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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  October 13, 2013 11:50am-12:01pm EDT

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>> yours look at books being published this week.
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>> our ideas are best understood as jean mike means for which the most important iteration is not true, but adaptive fitness is the best way to understand our social behavior attacking itg,
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the self fishing, the violence she come the altruism gene, the compassion gene, romance gene. these are real things either way. google them. most importantly, whether the narrow scientists are correct about all this or not come one of the social and political consequences of believing they are correct or nearly so. so are they to ask him in whose interests keep these provocateurs write and to amend? they would like us to think that their only interest is the establishment of knowledge, but i will suggest the claims are based upon assumptions many of which are dubious in the kind of political culture solutions support is lamentable. they are lamentable because it is too late. authority here and well established. one thing that can be safely said that these are not entirely
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new. nevermind the fact they have a cutting-edge of scientific knowledge. the truth is that the fundamental assumptions of modern science, scientific culture part of the ideological magnitude of the enlightenment. in his famous lectures on the roots of romanticism, isaiah berlin had the ideology in disarray. the view is there some nature of things such that if you know this nature in yourself and the relationship and understand the relationship between everything that composes the universe, then your goal rosales facts about yourself much become clear to rebut all these things that occur, but that there is such knowledge that is the foundation of the entire western tradition. to view is that of a jigsaw puzzle of which we must defend the fragments of the secret treasure, with which we must speak. the essence of this view is that there is a body of facts to which we must admit.
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sign this submission. science is being guided by the nature of things. scrupulous regard for what there is, not deviation from the fact understanding knowledge at tatian. my claim in the book is the message of narrow science is as much the same as that of so-called new atheist and the two should be considered together. the atheist speak on behalf of science just as the narrow scientists do in the message of both camps and submit. combat superiority of science and reason. but it is not only to evangelical direct sense. it is also sent to another historical adversary, art philosophy and humanity. they're the directive goes something like this. the human mind accretions are not the consequence of something called the well or inspiration or communion with the means and
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most of all are they the result of genius. all that is nebulous. it is the weak minded religion of the palette. the human mind is the flesh coming around to chemicals. tina bennett calls us moist robot. [laughter] sometimes i think scientists don't see their own sense of humor. i don't think he's kidding. with enough money in computing powers, the jigsaw puzzle of the brain will be completed and we will know what we are and how we should act. the problem is to know just who it is that continues to believe in retail this enlightened story. is this for science in such things or is it just a popular science thinks? or is it simply an abuse of science by people with social and political agenda. i think the varied and unknowable decreases all three.
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it is certainly historically what most scientists in our heart of hearts have not and still. it is usually the fundamental assumption of popular science and science journalism and it is certainly an abuse of the real value of science is one of the great ongoing human endeavors. it is in its essence sciences ideology over science as it is often called. fortunately, scientism takes to comfortable place in a broader ideology of social regimentation come economic exploitation, environmental destruction and industrial militarism. but for lack of a better word we still call capitalism. how the ideology of meshes of capitalism will be consistent ventures of my investigation here. the only remaining question as to what degree western culture were some meaningful part of that culture can free itself from the dilution on which the
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ideology of science faces finds the resource is to compose an alternative narrative about what it means to be human. i hope to show that many of those resources are to be found in the poorly tradition of romanticism. it was the nebulous movement that first challenged sciences chick side view of the world and yet on what grounds it did so in the name of what contrary idea of nature and humanity that it is most a lot now. the romantic traditions certainly has none of the public presence that science and rationalism presently enjoy. it cannot organize the equivalent of richard dawkins, recent rally of 20,000 atheists in front of the washington main unit. i'm our modest hope is to begin a process of remembering some part a worthy movement of artist philosophers and social revolutionaries in order to see what they might have to say to us now.
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i hope you will find that they can still speak very powerful issue is. who >> i thought wow, that the answer. as more women in come across wife. i called my editor that i'm going to write a book this is why women should build a wallet she says okay. >> women in the working class are subjected to punitive taxes can it be made hard by the of the media, not getting any special interests out of washington like a fat cat get. we are all in the same vote no matter what color we are. that's the real problem.
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>> as a young child, segregation and racial discrimination and i didn't like it. as my mother call a father, migrate can parents, why segregation? why racial discrimination? they would say that's the way it is. don't get in trouble. don't get in the way. but in 1955 when i was in the 10th grade, 15 years old, i heard a rosa parks. i heard the voice of martin luther king junior on the radio and the words of the king inspired me to find a way to get in the way. in 1956 with my brothers and sisters in some of my first cousins went down to the public library in the little town of
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troy, alabama, trying to get library cards, trying to check some books out. we were told by the libraries that the library was for whites only and not for colors. but on july 5th, 1998, i went back to the pike county public library in alabama for a book signing of my book and hundreds of blacks and whites as it showed up and they give me a library card. [applause] walking with the wind is a book of faith, hope and courage. it's not just my story. it is the story of hundreds and thousands and countless men and women, blacks and whites, who put their body on the line during a very difficult. in the history of our country to an segregation and to end racial discrimination.


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