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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  September 11, 2012 11:00pm-2:00am EDT

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we call it the ripon society. it's great to be with you. i think i've had this pleasure before. i wanted to remind you what admiral mike mullens said about six months before he left as chairman of the joint chief of staff. he said the greatest threat to our country is no outside force, it's not china, it's not russia, it is our debt.
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and at face value it doesn't seem like much. to think, here's the leader of the strongest military force the world has ever known, telling america that the number one threat to the existence is the debt. it that is from pro found for a military leader to say that. the president didn't say that. the head of the joint chief of staff said that. which to me makes it the all the more powerful coming from the source of our defense posture. history has shown time and again that debt can bring down all republicans die if you look at history. name one that hasn't. and so the question is can america cheat history?
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can we cheat history and not fall? let me give you some reminders what john adams warned. he said democracy never lasts long. it soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself, there was never democracy yet that it not commit south suicide. we're on the cusp of being the first generation of americans to break a moral bond that has continueded in our country since the founding. and that moral bond is to create a situation and lead a situation that follows us that enhances the opportunity, enhances their liberty, and enhances their freedom so that they can bind personal responsibility and hard work. those opportunities can bloom it to a flower of abundance for them and their generation that
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follows inspect is a first time in history we have ever been or we are. a couple of points with, the size of the federal government is twice the size it was 11 years ago. clinton's last budget was 1,830, -- our deficit last year was big ere than the government was in total fifteen years ago. consider lincoln's warning before becoming president that sounds the same alarm that admiral mullen did and adams. lincoln said at what point shall we expect the approach of danger. what means shall we fort fie
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against it? shall we expect some trans-- never all the armies of europe, asia, and africa combined with the treasure of the earth are unaccepted in the military chetion with a bonn part for a comaptder could not by force take dpri the ohio or make a track on the blue ridge mountain. in a thousand years this could not occur. at what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? i answered if it is ever to reach us, it must spring up amongst us. it crment come from abroad. if destruction be our lot we must be the author and finisher. as the nation of free men we must live through the time or die by suicide. it's a long-winded way of saying exactly the same thing john adams said. and so the question for us as
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nation what are we going do about it? are we going cheat history and play the political game? are we going think short term or actually going make the different choices that will set our country back on the feet and create the opportunities and freedom and potential that was given to us? and before you get too depressed, question don't have a problem in front of us that isn't solvable. that's not the thing that everybody is focusing on. next week we'll release $70 billion worth of savings from the pentagon that have nothing -- come out of the pentagon that have do with defending this country. think about that for a minute. i can find $70 billion in the pentd gone that has nothing do with defending the country that
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can taken out of the pentagon and you won't see ship less, one airplane less, fliers hours, you won't see anything reduced. i can find $70 billion. and if somebody looks they find another $50 billion. the point is that our problems are made more difficult by our politics. our problems are not insolvable. some predictions: we're going to see further downgrade on the debt. i remember a phone call i got from the treasury department after i predicted seven days before it was going happen we were going get a debt -- [inaudible] i wassed to quit saying that. you can't say that. it hurts us. i said, no the truth does not hurt us.
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the truth is the thing that will set us free and the fact is we do not act responsibly in washington as long as we're not addressing a long-term problems facing our country. as long as it's about the next election and not the next generation. we are irresponsible. it's already happening, if you think about, what's going on in our country. i brought with me a zimbabwe hundred trillion dollar note. it's worth about three cents. hundred trillion dollars. that's a zimbabwe real note. think about that for a minute. what's happening right now that's going to impact our kids and it's the way most governments handle the problems? it's called financial repression
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. and it's occurring right now. to every retired couple out there with a home and a 401(k), the purchasing value of the last four years in a row has gone down. not counting the recession. just the purchasing value because the net they can earn versus inflation they have a negative net, net negative earnings on the 401(k). what comes from that? the debutsment of currency. the federal reserve balance sheet is in excess of 3 trillion dollar. how are we going sterile lose the debt? what's going happen? what happens when the bondholders of the world lose confidence that question in fact repay our debt? our historical interest rate on the debt are about 5.85 percent. we're paying about 1.85% now.
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4% times $16 trillion is 4eu6d 0 dollar. the time is short. the point i would make is the solution are not difficult in terms of figuring out what to do. what is lacking in washington is leadership. leadership that's willing to confront honestly the american people and tell them that the real problems are with a come forward with a positive solution and an attitude that says we in fact can solve the problems. we can protect those that need to be protected, and we can in fact keep that -- moral bond for the kids and grand kids and cheat history. i think question do if. we're just waiting for the right
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leaders to stand up and say let's do it. let's think about the future not about now. i won't give you any more negative. you have plenty of it this morning. what i would sell you that i see great hope. i had my seventh grand grandchild over the break. as a matter of fact the fearing's one that my last name in their name. really a proud moment for me. and i said, you see that little boy, now four and a half weeks old, i said what's his future? who's going to shape in washington -- who's going to shape, who's going take the risk, who's going take the political risk to do what is necessary to fulfill the
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great promises that were greated when people sacrificed their honor, their lives, and fortunate to create the great country? who will do it? will you? will you be a part of the solution rather than part of the problem? and i can't but hope that the message of this next election cycle is quit thinking about yourself, politicians, and start thinking about our country. and go who is negatives -- do what is necessary. you don't have to give it all away. fix it. if we fix it, combine with the resources that this country has, we will be back on top of the world for three or four more generations. just by doing the simple things. it's all fixable. there is a solution, it requires leadership and if requires risk
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taking. when the political career of individuals in washington is more important than the future of the country, then perhaps adams and lincoln were right. i think we're bigger than that. i think we are stronger than that. i think we're smarter than. and i think our children are worth more than that. thank you all. i'll take any questions you have. [applause] [applause] [inaudible] senator, you mentioned the fiscal cliff. addressed that i think fiscal cliff is one of the smartest political strategies i've ever heard. i don't think there is one. and let me explain what, i mean, to that. is there a fiscal cliff? is there a date in january where things change?
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yeah. in comparison, if nothing happens between now and then, the predictions are as we might slip in to recession. but the real fiscal cliff is we are already bankrupt. the real fiscal cliff is nobody thinking nobody is offering from the white house a solution to medicare. our biggest problem in front of our country is this demographic shift of what i'm part, and the fact that the average couple puts $1 10,000 in medicare and takes $350 ,000 out. you solve that problem tomorrow, we don't need the federal reserve keeping interest rates artificially low. they'll be artificially low because we will be i i did namically and fiscally healthy. there's the real fiscal cliff. we have taken the focus and said short term and the problems are
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long-term, their manifestation come from the short term. they're gong to be greater two years from now if we don't fix it. if we don't send the signal we're going take care of the long-term problems. we can fix the fiscal cliff. it's not going matter a year from now. because the vigilantes will driven down the price of our bonds and the interest rates will be around 6%. so it's a perfect political strategy to figure out what the real ball. social security is not hard to fix. medicare is very difficult to fix. but it can be fixed. and the health care decision is a whole another discussion that you could have five rip on societies and not cover it. breakfasts -- so i think, you know, i think there's a lot of emphasis on it. but i want to remind you, that's short term thinking.
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that's all 17 or 18 months less think tbheepgd to be thinking, three, four, fiver years and the short term will take care of itself. do you think there's any problem of with us if we have a slowings for medicare tomorrow do you think the economy wouldn't bump? there's 3.8 trillion sitting on the shrineds on the country. normally there's about $800 billion in business bank accountses. paul thinks we ought to borrow another trillion dollars and create another stem los. i think we the stimlis we have is create confidence and certainty our country so that some of the $3.8 trillion pops off and gets invested in real investment that creates well wealth and create real job. that's how you stimulate the economy. you have to do that by creating
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confidence in the long-term. so i'm not worried about the miscall cliff. if we can -- if we are fortunate enough to win. we'll fix that. we'll reform the tax cut. we'll create certainty. people will be able to see through the long hires than it is once again safe to put money to work in the country. we'll have a tour storyial tax system that said you can bring your money home instead of forcing them to instress abroad because we perm lose it 28% if you bring it home. that's one of the craziest things we're doing. hundreds of millions of dollars sitting in europe to bring it home is 28 percent. why would they do that so they invest the money where they are rather than invest it in this
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country. senator. i understand your point. i think certainly taxes plays a large role. regulations play a large role. too in the willingness of business to invest. just cite one of my favorite statistic it takes two and a half times more money per mile to lay a pipeline on top of the ground than it is 7500 feet of water all because of regulatory costs. do you see any path for the congress and senate takes back control of some of the regulatory overt? >> yes. my hope would be there's a [inaudible] i don't know if you're particular with it. and what it does.
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one of my frustration as a senator, every bill we write we leave the hard work to the burke. in other words we don't write what we intend you know why? we adopt know what we're doing. [laughter] and so we adopt really write what we intend. here's what you will do, here's when you will do it. here's how you do instead of writing general thing and saying let the obamacare figure out it.
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i'll never forget i won't tell you "the situation." i had a conversation with a executive in the country about productivity and how they try to get more with less every year. and there was a certain senator in the room who had never heard of the content. [laughter] [inaudible] the point being -- [laughter] the point being is look around at who our elected leaders are, and then ask yourself who their real world experience is outside of politics.
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it's easy how to figure out where we got today. the next election is everything you do. instead of the goal to secure the future of our country. we have the result that we have today. that's both the republican and the democrat problem and what america needs to wake up to is what the americans who have bested from the country need to wake up to it's time for you to serve in terms of an anally gages to be a great citizens by sacrificing some of your time and reputation. it isn't a position that gives
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you a great reputation, you know, the negatives always outweigh the positives. but come and actually serve. 70% of the senate has never had a job truly outside of the politics. so is it any wonder that we lack judgment and disearnment and real experience to apply to critical issues of our day? how do we get there? our founders certainly weren't that. the first hundred years weren't career politicians? the average length of service was less than two terms in the senate. we've created our own problem because we have an elite political class in both parties we come from a farm team of the exact same people. until we put people in office that actually have real world experience, not political experience, and there's nothing wrong with serving that's not a criticism of those individuals. they have create hearts, minds,
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and compassion. the fact is they have no real world experience to make critical judgments. [inaudible] i don't think much of it at all. i was in all of the meetings on that. i had conversations with him and dave and jeff in front of us which was mandated not to be addressed which was medicare no matter what happened it's a short term solution. i voted to get it on the floor. you don't address it. paul ryan and said they take the
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tax changes they put in the bill. they agree to that. you have to put medicare reform in. look, the only way to save medicare is to change it. it is a statistical financial numerical possibility. i will tell you i believe in less than four years from today the trust fund will be out of money. medicare part a. 2022. i don't think they are anywhere close. because this large group of baby boomers of which i'm a part are going to -- they're holding off surgeries, they're holding off getting things done until they get in medicare. and the consumption is going to explode. so it's the president who
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appointed the commission to got a god result and refused to embrace it. >> i understand you u see the fiscal cliff and not see the emergency as others do. what do you think is going to be the scenario with regard to the sequester itself is this mething that law make verse choose ton do as a last resort for the inability to make decisions about where to cut. is the recognition that the sequester is so big it and add it might add a full point unemployment. is that big enough for the congress and senate to revisit? >> i think they ought to revisit it. i'm not saying we shouldn't
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revisit it. it's a chicken's way to solve a problem. the cut everything the same amount. you're not responsible for the good things getting cut and continuing to found lousy things. no disearnment, no knowledge, we just issued a report, you know, there's 47 job trainings programs. we spent $19 billion on a year. 47, think about that. why in the world do we have 47 job training programs? we issued a report, we looked at ever federal job training program. there's no successfully federally run job training program in oklahoma. there's highly successful state job training programs. we have a city in oklahoma that has 16,000 people and has a 4.7%
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unemployment rate and 17 different job training officers in the city. what our job training programs are as a way to employ anemia job training. [laughter] so i guess the point i'm makes it is not hard to tickets this if you know. in our officer nobody comes close to digging all the issues in every branch of government on the waste. the problem is nobody reads it. there's -- my colleagues don't even know it. they don't even look at it. i mail it to every one of them. it they have a staffer -- nobody wants to make the hard choices of saying no. there's a constituent sei for every program that's out there and election coming. whether -- as soon as the election is over there's another election coming. i can't dare offend anybody. i've decided i'm going offend everybody.
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[laughter] our children are worth it. my new grandson is worth it. for me to not be like call the truth what it is. nobody wants to look. nobody that casts a vote wants to look. so it's hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil as long as i get re-elected. >> what will happen when they realize [inaudible] well, those are estimates. let's talk honestly. you hear --
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the defense department is the republican's -- it's to the republicans as it the same thing medicare is to the democrats. first of all, the cut in the pentagon is a cut from expected growth. it's 478 billion. pentagon spending actually goes up. so washington speak and republican speak about the pent qon. i guarantee we can have a better defense with less money if we hold the pentagon accountable. and nobody wants to hold the pentd gone accountable. because there's jobs in the districts that depend on the pentagon not being accountable. ask yourself a question. of the 350 billions in weapons
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procurement we have under contract and development. why is 150 tbl going to be wasted? where is the adult in the room? why is it at the pentagon spent it this year and 12 billion is going to go down the drape and the federal government is going spend $46 billion and $3 goes down the drain. where are the adults? where are the people who are taking -- who got fired because something drcht didn't work? nobody there's no accountability. ..
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to a bipartisan solution and i think they will. there has to be leadership for a president says we need to do this. the american people are grown-ups. they have done hard things, lots of hard times, but this country never does the part being unless they're called to do. nobody has explained the predicate of what is at risk and the american people need to be talked to. tell them the truth instead of saying there is nothing wrong with losing an election. you know, that is heresy in washington. if you're standing on principle and you lose, he would dance the debate and the positive things that come up from listening an election in advancing the debate. that is why offer amendments. i know i'm not going to rant. i offer them to advance the
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debate and increase the knowledge across the country on very specific issues. and so i think people will step up. yes, sir. [inaudible] >> well, if you go back to the reagan tax reform and you look at what happened economically to our country. i'll never forget is in my medical office and got my tax in 1886. i was really mad at reagan. a lot of my deductions went away. what happened the next four years in our country? we averaged 4.6% real gdp growth with major tax reform.
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we change the incentive for invested capital. we invested confidence in searching the tax code and all the sudden capital flow. that is what needs to happen. a personal belief is we ought to set that the personal code, say it's dead. and the reason that we should some bet it is because we can get rid of the lobbying pressure of special interests in the tax code. because of the sunset the tax code and say here's all the rage, now you want to add something that? you're so much the rates go up. lobbying to increase the rates as a whole lot harder than keeping a well-connected, well-built thing for a special interest group. had presented to men who got the benefit to mortgage interest reduction. these $200,000 is the cut off.
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and of course it shows that the majority income cutoff is below 200,000. when you do that, the $100,000 in the wichita 75% of the mortgage tax actions are those that make it over $100,000 a year. now, look at canada. canada has no mortgage interest reduction good the homeownership rate is 8% higher than ours. now, with their incentive to create homeownership? and didn't work? so we ought to be asking fundamental questions. i am not saying yes or no to mortgage deduction. i'm saying if you want to add it back in, let's talk about who can and will benefit from the them what the cost in terms of increasing rates? if you want state sales tax, who gets the benefit of much of the two to rates? must make an informed decision about how we reform the tax
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code. whatever you do, let's create certainty and confidence in the future unless good having the highest corporate tax rate in the world and let's get rid of double taxing worker taxes. because what were doing is cutting our own like salt lake city that. so were certainly not going to do what i want to do, which is deadline it. here is the day that we buried a 99,000 pages of the code. just for a moment, $300 billion a year is what we've been to pay people to figure out what our taxes are. the economic multiplier and that is about 1.2. if you check exceed $300 billion put it in the economy come you get a one point. you gain $120 billion of gdp a
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year just by reforming the tax code if you have no change in investment decisions whatsoever. well, that's 1%. that's a million jobs. the financial repression were under right now 90% -- 100.34% as of yesterday, gross said. if depression are gdp by 40% right now instead of growing up 1.8%, we'd be growing at almost three. if we didn't have that level of debt. so you know, you can tack energy. we are sending $300 billion to the middle east and venezuela a year. $300 billion of our energy, we're going to bring an alias for at least 20 years. why don't we bring hours of editors and save 300 billion in investigator instead of invested over there.
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i mean, that's a no-brainer. regardless of your position on climate were still going to burnett. why don't we use ours? it makes no sense. so right there you've got $600 billion to shoot him but right back in the economy tomorrow. that's without even changing rights. all problems are not hard to figure out. the problems are the politics get in the way. it's been great to be with you. thank you guys so much. [applause] >> thank you, senator. we'll see you all -- [inaudible]
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>> families of 9/11 big guns
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gathered in new york for a memorial marking 11th anniversary of the attacks. as in years past, the 2988 the dems were read aloud at the national september 11. janet napolitano, new york governor andrew cuomo, new york city mayor michael bloomberg, senators chuck schumer and kirsten gillibrand, new jersey governor chris chris the former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani were among those in attendance. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ and the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. ♪
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oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? ♪ [applause]
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you're gone but never, ever will be forgotten. may god bless her soul. >> and my beautiful brother, michael lynch. joanne marie ahladiotis shabbir ahmed terrance andre aiken godwin ajala gertrude m. alagero andrew alameno margaret ann alario gary m. albero jon leslie albert peter alderman jacquelyn delaine aldridge david d. alger ernest alikakos edward l. allegretto eric allen joseph ryan allen
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save them from this horrible day. our friends and family that has supported us all these years and our military that continue to keep us safe. god bless america. [applause] >> and my son, paul would be dope. you remain in our hearts. we love and miss you very much. we will never forget you. paul w. ambrose. christopher charles amoroso kazuhiro anai calixto anaya, jr. joseph anchundia kermit charles anderson yvette constance anderson john andreacchio michael rourke andrews
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stephen joseph bates. paul james battaglia walter david bauer, jr. marlyn capito bautista and my father. >> and my brother, james alder press. we would like to see the change, especially my brother. jimmy, we did note that morning god was going to call your name. in life, we love you dearly. and that's we do the same. it broke our hearts to lose you, which you weren't alone. part of us went with you at the day god called you home. he left so many memories and your love is still archived. and though we cannot see you come you are always our side.
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>> donna and by when. kimberly as powered. buried roman larry bowman shawn edward bowman, jr. kevin l. bowser gary r. box gennady boyarsky pamela boyce michael boyle alfred braca kevin bracken sandee balch bradshaw. david brian brady alexander braginsky nicholas w. brandemarti david reid gamboa. michelle renee bratton patrice braut lydia e. bravo
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ronald michael breitweiser edward a. brennan iii at my brother, kenneth william, the family misses you. >> and my cousin, and my godmother, gdm unseen. we love and miss you so much. francis henry brennan michael e. brennan peter brennan thomas m. brennan daniel j. brethel gary lee bright jonathan briley mark a. brisman paul gary bristow
12:04 am
mark francis broderick herman charles broghammer keith a. broomfield bernard c. brown. ethel brown janice lloyd stanford brown juloise brown patrick j. brown bettina browne mark bruce richard george bruehert andrew brunn vincent brunton ronald paul bucca brandon j. buchanan gregory joseph buck dennis buckley nancy clare bueche patrick joseph buhse john edwards bulaga, jr. stephen bunin
12:05 am
and my fiancé, firefighter joseph jay oakley and. i love and miss you so very much. until we meet again. >> and my son, richard middleton blood junior. rick, can you hear your name as there always called again? on this sacred ground, we are dust settled. if only those they cheer your name can know what a loving son and wonderful person you grew to be. i love you, right and miss you terribly. your dad always. matthew j. burke thomas daniel burke william francis burke, jr. william francis burke, jr.
12:06 am
donald j. burns kathleen anne burns keith james burns john patrick burnside irina buslo milton g. bustillo thomas m. butler patrick byrne timothy g. byrne jesus neptali cabezas lillian caceres brian joseph cachia steven dennis cafiero, jr. richard m. caggiano cecile marella caguicla michael john cahill scott walter cahill thomas joseph cahill george cain salvatore b. calabro joseph calandrillo philip v. calcagno
12:07 am
and my sister, marcia bradford could we miss you, the whole family. we love you. >> and my uncle, edward persaud will always remain in my family's heart. we love you and miss you. edward calderon kenneth marcus caldwell dominick enrico calia felix calixte frank callahan liam callahan luigi calvi roko camaj michael f. cammarata david otey campbell geoffrey thomas campbell
12:08 am
robert arthur campbell sandra patricia campbell sean thomas canavan john a. candela vincent cangelosi stephen j. cangialosi lisa bella cannava brian cannizzaro michael canty louis anthony caporicci jonathan neff cappello james christopher cappers richard michael caproni jose manuel cardona dennis m. carey edward carlino michael scott carlo and my unforgettable cousin,
12:09 am
july sassy. we miss you. >> and my husband, larry bowman. to my husbands mother, ruth bennett. i don't know what it feels like to lose a son, but i definitely know what it feels like to lose a rand, soulmate and a lover. i love you, larry. david g. carlone rosemarie c. carlson mark stephen carney joyce ann carpeneto jeremy m. carrington michael carroll peter carroll james joseph carson, jr. james marcel cartier vivian casalduc john francis casazza
12:10 am
paul r. cascio william joseph cashman. thomas anthony casoria william otto caspar alejandro castano arcelia castillo leonard m. castrianno jose ramon castro william e. caswell. richard g. catarelli christopher sean caton robert john caufield mary teresa caulfield judson cavalier michael joseph cawley and my beautiful and, jill and muscular. not a day goes by we don't think of you. we love you. >> and my cousin, ramon swear
12:11 am
as. thank you. jason david cayne juan armando ceballos marcia g cecil carter. thomas joseph celic ana mercedes centeno joni cesta jeffrey marc chairnoff swarna chalasani william chalcoff eli chalouh charles lawrence chan mandy chang rosa berea chop a mark lawrence charette . gregorio manuel chavez pedro francisco checo
12:12 am
douglas macmillan cherry stephen patrick cherry vernon paul cherry nester julio chevalier swede chevalier alexander h. chiang dorothy j. chiarchiaro luis alfonso chimbo robert chin wing wai ching nicholas paul chiofalo and my brother and bill patty. so, we love you and miss you every day. god bless our troops and god bless america. >> and my father, police officer
12:13 am
william callahan. not a day goes by we don't think of you. you're in our hearts forever. john chipura peter a. chirchirillo catherine chirls kyung hee cho abul k. chowdhury mohammad salahuddin chowdhury kirsten l. christophe pamela chu steven chucknick wai chung christopher ciafardini alex f. ciccone frances ann cilente elaine cillo edna cintron nestor andre cintron iii robert dominick cirri juan pablo cisneros-alvarez benjamin keefe clark eugene clark gregory alan clark mannie leroy clark
12:14 am
thomas r. clark christopher robert clarke donna marie clarke michael j. clarke suria rachel emma clarke kevin francis cleary and my brother, davin mckenney, you always and forever be in our hearts. >> and my brother, firefighter peter jay carroll junior. not a day goes by where not thought of, loved and missed. james d. cleere geoffrey w. cloud susan marie clyne steven coakley jeffrey alan coale patricia a. cody daniel michael coffey jason m. coffey florence g. cohen kevin sanford cohen
12:15 am
anthony joseph coladonato mark joseph colaio stephen colaio christopher m. colasanti kevin nathaniel colbert michel p. colbert keith e. coleman scott thomas coleman tarel coleman liam joseph colhoun robert d. colin robert j. coll jean collin john michael collins michael l. collins thomas j. collins joseph collison jeffrey duane coleman. patricia malia colodner linda m. colon
12:16 am
and my uncle and my guardian angel, michael angel trinidad. i'll go the rest of my life knowing you and mom are by my side. >> and my uncle, thomas joseph fowler. uncle tom, even though you moved on to the next life, i'm sure you are not resting. it is not in your nature to rest. i'm sure you are running, laughing and completely the length of the party. i love you. i'll see you at the finish line. sol e. colon ronald edward comer jaime concepcion albert conde susan p. conlon margaret mary conner cynthia marie lise connolly john e. connolly, jr. james lee connor
12:17 am
jonathan m. connors kevin patrick connors kevin f. conroy brenda e. conway dennis michael cook helen d. cook john a. cooper julian t. cooper. joseph john coppo, jr. gerard j. coppola joseph albert corbett john jay corcoran the third. alejandro cordero robert cordice ruben d. correa danny a. correa-gutierrez james j. corrigan carlos cortes and my cousin, michael herman
12:18 am
4015 days later, your loved and missed every day. and my friend jeff shaw. debbie says she'll see you tuesday. >> my brother and launching out and met yet we will love you and you will always be in our memory. kevin cosgrove dolores marie costa digna alexandra costanza charles gregory costello, jr. michael s. costello conrod k. cottoy martin john coughlan john gerard coughlin timothy j. coughlin james e. cove
12:19 am
andre cox frederick john cox james raymond coyle michele coyle-eulau anne marie cramer christopher s. cramer denise elizabeth crant james leslie crawford, jr. robert james crawford cara kathleen creamer. joanne mary cregan lucy crifasi john a. crisci daniel hal crisman dennis cross kevin raymond crotty thomas g. crotty
12:20 am
and my cousin, nicholas pollitt should follow, firefighter and c. 35. we miss you every single day and all the fallen are missed every single day. god bless you all. these are not just names that we read. god bless the united states of america. welles remy crowther and my outgoing godfather, michael maca rallied. not a day goes by where i don't interview. we all love and miss you so much. robert l. cruikshank john robert cruz grace yu cua kenneth john cubas francisco cruz cubero richard j. cudina
12:21 am
neil james cudmore thomas patrick cullen lll joyce cummings brian thomas cummins michael cunningham robert curatolo laurence damian curia paul dario curioli beverly curry andrew peters charles green. michael s. curtin gavin cushny carlos as dacosta.
12:22 am
brian powell vow. thomas a. damaskinos and my brother, fred mercury. we miss you so much. we're all here and your friends miss you, too. >> and my cousin, port authority police officer come you are angel camacho everyday. you will never be forgotten. jeannine marie damiani-jones patrick w. danahy mary san antonio. dwight donald darcy elizabeth ann darling
12:23 am
annette andrea dataram lawrence davidson michael allen davidson scott matthew davidson titus davidson niurka davila ada and davis clinton davis wayne terrial davis anthony richard dawson calvin dawson edward james day william tomas dean. robert jay deangelis junior.
12:24 am
thomas patrick deangelis. thomas patrick deangelis tara e. debek james v. deblase anna marjia debin and my uncle, even though i was only two years old when he left us, i still remember playing in the bullpen with you. i love you and miss you. until we meet again. >> and my big rather, my hero, firefighter john michael silence, latter 25 fdny. your family and friends miss you and love you. we will never forget johnny. paul to call a.
12:25 am
gerald astor concho. simon marash dedvukaj jason defazio david a. defeo monique asked the dejesus. donald arthur delapenha vito joseph deleo danielle anne delie andrea dellabella colleen ann deloughery joseph deluca. anthony demas francis albert demartini francis deming martin n. demeo kevin dennis carol k. demitz kevin dennis
12:26 am
thomas f. dennis jean depalma jose depena robert john deraney and my grandfather, firefighter barbara james crawford, fpn y 51. grandpa come your name is etched in stone several times, the yuba nacht are hard and minds forever. we miss you, we love you and will never forget you. and like you always used to say, we got your back. god bless you and god bless america. >> and my uncle, john gerrard on hands and my cousin paul nimbly, we love you and miss you every day. michael derienzo edward desimone iii christian lewis to simoneaux edward desimone iii andrew desperito michael derienzo cindy ann deuel
12:27 am
jerry devito robert p. devitt, jr. dennis lawrence devlin gerard dewan sulemanali kassamali dhanani michael louis diagostino matthew diaz nancy diaz michael a. diaz-piedra iii judith berquis diaz-sierra rodney dickens. joseph dermot dickey, jr. lawrence patrick dickinson michael d. diehl john difato vincent difazio carl anthony difranco donald difranco >> and my father, dennis michael cook. >> my brother and heart, paul
12:28 am
julius. thank you. donald difranco stephen patrick dimino william john dimmling marisa dinardo schorpp christopher m. dincuff jeffrey mark dingle anthony dionisio george dipasquale joseph dipilato douglas frank distefano ramzi a. doany john joseph doherty melissa c. doi brendan dolan robert e. doland. neil matthew dollard james joseph domanico benilda pascua domingo carlos dominguez alberto domingo. jerome mark patrick dominguez kevin w. donnelly jacqueline donovan
12:29 am
william h. donovan. >> my brother and my friend, michael to separate. >> and my uncle, james sidley junior. we love and miss you. you're forever in our hearts. stephen scott dorf thomas dowd kevin dowdell mary yolanda dowling raymond mathew downey frank joseph doyle joseph michael doyle randall l. drake. stephen patrick driscoll joseph michael doyle mirna a. duarte luke a. dudek christopher michael duffy
12:30 am
gerard duffy michael joseph duffy thomas w. duffy antoinette duger sareve dukat patrick don. christopher joseph dunne richard anthony dunstan patrick thomas dwyer joseph anthony eacobacci john bruce eagleson ..
12:31 am
12:32 am
>> robert elgin. dorris zook. rob ericsson. william irwin. jose take -- jose espenal. and my broad -- brother remiss you every day. and my daughter, i love you. imus you very much.
12:33 am
[speaking spanish] [bell ringing]. >> billy as the zero. >> francis as the o one
12:34 am
barbara quetzal brian evans robert edward evans. emilie elbert. catherine they again. patricia fagan. keith george. domtar os falcon berg. donna falcon berg. so we falcon berg. joey fallin william fallin. will alum fallin, jr.. dolores donnelley. robert segment. kathleen berringer.
12:35 am
nancy farley. elisabeth former. >> and my grandpa who died doing what he loved doing, saving people's lives. i love you so much. sodas nanny. >> and to my cousin been said the fazio we all love you and miss you very much. >> douglas for numb john barrels. john farrell. joseph perrelli said abdul fata when the faulkner. shannon fava.
12:36 am
robert farr lazio, jr.. ronald was eeoc near. william seehad francis feel the. garth fini. sean fagan. peter fetal bird. adam feinberg. rosa feliciano. edward welk's. edward fergus, jr. j. joseph
12:37 am
ferguson. henry mendez. into the fernandez. julio fernandez. police of gisele. and it pereira my brother-in-law fighter 101. we love you and we miss you you are for ever in our hearts and our prayers. and 21 of a kind god has given you your wings because you are my angel. and from your sense, we love you and miss you robber barons.
12:38 am
david for rouge geo. lewis marcy neve, jr.. jennifer elise. kristin nicole sidel and ilya fields. samuel fields. brad the senate and. michael fiorina. steven firarelli.
12:39 am
jon fisher. andrew fisher. bennett lawson. gerald fisher. lucy fishman. brian fitzgerald. thomas fitzpatrick. richard fitzsimmons. darlene flag. christine of flannery. and my brother frederic cox we will always remember and you will live in our hearts. and my brother john christopher dodd bless alex
12:40 am
and claudia and protect us or from all further acts of evil and teach us to truly love one another. eileen fletcher. lingerie fletcher. karl flick injured. matthew flacco joseph wonders. carol flizek michael full bore stephen photo. thomas foley. james bolger. david quantum and of could
12:41 am
win ford. donald four men. christopher foresight. claudia foster. know well foster. sandra foster. robert fulte. colleen francis. virgil francis. martin frank. peter frank. and christopher epps we love you and we miss you. spending your 40th birthday and have been. you are watching over us. your infectious smile and laugh will be ingrained into our hearts forever.
12:42 am
mommy has joined you and have been this year and we know you are taking care of her. she is taking care of you. we love you and my brother we miss every day. >> khalid frazier. derek frazier. kevin folly. andrew frederick. tabitha friedman. brat freeman. arlene fried alan freelancer. paul friedman. we said roth. peter draw paul james for model.
12:43 am
richard gabriel. richard gabrielle. pamela lee. anthony gallagher daniel gallagher. my father-in-law your newest brand son shares your birthday. law of that day shall love is all around us and knows no earthly bounce. >> we love you and we miss you and readings from your mom and rich and lisa and remiss you. god bless you. john gallagher.
12:44 am
been sent to bill rucci. geo bought nine cavalli. thomas gambino. ronald acampo of charles william. william. cesar garcia. jorge garcia. one garcia. carmen garcia. christopher gardner. douglas gardner. harvey gartner iii. jeffrey gartner. thomas gartner. william gardner.
12:45 am
rocco nino. james carton bird. matthew garvey. boy aid gatton and into my father i feel you with me every day. and to my husband paul matthew fury you are missed every day your smile is with us always and forever. i love you. peter day. terence is on a. paul hamilton. paul geiz stephen paul
12:46 am
gellar. steve then it genevieve in. when did george. suzanne gerradi. dennis germain. maria gertzberg. james gyer vincent giamona. james andrew garber sen. craig gibson. run geis.
12:47 am
and my brother your spirit lives on we miss you and we love you. please give mama hug for may. >> and my brother thomas fisher. i the view daddy. you will always be in my heart. >> andrew gilbert. paul gilbert. market dials ronald bill again. war of gilly. donna giordano. jon giordano. jeffrey giordano.
12:48 am
salvatore dieto. diane gladstone. keith class go. thomas r. when. edward glazer. barry glick. jeremy gluck. steven glick. steven nnzo. and my sister-in-law christine of landry we miss you and love you everyday. you are always in our hard. >> and my nephew we love you and miss you. as you know, you are my angel.
12:49 am
and you must rest in peace. we love field. >> brian goldberg. jeffrey gold long. michelle goldstein. monica goldstein. steven goldstein. ronald full-length the. ronald broken. and uribe gomez. jose gomez. many well gomez, jr.. alfredo gomez. janine gonzalez. >> we love you. >> lynn good child. joseph gooding. peter goodrich. harry goody. teheran kumar.
12:50 am
we said gordon stain. sebastian gorky karen garmin. thomas gorman. and douglas goal. eugene. and my uncle and godfather richard gabriel we love you. we miss you you're surrounded by family this year by your spirit lives on. >> my family member karen joseph gorman we list -- we miss you big guy. christopher brady. edwin graft iii.
12:51 am
david grayson. of all by representative. winds 10. christopher graves. james graves. wade green. wanted green. elaine greenberg. donald green. miguel green.
12:52 am
james greene they've, jr.. elizabeth straight. denise gregory. donald gregory. who florence gregory. john griffin. sherry griffin. joker fifth. and my husband, thain keogh for being in our lives. your beautiful smile look on our hearts and you're wonderful personality is missed and remembered by so, so many.
12:53 am
>> and my father francis. you are my hero. happy birthday. >> joseph kelo. david kirschner. francis grogan. josip grave lack. wrote robert josip shot. jose guadalupe. cindy guam. douglas gerrian.
12:54 am
phyllis the simpson. bar brad gerardo. andrea haber men. phillip had after. elizabeth hagerty. marylou hague. my father jeffrey, daddy your treasured in our memory and those who knew you. you left us a bit of a legacy we will carry on forever. i am so proud to be your daughter. we miss you every day. we love field. 1,000 kisses. >> to my son paul. 11 years have passed and i still hear your voice and see your face.
12:55 am
you are forever young and truly our tower of strength. mom and dad. >> [bell ringing]
12:56 am
>> richard all. stephanie hall. george hall. robert halla again. and then send how ran. police shut hamilton. robert hamilton. karl hammond, jr.. christopher handily. valerie and a.
12:57 am
kevin james hannaford sr.. tina hammond. christine hanson. peter hansen. kim hanson. gerald hard acre. jeffrey hardie. and two mitel go you were great fathers, sons, brothers and uncles. our family mrs. you very much and until we meet again >> i pray. i trust our savior jesus of
12:58 am
nazareth for my husband a god-fearing, god glorifying, got honoring and god love during humble and gentle, a gentleman. a loving husband. and a loving father. winston grand. i love you. >> samuel harland. harvey herald. steven herald. stuart harris. jon hardie. jon clinton hardie. peter hachette.
12:59 am
timothy kaskel. lender 1/2 have 30, jr.. like a house. timothy havilland. anthony hopkins. james haden. [bell ringing]
1:00 am
[silence] robert hayes. my goal the lead. tomorrows. both of my sons your
1:01 am
sister's wif's wife and children miss you very much. and my brother paul friedman my big brother also a son, father, husband, and nephew, a colleague, friend. i can still hear your voice and see your smile. you'll always be in our memory. we will always honor you. sheila hines. josephthal heller. ron hemingway. ron henderson. brian hennessy. joseph henry. william henry, jr..
1:02 am
caterina robinson. jon christopher. lindsey heinz iii. roberto hernandez. gary herald. thomas hetzel. timothy higgins. robert t. xcii. and my husband all the boys are at the cemetery right now drinking their budweiser like they do their premier for the last 11 years.
1:03 am
you would be so proud of jaime. we will never forget you. life is short. a mfather i love you daddy. >> camille keynes. have their. thomas hobbes. james hobin. ronald warner. patrick hley. marsha hoffman. steven hoffman. frederick kaufman. michele hoffman. judith hof miller.
1:04 am
judith hogan. thomas holeck. cora holland. john holland. joseph holland. elizabeth holmes. herbert over. leroy homeward, jr.. my uncle we are better people because of the lessons we learned from the life the lived my father stephen michael, daddy a think if you all the time i aim to make you proud. >> james hoffer. let them not -- montgomery ward. michael horne.
1:05 am
matthew horning. might go horax. charles houston. angela hutes. angela howard. steven howard. jennifer highly. mary and her check. paul hughes. chris hughes.
1:06 am
susan he we. robert hughes, jr.. john hubbard. timothy robert hughes. lamar holtz. >> get my big brother we miss you and love do end a special shot out to friends and family for support during the tough times to keep the strong. think do. >> william christopher hunt. joseph gerard hunter. and mine uncle of firefighter from rescue three per cry well loved son, brother, husband,
1:07 am
son, brother, husband, fathe r, now a grandfather, a cousin and fend too many. think do. >> stephen high land, jr.. robert him all. thomas hynes. walter hines. michael i again frederick christopher noble. stephanie herve. todd is it.
1:08 am
alexander. lacy ivory. into my father we love you and ms. you. and my father. dad it we love you, we miss you every day. >> broke jackson. jeremy jacobs. jason jacobs. michael jacobs. steven jacobsen. steven jacoby. jack dennis.
1:09 am
rabin jalbert. amy jarret. france was on the air. called jeffers. carlos jenkins. luis jimenez, jr.. charros and john. and my grandfather poppy will always live in our hearts coming your family and friends love you.
1:10 am
we know you would be so proud of your country for never forgetting. god bless america. >> my a uncle firefighter and a joke. we miss you always. >> michael johnson. william johnson. arthur jones iii. charles jones. donald jones. judith jones. linda jones. robert thomas jordon.
1:11 am
angry joseph. karl joseph. steven joseph. james josiah. karen juday. michael judge. bolger against. -- my father roberto hernandez. >> my nephew. they say time heals all wounds. it is not true. there is of the wade in our lives that will never be filled or healed.
1:12 am
they may have silenced your voice but your infectious laugh will always be heard. your in our minds and hearts forever. god bless. >> sherry kendall. and then send keynes. sheldon cantor. charros. william cared. charles caspar. robert michael.
1:13 am
edward kane. richard kane. we said griffin. carroll key sessler burma keating. brenda keebler. chandelier keller. joseph keller. peter keller men. john kelly. and my uncle and a loving uncle god bless him. >> for my identical twin
1:14 am
twin, stephen coach, the bond that was created could never be destroyed by hatred but will live and endure. your smile and spirit continues to inspire family and friends and all those who knew you. to all of the 9/11 family's especially the 46 sets of twins and cantor fitzgerald families may god keep you and bless you. dad is with you now. hug and kiss him for us. god bless you all. >> gregory kelly iii. james kelly. joseph kelly. maurice skelly. richard kelly, jr.. thomas kelly. thomas richard kelly. thomas w. kelly. timothy kelly. william kelly, jr.. robert kennedy. thomas kennedy.
1:15 am
negative kennedy. rolf kerr shop. douglas ketchum. sarah kind. mike goalkeeper. maren kim and our son and chris hughes. your family loves you and misses you. your friends miss you and i will be hiking amount ball
1:16 am
before you in sun valley. >> to my cousin we love you. thank you for being a wonderful father, , beyonce, a brother and grandfather and a wonderful friend. thank you for being the angel that watches over our family. we love you very much. we miss you. >> karen kincaid. amy king. andrew kane. lucille king. robert king junior. reset johnson. brian kinney. chris kirby. robert kirkpatrick.
1:17 am
how word kittle. alan kittle. peter klein. allen klein byrd. teheran kutzman. and your knocks. thomas patrick knox. gary -- keckler. gary costner.
1:18 am
the nassetta kolfax. and my brother we love you, we miss you. and to my cousin daniel, we miss you you're always in our thoughts and hearts and prayers. >> danielle. jon krenz.
1:19 am
patricia of koraz. angela keitz. joseph. >> and a mother.
1:20 am
[speaking spanish] my heart goes out to all of the 9/11 family's. >> and not only my brother-in-law but my best friend. today we cried for him but we also are happy. lead to us love each other a little more that there maybe better leaders in the world and. bless this country. a man. >> michael of fort.
1:21 am
one of la puente. william lake. michael lamana. brendan mine. roseanne line. merry langley. peter lingo. michelle lanza.
1:22 am
rabin larkey. christopher laraby. scott larsen. jon larson. natalee lastin. and my mother we miss you and we think about you all the time. >> and my cousin you are deeply loved by all and with us always. >> nikolas craig. steven hwan aria.
1:23 am
anna latherty. robin lawrence, jr.. nathaniel watson. james leghy. [bell ringing]
1:24 am
[silence] to assess leavy. can then. >> host. a lexus ledeu. david lee.
1:25 am
don lee. gary lee. won a dead lee. catherine lee. linda at lee. and my brother james joseph we miss you each and every day made this spirit and love and laughter that you share with us remain in our hearts forever until we meet again. >> and our son glenn, no you are up there watching as. you can be proud of your wife says she has raised those two wonderful boys leaders in their community emulating their father and everywhere. -- in every way. >> who lorain lee.
1:26 am
leon lee. richard lee. edward joseph lehman joseph lenihan. john robinson. jorge leon sr.. matthew leonard. jefferson levin. neil levin.
1:27 am
robert levin. robert michael levin. daniel louis . adam louis . jennifer list. cabinet was. margaret lewis. >> and my son peter klein. we miss you we will always remember you. and to my son, we love you, we miss you every single day. your and through the sends special love and hugs and. >> edward and.
1:28 am
steven lillian. craig demand. micki lindo. alec linden, jr.. francisco alberto.
1:29 am
been sent leeto. george elaine. elizabeth logler. jerome loez. >> my cousin richard. >> my lovely daughter suzanne. >> michael. salvatore lopez. george lopez.
1:30 am
luis lopez. menu well lopez. charles ludwig. marie lucas. my goal london.
1:31 am
christopher london. anthony loez. >> and mike uncle i wish you could see how big they are now and how proud to be on how she does raise them. we love you, we miss you. >> and my son michael allen, thank you for the month and the legacy left me, your grandmother and united states navy. >> alexander lay against. peter lynch. james lynch. louise lynch.
1:32 am
michael francis lynch. richard lynch, jr.. robert lynch, jr.. sean lynch. sean patrick lynch. karen lynch. michael lyons. >> michael. >> patrick lyons. mariane mcfarland. susan mackey. william mekel. simon madison. added james maffio.
1:33 am
>> my dear son police officer we love you, we miss you. god bless. >> my brother-in-law and j. robert. we miss you. >> j. robert magazine. charles w. mcgee. ronald magnuson. thomas made car. william money. deborah maldonado. craig cory malone. which joseph maloney.
1:34 am
francisco man seen a. maria manning. alfred martin. >> and 95, it angell and my hero paramedic we love you, we miss you you will for ever be in our hearts. >> and my 85 we wish we had got to know. firefighter from ladder 20. >> peter edwards. hundred joseph. charles joseph.
1:35 am
10 marino. kevin marlo. john marshall. shelley marshall. peter martin. theresa martin. william martin, jr.. that's the martinez. jose martinez, jr.. robert martinez. lizzy martinez. firefighter joseph of the scali stephen frank mass
1:36 am
the. >> and our son devoted brothers began my uncle we miss you. >> charles mothers. william mathisen. margaret matter is. timothy mod.
1:37 am
charros morrow, jr.. dorothy morrow. robert maxwell. tyrone may. edward mazella, jr.. james joseph, jr.. and my beautiful cousin dennis, beloved son, husband and father to three beautiful girls.
1:38 am
we miss you everyday. >> and my sister katherine. mom and dad and i will always under you and carry with us. >> john mcelroy. might call mc kabe. kevin mccarthy. kevin mccarthy. robert mccarthy. kb marie. ruth mc court.
1:39 am
joseph macdonald. michael mcdonald. daniel mcginley. thomas mcginnis. >> and my father william edward, daddy iowa's nine months old when you passed away and i will love you forever. emilie and i miss you so much. everyone i know tells me that i am a mini me nephews.
1:40 am
>> we love you, we miss you it is wonderful to see live on three daughters eyes and smile. i love you. we will never forget you. >> malia mcgovern. >> france is now well. >> thomas mcginnis, jr. >> patrick maguire. >> thomas mchail. michael edward, jr.. donald mcintyre.
1:41 am
stephanie mckenna. molly mackenzie. of the land kennedy. george mclaughlin, jr.. rabin mcmahon. daniel mcneill. walter macneil. sean nick nolte. >> and my cousin affectionately known as
1:42 am
sundance. we love you, we miss you on behalf of family and now uncle johnny is resting with you. >> weigh in diss daughter, of the sunshine of my life forever. we love you, we miss you i know you are in god's hands and we will be together again. to the 9/11 responders and god bless america. america would not be america without god. >> timothy mcs sweeney. margin mcwilliams.
1:43 am
william mehan, jr.. escobar melendez. merry melendez. charles mendez. shibani mendez. wolfgang mandel.
1:44 am
alfredo mercado. alan hardie. george marino. and my husband ruby from our children and all those who love you, we miss you and think of you consummate. keep sending us signs and do me a favor tell my dad a joke and give him a hug. >> to read best friend we think about you. we love you, we miss you. everyday. i hope you're always smiling. where prewar. >> jill met's letter.
1:45 am
>> david meyer. william edward. peter milano. lucas thomas. corey miller. craig miller. douglas miller. firefighter henry millard, jr.. latter 105. joe miller. michael miller. nicole miller.
1:46 am
robert allen miller robert cromwell miller, jr. >> ronald milstein william minority. >> and my brother firefighter brian engine 226. and my brother-in-law that i never met to unfortunately. ladder 15. we tried so hard to find you. you still remain here along with so many others. this is our site as much it
1:47 am
battlefield and cemetery as much as a memorial. god bless you both, ameritech, our military end first responders. [applause] >> and my beautiful nephew. jon ascend the palo. every second of everyday was a gift. we love you, we miss you. >> paul mitchell.
1:48 am
dennis mohica. brawny and monegan. franklin moynahan. jon moynahan. craig montano.
1:49 am
antonio valdez. thomas moody. >> and my father philip. with a very heavy heart i stand here today to pay homage to the man i had the privilege of calling my father. time does not heal the hurt to and said this week continue to feel after that day 11 years ago. wonderful husband, father, father-in-l aw, a grandfather, come of brother, uncle, a friend. someone special to anyone who had the good fortune who got to know him.
1:50 am
you are loved and mr. more with the passing day. we will never forget you. you will for ever be in our hearts. finally come on behalf of our family we would like him make engine company 217 where my father so proud the served the dignity and respect have shown my father and family we'll stay with us the rest of our lives. god bless the fdny and the united states of america. >> and my father. behalf of mom patrick and myself we could not ask for a better husband and father although you're not
1:51 am
physically with those we feel your love and guidance every day. >> carlos morales list. morales. sonya morales. gerard moran, jr.. john moran. lindsay morehouse. dorothy morgan. richard morgan.
1:52 am
nancy morgan stan. odessa morris. steve morris. christopher morrison. william moscow. cynthia wilson. >> did hopper when other you're crazy irish spirit lives on. you're always of our hearts. we love you, we miss you. god bless. >> and my uncle dennis.
1:53 am
we love you, we miss you. >> christopher mozillo. michael moen. dennis mulligan. peter mulligan.
1:54 am
teresa ahmanson. charles murphy. christopher murphy. edward murphy. james murphy. patrick murphy. patrick shaun murphy. raymond murphy. and my brother-in-law robert , bobby i am proud to say my firstborn son bears get your name. until your presence guiding my family and gives me comfort that one day i will finally get to embrace the man i truly admire. >> to my beautiful daughter
1:55 am
we love you, we miss you especially the gorgeous mile. >> robert murphy, jr.. jon murray. jawed joseph murray. valerie burry. lewis mackie ii. mildred rose. frank naples iii.
1:56 am
kerrigan navarro. peter negron. and nelson. david william nelson. >> and my uncle we love you, we miss you very much. you always be in our hard. >> and my brother. and his wife. we miss you deeply. nodded day goes by that we
1:57 am
the w.. our hearts ache every day and for ever. we love you. >> james nelson. gerard now evidence. and christopher in newton. trade bill seven. troy nelson.
1:58 am
curtis knoll. daniel dolan. >> and my cousin we love you, we miss you nodded day that goes by that i don't think about you. >> and my father we love you, we miss you but we know that you are w you, we miss you but we know that you are watching over us when anybody is in a dark place. grand mal wanted to be here with us but now she is waiting to join you when the time is right. >> brian ynez.
1:59 am
james p. o. right-hand, jr.. michael o'brien. scott o'brien. timothy o'brien. daniel callahan. dennis o'connor, jr.. keith o'connor. is still up hall. james a. andrew o'grady


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