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tv   International Programming  CSPAN  July 10, 2013 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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from the british house of commons. every wednesday while parliament is in session prime minister david cameron takes questions from members of the house of commons. prior to question time the house is wrapping up of the business. this is live coverage on c-span2. >> order. the honorable gentleman asked a serious question. there's far too much noise in the chamber. let's hear the right honorable lady. major g8 conference in october, measures to boost lending business, 20 million investment plan for a certain development, agreement on the potential mechanism to take further work, a commitment to a new way forward on enterprise zones, a potential these away and a number of other measures. >> order. questions to the prime minister. >> number one, mr. speaker. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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this morning i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others, and in addition to my duties in this house, i shall have further such meetings later i'm sure the whole house and the whole country will wish to join in congratulating andy murray on his -- success. to become the first british player to win wimbledon for 77 years is a fantastic achievement and will rightly go round in our history books. trying to this morning i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others, and in addition to my duties in this house, i shall have further such meetings later today. >> thank you, mr. speaker. today the government is setting up plans to modernize the royal mail. and to allow hard-working -- >> order. this is exceptionally discourteous. with question one. the honorable gentleman asked the question and that question and the answer to it will be heard. >> thank you, mr. speaker. today, the government is setting up plans to modernize the royal
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mail, and to allow hard-working men and women to own 10% of the shares. could the prime minister tell us what support is expecting to see for this measure? >> i thank the honorable friend force question. i think it will be widespread support around the country to modernize this great public service, to get new capital into the service, and to make sure that 10% of the shares will go to the people to work for the royal mail. what is remarkable is it was proposed by the labour party when they were in government, but, of course, because the trade union is now opposing it they have to oppose, too. fresh evidence today they are still in the pockets of the trade union. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, let me first join the prime minister and paying tribute to andy murray
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for his fantastic victory following the victory in 1977. it was a fantastic achievement. he showed extraordinary determination and the whole country is incredibly proud of him. mr. speaker, as the government considers these new party reforms cannot prime minister tell the house how much his party has received in donations from hedge funds? [shouting] >> i -- i, i'm not surprised, i'm not surprised -- >> order. the prime minister i know will -- i know he will. i know he wants to answer the question that has been put to him and we must give him. the prime minister. >> i'm not surprised he's got this sudden interest in party funding, but let's be frank. every donation to the conservative party is set out in
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public. but let's be clear what this real scandal is about. it's about trade unions fixing of political appointments to this house. [shouting] that's what it's about. so when he gets to his feet of utopia addresses -- [inaudible] let's hope he publishes the report and let's hope he tells, they don't want to hear. [shouting] >> order. order. i'm always concerned about the right of backbench members and they will be heard and if we run over for the purpose because of this sort of conduct, so be it. they will be heard. please, let's have a bit of order. >> the problem is they are paid to shut and they're doing nothing about it. >> ed miliband. >> i don't think he wanted to answer the question, did he? so let's give him the answer.
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because the conservative party has received 25 million pounds from hedge funds. now, now, next question, next question. next question. in the budget, in the budget the chancellor gave hedge funds 145 million pounds tax cuts. can the prime minister tell us was it just a coincidence? >> the top tax rate under this government is going to be higher than it ever was under his government. [shouting] but let me give him, let me tell him this important point. there is a big between donations to the conservative party and donations to the labour party. and the difference is this. donations to the labour party by votes at your conference, by candidates and mps in this house, and pay for the votes they gave him his job. they pay their money, they
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bought their votes. they put them in his place and that hasn't changed a thing. [shouting] >> i'll tell him what the difference is. six p. a week and affiliation fees from ordinary people up and down this country against a party funded by a few millionaires at the top. [shouting] and what -- >> order. you find it so difficult to control yourself. i'm sure you didn't when you're practicing at the bar. column it, man. get a grip of the situation. mr. miliband. >> and what is shameful, he doesn't even know about the extra tax cuts he gave hedge funds. now, he says he wants reform. he says he wants reform. i have a proposal for them. i'm willing as i said before have a 5000-pound limit on donations from trade union, businesses, and individuals as part of a fundamental reform in
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the way our parties are funded. is he willing to do that? >> first of all let me deal with, let me -- i will answer. [shouting] let me deal with six p. a week. >> order. we've got to listen own order to hear. prime minister. >> sixty a week am here are the figures. since he became leader, 8 million from unite, 4 million from gmb, 4 million from unison. they bought the policy. they bought the candidates and they bought the leader. now, i have long supported, i have long supported caps on donations. i think we should have caps on donations and they should apply to trade unions, the businesses, and individuals. but let me say this, let me say this. there is -- [shouting] >> order. order. there's still far too much shouting. on both -- on both sides of the
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chamber. the prime minister, i think he is concluding his answer. the prime minister. >> let me be frank with them. there is a problem with the 5000-pound cat and it is this. it is this. it would imply, it would imply a massive amount of taxpayer support for political parties. and, frankly, mr. speaker, i don't see why the result of a trade union scandal should be every taxpayer in the country paying for labour. [shouting] >> ed miliband. >> so there we have the truth. so there we have -- >> order, order. mr. miliband. >> the truth, mr. speaker, he is a docking reform. he is ducking under before. he doesn't want it to happen. let's test his willingness to reform in this house. current world allow mps to
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take on a directorships and consultant fee as long as there declared -- as long as they are declared in the register of interest and mr. blum both sides of by by those rules. i said in the next parliament, and this will affect both sides of this house, mps should not be able to take on new paid directorships and consultant fees. does he agree? >> i think what matters is that everything is transparent and open. those are the rules. but look, he made me an offer, he -- >> order, order. the leader of the opposition must be heard. the prime minister must be heard. >> he made the offer. he made the offer, let me make him an offer. if you want to change i make this offer. there is a bill coming to this house of commons next week covering trade unions. now, if he wants to legislate to
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move from opting out the offing and, if he wants to give union members the chance to choose whether to donate, if he wants to allow union members to vote on whether they should give to labour we will legislate or will he accept that offer of legislation, yes or no? [shouting] >> thank you i've got to say to him, i've got to say to him he's got to do a lot better than the. it's got to answer the question on -- look, let me just tell the prime minister and all the members opposite, between now and the generator election they will be subject to this test. do they support second job new directive, yes or no? that is the test. let's try him on another test. i say, i say -- >> order. the question must be heard. and people that i might have thought about calling to ask a question who are shouting from a
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sensitive position might as we'll just leave the chamber. mr. ed miliband. >> i say this as well, as was in the nude directorship and consultancies that should be a limit in the next parliament about how much people can earn on top of their mps salary as they have in other countries. the public, mr. speaker, you would expect nothing less from the. what does she say? >> what's interesting is he doesn't want to talk about the trade union. he doesn't want to address -- that's what this scandal is about. and let us ask what has actually changed since yesterday? will the unions still have the biggest vote of the conference? yes. while they still be able to determine the parties policies? yes. will they still have a decisive vote in voting for the labour leader? yes. that is the fact. they own you lock stock and block a vote. >> mr. speaker this is a man owned by a few millionaires at the top of society.
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here's the difference. here's the difference. is the difference between him and me. i want action on second jobs. he doesn't. i want party funding reform, he doesn't. i'm proud that we have links with ordinary working people. he's bankrolled by a few millionaires. the party of the people, the party of privilege. [shouting] >> it's not the party of the people. it's the party of len mccluskey. that's the fact. >> order. just have a wall of noise, what we need is questions and answers. the prime minister. >> it's the party of len mccluskey. they by the candidates. they by the policies. they by the leader. what is the policy on determined by the communications human? what is the policy on health, determined by unison? what is their policy on party funding?
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determined by unite. no wonder he thinks like a -- he wants to be regarded and come back as a proper leader. [shouting] >> julian huppert. >> thank you, erik thank you very much, mr. speaker. three quarters of of a million british people suffer from heart failure a condition -- >> order. ordered. the question however long it takes will be heard. doctor huppert. >> thank you for much mr. speaker. recorder of the million bridge people suffer from heart for a condition which is unknown hospital bed w. recent research funded by the british foundation found with our -- low-level's up the condition can increase the risk. while the prime minister commit -- could increase life expectancy by up to eight months? >> my friend makes an important point about air quality that but which seem real improvements in recent just because make a genuine difference to public health.
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of perhaps to them about our conclusions on this issue. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the government has diverted eu regeneration funds intended for south yorkshire to benefit wealthy parts of uk. the chair of sheffield city region left has said the argument has been ignored and the decision will have a hugely negative impact on jobs and growth. why is it ignored? how can the prime minister justify allocating 34% more for chacha in south yorkshire? isn't the case the goods government always has the long priority instead of for the wrong people? >> we've done a fair assessment of the between the region of united kingdom but also between the nations of not thinking about how to destroy this money and we have distributed it in the fairway and i know that if you look at yorkshire is the employment of 11,000 this quarter, is the employment of 86,000 since the election. but as the member is a member of
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unite it's not surprising he doesn't mention that fact. >> thank you, mr. speaker. does the prime minister welcome last friday's vote to give the british people essay on the relationship with europe? a vote with a stark contrast with the opposite chose to stay away to squabble with themselves over fixing within the unions? >> i congratulate my honorable friend the member for the way that he presented his bill on a referendum and the european union. there was a unanimous support on this side of the house from the conservative party. what was noticeable even though there was a 19 page briefing from the labour party, which like every other bit of paper now we find lying around house of commons, they couldn't make up their mind which way to vote. >> thank you, mr. speaker. does the prime minister a great with the former conservative treasure that the money received is ted did and they have a moral
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duty to give that back? when will he return that money? >> i think the honorable member should start with the fact that his party has taken 1.6 million, not from a 5000-pound cat but 1.6 million from mr. mills and advice in how to dodge attacks. >> under the last government communities were left abandon the benefits. with the right honorable gentleman and pressed by the thousands of jobs created at our job has? this government is putting people back into work. >> well, my honorable friend is right and i was impressed on visiting constituencies to go see the jobs being created because it's jobs in shipping and for seaman, engineering, apprenticeships are really important investment for this country and we hope for this country unti and we hope to seey more like it in the future. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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is the prime minister a where there's widespread agreement about the importance of investment in infrastructure, about job grading potential? can you tell the house, therefore, why after three years in office the employment and the construction center has fallen by 84,000 people? >> employment in construction is currently rising and actually the recent news on construction has been very good. and that is because we have an infrastructure, a fifth of the projects are under way. we've got roadbuilding at our higher levels than it ever was under the labour government. where as they electrify literally five miles of railway line for we are going to be electrifying hundreds of miles of railway line. i know that he doesn't come he doesn't measure the fact that actually he's been paying rent to unite. normally its money from unite to labour. in this case its money --
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>> thank you. thank you, mr. speaker. is my right honorable friend aware that after yesterday's surrender of powers either home office to the european union by bringing the european court of justice in to the arrest market, the commission has welcomed it as pragmatic? has pragmatism overtaken the prime minister's popular design to recapture rate our? >> what i would say is the home secretary's announcement yesterday represent the repatriation of the uk of 98 powers. there were 133 items on the justice and home affairs list and that is a massive transfer of power package of uk which i think my honorable friend should welcome. >> thank you, mr. speaker. [inaudible] she found it
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impossible to sleep when they were sharing a room. she has defined an additional thousand pounds a year. [inaudible] was it his intention that nine out of 10 families can face eviction, debt, or the other? >> first of all let me make clear that disability living allowance, the main benefit received by disabled people, that is being operated by inflation. that is being excluded from the welfare cap. it comes to the spare room subsidy anyone who needs to have a care slipping another bedroom is exempt from the spare room subsidy. and, of course, also there is the discretionary payment. now members opposite shake their head. effective to have a post each and every one of our welfare savings. now it's their policy to adopt
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our spending plan. they can't go on accepting the plans but criticizing them at the same time. >> it's one your since the government suspended aid money because directly to the regime in rwanda over the role they played in supporting militia gangs in the congo. recently the u.n. confirmed -- still involved in such activities. does my right honorable friend agree with me that these actions are unacceptable for a commonwealth nation? will he work with its international counterparts by showing those committed war crimes are brought to justice? >> those committed war crimes should always be brought to justice and i've raised the issue of the support for the and 23 with the president on a number of occasions but i think we need to bear that in mind in looking at her a program as by right honorable friend the secretary of state has done. i think we should also recognize and this goes across parties in this house that british investment in eight in rwanda has created one of the great success stories about and development over the last decade
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and wish you continued to invest in that success and lift people out of poverty while delivering a very clear message to president mugabe at the same time. >> the prime minister, how many jobs should an in p. have? [laughter] >> all members of parliament -- all members of parliament have the clues to possible duty to the constituents but let me make, let me make this point. do i think the house of commons benefit from people like you i'm a member from blackburn and his experience? do i think the house of commons benefits from the auto member from sheffield brightside who comes to this house with his experience? i think we do benefit. i'm not sure we benefit from a immediate predecessor but there are audible members opposite who give good service to this house. >> mr. gregg mulholland. >> mr. speaker, we are all celebrating andy murray's historic victory this week. the prime minister may not know
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that history was also made in 1954 when dave valentine, a scotsman come was the first man to lift the rugby cup trophy for britain. the first major sporting on the shore since last year's wonderful olympics and paralympics. with a promise to give full support and will he, too one of the games? >> i want him to wear that important piece of fish and i'm very grateful for them to bring me up to date on the. i strongly support the fact were holding this tournament and will givget all the support i can. between now and then we have a small issue of the ashes which is very important. we hold those as well. >> when the prime minister entertains the hedge fund owners, the private hospital company to a dinner at downing street, what did he promised in return for the 863,000 pounds
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donation to the tory party? >> let me just, let me just give them the figures. 8 million from unite, 4 million from gmp, 4 million from innocent it and the difference is this. the difference is this, those donations, made by your leader. they buy your policy. >> order, order. [shouting] >> does the prime minister agree with me that it is welcome that too and have thousands out of work households in london can no longer -- >> order. mr. lord's question must be hurt. mr. lord. >> these out of work households can no longer play more than the average working family earns. a welfare reform that was opposed by the party opposite at the behest of their union
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barriers spent the party opposite have opposed every single welfare change we've made. 86 billion pounds in total, and people of this country including trade union members will find it inexplicable why the party opposite of it that often benefits than you are in work. it shows not only have they got the wrong relationship with the union, they got the wrong values, too. >> thank you, mr. speaker. down the prime minister to the house whether -- [shouting] >> order. some basic manners would suggest that the question be hurt. just as i said about mr. lord, so, too, cathy jamieson will be hurt. cathy jamieson. perhaps the prime mr. patel house -- [inaudible] spent as i said, the donations to the conservative party can do not to
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buy votes at a party conference. they don't buy votes for the leader but it don't mean you can select candidates. that is the unhealthy relationship in british politics and they can bluster all they want but they have been found out and they're being found out across the country. >> thank you. thank you, mr. speaker. every child receives 4006 and 12 pounds for their education. in other parts of the country that figure is as high as seven, eight, or 9000 pounds. this funding mechanism is completely unjust and puts our children at this event. will the prime minister do everything in his power to help the education secretary to change this funding mechanism before the unions tried to block it? >> we agree the current system is unfair and my friend gave the figures. we have committed to consulting on how best to introduce a national funding formula for 2015-16. we will consult widely with all
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the interest parties to get this right. that will include all members of parliament and the no my friend will campaign very hard on that issue. >> thank you, mr. speaker. [inaudible] has described the government banking reforms as falling short and in some respects virtually useless. is this the payoff for all the millions the bank -- [inaudible] it's this government that commissioned the vickers reported its this government that committed to regional banks but it is this government that is legislating to have criminal sanctions against bankers. what did the last government do? what did those to do when they were sitting in the treasury, when northern rock ran at 110% mortgages? they were uniting fred goodwin and watching the world burn. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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mr. speaker, on friday the town center will fall silent as the people lead the nation in paying respect to a man who is a terrifically murdered on the streets or will the prime minister join with me in paying tribute to all his family and friends and his comrades for the dignified response to their laws? and thank all those in the church and armed forces, the police and public services who have been engaged in the planning and preparation of a funeral? >> here, here. >> right honorable friend speaks for the whole country and the whole house when he talks about this issue. we should all pay tribute to him for his service to our country. i heard about it first and win in afghanistan and meeting other members of his regiment. we should also paid tribute to
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sammy come to all the pain and difficulty they are going through and i'm sure that it will be a very fitting service, every moving service on friday and whole country will be morning with of them. >> i have a jcb factor in my constituency and to represent their foreign interest as part of my parliamentary duties. will the prime minister tell us how much the foreign secretary was paid by jcb whilst he was in opposition? >> jcb desecrate a british company that exports all over the world. instead of trying to talk it down, we should be celebrating it. its opening business, creating employment, training apprenticeships. it's backing our economy program. all they want to do is talk and great british diseases. >> does the prime minister a greeting that what this government does as one helps save the insolvency service is
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represent the interests of ordinary decent trade unionists who too often are lions led by donkeys? >> i agree with my honorable friend and cannot pay tribute to him for his work in saving the midway. this is important and the fact is the party opposite is -- and that is why they refuse to investigate the scandal of these rigs appointment. that is what the scandal is about and that is what they refuse to talk about. >> [inaudible] to conservative party -- with the prime minister tells what role they play in party policy plain? >> as a member of unite she speaks with great authority on the subject. let me explain again, when people donate to the conservative party they are not buying votes for the leader. they are not the buying
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policies. they are not buying votes to the party conference. the reason the right honorable gentleman has his job is that trade unions force votes in the labour party and put him where he is. that doesn't happen in any other political party. and if they've got any sense at all they will realize it's profoundly wrong. >> i'm sure the prime minister will agree with me that there's no better way to build a stronger economy and a more fair society that through apprenticeship. the number of apprenticeships has no double already and i am on a mission to build on this success by working with local businesses to create 100 apprenticeships in 100 days. will the prime minister support that? >> i service aboard her campaign. all members across the house to encourage people to take of apprce


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