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montana and grow. [laughter] survey he was inducted to the bison hall of fame the presidents from mount rushmore were behind him and he stood up in the den in the songs. >> wears a very? you need him up here. there we go. [applause] >> o give me a home where the buffalo roam ♪ ♪ where the deer in the antelope play ♪ ♪ where seldom is heard ♪ a discouraging word ♪ and the skies are not
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cloudy all day conoco no go home home on the range conoco where the deer eat and the antelope play ♪ ♪ where seldom is heard conoco a discouraging word ♪ ♪ a of the skies are not cloudy all day ♪ ♪ i am often at night with the heavens bright with the light of the glittering stars and ♪ ♪ i stand there amazed ♪ and i asked if i gaze into the glory exceeds that of ours conoco home home on the range ♪ ♪ where the deer in the antelope play ♪ ♪ where seldom is heard ♪ a discouraging word ♪ and the skies are not cloudy all day ♪ ♪
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[applause] [applause] >> thank you for this kind
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interaction and i want to say thank-you the fund for american studies. we're very pleased to be in attendance to knight was a terrific job by the sponsoring organizations and also to the president and ceo for center of economic policy at the center for the generous support of the project for having supported all the years and worked at the center. our also like to think -- to think the center for african-american studies to help make tonight's presentation possible.
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in terms of the book the reason why i wrote the book was to make sense of the nature of the phenomenon called hugo chavez said his revolution. not only for our region but in general. and i was not content with the different views. those to define him as a socialist or possible -- as the regime with the free-market policies in debut chavez only as a reaction to these policies. most of the explanations
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they see it as the economic phenomenon in the role is not good but could last as long as oil prices as they go down i reject that notion because i believe hugo chavez i'm sorry it is not just the revolution but one that goes beyond the boundaries of venezuela that just the right time that the fascist revolution. also those who claim of the
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democracies that there really exceptions to the rule and a temporary phenomenon. i disagree with those views because they did not take into account the nature of the actions for those to be steeply revolutionary with the foundations of the state with the domestic revolution in addition with countries such as iran and organization such as the revolutionary armed forces
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of colombia, and also with china. so to point the finger of this dangerous relations very often they learn to be informative but they felt was lacking was something of the relation between it goes against democracies 30 years after it has been restored is lit up -- and america. i try to make sense of paul phenomenon only with the
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objective to explain that. but to project future scenarios. with participation so it makes sense of the fact of the reality so we can have of lenses or a framework to look at the framework of latin america today. the book is comprised of nine chapters. in the first i talk about the roots of the revolution.
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that only venezuela such as ecuador, nicaragua, bolivia, in the explanation eddie merge -- can emerge all the way could identify those economic reasons but mostly i attribute the emergence of these revolutions to the fact these are inefficient democracies. were they are unresponsive to activities and it was limited to just the act of voting then they would wait until the next election there was no connection.
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with the emergence of democracy from the 1990's wore in more marginalized groups in those that were previously marginalized then they get mobilized. in to absorb the new forces in what they do is to act in the way that i described for. for instance you have some cases like ecuador the throes items to the indigenous population and they promise to respond and when it comes to power some
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of the use political structures radicalizes the legitimacy of the system it collapses and that vacuum is filled to come out of the establishment in other words, , to summarize the revolution emerges in venezuela in the of their country's because democracy basically failed there is no connection between the state and a civil society there is no way in the integration of forces i come back to the
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issue at the end of my book chapter touse stresses the nature of hugo chavez and i say the bolivia regime and not a typical democracy. neither i would say we can use the venezuelan government as being merely just a socialist government. is also highly ideological anti-democratic and anti-american. in addition it that is important 2.0 even though we have elections taking place they are mostly of
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referendums that is the only form. these regimes have the characteristics. basically the regime calls for the constitutional reform it usually it provides more rights to civil society. most of these these institutions that strengthen the power of the state at the expense of civil society. with that economic drive against private property that is being demolished by
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the venezuelan government in particular, individual rights, in the elimination of the organized civil society groups such as the trade unions. and of course, the use of executive prerogatives with the judiciary and the political opposition. with of the things you can say of the characteristics of the regime that with the ideology the government tries to indoctrinate as much as possible in did edition it subjugates the judiciary to the will of the regime. for example, the case of
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maria. she is a judge it released a person that chavis wanted to continue to be in jail. very soon -- the reason is that he had already served enough time it does not need to serve out. she follow the logic of the legal system. but instead chavez did not like that and put it said judge in jail and later she was raped. said that reminds us very much if there is a book called hitler's justice, the judges knew exactly what the regime wanted in they gave it according to what the regime wanted.
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they did not follow legal logic but the logic of what the supreme leader wanted and this is the reason why the german judges said the lot of people to live so that the president doesn't like that becomes totalitarian. this is exactly is based on the accumulation of power would it be ince with the invasion of state and for that to see a crucial alliance he has coopted the military and created a lot of organizations outside the state to have more of
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loyalty with the regime more than the institutions of the state. he politicized almost every aspect of venezuela of life and instead appointed loyal people tuesday regime. it is no longer a family member with the same last name. but the feature of the rashid -- regime is that it is such an obsession for a complete power they have disregard for consequences.
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look at what chavez has done the united states is not in the best interest of venezuela because it is it to the states and somebody asked me a question would he really nationalize that company? he said maybe to the italian rulers does and as the economic gain for national interest and they try to3 economic gain for national interest and they try to accumulate as much power as possible that is why they think it will fall on
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economics or on the chavez regime. he is no longer of course, they are wrong. this is a regime that can bend itself for a long time they believe those will radicalize even further. so in the next chapter i talk about of the aspects of the revolution in trying to find candidates that the ideology was akin to his own its right to use other means , a sometimes violent two major somebody knew his
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line would be in power of whom he selected. sometimes religion or sometimes not so much. the reason is very clear if other countries create the same type of regime really have full executive power that controls the population as much as possible it would be easier to achieve unity in the continent because most of these will be in whatever position it will be. what is the threat? it is very clear. the government of venezuela established relations with
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iran, a hint the other countries ecuador and venezuela did exactly the same thing. so the way it is undermined we should be very much aware they are creating a major geopolitical program -- problem. this this is that the revolutionaries anti-american ends and also establishing connections with the enemies rebid a general. the relation of the democracies here is the -- the to our geopolitical
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threats. so the more they are elected the more they are accountable to civil society or the legislative powers but means the more accumulated power in decisions it ability to make decisions are not good so the lack of the other could trees each see a political threat. talk about the revolution of the group's that i mentioned before like the indigenous groups, the marginal groups that had existed there. hugo chavez in the revolution and tries to reach out to these groups we
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have many groups in argentina in in the chilly day -- chile as a symbol of liberation of americanism. is not clear to what extent it succeeded to reach out to all these groups that we do have examples of powerful groups they don't hold their own leaders that they hold hugo chavez they are actively giving support to hugo chavez the grassroots of the workers party that has ruled brazil since 2003 even now grass roots is to
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go chavez. the early 2000's is also hugo chavez is smaller indigenous groups. so in the future if the systems do not deserve these forces will most likely fall into the hands of the revolutionary movement which i believe is still very much alive despite the fact chavez is dead now. with chapter five i try to make sense of the relation it is based on two points in my opinion that we can see
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clearly. the first is the product can serve as a force to look at what it chavez said his allies have created it is highly unlikely or inconceivable so the farc in organization since the '60s based on marxism if you wish as a group originally but has been defeated slowly i think they lost a lot of
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power. to look at the ideology moving from having a ideology of marxism to adopting the revolution is something that we can see they endorsed it and looked at the farc five we can see clearly it also sees a in views the farc to promote the revolution across america and to sow already to work together we need the ppp it has worked the seven
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really big groups but etf to create to violence in the unit to challenge governments like america. so for the two elements at this point in the windows according to a report that venezuela is clearly a table in the transit of banks from colombia into venezuela and to the united states through europe so there forces and a lot of things that we see
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here in the denis states the state department has officials also. sova beans we have -- what is the of logic? here is a media they do not only poison our society or intoxicate the kids with drugs but to also destroy the state's the prize politicians a and the charges, and they destroy
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the state's they are the failed states of the anarchy and i believe this will extend and is already happening in other courage resume latin america. so what we will find very soon is afghanistan. what it be the benefit -- a bautista going up? that we're not going to fail , but to raise a strategy in those countries and that can have that from a leader but the of the claims but to operate freely
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so i feat it is a major damage. remember you have a state where we have all anarchy. just when you think you are taken over by federal terrorist groups so here we already have the presence of ivory and.
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but the chapter six actually deals with iran a and here i crisis to participate in matt to america many seeing he is seeking to bet -- to be the subject but in order to understand without the presence of wind is the agenda of the revolution? i argue but from venezuela.
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some day you will think before with the nuclear weapons in of course, the chinese are supporting what everyone is doing to look at the weapons. but remember once iran obtained a nuclear weapon they can use venezuelans will and come on my next trip to the states although a shorter distance between
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the reagan and israel and that would be really, really problematic. the other thing is that the rebate -- iranians are looking for the presence is so irrational and to representing releases a.m. to that is to cause some harm to the american interest is states what happened october 2011 when they tried to kill the saudi ambassador by using a member of the system that is a drag -- drug company in mexico. they have permissions
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grant films and they also have connections to of course, to the israeli government. know what is in the interest of the venezuelan government to have relations with iran? here i go back for the same. their experts to create order consolidating the state and this is why it is not surprising with the iranian revolution in latin america, secondly the iranians of course, to adopt is the guerrilla war as protection beyond the regime
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and these are things that the iranians are experts on. particularly with that are being government and is the possibility that cuba grows any type of reform. and they decide to move so the iranians can always fill that. so i do think there is said chittered and genuine interest and that is why there a man in america i don't think the malone went to latin america because they wanted or they would have called by hugo chavez to join. then i discussed the relations with the trait -- with china to be very quick
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before it finished it is usually interested as a country to grow economically. and looking to increase the economic power by ec china is looking to increase its political power and influence around the world. in the solution is right now is states has influence in china is backyard with starvations to iran and korea. we are dawn allowing the chinese at the air radio and the privilege of offered a great opportunity. i know but have the eighth
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lady's presence in the influence it was before the chinese but i think the real stress they can sell them and in china around the world we wanted to put sanctions on the region but the chinese oppose it objectively then to city and and the chinese objected we're in the same situation
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and they continue to object so therefore it's it is in the vital interest of china of the allies of the revolution so that leaves something important to take into account and finally i talk about the regional in u.s. policy i tried to leave that for the question and answer period. you prefer me to stop right now and take questions? the other chapters deal with regional and u.s. policies how united states reacted to the revolution and also with the policy restrictions. should rigo to the question and it's your -- question
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and answer period in devil stop right here. [applause] >> i'm a federal employee and to to have a question that i thought i heard that chavez body is embalms to lie in state permanently? to view president said no of that is a congress countries like vietnam's or china or russia or places like that. i see but they're trying to you do is invalidate your expression in the post chavez era they think is valid but with schaede guevara, does this have no precedents? >> if you look at this story
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is much in america, that was the case this but definitely they actually became a place white the mecca. and it makes sense but the of the difference this is where i believe they will continue to grow because hugo chavez left behind a huge, huge structure a and as i said in my presentation of government of venezuela has been designed to to perpetuate itself so i believe using him as and
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issue they say they still like it bremer that the appeal to the spectators was really effective. something who'd do has work to achieve? this is why he was but the support for the ruling party diminished. i believe there will be more social rewards cover more
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mobilization by civil society and the organization's. but i believe she will respond with more and more aggression. we have seen that now. i believe eventually the elections will be abolished because after april 40 in the message was with a dose
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of pessimism that every regime can survive even when being pour. lookit north korea and look at cuba. so they can survive even they don't have enough resources. they can have rewards but also repress them. i think in my opinion it is up to the local population to raise those issues and i think if they continue to be active in that way they also
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need to be active a and to part of the reason why it is because the environment supports them and first and foremost, the apolitical international providing political support so i believe that yes you could have a situation like that but that does not mean they will resist but it is set to use the population to mobilize a that darr sought to raise awareness with the
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countries such as brazil but was so with the united states in thin knife taped we will continue to to the government or to the revolution. >> my partner and i bet you did not mention a and i wonder why. one is the participation. it all the alliance of political issues in venezuela.
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