the security not to take his faith, for a peaceful settlement of the searing crisis with international support from the
12:44 am
security council. mr. president. in its approach to make a, we have taken up two pillars. needed action for an immediate cessation of acts of violence in killing against the syrian people at the same time he chaining the right of this searing people. a road map leading to a peaceful settlement of the crisis or a national dialogue coming clues all parties and all segments of searing society in order to achieve in really fast rations of searing peep of true
12:45 am
democracy. and for feeling that endeavoö democracy. and for feeling that endeavor since july 2011 it took several minutes and put forward a number of initiatives to the syrian leadership, most important on the 27th of august of last year communicated by the council of the leak high-handed that proposal to the theory leadership on september of last year. based on that initiative in this context. the plan to shape the searing governments to implement it too is very adopted by the council of billy on november 2nd of last year. the plan includes and i quote, first of searing government is to put an end to all acts of
12:46 am
violence from another source to protect this searing citizen to detainees that was chopped off all the elements on all cities and urban centers for a mandatory to all institutions that the leak as well as the earth international media to move very and monitor such events. second, with country progress it would undertake contacts unnecessary consultations with governments and authorities of the opposition in order to hold the national dialogue conference following that date. in order to according to the
12:47 am
political context for the observers were dispatched from all. states and institutions, it began to deploy in syria, dropping on december 4th of last year it deployed to all areas were demonstrations took place in syria. the head of the nation presented his first technical field report covering the theory from 24 december, the date that the team reach damascus to 18 january of this year. this was the report that was conveyed to the secretary-general of the united nations on the 22nd of this month in order to inform him of the situation on the ground on
12:48 am
cooperation. the council of the league decided in light of the conclusions of the report that partial progress had been made in implementing some implementations taken on by the government. progress is incomplete and therefore insufficient. word. the protocol itself the violence there in these with a rickshaw of all elements of opening the doors to arab international media. i should like to take the fundamental points in the report in order to put it in its political context. in order to sacrifice the
12:49 am
mission would be terrified since it did not fully implemented commitment to the task of the team on the crown had to change, that team sorts to demand for immediate implementation to this searing government to confront two humanitarians, painful situations. even that they fell outside the team's mandate. they breakthrough to send areas. they recorded testimony of some citizens on violations of human rights committed against them in
12:50 am
the exchange of ideas of the fallen. two, the report covered a limited short period of time. the report did not take the previous nine months before the rifle or indeed the event but it didn't taken place ever since march 5th team of flashier until the 24 december last year when they arrived during that period. many events to place. many violations took place. the team could not take a. that was outside the mandate. this is not required premonition. this must always be taken when evaluating the performance of the team. it was very specific and
12:51 am
complicated. never in the past was a team of civilian observers dispatched to assist escalating civilian demonstrations calling for the change of the regime. they were dispatched to aspartame the government of that street was implementing a commit to deceased violence and killing it was drawn on elements from cities and urban at the same time. msb stated that the message was to ascertain and not, i repeat, not reach a disengagement or you choose between going parties,
12:52 am
which is to show the case when monetary is their missions are dispatched nations to any conflict area in the world. the most important item in the mission's report is an excessive use of force by the security forces of syria since last march, which led to reaction by demonstrating citizen for opposition elements paragraph 71 and 74 from the report stated that there is a situation that it is some attention, oppression and injustice meted to searing citizen. the opposition that resorted to bearing arms because of the excessive use of force that the government forces since last march. this is a direct quote from the report. despite the presence on the ground, this did not lead to an
12:53 am
immediate and full of respect by syrian forces of their promises despite some positive elements. the searing peep hole were allowed further freedom and expressing its demands. this was cleared following the missions the rifle. many members of the sound of your mechanisms to express their own experience in positions to the mission through to the testimony in the mission was able to record much about human rights situation in syria. the mission was also able to tame nature with those detainees and missing persons through many contacts between the people in the mission and direct contacts or through the website that it by this purpose. in light of the conclusions of the missions are ordered and
12:54 am
instead and the developments on the ground since the leak began to do with the crisis and in complementing the ushers and endeavors to reach a settlement to the searing crisis that the foreign intervention, without falling into civil war, waters acting that independent sovereignty and territory at very a, the resolution of the ministerial council was set up date on the 22nd of this month and strike the following. i need for full cessation of time and killing from whatever sort of murder to protect the defendant calling on the searing government to release detainees to draw all armed elements from cities and centers opening the way to the international media. the withdraw of the searing army
12:55 am
and any other armed forces have whatever formation, ensuring the right to do so demonstration and not confronting demonstrated and allowing the missions task and particularly communication equipment. all parties in the opposition would begin a serious political dialogue under the leak of various states no later than two weeks from now, in order to achieve the following peer one, the establishment of a national unity government and spray the authority and the opposition in the leadership of the great person would take up the items of the leak, the parliamentary elections as well as
12:56 am
presidential multi-policy free elections and according to a law governing its procedures. i should like it is stretch the roadmap on the 22nd of this month came in no way he interpreted as calling on this searing president to renounce power. there is a precedent when i visited damascus on the 16th of july of last year and in a conversation with the president of the republic on the need for a true political dialogue, the president said i will go and trust him with a fundamental reforms that are nasa's very. he will supervise these political reforms. this is very similar to the core of the league of arab states as of right now. upon its formation, the national
12:57 am
government would declare that this objective is to set up poe national government would declare that this objective is to set up political democratic, multilateral, multiparty system and ensuring a quality among noncitizens regardless of that curve of faith in assuring the power and the national government with reestablish security and stability in the country and would reform the resources to take take activity and duties with financing from arab states that are committed to coordinate with the league of arab states, setting up a body to investigate and the violation needed to citizens. the national unity government would organize a constituent assembly to be transparent, fair
12:58 am
and the national oversight through three months from the creation of the national government. >> mr. president. in informing security council about these developments, i should like to inform you that immediately before coming to new york i was compelled to take an urgent measure in suspending the work of the arab observers in the area because of the great deterioration of the situation in the country legally after the syrian government openly declared that it is taking the security option. this led to the withdraw of some of the observers until i take the matter to the council in a few days. icc from the brief report on the air of crisis, the league has always endeavored to find a peaceful political settlement to
12:59 am
the crisis that spares the life of this syrian people and realize its demands and aspirations. furthermore, the leak fully realizes support of the international community as being the only mechanism to resolve to searing crisis in a fundamental aspect for six as and for achieving these subject case. therefore, mr. president, allow me to the teeth at the league of arab states looks forward to a supporting resolution in your security council, one that calls on all parties to immediately cease all violent against the syrian people, one that calls on all parties to a series national dialogue under the league of arab states and that takes a the arab endeavor is the basis for resolving the crisis and what
1:00 am
support the mission of the league when it resumes. it is also my duty as secretary-general of the league to stress the importance of speedy corporation between the united nation and the national institutions that the leak in order to alleviate the humanitarian conditions of this year in people. ..
1:01 am
>> we need a clear resolution supporting the arab league's endeavor, and i would seek your support of the draft resolution's table. thank you, sir. >> i now give the floor to the arab republic. you have the floor, sir. >> translator: thank you, mr. president. mr. president, i, too, will speak in arabic, and it is my honor to do so. mr. president, i said i always imagined he predicted an arab poet known to all ashes and read
1:02 am
by all arabs. he imagined the scenario and the session years before his death in a very famous poem that starts as follows -- damascus, the treasure of my dreams. shall i bemoan to you arabism or bemoan by fellow arabs to you? mr. president, my generation and myself remember very well in the 1950s and early 1960s that we used to be in grade schools at the time in syrian schools, and we used to sing to the anthem of
1:03 am
the revolution rather than singing the syrian national anthem. we also used to give our few pennys, pocket money, that has a word we use in syrian dialect that we used to donate this pocket money to arab liberation movements in the gulf that used to be struggling to be liberated from british colonialism. we, the children, used to happily donate our pocket money, little as it were, to assist our brothers in the gulf so that they would be liberated from the grip of colonialism. this was way before the oil
1:04 am
boom. at the time, arabism was different from the way to which some view arabism today. mr. president, allow me to begin by expressing our appreciation to south africa and to you personally for wisely presiding over the work of the security counsel for the month. we would like to use this opportunity to stress once again the pride we feel for the victory of your people and the peoples of africa over the policies of discrimination and appetite and to question the positions of some states that they lip service to the democracy and human rights, we
1:05 am
ask them with whom did they stand during your struggle that was crowned with success and victory? mr. president, syria is going through decisive challenges in its history. we want this stage to be through the will of our people, not through the will of anybody else to be that point of determination, to respond to the legitimate aspirations of the syrian people and while these events have broken the heart of every syrian, it imposes on syrians of different stripes and associations to choose the road of wisdom and to be guided by their conscious, patriotic feelings so that the homeland, all of the homeland and not part
1:06 am
thereof, for that to be victorious. the syrian people who presented the word with the first alphabet knows the sent of damascus rather than the sent of -- scent of the blood. the syrian people were always capable of solving its crisis and certainly problems alone. it's never accepted any form of foreign intervention in its internal affairs and affairs of its homeland, syrian. it stood proud refusing underminding its culture and national assets. the syrian people will do that once again by the participation of all syrians to lead them away from the crisis and to
1:07 am
contribute to the construction putting as the primary objection the interest of the homeland and nothing else and atmosphere of reconciliation for all. the homeland is the property of all, and in syria, we don't have a majority and minority. there's syrians only in syria. i say the homeland is owned by all, and it is the property of all, and it is a trust, a trust even if some were misled and even if some defied what is right. syrian patriotism rejects external intervention and stresses that syria's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity is a red line. syrian patriotism stresses that
1:08 am
sereons will stand -- syrians will stand one rank against dissent rejecting violence, rejecting resorting to arms while calling for reform. we have to take a sincere national dialogue and expedite the pace of reform to establish a genuine national partnership to reserve the security of the homeland and that of the citizen as the only way out of the crisis, one that responds to the yes -- legitimate aspirations of the syrian people without underminding the homeland. they hold everyone who lost this point accountable. mr. president, the arab people would have very much hoped that
1:09 am
the presence of the secretary general, the league of the arab states, and the current chairman of the minister of counsels in the security counsel, we would have hope the presence would have been for requesting the responsibilities and ending israeli occupation of allied arab territories putting an end the israeli settler activities and killings. how strange it is for us to see some members of the league of the arab states having decided to resort to the security counsel seeking support against syria. syria's never thought twice in providing the ultimate sacrifice in defense of arab causes. those who believe that the states that i am referring to and who have always stood in the
1:10 am
face of arab in the counsel and outside, those who look like being enthusiastic for the arab league out of respect for the decisions of those who believe these states are with us are really falling into illusions. the fact is that the enthusiasm comes exactly in the same context that is contrary to the interests of arab causes. what is new today, though, is that the arab league decided to take its decisions to the security counsel that took hundreds of vetoes against arab causes. the new, i would say, that the arab league transferred the decisions, the unjust decisions it took against syria, transferred these to syria in syria's absence and without consults without leadership in a
1:11 am
way that transcounterred the charter of the league of arab states and paveed the way for a continued se scenario of interfering aggressively into the internal affairs of syria. these plans have crossed other plans and interests of non-arab states aiming at destroying syria and destabilizing it. this has happened for no other reason other than the fact that syria doesn't want to depend on anyone, nor would syria accept that its sovereignty would be compromised and because it insists on the independence of its decision and on the preservation of its sovereignty and the interests and securities of its people. mr. president, after power circumstances imposed on the organization, a policy of double standards and made this work even if it were undeclared or unwritten, we are here -- we are
1:12 am
witness to another stage that is based on creating illusions in terms of reference based on the policy of the imposeing full facts. some try to convince the public opinion that those who try to defend the independents of their countries following on the road of gandhi, mandela, and george washington, and amir, and sultan , and others, those, i say are classified as terrorists and pryers working outside national legitimacy. those trying to preserve their
1:13 am
countries saved from creative chaos and terror have become violaters of human rights and killers of their own people. those who win the support of the majority of their people have lost legitimacy and have to step down. it's really strange these days, mr. president, that some al gashing ky -- alogarchy states draft resolutions alternating power, the promotion of democracy and promotion of human rights and that those very states who don't even have a constitution let alone a genuine electoral system and only exercise democracy through satellite stations and fancy halls, those same
1:14 am
countries, i say, unfortunately, resolve to the security counsel for reform and for democracy. mr. president, a parliament in 1919, by that time in one year after the fall of the empire while lawrence of arabia was reeking havoc with the destinies and resources of these states and was trying to turn the clock back to obscuretism. mr. president, the protocol of arab observers because we were keen on keeping this issue under the arab roof. syria proved its full and accurate commitment to the arab plan and the protocol between syria and the secretary of the league of arab states. the report of the observer
1:15 am
mission already confirmed this in paragraph 37, 38, 39, 43 and 73 of the report confirming clearly what we said in the past. it confirmedded there is a media -- confirmed there is a media, political misleading of the campaign to distort and fab -- fabricate facts, and it spoke about the presence of the terrorist groups that used the legitimate demands by the syrian people for reform -- to destabilize syria and undermind its security and to undertake terrorist attacks against the institutions of the state and against civilians and military personnel alike. paragraph 26, 27, 71, and 75 furthermore, paragraph 44 of the report clearly indicates that
1:16 am
the journalist was killed as a result of mortar attacks fired by the opposition. syria finds this strange that the tragic event did not move the french diplomacy to indignation, particularly syria established a committee of inquiry to investigate the details of this event, chaired by a judge and through the participation of a representation of the french panel in which the journalists used to work. the secretary general of arab states read some paragraphs in his statement, and i regret that he selected items from the report and left others. i would only like to read
1:17 am
paragraph 26, paragraph 26 says in certain instances, government forces force as a reaction to have attacks against personnel. the observes notice that there are armed groups using antiarmor s. end of quotation. secretary general, leader of the arab states, was a dear colleague. objected requests by members of this counsel to invite general to participate in today's
1:18 am
meeting. the report of arab observers was not sent to you. as part of the documents that were dispatched from the headquarters of the league of arab states. mr. president, the decision by the league of arab states to go to the counsel is only an attempt to by pass the success of the arab observers, and an attempt to ignore the report. the report, unfortunately, came against the plans of some arab and non-arab parties who forcefully claim attachment to the arab role in settling the syrian crisis at a time when they worked by different means to abort the admission of the observers and waged a political and media war against it. some arab officials and some
1:19 am
europeans have doubted the meaning of the -- the meaningfulness of the mission including the prime minister of qatar who visited washington and other capitols only two weeks after the beginning of the work of the mission making statements that the continuation of the mission of observers is useless and asked that the syrian issue be transferred to the security counsel. this happened when syria was fully committed to the provisions of the protocol despite the two-fold increase in the number of those killed among forces of the government, and in spite of acts of aggression on public and private property, that is all due to instructions to armed groups from the outside to use the presence of the
1:20 am
mission as a time for escalation. syria rejects any decision outside the arab plan that it agreed to and protocol it signedded with the league of arab states considering the resolution adopted by the meeting of the arab states, a flagrant interference it internal affairs and ablatant violation of the purposes by which the league of arab states was established issue and it was also a violation of article 8 of the charter of the league of arab states. strangely enough, mr. president, and ladies and gentlemen, the league of arab states requested the syrian government to extend the mandate -- to extend the mission of the observers for one month. damascus agreed; however, the league of arab states soon contradicted itself ignoring the results of the report of the mission and trying to transfer a crisis of an arab country to the
1:21 am
arab com and halted the work of the mission of the observers later on. mr. president, this unbridled tendency by some foreign states to interfere in our internal and external affairs through various means is neither sovereign nor novel and systematically occurred from the accords of 1916 and the deck collar ration of -- declaration of 1917 let alone reports from israel of the policies and occupation of arab lands. mr. president, we all know that the international legal frame work in whose parameters state's work is based on sovereignty and
1:22 am
un-interference in internal affair, these two principles were concentrated in the charter to, and also in article 8 of the charter of the league of arab states in this context, we stress exclusive responsibility of the syrian government in the preservation of civic peace and security in protecting its citizens from acts of destruction and sabotage undertaken by armed forces, armed -- by armed elements, sorry, and not peaceful demonstrators. in accordance with syrian law as well as international agreements to which syria is a party including the international covenant and civil and political rights regrettably and instead of respecting counted principles of international law and with feverish attempts to interfere
1:23 am
in the internal affairs and the french resolution against syria, some officials who have fallen in love with the syrian people after an emotional hibernation towards our people for centuries, those, i say foolishly dream of the return of colonialism through these resolutions and through concocting new terms to justify the interference in syrian internal affairs through misleading the public opinion exactly -- mimicking exactly what they did what they misled the public opinion when 130,000 libyan civilians were killed and million iraqis were killed using the pretext of looking for weapons of armed destruction and under the pretext of promoting democracy searching for weapons of mass destruction which were
1:24 am
not there to begin with, the destruction of afghanistan under the pretext of fighting terrorism, and establishing prisons and detention centers in guantanamo and under the pretext of promoting freedom. we stress that syria drove strength from the strength of its people, and that it stands firm in confronting its enemies. we call all those who are fermenting the crisis and bent on exacerbating it to reconsider these policies and to end massacring the syrian people. one cannot be an arsonist and a firefighter at the same time. we call on them to support national dialogue and the syrian political reform process, and implemented by the syrian leadership in response to the legitimate demands by the people, by way of example, i say that in february, we will hold a
1:25 am
referendum on a new constitution for the country that guarantees party and political pluralism as well as power and parliamentary elections held in the first half of the year leaving the final say to the ballot box. in conclusion, we expect the security counsel to be a platform encouraging dialogue as a way to settle crisis. we don't expect it to provoke or ag agree vat crisis. we believe that an exacerbation of the crisis leads to underminding international peace and security rather than prereceiverring them. we welcome -- preserving them. we welcome in this regard the recent initiative of the russian federation to sponsor and all syrian dialogue in moscow to
1:26 am
find a solution to this crisis. thank you, mr. president. >> i thank you for your statement. i give the floor to members of f the counsel, sec -- secretary of state of the united states of america. >> thank you very much. thank you, prime minister and secretary general for the thorough briefing of the the arab league has demonstrated important leadership in this crisis, and for many months, the people of the region and the world watched in horror as the assad regime executed its own citizens, civilians gunned down in the streets, women and children tortured and killed, and no one is safe, not even officials of the syrian-arab red
1:27 am
crescent. according to u.n. estimates, more than 5,400 -- [no audio] resist the regimes brutality, violence is increasingly likely to spiral out of control.
1:28 am
already, the challenges ahead for the serian people are -- syrian people are daunting. a crumbling economy, rising sectarian tensions, a caldron of instability in the heart of the middle east. now fears about what follows assad are understandable. it appears as though assad and his cronies are working hard to pit syria's ethnic and religious groups against each other, risking greater sectarian violence and even dissent into civil war. in response to this violence crack down on peaceful di sent and protest, the arab league launchedded an unprecedented diplomatic intervention sending monitors into syria's
1:29 am
beleaguered cities and towns and offering president assad many chances to change course. these observers were greeted by thousands of protesters eager to share their aspirations for their universal rights and also the stories of what had befallen them and their families, but as the arab league report makes clear if you read the entire report, the regime did not respect the pledges for the mop tores and responded with violence. now, in the past few days, the regime's security forces have intensified their assaults. shelling civilian areas and homes and other cities. this weekend, the arab league suspended its monitoring mission
1:30 am
coining to the regimes and the mounting civilian casualties. why is the arab league here before this security counsel? because they are seeking the support of the international community for a negotiated peaceful political solution to this crisis. ..
1:31 am
and concerned that syria must be old. conducted in an environment are you from violence, fear, intimidation and extremism. now i know that some members here may be concerned that the security council could be headed towards another that be a period that is a false analogy.
1:32 am
syria is a unique situation that requires its own approach, tailored to the specific circumstances occurring there and that is exactly what the arab league has proposed. a path for a political transition that would preserve serious unity and dictation. now this may not be back with a plan that any of us ourselves would have designed. i know many nations feel that way. but it represents the best effects and efforts at serious neighbors to chart a word. it would be a mistake to minimize or understate the magnitude of the challenge that area in space and trying to build the rule of law and civil society on the railing of a brutal and failed dictatorship. this will be hard.
1:33 am
results are far from fair 10. success is far from guaranteed, but the alternative is no alternative at all. we all know that changes coming to syria. despite its ruthless type it, deicide regimes bring the terror will admit that people will have a chance to chart their own destiny. the question for us is how many more in his civilians will die before this country is able to move forward towards the kind of future it deserves quite unfortunately it appears as though the longer this continues, the harder it will be to rebuild once president assad and his regime is transitioning from a new and edit takes its
1:34 am
place. predicted inside and outside syria have become planning for a democratic transition and the syrian national counsel to the courageous grass-roots local councils across the country who are organizing under the most dangerous and difficult circumstance is. every day that goes by their task is difficult. the feature. it's a strong and unified nation depend on thwarting the cynical divide and conquer strategy. it'll take off your hands working together, christians hand-in-hand with sunni and druze side by side, arabs and kurds to ensure the new syria is governed by the rule of law, respect to protect the universal rights of every citizen, regardless of atmosphere sex and takes on the way to the corruption that has marked the assad regime.
1:35 am
for this to work on the serious minorities will join in shaping serious future and their rights and choices will have to be heard, protect and respected. and then we say to the reach them today, we hear your fears and your aspiration. do not let the current regime exploit them to extend this crisis. leaders of serious nearness immunity, military and other dictation will have to recognize their futures lie with the state and not the regime. syria belongs to it 23 million citizens, not to one man or his family. change can still be accomplished without dismantling the state or producing new tyranny. it is time for the international community to put aside our differences and send a clear message of support to the people
1:36 am
of syria. the alternative? burning the arab league, abandoning the syrian people, emboldening the deck tater what compound this tragedy. and what market failure failure of our share price on stability and shake the credibility of the united nations security council. the united states stands ready to work with every member in this chamber to pass a resolution that supports the arab league suffered because those are the efforts that are well thought out and focused on ending this is. uphold the right of the serious people and restores peace to syria. that is the goal of the arab league. that should be the closest council, to help the syrian people realize the goal of the future the ac. thank you.
1:37 am
>> i think the excellent the for statement. i now give the floor to your excellency, mr. hu jintao, minister of the republic of france. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: mr. president, we are meeting today so that the security council should take up this responsibility as a people that is suffering in a region where peace is threatened by the brutal russian of the regime. the silence of our council formats is no longer accept the will. it folds to the arab league to recover itself from solemnly on the council to live up to the nation vested upon it by the united nations coming today to the people of the region we wish
1:38 am
peace and respect. the arab league has asked to meet the situation, the dispatch of the definition transition i wish to commend the courageous commitment of the conflict and i welcome the president and secretary general and prime minister of qatar have not the addresses. i also commend the kingdom of sirocco to bring to us fully supported by france. i wish the commander to connect the arab league. i am well aware that decisions on the situation in syria are particularly difficult to take an implement if only because of their geographical opportunity to damascus. today when i repeat this they
1:39 am
are coming to put an end to this scandalous night. i choose to work carefully and i shall explain use of the term. but as the situation in syria? people have risen up to defend its freedom. there are no words to describe the horror of the brutal repression. if we say it is worsening, that does not fully express what is happening. thousands of deaths, 15,000 prisoners, 15,000 refugees, the torture every day. i have for a long time termed the regime of crimes against humanity, the international acquired human rights council confirmed the conviction. they conceal the faces of torture of children come the bodies of women who have been and thousands of human beings. with them in mind, the situation
1:40 am
is worsening every day in humanitarians say how much dreadful mistake before the council to council to an end to human rights for the humanitarian assistance. every state must bear the responsibility to protect its population not to contend with its population of syrian regime without restraint in a shameful manner. this has direct consequences on international peace and security, thousands of refugees of the neighboring states increased intercommunity attention than repercussion of stability in an already vulnerable region without even referring responsibility to protect in the region to establish the council's responsibility. france ties accord further
1:41 am
council to work to have a vote unsuccessfully for this statement is acceptable. is this scandalous? i think so. obviously we have continued to back on the indemnification said the european union has tightened sanctions. we've established the peaceful opposition night and other locations later said the syrian national account of. we commend the result. but however that may be your opinion of the arab league cannot replace conferred upon them by the united nations charters in the council which can express today the international community and security council is the keystone of peace and security to pronounce on such syria. how can i do this by rapidly and
1:42 am
with pride matcher supported tap in the resolution by morocco. this brings the sport of our council to the arab league, the strength to be crucially involves a free show at it today the only protagonist to provide a realistic political resolution. two essential elements. unequivocally condemn without falling into the trap of false comparisons as the action of opposition on the ground because the vast majority of syrians are handed in the streets against discriminate islands of the regime. we must respect the men and women who every day march for freedom where they could be shocked at the moment. i would also -- this is unmentioned by the french
1:43 am
journalist who died at his job and i will not allow this to be ex-waited. the syrian authorities should have been necessary protection. i have to note this has not been the case. when it comes to the report which has been distributed to us, it does not do anything about the origin of the exchange which led to the death of my compatriot, ammunition does indicate killed fire from the operation. this is not adored by the arab league and we are still on the deficit. the second essential element in a draft provides support of the council to the arab league initiative regarding the three main aspect. demand for free access and
1:44 am
essentially the credible transitional political process. it will be for the arab league to implement a responsibility to help it by addressing the clear message to the series machine the community united to hang the arab emirates. and we would like to see the complicating further. we need a rapid response which can provide a facelift resolution to this terrible crisis. we are therefore willing to vote now upon morocco. some of jocund spares than. it is alleged that there is a way of making to the military intervention. the draft resolution that the representative of morocco can be construed as an optimization for the use of force. this draft is not under chapter
1:45 am
seven and we are not preparing any military operation. the tragedy and then people. our goal is simply to find a peaceful way out of the crisis, allowing two various component and nobody else than that determine the future with no intention of opposing on a machine and the outside. the arab league offers the only prospect of achieving this goal. let us rise above our differences and support the plan submitted to us today. but if of a two responsibilities to the political and moral duty following to us as a result of the rising of the syrian people inspired by momentum of the arab spring. a decent gentleman come in no time the last. i'm less than a year, more than 5000 lives have been lost each week means hundred of more deaths each day, dozens more.
1:46 am
and the memory of victims i urge members of the count votes about so they can put an end to this syria nightmare. thank you. [inaudible] >> by now kids the floor to the excellency of the commenters said the kingdom on the right. >> mr. president, i too think the prime minister of qatar and prime minister of the league of arab states for their reports and their powerful words and they are all grateful to you, mr. president for presiding over this debate. our task at the council is clear. we must address the horrifying violence that has been an s-sierra for the last 10 months
1:47 am
which is an unmitigated tragedy for people of that country and a real threat for international peace and security and we must do so in a way that gives us the greatest possible chance for a peaceful and lasting security. the league of arab states has proposed a way to achieve it and they should be congratulated on supported in doing so. their plan is that the hired to the draft resolution by the kingdom of morocco. they do so with the full support of the united kingdom and then i think that the support of the majority of security council members. if implemented in full, the arab league plan would lead to an end to all violence and institutions. it would remove the family box to reform medicare confident the syrian people. the restart and inclusive syrian mud political process and allow the syrian people to determine
1:48 am
their future peacefully and it would lead to a national unity government and election. syria needs out of conflict in missouri and with this plan, the arab league has provided one that is credible and viable and they have done so after three months of engagement provided by the secretary-general there are sites syria on the multiple visits to the masters by ministerial delegates and arab nations on the faces of the world of over 150 arab league monitors inside the area and in the light of their own understanding of their own region. the arab world is now asking u.n. security council to put it behind this plan. this is not the west telling area way to do. it's not the permanent members of the security council seeking to impose their view. this is the arab nation, and on
1:49 am
the u.n. security council to help advance the crisis of area and the threat it poses to stability. the general has come here and urged not to let that is tearing people down in their flight. members of the council have often called for leadership and that should be respect to. by all nations of the world. and a member of the council today claims to have a better -- be in a better position to judge how to support the stability and these arab nations themselves. the resolution does not propose imposing change on syria from outside. the call from the syrian people to be allowed to make their choices for themselves. it does not call for military action and could not be used to authorize it and the secretary-general has the plan of the arab league specifically does not include any outside intervention.
1:50 am
it is not a job there resolution but it showed in our view notice the measures will be considered by this council. there is not an immediate end to the violence as the plan continues to be ignored. the warning is important. but too long to see her in government has promised and continued the violent. at any time over the last 10 months they could have stopped the bloodshed and they could've introduced bold and lasting reform and meet the aspirations of syria for greater political freedom. the facts speak for themselves. when this council adopted a presidential statement of syria in august last year, the death toll was the products that lay one house in. when they drafted security council resolution in october and vetoed them, 3000 people had
1:51 am
died. today we believe nearly 6000 soviets have died and this includes as we occurred 384 children between 30 and 100 people currently die every single day of violent. they will be dying as these be. thousand mourners are imprisonment, violent, children. representatives of the arab republic spoke of the idealism of children in this country in the 1950s and 1960s without noting the irony and the children of 2012 are now being tortured and murdered in the name of their own government. it is not acceptable to try to blame the situation on everyone else from outside intervention to the golden state, two french diplomat, to lawrence of arabia.
1:52 am
this does not excuse the repression of violent, which is a shame on any nation. we know about these kinds because they've been documented by impartial bodies of united nation. how understeering families have to live in fear their children would be killed or tortured before the security council will pass a meaningful resolution? how many people need to die? the people of syria can't afford to wait the more force promises are measured from their governments are accompanied by brutality on the ground. there will be no political progress in syria was such violent continues and they can be no doubt that the violent and the risk of civil war intensifying and the threat and stability of the region is growing. with each day, finding the way back from the brink of a hard
1:53 am
and innocent life, desperate discounts could help avert dayak team in a united manner. today as i understand it, we all agree it has a role to play. we all want a peaceful, political solution that has territorial integrity. we all agree the process should be that the people of syria was support of the international community. we are believed to of minority to be safeguarded and respect it. we'll agree military action would not be welcome in the work of the area based on all those things, now we must have the will to match the agreement had been able to agree on a resolution. while they meet mr. president
1:54 am
the greatest of responsibilities of crimes like overwhelming syrian authority. this council cannot agree to it to the resolution condemning violent and enabling a peaceful resolution, do not fill your other council will be judged by the listeria in the region. we should unite behind the arab league plan and that is what i urge all members of the count votes to do this week. we should remain the business situation in your returning to the violence still companies. to fail to do so with underline the credibility do so with town town thank you. >> we welcome the l.a. initiative for connecting today's meeting. the participation of qatar.
1:55 am
we are together today at a crucial moment when it is the last chance to break this spiral of violence which is set to a syria and the exacerbation of the crisis and chaos of the full-scale conflict would not only be a tragedy for syrian people, but inevitably ask you about consequence for stability of neighboring states and escalated strategically important region. what is the solution here? what does the international community do to prevent alternative event? the answer is as complicated as it is simple. it has roots in the security council members did come essentially decided the beginning of the crisis for not over was agreed upon. this document contain two critical provisions. a cessation of violence and
1:56 am
solution to the crisis can be found not only through searing red inclusive political process. if all key players of the international community on implementing the provisions then we are convinced the crisis would not be a pass. unfortunately, this hasn't been the case. russia, which enjoys close family contacts of the syrian people and the arab world from the very beginning it had to ensure this here in april would be allowed to decide for itself without bloodshed and violence data format for necessaries social, economic and political form. we are convinced that kind of extreme political crisis, with the international community should not be one of exacerbating conflicts by madeleine by the use of economic
1:57 am
sanctions or military force. now, should be fostering dialogue so i seized the can not only affect did in huge resolution. with a view to cessation of violence and establishing syria led process, russia step up its diplomatic efforts with damascus. members of the christian movement and the league of arab states. in our view, the leak made an important role in international guidance of the solution to syrian crisis. russia has done much to ensure that l.a. is an amount just achieve agreement on that l.a. is monitoring mission in syria. at the beginning stage of his work, and important useful role in the wee contention violences slow as key importance has been providing more objective
1:58 am
information on nature unfolding events in syria in spite of pressure brought to the mission. the mission's report from 24 to 18 january 2012, it is clearly confirmed in a number of serious neighborhood, armed elements are attacking areas 34 saves and civilians. this gave rise to the conclusion that all sides must take an obligation to see phones of violence. we know from different stores is and the city after the city was captured by armed elements, murderers and beatings began. the country of ambassador this polluted. civilians say and then session of the mission the week pollution that in parallel with
1:59 am
the dignity that must be connect to it between defiance in the political process is so. we enjoyed not only to support our arab friends, but also unnecessary of us is to criticize her inconsistent teeth. we made no secret we believe the decision to suspend the membership of damascus in the leak and impose sanctions was safe. we think the lake's position with respect to the mission could be more current. on one leg of the cats continued mission. on the other some have begun withdrawing observer. we are concerned with the recent decision on suspension of the recognition. this is going to loosen up a can violence as well as some thing which was viewed on a saudi tv


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