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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 24, 2012 12:30am-12:45am EST

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that engine quit and it was not cool anymore for the 50 seconds it took to get the airplane back down on the ground. as i sat there on the ground it catches up with me and they start to sweat i am grateful to be on the ground but the egyptian and hasn't walks across the room you don't get on the air base without the pieces of plastic. i was unexpected into see the present in front of my a airplane reading his don't keep. one of my doing? it really does self right in front of the airplane and then they walked off. funny things like that. to trace the path as a fighter pilots comeback
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after being overseas six years with a good life for both lived in europe, you can travel, the capital cities and things you don't normally see. how cool to see the pyramids? i had not had this on a her and i had not been into a store open past 8:00 p.m. and i wanted to come home. i was selected to attend the weapons school which is the airforce version of the navy's school. had done at as the abbreviated exchange. they are not half of what we are. you are airforce attendance. good. [laughter] the football game today is bureau of them.
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it was a good school but nothing like ours. six months long and it was miserable. i cannot a change in human being. i lost almost all of my cockiness and quiet few tail feathers than spent the next decade being in the fighter wing. i was there will not place blew up. i don't think any of us were thinking of terrorism than the way it is now. we were not prepared to fight to we were brought up to fight to the soviet union. i asked my teenage daughter what is going on with russia? it is a soviet union.
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what is that? it was of big things back then before toppled most of us had never considered iraq of saddam hussein but winning was a foregone conclusion and terrorism took us by subplot -- surprise. we thought they were rabble rouser is. the bin laden construction company how is that for irony? >> but after that things change with the world trade center bombing and september september 11th i was flying that morning. coming in from another rotation and september 10th was our first day back. essentially flying and i had
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come down nearly and somebody said you have to look at this. i thought what moron of the pilot could hit the tower of that size on a clear day? i thought it was an accident. then the second plane hit they sent us up to close down the airspace of the united states. that is eerie as the pilot. "o.o.p.s." is the name of the book. stephen frantzich is a professor at the u.s. naval academy and is the author. what does that stand for? >> of serving our
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politicians stumble. i said i need to have a grabber title. i tried different words. >> host: why did you write a book about it? >> looking at campaigns and what do we remember? we can remember when they made a mistake. how many were fatal? what kind of mistakes do we remember and also have that dominates the company coverage of issues are candidates of what we think we're doing. >> host: start with the media and mitt romney 47 beset and barack obama. what was the media coverage like? >> this morning i just ran
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47%. how much media outlets and what is the shelf life? it was relatively short. romney 47% but it has been about one month. but they are dragged back and by the opponent or by the events. i'm sure as we cannot of the debates somebody blows say i wonder if he will respond? the issue is which of these gaffe we need to pay attention? is that the true character flaw? we all make mistakes. but now with the internet and youtube now is
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distributed broadly and more quickly end to find out what barack obama said 1998. or what mitt romney said there was knocked one bit of coverage of the 47% in may. nobody told the story to the media. not until the video popped up. >> >> host: what politicians have they made in the past fettered fatal? >> we risk harry standing at for the republican nominee
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that will cut it to the use ways then he cannot remember. you say he is not ready for prime time. he has affected us here was elizabeth dole that came here to speak. so in the speech was aimed at the midshipmen who were there. but they would be asking most of the questions. then asked a question and did very good by the way for the person to wander around the audience. she gave list of speech and somebody asked she would send her son to bosnia to bolster the foreign policy positions and took a first
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of may and you could almost see their regret to that her and bob dole never had a child she said i cannot answer but the next day the media's said she is not ready for the campaign trail because she's not talking like a candidate but all the seven within three weeks the campaign had folded. i think michael dukakis problem with presidential debates what he would do if his wife was raped to give zero oil answer of defense of his opposition to capital punishment lycee does he have a human side? we see into the capabilities and without gore because of his cereal exaggerated. anyone of the stories but
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then we have them it important to become the internet from legislation. so he has leaked out of -- link them together and that helped in the long run. >> host: and then why did the mistakes of president clinton or george w. bush bush, why are those not fatal mistakes? request else's going on? there is a comment made about but do have a message jan two went on to say bomb
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iran and it was a three day wonder. but it was crowded out and nobody carried it on. i compare that to the statement under fire in bosnia to repeat time after time until the media said is this true? then the than the obama people said look at credibility. it was so dramatic that i don't like people to lie to us and this is as close as obama saying she lied to us. who else pushes it is important if you have a candidate suit falls in
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south dakota and on the campaign trail all day. exhausted, 12 different stops. >> where they think they are at that point*? >> gary hart? >> if gary hart created the original sin of challenging the people in the media of. most knew that he ran around but rather than letting it go, we're at a time the media did not look into that so carefully. politicians have no backstage area. but that was not the case and challenge the media to say you prove it so a reporter from a florida
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newspaper hit out in the bushes and saw his girlfriend come in late at night it was not hard to guess she was not cleaning the floors so if you don't challenge the media you may be something you are not. >> host:. >> host: stephen frantzich book his book is "o.o.p.s." observing our politicians stumble". how many books have you written? >> this is 17 original books buchanan ally with statistics. i spent time in a trench to do academic books but my last five 1/6 have been more fun. prior to the s high-profile
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the people love presidents have mentioned in there "state of the union." that was not done in tow ronald reagan did it for the first time and every president has use of the placid example of their political goals. close to call my did a biography of brian lamb and educators of c-span. they would say what is the real brian lamb like? seated not want the bagger redone. i finally got a contract to do it and they sent what do you think? he said i cannot say no position is committed to open access and permission and he did not interfere gave me


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