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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  September 22, 2012 8:45am-10:00am EDT

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keep everything kind of together. don't over organize your notes. don't put them in folders and things like that because you want to allow interesting collisions to happen between your ideas, but the important thing is to go back and re-read all of those notes. go achievement back and look atm six years ago, visit that past self, and ideas he or she had. that's what the common place book was like for the enlightment, stitched together passages from books they read that they were inspired by, and write notes about them and then go back and reread this book, which was, itself, a remixed sampled clippings of all of these other ideas, and their intellectual presence, their intellectual self was formed by a re-reading and reimagining of
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other people's idea? >> steven johnsons is the guest next month on "in-depth," the science writer will look at the computer culture and networks in politics, live, sunday october 7th at noon eastern here on c-span2. presenting thoughts on what a second term for the obama administration would look like. the author contends the president's policies would great ly reduce america's global influence. it's about a hour and ten. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. please, sit down. i'm excited and thrilled to be
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here with barack obama in this election year, i think we are dealing with one of the most mysterious and odd figures ever to occupy the oval office. a few days ago, i received a phone call, i didn't recognize the area code, and the phone call was actually from kenya, and i answered it, and it was actually george obama, the president's half brother. he's the youngest son of barack obama, senior. he said, i'm calling because my 2-year-old son is in the hospital with a serious chest condition, and i wondered if you could help me. i said, are you at the hospital, george? yes. hand the phone to the nurse. he did. the nurse confirmed that
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george's son is sick with a chest infection. i sold george i would send him a thousand dollars by western union. i said, george, suspect there anybody else to ask? why are you calling me? [laughter] he said, no. he said, this was the line that kill me, he said, you're like a brother to me. now, i thought to myself, here 1 ssh -- is a young man, half brother of the united states. barack is not only a multimillionaire, but the most powerful man in the world. yet his half brother can't call him in a time of need, and this same half brother is living in a six by ten hut slum dog millionaire style in the slum of
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the nairobi. he has to walk through sewage to get to the nearest street. this is a guy not just living in poverty, but in third world poverty. what's going op here? the simple explanation is that barack is a hypocrite. he has made the idea we have obligations to our fellow man, the center piece of his reaction campaign. one of his favorite lines that he recently uttered at the national prayer breakfast is, "we are our brother's keeper." in my film, 2016, by the way, the film is coming to michigan. just look at the website, [applause] in the film, i asked george that. i said, george, obama said you
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are our brother's keeper. you are his brother. what has he done to keep you? revealingly, george says, go ask him. hypocrisy seems to be the natural explanation. by the way, george is not an isolated case. obama has an aunt, his brother's sister, not his immediate family, but as she speaks, she's selling coal on the streets of a small village in kenya, has no teeth, and wants dentures, but she does not have the money. obama has not contributed a penny to help her either. in 2006, obama went to the hometown where his father grew up. there's a local school there, and they were excited he was coming, they renamed the school, barack obama school. obama toured the school with all kinds of celebrities and the prime minister of kenya, and
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obama said i'm going to help this school and provide books and fills, i see you don't have sanitation or proper water supplies, i'll look after you. since then, the school sent multiple requests and letters and reminders, absolutely no help forthcoming from obama. once again, the simple explanation is we're dealing with a guy who doesn't live by his own standard, but i want to suggest there's a deeper mystery than that, something else is going on. here we get the heart of the ide loming call mystery -- ideological mystery of barack obama. who is this guy? interestingly both on the left and right, there's app effort to fit obama into american history. oh, he's a civil rights guy. he's a martin luther king guy. he's a progressive. among conservatives, you get the same thing, an effort to shoe
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horn obama into an idea of american history. i want to argue that that attempt very often ignores obama's own history, his own story. one of the most striking aspects in the film is we actually use obama's own voice. kind of got the idea for the film, surfing on am sop, and i noticed that obama had read his own book and audio books. that's a striking book because when you listen to obama, i mean, for example, he does multiple accents, blacks, whites, men, women, and i realized here's obama telling his own story. i got the idea of teaming up with a hollywood guy. i was lucky to find gerald mullen, a closet conservative in hollywood, a long time partner of steven spielberg, the producer of "twister" and "jury rase sick park," "hook"
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"schhindler's list." this book is shot in hawaii, chicago, new york, india, indonesia, and kenya. it raises the curtain on barack obama and who the guy is and what his underlying compass is. why does he actually want to take america? the puzzle of obama is that we tend to try to understand him in conventional democratic categories. for example, obama will block and restrict and regulate oil drilling in america, and we're tempted to say, well, he's an environmentalist. he's another al gore. he's worried that in gore's words, you know, the earth has a fever, global warming. [laughter] but then when we watch obama a little more closely, we realize that's not really right because
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while obama is blocking oil drilling in america, he is promoting it in other countries. he, through the import and export bank, he gives millions to brazil, columbia, and mexico to drill for oil. then you have a deeper mystery. why is he for oil drilling over there, but not over here. what's really going on? when we turn to taxes and debt, we find the same thing. obama seems to be spending money per miscue lousily, racking up the national debt. by the way, the highest bush deficit in one year was under $500 billion, and bush was a big spender. the lowest obama deficit is a trillion dollars. obama's added $5 trillion to the national debt, and presumably in the next four years, if he's
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reelected, he'll had $5 trillion more, and then we'll be 20,000 billion dollars in debt. one-half of that debt added by one man. from george washington to bush, $10 trillion. with obama for eight years, 10 more. america would not just be facing decline, but collapse. again, it's one thing for a rich country to spend irresponsibly to rack up the credit card, but a certain point comes in which any responsible person can see you're reaching the point where somebody's going to come and take away your car, furniture, your tv, and your house. why would you keep spending in that way even when you were approaching that point? what possible logic could that have? when you look on the international scene, you see some extremely troubling developments that are equally
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mysterious. obama says we have to prevent genocide, and he uses force against libya. the number of people killed by gadhafi, at that point, was 250. meanwhile, over a period of many months, tens of thousands of of people killed in syria, and obama absolutely refuses to use force. what explains why he intervenes with force here, but not over there? obama has been active in egypt in pushing mubarak out of power. not only that, but now that there's a power struggle going on between the military and the muslim brotherhood, the obama administration is intervening on the side of the muslim brotherhood warning the egyptian military turn over power to the muslim brotherhood, or we'll cut off military aide. he can say he's a champion of democracy.
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these people were freely elected, and, yet, a year earlier in 2009, when there were massive demonstrations, bigger than in that her square -- tahir square in teheran calling for democracy, call for free elections, obama flatly refusioned to support the democrats saying we have to stay out of this. there's a debate going on in iran. let them settle it. it was settled with the muslim s beating on the protesters. that was that. why here and not there? as far as i can tell, no explanation. it's not enough to look at the things he's doing, but dig a little bit and see why he's doing them. what's the underlying single standard that can unravel obama's apparent double standard? i think we get a clue from this when we actually look at obama's
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past. obama's dream is quite clearly not the american dream, at least not as understood by the founders'. it's not even martin luther king's dream. the theme of the film, and actually of the new book called "obama's america," his dream is the dream from his father. that's the title of his own autobiography. his father, who grew up in kenya, who was a third world guy, an anti-american guy, who was by his own claim a socialist, was also, you might say an anti-colonialist, his father was actually absent for most of obama's life. what i didn't realize when i first started writing about this was the enormous impact of obama's mother. obama's mother is presented by obama as the white bred girl from kansas, the all-american girl. she was actually quite radical,
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a 60s girl before the 60s. she wanted to merry a third world anti-american guy, and she found one, barack obama. he divorced her, and she looked for another third world guy, and she found one again, an i understand indonesia guy. in the absence of the father, the mother cultivated in young obama this reverence for the absentee dad saying your father is a mythic figure, a hero like she comparedded him to mandella, a great freedom fighter. in reality, he was not that. he was at harvard or driving drunk in kenya, ultimately killed a man in a drunk driving accident. this was not the real barack obama senior, but the idea
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cultivated in obama's mind. when obama got older, he realized his dad was not like that. his sister told him, why are you revering this great dad of ours? he actually was not the guy you think he was. obama has a sort of a crisis. .. i am going to adopt his ideals and make some 9 and carry them
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out. so this is barack obama's if you will anti colonial dream. interestingly throughout his life obama sought out a bunch of guys, you won't find madison or jefferson on the list, these are the guys that obama -- he didn't bump them on the street and it is quite a group. in hawaii former communist frank marshall davis legally professor of terror. of brazilian socialist who has called for russia, china, india and brazil to hang up on the united states. he says the premier boll is to
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end american hegemony. bring america down from being number one to number 3 legal 4, 5 and six. rober robertojoined the socialist government of brazil. he is at harvard where he fits right in. obama went on to help with domestic terrorist bill airs and jeremiah right, mr. god damn america himself. these were his buddies. these were the people who obama sought as surrogate fathers who could teach him chapter and verse of the anti colonial ideology. what was this ideology? the key to understanding anti
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colonialism is it is seen as the product of -- the key anti colonial idea is how do rich companies become rich? why do people live better in britain and germany and america than real vision narrow or jakarta or mumbai? the west invaded and occupied those countries. wealth is not earned. it is the results of piracy. barack obama senior wrote an article talking about what does the country do with all these rich guys at the top? he mentions a bunch of solutions. one of them is high tax rates. there is nothing to stop the government from taxing 100% of income. 1 hundred% tax rates.
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you might say anyone familiar with economics would know this is nuts. why would anyone propose it? but once you plug in the underlying anti colonial idea it makes sense. imagine if you came to my house and stole my furniture. what is the proper tax rate for you? 100% because it is not your furniture. if wealth is seen as appropriated there's nothing wrong with the government using all its power to take it back. let's fast forward to obama's recent comments to business guys, you didn't build that. not you. it is society. society created the wealth. you are swooping in and skimming off the top. it doesn't belong to you. this is an authorization for the government to seize -- the government is not taking from you. the underlying assumption is it wasn't yours to begin with.
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all the conservative arguments about incentives don't really matter. the question how do you deal with steve? you don't provide them with incentives. you punish them. you take away their ill-gotten gains. the second part of anti colonialism apart from the idea of fact is the idea that america and american power is bad for the world. that america is not a force of freedom but america is a force of exploitation. if you look at the jewel movement of obama's policies, they are linked. what is he doing? domestically he is expanding the power of the state. internationally he is shrinking or contract thing power of the united states. he is expanding state power locally and reducing american
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power in the world. why would obama support oil-drilling abroad? but not here? nothing to do with environmentalism. i don't think obama cares if the earth is getting hotter or colder. he doesn't know. he doesn't care. what he is attempting is global energy redistribution. he is trying to make sure the previously colonized countries have more energy to grow faster and putting the cents on the colonize the which is to say us. why is obama promiscuously spending money as if the deficit didn't matter? obvious the republicans didn't have congress he would have spent a lot more. the reason he is doing and i believe is because he's using the dead has a way to settle america's colonial debt. the idea here is that america owes the world big-time,
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trillions of dollars. obama knows he can't propose a foreign-aid program. even democrats wouldn't vote for that much give away. think about how that achieves the same results. if our children and grandchildren are saddled with trillions of dollars of debt they have to pay at back. did deal of that debt is owned by the kuwaitis and the saudis and the chinese. it is the form of global redistribution. consider the so-called arabs spring. why is obama intervening over here but not over there? two dictators have been kicked out. gaddafi in libya and hosni mubarak in egypt and a bunch of dictators us still in place, assad holding power in syria and the laws in iran. what do gaddafi and hosni mubarak have in common? to some degree they are allied
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with the united states. gaddafi is a thug but since 2002, a relatively well-behaved the. doing business with america, outing terrorists, paying reparations for the lockerbie bombing. mubarak was the biggest ally in the region not counting is real. they are out. who is in? assad is our deadly enemy. supporter of hezbollah and close ally of the mall ofs in iran. what is going on? do i have the temerity to suggest obama is actually -- that he hates america? trying to destroy the country? here is what he is trying to do. he is trying to reduce america's footprint in the middle east and in the world because he thinks we have been stepping on the world. how does he do that? the way he does that is by
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undermining america's allies and by allowing our enemies to gain strength. obama has done virtually nothing significant to block iran from getting a nuclear bomb. he is cutting america's nuclear arsenal. when america -- one obama came to power america had 11,000 warheads and now down to 15,000. obama has asked the pentagon has asked 300 warheads. and then he goes around saying he dreams of a world free of nuclear weapons. kind of a nice idea i guess but here is the problem. china is building and modernizing its arsenal. so with pakistan. iran is trying to get a nuclear bomb. in reality while obama articulates this dream the only country whose nuclear weapons he can actually reduce i his own. why is he doing it?
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to level the nuclear playing field. he is the essentially cutting america's nuclear arsenal so that he can end the era of american superiority where america is globally dominant. he is trying to restore the world before colonialism. in the year 1500 we looked around the world there were several great powers. china, india, arab islamic world and civilization of the americas. there was no single superpower like america. i believe obama wants us to go back to that world. where does this leave us? one of the powerful things about our film 2016 is that it shows obama's agenda in his own words. it links them to his actions and this shows what the likely next move is going to be in a number of key areas.
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ultimately with obama you can understand where he is going if you don't know his core ideology. we haven't even seen the real obama. we will see the real obama in the second term. a first term president is tethered to public opinion and has to maintain constituency. in the second term in a sense he can come out of the closet. he can be himself. i think with obama we are facing a very interesting challenge which is does america want to go this way? obama is not a traditional democrat. if you went to bill clinton or john kerry or al gore and said isn't it a good thing for america to be number one in the world they would say yes of course it is. i think obama's point of view it would be fine if america were number 18 or number 64 in the world. just one normal country like finland or d'souza -- or greece or somalia at the dining table of nations.
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in my view that is obama's goal. not that he hates america. he is fundamentally looking at america frugal lives. what he is trying to do is write bishop of the world of the-the age of american superiority obama would like to see end. imagine if one man could do that in eight years. the american passport would have no worth around the world and american currency would be nothing special and a lot of americans would despise obama but at that point he wouldn't really care. why? because he would have achieved single-handedly what no one else has been able to do before. no roman emperor could have
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singlehandedly brought down a roman empire. people talk about ending the british empire took two destructive world wars to do that. i think in 2016 if obama gets ready to clean out his office whenever his reputation in america if he can achieve his goal he will ultimately be vindicated by that still small voice in his own head that says to him well done, true and faithful servant. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. [applause]
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>> do we have a few minutes for questions? i believe we do. questions from the audience? we have roving microphone for them too. >> i want to say i really enjoyed -- the best example figuring out where the man -- thank you for all the work you do on that. your documentary is 2016 but there's a god in heaven, what do you think he will try to do as an ex-president to further the dreams from his father? >> the question is what would obama look to do in a second term? my earlier book the roots of obama's rays was published in 2010 and it covered 15 months of
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the obama presidency. it was a book that advanced through a bold pherae about obama but there wasn't enough that obama did that could prove or disprove the theory. the new book, "obama's america" is able to look at the full four years of the obama presidency and also begin to look forward. to answer your question very briefly i think if we look forward to 2016 -- i would be focused on the frog love the state of israel. why? because israel is in my view and obama's view is a little colonial power sitting on muslim land. the people fighting israel from that point of view are seen as freedom fighters. this helps to explain why obama is wrongly perceived as a secret
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muslim. he is not. he seems weirdly sympathetic to muslim jihadis fighting against america and israel. that is what causes people to think he is a muslim but the reason he supports those guys is he sees those guys as occupied people pushing out the occupiers. one question for obama and this would be a difficult and bold question how do i remove the state of israel? if you are an anti colonialist it is not enough to give the west bank and gaza, is really setting on muslim land. you have to figure out how to give that land back. that is the first challenge for obama. i outlined how obama can do that. the second challenge is in the middle east there are three important countries, egypt and iran and saudi arabia. egypt is in the hands of the radical muslims. iran is in the hands of the radical muslims.
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iran is unsuccessful in supporting the revolution. 25 years it was just iran. now egypt is on its way to the radical islamic for the and that leaves toorbit and that leaves to my mind saudi arabia. if i were obama and would demand that they put on -- the muslim brotherhood. you have to be democrat leaders will put your name is on the ballot and let's see who wins. kind of obvious who would win an election. it would be the muslim brotherhood and if that happens then radical muslims controlled a tripod of three significant countries in the region. we are moving closer to a prospect i call the united states of islam which is the unification of the middle east under a single power and the restoration after 500 years of islam as a global power.
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these are very important -- i'm not wildly conjecturing. i am talking about things that already happened and what the logical next step would be. next question. >> when will 2016 be available on they 3d? before the election? >> the film is currently as of now in 130 theaters. is doing really well. it is in the top 10 films in america. [applause] >> it is going to ramp up. 600 theaters next friday and we hope to be everywhere by the time of early september when americans began to focus on politics so the film will remain in the theaters through september and maybe the first week of october and we will have one month after that to do dvd,
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home box office and other formats, television. so the dvd will be in the last four weeks leading up to the election. >> wonderful speech. wonderful program. what do you think is in obama's college records that he has concealed and his work record and why does he have a selective service card from connecticut when he never lived in connecticut. what do you think his relationship is to the biblical antichrist? >> there tends to be a lot of emphasis on the bursar controversy with obama but interestingly obama took the
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s.a.t. to get into college but his score is unknown. at columbia his grades are unknown. the contents are unknown. end the new york times wanted to interview people who knew obama when he was a student at columbia. people who may have room with him or janitors to clean his apartment. they couldn't find a single person alive who knew obama. and obama flat refused to provide any such information. obama recently in david maraniss's book about obama he names a girl who dated obama, claims she was the girlfriend that obama refers to in his own book but their stories don't match. when meredith went to obama obama said i had lots of girlfriends which is interesting because none of them have come ford. no journalist has interviewed
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many of them. this is a man with many black holes in his biography. i think this is the result -- when we were doing our film we would be in hawaii and indonesia and talked to people related to the obamas and knew his dad and his mom and a new young obama and i asked when rio interviewed and we have never been interviewed. no one has been down here so incredibly this is the biggest story in america and being truly uncovered in the mainstream press. it is a little bit of the scandal and not good for our democratic politics. not just the liberal media. the liberal media was tough on clinton and carter. there's another factor going on that leads people in the press not only to not cover obama but when incriminating information surfaces to try to squelch it can discredit the people who are
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bringing it out. that gives you a preview of the reaction you can expect as our film does national. thank you. next question right here. >> each of us knows people that would not come here. people you could not even have a logical discussion about the contents of this seminar with other speakers included. each will see this movie. [applause] >> do you think the people who are not here, people who refuse to talk about it will go to this movie? perhaps the guy standing out front? >> the question is how do you get independence in to the theater? the answer will seem a little paradoxical. independents don't go to see
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political films, political documentary's however well made. the way to make the film succeed is for conservatives on mass to go to it because if the film is a massive success among conservatives the liberals will start screaming and when the liberals started screaming i don't know if you saw a couple days ago, if you look -- a very constipated look on his face for a whole half hour but he was sputtering. his basic question was you can't say that. you can't possibly believe that. liberal in the nation is written into our marketing strategy. [applause] >> the point being when independents here everyone is talking about this, i will be voting in a few months let me go
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see the film. that is how you get independents into the theater. even if you have like-minded friends it is important for conservative films generally don't make it into the theater. is important that our film do well in order to generate the kind of debate and have the kind of reach we need to have. >> what baffles me, as much as we do know about obama, some of that, based on your research and other books, how are the liberals able to keep all this out of the mainstream press when a conservative mentions anything about his birth certificate or where he attended college, we have every reason to believe he never did attend college.
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there must be tremendous money, somebody like george soros who has been sponsoring obama like the chosen one to save the world. he has gotten away -- don't want to use the word murder but was impossible a few years ago. >> you are dealing with two meteor's coming from different places but firing in the same direction. i don't think obama is a spawn of soros and neither is he part of obama. george soros represents european anti-american this stain and discussed at this new barbaric country at the top of the world and george soros has that familiar european analyst for america. obama's animus is from different
9:26 am
shores. his third world anti-americanism based on the anti colonial atmosphere of the 60s and 70s. there is anti colonialism in europe also. that european anti colonialism is based on guilt. third world anti colonialism is based on rage. those two can intersect but there different emotions. these search ships moving in the same direction. that is the point. with obama it is not that he is a pawn of someone. the key to obama's success is he has a secret weapon and what is the secret weapon? his secret weapon is he is able to offer white america the second of racial absolution. [applause] >> it is not by virtue of being an african american president.
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it is by virtue of being a special kind of african-american president. not jesse jackson. not al sharpton. obama lets people feel really good about supporting him. you think about a guy like chrismac use. imac chrismac use 25 years ago and debated him and he is a hard bitten guy. to the neil's chief of staff would hang on with the longshoremen in boston. notice when he talks about obama he becomes strangely effeminate. he talks about thrills running down his leg. he embarrasses himself -- why does he do that? he is setting himself on the
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back saying i'm such a morally admirable person that i vote for barack obama. incredible power is seen as morally important for the united states and obama to succeed. that is part of the reason you have this media support for obama. >> as an extension of what i said the earlier i thought we had a constitution and a congress that would make it impossible for man like obama to become president of the united states let alone a second term. by that i mean he uses executive orders to do what he wants to do. congress is not maning the. conservatives don't control both houses but he has gotten away with a lot of stuff that would not be permissible in our constitution. congress has been unable to
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block it. >> i want to move on to bring in more questions. >> you mention obama using the tool of debt to redistribute wealth in the united states. the federal reserve and the way it works do you envision based on your understanding that he is going to use the full of hyperinflation to destroy the american middle class and the dollar? >> inflation is the most familiar way to deal with the debt. you just print money and devalue the money that is already out there now. for a while when i was thinking about my book "obama's america" i was wrestling with this and thinking if obama has these policies, not only going to hurt
9:30 am
the rich but actually going to hurt a lot of ordinary americans and even for americans. if you start printing money rich people don't generally have their money in non-cash. for people likely to have dollar bills that will drop in value to $0.50 or whatever. why would obama do this if it would hurt the middle class or the 4? occurred to me the middle class and before are not for by world standards. if we talk about the 1% or the 99%, my office in new york, occupy wall street, i look at these occupied eyes, we are the 99% and the offices are 1% but they are thinking in america. if you apply global standards middle-class americans or 4 americans make $20,000 a year you are wealthy by world
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standards. the global point of view you have to pay. you have to resist the rhetoric you hear all over television even on the conservative side which is obama doesn't realize the taxation will not help the economy. he is not trying to help the economy. obama doesn't realize assad is not our friend ands, if we cut our nuclear weapons this will not inspire the laws to do the same. i believe obama already knows that. he is not trying to motivate the mullahs in iran but just do what he is doing. even as conservatives we think obama is trying to do x but he is getting wide. i am saying no. obama is not getting results opposite to what he intends. he intends the result is getting. of iraq applause]
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>> good afternoon. welcome to michigan. i don't want to put you on the spot but donate $60 to your $1,000 gift -- [applause] >> if you don't want to take it next time you asked for money at it in. conservatives dig in their own pockets to solve problems. liberals look of the government to take care of them. [applause] >> george is doing okay. i will buy tickets to the film and give them too young people who might not otherwise go. [applause] >> if obama is given a second term what types of changes in his administration or his cabinet, what changes do you see
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happening that will help achieve his goals? >> obama in his personal appointments has to be a little cautious in the first term. partly because he was a new he needed to figure out how to operate and maneuver so he started with some clinton people and he realized pretty soon that the clinton people were trying to block him. they were trying to block him because they are traditional democrats. if you look in bob woodward's book he talks about the fact that again and again on iraq and afghanistan the issue in iraq and afghanistan is not sure america get out? george bush would have pulled us out. the intention was always to get out. it is the peculiar way obama operates. obama will say he will open up secret negotiations with the taliban. he will say we are trying to find good taliban.
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good taliban -- the obama people are doing business with them. the point being obama's approach again and again or opposed by hillary clinton and the defense department and see people around him and this is why the idea that obama is a big bungler is not true. obama has actually read the find the citizen's relationship to the government and redefined foreign-policy and shrunk our footprint in the world and achieved more in one term than any democrat since fdr from his point of view. from our point of view we see him not doing the things we want and we think he is foolish but he doesn't intend to do those things. by his own standard he is succeeding spectacularly and we can expect him to succeed more in the second term if he gets one buffo -- second term. >> i refer to your debates with
9:35 am
christopher hichens -- are you going to be continuous or is this a transition given hour and a stable future here or is this something you will continue to do? >> the question is about my second career. i am imprison of a liberal arts college which is a christian college. i have one foot in two world. i write about politics and have been doing that for 25 years. i am a secular writer but in the last few years i have been taking on many of the leading new atheist's around the country and the baiting them on campuses. christopher hichens was my most formidable opponent. he died some months ago. i am doing those debates. it keeps us thinking about the big questions that remain
9:36 am
important but my attention now and over the next several months is focused very much. the question about the antichrist. i am not sure where to begin with that one. [applause] >> go-ahead. >> thanks for coming to michigan. there are some people -- you made a comment about the possibility in eight years of a single person destroying america. i agree with you. if reagan was known as the great communicator obama's legacy will be the great destroyer. testify to the truth of what you say to build a tower that took a couple hours to knock down. harder to build a business than destroy it.
9:37 am
at any rate you made a comment in 2016 when obama cleans out his desk. my thing is the hope--so hates our constitution that what makes you think we will ever have elections after that or he will do away with term limits? [applause] >> the question is about obama and -- he subscribes to and ideology that ones a very different america. in the late nineteenth century there was a debate in britain, britain was at the peak of his influence between the british prime minister and his opponent william gladstone about the issue of empire. what makes us great is we are a world power. what makes us great is the largest economy in the world.
9:38 am
we matter and this is what defines british greatness. gladstone said no. he said i am for little england. he said we should give up this empire. we don't need it. we should go back to small plots of land and grow our petunias and tends to our vegetable gardens and be content that way. gladstone could not realize his own vision. it took two world wars to bring down the british empire but across the span of time we get insight into obama. obama believes in little america. by that he means a smaller economy, smaller american role in the world. obama says this in directly. he says we have 5% of the world's population but we use 25% of the world's resources and
9:39 am
energy and oil. he is saying we are consuming beyond our share. he would like us to eat 5% of the world's food and 5% of the world's) 5% of the world's wealth. obama implicitly set forward the standard which is not racial reparations but global reparations. that is a realizable goal in eight years. america has only been the world's superpower for 20 years. america has been a super power since world war ii. could actually come to an end by 2016. quite honestly if it does obama has nothing left to do. maybe he just wants to enjoy the trappings of power but he will have achieved his goal if i am correct that that is actually his goal. >> i was wondering what your thoughts are why president obama
9:40 am
authorized the military action that killed osama bin laden? did he do it for political reasons or were there other considerations that work? >> obama in his book the audacity of quote makes an interesting observation about osama bin laden. he says, quote, he is no coach gene man --ho chi minh. ho chi minhwas a good guy, freedom fighter trying to push the french and americans out of vietnam. he was a good guy. obama is not -- osama bin laden is not a freedom fighter in the same sense. he is not defending his own country against american occupation. fees he is joining with gangsters who knocked down our
9:41 am
buildings in different countries. from obama's point of view there is an important distinction. islamic jihad these fighting in iraq and afghanistan and palestine are freedom fighters. they should be given constitutional rights to close down guantanamo and treat them like u.s. citizens. osama bin laden and the al qaeda guys are gangsters. international criminals. there is no inconsistency. it is explained why obama would use force against osama bin laden while remaining on the solicitous toward muslim jihadis in so-called occupied territories. >> i am returning veteran from afghanistan. [applause] >> my question in afghanistan
9:42 am
and also the drawdown of forces worldwide and the force of the u.s. military. do you feel he wants to dismantle the u.s. military or is there other reason behind it? >> the question is about the military and the resources to the military. when obama is asked about the military, there have been deep cuts. he says we can't afford it. [talking over each other] >> i am trying to say obama suggests we are in a budget crisis and can't afford military spending. doesn't feel that way about other domestic spending. he is letting every division grow. this gives you an idea his -- you want to cut nuclear weapons you can but have to increase
9:43 am
conventional warheads. china could put 1 hundred million people in the battlefield. we rely on technology and superior force to counter the invasion of taiwan. we need to put a lot of boots on the ground and ships and conventional forces are costlier. what obama is doing is this regard to what is known for decades and he is cutting both. he is cutting the military and drawing down nuclear forces. what is going on? obama's strategy is the opposite of reagan. he is through weakness. and to put it more sharply, if reagan deserves credit for the dissolution of the soviet empire it may be that obama will have
9:44 am
to help produce the united states of islam. >> two quick questions. i have heard some mumblings the thing they're not looking good for his reelection he will impose martial law. your thoughts on that and if he does get reelected what can we do to stop him from bringing us down? >> first question about martial law. i won't speculate on that. i think we have plenty to go on with what obama is actually doing. we can assess the things he has done and we can infer what the next steps might be. if obama is reelected i think those of us who believe in a different dream -- i am an immigrant. i believe in the american dream. the great paradox is i am a fair
9:45 am
world guy. obama is an american-born guy embracing a third world ideology. we have traveled opposite have. it is easier to pull a fence down than to . it is easier to pull a fence down than to build 5 of the. there's resilience in the american people. obama didn't disclose who he was the. people voted their best ideals. this is a symbol of america getting beyond its racial past. it would be great to have a president who looks like obama and represents what obama represents. obama knew that. he was able to use that hidden
9:46 am
power. four years ago we didn't know obama. now we do. real decisionmaking power is not in his hands or my hands but the hands of the american people. [applause] >> i am an alumnus of king's college. i thank you for what you are doing for king college and also what you are doing for this nation. my question to you is how can we as parents and grandparents help our families and friends think right when it comes to the country and they do what they can do to make sure we keep our country that our grandparents did. >> the question is how do we get people to think hard about these issues and about america? at king's college i talked to
9:47 am
about a america whatever will not be to look at the gospel of matthew. you need to have a different language to get rid of people who don't share your assumptions. why am i saying this? exactly the same thing is true with modern american conservatives. conservatism -- the native language of american politics
9:48 am
but because of dramatic shifts in our culture accelerated by obama that language is now unfamiliar and strikes people as a certain insider baseball talk so is really important again if you want to reach across the aisle or to the middle to find a conservative language that doesn't rely on a certain in-house cliche. can't say obama is against freedom. because actually obama is for a certain type of freedom. he may be against economic freedom but he is for greater sexual freedom. what kind of freedom are we talking about that we want to advance? things we understand within the room are not understood in the larger society. one way we help people think about these is to return to first principles and a good place to start is the american founding.
9:49 am
[applause] >> seems to be a nice segue to my question. when i hear hard-core democrats speak they have their own sense of righteousness. they have a true sense of justice very different from ours. they have core principles and our country has come so far -- utterly confused -- biblical values and the world view that our side -- to talk to someone in a secular world than a pastor. can you comment on the role of pastors of the church in america? if we could take unity we could take back the country.
9:50 am
[applause] >> i do think the pastor in some ways today is in a difficult position in secular culture because pastor's study the bible. sitting in their own pews are lots of people, engineers and scientists and the god particle and this is not something pastor's know anything about. they are disconnected from the great explosion of knowledge in the world in brain science and astrophysics but also in economics. there is an important task in importing that knowledge. and non pastors coming and address the ways theological issues relate to economic issues and political issues and scientific issues and so on. otherwise you are creating
9:51 am
christians on sunday and secular people the rest of the week. in this connection, i don't think this is about a normal liberal/conservative debate because obama is not a traditional liberal. liberals want to redistribute income in america and you are a bigger liberal you disagree to restore -- redistribute more. obama wants to realign america in the world. that is a different agenda completely. for me through my book exposing that agenda is the way of challenging obama in his own constituency. even african-americans are taking economic losses but they hang with obama because he is one of us. he is our champion. one thing you see in the film is we don't argue this point but you follow the film you are in
9:52 am
hawaii or indonesia or pakistan or kenya. and suddenly realize this is not the segregation south. he had a different history. you don't say it. you show it and people go while -- why doesn't obama seem to care about the 4 poor ? he is too sayre regal he doesn't seem to care about the poor because he doesn't. his focus is on pulling down a rich. you then need another theory. bottom line with obama you are dealing with a new kind of guy. no question in my book that -- why are you doing all this and getting into his past and so on. when i was on c-span couple
9:53 am
years ago in america we don't judge people by what their fathers believe. ronald reagan's father was an alcoholic and you don't judge him by what his father thought. but reagan didn't write a book called dreams from my father. obama has made his multiculturalism leaders will his history, his past, his story the centerpiece of who he is. never once has he said i did crazy things in my 20s and 30s but i am way over that now. that was my ted kennedy moment but i have matured. to this day if he is asked questions go read my books. i wrote a 400 page book. he claims this multi-cultural history and all we are saying is let's examine how multi-cultural it is an what the influences
9:54 am
are. here is the funny name, up multi-cultural guy. he was a dangerous revolutionary. used to blow up the bridges and baum the pentagon. and put a story together, people responding to our film with a force of revelation not because we are masters sleuths but the story has a way not been told and a story that needs to be told. thank you very much. appreciate it. thank you. [applause] >> for more information visit the author's website dineshd' >> welcome to booktv live coverage of the twelfth annual national book festival in
9:55 am
washington d.c.. started by laura bush in 2001 sponsored by the library of congress the festival has expanded to two days and 100 authors all here on the national mall and booktv will be live both days from the national book festival. here's our lineup today from the history and biography tent. you will hear from walter isaacson about his best seller on steve jobs. after that we will talk to an author -- robert caro will be in the history and biography tenth talking about his fourth volume in the lbj ceres the passage of power. and then you will talk to mr. caro. another call in segment with michael mandelbaum on that use the us. elizabeth dally taylor will be talking about paul canning and the madisons. a slave in the white house. john lewis, pulitzer
9:56 am
prize-winning author for this book on george cannon. he will be talking about his book. after that he will be taking your calls as well. and the washington post, taking your calls on the war in afghanistan. after that, henry clay, stephen douglas and the compromise that preserved the nation. paul hendrickson will talk about hemingway's boat. back to the history and biography tend, hanohanoi's war. jean edwards smith and david eisenhower and julie nixon eisenhower talking about dwight david eisenhower. after that booktv will join the eisenhowers on the history and biography tent and you will have a chance to talk to them as well. that is the lineup today in the history and biography tent.
9:57 am
if that didn't catch your fancy we have another option. will be one casting all day long. at the national book festival. very quickly this is the lineup for tom friedman and michael mandelbaum and linda greenehouse on the supreme court. and lisa, best friend and occasional enemies is there book. jeffrey toobin's book on the supreme court and the obama white house. douglas brinkley talking about walter cronkite and finally brothers and me, a memoir of loving and giving. you have two options. you can stick with us on booktv on c-span2 or you can join us online at web casting live all day long from the national book festival and if you are in the area come down. the c-span bus is down here.
9:58 am
we are passing out big book bags. the caller is pink. add your palette of book bags right here on the national mall. the coordinator of the national book festival is jennifer gavin. we talked about the history and biography tent. what else is going on down here? >> this place is so full of books and doctors. we never had so many before. we are proud to be bringing 126 authors leaders illustrators and pellets to the people this year. we are able to do that, this is our second year of the book festival. we are able to do that by opening an hour earlier than last year and have several presentations where we have multiple authors. >> how many people will be here? >> guest: we estimated 200,000 and no reason to get fewer when you have more officers, and relatively good weather. >> host: it never seems that crowded perhaps because of the
9:59 am
size of it. >> guest: let's be honest. we aren't able -- we don't have a gate we bring people in so we can't count that way and we don't fly helicopters over and if we get everybody would be under the tent. it is an inexact science but we feel comfortable with the idea that hundreds of thousands of people pass through these doors. >> host: plenty of room so if you are in the area come to the national book festival today and tomorrow. what about this? >> guest: the vast number of authors we are attracting children in a way we have not in the past in an actual way at the book festival. we ran an essay contest in conjunction with the d.c. public library in which we invited children in fifth and sixth grade to write about a book that shaped me. tomorrow our great benefactor david reubenstein will give awards for the winning essays to children who won them in our special program.


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