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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 2, 2012 6:00pm-7:15pm EST

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and a 50 in. tv. they chose this for my show and you have until midnight and it is all tristan. ultra the sound quality is pretty amazing.6 c13 would love for you to continue shop our today's special which is the kindle fire but i want to extend an invitation to join me tuesday 7:00 p.m. for my holiday gift picks. 6 c1 susanna's coming up next. >>caller: suzanne in suzanne is >>host: hi mike mezack are you ready to go? >>host: i love the 2
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hours we have in store. >>guest: a lot of different things. final prime-time show before the holiday. >>host: walk you through some of the holidays. a little bit about6 c13 one. i love the case but there is a lot inside. >>guest: the case is $129.95 by itself. we will send you the case at $30 off and fill it with the first two years of the gem-brilliant uncirculated national park quarters. philadelphia and denver mint in the regular and 24 cake plaid version. clad version. >>host: i want to show you the case and please order early. you will seed thanks sell out so quickly. a lot of items will be out of here because of limited quantities. --you will check this out.this is
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the set of proof state quarters in the original packaging. why is that significant? >>guest: 3 crucial because it is just a quarter set. first time having them in several months. only 200 to go and i will show you to love them on a coin by coin basis are basically equal to $199. --two of them. >>host: will hold you to that. then coming up later, when i talked about to walk through history and time, this is it. >>guest: we brought this back and has not been an almost one year. it is a new sample basically.the last proofset for the prime time for the entire holiday season. i the proofset is a call thisgreatest holiday gift to give.last time it $999 and we sold through 250 like that. we have
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this $499 with just about 300. >>host: that is a sneak peek. just barely scratching the coin surface so to speak. although we never want to scratch a coin surface. >>guest: not even touch it. that was wrong. >>host: blasphemy! we have a great element with mike tonight. he said you can ask me anything you want. everything is up for grabs when it comes to me and mike mezack working together. you can ask almost anything on the live-chat keep it clean! t please do it.go to our mole application just follow the instructions and then from your mobile telephone or tablet--mobile application. i will have an ipad out here with your chat and i could ask mike mezack live on the air questions. >>guest: i am glad
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to learn about that right now >>host: surprise. >>guest: sounds like fun. >>host: i like to keep him guessing. this is five minutes ago, a nice price break. >>guest: by far the lowest price we have sold as four. already about 18, and 239 remaining. the susan b. anthony dollars, one of the most ill-fated in the u.s. government. it looks just like 1/4. it was only made 79-81 for three years. it was the last regular issued government issued coin they made the san francisco mint uncirculated condition with the proof. it had all kinds of problems. it makes it a commercial failure but makes it a collectable absolutesaffordable at $129 and a customer pick but $109.95 the
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most affordablen set released by the u.s. government of all the coin sets we have. the 1999 season the anthony. most people do not even know that coin exists. it was not in the proofset and not man said. that coin you gotta individually--mint- set coin! these, $79 apiece.are $109 across the board for everything that you see. >>host: explain where you get numbers. >>guest: i talked about getting individually and the reason is pretty simple. people buy coins individually to build their sets. when i say if
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purchased individually that is the way most people put their coins together. the coin catalog they are the lord largest coin catalogers kind of the gold standard and has always been there. that is the reference point for retail coin pricing. what i do this and that is what i have sold them for recently.y have a 50 years history of selling coins. so they would be $71 for these three. these four individually about $16 apiece. you are $135 for those seven coins. these average about $12 apiece $12 apiece so you are looking at well over $200 in value that you get for $109.95. >>host: know the first coin ever bought was for my son for christmas and we are holding it back and it was from this man. my son
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something cool for christmas. i know people love it. and i thought that is a gift for who is hard to buy for, what do teen boys3 games. i was talking to somebody i love the fact he will keep it and when he is told he will explain the story and then on to his kids.with this qualify as a great long-term family heirloom? >>guest: positively.from a historic standpoint the first government issued coin that honors a woman. susan b. anthony. and then there is also sacagawea which is ongoing. and that is that. this is complete there is nothing else to get. at $109. we are by philadelphia and denver mint which are uncirculated and then the proof coins, p's & d's and s. these coins
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san francisco mint uncirculated coins which they have not done in the last 50 years only for this. >>host: they did not make it to our proofset. >>guest: 6 c13 right. this is the most affordable complete set by 4. it has since 1968 to today,and regular issue government coins there is one proof coin that has the philadelphia mint mark. it is this one. that is what is not in the proofset that you see right there. it is the philadelphia mint a coin. that is why this one is $55 by itself. this is our last primetime airing before the holidays. i did a special price break of $20 off. i have sold thousands and thousands and thousands of these at $129.95. we have done it for years. i
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have never done it for less $109.95. >>host: this is the best value. >>guest: $20 savings to this pure if it comes in the spectacular presentation box. individually airtight holders. --key to this is. % and then there is 15 different and their is 16 holes. we took a first year of issue susan b. anthony dollar and colorized as a bonus and that is about four-$6 coin ve. >>host: i am reading the news because i am becoming a coin nut because of my favorite coin geek, they just came out with an article saying the u.s. government is not going to use dollar bills. but they will never repeat this because it was a
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flop. >>guest:but it will increase interest in dollar coins in general. >>host: plus they are not going to make the mistake again making it look like a quarter. . >>guest: they will use the dollargolden dollar. that was the lead friday story. >>host: susan b. anthony will be antiquated and more sought after when that interest comes up of using dollar coins.we are very busy. why stay here? i have $40 off. what is the biggest price off we have to my coming up? >>guest: $700! >>host: --tonight. anyway we have quickly on the silver. >>guest: the lowest price by far i have done this. these are the san francisco minted
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supplemental mint coins. both certified 70. the rarity are unprecedented. i have a very small quantity. and we include the red oak presentation box as well. >>host: $40 off tonight. thethe susan b. anthony do not hesitate. first 30 years, we mentioned it briefly and you have not done this in over one year. >>guest: pretty close to that theory 30 years plus one. i instead of it took 31 years i 30 years plus one. that is my inability to count, you get an extra set. pretty close to that. there is the reason we go to 98 (...) >>host: keep it for a surprise. >>guest: (...) >>host: the next one
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up i know this is one of your favorites of all the ones you have done. >>guest: i saved it for this show for about three months. >>host: tonight, the first time ever price break of $30 off. >>guest: the box without a single coin in it $129.95. >>host: stop there. >>guest: we are at $99. put your earrings in it you are saving $30. >>guest: this will hold 224 coins. get a box at $99.the america the beautiful parks orders put out by the u.s. government is by far and away the rarest quarter
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set put out by the u.s. government and a half century. i'm going to include with your $99 every coin you see here.vthe 2010, p's & d's, brilliant uncirculated. p's & d's clad in pure 24 k gold. there will be10 quarters, four of each one. you get 40 coins included $99.95! that is exactly what you are going to are going to have like i said a retail value of $248 for $99.95. it is the perfect complete and ultimate christmas gift our holiday gift. and did you get all the ships so you can continue. 2012 they are putting out five quarters. philadelphiar mint of all of them.
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4 k plaidclad your price $24.95 per year! every year you get will be $29.95. >>host: i love you give a guarantee. >>guest: your price never goes up. >>host: three years from now you know the government because the government is making everything go and they will make the proof-sets go higher you guarantee they will never spend more than $29 and change. >>guest: no matter what happens regardless the desirability, how few they make.they have decided to all of them. once they do that (...) re looking for 5 rarest government issue quarters of the last half century they will hot springs ark. yosemite mount hood grand.
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you get the philadelphia mint, they are a sold out limited edition and have been since 2010. you get the denver mint,sold out since 2010.and the 2011 also a sold out limited edition. the 2012 is as well there when you get your autoship $29.95 on that deal you are going to get those coins also at a sold out limited edition. that will be the whole-body volcano, culture center this all comes to you times for because you get every coin philadelphia and denverand the 24 k gold coin as well. all of it in the red oak presentation box which we are selling you $30 off without any coins and then you add the coins and it is spectacular! >>host: on, the boxes are beautiful. for years, they have
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been customer picks. for is the latest ones. if you have seen the past editions they are all customer picks. i think because the quality is impeccable. just this box so if you have got state quarters and you want to keep them safe and present them beautifully this is the box to get. we have customers, this never goes out of stock. it is always on and became a customer pick not even being on the air $129. if you just bought a box for those of you who are collecting them would get multiple of these for the boxes and then you can give away the coins you wanted 2. also you are passionate about the state quarter program. >>guest: their rarity is unprecedented. what that means and coins are collectable based on rarity scarcity and condition. in terms of condition i have got the highest possible condition
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because they all gem-brilliant uncirculated. the key is they are also complete because you get the philadelphia and denver minted coins. get the philadelphia and denver and 24 k gold clad all 40 you see here in front of me. in perspective, the most valuable of the regular issued state quarters is going to be the quarter. if you take the georgia state quarter and the philadelphia and denver mint coins made of them and put together the mintage in other words how many they made up the mintage of all these coins that you see here combined they are just about as rare as just the state quarter. that is rarity personified. not like anything we have seen in at least a half century from the u.s. government.for anybody there in the last two and have maybe three years, how many of these coins have you
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gotten in your change? >>host: 0,0,0.; >>guest: is the correct answer. these are the only quarters the government has made for the last three years. they have never even made circulation let alone the gem- brilliant uncirculated coins that you see here in front of me. and that is positively critical to the long-term collectibility. this will be the only airing of this in primetime between now and the holiday you must pick it up right now. >>host: autoship they will never be in general circulation. >>guest: they make them to be but they do not get there. the banks cannot order them.they make so few of them that collectors, when they find them and they take them right up. they are gone. 150 million americans attempted to collect the state quarters. 150 million americans cannot collect these, there is not enough. if you take a look at thishave every single
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national parks quarters ever made by the u.s. government i could put out 10 million sets. less than 10 5% of the people that collect quarters. >>host: (...) >>guest: 1-and 10 people who got the state quarters could collect that person now because if you wait later because is a huge supply and demand thing. the supply is one-tenth 90 percent less than the state quarters i cannot imagine 90% fewer people want to collect use and it is the same thing 5 coins per year, made for 10 weeks and then a sold out limited edition. each state has their own national park or historic area that you have. so you put all that
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and that is what makes this ultimately phenomenally incredibly a collectable. you get this for a holiday gift and you get the starter kit in essence and then you have your gift every year for the next 10 years. for! $29.95! >>host: and you will ccomplete this that.the set.also notice the savings tonight. the retail is $248 . remember the case itself is more than the entire collection tonight. we do not do this often. this is a rare opportunity whether you are a coin collector or maybe to get your kid interested c13 you love coins or wanted to collect them, i think this is one of the greatest series. even when you see them up close to the fascination of the detail and behind
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all parks they collect i think it is wonderful. this is one of those uniques to say, my gosh that is the perfect gift for somebody you do not know what to get them. >>guest: that is what we have got. remember we are selling you the box at a $30 without any coins. then you add the coins and i think you begin to understand really what the collectable opportunity as. the fact is, i saved this just for this show because it is such an incredible gift that you can give. something that is absolute history. that first year issue in 2010, long sold out, heart hot springs arkansas yellowstone national park that one is already done and over. never to be done again. yosemite grand canyon mount hood. that
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buglock can never be done again. --that by it comes in the fantastic (...) that is 10 lbs.? and it is solid red oak. the brass hardware. it is absolutely a spectacular collectable. on top of that each coin comes in it is own individual airtight holders. >>host: the value of the holders? >>guest: 40 of them about $25. because they are acrylic. so you get the 40 coins the box, the holders all that for $99.95. if you do not want to continue the autoship in the first few years is enough that this find you are under no obligation to get another shipment get 1 per year anyway. once a year, you get your shipment and you are done for the get all
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the philadelphia and denver minted,gem- brilliant uncirculated philadelphia and denver 24 k gold+ clad. 20 coins per year that you are going to have. that is what we do and have them released to you on a yearly basis. i had a very small quantity of them available. that we saved for the show. they have not been done in probably two-three months. i could have sold everyone that we save about started with 1400 and we are down under 1200. hundreds of people on the phones. once again the box itself there is on is there at $129 without anything in it. i will fill it with the first two years of the america the beautiful series. some people say i do not know what they are?this
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is the regular issue united state quarter. >>host: people have not heard about it. >>guest: they have not seen them. >>host: for most people it is like what? there was a series of this? >>guest: rarest quarter made by the u.s. government in the last 50 years is this one. hot springs arkansas you get four. halfyou get that coin right there as you and you get for of each one. it is absolutely positively spectacular. that is why we have got hundreds of folks on-line. how about at $99 what are your other choices? >>host: a couple nights ties. i bet you would love that. --nice >>guest: are a couple videogames. >>host: if you are
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lucky. they are like $60. this is so much more personal, so much cooler. it will last for generations and it is an heirloom piece you add to your family for $99. and then even better flexpay. relief for $33.30 to you get this homet is fascinating. coins are fascinating now that i have done a lot of shows. my grandpa used to collect coins. 13 bring them to their parents and children is a way to relate. i know you find that. when you have a difficult time sometimes talking to other family members, with a coin collection with my grandpa and we did not have a lot in common. about and he shared his passion. >>guest: on the same level my daughter's going to college and she started collecting state quarters in 1999 when she was 4. now she still collects the national parks and it is something, we do not talk about music (...)i do not
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watch the same movies she watches but we can talk about coins.i like to call it a generational touchdown where it touches each generation as it goes down. the great thing is you can still have the value of coins being gem-brilliant uncirculated as you see but they are still in the acrylic presentation caseyou do not risk damaging them. not only do you get the coin but you get top-quality in the coins as well which i think is one of the absolute keys is the fact that you get them in that is the gettysburg the first one from 2011. that is part of what you get for $99. reiterate that we are running at a time in hundreds of the longline you online, you get all coins you see here. along with the chest for $99! they are 40 sold out u.s.
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government points that by law they will never ever make again. --the government coins their rarity is unprecedented in modern numismatics. >>host: of your waiting and we appreciate that. with everybody online i have about 600 of them remaining. this is in and it is not happening anymore the rest of the year. a quick question. any paper currency? >>guest: cannot tonight. here is the reason i just did not have any quantity. but but i think we have pieces of extraordinarily limited including i think i just restocked 500 $1,000 bills. >>host: and how do you clean silver coins? >>guest: never ever clean them. leave it just as it
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is please. you never clean it. it will destroy the value. >>host: coming up the silver dollar. look at a price break on that it is awesome. a lot price breaks in our show tonight. a great collection. >>guest: one of my favorites. it is kind of a secret american silver eagle. >>host: stay tuned. let us check out what is happening. if you want the insider look, we have got it for you in our spotlight. here it is. [♪ music ♪] >>host: welcome to your go-to-guide for all things hsn. our very own colleen lopez has handselecting% brand new today's special that we will launch tonight at midnight. it is the deb guyot herkimer earrings 2 sparkle throughout the entire season. if you want to hear more about her today's special before it launches, our very own colleen
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[reading] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: i am suzanne runyan you are watching hsn. one of the world-renowned experts on coins mike mezack i call in our favor coin geek. says she has
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a 12 low-light mercury dimefair condition. >>guest: $2.23. >>host: --1208 thank you for the question. mike will answer virtually any coin question you have. >>host: this one this is so limited. >>guest: call now, only 200. the u.s. state quarters the most popularly collected coin in the history of the u.s. government. these are the s-minted, the rarest. the coins that are most desirable. they came in the regular issue proves that the government also did a very small quantity smaller quantity in just a quarter set. this includes the box that is just the quarter side of the
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box. these are as you can see government in the original government packaging. at $199.95, i am doing them at original government issue price. it is as if you went back and did not forget to collect them and 1999-2001.on the other hand6 c13 say aren't worth anything? how about these coins, if purchased individually. --are they.95 a piece. >>host: one of them is worth more than the original issue price of the whole thing? >>caller: they really all are.the 2001 $19.50$20.50
6:33 pm
for the last one. that $180. the hawaii individually is $35. >>host: why? >>guest: i do not know that is it sells for. supply and demand. how about you are going to get the 2001,3, 4, 5 7 all the 2008's are $9.50 apiece. and then $35. so is $84, $83 for that set. you $20 per set. if i had 1000 of these runs i sell every one of them right here tonight. i do not.i had 200. actually 212 to be exact. i do not have to hundred 13. we will sell all 212 because
6:34 pm
you get all 10 of them with the original government packaging, the key to this is the original government packaging, less than $20 per set. $199.95. for me i think it is one of the most and collectable sets ever done by the u.s. government. these are- minted coins. the coins (...)do not confuse them with the coins you get at the bank or office. these only come in these sets. >>host: they were never in somebody's pocket. >>guest: these are presentation coins! when you take a coin like the georgia state quarter which is one of the rarest are nearly 1000 times more rare the regular issued coins. the regular issue george 1/4 of which this is i will call 500 times is $6. 500 times more
6:35 pm
rare than $6.coin by coin $15.95 you pay $4 per i go through there really is coin. >>host: what is the closest? >>guest: 2004 is my guess. no, that is a $50. 2005 coin. $5.75, $2these are $20 per coin >>host: andit is 1/4. >>guest: they are absolutely special coins. they are the proof-sets with the original government packaging.they are totally 100% sold out. that is the key. because they are totally sold out. this sold out in 1999. this sold out and 2000.this
6:36 pm
sold out in 2001. understand those are 10 years old sellouts' from the united states government. the most popular coin set ever made by the u.s. government's. >>host: more rare than the coins you try to collect. how many of you or a failure, you said your daughter was how old when she started? 4. maybe you have every good intention for your kids to do the state quarter collection and by about 15 states in you are like we are not doing it anymore. it would be great after this many years later to give everybody the completed coin set. if they were little and bombed out (...) >>guest: it is up to you if you said i had been collecting them for you 19¢ 99. >>host: surprise, we did not give up! >>guest: --199 >>host: put some dust on them. we have been saving them since 1999 and we finally have the
6:37 pm
whole collection for you. by the way it is going to be sold out. we have four flexpayments which is really rare. we do not do it often especially at this price. >>guest: about 176 left a bunch of people on the phones. it is an extraordinarily cool set. the value coin by coin is way $199 i will tell you that. already in to 150 left with almost twice that many people on the line. we will keep you apprised of that. >>host: a question, they said they have aknow how to protect it? >>guest: go to, put into acrylic holder. it costs about a dollar. >>host: we have some great questions coming up. also we have a huge set. you have not done this for about a year and
6:38 pm
it is the biggest tonight. >>guest: and your last chance of proof-sets before the holidays.please take advantage of this one. >>host: here is what happens, a lot of you love to watch which i appreciate.and you are like that sounds cool, i will wait to see what he has next hour. my best advice is he will see things start to quickly. we have a lot of you who are new hutu and in every time. --who tune it >>guest: these i have 180 of them. and that is from $269 price. silver has gone up about 40% in the last threethree months.the price by $40. >>host: thank! >>guest: and there is 2 ounces of silver. the u.s.
6:39 pm
government has made at the west point mint for years and years. the demand has been so high for american silver eagles starting 2011 and ending in 2012 the west point mint could not make enough american silver eagles so they asked for some help from the san francisco mint and maybes. the san francisco mint did not put marks on them. --and made these we by the boxes and send them to and they certify them out of the box to have come from the san francisco mint. they are perfect ms70.i have the to coin set at a special price break of $40 off. one- time-only. i 179 and they are calling to go very quickly. you get both coins plus the red oak presentation box which is
6:40 pm
$24.99 which makes them about $100 per piece. --they are going to go very quickly >>host: normally the silver eagles are done at west point.vwhy did san francisco do them? >>guest: point cannot make them fast enough. obviously a much smaller quantity were made at san francisco. so it is important, the only way you can know that it from the san francisco mink isn't it has been certified by one of the four major rating companies. --san francisco mint is if it has been you get 2perfect 2011 12 silver eagles which are sold out. and they sell for significant premiums. yet i bring them at our best price ever but only for basically this 15,000 actually
6:41 pm
less than that that i have get both of them for $226.i have sold thousands for $269. only as our last prime-time show before the holidays that i will be doing exactly, i didout 200 and we are into the70's now. >>host: if you have anybody who has a special occasion coming up a coin is a great way to market. if you know somebody c13 married in the next month or so, that would be a great way. i know a lot of people do that. instead of a traditional bridal gift they will give them a significant coin because of the date of the baby being born. so give them the 2012. >>guest: it is not the regular silver eagle this is s- minted. from the san francisco mint which is what we call the supplemental minted coin. the rarity as
6:42 pm
fantastic and will not do it again in 2013. >>host: they are not? >>guest: a 2 so you get them in the red oak presentation box, both of them $40 off. of these incredible s-minted coins, one of the great stories in modern american numismatics. >>host: i have hundreds of you getting in for a couple items in a row including this one. this is our first big update the susan b. anthony a price break $20 off three and we are down to the final four dozen. >>guest: remember the 99 p proof this is the most affordable american coin set at all. and that was we have already sold several hundred. >>host: coming up we
6:43 pm
are featuring the 2009 s-mint proof set with the four copper pennies. >>guest: i got what i feel is the largest hoard of them in the u.s. 2500 sets. one airing we had 1600 i have 900. i think this may be the most and undervalue proof-set by the u.s. government of the last 25-50 years and we have individually. >>host: and we will answer more of your questions coming up. stay tuned. [commercial] [commercial]
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[reading] [reading]
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[♪ music ♪] >>host: an update, i believe susan b. anthony is adios. i know you like to wait, do not. have a question she i have one gold and nickel one dime and gold are they real? >>guest: they are layered, they are fun in collectable but they were never actually made in gold. >>host: thank you for that answer. i am on live- could ask me a question about coins. this is by far our largest set of the show. probably about four weeks ago we had another really big set. completely sold out. it was gone and
6:46 pm
it was fascinating to me. this is the largest one tonight yet you have not had this one in stock in about a year. >>guest: 30 years plus one31 years. the dates are very important. it is so affordable. i put all this stuff together. the government make proof sets they started in 1936 and from then 1967 that made them at the philadelphia mint. starting 68 including today they started making them at the san francisco mint. i started with the for san francisco minted u.s. government issue proofset. 68 plus.not a single solitary one of amberthem has been released into circulation. they are available only one place and these sets you see here. everyone of them is a sold out limited
6:47 pm
edition. i go from 1968 all the way until 1998. how we have left is extraordinarily important. time we saw the big set like this it $999. we sold 250 of them in about the time we have scheduled for this particular set. this is my last show certainly of this between now and the end of the year, last prime-time show. your last opportunity to get the proofset which i think is the best value today.they are absolutely unprecedented pricing. people say why? let us say you want to give the 2012 u.s. government proofset for a gift it would cost you $40 directly from the u.s. government. $38 plus shipping. if you want the 2010, not less than $60. if you want the 2008, about$80. % 2009 i have for $50.
6:48 pm
these 30 a sold out limited edition not at 70, 60,30 or even $20 per set but about $17.50. purse that! that we give you.--per set >>host: he is looking at you guys and at me, then he sees the suzanne runyan coin not a slight ball and he has the funniest reaction. --coin light bulb. >>guest: now she gets it. >>host: that is incredible. >>guest: one of the reasons why the proof-sets are difficult to get is because people like me coin dealers, if you get we just sold 300 susan anthony's that's roughly. sold out. you know where i got the 1979 susan b. anthony? 300 sets and smashed them open. of each of
6:49 pm
them. is 1000 proof-sets smashed open. the only place to get them. that is that. sets literally get more rare everyday. weisel complete kennedy half dollar set from 68 and the first 30 years of kennedy half dollars i break open every one of these sects. --when i sell >>host: 3 really never keep full set really. >>guest: of first 30 years of kennedy half dollars we sell for $499.and look at this499. ike dollars $160 a year susan b. anthony $32 per coin by coin,$1,264.82.
6:50 pm
this is why i have included all five of these. if you are looking for the rarest 5 kennedy half dollars a they will be issued proof or uncirculated will be these. if you want the 5 rarest government proof- sets from 1955 until 202009 it will be the green boxes. i used to be able to sell them in the day but we cannot any more. coin by the kennedys in 1998 if you are a collector you know this coin $34.50. this is $56.50.3 one is $29.75. this one is $53.50.and this one is a mere $19.95. >>host: just right
6:51 pm
there, $200. >>guest: almost $200 for the kennedy half dollars. >>host: he goes fast on the math. just for the half dollars, coin by coin not counting everybody else in there. >>guest: pretty tremendous value. these two are $110. >>host: that said thef dollars about $200 which is almost halfway to the price of everything. >>guest: they all come with the original boxes and government paperwork. the70 kennedys are 40% silver. about so. the kennedy half dollar by themselves more than the valuealmost half the
6:52 pm
value of the entire set. >>host: for you as a businessman to break them open and sell them individually obviously because it was $1,200 for everything. >>guest: people say why do have them? because the reason is we individually hand selects each one of them.if you see one that the box is bad or the coins are discolored we take it out. maybe the nickel is no good we break it open and used the other four. so you are going to be able to do that >>host: - find all these obviously it once did you have somebody who has a couple of each (...) >>guest: if only. >>host: it has to be incredible. >>guest: the hardest to get are these
6:53 pm
five. coin by this is well over half the value. just for 5. easily how about the eisenhower dollars? remember they are in proof condition that they were like the ones never released in circulation. '73 '74, the 2 bicentenial eisenhower dollars. they are all $160 out of this collection. the lincoln cent are $150. >>host: go back 78 it has never been outside of the box. this is how it was delivered. >>guest: 75, 76 77 78 that is the key. you get everyone of these just like the day they were made from the u.s. mint. only for about half the price you would pay from the mint today yet, you get a sold out limited edition proof-sets. it is of
6:54 pm
importance to understand their rarity and collectibility of these particular coin sets. the fact that they are extremely rare.they are extremely valuable and coins that positively more collectable with each passing day. do not confuse them with regular issue united states government coins. they are only available in the government issued sets that you see right here. these are the s-minted coins, san francisco minted that we have got here and the only way to gethem is this set which is why coin by coin they are $1,200! >>host: what is the mostual and rarest coin? >>guest: the rarest are from the 1997. those the most unusual i do not think is a coin i think it is right here. they stopped making the susan b. anthony
6:55 pm
dollar suddenly in 1982. and these were intended to put the susan b. dollar instead they give the treasury medallion. >>host: at the only one? >>guest: yes they did that so they did not need to throw away the packaging. >>host: many do you reject and say i will not put it on (...) >>guest: about half that we bring in simply do not have the quality we are looking for. it will be some remember these are all original so none of the cases can be cracked, the boxes cannot be destroyed. some of the boxes may have a full they are 50 years old! >>host: we all have a couple folds. >>guest: i think you have the coin account. >>host: 164 coins. >>guest: we are basically $3 per coin. i would
6:56 pm
suggest there is not a single coin in here that is $3 by itself. as a matter of fact they will $10 plus. the kennedy half dollars will average $20 per coin between 15-$20 for the kennedy half dollars. like i said, it a very very important that we have got.and very limited quantities. >>host: with everybody waiting we are down to about 150 remaining. just like the susan b. anthony earlier this will not last long. we were on about three weeks ago and had a set that was $900. and it sold out in like three minutes. if i were watching and i did not know anything about coins but i wanted to in to get an heirloom collection to add to my family you know treasures, with this be a good way?
6:57 pm
>>guest: no doubt about it because they are all a sold out limited edition. plus the completeness of the. the san3 proofset started in 1968. and then we go down 1998. each one of them sold out in their year of issue. from there, you go to 1999 starting with the state quarter collection. they start making more of those proof-sets again because the demand of that pickup. these, even more desirable and long-hair sold out if you will. you get all the eisenhower dollars that have been made. --long- ha long-!longer proof kennedy half dollars are included in this collection. n cent
6:58 pm
are in here. >>host: when you say all the first that is huge. >>guest: extraordinarily important in terms of collectibility. what that does is it makes something collectable why do people collect things? why not just like rocks or stones, some people call them diamonds' actually. it becomes interesting and something they want to have or put away. when you do that and look at that what you get is something that is a first year of issue exceptionally rare. the fact it is only available in these sets. the fact of the kennedy half dollars, the first 30 years because you cannot collect them all if you do not have the first 30. they will all be in the original government packaging. at a price that is about half of the government issue price today. are the presentation coins do not confuse them from coins that you get in your change. they only
6:59 pm
come in these collections that you see. >>host: i want to go back through some of the value. overall he said earlier and case you were listening this is a $1,200 value coin by coin.and that is certified separate individual retail value if he gets from one of the leading magazines.t is worth this or that.he has got the research. as a history buff i think this is a way to share history of people. or would you recommend giving blocks of this away? i have family members and i wanted to give them something significant, what i be ok to do the whole black red series and break it up? >>guest: as a matter of fact we do sell like that. the green said, purple, the black.
7:00 pm we have them broken out like that. you cannot get them all for $499, get them at this price and you give them at less of a premium. so absolutely you could do that. you want the first 5 san francisco minted proof-sets they are right there. the last three silver kennedy half dollars, remind us on the kennedy half dollars (...) >>guest: $54.50 $56,$29, $53, $19.90. >>host: on one coin (...) >>guest: $190. just for the kennedys. that is for the five kennedy half dollars. >>host: even i get the matter eventually. that is remarkable to me that 5 coins is almost $200 when you look at the price of the entire collection. again
7:01 pm
this is even incredibly rare to have on hsn. it has not happened in about a year. he was finally able to put this premium collection together and you get all the cases. it really a wonderful way to start, give it. thank you for joining us and stay online for this. with everybody waiting, we have about 125 left and then it is gone again. you have no idea when thewe are doing it again. >>guest: the issue people are focusing on gold and silver. so we are able to sell these at a price we have never been able to do before.set by said these are some of the lowest prices i did in 20 years. >>host: stay online. 3 >>host: 1 set that is coming up that is a massive savings tonight this ed
7:02 pm
and i do think is insane! -- it >>host: now tonight for one time only we have taken $700 off the prestige proof sets. i had exactly 55 now so if you are seen as for the first time, my producer is saying it probably will not even make it to a full presentation. mike does not do this kind of savings ever. [laughter] for those of you they're really looking for an incredible deal that is it and it is a price break which is temporary and not on sale for ever.
7:03 pm
also the savings continues on this. this is eagle dollar coin and it is price break at $149.95. >>guest: that is a satin finish if 155 that has been that has been made by the u.s. government. off and as you can see a limited edition. about 300 of those coins, 385 is all i have remaining in the entire edition. >>host: we do want to show you one more thing. >>guest: this coin is 2 coin san francisco mint satet and i have a hundred of them in first day
7:04 pm
of issue. you follow these in the marketplace no one is selling them at the original issue price but we and only 100 of go around. >>host: there is a chatter that wants to know i have a silver eagle but no mintmark where there should be put under the right side of the eagle there looks like there is an a mint mark and what is that? >>guest: >>host: >>guest: stands for the engravers initials it is not a mint mark. >>host: trust me i always try and i cannot stump him. [laughter] here we go and we are going to get extremely busy at this point. even before you got to the studio i thought we could talk about this on a walk on but i was getting ready for the show and we have been on plenty of times now, and look at the price and
7:05 pm
then i did a double take and thought it was supposed to be a one in front of the price. >>guest: proof sets are one thing the u.s. government proof sets are popular this set is a special set to me. i was able to purchase them from someone purchase all of them in 2009. in les coins that are tremendously undervalued because everyone is interested in gold right now. in 9 government made the largest proof set ever made. this coin is an 18 coin proof set. there 6 prove quarters, for presidential dollars, what think to be absolutely the key coin to this collection is the 4 coin lincoln cent
7:06 pm
the 200th anniversary of lincoln's and it was only done this and they did in copper. they do not cents in copper anymore the last time was in 1982. in terms of value said $49.95. $7.98 by themselves so $48 right and between the to these $96. $8 for the kennedy half dollar about $115 right here! >>host: i was right! >>guest: and the whole value of the set are these guys right here. i think
7:07 pm
they're about $8 apiece because they are the copper coins. never be done again it was a one day only issue and the proof set >>guest: $48, $48 $42.20 $5.6 c13 >>host: i was! -- >>host: i was right! -- $42 and$25. >>guest: came in here tonight with the last 950 and i only850 left
7:08 pm
and about two minutes. i suggest buying this and by multiples of it is one of my favorite sets ever released by the u.s. government's period. >>host: will you ever be able to repeat it? >>guest: i do not believe so at this price. i own more of this than any other single set in my personal collection. >>host: if you are watching the show and do not know anything about coins at all, when mike says he has in his own personal collection more than anything else that has been out there that should be a giant neon sign saying i
7:09 pm
cannot tell you on the air i cannot explain it all but when he says i'd definitely perked up. my producer steve does a lot of your shows and he said he bought a lot of this set. steve knew what it was and ordered it and if this is one of mike's all- timend he has access to virtually any kind of american corn and you can think of i think this is a huge deal. just before penny's the retail value alone $42 and the entire set is $49.95.trustthis will be gone. >>host: >>guest: as you can see 300 sold just like that. of
7:10 pm
all this is the box it comes in.and you get all four of these. is a sold out limited edition. >>guest: they sold out in 2009 and coin by coin these are the territorial quarters. those are pretty rare their territorial quarters the presidential dollar and then this is $25 right here. $125 there. for all i care in my opinion you can spend them for face value though they're considered for more but this is the set and the reason why you buy it and own it. in 2009 we
7:11 pm
celebrated the 200th anniversary of abraham and the 100 anniversary of the lincoln cent. from his birthplace in the log cabin to his congressional years and his presidency. 3 this not only as a special type but it is only in the proof set where they have the s-mint and it is the original composition that it was made in. pure copper. they no longer make coins out of copper this is the way scentcents aresupposed
7:12 pm
to be made. >>host: they're almost gone this is from another chatter. my grandfather passed away and i was given 5, 1913 the buffalo nickels.are they of any value other than the family value? >>guest: h so in the first year of issue. >>host: and there you go! yeah! we are down to the last 50 of the abraham lincoln last 50 wheat sendears cents >>guest: 200
7:13 pm
and that is set. never sold for less than $299 and it3 $100 off and then is done and gone. the boxes $50 loan! >>host: alonge >>host: $700 off for the first time ever. -- alone >>guest: ught to get these on.if you look up prestige proof sets un we seldom out constantly and there weren't worth much more. i sold out of the proof set last night at 2:00 in the
7:14 pm
morning! and only have 50 and thatmaymight be my favorite sets. >>host: $700 off the next we have the silver eagle dollars. every single one eprint was has something very special about it. every single one you bring to us has something very special about it. >>guest: the only made 250,000 of these sets. and that is miniscule. the use in making a couple million of the pennies >>host: is only too wondered 50,000 in the world? >>caller:


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