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peter lance talks about gangster gregory grigory scarpa a high level member of the crime family and describes his role going back to the early 60's. he committed many of his crimes while working as an informant. this is about an hour and 45 minutes. ..
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>> in 1990 died, let i wrote did it did not get made but we try to get a major cable based on the psychotic book from these amazing prosecutor with the associated press and there wrote this book 1951 i was
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familiar with murder incorporated in this is an example of the wall or the wall of fame but to zoom in and of what we will be talking about. gregory scarpa sr. is featured in the wall look how he is among one of the dozens and dozens but as you can see what we get into the presentation today he was by far the most bloodthirsty he and vicious a hint coming mafioso one of the of the land of epic proportions in we will get in to him today as we will discuss today in "deal with the devil." but quickly i will tell you how i got into this story
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because when you see the book those of you who have bought it, it is 2 pounds we sell them by the pound you to use it to press your shirt. to wonder 10,000 words, 80 pages a documentary appendices, some pages there are three endnotes for one sentence would you do work for the fbi you have to be right or the irs will audit. [laughter] just kidding. [laughter] people say are you ever for a? -- afraid? i am afraid to we audited by the irs. but the first book was called 1,000 years of revenge and a fat book, the promise with the essence and documented with the
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relatively small al qaeda less than. [applause] people with the blind schaede -- the blind in shake them the bomb maker went on to design the 9/11 plot that was executed by his uncle because the organized crime story and terrorism is intertwined and you will see why today. my second book cover-up was of the 1011 commission in just with the book was due to go to my editor and harpercollins i got this treasure trove of evidence for a researcher club dozens of fbi the most of eight member crew was down by a terrorist and then my third book it really is a trilogy
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focuses on the character of the cover who is the al qaeda master spy. from the group that murdered anwar sadat but never went to jail because he was then army officer who was out for brian get the time and later become the al qaeda master spy and you will see what he did for bids on bin and al qaeda. the other is yousef that orchestrated the first trade center bombing then use that for the 9/11 plot to a criminal genius to hope to knock to over one into a tower to but to have that happen on in the 11 how i
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got from the terrorist a story to the mob story began with the extraordinary events of 1996. i have a cough drop in my mouth and i will put it down. they captured him and rendered him back to york he is in cell number one. sold number three is abdul hakim murad the original pilot. they had a fire in and ramzi yousef lead is not abide and collied shaker mohammed and he was captured and abdul hakim murad was captured only if the one escapes to bring down the towers of an 11. but gregory scarpa, jr. the son of senior is writing a
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piece to a terrorist and they are passing notes back and forth because his father only did 30 days but scarpa, jr. is photographing the notes and ratty now these guys out and they realize that they send off hostage rescue team to kick the door in and day are told that to leave this spirited out of the country only to execute the 9/11 attack. scarpa, jr. was genuine if all the dots were connected it is nobody's fault in this case for that but it could have literally terminated the 9/11 plot years earlier. there is a time line on my web site if people are watching on c-span go to
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peter scroll down there is a 32 page timeline that you don't have to take notes today you can just enjoy this. just relax but if you get into the dna, you will say no. that can be then with the q&a you can challenge me. but if you read the timeline you will see starting with the murder of sid got ideas to the whole story to connect the organized crime story the mozart -- the mozart of terror and who was his uncle? colleague who is identified as the mastermind of 9/11 ramzi yousef made a mistake
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actually he built this 1500-pound to put it in the ryder truck he hoped he would talk -- not the north tower in to the self tower but instead with the four floors every bar concrete but it did not work because it just blew down so he went over to new jersey watching the smoldering towers and he promised he would take them down eventually and online 11 his uncle did the plot executed that he designed in 1975 executed so now that is my introduction so now i will pay this off in spades but the reason you are here today the mafia story. this is a picture that you kj the mail did when i first
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came out here four weeks ago of this great tabloid from england and you will see this is his common-law wife a and then "mississippi burning" because wait until you hear how scarpa senior saul's the "mississippi burning" case. scarpa sr. had various nicknames, the killing machine, he thought he had a license to kill and he would sign the notes killing machine they called him career reaper, the mad hatter, hannibal lector because he was stopped counting after 50 birder's that makes him the most prolific killer pardon to stop counting and makes the wood of the top serial
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killers of all time he only did 30 years -- 30 days out of 30 years in prison he was a topic for mint his memos went directly to j. edgar hoover himself. three separate crime organized strike force in chicago, a brooklyn tried to put him away in the justice department tried to get this mad killer of history and other members of the fbi who are protecting him to keep them on the street. these are couple of homicides in the upper left corner he shot him while he was stringing christmas tree lights with his wife at his house. nicky was sitting in his toyota when scarpa rolled up to shoot him but the gun jammed but then they shot
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him in cold blood. joe was scarpa adopted son like his second son for all practical purposes and the godfather to joseph child in the best man at his wedding. joe is the best man at gregory juniors wedding but when senior got word he may rat to mount as a source or as a federal informant, he was murdered. to video was one of the most powerful fbi agents in the history rennie to organized crime squad in rain and the but non-oil and the colombo squad in to he taught at quantico in the case agent
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that propelled rudy giuliani. so you get an idea just how powerful defect year was a year and he was his contact scarpa had a complicated life as his informant but his personal white the first wife is still alive a great shot of senior a and junior he buried, deforested had four children he started to be crimes a 16 and seniors shipped him off you will hear how much money he made he could produce a thoroughbred horses so he
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shipped them up there and visited them on weekends. then he got a incredibly gorgeous woman named linda diana she had been dating the mob guys since she was 50 in he had to kids by her bet she married a guy so that the kids would feel legitimate with the guy did not know they were not his kids so she would leave in the morning and visit gregory scarpa but then he divorced her it was not very aggressive considering either she was hanging out with. [laughter] but while he was doing, law with linda and commuting to new jersey with his wife thought he would go to las vegas to bury former miss israel. legally married once, a
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common law when he buys an apartment and this is the marriage certificate but at the top her address. sutton place is the most exclusive block in the manhattan for cash and set her up as his mistress aid he would read community and he was a multi tasker obviously. listen to this. he was also incredibly protective and scarpa sr. once on a bank job would criticize junior and said he should have been more prepared. not serious criticism of but
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scarpa sr. has a social club called the baby boy's. [laughter] nobody could tell me where they got that name so six diets or playing cards in donny walks in with new clues about what is about to happen if he says industry to criticize my son? and he pulls out a gun and shoots him dead in his book brains splatter in there in shock. i cannot believe that. in scarpa said later i wish i could dig him up so i could shoot him again. the yet we go back paul is trying to keep track of all of this but this guy larry was a hero some delivery boy.
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he was a young stud like frankie avalon and the sees him and says i'll like to fool around with him. would you mind? he used to come over to make love to linda and senior would be of the house watching a mary had no idea. guess what? you think he will get killed. no. he took a liking to larry and schooled him with eight robberies and get away drive began during homicide that became his need killing partner. so go figure. these are some of the guise of the last colombo war there's the person to work, the gallo war and then
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the third war to take over the family. this is a believe with 130 guys 600 to the gambia space yet they have been incredibly violent history nobody space told now why. the reason is, they have this person on the inside giving intelligence using it to walk off or even a buy murder or indictment of all the people around him to site violence. the third war of the takeover it instigated by 89 as the informant and all of the debriefing memos went directly including j. edgar hoover. this is on my website. go to peter
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this is brilliant. 1962 before we get there. he gives j. edgar hoover the entire playbook down to the level of capt. all the gate up -- all the names that induction in the ceremony punishable by death he gives it to the director. that is the director. there was only one and it was hoover. as you know, in 19631 month before the kennedy assassination the national tv audience will hear about the soldier of the crime family and is believed to be the first six turncoat they will tell you joe you see him here and these elaborate charts for us that he listed all the members of the family a york reporter wrote
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the book by families when he wrote his book he speculated what he testified to he did not know. he was the knuckled robert. he speculated that the box level where does he get his information? it was through legal wiretaps hoover which using throughout the country to feed that information. no. i got the same thing until i read the 1,153 pages that was released under the freedom of integration act that is part part of what my book is based on and it latest threat this out 69.
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>> caller: nine saying to the committee. and this is part of it. the head of the family is the head of the organization called the commission needs them. >> visa the terms he would hear in the movie godfather. so basically he gives the of light -- mafia for dummies to hoover he gives them the playbook on organized crime. remember including the secret induction ceremony which is punishable by death with this old place where favor violate the death
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death, remember actually there be a group of people they would go down various numbers until they came to one guy who was the guy to be inducted then prick the trigger finger with blood so there blood's would intermingle then they would burn the middle into their hand and say with as a vice wear forever violate my neighbor and. when valachi testified to that. >> this is the worst thing i can do to tell about the ceremony. when i am telling you what i am exposing to you, this is my do. that is how seriously he took giving up this ceremony
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and he had it for a year and a half. with said deal -- "deal with the devil" scarpa gets the best of it but there are things he would do over the years like giving valuable information in the beginning in doing dishes like i've about to tell you about that made who were astonished with this guy could accomplish. remember "mississippi burning" the young civil-rights workers there kidnapped by the kkk and murdered the burned down station wagon is found it at the height of the civil-rights movement they said hundreds of agents down to mississippi scouring the swaps will keep for the bodies the big story of the summer. and the movie of course, remember gene hackman there which is of black f.b.i. agent who comes
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down to solve the case there is about one dozen back then but what happened what is who grew% scarpa down key to the good to put the gun into his head and he asked with the bodies were he gave them bogus information so he is more afraid of the clan. then he puts the gutted his mouth -- puts the gun in his mouth then takes out the straight razr 2 unbuckled his belt and he gave were these three beautiful young been buried beneath 50 feet of clay. two years later another memo
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hoover asks for a special to break the case of another heroic civil-rights leader that is fireball but these are important history my lids and sure enough scarpa was flown to mississippi first they would to mrs. -- miami for r&r then he has given dozens and basically he breaks the case as well but with that case, the guy he basically tortured had a and appliance store. this time he is working directly with fbi agents said they buy a tv and so they bring into the alley and they grab the guy to throw into the truck to literally extract their version of water boarding to get the confession.
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he called it the civil-rights league compared to other ethnic groups in this scott will lead to of. with but a senior was picketing every day and at night he would go back to raft of colombo on the other side. the first year the fbi thought it would blow over
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it got so big that some not judge gave a concert to raise money and they got so powerful they got aaron spelling to take the word mafia out of his series. can you imagine? they got the word mafia taken out of the godfather the movie that is the powerful but to joe got powerful include the gambino started to get jealous at the second rally at the circle i was there working a few blocks away 50,000 were there and a young african-american and jerome johnson fired the shot it and he was mortally wounded but took two years to die
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but i think scarpa may have had something to do with that but that is too long of a story to do that now. we'll get this guy. joseph the animal. he is the boss of whitey we are familiar with that whitey bolger trial he was an informant and his contact agent is connally that is like a disney movie compared to what i will tell you today. he is accused of 19 murders and connally is doing life for leaking information to him the justice department tries to convict whitey bolger but that did not happen but that is the same scenario as linda of akio going down with the support of the conviction of connolly but this guy the devil decided to flip
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orchard -- the in old -- the edible remember that movie? the rumor among the mob was this guy the devil would tell a story to reverses' the patriarchs so to the director with the boston office advise colombo by the commission member recently returned from a trip it was on vacation the patriarch is aware columba at closing your of frank sinatra cedi should intercede with author
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known to sinatra who is presently writing a book based on the information. this is written by the fbi agent. you have to love this. basically a compromised patriarch. who is the writer? truman capote at this time the number one international best seller in the world having written this powerful book of the family in the midwest so he was capable of writing a kick gas, can i say that? a penetrating investigative book. however the river was not true but here is what they thought it was frank sinatra is and mia farrow people
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don't even know that was married to sinatra briefly and they went to the of black-and-white ball back a cody through for gramm with the biggest social events and sinatra was there. so if treatment through the party that sinatra could leave on truman but he was more. he did not get to be the chairman of the board for no reason. at the end colombo said he sat with sinatra in miami. sinatra said he would do anything for colombo but this mont -- author may even tell of the f efforts to muzzle him so frank was smart she would get around
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not doing a favor on the behalf to say if ford gets out it will be embarrassing said he would step aside but that is just one. there is 60 stories like this is an "deal with the devil." this is excellent. the gallo brothers were colorful part of the colombo crime family and they had one of the most famous rubouts allegedly a mafia history with the murder of a k a the lord high executioner if you go outside to see the barber chair that can be bought and donated the state donated to the museum and anastasia was one of the six principles of the killing machine from the '30's a and '40's. he walked in october 251957
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and 5 guys come in and but eventually that gallo brothers are called the barbershop quintet. [laughter] they hit the doors of the mask and he was shot to death. again i tie that into murder incorporated so now have a new version that is not available on the web site and i will sign copies later today but clyde did they do this? they supposedly did it so they could take over the sports book operation in brooklyn part of white anastasia controlled. the boss of the family
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decided to use to them and not compensate so of the gallo brothers, they broke away and car blind earned his native the snake because he decided he was better off in for being on the gallo to take over the family so he went to give the new and the others with a famous incident and godfather part to remember frankie five figures he was in a bar in brooklyn then some guy comes in and starts to strangle him to death? and then the cops come by and he lives in becomes a government witness? a very famous scene. that was based on an actual incident at the sahara one of the gallo brothers were
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down a and sure enough he was strangled and the cops happened to come by yet he lived so that is a true story. so now they went hyperthyroid to evade decided to take their revenge. the jury was the first suspect when colombo was shot they thought jovi gallo was the one but however i have viewed formation that i believe scarpa digit year gallos murdered. he was murdered on his birthday the mob will prey on certain defense said he just married this beautiful young woman who had a little girl there at the coke the cabana the famous nightclub
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where he takes -- he has his bodyguard with him in the girlfriend they drive down to little italy for pastries he goes into the clam house the suspecting a thing in the dead man comes in and he is dead. wiped out. there is information that scarpa may have been behind that. the sec can't contact was called ian denny who was a wise guy and very effective did he wrote a book called brick agent and has a them more. he had fictional names but we knew who the character was and i could corroborate some of the deprivation he
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does 30 days in jail the first arrest september 1st 1950 possession of a fire arm indictment breach of peace and concerted with thieves and criminals they almost sound cue to, these crimes are up to his final rest august 1982 for murder but he only did the 30 days. very briefly he did open as the top echelon informant added 19753 by five years she was pitched off by the n.y.p.d. to do the of 30 days he said costs my dad did not to try so now linda comes along 1980 he was the supervisor with the two
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squads in the wharf now anderson cooper had a book come out one year ago so i do plug all authors also the valachi papers we will win this thing in a cave from the famous incident during the third, will war and larry is murdered by scarpa and the underlying to lynn does it comes to tell him and says we will win this thing like he is routine for scarpa will later p diet back that the fbi will win but who is excited that somebody will be murdered? you don't celebrate the death of anybody. that wide showed up in the last episode of "the sopranos" that is in their. remember?
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after he presides over the toughest restaurant to get into? no. no. everybody who calls of no. no. i love the guy actually i went there with a friend of mine in nevada couple of copies of my book i said i hope that you watch c-span in you review it one of these days. so there is a book written we will win this thing and anderson to produce a piece of 60 but it's. this is the shot telling him how he opened scarpa after he was closed for five years and he said i pulled up outside really was living with linda and i walked up and knocked of the door and confronted him and said they needed help and two weeks later he began to cooperate.
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that is live this story. look at this here is the of the go to washington d.c. the source was closed by communications and noted approximately six months since have been required to disagree the we contacted the source to persuade him to give source that is of high quality and they say it has taken six months but he said he did in two weeks of december. obviously there is a little bit of conflict but when i finally got to junior and interviewed him sectors spending 32 years in prison he was at the super max we
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will -- it will create a security risk they denied me that he was transferred to another prison and i interviewed him. he told me, this is classic senior my father started to audition him and me to an injured knee -- jersey conduct of the horse farm so it makes sense that scarpa would have auditioned him to make sure that he could control the inverses the other way around that is my theory and i stick to a. tell this is scarpa as the intimidating presence. but this knockout will good bet to be on the lay of the word got out his hand of
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akio all charges were dismissed but one of the murders was for allegedly telling scarpa senior that mary would cooperate board give the whereabouts since she was lured to a cocktail waitress job and she gets to the club is in the she walks he shoots her dad right there and perhaps a rock in a t.a.r.p.. that is who he was. later carmine was cleaning the place with bleach in the dog family apart of her year and they joked about it that might. the release of some of the bob -- the romance of the
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mob and the brutality and mortality is terrible. as a writer people say don't you get captured or lost in the term moral capture is what a prosecutor talked about did akio he and -- hey neil with these guys to where the jewelry and every other word was the f word because he says of his book had to get with these book -- to get with these guys to convince them to trust me but after point the stockholm syndrome happenstance you cross the line so as a journalist said don't fall in love with these guys. fate of the scene in good fellows were he stabs them a man to death. remember that.
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that everybody is like that remember rice said second son to scarpa? this is how he ended up this is surveillance video outside of the social club. this is where he paid his dues with the government for the most probable cause in the commission case with giuliani came from scarpa is senior. they can fargo he calls in the championship season but the mafia and was broken from the guy on the left "the snake" he goes to prison and fat tony you have to have paid little they like you are in bob -- the mob. they'll go to jail.
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this is one of the stories that i will tell you from my book and the gas pipe he was the underboss' who took over after corolla went away a and went after john gotti in had a guy put a bomb id john gotti was not there in freaky die did was blown to bits. so now there's a contract out on a anthony three guys came to shoot him he was eating an ice-cream cone but he wanted to know right away so this is the famous interview he did with ed bradley for 60 minutes and says the most famous murder of one of the shooter's he got the mafia cops who were
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living in vegas were arrested. i actually wrote a pilot for a person with missing persons my first trip to las vegas glitz to shoot a script i had written three days early i started at the top of the business to work my way down the that was my first trip the mafia cops the biggest organized crime law enforcement story of ted years they had later convicted to supply information that was used to kill people but i guess when he told me? he told me the most famous murder the cops delivered jimmy to him by his intelligence that he got
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from scarpa the senior this is also part of rewriting modern history i've shot him a couple of times. so either they gave me an interview from prison that was the eyeopener. this is whitey bulger and connally and his version doing life with two convictions of a completely different story. i introduced bill story -- the whole story the brooklyn da calls me in september september 2005. about one year later they called me and the congressman from massachusetts was a prosecutor who knew the case contacted them as well as
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the forensic investigator who had these files and the confluence of the three of us resulted in end dash backed deal of the 30th of march, 2006 cable up from sarasota florida where he retired on full pension and indicted on four counts of murder. that is him and they allowed him to surrender than $1 million bail was set. 50x agents supported him to show a big blue suits, white shirts and is surrounded him as they walked down from the supreme court. it was a scene like you have never seen pushing people way. it was like the u.k. soccer match for t.a.r.p. -- protecting him the with call
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it body checking a didn't chuck grassley even mention that they should be so quick to protect somebody that is presumed innocent. the trial started october 15th 2007 and headlines like this every day agent of death they basically convicted him but the star witness was the will but i told you gave the live dash a and it was alleged by these reporters on the left you will see what of the greatest reporter armen organized crime he has had a column for years and even played himself in "the sopranos." tom robbins had worked with him and they had interviewed
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linda in 1988 and they claim it is suspicious they just happen to look giving you for your behalf she would be a star witness but by the way i am half italian so these are accurate. but mike was the prosecutor in you and linda was on trial so jerry, by the way at the height of the colombo war, 14 people killed including two issa bystanders and six people literally that scarpa killed himself and was no doubt leaking information to him that led to the debt that is why the d.a. indicted him. there brodeur about it and they do that and it would be
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if the star witness she allegedly lied when they abruptly ended the trial so now two weeks later talk reversal of fortune and melinda could not be happier surge you know, what he did? they celebrated at the steakhouse over champagne but listen to what the judge writes, this is his decision to dismiss the case. what is undeniable in the face of the obvious organized-crime the fbi was going to make their own deal with the animal -- "deal with the devil" they gave him immunity for the intimation that he supplied not only to the shield scarpa from prosecution also actively recruited him to purge a survey in crimes under their direction it is a shocking demonstration of
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the government's unacceptable willingness to employ criminality to fight crime. he died about what you're go. why should we care? anyone have to go to the bathroom or one to leave? are you enjoying this? i want to take the temperature of my audience. [applause] applause is not necessary. i give you the why should we care. there is nothing more fascinating than a good mafia story but why do i keep righties these books? i amortized and harpercollins would killdee over how many man hours if i picked berries in it as ventura i would make more
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money. i did not do for freddie joe gave but mine said christopher went to the number one public high-school in america is one years old the gershwin brothers with there and when they built battery park city and added that to lower manhattan, the quid pro quo was to build a new campus incredible. the olympics sized pool and a broadway stage and orchestra. not a brilliant. 28,000 applicants per year and only about six -- 681 dash 800 students get it and the second day of high school is 9/11 and i was in california. he cannot get from the phone his mother working as it abc news and she jumps on the
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subway he and cannot get through flip being out to then get on the bus to go back up down and only the do york story they stopped the bus at 34 streak there is a rule that you cannot let people off the bus between stops but they kicked the window out so down she gets on another bus and christopher is on the bus with a bunch of his friends. then they go home. we actually did a little piece that night then i found out of it incredible fire marshal died that day
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and i met him in 1997 i had written the book that i republished with a new edition. i went to the fire museum is and what can we do to raise money? they said have them donate 500 copies we will get the bills society and we will raise money. great. they would not give the one books the library by deal fifth and i said forget about it and i bought 500 copies an abbreviated ted green and so we went out drinking that night in my
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rabbi is in incredible guy and then this little irish meehan and this man named romney and i smiley in the book if this is the real thing in gave it to him he was talking that night talking about the towers of by then he had heard this story. costs but he was a military intelligence as the green beret and reserves in he would go down on the weekends in he would hear about ramzi yousef before they rendered him back to new york to get evidence there was a plot about hijacking airplanes to fly into buildings they had given it to the southern
11:57 pm
district and nothing happened. this is 1997. one year later. of this guy was hot and he thought they would come back again from below but did not edition planes until he heard about that plot. this is the significance. with any great military organization you need operation and intelligence guys blowing things up on the ground mike ramzi yousef and a spy. ali mohamed was in the unit that killed anwar sadat and was literally objected to form with the london and he blew his cover then put of the watch list so he flies into america and seduces a woman on the plane.
11:58 pm
he is us that they get married in a drive through a wedding chapel now he lives in silicon valley. colin and. please. there are seats in the back. he has now set up the al qaeda operation in silicon valley then enlist the u.s. army this is the xe egyptian army commando and he ends up at fort bragg north carolina at the jfk paris school with the e. lee agreed beret trading in weekend coming into trade -- to trade. this is the fbi photograph of surveillance over four weekends in late '89 when bush was president. to the of the people photographed, we will remember them in a moment.
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they were trained by ali mohamed three of them were convicted of the world trade center bombing, to work convicted to block the bridges of manhattan and one was a famous rabbi murdered in 1980 to november and all of them were trained by ali mohamed now run it directly by osama bin lot in. that was it my first book. this was dominated by the princeton she hoffman dash desist today he is as hot as he has ever been.
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he is behind the benghazi attack of the hostage attacked in algeria and he got were seized president elected egypt to tell the brothers in egypt you better elective. this is as contemporary as it gets but now we go back 20 years no one knew the guys use is the very done and, to shoot the rabbi and runs out of a. . .
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their high world buildings and a blinking light flashing at the trade center could not have been clear what was in the works with this sale. they also found top-secret material with a case from fort bragg.
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holy cow. ali mohammed. no sir tried as a lone gunman peering even though they find him in a house he is tried as a lone gunman. now that all happens and to give you a background youssef explodes the bomb in 1993. there is evidence the fbi could've done that. who is in a cell in manila with ham? m.? collegiate mohammed his uncle a guy named -- who becky bin laden loved in a couple bin laden's brother-in-law. so they come up with three plots. how do i know this? i went to the philippines and met with the national police. the lead sheikh mohammed's name is all over.
12:03 am
everything i got from the philippine police in 2002 goes back to 95. they are going to kill the pope is going to come to manila in january with bombs along his parade route like the boston marathon in the second plot was to blow up 12 u.s. airliners coming in from asia to san francisco and l.a. by planting a bomb and then they would get off in the bomb would go into the pacific and blow up in the third plot was to hijack planes drive them into buildings executed on 9/11. they had 30 pilots training in flight schools in 1995 and the guy on the right was trained at four u.s. flight schools and he was going to be the lead pilot. they foil that and there is an act of god. ramzi yousef when they render him back they call it rendering back, okay? he is slung to stewart airport westchester.
12:04 am
they have a sikorsky helicopter taking him down to the metropolitan correctional center. it's one of those perfect nights. the hudson as glass on the tower is gorgeous. they are ubiquitous. anyplace in manhattan you can see the towers when they get to the world trade center he is wearing shackles and has a cough and and a photon as is the protocol for moving a prisoner like that. when they get to the towers they circle and at the 50th floor they take his foot off and basically they go you see they are still standing. they are three different versions of what he said. i spoke to one of the fbi agents in that helicopter that night and used up without blinking said they are standing for now. they are standing for now. he knew that the plot was in the works to take them down. scarpa comes up with this amazing intelligence these notes archives including look at this a bomb formula from the schematic that he gives.
12:05 am
ramzi yousef, scarpa had a tenth-grader education and there is no way he would write a bombs commander like that. this was the bomb they were going to use in a plot to blow up the 12 planes. the bottom picture was what they found after manila was compromised in the upper right hand corner it shows a semiconductor. they call that yousef's signature. nobody knew that in scarpa junior is giving this to the fbi. they are passing notes to their cells. who is a party to this? patrick fitzgerald the guy the middle the guy the middle as u.s. attorney who is head of the terrorism and organized crime unit and the women on the right is head of the prosecution and the guy on the left dietrich snell is one of the guys in my first book got the evidence in the philippines about the plot. he is now about to prosecute youssef for the plot the manila air bomb plot.
12:06 am
they called it budging to. this is not peter lance making this up. look at the famous presidential daily briefing. one month before 9/11. what does it say clacks redacted service in 1998 saying bin laden wanted to hijack a u.s. aircraft for omar abdul barkman. two years later that was gotten by scarpa junior from the fbi.
12:07 am
remember i told you about the colombo were? remember the guy who shot the glass window? there are now 75 cases percolating through the courts and the colombo work. these world a wiseguys being prosecuted. in the original cases nobody knew that scarpa had the secret relationship at the with the bureaus of the defense attorneys never knew. delvecchio is testifying as an expert witness. that is what they call pretty material. you have certain civil liberties and have a right to find that out. the feds were hiding debt and the federal judge said later that the colombo were cases started really the scarpa scandal started to fester these cases would unravel.
12:08 am
scarpa junior starts doing this in 1996. the guy on the left and the new york office. linda takeo is doing an internal affairs investigation that has lasted many months because four agents under hambrecht them out and said we are buying information on sunday and the guy is dead on monday. we are worried that he is leaking this to scarpa. there is institutional evidence to take the prosecutor against the vecchione the failure of the justice department to provide a prosecutor to the d.i.. in other words shut it down. shut this to vecchione thing down and sure enough that summer in august they closed the
12:09 am
investigation after delvecchio did the unheard of and take the fifth. he has a right to take the fifth but fbi agents don't usually take the fifth. he refuses a a polygraph unheard of for an fbi agent. that is where they put guys in the box and they give them immunity. why would you give the guy made the? that immunity prevented him from prosecuting him so basically closed the investigation. he retired with full pension in sarasota where is he works as a private detective and has a harley davidson until the brooklyn d.a. camelot. the feds decided to call it a hoax and a scam. they came up with the theory that it was completely fabricated which is absurd. how could gregory come up with this stuff and why would ramzi yousef give it to the feds? he is putting himself in various murder conspiracies. scarfo tries to get down with release time for helping the government. he gets 40 years in the supermax
12:10 am
not a single murder. the vecchione of pr close takes the fifth and is granted immunity again and he says i don't recall over 40 times. i'm going to wrap this up. it's almost done. why should we care? john gotti's reaganite social club. the fbi's number one priority in the new york office was getting gotti. that is not peter lance making that up. they had 24-hour surveillance of a planned across from a social club. 21st at day seven days a week day at a social club for sound and they were surveilling the teflon don. they tried three times and they got them on the fourth time period good for them. but, over in new jersey while this is going on you see that building? that is the dingy building on kennedy building in jersey city. the black sign in the middle on
12:11 am
the third floor stood for moscow peace. that is one of the blind sheikh's mosques in new york. an fbi informant said a nest of vipers. half of the brothers in that mosque were convicted in a terror plot to blow up bridges and tumbles along with the blind sheikh in 1995. see where it says t-mobile down there at the bottom? 2828 kennedy boulevard. it's all about egyptians around bin laden al-zawahiri ali mohammed no sir. it's a check-cashing mailbox store and that's a shot at the same building under the blind sheikh's moss. -- mosque. 1990 the feds know that the guy who killed the rabbi has a
12:12 am
mailbox at spinks trading. remember the same crew that was photographed and 89 the world's figure in 1990 and they know within weeks after having searched his apartment that he had a mailbox there. 1994 that is spinks trading. the certificate of incorporation for spinks trading is set up by two men. abdul allen miller and mohammed l. patras. patrick fitzgerald arguably the most powerful u.s. attorney at the time and andy mccarthy are the ones that successfully prosecuted the day of terror plot. after the trade center bombing they put all these guys away. they had a list of 172 unindicted co-conspirators. who is on the list?
12:13 am
osama bin laden ali mohammed all the al qaeda all-stars on this list. look over there in the middle of the column on the right-hand side. while we all know where. it suggests the guy must have a little bit of weight and his organization. why would you put a guys name on a list? where do you think the 9/11 hijackers got their fake i.d.s clinics so lame i'll house me ann lead in all that hard, all those people that were killed left their idea of spinks trading. what did the fbi know and when did they know it? i make the argument that these two cells the original world trade center bombing celebrants who use to use who use up with a cell responsible for 9/11.
12:14 am
the 9/11 commission that collegiate carried out and it seems kind of you think is that a stretch? dan rather was the only mainstream journalist when my first book came out on tonight on the "cbs evening news" from iraq, the picture on the right is a shot of the "cbs evening news" and the 9/11 attacks and dan rather was the only mainstream journalist to credit me with putting those two attacks together. the 9/11 commission i testified before. the reason i testified as the jersey girls those beautiful widows whose husbands went to work and income home that made sure the 9/11 commission have been handed out my book in the following governor cain sent me a letter of peter we want you to testify. who do you think that my testimony? who do you think lex dietrich snell that guy who was the very guy that was one of the people that got the information from
12:15 am
the philippines who apparently ignored it in 1995. they make him not a witness. they make him senior counsel for the 9/11 omission. i testified in a windowless conference room at 26 federal plaza and there is no recording equipment and no stenographer. staff statement 15, this is the 9/11 report. whether ramzi yousef became a member of al qaeda becomes a debate and is part of a loose network of sunni islamist. this is the only mention of peter lance. this is not my ego talking. he gave them reams of evidence proving the plots were connected and the very variant of this footnote they go lance stays the philippine officer declined to identify his official. peter lance basically talking about how the plots were connected. if such information are provided it would have been dietrich snell. we have no indication that it was written down or disseminated
12:16 am
within the u.s. government. incidentally k. sm says collegiate mohammed says he never discussed his idea with the claims operation with the pilot of person k. sm regarded as a minor -- major figure. they are using to refute me khalid sheikh mohammed. he was waterboarded 83 times. that is like using david berkowitz for the son of sam -- april 2010 "the new york times" in federal court docket number from global terror. the u.s. attorney for the something district after denying the 9/11 commission denied the two attacks in a 2005 interview super setting it dieckmann on ramzi yousef in the bombing which is the indictment use the on the left to include collegiate mohammed and every death on 9/11.
12:17 am
they finally came around which is why in doing this. to chip away and tried to tell the truth and try and document the truth eventually people listen and that is what happened. as the fbi learned anything -- did the justice department learn anything? what do i say? i'm saying if they had devoted 5% of their energy that they devoted to monitoring john gotti's social club and they had set up a plant across from spinks trading they would have been in the middle of the 9/11 plot in july and with all the chatter going on that summer, look i am hypothesizing here. i am never sure but i think it's clear that they have the ability to monitor sphinx trading and they could've done it without probable cause and they might have been in the middle of the 9/11 plot. january 20 did this huge headline eric holder gets up the biggest mafia bus -- bust. millions of dollars were spent
12:18 am
in 2011 and guess what? less than 30 of those guys remained members. many were geriatric. two are in their 80s and several in their 70's a couple in their 60's and again why? now we come back to the three greatest mafia stories ever put on film. the godfather one and two and we don't talk about the third one. frances had to be drinking his own wine, whatever. good fellows the second leg of the triple crown and my good friend nick pileggi is a prince by the way an incredible journalist turned screenwriter and goodfellas and casino and of course the seventh season of "the sopranos." would anybody disagree right now that is the gold standard when it comes to mafia stories on film backs how do you outdo that? how do you do any more than that? how do you tell a different mafia story? i would submit to you that this
12:19 am
book deal with -- "deal with the devil" that you can choose your mission should you accept to it -- this book ties these two stories together. it's an incredible mafia story with this incredible terrorism story and why should we care? because 9/11 are made to cold case. the greatest mass murder in american history. they have done collegiate in guantánamo. that is not a trial. there was a lot of people lobbying and they wanted to have a trial in new york. they could've had it on governors island and it would have been completely safe. i say we need that rather happen and we need collegiate mohammed to stand for those crimes and ramzi yousef bring him out from the supermax and put them in. let's have a 2007 people who died that day their relatives
12:20 am
some kind of justice. that's it. [applause] those of you who want to take a quick break and those that have to but we are going to have questions in this is c-span now. we are lucky enough to have this and it's being recorded. they will air at fairly it fairly soon from my understanding so those of you as soon as they get set up and we know that they can take a shot and when i say take a shot i'm speaking metaphorically. why don't you do me a favor. contact me this way. we have a program in progress. okay, call me. we have a program in progress.
12:21 am
we are still rolling, right guys? c-span? let's get some good questions. we have microphones. monica is going to come up and this lady, come on up. you want me to sign your book lacks i don't even have a pen. oh you have a pen. what is your name and i have to make it real quick. brandy? thanks for hanging in there. spread the word. i will give you one of my cards. tell your friends. thank you. the first question this man in the front row. you have been taking notes throughout the whole thing. >> mr. lance an outstanding presentation. given your exposure of organized crime al qaeda and the fbi, what gives you the confidence or more importantly the courage to write these books? al qaeda is still around.
12:22 am
the fbi is around. it is the mafioso that? >> i think the traditional, there's no doubt -- can we close those doors by the way? can we close that door? the traditional sicilian mafia has been broken and you have to credit lynn divac io and the agents in the new york office who guts darpa and the mafia commission case and rudy giuliani brilliantly prosecuted, brought an end to organized crime as we knew it. it was the beginning of the end where guys started flipping with reckless abandon. what i'm trying to stay my overall message is when we step back and look at history every day we are rewriting history. we are reevaluating things and i desperately want to become a better organization. my children live in new york. i love the fbi and i think it's
12:23 am
a great agency. the only way going to improve this by looking at what the faults were in correcting it. i keep writing these books and just because that is what i want. i want to rewrite history. i don't know if that answers your question. anybody else? this lady and a friend whose name is agatha. go ahead. >> have you personally been threatened% any kind of threat to your life for exposing some of this? >> i have had a couple of death threats on the web site but patrick fitzgerald of powerful u.s. turn attorney that i talk about who is the head of organized crime in the southern district spends 20 months from the fall of seven to the summer of nine trying to kill my last book. literally threatened 32 pages of
12:24 am
pages trying to sue me and harpercollins. he didn't have a case and he knew it. the case says the church is absolute defense. i am super careful of what i write but i have a lot to gray from florida university school of law so i'm careful. when i went to law school we had this great judge who taught evidence. judge maclachlan said the first day of evidence 101 ladies and gentlemen if you are an card and you don't have it on the law how about the facts. you don't have it on the facts count on the lawn if you don't have it on the facts is a love pound on the table. that is what patrick fitzgerald did for 20 months. pounded on the table trying to intimidate me.
12:25 am
really he read the entire book and sent a second letter. in my web site peter lance star, get apiece for "playboy" and yes they do have articles in "playboy." i did this piece in june of nine called the chilling effect about that. which is more intimidating to have some guy called up so he can make a death threat over the phone or send you an e-mail to your web site or have the most powerful lawyers in the justice department gunning for you metaphorically speaking? [inaudible] c. that is actually the name of my company. really, it's true. tenacity, i think there are several great qualities in any person. tenacity imagination and the willingness to think outside the box loyalty to your friends and devotion to your family but tenacity, yao matt. thank you.
12:26 am
a couple more questions please. this lady over here. come forward so they can see your beautiful face speedo lockerbie crash was living in base. there were two guys who were libyan officials convicted most recently. one of them was exercised it and then he died eventually in libya but there is no doubt that was libyan-based. i have the whole theory about the price of twa which has come into the news of late because of the 17th anniversary and because of this documentary. if you go to peter you will see my theory and in fact i just happened to google twa under my name recently won the documentary came out and i was shocked to find out on wikipedia on that page with the alternate
12:27 am
theories the missile theory and various theories my theory has got the most credence. you can't write that yourself. somebody did this on my second book cover up i cover this and peter for those of you who're interested i believe twa crash is the result of a bomb placed on board to get a mistrial in the bojinga case and do so is going to have a plain blow up to get a mistrial. the day after the damaging evidence is going to trial maraud's conviction he said mr. weill the plane blows up and he denied it and other reasons i won't get into the specifics right now but i believe there is extraordinary evidence that there was a bomb and certainly not an electrical short. anybody else? there's got to be somebody disgruntled ex-member of the
12:28 am
mafia. this lady right here. >> i just have a comment and appreciate the education because i have heard people say the government knew about 9/11 that i didn't really understand where that came from. >> the inside job. people and i are great odds. i don't believe on 11 was an inside job. it's ridiculous. there is the whole question about why tower seven fell in the afternoon that i believe what i've uncovered over the years in these books starting with 1000 years revenge is actually almost more disturbing because what it suggests is years and years of negligence and to the point of criminal negligence. i didn't use the term criminal negligence. perry samet was the fbi agent in minneapolis who tried to get a fisa warrant on zacharias marche valley. remember the 20th hijacker wanted to learn how to fly a 747
12:29 am
but didn't care how to land one? this guide was guy was the best of the best. he was an ex-f-14 pilot top gun and he became an fbi agent. they were trying to get a fisa warrant so they can search the briefcase of this guy who later confessed he would fly into the white house for what reason? to free the blind sheikh. at his trial risking his political career said i believe the of my chain of command were criminally negligent. the whole notion and by the way and the 9/11 commission was stabbed in the agencies they were supposed to be -- 25% -- robert wyndham determined that something like 25% of the
12:30 am
footnotes in the 9/11 commission report of which he saw mine is a good example were from people who were tortured or waterboarded. how reliable could they be at the time 11 commission is citing the footnotes including khalid sheikh mohammed who disputed my findings? people think that these institutions protect us and i think more than ever people are cynical about that in a good way. actually skeptical is a good way. like to say i'm a skeptic and not a cynic because when you are cynical you always say the glass is half-empty. i try to think the best of everybody. if you wake up in the morning and when i bought bought it myself i say every single day i swear to god this is what i say. i live and work alone. i say to myself listen man are you trying to defect the even


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