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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  August 27, 2012 1:15am-1:30am EDT

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edward griffin "the creature from jekyll island" in the 302nd printing also the president of freedom force international. what is it? >> it is a group or organization that is international that want to to bring about positive change. they have a plan. they don't just complain. it is to reverse the process but those to have a lot to gain, they say i've gained a lot already? they have acquired the power to move into the power center of our society. they know people follow and
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maybe political parties are made reunions or media outlets than only a few people can lead the many. have lost control because the power center is in control of those who want it to look like it does. we bring people together into a network into those power centers to reclaim power and authority. realities zone is the commercial site we sell things documentary's, recordings, b ooks and video what we hope to achieve. >> realities is the website. 32 printings. five editions.
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"the creature from jekyll island" how many have you sold? >> approaching half a million. very close. >> host: g. edward griffin is our guest on booktv on c-span2. >> host: we continue our coverage of freedomfest 2012 from las vegas the libertarian gathering held annually in this city. talking with authors introducing new right now wendy mcelroy with her book
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the art of being free. tell us about herself. >> i am active in the birch areas of sense -- about 40 years and this is my reaction to 9/11. when it have been dae started to rethink everything about my a belief system. i wondered had i wasted my life working freedom for the decades i had? but we gave up our freedom all of that moment. i thought about my relationship to the state, how important it
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was, and that responsibility of life is what used to be called the business of living. i wrote a book that gave the theory, history, psychology behind my response to the whole system of thinking after 9/11. i am tired to be seen as a distraction. i am not disrespecting anyone who wants to debate liberty. i want to be free of my own lifetime especially of what i consider the police state. >> host: what did you change in your thinking after 9/11? what did you think of your
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previous thinking? concrete examples 211 attitude was expressed by david friedman he said there was the italian saying if translated into english was similar to it is renamed up again pig of a government. that you talk and work against the state. mentioning henry david thoreau that is pivotal of my thinking he howled the idea the business of living but to you went out offense civil disobedience and he
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said here there is no state. i want to look inside myself. i tried to do that increasingly everyday here it is acting with my neighbor taking my alive back to the extent possible. do not do with the state. nature ago into businesses privatizing government service. we're going to the unprecedented period of state control of our lives. you just have to say no. do not smarter yourself yourself, that would be reckless.
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>> host: does that mean you are living off a grid. >> i am here. [laughter] i cannot tell anyone what to do go private. >> i don't mean to misrepresent but it is more theoretical and historical with the underpinning and the other buck right now is more the house to.
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to psychologically prepare pre-who they're living in a police state. >> you must ask yourself but three is not something you can take for granted but you 1/2 to have the art of being. >> and who is chadwick? >> a man in jail for many years. even though he committed no crime.
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many people are not aware of the complexity has developed. and your wife allegis you have hidden assets. even though it is not proven he went to jail over 10 or 12 years because basically he was to turn over the records to a judge with the civil contempt. and you could be in prison for a longer of civil contempt their criminal because people could say you don't have the right to appeal or have a judge parker you have no right to you would have with a criminal case.
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>> bair many situations that they're creeping up on average people like you or may. >> is it just the state? >> when we do a search on the internet with credit cards and behavior. all of that information is out there. >> i am concerned with the ordinary citizen being a criminal. i don't think those situation could exist without state to facilities and many others by the state. i do not slam big business.
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in a free-market context, let it features. >> that is not mind a particular but your particularly precious. but our data, as long as i have the ability to say no, shut the door that the state does not let me do but i would have the ability of the free-market, then it is up to me to slam the door and mind your own goddamn business. [laughter] >> why is the post office harmful? >> guest: is considered to be an institution that at
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least they perform a service firm when it was established to the founding father they censored that any with the service it purports to provide. and need care of men to. >> our most libertarians libertarians, feminist? >> [laughter] how many labels? >> is the anarchist the same? is there overlap? >> there is.
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anarchist describe them solve the sale libertarian list they keep invoking but he said he hoot their bert -- camerons best moves libertarians that i know if there were in power to establish the minimum government into power i would haying up and grow tomatoes for the rest of my life. misstate is making the summit is too busy to grow. i don't have in.
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>> she is the author of "the creature from jekyll island" ruutu to joe lane when the mcelroy you will find a community of people we're trying to find out in end moon and marriage with those who have picked up a government, and that is a valid response. of the


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